Wish 06

The door slammed into the wall with a hard clang of metal, the impact originating when Lotor lashed out with his foot, the prince more angry than impatient to get inside. The door was already swinging back into place, just missing hitting his arm as he passed through it’s archway. He didn’t care about the near miss, marching over to the corner of the room, where a make shift bar was situated, numerous colorful bottles littering it’s surface.

~I need a drink.~ He thought, reaching for a glass that was round and green. But as his fingers touch the neck of the bottle, he suddenly let out an angry howl, and spun wildly on his heel. The bottle went flying across the room, smashing against the door into several dozen pieces. That seemed to be the catalyst, Lotor grabbing another bottle, throwing it harder, watching as it crashed into the wall, it’s amber liquid staining the white plaster.

Another bottle was flung, and still that wasn’t enough to tame his rage, Lotor turning to the table, gripping it with both hands. He gave a mighty heave, and it was overturned, bottles sliding and being crushed in the process. The satisfying sound of glass breaking filled the room, the alcohol mixing together to produce a strong smell that had him staggering back, a hand over his nose.

And still he raged, whipping his head to the left of him, trying to find something else to destroy. He had little options, the room basic in it’s necessity, with heavy furniture that was bolted down to the floor. It was not as plain and bereft of nothing as the room he had left Allura in, but it might as well have been for all the opportunities it lacked for damage.

He settled for doing something foolish, Lotor punching his fist into the wall, feeling the impact jar him down to his elbow. The pain centered him, let him seek a calmer frame of mind, the prince walking over to the far wall, which had monitor after monitor mounted on a black frame. He slammed his hands palm down on the keyboard, head bowed as he breathed heavily.

~Calm…..you’ve got to be calm.~ Lotor told himself this over and over, waiting until the urge to destroy something had left him. Only then did he look up, his golden eyes no less stormy as he stared at the blank monitors. His finger hovered over a button, Lotor hesitating to push it. ~It’s too soon.~ He decided, stepping away from the control panel. An instant later, he was back before the button, pressing down to trigger the monitors.

They lit up one by one, showing the holding cell Allura was in. The princess was filmed from a multitude of angles, capturing her every move and expression. Right now she wasn’t doing much, laying back in the bed in a daze, her dress still in disarray, her body on display. She wasn’t asleep, he could see by the close up of her face that her eyes were open. Nor was she crying, a fact that surprised him, Lotor sure Allura would give into tears after being used by him in that manner.

It was almost worse that she didn’t cry, Lotor wondering what was going through her mind. Did she hate him, was she waiting with fear baiting her breath for his return? Was she a broken doll, no longer good for anything, or was she simply in too much pain to care about anything? He just didn’t know, and it bothered him that he wanted that knowledge.

A moody expression on his face, Lotor sat down in the swivel chair, allowing it to turn halfway from the monitors. He still saw Allura’s images out the corner of his eye, but for now he turned inwards. He replayed the scene of their confrontation over in his mind, trying to remember what had been said, but it was colored by his anger. He knew he had taunted her, thrown her words in her face, and called her the liar that she was. She had denied it of course, going to great lengths to prove otherwise to him, as she forced her kisses on him.

Absentmindedly, his hand raised to his face, fingers touching his lips as he recalled the sensation of being kissed by Allura. Soft and passionate, and burning with intensity. And feeling far too real with emotion for his liking. It only made things worse that she had kissed him, Lotor scowling at the air as he dropped his hand. It fostered an intimacy he did not want, the closeness counter productive to his intentions.

The kiss bothered him, but more than that it was how he had reacted to her, softening up for one brief instant to kiss her back. Allura had stirred all his old feelings, Lotor finding the love he had thought he had abandoned. Even now when he thought about the way she kissed him, he wanted to run back to the cell, and take her in his arms, never let her go.

He snorted, derisive laughter at himself for that foolish notion. Allura wasn’t here to be an instrument of love, she was here to help him get over her! An obstacle that seemed insurmountable, Lotor growling softly to himself, hearing his mind’s voice snicker at him. ~Did you really think it would be that easy? That one time between her legs would make you get over her?~

Of course he had, he had pinned many hopes on just that idea. Lotor wanted to find out that Allura wasn’t special, that she was just like all the other women he had slept with. That she was just another fuck to him, meaningless and tossed aside. Instead he found the exact opposite, as thought the last few weeks he had spent trying to dig her out of his heart had all been for naught.

It was more than just Lotor enjoying sex with Allura. He was a carnal man, built on passions and desires, sex coloring much of what he did. If sex alone had been enough to move him, he’d have married a harem girl long ago. But no, his emotions were tied in with the princess of Arus, he felt bad about what he had done. That he had hurt her, used her, made her whimper pathetically as he tore into her body. He hadn’t planned to be that brutal, but she had angered him with her attempts to wrest control of the encounter away from him, Allura making demands his body was only to happy to concede to.

Perhaps worse was that she didn’t seem to blame him for what he had done, looking at him with something like pity in her eyes. To see her sympathetic to his plight angered him all over, Lotor feeling Allura’s eyes were mocking him. If anything their roles should have been reversed, Lotor mocking while Allura slinked off in shame.

Shame! He couldn’t believe it, but that was part of what he felt. Amidst the anger and the hurt, it lurked in corners of his mind, ready to toss in his face what he had done. ~It was never meant to be this way between us.~ Lotor clenched his fingers into a fist, grasping at thin air. ~We were supposed to be happy! We were supposed to have a life together…~ A shake of his head, Lotor snorting. He thought he was long past supposed tos, and yet Allura’s closeness forced him all over again to think on the should have beens.

Abruptly he stood, aware of the sticky squelch in his pants. He hadn’t cleaned up well, something he almost never neglected, Lotor finding even his grooming habits suffered so long as he was inflicted with this sickness of the heart. Lotor marched into the adjoining room, a simple bathroom that was far too small when he thought of the lavish one that awaited him back on Doom.

He jerked open his pants, thrusting them downwards, and froze. There was blood on his cock, the red staining the blue as it dried to a darker shade. He stared horrified, not even realizing she had bled quite that much on him. ~I did this to her.~ His hand was shaky, finger touching one of the streaks of blood. ~ I made her bleed.~ He immediately felt sick, staggering back against the wall, almost dry heaving as he wondered if he had done any internal damage to her.

Dull-witted and guilty, he pulled his pants back up, fastening them close around him. His horror was growing at what he had done, Lotor stumbling over to the medicine cabinet, knocking over bottles of pills as he searched for a tube of ointment. It was some kind of numbing agent, meant to soothe cuts and tears, Lotor closing his fist around it gratefully.

Pocketing the tube, he went back into the main room, pausing to glance at the monitors. Allura was still just lying there, breathing even, her eyes staring up at the ceiling. Lotor tore his eyes away from the monitors, and stepped towards the room’s exit, pulling open the door. A long hallway divided this room from the cell Allura made her home in, Lotor running down the length of it, feet pounding on the floor.

By the time he opened the door to her room, he was composed, casual indifference to her as he stepped inside. Allura reacted immediately to Lotor’s presence, sitting up with an exaggerated wince on her face. Lotor waited for the door to slide close, not sure what to say to her now. She seemed just as lost, quietly staring at him, making no pleas or demands, not even inquiring when she could leave.

He walked towards the bed, reaching into his pocket for the ointment. “Here.” he said gruffly, thrusting it at her. Allura looked blankly at his hand, Lotor feeling a surge of impatience. “I brought this for you. It’s to help with the soreness between your legs.”

“I’m fine.” She said, blue eyes glancing up from the tube to stare at his face. Lotor said nothing at first, looking down at her legs. She was a mess, blood and cum on her thighs, ruining her dress. It seemed his eyes on her moved Allura to action, the princess hastily tugging down her skirts to hide herself from him.

“You haven’t even cleaned yourself.” He pointed out, seeing her blush. “Are you in that much pain you can’t tend to your hygiene?” Allura said nothing, just looking down at her lap, Lotor not quite sighing as he bent over her. Before the protests started, he was reaching around her, fingers undoing the fastenings of her bodice. The tiny buttons snapped off, Lotor showing no care towards them as he worked to undress her.

“What are you doing?!” She demanded an instant before he tugged her gown up over her head. He threw it on the floor, hearing it rustle as it crumpled into place. That left just her pulled down bra and stockings, Lotor tearing it off her. Not even deigning to talk to her, he scooped her up off the bed, carrying her cradled in his arms. Allura didn’t so much as wiggle, hanging limply in his embrace, watching his face warily as he carried her, chain and all to the bathroom.

“Clean yourself.” He said, setting her down in the shower stall. Allura immediately sank down to the floor, landing on her bottom with a cry.

“I don’t think I can stand yet…” She said lamely, and those words seemed to stab into him. Inwardly cringing, knowing he was at fault for her pitiful state, Lotor kept his expression blank as he reached for her. He hauled her up on shaky legs, feeling the tremors that shook her body as she grabbed onto his arms for support.

“Hold on to me.” Lotor ordered, and reached for the shower head. A warm water sprinkled out at the urging of his fingers, Lotor tugging on the extending line to aim the water on Allura. She seemed to shiver, watching him with blinking eyes, saying nothing as he briskly washed her. It was just a quick rinse, Lotor using the shower head all over her skin, washing away the remains of what he had done to her.

The floor ran wet with a reddish colored water, spinning round and round, before disappearing down the drain. By the time he was finished, Allura was all but sagging in his embrace, Lotor’s one arm around her waist, holding her up. His own clothes were drenched, sticking to his skin, his shirt turning translucent. He didn’t care, picking Allura up, and carrying her over to the toilet. He sat her there while he fetched a towel, fluffy whiteness he wrapped around her. She clutched it to her, Lotor picking her up once more, making the return trip to the bed.

The tube of ointment still lay where he left it, and now he retrieved it, shoving it at her. “Use this.” Allura shook her head no, and he nearly exploded with frustration. Did she want to continue to be in pain? “Use it Allura or else..” He trailed off, wondering what the threat or else could imply. Was there anything worse he could do to her that he hadn’t already?

“I’ll be fine without it.” She said at last, crossing her arms over her chest. “I just need a few days to heal.”

“You don’t have a few days!” Lotor said through gritted teeth, leaning into her face. “I intend to make use of your body, frequently and soon. It’s best you be healed for this in as quick a manner as possible.” She actually paled, but still made no move to take the tube from him. Lotor let out a curse, sitting down on the bed. She didn’t try to shy away from him, a fact he used to his advantage to pull her into his lap.

Her back to him, he forced her legs to spread, the hem of the towel riding up her skin. Allura whimpered, but made no move to try and escape him, settling down on his lap so that her weight pressed into his groin. Inwardly he hissed, for one brief instant closing his eyes, the scent of her in nose. His body already wanted to react to her closeness, Lotor keenly aware that all she wore was a towel.

He could feel her trembling, as though Allura was aware of how vulnerable she was in this position. Lotor forced himself to concentrate, squeezing out the cream onto his fingers. It lacked color, and was warm to the touch, scentless, and feeling as though it was oil based in nature. He brought his cream covered fingers between her legs, and for one instant he hesitated. The very thought of touching her like this was exciting him, Lotor growling to himself.

Though he made angry sounds, his actions were gentle, touching slicked up fingers to her womanhood. He smeared the ointment onto her folds, rubbing it into the flesh, listening to Allura’s breathing. It was clear by how calm she was being that this wasn’t the damaged part, Lotor pausing to squeeze out some more cream.

This time when he touched her, fingers probing at the entrance to her body, she hissed and tried to back away from his hand. It only pushed her harder against his chest, Lotor securing an arm across the top of her breasts to pin her in place. “Easy Allura….this will help with the pain.” She merely whimpered in reply, Lotor slowly inserting a finger into her.

His cock was twitching, pants starting to grow tight the harder Allura squirmed against his restraining arm. He cursed himself for getting aroused, finding she was fighting harder when she felt his erection tenting against her bottom. He didn’t try to reassure her, probing deeper with his finger, as he rubbed the cream into the surface of her passage walls. He had to withdraw for more cream, but the second time he moved to place a finger inside her, she did not cry out in pain. It seemed the numbing agent in the cream was working, allowing Lotor to thrust his finger in to the knuckle, rubbing the cream’s warmth as deep inside as he could reach.

“There….that wasn’t so bad.” Lotor said, withdrawing his hand. He let go of her chest, expecting her to scramble away from him as though she had been burned by his touch. But Allura was hardly in a hurry to escape him, body slow as it lifted away from his erection. He wanted to protest the loss of the warmth of her, the comforting weight of her in his lap, but by the time she turned around on the bed, his face was ice once more.

“You’ll have to use the cream several more times.” His tone was brusque, Lotor staring at her.

She was blushing, Allura fidgeting with her towel as she pulled it down to cover herself. “Lotor? Will you come and help me with it?” He wanted to say yes, Lotor wanting to do everything he could to help her heal. But he held his tongue, placing the tube on her lap, his voice stern as he spoke.

“It’s up to you to take care of it yourself.” Lotor felt like a bastard, shrugging his shoulders in an uncaring way. “Whether you heal completely is no concern to me.”

“Oh.” She said it so softly, Lotor wanted to shake her, and shout that he hadn’t meant it. That his uncaring demeanor was all an illusion he had carefully cultivated. Instead he said nothing, turning to leave.

“Lotor…” The sound of his name stopped him, Lotor pausing halfway to the door. Now would come the questions, the demands for when she could go home. Or perhaps she would turn angry, and scream threats at him. “Thank you.” Her simple show of gratitude startled him, Lotor turning to glance at her.

“You’ve nothing to thank me for.” He retorted, and strode out of the room.

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