Wish 07

The smell of fresh chicken is what awoke her, Allura’s eyes fluttering open in a sleepy manner. She startled the rest of the way awake, sitting up with a lurch, eyes wide as she looked at her surroundings. There wasn’t much to see, just cold gray walls and a locked door, Allura realizing that it hadn’t been a dream after all. She was really here, though where that was she had little idea of.

“It really happened…” Allura murmured, feeling the bed sheet pool around her waist. She flashed back to her recent experiences in this room, having no way of knowing just how long ago they had occurred. Lotor had been with her, touching her, doing things to her she had never dared dream of for fear she would die of disappointment when compared to the reality of her situation with Keith.

Her mind was quick to compare the two men, Allura noting how little of what she had experienced with Keith had been able to move her into feeling something. It was different with Lotor, even at the prince’s most brutal, she had still burned, heart singing with relief at his possession of her. She had felt complete at last, and though his body had promised her pleasure it did not fully deliver, she felt glad for the experience.

“There must be something wrong with me.” She groaned, falling back against the pillows. “How could I have liked being used like that?!” Allura had no answers for that question, the girl sighing.

Her eyes swept the room again, landing on the tray that sat positioned on the floor, a few inches away from the door. It was as though her captor hadn’t been able to stand to be in her presence for longer than necessary, Lotor depositing the tray and making a quick exit. She hadn’t even awakened when he visited her, Allura feeling disappointment to have missed him.

She began moving, inching towards the end of the bed, and a wince over took her. Pain throbbed between her legs at her movement, a none too gentle reminder of the love making she had received. ~No.~ She corrected herself silently. That wasn’t love making, not really. It ended too brutally to be anything more than a taking of her body. Even if she had tried to change it into something more, into something with real feeling, Lotor had rebuked her efforts. The prince keeping the encounter cold, his hands wandering her body in a brusque exploration.

An exploration that brought her blushing at the remembrance, Allura shaking her head no as her toes touched the cold floor. A shiver went up through her, the girl clutching the towel to her body as she padded over to the tray. She wasn’t quite limping, and the more she moved, the easier it got. Allura soon reached the tray, kneeling down to stare at it’s contents. A bowl of warm broth was situated in the middle, the source of the chicken she had smelled. Crackers were to the side, along with a glass of juice and a spoon. Simple fare, adequate for her needs, that would keep her hunger at bay but not overstuff her with food.

It was in fact, very much like the meals they served in the jails on Arus, Allura sighing as she realized Lotor meant to remind her that she was nothing more than his prisoner. She picked up the tray, and made her careful way back to the bed, setting it down on the mattress next to her. Her stomach growled in impatience, Allura again reminded that she had no way of knowing how much time had gone in between meals.

Even though her stomach insisted otherwise, she ate slowly, not wanting to be sick, not knowing when the next meal would come. She even licked the spoon clean when she was done, wishing there was more to be had than the small bowl full she had been allocated. Chewing on the crackers, Allura sighed, staring into nothingness. This room was hardly an ideal place to relax, holding nothing of interest for her to distract herself. She was left with just her thoughts, and those preoccupied themselves with thinking of Lotor, Allura flashing back on memories that would have staggered her had she stood.

~He’s so angry at me.~ She thought, catching cracker crumbs with her hand. ~But he has a right to be. I….I betrayed him, not once but twice with my lies.~ And she still continued to lie to him, refusing to tell him the truth, refusing to admit her feelings. Was it because of her devotion to her people, or was it something more? Was she a coward, afraid that her words of love would not melt the cold prince’s heart?

And yet Allura was sure she had managed to find cracks in his icy demeanor, the princess recalling the brief softening of his lips when she forced her kisses on him. For one instant he had returned her affection, gentle passion that couldn’t hide the hunger within him. But then he had changed, going hard once more, pushing her away. His eyes had smoldered with rage, accusing her of more lies. He seemed unable to realize that in that instant she was being her most truthful, honest in her wanting of him.

Even worse than his mistrust of her was the feelings coursing through her, Allura feeling happy to be with him. She felt a kind of gratitude to Lotor, his capture of her rescuing her from a loveless marriage to the captain of the Voltron Force. He had stolen her away, trapped her in this room to be nothing more than an outlet for his lust and his rage. And yet she was happy if it meant she could be with him, free of her duties and obligations. Allura felt sure she could spend an eternity in this room, so long as she could be by Lotor’s side.

Another sigh, Allura sipping the juice, wondering if it was really that simple. Lotor had not even spoken of surrender to her, showing little interest in her planet. Was it just that he was too angry, too blinded by rage to think of those things, or did he simply no longer care. Was his plan really all just an excuse to have sex with her, to work out his desire for her body in some insane attempt to get over her? Could such a thing be done, and if it could, what about her feelings? Could she stand the thought of him no longer wanting her, no longer needing her as desperately as she need him?

~Oh Lotor…~ Sorrowful was her mind’s voice, Allura pushing the tray to the side. ~Why did it have to be this way between us?~ Standing once more, she began to move around the room, seeing her discarded wedding gown laying on the floor. She glared at that hateful dress, wanting to lash out with her foot at it’s rumbled skirts. Instead she turned her back on the dress, seeking out her discarded bra.

The towel was dropped to the floor, Allura putting on the bra. She found her panties laying just under the bed, Allura slipping them on, tying knots into the sides on her hips. It was hardly adequate covering, but she couldn’t bear the thought of wearing her wedding dress. It was the ultimate symbol of her lies, of broken dreams and promises. She thought she would scream if she had to feel it’s silk on her skin, Allura pacing agitatedly once more.

She wondered what was going on outside this prison of hers, wondering what Lotor was doing, wondering on her friends and family back on Arus. They were surely looking for her, panicked and terrified for her fate. Allura knew they would mount an impressive search for her, exhausting resources and leaving no stone unturned. She felt a flash of guilt for her thoughts, Allura hoping they’d never find her again.

That made her laugh, a guilty sound that caused her to cringe, Allura stumbling over to the bed. There was pearls on it’s mattress and on the floor, broken reminders of her mother’s necklace. To occupy her time, she began gathering up the pearls, hoping for the chance to restring them once more.

Unbeknownst to Allura, her every action was being watched, Lotor sitting before the his wall of monitors, feet propped up on the control panel. He was all eyes for her, staring as she moved around the room, the prince waiting and waiting for the sobbing break down that did not come. It surprised him that she wasn’t crying, Lotor wondering if she was being strong, or if it was just a show of stubbornness.

He sighed when she sighed, his thoughts as troubled as hers, Lotor frowning at the screens. Her awkward way of walking was not lost on him, the prince feeling a flash of guilt for her pain. Again he thought back to the moment he claimed her, the second he had stolen her innocence away, his expression darkening with the remembrance. She had felt good, too good to be denied, and he hated that. Why couldn’t Allura have proven inadequate, her body holding some imperfection that would make it easier for him to reject her? How long would he have to suffer with wanting her, his heart hurting at her pain, mourning their loss of opportunities together.

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, Lotor grimacing as he thought on the chaos going on outside this building’s walls. Allura’s disappearance had quickly been discovered, the Voltron force unable or unwilling to conceal her absence from her people. No one believed she had run away from her own marriage, and all fingers pointed towards Lotor as the culprit.

It wasn’t just Arus that was in an uproar, Doom itself was finding itself short one crown prince, Lotor having taken an unannounced leave from his duties. He knew his father would never approve of the time off, so Lotor had done what he did best, doing as he pleased as he abandoned his post. He knew the courts must be in aa tizzy, knew his father must have realized that Lotor had something to do with the princess going missing.

Lotor wondered at the tongue lashing he would receive should he ever return to Doom. He knew his father would be less than welcoming towards his return, Lotor striving for nothing more than to get over Allura. He wasn’t even thinking of pressing her to hand over Arus, Lotor knowing the conquering of her planet would be just another painful reminder of her and the life he had wanted for them.

He still wanted that life, it teased him endlessly, dangling just out of reach. At one time he would have worked hard to convince her to surrender to him, trying to foster love to grow between them. It sickened him how desperate for her love he still was, Lotor’s only solace being that whenever he laid eyes on her, came face to face with the princess, his anger overcame any soft sentiments his heart still harbored.

“I would have worshipped you.” Lotor growled softly to the screen, watching as Allura sat down on the bed. “I would have given you anything, anything at all.” A curt laugh, the sound humorless as he gazed at the close up of her face. “And now look at you. You’re nothing more than my prisoner.” If he kept repeating that last one, would he eventually come to believe it? Would his heart stop speeding at the sight of her, would his body stop yearning for her, and most of all, would this damnable love of his at last die?

Lotor had no answers for himself, he only knew the quickening of his loins as he watched Allura untie her panties, the girl spreading her legs. The tube of that ointment he had given her was in her hand, Allura biting her lip as she read it’s ingredients. He couldn’t help himself, he sat up straight, leaning nearer to the monitors, glancing at a close up that was centered between her legs.

She reached down with cream coated fingers, her touch hesitant as though she was unused to touching herself like that. It was probably fact, Lotor realized, thinking Alllura too naive to engaged in such acts. Her fingers stroked along her slit, he could see how careful she was being, another monitor showing her red cheeks as she blushed and bit back a cry. Lotor was glad he had muted the monitors, not wanting to hear her pained sounds, just watching as she continued to smear cream all over her pink folds of flesh.

Her eyes fell half close as she nerved herself for the next step, more cream being squeezed out onto her fingers. He couldn’t help himself, he moaned when she probed forward with her fingers, seeing her slowly inserting them inside herself.

~This is almost as bad as when I had to do that for her.~ Lotor thought, a hand dropping to the bulge in his pants. His fingers caressed the material with a purpose, Lotor feeling the fabric rub over the crown of his cock. He shifted and all but squirmed in his seat, feeling himself lengthen in response to the stroking of his fingers. Allura finished with the cream, withdrawing her fingers just as carefully as she had placed them inside her, looking relieved that the ordeal was over with. But he wasn’t done, a growl escaping him as he unzipped his pants, cock springing free of the fabric.

He wanted nothing more than to go to her, to insist she take care of his need. It was after all her fault that Lotor was in this state, the prince staring down at his twitching flesh. ~She’ll know I’m watching her if I run in there every time she touches herself.~ Lotor grumbled to himself, hand closing in a fist around his shaft. There was no helping it, he needed to take care of this problem himself, allow her time to recover before he started visiting new perversions on Allura.

With a moaned out hiss, he began jerking himself off, his hand quick but efficient, forming tight friction that moved up and down his length. Allura wasn’t touching herself anymore, she had even covered up, wrapping the bed sheet around her. It didn’t matter, Lotor conjured images up of when he had had sex with her, recalling the tight fit of her body around his, desperately trying to stretch open to accommodate him.

It made his breath catch, Lotor stroking himself harder, trying to keep from writhing in his seat. Come pearled on the tip of his cock, and still that was not enough, Lotor gritting his teeth as he worked the memories over in his mind. To his utmost shame and regret, it was the memory of Allura kissing him that brought his release spilling over onto his hand and thighs.

“Disgusting.” He panted, hating how sticky and dirty he felt now. “You’re pathetic.” Lotor glared down at his cock, that hard piece of flesh wilting in relief. He refused to look up at the screens, not wanting to see Allura, even an image of her. He was beyond incensed that such a simple act, a freaking kiss of all things, could bring him such pleasure.

“I’ll have to find a different use for her mouth…” Lotor muttered to himself, standing. But inwardly he wondered if there was anything he could do to wash away the memories of her kiss.

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