Wish 03


She had had to fight her way back from the darkness, nails clawing and scratching for purchase, pulling her towards the light bit by bit. Every now and then she stumbled, seeming to slip back down into sleep, her body content to just wallow in the heaviness that surrounded her. Perhaps if she had dreamed, Allura would have been content to sleep onwards. But this thick nothingness that surrounded her, alarmed her to the point she struggled against the sleep that had been forced upon her.

As she awoke, Allura became aware of something covering her, a thin piece of fabric that settled atop her body, moving with every breath she took. She forced open her eyes, and saw the room through a haze, wondering if she lay covered by a blanket of mist. The truth was something all too different and mundane, Allura finding the long veil of her tiara covering her from head to toe.

She moaned, or at least she tried to, voice failing her as she struggled to move. Everything about her was wrong, refusing to work properly, her arms movement slow and unsteady. A fine tremble was in her hands, and that alone would have alerted Allura to the fact that something was wrong. Again that attempt at a moan, Allura’s arm lifting upwards, pulling the veil up and away from her front.

Still shaking, she managed to throw it behind her, Allura sitting up and taking her first good look at the room. It wasn’t the bridal suite at the church, in fact it wasn’t anywhere that she recognized, the room cold, lifeless. Walls that were metal surrounded her, the floor smooth tile and lacking little in the way of furniture. If not for the big bed she lay on, there’d be none, Allura finding it a lavish piece for what was otherwise a holding cell.

There was two doors in the room, one currently sealed, a solid piece of gray metal that allowed no glimpse of what lay beyond it. The other was more an archway, and through it Allura could make out the toilet, a plain white sink situated next to it. Deeper into the bathroom, she could see the start of a shower stall, but even that adhered to the bleakness of the room she found herself in.

~Where am I?~ She thought, sitting still, trying to gather her strength. ~What happened?~ Allura was still dressed in her wedding gown, her skirts pooled around her, rustling with each of her movements. Even her hair was still tied back in her strict bun, not a single strand out of place, a small miracle when she considered she had been laying down for quite some time.

Besides the heaviness of her limbs, she felt the dryness of her mouth, tongue thirsty for a sip of water. How long had it been since she had drank something? She had no way of knowing, frowning as she held her head in her hand. Allura realized her neck hurt, a sharp stinging pain in the side of it, her fingers flying to graze against the flesh. She couldn’t feel anything there, no wound, no explanation for the pain, Allura slow to remember.

~First things first….I need a drink.~ She decided, and started to inch her way off the bed. Something rattled, metal clinking together as she moved, Allura shooting a paranoid look around the room. But no one appeared, the noise stopping when she held herself still. She managed a shrug of her shoulders, and resumed her movements, getting off the bed and onto the floor.

Stumbling steps were taken, Allura unsteady on her feet as she moved. She wasn’t so disoriented as to not notice the chain that trailed out from beneath her skirts, Allura gasping and yanking up her skirts. She blinked, staring down in disbelief at the iron manacle around her right ankle, a long length of chain melded to it’s side. She gripped hold of that chain, following it back towards it’s anchor, the iron fused into the leg of the bed frame.

For one brief instant, she merely fell to her knees, tugging futilely on the chain, desperate to bust free. It held fast, no strain upon it at her feeble efforts, Allura voicing her fury with an anguished cry. She wasn’t sure how long she knelt there, pulling on the chain. Time had no meaning in this room, Allura’s fingers touching the manacle, searching for a clasp that held it together. There appeared to be none, leaving her to wonder how it had gotten onto her ankle, Allura taking a panicked breath as she stood.

She briefly entertained thoughts of this being one of Arus’ ancient wedding traditions. The kidnapping of the bride right before her wedding, forcing the groom to go on a hunt to prove himself worthy of her. The ritual had long since fallen out of fashion except for the most back woods of families, but Allura shuddered to think of the alternatives.

~That’s it…~ She tried to reassure her, Allura pulling herself up by her grip on the bed’s mattress. ~It’s all part of the wedding. I just have to wait for Keith and then….~ And then what? She’d marry him? The thought left her cold, Allura shivering as she began walking towards the bathroom. The chain followed her like a dog, dragging across the floor, keeping her tethered to the bed.

She turned on the sink, water pouring out of the faucet and into Allura’s waiting hands. She drank heavily of it, desperate to quench her thirst to the point she made herself feel bloated. Only then did she stop, Allura splashing water on her face in an attempt to shock herself out of the lethargy she felt. Face still dripping, she turned to look at the rest of the bathroom, exploring the small space. Her chain allowed her to step into the shower stall, pulling tight as she crowded against the far wall.

That was when it sunk in, she was meant to stay here. Not for a little while, but for an extended amount of time, Allura panicking. Her fear made her clear headed, all wooziness leaving her body as she broke into a run. She flew out of the bathroom, and ran towards the other door, sliding her hands all over the smooth surface. There wasn’t a knob, nothing to grab hold of, no crack to sink her fingernails in. Allura began to shout, pounding her fists on the door, feeling the chain being strained to it’s limits as it held her back.

“Someone! Anyone! Help me!” Allura cried, banging her hands to the point of bruising. Only the pain made her stop, Allura conscious she was close to bleeding her knuckles with her antics. “Please….let me out of here…” She sank to the floor, hands flat against the floor, and began to weep, pain stinging her hands as she tried to recall what had happened.

She must have slipped into sleep, for when she was next aware of drawing breath, Allura found herself back in the bed, laying down wrapped in her veil. The woozy feeling was gone, she batted angrily at the sheer fabric, jerking it off her head. It made a sound as it tore free of her crown, Allura throwing it down in a fit of tantrum. She panted, feeling as though she had run a mile, glaring at the crumpled veil.

She then looked at her hands, seeing they had been bandaged, someone caring enough to tend to her injuries. Allura wondered who, wishing her tormentor would appear to her, and end this game. She pulled at her numerous skirts, checking on her stocking clad foot. The iron manacle was still there, that hated chain mocking her as it lay coiled beneath her foot.

She glared at it, as though the chain was a living thing that could feel her hatred for it. A hiss from her, Allura suddenly moving, leaping off the bed to run around the room. Her hands touched the cold walls, knocking to listen for a hollow sounds, a secret panel, something to take her mind off her situation at hand. Allura felt she could go insane with the waiting, pacing up and down the length of one wall, hand never breaking contact with it’s surface.

She walked until she tired herself out, Allura heaving a sigh of boredom as she returned to the comfort of the bed. She huddled in the center of it, drawing her knees close to her chest, arms hugging them to her. She was impatient, fixing her stare on the door that led out of this room, waiting for some sign of life. Some sign that she hadn’t been sealed into this room to die a slow death.

Allura wasn’t sure how long she stared, but at last she was rewarded for her efforts. The door slid open with a hiss of air, the princess straightening, trying for a regal pose. She would not be seen cowering before her captor, Allura ready to greet him or her as though they had come to pay her visit at her court.

All pretense faded away when Lotor stepped into the room, a tiny remote held in his hand. The first thing Allura did was wilt in relief, thankful she was dealing with a familiar face. It didn”t last long, anger quickly pushed it’s way to the forefront of her emotions, Allura getting out of bed to issue out an angry cry.


He said nothing, merely turning to aim the remote at the door, the metal sliding into place behind him. She didn’t even try to see what lay beyond that door, marching right up to prince Lotor to jab an angry finger in the center of his chest. “I should have known you were behind this!” He looked at her, eyes betraying nothing of what he felt. It was enough to make the memories come flooding back. She recalled how he had surprised her in the bridal suite, staring at her with eyes that were cold, dead to her. They had had a tension filled conversation, anger boiling over in Lotor and then…she recalled how he stabbed a needle into her neck, emptying out the contents of a syringe into her system.

Her hands curled into fists, she wanted to smack him, but she controlled herself, making herself content with glaring at him. “What was that poison you gave me?!” Allura demanded, fists shaking at her sides. “Where have you brought me?! What is this….this…place?!” A wild gesture from her, Allura taking in the stark surroundings of the room. It was hardly the extravagant surroundings she had come to associate with Lotor, it was cold, clinical, with no touch of warmth or softness.

“What does it look like Allura?” Lotor asked her, then continued before she could answer. “It’s a prison cell. It’s YOUR prison cell.”

“Prison cell?!” She stared at him, eyebrows furrowing together. He merely nodded, making her frown. “Is this your idea of a joke? Because it’s not funny Lotor.”

“Do I look like I am laughing?” His tone was mild as he questioned her, Lotor slipping the remote into his pant’s pocket.

“No….But then I can’t tell what you’re thinking.” She told him, taking a step back. He slowly smiled, all teeth in that expression, fangs looking dangerous.

“You don’t want to know what I am thinking.” Indeed she did not, not while he was looking at her with those lifeless eyes of his. “What a pity Allura.” Lotor said, walking past her towards the bed. “All dressed up with nowhere to go.”

She turned to track his movements, watching as he plopped down on the bed, artfully arranging himself against the pillows. His gray shirt was unbuttoned part way down his chest, the way he lay allowed it to slide open, showing off a flash of azure skin. Her eyes were drawn to that revealing bit of flesh, Allura staring mesmerized as she wondered what it would feel like to touch him without the barrier of clothing in between them.

Allura quickly shook her head no, knowing that sort of thoughts was the kind that had gotten her in trouble in the past. There was no use making this situation any worse by letting her hormones get the best of her.

“Let me go Lotor.” She said, trying to be pleasant sounding as she pleaded with him. “You can’t possibly get away with this. Ke….the Voltron Force will find you!”

“You can say his name.” Lotor told her. “It’s not as though I’ll fly into an insane jealous rage at just hearing it.”

“Fine.” Allura spoke through gritted teeth, glaring at Lotor from across the room. “Keith will be coming for me…and when he finds out you have kidnapped me, he won’t go easy on you.”

“Nor I easy on him.” Lotor retorted. “Ah but they’re not going to find us. Not yet at least. You see Allura, I’ve had a lot of time to think these last few weeks. Time to plot and plan down to the tiniest detail. I realize now that is why my plans in the past went wrong. I was too rushed, too hurried in wanting to get to you. It made room for plenty of mistakes.”

“And now you think you’ve made none?” She demanded, seeing him nod.

“I know I haven’t.”

“How can you be so confidant?” Allura asked. “No one is completely infallible.”

“Maybe so, but this time I have a lack of caring on my side.” His eyelids drooped downwards, Lotor cracking a smile. “You see by the time your fiancee figures things out, it’ll be too late. I’ll have accomplished what I wanted.”

“You speak as if you don’t care about being caught.” Allura pointed out.

“I don’t.” He suddenly sat up, shaking off that hint of smile. “In fact I look forward to it.”

“I think you’ve lost your mind.” Allura muttered, surprised when Lotor tossed back his head and laughed.

“And I believe I am thinking clearly for the first time since seeing you.” She cocked her head at that, puzzlement in her eyes. “Allura, do you know when I first got clarity? No, I suppose you do not. But I’ll tell you. It was when my father told me about your engagement to your captain. When I was made the laughing stock of the Doom court for having chased you for so long.”

“I’m sorry.” She said quietly. “I didn’t intend for you to be the butt of ill humor.”

“I’m sure you didn’t intend a lot of things.” Lotor hissed, sliding off the bed to stalk towards her. “Like those kisses you gave me.”

She was sure she was blushing, Allura holding her position on the floor as he drew near. “That was wrong of me I know. I…I’m sor–”

“Sorry?! You’re sorry?! Is that all you can say after playing with my emotions?!” He all but growled at her, lifting his hands as though he meant to grab her. He settled for making fists, leaving his hands clenched at his sides.

“It was wrong of me I know…” Allura began, only to get interrupted by him once more.

“You led me around by the nose Allura! You fanned the flames of desire, used my love for you to keep your planet safe, and now you spit in my face by choosing to marry my enemy!”

“It’s not like that!” Allura protested.

“Oh?” Lotor lifted a brow, crossing his arms over his chest. “Then tell me what it is like.”

She had nothing to say, the words evaporating on her tongue before they could properly form. Allura couldn’t, wouldn’t tell him the truth, refusing to admit that she held a dangerous attraction for the man glowering before her. “I fell in love.” She said at last, the words colored by a grain of half truth. “It was…it is…a rush of heady emotions. It frightens me in it’s intensity…I had to do something about it…”

“Love?” Lotor snarled out the word, Allura nodding her head harder.

“Yes…Wi….with Keith.” It didn’t get any easier to keep telling people she was in love with her fiancee, the not so little lie feeling like a stain on her soul. “I just want to…want to be with the man I love. Is that so wrong?”

Now it was Lotor’s turn to be silent, his eyes brimming with unrestrained fury at her words. “Lotor…” She nerved herself to lift up her hand, reaching towards his face, a pleading expression on hers. “Please….let me go. Let me go back to Keith. Let me get married so we can….we can forget about each other, and go on with our lives…” Before her hand could touch his cheek, his grabbed rough hold of her wrist. Allura gasped, and tried to pull back, only to find Lotor spinning her around so that her chain tangled around her feet.

“It’s as you say, we both need to move on.” Lotor had pressed her back against his chest, his hand cruel on her wrist as he hissed into her ear. “And I know the perfect way how.”

“How?” She asked, biting back a shiver at his words.

“It’s very simple Allura. It’s something only you can do, something only your body can give me!” Lotor’s words set her off squirming, Allura trying to wriggle her way free of his grasp.

“My body?!” She gasped, finding he was bending her forward, his body molded to hers so that she could feel the erection tenting in his pants. “What are you going to do?!”

“Can’t you guess?” He moaned, rubbing his cock against her rear. “Why Allura, I’m going to fuck you out of my system.”

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