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•August 11, 2008 • 46 Comments

Updates:  9/09/13 Ah not much of an update I’m afraid. I’ve mainly done some spring cleaning on some of the galleries, removing certain pics and adding more. Not a lot more, but theres a new one in the Lotor Allura gallery, and one in the Misc gallery. But the good news is comic gallery 03 has been updated with FIVE pages of the Lotor Allura comic remake! WHoo hoo!

I haven’t abandoned Voltron, but I have been very, very distracted by Once Upon A Time. To the point I am thinking of starting up a third site, dedicate to my fics for that series. We shall see. Also still having health problems, which has seriously affected my speed and concentration when it comes to writing. I hope to get back to my Voltron fics eventually, but bear with me as I explore this fascination with Captain Hook.



Welcome! You’ve somehow managed to stumble upon my website devoted to the cartoon series Voltron. It’s primarily a fanfiction archive for my works, focusing on the pairing of Prince Lotor of Doom and Princess Allura of Arus.

I have been a fan of this pairing since I was a young child. There’s just something about a blue skinned prince who doesn’t take no for an answer. His dogged pursuit of Allura never paid off, but in fanworks we can change that!

I hope you enjoy reading, but be warned! The newer stories dated 2008 are not for minors. Nor are they work safe as they may contain scenes of sex and violence. But mainly sex.

Sadly I do not own Lotor and Allura. Chances are if you recognize a character on this website, they are from the cartoon Voltron. Voltron is owned by World Events Production. This site is purely for fun, and no profit is being made off of these stories.

All stories are written by Michelle a.k.a. Lotornomiko unless otherwise noted. Enjoy your stay, and feel free to link to me!

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