Wish 09

He stalked through the long hallway that separated the warden’s room from the holding cell, Lotor listening to the sound of his boots stomping on the floor. It was the only noise in the building, the door having cut off Allura’s protests mid shout. But the damage had been done, Lotor all but cringing at the raw pain he had heard in her voice as he left her trapped, the girl alone once more.

It put a damper on things, Lotor knowing that right now he should be laying back, body relaxed and satisfied from the treatment he had received at Allura’s hands. If anything, her mouth’s performance should have calmed him down, made his thoughts less turbulent. But instead he was moody, holding back growls as he thought back on the encounter.

“If only she didn’t act so damn eager….” Lotor muttered, throwing open the door to the room he had claimed as his own. It was the warden’s office, and once it’s monitors had been hard wired to cameras in all the cells in the prison. Now the monitors were all focused on one, Lotor catching sight of Allura on the screen, the girl once again on her knees, her hands flat against the door. She looked very much on the verge of tears, and her lips were moving, Lotor in no hurry to turn on the sound and hear her sobs.

Instead he walked over to the dingy couch, dropping his tense frame onto it’s cushioned seat. It sagged with his weight, a remnant left over from the time the prison had been active. Now only ghosts lingered in the halls, the building abandoned and in disarray. Lotor had barely taken the time to restore the rooms he was using in his mad cap scheme to get over Allura, the prince ignoring his comfort for speed and expediency.

Dropping his head into his hands, he heaved a weary sigh, the experience of being inside Allura’s mouth still strong in his mind. If not for the fact that it had been just minutes ago, Lotor would have reacted from his memories, an erection so needy he’d be busting down the door to get at Allura once more. Lotor tried to tell himself it was just because he had needed an outlet for his pleasure, the prince having delayed his release by several days, trying to give Allura the time to recover.

He was grim faced with the realization that it was more than that, Lotor finding she had once again exceeded his expectations when it came to her reactions. She had been nervous at first, worried over what he intended to do, but also intrigued. He had seen the fascination blossom in her eyes, the blue dark with it as she admired his cock. He didn”t want her eyes to show praise, he wanted to see fear, Allura showing her true feelings for him.

But she seem determined to keep up this charade, touching him with little prompting from Lotor. He could still remember her hands on his shaft, they had been so soft, free of calluses, the princess knowing little of hard manual labor. They caressed warmth wherever they touched, and when her tongue had flickered across the head of his cock, Lotor had nearly melted then and there.

It had taken a lot of strength, Lotor exercising all his will power not to start spouting words of love nonsense, the prince wanting to promise her anything for the privilege of being inside her mouth. He had had to steel himself to be cold, uncaring in his demands, almost losing it when she dropped her mouth to his ball sac unprodded. How she knew to mouth at that sensitive skin he did not know, Lotor practically seeing stars as she sucked on it.

It had been a good thing they had ended up by the bed, Lotor needing it’s support to remain standing. And still he leaned heavily on it’s side, his hands tense on the bed sheets, Lotor fighting the urge to reach down and pet her golden curls. The urge to touch her had grown worse when she had began sucking on his cock, Lotor amazed that someone so inexperienced could still provide such good sensations. Especially when she wrapped her lips tight around him, forcing his cock to slide painfully slow in her mouth. He groaned out loud, Lotor knowing that recovery time be damned, he was starting to arouse himself with the memory of her warm mouth.

So he tried to think of something else, thinking on their words before he had initiated the sex. Lotor wasn’t sure why he bothered to talk to her, it only served to fuel his anger listening to her as she tried to deny her lies. But perhaps the truth was worse, Allura admitting that she hadn’t thought of him when she had decided to propose marriage to Keith. That he could be so far from her thoughts pained him, Lotor making a fist and slamming it into the couch’s cushion.

Perhaps he should have captured the captain as well, made him watch as he fucked Allura. Let him see how she heated up at his touch, begging for his cock. There was still time, he could always go and fetch Keith, but in his heart Lotor knew he would never bother. It was just simply too much effort to expend, deviating too much from his plans to fuck Allura until he got over her. There was too many uncontrollable variables if he brought Keith here, too much chance for them to escape before Lotor succeeded in mending his broken heart.

Sometimes he thought about killing Keith, he harbored bloody day dreams that could make even the most hardened of serial killers ill. Lotor entertained thoughts on how to best hurt them both, wondering if the true way to cause Allura pain would be too violently murder Keith before her very eyes. Then she’d be as miserable as Lotor, alone and unwanted, left to pick up the pieces of her life.

Allura had finally stood up, he watched her hurry across the room, disappearing into the bathroom. He wasn’t a complete voyeur, the cameras didn’t extend their domain to that room, affording her some privacy to take care of her needs.

He had needs of his own to see, Lotor’s stomach growling, reminding him that he had skipped another meal. He found that these days he had little appetite, Lotor sometimes only eating one small meal a day. It was a startling change from the large feasts he enjoyed, but Lotor found even the richest meats no longer held any appeal for him. The only things that still brought him pleasure was drink…..drink and sex, and the pleasure he got from Allura’s body always came with a price. He couldn’t just enjoy her, he had to analyze everything.

He kept trying to find faults with her, imperfections no matter how tiny that would turn him off from his obsession with her. So far there was none, Lotor assuming it was his heart blinding him to the real Allura. His heart wanted to overlook her lying tongue, wanted to ignore her manipulations. It begged and pleaded with him, kept him up late at night talking of how there was still time to turn things around. How he could go from using her to making her fall in love with him in an instant.

Snorting, Lotor stood, eying the newly restocked bar. He wanted nothing more than to lose himself in drink, knowing if he drank himself to the point of sickness, his mind stopped working. The thoughts about Allura ceased their incessant buzzing in his brain, Lotor focusing on trying to keep from dying from a vodka overdose.

It was with great will power that Lotor walked past the bar, knowing it wasn’t the best idea to start drinking on an empty stomach. Instead Lotor stepped towards a rectangular long box, pulling it open. Cold steam rolled out into the air, the prince dipping a hand inside, to dig out some frozen meals. He carried the frozen dinner over to the portable micro oven he had brought with him, opening the box, and stuffing the contents inside the stove.

It would take a few minutes for his meal to properly heat up, Lotor pacing agitatedly about the room. He thought about the supplies he had procured with his own money, knowing he had enough food and disposables to last several weeks before he’d need to leave to restock. He grimaced at the thought of this endeavor lasting long enough for him to have to replenish his stock of supplies, Lotor fervently praying he would be cured of heart’s affliction of Allura.

This adventure of his was teaching him about self reliance, Lotor learning not only how to cook his and Allura’s meals, but having to tend to washing his own clothes. He had brought a limited wardrobe with him, more focused on traveling light should the need arise for them to move from this hiding spot of his. Outside the prison, covered in leaves and moss was his ship, a cruiser built for four people, but manageable by a crew of one. It looked clunky and ready to fall apart at any moment, but it’s secret was it’s speed, super fast turbine engines fueled by liquid lazon in it’s hull.

Contrary to what he made Allura believe, he wasn’t ready to be caught this early in the game. He’d fight if Keith and the Voltron Force tracked them down, fight and probably lose, but at least he’d have the satisfaction of knowing he had gotten some modicum of revenge on Allura. Her beloved fiancee and her friends would never be able to look at her the same way, his actions against her would color her dirty in their eyes.

The micro oven dinged, it’s bell signaling his meal was ready. Lotor walked over, using a rag to handle the hot plate and sat down to eat. A glance at the monitors showed Allura was back in the room, a towel wrapped around her, the princess freshly showered. Once again she chose to ignore her only clothing, giving that hateful gown a wide berth as she padded towards the bed. She had been spending the last few days in either a towel or her underwear, Lotor finding the sight no less arousing the more he was exposed to Allura’s barely dressed state.

He shrugged, continuing to eat, figuring it wasn’t his problem if she wanted to run around half naked. In fact it made his job easier, giving him quick access to her body. He watched her now, running her fingers through her mussed hair, trying to work out tangles before they formed. She looked calm now, sitting with her knees drawn close to her body, staring off into space as she fussed over her wet hair.

Once again he found himself wondering at her thoughts, wanting to get inside her mind. Was it simple boredom that occupied her mind, or was it something more? Did she think on her fiancee, and their ruined wedding day? Did she sit there praying silently for rescue, hoping that her ordeal would be over soon? Or did she think on what she had done to Lotor, her heart moved with regret? Lotor snorted, shaking his head no. If anything the regret she felt would be that she had been caught by her lies, that her actions led her to be separated from the captain.

He kept her room devoid of entertainment for a specific purpose, Lotor wanting to foster an environment where she did nothing but think on her actions. Perhaps then she would learn to truly be apologetic for her crimes of the heart, and if not, well it was no skin off his nose. He’d settle for her laying in wait for him, shedding her facade of desire for fear and apprehension.

Finished with her hair, Allura shifted about the bed, searching something out. She found the tube of ointment, working to twist off it’s cap. She was just squeezing the cream out onto her fingers, when Lotor dropped his fork, hurrying over to the control panel as the utensil clattered to the floor. Hurriedly, he smashed his fingers into the buttons, shutting off the monitors one after another.

He did not want to see Allura touching herself, did not want to grow aroused at the sight of her applying medication to her sore womanhood. Screens darkened, Lotor turned back to his meal, but his fingers poked listlessly at the beef. This environment really did leave room for nothing to do but think, and Lotor’s thoughts were always ready to turn traitorous on him, heart trying to soften his anger towards Allura.

The worst thing of all was how easy it would be to fall back into old habits. To spoil her with love, dresses, and jewels, Lotor leaping through hoops to impress her. His problems seemed many, Lotor knowing from first hand experience these last three weeks, that nothing and no one could take his mind off of Allura. He’d turn on holos for entertainment, and see her face juxtaposing over the lead actress’. Words in his books would mix together, all jumbled and repeating themselves, his mind unable to concentrate. Music only affected his moods, hard rock making him angry, love ballads alternating between immense sadness and the urge to fly into a destructive rage. There was no escaping thoughts of Allura, and damned if he didn’t want her to suffer the same affliction with thoughts about him.

Lotor wanted to push away the plate, but instead he forced himself to finish his meal. The meat tasted like cardboard on his tongue, Lotor grimacing as he chewed. He knew he needed to keep his strength up, he had neglected his appetite one too many times. He wouldn’t be surprised if he had lost some weight, though he was sure to gain it back with the amount of alcohol he drank.

In fact he was already eying his bar, dreaming of his next drink, and the serenity it would offer him. Abruptly he stood, striding over to the bar, his hands reaching for a bottle of red brandy. He pulled the cork with his teeth, not bothering with a wine glass as he drank directly from the bottle, feeling the cool liquid pour down his throat. Lotor made a satisfied sound, and walked over to the couch, slumping downwards with his prize. It wouldn’t be long now, the brandy working it’s magic to shut out thoughts of Allura and the rest of the world.

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