Wish 05

For a man that was built of hardness, the prince of Doom’s mouth was surprisingly soft, lips quick to mold and cling together with Allura’s. His lips were warm to the touch, Allura pressing harder against them as though she wanted to burn herself on his kiss. She could feel the hesitation in Lotor, the prince unsure of what she was doing. She tried to kiss that uncertainty away, Allura letting all her feelings, the desperation and neediness come through as she used not only her lips, but tongue and teeth to work at his mouth.

He reacted in an instant to her attempts to deepen the kiss, his own lips moving against hers, a move that had Allura thinking triumphantly. ~Finally!~ It was a relief to have his participation, Lotor giving her the one thing she had been desperate for since he started touching her. It appeared Lotor hadn’t intended to kiss her, forcing Allura to take the initiative, to claim what she wanted so badly.

And claim it she did, her whole body falling into his arms, hands on his cheeks as she tried to hold him still, fearing he would pull back. But instead Lotor kissed her back, not content to be docile in the gesture, his tongue sweeping forward to plunder her mouth. They battled for control of the kiss, tongues thrusting and rubbing together, Allura making a moan of appreciation, as she realized his kisses were BETTER than she remembered.

The kiss did not last nearly long enough, she could count it down to the exact second a change came over Lotor. His tongue suddenly faltered against hers, the man going stiff, freezing like ice. Alllura made a needy sound against his mouth, working overtime to coax him back into the kiss. But he was like a statue, lips still and without emotion, not even making a sound in response to her urgent pleas.

Lotor listened to Allura voice her protests, listening to those high pitched whines she made as she kissed desperately at his mouth. She made it quite the struggle for him to remain unaffected by her lips, Lotor needing to concentrate on his anger, his resentment off her, the betrayals she had offered him. He let all his hurt build up inside him, recalling his father’s taunts and the mocking laughter of the court. That anchored him, a chill working it’s way up from his heart to his lips, Lotor refusing to participate in the kiss.

Even as he tightened his fingers around her wrists, making Allura cry out in pain, his mind was working itself up to an angry frenzy. By the time he pulled her hands away from him, and leaned back from her, he was glaring, staring at her through the haze of anger. She looked back at him, eyes lidded heavily, the blue darkened with emotion, her cheeks flushed and her chest heaving as she sought to catch her breath.

“This isn’t going to work.” Lotor announced, leaving her all the more confused. “You fooled me once, but no more..” It was as though he hadn’t spoken, her eyes staring at his mouth, her arms fighting his hold on her wrists as Allura sought to press against him. He held her at bay, all but hissing as he spoke. “No more! Do you understand Allura?!”

Her lips formed a pout, her eyes unrepentant of what she had done, but slowly Allura nodded her head yes in understanding. He didn’t quite sigh, Lotor cautiously relaxing his grip on her arms. It was what she had been waiting for, Allura suddenly lunging forward to throw her arms around him. For a second he panicked, thinking she meant to choke him, but instead she merely laced her fingers together, locking them in place behind him.

It all happened in an instant, Allura kissing him once more, Lotor no less prepared for the fervor in which she displayed. He heard the movement of her dress, felt her crawling into his lap, seating herself on top his erection, her body a pleasant weight on his cock. She wasn’t idle as she sat there, she wiggled and squirmed, rubbing her bare breasts against his shirt, wriggling in place on top his cock.

Her actions tore a moan out of him, Allura seizing the opportunity to sink her tongue into his mouth. It set him off trembling, Lotor incensed that he could become so undone at her kiss. He fought to get control of himself, ignoring the voice inside him that pleaded for just a seconds more time at her mouth. There was a reason he hadn’t wanted to kiss her, as though he had known all his carefully laid plans would crumble at the touch of her lips.

The wiggling of her hips was making it hard to think, the pressure on his cock delicious torture, Lotor letting out a fierce growl as he yanked and pulled at her arms, trying to dislodge her hands. She was refusing to budge, Allura scooting as close as possible, trying to meld them together. Lotor knew if they had been naked, she would have succeeded in just that, her body open and unguarded against his save for the thin bit of fabric between her legs.

Such thoughts had his cock twitching, a hard lurch as it tried to surge upwards, wanting to seek out the heat of her body. He heard his breath, loud echoes of his pants in his ears, and realized she had broken the kiss. At least the one that connected their lips, Allura planting her mouth along the line of his jaw, doing soft nibbles upwards. He couldn’t believe her enthusiasm, didn’t understand why she was doing this, Lotor fighting the purr that threatened to rumble out of him the closer she got to his right ear.

“Allura….” His voice sounded husky with need, Lotor frowning displeased. He wanted anger in his voice, cold fury, not warmth and affection. “Allura!” He tried again, this time managing a hiss, hearing her let out a questioning hmm, her teeth finding the lobe of his ear. “ENOUGH!” He roared, and though it hurt them both, he pushed her away, feeling her teeth dragged across his lobe.

She stared at him, eyes clouded over with lust, her bare breasts heaving with ever breath she took. She looked very much like a siren, poised to seduce him to his demise. “Lotor…why?” She whined, Allura fighting his hands’ hold, trying to lean forward with puckered lips.

“Why?” He hissed, digging his fingers into her arms. “You dare ask me why?” Even as she nodded, he was moving, shoving her off his lap and onto the bed. Before she could recover and sit up, he turned her, flipping her onto her stomach. “You surprise me Allura.” Lotor said, pleased at how calm his voice sounded. It was more than he could say about his body, his arms and legs shaking, betraying to her how affected she had him.

She didn’t bother to reply to his words, wiggling about, trying to twist around to face him. She didn’t like him behind her, Allura wanted to be able to see Lotor, to catch every expression as it crossed his face, no matter how angry he became. But more than that, she wanted to be free to touch him, to lave kisses on his flesh, to stare into his eyes and see love stare back at her.

“I had no idea you were this accomplished an actress…!” Lotor pinned her to the mattress, left hand on her back, pushing down hard. He felt her struggles, Allura trying to push back, her hands hitting the mattress in a fit of tantrum. “Truly my eyes have been open where they were once blind. Is that how you’ve really kept your planet safe all these years? Preying on men, using your charms to ensure they do your bidding?”

“No, you’re wrong about that!” Allura protested, horrified he would think that of her. “I’d never do anything like that!” She gave up trying to fight off his hands, her fingers scrambling at the mattress, trying to find purchase so she could pull herself out from under him.

“But you did!” Lotor roared, feeling the way she flinched at his angry shout. “You did it with me! Every kiss was a manipulation, each word from your lips a heartfelt lie. Tell me Allura, were you ever honest with me, ever at all?”

“I…” She sighed, shaking her head. “It’s complicated. But know this, that time I was being honest with you. More honest than I had ever been in my entire life.”

“How touching.” Lotor said, tugging at her hips so that her rear was lifted up off the bed. Allura heard the rustle of her skirts, felt him shifting them about so that they were shoved upwards to reveal her legs. “So you’ve made lying a lifetime habit, have you!?”

“No!” Allura frowned, hating how Lotor was misinterpreting everything she said. “It’s just…as princess, I have certain duties…an image to uphold. I can’t always be free to be true to myself. You should know that, you’re a prince!”

“I’ve never been one to stand on appearances for other’s sake.” Lotor retorted, kneeling over her. His free hand slid between her legs, Allura gasping when she felt him poke a clawed fingertip at the fabric that covered her center. She felt the insistent rub of his fingertip, caressing over the damp spots of her panties and moaned, briefly forgetting about trying to get away.

Instead she let her legs fall apart, wanting to give Lotor better access to her moist center, pushing back against his finger with an urgent whine. “You truly are shameless.” A harsh chuckle from Lotor, finger gliding back and forth over her covered slit. “A brazen hussy, wanton in her desires to be bed. It doesn’t really matter to you who touches you does it?”

“You’re wrong!” Allura protested, giving a firm shake of her head. “It’s…”

“It’s what?” He demanded when she trailed off. Allura didn’t answer him, knowing she couldn’t tell him the truth. That she was a shameless, brazen hussy, desperate and needy, but for him alone. Allura couldn’t imagine anyone else making her feel the way Lotor did, the princess knowing that everything was heightened by the fact that she loved him.

“Poor Keith…” Lotor said without any real feeling to the words he spoke. “To have to marry a woman who is so loose with her affections.” She protested that, but Lotor paid her no mind, hand reaching for the ties on the sides of her hip. The laces were knotted in a bow, his claws working the strings loose, impatiently pulling it free. The panty loosened on her right side, Lotor turning to the left hip, quickly getting that tie undone as well.

Panty loosened completely, it started to sag off her, Lotor’s claws catching at the fabric, helping it’s flight downwards. He was slow, almost methodically as he unveiled her to his eyes, Allura letting out a weak protest but otherwise remaining still. She made no move to close her legs, laying there open to his eyes, furled pink skin glistening like a flower that held morning dew on it’s petals.

She was so pretty and pink, Lotor almost enchanted at the sight of her. His fingers trembled, a shaky claw being brought to touch the pad of his finger to her, feeling how soft she felt. Like warm silk, the texture pleasant against his skin, urging him to touch her some more. He barely heard Allura’s moans, staring down at her center, fingertips slicking themselves up on her moisture.

For once instant he felt sadness, thinking how she should have been his. Thinking how he should have been the only man to ever see her like this, to ever touch her down here. He flashed to the captain of the Voltron Force, imagining Keith in his place, and growled, thrusting a finger into her, no warning given for his sudden penetration of her. He felt Allura rear back, her body clenching tight around his finger, a fact that should have made him happy at how tight and untried she was.

“Lotor!” Her legs trembled, she felt so full with just his finger inside her, Lotor leaving it there unmoving. For an instant she remained still, and than she began to wiggle, an urgent whine on her lips as she wanted him to do something more with his finger.

He made her wait for it, counting out the seconds in his head, watching the was her ass wriggled in place. Allura made all kind of delicious sounds, stopping just short of begging him, and to Lotor it felt as though the more impatient she grew, the wetter she became. When at last he chose to move, it was to push his finger in as deep as he could reach, hearing a loud cry of approval from Allura.

“You have such a lewd body.” He announced, working his finger in and out of her, listening to the tiny gasps that escaped her. “It’s so greedy for what I can give it, grabbing me tight and not wanting to let go.” She had relaxed enough for him to add a second finger to her, Lotor giving an experimental thrust forward, feeling how the way was slick with her arousal.

“”Dirty girl.” He chided. “You WANT the big bad prince to have his way with you.”

She bit her lip, so close to telling him everything, confessing her love and desire to be with him. Only thoughts of her people’s safety kept her from voicing out her thoughts, Allura frightened of what it would mean for Arus if she willingly gave herself to him.

“Answer me Allura!” His words were a harsh demand, his fingers scissoring in two to make her groan from the stimulation.

“I….I always wanted you to to be happy!” She cried out instead, her fingers curling around the bed sheet, fisting it tight. “I never wanted you to suffer or be sad…”

“Oh yes, I remember…” Lotor hissed. “You said as much to the magazine. How very kind of you, was that before or after you talked about how complete and fulfilled Keith makes you feel?”

“After!” She cried out, feeling him withdraw his fingers. Again she tried to sit up, his hand right there to hold her down, as unyielding as steel. “But I meant every word…” She let out a frustrated sound, thumping a fist on the mattress as he held her down. She could feel movement behind her, hear the crinkle of leather as Lotor did something. She didn’t have to wonder for long, feeling his erection, stiff and throbbing against her bottom.

He didn’t even let out a sigh of relief at escaping the tight confines of his pants, Lotor staring at Allura with drooping eyelids. She sensed what was behind her, he could feel her tensing up, almost fearful. It didn’t last, Lotor’s smirk fading to the surprise of finding Allura pushing her bottom back against his groin, wiggling against his exposed cock.

“Just what do you think you are doing?!” He hissed, fighting to keep from slipping inside her.

She was through pretending, let him think she was a whore, let him call her all the filthy names in the book, Allura just wanted to feel Lotor inside her. “I want it Lotor. Give it to me!”

Once again he felt like he was losing control of the situation, staring down at the back of Allura’s head in disbelief. “Please…” She whimpered. “I need it.” She was fighting against his hold, he had no idea what she would do if he let go of her, and that made him mad. A desperate sort of angry that was nowhere near the strength of the lust he had built inside him.

“Damn you!” He growled, and suddenly seized hold of her hips with both hands. Before she could turn over, he was surging forward with his hips, gentleness tossed aside to penetrate her in one swift move. Allura screamed, her voice losing it’s lustful edge, the girl lurching forward with her hands as though she tried to escape the pain he had caused.

He had broken through her maiden head, blood mixing with arousal to make the way even slicker. Lotor should have been horrified at the brutal way he had taken her virginity, but new sensations were assaulting him, his heart singing as he was finally one with Allura. He tossed back his head and moaned, feeling the warmth of her body, and how it coiled tight around his cock.

This was true paradise, Lotor feeling as though he had never truly been with a woman before he had sunk into Allura’s silken depths. He barely registered her whimpers, starting to move, slowly this time to give her time to relax as she adjusted to his size. But not too much, for he didn’t want to lose the tight sensation around his cock. “Ngh…..Allura….so good…I….I never dreamed….” He bit his lip, cutting off his words, hating how being inside her had reduced him to a lovesick schoolboy. He gave a vicious pump of his hips, angry at her now, cursing that she still had such a strong effect on him.

Allura’s nails were tearing into the bed sheets, clawing through them to reach the soft mattress they covered. She hadn’t expected it to hurt as much as it did, feeling a burning sensation between her legs that was far from pleasant. Lotor stretched her wide, Allura finding his body was almost too big for her, Allura having to judge on feelings alone to gauge the true size of his erect cock.

She no longer tried to get away from him, laying on her elbows and knees, feeling her heavy breasts swaying with each thrust of his powerful hips. Through the burning, she could feel the friction, faint but it was there, promising pleasure to her for the next time she had sex. The thought made her frantic, Allura wondering just when that would be, and who would be her partner. Lotor? Keith? She didn’t know, and she moaned in frustration, letting Lotor rock her hips back and forth to garner satisfaction from her. She could give him this much at least, wanting Lotor to find peace and a kind of happiness through her body.

His mind was turning into mush, Lotor groaning as he thrust into Allura, hearing the slap of flesh on flesh as they moved together. He bent himself forward, hovering over her back, pistoning his hips forward again and again. She felt amazing to him, everything he could have ever wanted, the perfect fit for his cock. He shivered, feeling it down the length of his cock, his balls growing tense as he speeded up his thrusts. He was babbling incessantly to himself, knowing he wasn’t going to last as long as he would like, and finding he was far from satisfied with what he was doing.

With a shout, he was climaxing, come erupting forth to shoot deep into her womb. It wasn’t enough for him to come one time, his cock twitched and spasmed, shooting more come into her, to the point it filled her up, and began leaking down her thighs.

Allura cried out when Lotor came, startled by the feel of him unloading something warm and sticky inside her. Then he did it again, and she felt it slide down out of her, coating her thighs with his essence. It surprised her, Allura not having expected sex to be so messy, the girl weakly collapsing her arms to rest her cheek on the mattress. She breathed heavily, but the sounds of Lotor’s guttural pants outdid hers in volume.

The prince stayed bent over her, keeping himself inside her as he tried to catch his breath. With even breathing came a snarl, Lotor suddenly pulling out of Allura, fighting his every instinct to cuddle close to her. She reacted to his withdrawal, the princess turning over to look at him, anxious eyes dropping down to his groin. She felt disappointed to see he had already tucked himself away, leaving his sex a complete mystery in how it looked.

He looked at her, and for one brief instant his eyes were pained, moving her to say his name softly. “Lotor….” Perhaps it had been wrong to let sadness leak into her voice, the emotions quickly bleeding out of Lotor’s eyes, and leaving them lifeless once more.

He stood up, and Allura frowned, holding out a hand to him. “Where are you going?!” He didn’t answer, not in words, stalking over to the door. She wanted to follow, but when she tried to stand up, pain flared in her center, Allura crying out as she crumpled backwards onto the bed. Lotor didn’t even turn to look at her, pulling the remote out of his pocket.

He didn’t even wait for the door to open all the way, Lotor hurrying out of the room, with Allura’s inquisitive shouts behind him. They cut off abruptly when the metal slid back into place, the room a soundproof fortress once more.

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