Wish 08

There wasn’t much for her to do in this room but sleep, Allura spending hours in bed, just resting. She didn’t always sleep, drifting in between states of slumber and consciousness, lost in thoughts and in dreams. The worst was the flashbacks, Allura feeling angry recriminations as she thought on her mistakes, and the disaster she had wrought with her lies.

Other times she forced herself out of the bed, ignoring the pain to move about the room. She’d pace back and forth the length of the far wall, doing endless walking in an attempt to keep her limbs from growing weak. And all the while she muttered, casting anxious glances at the locked door, mentally willing it to open.

Allura still had no way of knowing how much time was passing her by, the girl spending what felt like days on her own, left with nothing but thoughts to go over again and again. Lotor never appeared to her, always waiting until she was in a deep sleep to deposit trays full of food. She tried to sleep lightly, hoping to awaken at the first hiss of the door opening, but somehow, someway she always missed him.

Allura missed Lotor in more ways than one, wanting to talk to him, wanting to see him. She wanted the chance to be in his arms, wishing they could go back to a time when his embrace meant she was loved and safe. It was startling to realize that since waking up in this room, he hadn’t hugged her one time, keeping her at a distance from him even as Lotor worked to have sex with her body.

It was strange of her to be so close to him, and yet be so far away, the distance between their hearts feeling like light years. Sex should have brought them closer, and yet Lotor was using it as a device to further tear them apart. She wondered how that was working for him, taking it as a bad sign that he was able to stay away from her for so long.

Allura could remember the past, thinking on the times Lotor had captured her before. Never, ever did he leave her alone for so long a period, the prince always close at hand, needing to gaze on her and speak with her. He had always been touching her, almost as though he didn’t believe she was real, as though he feared she’d disappear if he didn’t keep holding her. Now there was none of that anxiety in him, the prince all but ignoring her these last few hours. Only the fact that food kept appearing let her know that some small part of him cared, at least enough to see to that need of hers.

Other needs were quick to make themselves known, Allura shivering in her underwear. But she refused to put on her wedding dress, pacing agitatedly across the floor as far from it as she could get. But aside from her cold state, and her need for clothing, Allura mainly wanted to be held by Lotor. To hear his deep voice rumble out reassurances as he petted her hair. To be told everything would be all right between them, and that she needn’t worry, needn’t suffer any longer.

Allura was holding her arms across her chest, hugging warmth to her when the door opened. She couldn’t help herself, she stepped towards it, all but running forward as far as her chain would allow. Her eyes lit up with excitement, a smile threatening to come out on her face before she thought to stop it. “Lotor!”

He had changed his clothes, once again foregoing his uniform to look relaxed in a white shirt, and tight fitting pants. A dash of color was around his waist, the green and purple scales of a snakeskin belt. His hands were empty, giddiness flaring in her as she realized he was not here to deliver a meal but to actually see her.

His face was schooled in it’s mask of indifference, Lotor giving an impatient gesturing for her to back away. Allura held back a sigh, doing as he asked, the prince advancing forward. A hand dropped to his pocket, activating the remote inside it so that the door slid close behind him.

“Lotor…I…I mi…” She trailed off with a frown, realizing she had been about to tell him she had missed him. “Lotor…” She tried again, stumbling but finding what she hoped was a safe topic to bring up. “What time is it? How long have I been here?”

“Does it really matter?” He demanded, his tone harsh. It made her flinch, but there was no softening of his features, Lotor continuing. “You’re here now, for how many days, how many weeks it takes for me to tire of you.”

It upset her to hear him say that, but more than sadness, she felt a flare of anger, Allura bold as she narrowed her eyes at Lotor. “And you really think it’ll be that easy?”

He stared at her for a second, startled, then he broke out into a nasty snicker, body shaking with his laugh. “I think you have a bloated sense of self if you imagine you are unforgettable Allura.”

She placed her hands on her hips, Allura huffing angrily. “But that is why we are here, is it not? Because you can’t forget about me?” She didn’t quite smirk, giving a confidant toss of her head. “That alone speaks of how strong your feelings are for me.”

“You know nothing of my feelings!” Lotor hissed, Allura finding her brief anger was nothing compared to his. “You cannot begin to imagine the depths of them, the wide arrangement of emotions just seeing you causes me.”

“Then tell me!” She cried out, taking a step towards him. “Help me to understand, and together we can…”

“We can what?” Lotor interjected, cutting her off with a loud hiss. “Do you think to heal me? To repair the damage you have done to my heart?” She gave a hesitant nod of her head, seeing him snort. “You little fool. As if I would ever trust you near it again!”

“Lotor…” Her tone was sad, Allura staring at him as he glared.

“I’m through with the lies Allura. Through with your manipulations, and false promises.” Lotor snapped. “How you must have laughed behind my back, spending all this time amused at having the prince of Doom wrapped around your finger.”

“No!” She gasped, shaking her head. “It wasn’t like that at all!”

But he ignored her, began to pace before her as he spoke, shooting dark glances her way. “I’m sure you and the captain enjoyed making a laughing stock out of me. Tell me Allura, how long did it take you to convince him to marry you? The captain is a shrewd mind when it comes to the safety of the planet. I’m sure he was loathe to give up the advantages lying to me gave your planet.”

“Advantages?!” She sputtered, confused disbelief in her voice. “What advantages? You were determined to conquer my planet, enslave my people!”

“Think Allura, think! How many times did Voltron come close to losing, how many times did my men hold off on attacking you?” He stopped in front of her, causing Allura to shift nervously under his intense scrutiny. “You were always the weakest link of the Voltron force. It would have been easy to blow you out of the sky. But I had given strict orders not to have you touched. I even bungled my own plans whenever you were in danger….all in the stupid hope that you would come to love me back!”

She was stunned at his revelation, never having dreamed he had held back so much when it came to attacking her planet. Allura thought back now to all the close calls she had had, the way Voltron seemed to wiggle out of tight spots in order to rebound and save the day. The truth moved and humbled her, Allura opening her mouth to speak. But Lotor pressed on, anger leaking into his eyes as he spoke.

“I risked being called a traitor to my people for you.” He snorted, disgust in his tone. “And this is how you repay me?!”


“I think I hated you.” Her eyes widened at his words, Allura shaking her head no. “Yes…not at first, not when the news was just breaking over the airwaves. Then I felt a kind of disbelief, wondering if your caregivers were pressing you into the marriage. I actually thought to save you, to whisk you away before the deal could be done.” He made a tsking sound, lips curling into a sneer. “Then the details of the engagement began to make itself known. To think you would be so bold as to ask your captain for his hand in marriage!”

His hands had formed fists, Allura taking a nervous step backwards. “I suppose you could say I was insanely jealous, and trust me Allura when I say it is not an emotion I am familiar with. Especially for a peasant like Keith.” Derision in his tone, Lotor glaring at her. “Did you even think on what effects this engagement would have on me? How it would affect me, how it would make me the laughing stock of the galaxy?!”

“No.” She said quietly, speaking the truth. “I didn’t. But Lotor….!”

“But what?!” He demanded harshly.

“I was merely thinking of my people. For the good of the planet…the happy future marriage to Keith could give it….and….and…” She stuttered on the last, forcing herself to lie. “And the happiness he could give me.”

It hurt her to tell him that, but not as much as it hurt Lotor, the man looking very much like he wanted to slap her. “How nice for you.” He said through clenched teeth, stepping away from her as though the distance would help him better control his reactions. “You didn’t care that you trampled on MY happiness. Didn’t care about the damage you would do, or the consequence of spurning my love. I may be a man Allura, but I am also a Drule. And we are not known for our forgiveness when someone hurts us.”

“Even if it was by accident?” She asked.

“Even if.” Lotor retorted. “Three weeks Allura. I’ve had three weeks of misery while you have had your time of happiness with Keith.”

Allura held her breath, fighting against the impulse to tell him the exact opposite was true. She had shared in his torment, faking happiness for her friends and family, while inwardly dying a little bit by bit.

“It was a difficult time for me.” He continued. “I had to overcome much to see things with clarity. There was even less time to plan, but plan I did.” An unhappy smile, Lotor advancing on her once more. “I dreamt about what I would do to you when I had you in my grasp…and trust me Allrua, when I say not all of it is pleasant.”

Allura shivered, unnerved by his smile, moving away from him. He kept on coming, chasing after her in a slow, steady walk that had her backing up all the way to the bed. The mattress bumped against her back, and she felt unnerved, knowing she still needed to use the ointment to tend to the injuries she had sustained in their last sexual encounter.

“Lotor….no…” She breathed out, when his hand dropped to his belt buckle, his nimble fingers opening the clasp. “I am not yet healed…..you can’t…!”

“You’re truly naive if you think the only pleasure you can offer me is with the area between your legs.” Lotor retorted, jerking the belt open. Her eyes stared not at his face, but at his belt, watching his fingers start to unbutton his fly.

“What do you mean?” Allura asked, her voice a soft whisper.

“I’m sure the captain will thank me for furthering your education. I’ll have you an experienced whore by the time I return you to him!” Lotor hissed, suddenly touching her, his hands on her shoulders. She gasped at him, feeling shivers wrack her frame as he began pushing insistently on her, urging her down to the floor. She didn’t go willingly, fighting his hands, seeing his eyes become more enraged. “On your knees! It’s time you learn to use your mouth for something other than lying.”

She still didn’t understand, but down she went, blushing a furious red color as she went face to face with Lotor’s groin. His hands eased his flaccid cock out of his pants, Allura getting her first good look at that strong piece of manhood that had been used to ravage her body. She stared in a fashion of mix horror and awe, noting how big it looked, both in width and in length ~That was inside me!~ Her thoughts squealed out, Allura wondering how she had been able to take it all.

“Now Allura…I don’t expect you to be very good at this. This is your first time taking a cock into your mouth.” A pause then, Allura reluctantly looking away from his sex to see his face staring down at her. He considered her a moment, smirking as he spoke. “Unless of course, you engaged in such acts before your wedding.”

“No….I thought I told you. We did no more than kiss…” Allura said quietly.

“How sweet.” He didn’t sound like he meant it, gesturing impatiently at her. “Now touch me, and begin.”

“Begin?” She frowned, unsure of what he wanted.

“Lick me Allura!” Lotor ordered. “Use that pretty pink tongue of yours to bring me pleasure.” Another pause, and then his tone turn menacingly. “Or I will flip you on your back, and take you down below!”

“A…all right…” She said, right hand reaching to place a hesitant touch on his cock. “No need for threats..” She added, watching in amazement as his cock seemed to twitch at her finger’s touch. She began running her fingers downwards, tracing the length of his cock. It surprised her when it began to react, standing up slightly as though to greet her.

Allura couldn’t help but become interested in his dick, it was after all the first cock she had ever seen. The first one to make her a woman, the first one she had ever had the chance to hold in her hands. It was warm to the touch, hot where his expression was cold, Allura curling her fingers around the shaft. It appeared she did something right with that gesture, for Lotor made a sound, as though he was strangling back a moan.

It was blue like the rest of him, but the head was different, a darker shade of blue that stood out. Her left hand grazed fingers against the head, exploring it’s sensitivity. The more she touched him, the more he reacted, Allura watching in amazement as Lotor became bigger right in her hand. It continued that odd twitching movement, making her think it had a life of it’s own. She tried to hold it steady, looking at the dark blue veins that were apparent on his shaft.

“That’s enough exploration.” Lotor said, his teeth clenched together. “Your tongue Allura. Use it.”

Uncertain, she leaned closer, inhaling his scent. It made her want to bury her face in his groin, Allura nuzzling the side of his cock with her cheek. That made Lotor gasp, the prince clearly surprised by the unexpectedness of her maneuver. Something pearled on the tip of his cock, a gel like fluid that she eyed a moment, before sticking out her tongue, touching it to the tip.

Lotor made a noise, a pleased yes coming from him. She noticed he had leaned back against the side of the bed, hands lying on the mattress, tense. She’d give him more to be tense about, Allura licking harder at the crown of his cock. She could taste him on her tongue, that fluid tantalizing her taste buds. She wanted more, doing aggressive licks of her tongue to encourage more to flow free.

He felt rock hard in the hand that was holding him steady, Allura pausing to kiss down the underside of his dick. Those fingers of his tightened on the bed sheets, Lotor letting out a muffled growl as she kissed his cock. He wasn’t the only one getting excited, Allura could feel it, soft tingles through her body, a hint of moisture dampening her panties.

She kissed down to the base of him, noticing his balls, the pair hanging heavy in the air. Her hand reached for them, eager to discover their texture, an inquisitive cup of her hands around them. This time he didn’t fight the moan, Lotor vocal in his approval. On impulse she kissed one, lips fastening to it, an experimental suck on the side.

“Allura! Gods!” Lotor cried out, sounding stunned. “Where did you learn to do that?!”

She had no answer for him, sucking for a few seconds more before making her ascent back up towards the crown of his cock. She resumed licking at his slit, gentle lapping that couldn’t control all the leaking he was doing.

“Enough teasing.” Lotor ordered, sounding as though he was trying to get control back of their encounter. “I want you to open your mouth and take me inside you.”

“My mouth?” She looked uncertain at his cock, thinking there was no way she could unhinge her jaw wide enough for it.

“Do it!” He snapped, making her move hurriedly. She’d have crammed him all in her mouth in one go if she could, but apprehension about the fit made her start slow. She opened her mouth, lips parting wide to take in the tip, Allura sucking daintily on it. She felt him tremble, Lotor trying to hold himself steal, his claws tearing into the bed sheets as he moaned.

A few more sucks on the tip, and then he made the decision for her, doing a thrust of his hips, that had more of him sliding into her. Allura squealed in protest, finding it was too fast and too soon, hearing Lotor sigh out her name.

“Now Allura….more…bob your head up and down my cock…yes like that…” He purred out his approval when she began moving as he asked, Lotor adding another command. “And don’t forget to suck!”

She pursed her lips as tight as they could get around his thick shaft, mouth sliding up and down his length as she sucked. She could feel him dribbling in her mouth, her tongue swirling over his cock as she sucked. Allura exerted as much force as she could, listening to Lotor’s moans, his hisses, and his words, the prince abandoning his instruction of her to just cry out in wordless bliss.

Allura had never wanted more than to drop a hand between her legs, and caress herself as she sucked on Lotor’s cock, Allura whimpering at how arousing she was finding this whole situation to be. Occasionally Lotor would lose control of himself, thrusting his hips to urge in just a little bit more of his cock until the tip finally touched the back of her throat. Allura couldn’t help herself, finding she was gagging on his dick, but he didn’t pull back, muttering something about how she better get used to having him in her mouth.

“Oh fuck…” His profanity startled her, Allura rolling her eyes upwards to see him sweating, his eyes closed. He was practically grimacing, gripping the bed sheets, his whole body shuddering. Allura realized he was fighting his every instinct not to thrust into her mouth, and for that she was grateful, Allura sucking hard as she bobbed her head fast over his length.

He came with a howl, his head tossed back as he arched his back, his eyes wild. None of the coldness was in his face now, his eyes all dark with desire and primal urges. She cried out, a muffled sound as Allura felt his come splash in her mouth, the princess unsure of what to do with it. It was rapidly filling her up, come leaking down the corners of her mouth, and she ended up swallowing some.

Lotor pulled out, and she coughed and gasped, the bitter taste of his release in her mouth, Allura lifted a hand to her face, covering her mouth as she thought she might be ill from the taste. A rustle of Lotor’s pants, she glanced up to see him tucking himself away, all brisk and business like as he refastened his belt. He was breathing heavily, but he didn’t take even a moment to compose himself, stepping past her kneeling form without even a word spoken to her.

“Lotor…” Allura choking on the after taste of his come, turned her head to follow him. She felt needy and unfulfilled, wanting him to do something about her urges. But more than that, she just wanted him to stay with her, even if it meant more angry accusations. “Don’t go.”

He didn’t even pause, pulling out the remote so that the door would open for him. She scrambled to her feet, desperate to go after him, her chain rattling as she ran. But she was too slow, Lotor stepping out into the hall, the door sliding close in her face. In despair, Allura hit her hands against the metal, screaming for Lotor to come back. But as always, the door remained unmoved by her demands, leaving her alone in misery.

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