Wish 04

Lotor felt the shiver that went through Allura’s body at his words, the only sign of movement from an other wise still princess. He heard her breath catch, a ragged gasp that spoke of her shock and her fear. That sound of hers made him smile, the expression hidden from her as he stayed pressed behind her back, bending her downwards. Any further and she’d touch her toes, Allura stiff with tension. She had yet to say anything in response to his words, Lotor almost feeling disappointed that she had no witty remarks for him.

At the very least he had expected her to become angry, or to beg, voice desperately pleading with him to stop this mad scheme of his. But she said nothing, held herself remarkable still as he rubbed his erection against her skirt covered rear. He had no way of knowing just how wild her thoughts had become, turbulent emotions spilling through her at his promised threat.

Allura stared downwards, fighting to keep her eyes open, holding back the pitiful whimper that wanted to escape her. She repeated Lotor’s words in her mind, her heart leaping into her throat as she realized he wanted to have sex with her. This went beyond a few stolen kisses, a few innocent touches, Lotor wanting to claim her body in place of her heart.

The worst thing was she was sorely tempted to let him, trying to imagine what it would be like. If his kisses alone had her so heated, what would it be like when he stripped her of her gown, and laid his large hands on her body? A shudder went through her, rattling her teeth as she imagined him using those long elegant fingers on her. She could practically see it in her mind’s eyes, the image of azure blue on a peaches and cream complexion, Lotor stroking the flames of her inner fire with his mouth.

“No….!” Allura cried out, protesting the image that over took her mind. Lotor heard her protest, and took it as a sign of her defiance.

“Oh yes Allura.” He hissed a retort into her ear, lips stopping just short of touching the curve of it. “This tight, untried body of yours is going to be used to quench my desire of you. It’s only fitting, wouldn’t you say? When you used this same body to tempt me so!”

“No, don’t….I…I couldn’t stand it!?” Allura exclaimed, some of her fight restored to her as she attempted to twist away from him. Her chain rattled, loosely wound about her foot, ready to trip her up should she try to flee. Her knees went weak at Lotor’s sinster chuckle, the prince sounding amused as he spoke.

“Of course you won’t be able to stand it. You won’t be able to walk or run when I’m done with you, you’ll be too busy recovering from the pounding I intend to give you!” She twisted harder at his words, and bit by bit she managed to wrench herself free of his hold. Allura stumbled forward, and only then did she realize he had purposefully let her go, the prince watching her with golden eyes that were starting to darken with emotion.

Lotor knew the desire was starting to show on his face, though it was tainted with anger. He couldn’t control his emotions, couldn’t keep them from leaking into his eyes as he taunted her, Lotor ready to make good on his threats. He supposed it didn’t matter, the proof of his wanting her was apparent in his pants, erection tenting the material in an obscene way.

The floor stretched out between them, Lotor moving, quick to close the gap between them. Allura looked so pale and uncertain, staring back at him with eyes that were too wide. She swallowed nervously, watching Lotor’s approach, Allura promising herself that she would not move. There was less than a foot between them, and he wasn’t stopping, walking towards her confidently, not at all bothered by the arousal displayed by his form fitting pants.

She tried to hold herself steady, but then he was there before her, hands reaching for her arms. Before she could think the action through, she stepped back, seeing the smirk on Lotor’s face. He liked seeing her cower from him, liked the fact that he could make her back up in fear. She narrowed her eyes, fingers curling into fists at her sides, and stood rooted to the spot. He kept walking towards her, Allura fighting not to move, her eyes widening when he reached her and didn’t stop, brushing his chest against hers.

He pushed into her, Allura being forced to take a step back. And then another, and another, somehow managing not to trip on her chain. She didn’t understand what he was doing, why he was crowding in close, and pushing her back with his body. It wasn’t until she was almost to the bed that understanding dawned on her face. He was herding her, forcing her back against the bed without having to lift a finger against her.

This time when she stopped, she pushed at his chest, trying to hold him back. She didn’t know it at the time, but her touch surprised them both, Lotor hissing at the contact of her hands on his chest.

Her touch was electric, sending shock waves through him, Lotor pausing to stare at her. Her lips parted, forming a word, one she said clearly and with heart felt emotion. “No.”

“No?” Lotor repeated the word as though he was unfamiliar with it, narrowing his eyes at her. “And just what are you saying no to Allura? I haven’t done anything…yet.”

“Lotor, please.” Her voice was strained, Allura fighting trembles as she spoke to him. “Can we not talk about this?”

“What good would talk do?” Lotor demanded, reaching for her. “You’ll only spill more lies to me. You’ll make promises you won’t keep, you’ll say anything to save yourself and your precious Arus.” His voice suddenly got sharper, reminding her of a whip’s crack as she went to evade his hands. “Just where do you think you are going?!”

Lotor stepped on her chain, keeping the length of it short so she could not flee farther than his arms could reach. “There’s no where to go Allura. No where to hide, no one to save you. It’s just you and me…all alone…” He caught her in his arms, hauling her up off the floor so her feet were dangling. Her hands grabbed at his shirt, fingers digging into his chest, and Lotor could feel her legs trying to kick out through the thick skirts of her wedding gown.

He walked the last steps to the bed, and without ceremony dropped Allura onto the mattress. She immediately bounced up into a sitting position, and began backing away from him, using her hands to drag her across the mattress. Lotor stood there watching her, waiting until she hit the head board, Allura looking pale faced as she stared back at him.

Lotor took his time getting on the bed, placing first his knee onto the mattress. They never took their eyes off each other, the hunter and his prey, intimately aware of each other’s every movement, every breath. Other leg up on the bed, Lotor began to crawl towards Allura, watching as she took a deep shuddery breath. He was too angry to take note of just how she was watching him, mistaking all her emotions as fear. He missed the pin prick of desire in her eyes, not understanding the breaths that shook her were a sign of a woman on the verge of losing her self control.

Allura watched as Lotor made the slow crawl towards her, his gray silk shirt draping open so that she could stare down his chest. As fascinating as that uninterrupted line of blue was, Allura kept looking at his face, seeing the lust coloring his eyes, and the way his hair swept forward, wild strands that kissed his cheeks. Allura wanted nothing more than to brush back his hair, to feel the fine texture with her fingertips. But she controlled such impulses, seeing the predatory way he looked at her, his eyes holding the knowledge that she couldn’t stop him from taking her.

To Allura, Lotor resembled some wild God, chiseled out of blue marble and brought to life to bring down divine judgment on her for her many lies. A judgment she very much wanted to accept if it meant being in his arms once more. Her legs were weak beneath her skirts, Lotor reaching her body, and slowing making the climb up across it. He ended up straddling her legs, his knees resting on either side of her thighs as he sat up before her. Faces not quite level they just stared at each other, Allura waiting with bated breath for him to kiss her.

The kiss never came, Lotor gazing into the blue eyes of Allura. Eyes that reminded him of the oceans they did not have on Doom. Eyes he had always said he could get lost in. He stared now, seeing his reflection gaze back at him, and felt anger. How many times had her fiancee, the captain of the Voltron force gazed love struck into her eyes? How many stolen glances had their shared, how many looks of longing had passed between them?

“Lotor…” Allura began, licking her lips nervously. “Please…I…I won’t marry Keith, so let’s….”

“I feel sorry for the captain.” He said, seeing her brows draw together in confusion. “To have so unfaithful a bride, quick to dump him to save her own hide.” He tsked, snatching at her hand. “You don’t deserve to wear his ring!”

She made feeble protests as Lotor slid the ring off her finger, the prince then pocketing it in his pants. The worst thing was he was right, Allura knew she really didn’t deserve to wear Keith’s ring. That their engagement was built on lies from her side of things. She closed her eyes, Allura feeling a kind of relief to be free of the weight the ring carried.

Lotor mistook the closing of her eyes as an attempt to hide her tears, his mouth forming a scowl as he looked at her. Did the ring really mean that much to her that she’d shed tears over it? That she would be so bothered by the loss of something the captain clearly valued enraged him, Lotor grabbing her by the shoulders and giving her a slight shake.

Startled, Allura opened her eyes in time to see Lotor glaring at her. She didn’t understand what she had done wrong, Allura trying to flinch back from his hold on her. His fingers dug into her bare skin, Allura starting as she realized he had grown out his nails, feeling the pin prick of claws on her skin. The thought of what those claws could do to her set her off trembling, Allura wondering if he would hurt her in that way.

The trembles he felt shaking Allura’s body satisfied him, Lotor letting go of her to eye her hair. The bun she wore was different from her typical style, more severe without a single stray strand to kiss her cheeks. He reached towards her hair, Allura watching him with no less apprehension as he removed a pin. A thick strand of hair fell free, curling at the end and brushing against the top of her cleavage. Another pin was removed, more hair falling free, wavy strands down her back as pin after pin was tossed onto the floor.

When her hair was completely down, Lotor snagged a huge chunk of it, far more gentle than he intended, he brought the strands to his nose, inhaling deeply. She smelled like flowers, sweet perfume that intoxicated him. He wanted to moan, to roll his face in her hair, but he controlled that impulse, settling for running fingers through her hair. Allura stared at him surprised, but Lotor offered no explanations. Why should he, he owed her nothing, while she was indebted to him for her countless crimes against his heart.

Allura sat still, heart beating loud in her ears as Lotor ran his fingers through her hair. It was a gentle, soothing touch, one that could have lulled her to sleep if it had been anyone else doing it. Instead her pulse raced, Allura trying to control her breathing as he petted her. She actually started to relax, body losing some of it’s tension when Lotor frowned. She mirrored his expression, seeing him pull his hand away, thumb caressing his finger tips as though chasing the memory of the silk of her hair from them.

He had always wanted to touch her hair, Lotor thinking it looked like liquid sunshine. It was as soft as it looked, luxurious silk that was warm in his hands. He reasoned to himself he was starting off simple, sating an urge he had had for a long time now. But there were other, more pressing urges to be had, Lotor’s eyes dropping to the sweet heart bodice of her wedding dress.

His right hand touched the center of it, just below her breasts. Raised along the corset was lines, sewing thread making designs of tulips and lilies into the bodice. He traced one of the flowers with a finger, barely noticing the fine tremor in Allura’s body. The leaf of the flower extended across her right breast, the tip of it stopping just about where her nipple should be.

Allura was grateful for the thick material of her bodice, knowing her breasts had reacted to that light touch of his. It was a mixture of fear and excitement that pearled her flesh, making stiff points of her nipples that ached when he rested his finger tip against it. She didn’t realize it, but Allura was staring anxiously at him, waiting for him to do something more. Instead he glanced up at her, in time to see her biting her bottom lip, a gesture that made Lotor smirk.

Both hands were placed on her, each one palming a covered breast, Lotor leaning in to nip at the front of her throat. Allura gasped, holding herself still, finding his teeth grazing downwards. He came across her mother’s pearls, and with a growl caught hold of the line of them with his teeth. A vicious yank accompanied his capture, the strings breaking, pearls spilling everywhere, even down her bodice.

It shocked her, Allura dismayed at the damage to the memento of her mother. “That was my mother’s!” She protested, hearing Lotor give an amused snort.

“It was in my way.” He said, and locked his mouth onto the side of her neck. Heat instantly flared up at the touch of his lips, Allura gasping, arching into his hands. For one brief instant he squeezed her breasts, pushing them together and up, so that they quivered close to following free of her bodice. And yet for all his touching, he hadn’t yet put his hands directly on her skin, Allura wanting to know what it would feel like to feel his hands directly on her breasts.

She didn’t have long to think on that, the sensation of his mouth was proving intense. Allura gave a fitful shake of her head, hands lifting to push at Lotor’s chest, to try and dislodge him from her. He merely growled in reply, biting down hard enough to bleed her with his fangs, her mouth a round o of shock at the pain.

Lotor could feel Allura’s pulse beating at his lips, a wild, jittery thing. He mistook it’s racing speed for fear, never dreaming that the touch of him was exciting her. His hands continued to play with her breasts, Lotor easing them up out of their bodice, seeing the sheer bra she wore, all strapless and lace. Jealousy surged through him, Lotor wondering if she had picked out that bra with Keith in mind.

~Well it won’t be Keith who is taking it off her.~ Lotor thought triumphantly, using his claws to tear at the material, leaving it in shreds across her breasts. One such tear left her nipple exposed, dusky colored temptation that had Lotor growling. He began licking his way past her collar bone, his eyes on his prize. When he got to the plump softness of her breast, he bit down, leaving fang imprints across the top of her right breast.

She gasped and grabbed at him when he bit her, her hands touching his hair, trying to pull him off her. Lotor hissed, grabbing at her wrists, forcing her hands back against the headboard. Allura stared at him, upset in her eyes, chest heaving with every breath, struggling against his hold on her. He smirked at her, keeping his eyes trained on her face as he lowered his mouth to her exposed nipple.

Allura couldn’t help herself, she cried out at that first touch of warm wetness to her tingling skin. She had been right that his touch would set her on fire, Allura already burning from just a few touches. ~This cant go on.~ She thought to herself, teeth clenched together to fight any further sounds. ~His touch is like a blazing inferno, he’ll burn me alive!~

And yet she fought against his hold on her hands, Allura desperate to touch him. She squirmed and thrashed about as best she could, trying to push back his hands, Lotor growling out a warning as he squeezed down hard on her wrists. It didn’t stop her, she only fought him harder, little squeals escaping through her teeth at the play of tongue that coiled around the nipple in Lotor’s mouth.

He sucked greedily on her tit, working it harder inside his mouth with every pull of his lips. Allura moved fitfully about, making sounds, protesting squeals as she tried to fight her way free of his hands. He gave a few more sucks of her hardened flesh, and then he was kissing his way towards her other breast. This nipple was covered by a piece of fabric, Lotor using his teeth to tug and pull it free.

Allura hissed at the feel of fabric rubbing across her nipple, a slight friction that wasn’t nearly pleasurable enough. “Please…” She whispered, shame faced at how needy she sounded.

“I won’t stop.” Lotor said, much to her relief. His tongue came out, startling pink compared to the rest of him, dragging hard across her nipple. A cry from her, Allura unable to hold back her moan, finding his teeth grazing the very tip of her breast. She lost herself to the feeling, shameless as she moaned, feeling herself growing wetter with desire.

She was shaking when he finished with her breasts, a sign Lotor misread as revulsion. He huffed, air washing over her wet nipples, making them tingle further. She pulled more frantically on her wrists, watching as Lotor lifted his head to stare at her. It was then that she thought he was going to kiss her, Lotor leaning in closer and closer, Allura feeling her excitement mount.

But he bypassed her lips, to press his mouth against her ear, a seductive whisper purring to her. “If you continue to fight me, I will chain more than just your ankle.” Allura sagged with disappointment, any fight she had in her temporarily gone. “Smart girl.” Lotor said, cautiously letting go of her hands.

He shifted off her legs, reaching for her skirts. There was several layers, thick and voluminous, puffing up all around her as he shoved them upwards. Lotor seemed to mutter under his breath, visibly annoyed at the number of petticoats she wore, but at last his hands were on her stocking covered legs, sliding along the sheer hose, touch firm and tantalizing.

The stockings only went up to mid thigh, a fact Lotor was grateful for. Not that they would have stopped him for long, the prince sure to use his claws on any barrier that stopped him from his ultimate goal. He eyed her panties, noticing the damp spots on the thin fabric between her legs. He didn’t quite smile, pleased to see her aroused, Lotor reaching to carefully stroke a clawed finger along that line of silk.

“AH!!” Allura’s cry was loud, the girl pushing against his fingers.

“So quick to react….” Lotor murmured, smirking. “I didn’t know you were such a shameless girl Allura.” His hands touched her knees, it only took a slight urging from him to get her to spread them wider, Lotor grinning as he knelt between her thighs. “What will Keith think, to know you got so wet at the touch of your enemy’s hands?” He glanced up, expecting to see a blush on her face, only to get the shock of his life.

Allura, hands snaking forward to clamp down on either side of his face. Before he could get out the words, a demand to know what she was doing, she hauled him towards her, Lotor reacting too slow as he made a move to grab at her hands. That didn’t stop her, Allura suddenly falling forward to plant her mouth on his, an explosion of warmth coursing through him, as he felt her soft lips molding to his. That first touch was gentle, hesitant, and then she attacked him with fierce need, working to coax his mouth open.

For one instant Lotor gave in, kissing her back, all thoughts gone from his mind. He heard her moan into the kiss, Allura pressing her breasts against his chest, wiggling in place against him and he froze.

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