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Updates:  03/06/2019 Did a revamp of how the site looks…..let’s hear it for a combination of OCD and Insomnia….woo…*dies* Sadly I couldn’t make all the kinds of menus I had planned….First I considered doing a timeline like thing, and having the fics in order of the year I first started them….but that didn’t work out. I got my drop down menus though! But also, at the bottom of the page, is three MORE menus. I made a listing for Complete Stories, One Shots, and Works In Progress. Do let me know if I accidentally left a fic OFF these lists. @_@


As for content wise, a whole lot of art….especially in the Lotor Allura gallery. But there’s a few pics in the other three as well, that are new. Have fun.


Writing wise, I had hoped to have more to put up before I updated…but sadly my limitations keep me from it. I am a MUCH slower writer than I once was. Gone are the days of three to four chapters a day written. I am lucky if I do that many in a month. Sometimes I get these creative spurts of energy, where I do churn out a bunch of chapters fast, but still it amounts to one a day at best.


Which brings me to my revamp project. (Which was supposed to be a fourth menu, but sadly the layout limited me to three….) My writing has changed, has hopefully improved in overall quality….I am at the point I cringe to try and read my old stories…so I am like in order to update those, I have to pour over the earlier chapters, and try to fix them up, improve upon them…even completely rewrite ’em. It’s the only way I can continue with those fics….though I am overwhelmed when I try to decide where to start….


Certain fics have more priority to me then others. My number one project isn’t even Voltron related, but Valkyrie Profile related. (My beloved OSVP getting completely overhauled and revamped!) But….I do have three chapters for you. I started back in late 2018 trying to fix up Cost of Regret, only it ended up getting a full rewrite treatment. But I only have three chapters done at this point….Old version of Cost of Regret is also remaining on site, for a comparison. 🙂


In other news I have not watched the Netflix version, and after being spoiled on certain things, I am in NO rush to see it. I will stick with the originals, the classic version of the characters, thank you very much. XD


Also about the physical changes to the site’s appearance/layout…for the life of me, I can’t get the side list to show up on the front page. But it seems to show up when clicking on individual pages. I don’t even know what is going on with THAT. @_@


I’ve considered…well I found some unfinished wips, and bits…that I am wondering if I should make like a trash dump section, and post those bits and pieces there….but then again, I keep holding onto hope I will finish those half formed wips. Also possibly for the trash section. I found some early versions of a few fics…like my first draft of chapter one of Divine Misunderstandings was completely different from how the story ended up being. It might be interesting to collect those discarded drafts and post them in a trash dump thing.


We shall see…..right now I am starting to wind down….in the crashing stage of this latest bout of insomnia….@_@


Welcome! You’ve somehow managed to stumble upon my website devoted to the cartoon series Voltron. It’s primarily a fanfiction archive for my works, focusing on the pairing of Prince Lotor of Doom and Princess Allura of Arus.

I have been a fan of this pairing since I was a young child. There’s just something about a blue skinned prince who doesn’t take no for an answer. His dogged pursuit of Allura never paid off, but in fanworks we can change that!

I hope you enjoy reading, but be warned! The newer stories dated 2008 are not for minors. Nor are they work safe as they may contain scenes of sex and violence. But mainly sex.

Sadly I do not own Lotor and Allura. Chances are if you recognize a character on this website, they are from the cartoon Voltron. Voltron is owned by World Events Production. This site is purely for fun, and no profit is being made off of these stories.

All stories are written by Michelle a.k.a. Lotornomiko unless otherwise noted. Enjoy your stay, and feel free to link to me!

My link banner. Feel free to use it on your site. ^_-


51 thoughts on “Welcome to Doomed Romance

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    1. Love your site and your stories so much! Their relationship is so amazing and you really can get in there. Thank you so much for these stories they are just what I’ve been looking for! ❤

      1. Thank you! Your words were a really pleasant thing to wake up to. 🙂 I am glad you are enjoying them. 😀

  1. Yay! Now we can find your stories in one spot! I like the layout too. ^^

    I’ve put a link to you on my site also.

    Can’t wait for the next installments!

  2. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. lay out is ultra fab the colour is too the fic’s are wonderful.gotta say it you-go-girl.LYLAS.

  3. Thanks for the site 🙂 There are some great stories and I am grateful for all you do to keep it up and the stories you share,
    Thank you!

  4. *facedesk* I WANT MORE. Hurry and post more of the Harem slave and some of the smaller fanfics you’ve starteddd!!!!

  5. You churn out more writing then any human being I’ve ever met. I cannot believe you are still being harassed. Sincerely…take care of yourself first. *hugs*

  6. I’m just wishing you don’t get writer’s block. That would be so sad. Hope you can solve your computer problem. I enjoy so much your stories. Best wishes and Happy Holidays to you.

    1. I do get it every once in a while. I think this is the longest I’ve gone without writing. (Like a month and a half. Erg…X_X) Normallly I write everyday….but sometimes I just lose my inspiration or get burned out and need a break. I’ve been thinking about stories though, so I am hopeful that means my writer’s block will soon be over.

      Happy holidays to you as well! 🙂

      1. I completely understand. I am a musician and I write songs. It’s very hard when the muse is just gone. But it’s good to know that your inspiration is firing up. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it doesn’t die out. But until then, I’ll keep reading your older stories, which I haven’t finished yet and I’m enjoying so much. Happy thoughts your way!!

  7. Great to know that you’re writing again…I wish for you in this New Year 2010: health, love, happiness, prosperity and a lot of inspiration. Happy New Year!

  8. That’s great, I knew you would find your inspiration soon, it’s a happy new year indeed!! I love the Masquerade story 🙂

  9. Love your stories, and I always look forward to discovering what new idea you’ve come up with, whether it’s new chapters in existing tales or new stories altogether. You are a fantastic writer with a great imagination and impressive ability to give these characters so much more depth than they ever had in the show (though I confess I love those, too). Thanks for sharing your talent and your wonderful stories with us!!

  10. I do believe you’ve ruined me for any other versions of Lotor. I’ve enjoyed all of your fiction; can’t wait for the next update to whichever one you get around to working on.

  11. Goodness gracious! You’re not supposed to be giving other people presents on your birthday!

    Happy birthday!

    Alright, I will stop using exclamation points now.

  12. I love you story. I read them everyday for the past 2 weeks. Keep on writing them. You know you will always have me to read your story all the time. Thank you

  13. I’ve been lurking for some time reading your stories. I really like them and look forward to new ones and the others getting finished, especially Enemy of my Enemy!

    1. Thanks! I’ve been bad I admit. I still adore and love Lotor and Allura, and their adventures but I’ve been neglecting them something awful. I gave into the urge to write Once Upon A Time Captain Hook centric fics, and well….it’s been nonstop writing the pirate’s adventures at the expense of my other fics. But I do intend to get back to Lotor and Allura’s romances, even if i have to claw my way to do it. Course I’ll have to do a lot of rereading to refresh my mind for the stories. *passes out at the thought of all the wips I have to read* Thanks again!

      1. I just got finished with chapter 21 of Cost of Regrets. Totally addicted. So sad it stopped uncompleted. I’ve also read a few of your other Lotor/Allura stories and wanted to tell you that love them. Im so excited to have found that others had the same childhood fascination with Lotor’s character enough to write stories on his and Allueas pairing. I had always wanted him to capture the Princess.
        Do you plan to continue Cost Of Regret? I really do hope so.

      2. Oh thank you and nice toe meet you!! 🙂

        I do want to get back to working on and updating my Voltron stories, including the Cost of Regret. But the flip side has been I haven’t been inspired as of late for Voltron. (Or Valkyrie Profile one of my other fandoms.) I’ve been rather obsessed with Once Upon A Time, particurly pairing Hook with Belle (And the occasional Hook Emma fic.

        I also worry that to write Lotor and Allura again, I’d need to do a lot of rereading to find their voices again. X_X Actually I do a lot of rereading already, before writing a new chapter, especially when I haven’t updated a story in a while…but I fear I am so rusty for Voltron. =_=

  14. You say you are going to get back to it. It has 10 months since you have put anything new. It is very frustrating……

  15. Have ALOT of high quality stories, the stories don’t get stupid and stay within that little universe. Really appreciative of this ,there aren’t too many stories/websites out there that focus on lotorxallura. Out of curiosity I wanted to see if you will ever get back and finish some of the unfinished stories(like wedding blues), or maybe have some option to download, I would really hate to see them disappear

    1. Thanks. 🙂 I’ll have to look into how I could make them downloadable.

      Thanks so much for the comments. Though I am admittedly my own worst critic, cause sometimes I do feel like the stories got stupid…at least I feel that way for Porcelain Dreams. There’s a few I would like to overhaul and rewrite some day, but so many ideas, I don’t know if I would ever get around to tackling a rewrite of the completed ones I am disatisfied with. X_X

      I do want to get back to updating some day. Right now Once has me in a fierce grip, and it’s been hard to break away. Keep hoping that when Lotor shows up in the netflix remake, it might get my voltron muse back to whipping me into finishing things!

  16. I created an account so that I could commend you for the many awesome fanfics. Thank you for taking the time to write them. I love the ideas behind them a lot. Even more, I love the sheer number of ideas and how deeply you delve into many.

    I am of a strong mind that you need to finish all the unfinished fanfics, please. It would make me and many of your followers very happy! I know I would love to see the stories finished: many are ong my favourites. I read and reread some stories. The steamy scenes are hot and satisfying.

    Keep up the good work! I intend to shower you with positive comments to give you some positive, work-inducing vibes ;3

    Good Luck!

    1. Oh thank you! The comments were a really nice way to start my day!

      I do want to finish more of them…though I have slowed down considerably when it comes to writing. Then factor in I am juggling three fandoms near and dear to my heart…there’s never enough time and me to go around. @_@

      1. I love comments too, almost to an unhealthy ocd degree. I am an artist and seeing favourites and comments, especially comments, is the highest pleasure. It is important to let people know you appreciate their work. ♡ And comments are very personal. 🙂

        I am happy you are happy then :3

        You need three clones of yourself then XD! Lol That should solve the problem.

  17. So lotor for released and looks very badass, here’s to hoping someone picks up the mantle to finish some of these awesome stories =)

    1. I appreciate your interest, but my stories are NOT open for anyone else to finish them. Either I do it, or they don’t get finished. I am sorry if this comes off mean or rude, but I am very protective of my work and my many ideas.

      1. I respect that, no offense taken…..I mean God forbid Michael bay got a hold of these stories , the HORROR!!!

    2. Thanks. Sorry if I overreacted. It’s just I had this kind of problem with a story in a different fandom, one person actually did try to continue it without even asking me, and two others for the SAME story, threatened if I didn’t write it with their supposedly wonderful ideas, they would then take my story and write it out the way they felt it should be written. Which only had the direct result of me never working on that particular story again. (Though I have been thinking about that story lately as I have returned to the Valkyrie Profile fandom these last two weeks.) As for the one who did try to continue it, a bunch of readers flamed her for doing it, so she soon deleted her efforts. I was just relieved that the thief wasn’t a good writer, cause I would have felt worse to see my story done better than I might have done it!

      1. Hey quite alright, it’s good you care about your writing, they are the world’s you created so makes sense. I don’t see why anyone would take another person’s work without their permission to make it their own, but people will be people .

  18. I do not know if you have seen anything of the new season of the current series of Netflix, however only 5 days are missing for the premiere of season 6 and it seems that now more than ever this couple has an opportunity.

    1. I haven’t watched it….so I haven’t seen anything and am trying to avoid spoilers. not getting my hopes up either….since every time they do a revival, be it comic or cartoon, it ends up disappointing me on the Lotor Allura front…

      1. I understand, when the series premiered in 2016 didn’t want to see it I thought it would be a bad reboot, a friend told me that the fandom was terrible and I walked away from this reboot and all the content of the fans on social networks.
        Curiosity won me in 2017 and I finally started seeing it shortly before season 3 starts, I really find it entertaining.

  19. Can you write a story about Prince Ulrik and General Laida and their secret, hidden feelings for each other, and then continue the story from that? Lovemaking and having children would be fine. 🙂 It would be nice if you could progress on to love couples from other animes. 🙂

    As soon as possible would be great. 😀

    1. I don’t even know who those characters are…or from what show/series they are from! For my writing, it has to be a couple I absolutely adore AND are inspired for, and they are not that many. MY OTPS are Lotor Allura from Voltron, Lezard Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile, and Hook Belle from Once Upon A Time. Those are the characters who get me writing. But thank you for your interest!

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