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02/09/2021: Very small art update. Five new pics of Lotor with Allura of various ratings, from all ages to naughty. Enjoy!

03/06/2019 Did a revamp of how the site looks…..let’s hear it for a combination of OCD and Insomnia….woo…*dies* Sadly I couldn’t make all the kinds of menus I had planned….First I considered doing a timeline like thing, and having the fics in order of the year I first started them….but that didn’t work out. I got my drop down menus though! But also, at the bottom of the page, is three MORE menus. I made a listing for Complete Stories, One Shots, and Works In Progress. Do let me know if I accidentally left a fic OFF these lists. @_@

As for content wise, a whole lot of art….especially in the Lotor Allura gallery. But there’s a few pics in the other three as well, that are new. Have fun.

Writing wise, I had hoped to have more to put up before I updated…but sadly my limitations keep me from it. I am a MUCH slower writer than I once was. Gone are the days of three to four chapters a day written. I am lucky if I do that many in a month. Sometimes I get these creative spurts of energy, where I do churn out a bunch of chapters fast, but still it amounts to one a day at best.

Which brings me to my revamp project. (Which was supposed to be a fourth menu, but sadly the layout limited me to three….) My writing has changed, has hopefully improved in overall quality….I am at the point I cringe to try and read my old stories…so I am like in order to update those, I have to pour over the earlier chapters, and try to fix them up, improve upon them…even completely rewrite ’em. It’s the only way I can continue with those fics….though I am overwhelmed when I try to decide where to start….

Certain fics have more priority to me then others. My number one project isn’t even Voltron related, but Valkyrie Profile related. (My beloved OSVP getting completely overhauled and revamped!) But….I do have three chapters for you. I started back in late 2018 trying to fix up Cost of Regret, only it ended up getting a full rewrite treatment. But I only have three chapters done at this point….Old version of Cost of Regret is also remaining on site, for a comparison. 🙂

In other news I have not watched the Netflix version, and after being spoiled on certain things, I am in NO rush to see it. I will stick with the originals, the classic version of the characters, thank you very much. XD

Also about the physical changes to the site’s appearance/layout…for the life of me, I can’t get the side list to show up on the front page. But it seems to show up when clicking on individual pages. I don’t even know what is going on with THAT. @_@

I’ve considered…well I found some unfinished wips, and bits…that I am wondering if I should make like a trash dump section, and post those bits and pieces there….but then again, I keep holding onto hope I will finish those half formed wips. Also possibly for the trash section. I found some early versions of a few fics…like my first draft of chapter one of Divine Misunderstandings was completely different from how the story ended up being. It might be interesting to collect those discarded drafts and post them in a trash dump thing.

We shall see…..right now I am starting to wind down….in the crashing stage of this latest bout of insomnia….@_@


Welcome! You’ve somehow managed to stumble upon my website devoted to the cartoon series Voltron. It’s primarily a fanfiction archive for my works, focusing on the pairing of Prince Lotor of Doom and Princess Allura of Arus.

I have been a fan of this pairing since I was a young child. There’s just something about a blue skinned prince who doesn’t take no for an answer. His dogged pursuit of Allura never paid off, but in fanworks we can change that!

I hope you enjoy reading, but be warned! The newer stories dated 2008 are not for minors. Nor are they work safe as they may contain scenes of sex and violence. But mainly sex.

Sadly I do not own Lotor and Allura. Chances are if you recognize a character on this website, they are from the cartoon Voltron. Voltron is owned by World Events Production. This site is purely for fun, and no profit is being made off of these stories.

All stories are written by Michelle a.k.a. Lotornomiko unless otherwise noted. Enjoy your stay, and feel free to link to me!

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