Wish 10

Allura picked listlessly at her food, finding she had little appetite for the fish like meat that sat on her plate. She wasn’t being fussy, she just didn’t feel like eating, finding there was little need to keep her energy up. She had nothing to do, her time spent endlessly waiting, Allura bored out of her mind and anxious for Lotor’s company. He disappointed her in that regard, staying far away except to deposit meals whenever she slipped into slumber.

That in itself was suspicious, Allura doubting the timing of his meals. He couldn’t be that lucky to find her asleep each time he chose to feed her, Allura wondering if she was somehow being watched. She spent hours searching for cameras, hands feeling up the walls, looking for peepholes. Eventually she decided the cameras must be hidden in the light fixtures, monitoring her every move.

It should have annoyed her, but she felt relieved that he was there, watching over her. Wisely, Allura chose to keep on acting as natural as she could, not wanting Lotor to know she had figured out one of his secrets. Her mind turned over the angles, wondering if there was some way to use the cameras to her advantage, a way to lure Lotor to her when she wanted to see him.

But so far she was drawing a blank on ideas, knowing more time had passed her by, with Lotor only visiting her twice since she had first awakened in this room. Each time their encounters had ended in sex, Lotor making use of her body one way or another. Allura would have blushed to think about it, setting down her fork as she recalled the way he had made her service him.

A dick in her mouth went beyond anything her nanny had told her about sex, Allura being surprised one could give a man pleasure that way. Even more shocking was her reaction to doing that, finding her body growing hot with arousal, Allura actually enjoying sucking on Lotor’s cock. It pleased her that she pleased him, making her want to do even more with him if he would just give her the chance.

She pushed the tray away from her, Allura sighing as she replayed the memory of their last encounter over in her mind. How agitated he had been when talking to her, how angry and hurtful his words had been. She flinched when she remembered his insinuations about making her experienced before returning her to Keith, Allura moaning a no softly under her breath. The harsh truth was she was more bothered at the thought of returning to Keith than anything else he had said, for it meant Lotor planned to let her go eventually.

That saddened her, Allura realizing Lotor had no long term plans towards keeping her. She was like a caged bird, and yet she didn’t want to spread her wings and fly free, wanting to stay with her prince for as long as she lived. ~I’d be your servant gladly, your slave for all eternity if only I could be with you.~

She stared down at her chain, the manacle fitted into place around her ankle. She wondered if Lotor yet realized he had no need for the chain, that she wouldn’t try to escape him. Except for cursory glances at it, she paid it no mind, no longer trying to figure out how it opened and closed around her ankle.

Occasionally Allura’s thoughts turned to her home, wondering how her friends and family were doing, thinking on her people and their reaction to her kidnapping. She felt sorry to worry them, feeling guilt that she could find some small happiness in her current situation. She wondered who was running her kingdom, was Coran working himself to the point of exhaustion to keep everything smooth and under control? Or was it Keith who took up the reigns of leadership, his engagement to her having added to his power.

And what about Voltron? Who was flying blue lion in her stead, and were they able to do an adequate job at fighting in the lion? Was Voltron guarding Arus from attacks from Doom, or were the lions divided, some searching for her, while the others remain behind to mount a defensive against Zarkon’s forces? So many questions, and she wanted answers, but she didn’t dare ask Lotor, scared of what she’d hear. Could Arus have already fallen to the Doom’s Empire in her absence? Allura didn’t want that, no matter how happy she was to be with Lotor, she didn’t want her planet to pay the price for her happiness.

It was after all the whole reason for her deception, Allura turning her back on Lotor to choose what seemed like the safest and most promising route for her people. If it was Arus’ destiny to ultimately cave to Doom, than damn her for a fool, she wanted it to be on her terms. And those terms were simple, Allura choosing a life with Lotor in return for her people’s enslavement.

A pitiful moan escaped her, Allura finding herself pathetic for thinking that. Such thoughts had been what had led her running scared from Lotor and straight into Keith’s arms. She had expected Lotor to be hurt, but not to the depths he displayed, the prince incensed and raging against her.

She was still thinking on his terrible anger, when the door let out a loud hiss, the tell tale sign it was opening. She sat up expectantly, trying to keep a lid on her eagerness as Lotor walked into the room. His eyes sought out hers, for one brief instant they gazed at each other, Lotor’s expression unreadable. Then he looked away, eyes glancing at the tray with her barely picked at meal.

“You’re not eating?” Lotor asked, and she shrugged.

“Don’t feel very hungry.” Allura saw him frown, the prince walking towards the bed. Upon reaching it, he picked up the tray, setting it down on the floor. Lotor sat down next to her, eyes considering as he stared at her.

“How are you feeling?” His apparent concern for her health pleased her, Allura holding back a smile as she quickly assured him that she was fine. “Good.” He said abruptly, hand dropping down to play with the buckle of his belt. “I need you to keep your strength up…I won’t tolerate you collapsing on me from starvation.”

“I won’t’ She frowned at him, seeing him shift closer to her. A hand was placed on her knee, idly caressing upwards towards her thigh. That touch was electric, causing goose bumps to raise on her flesh, Allura’s breath catching in her throat. Lotor was touching her, and though his expression was hardly one of soft emotion, he was keeping a lid on angry words.

“You haven’t been using the cream as much…” Lotor said, and she seized upon his words.

“How would you know that?” She demanded, thinking her suspicions about the camera confirmed. “Are you watching me?” He ignored her question, moving so that his body straddled her legs, his hands pushing her down on her back. His fingers reached for the ties of her panties, quickly undoing the knots, even though Allura attempted to hinder his attempts with her hands on his wrists. “You can’t!”

“I can do anything Allura.” He growled, jerking the untied panties downwards. “Haven’t you learned that by now?”

“But my body….it’s not healed….it…it…” She was gibbering protests, trying to think of a reason why he should not have sex with her right then and there, a part of her fearing he would just tear in new wounds over the healed ones.

“I’ll be the judge of that.” Lotor said in response to her words, shifting up off her legs just enough to give her the room to spread her thighs apart. He pressed his large hand against her sex, cupping it as though he meant to hide her from sight. For one brief instant he was still, just staring at her face. That was before he flexed his fingers, Lotor brushing his middle finger against her slit.

She didn’t so much as hiss, having braced herself for the touch. It didn’t hurt, but she had found that little of her injuries had to do with the flesh outside her body. She worried what would happen if he probed deeper, Allura finding Lotor was stroking her gently, his eyes watching her carefully for her reactions. She gave it to him with a blush on her cheeks, a tiny moan escaping her as Allura felt him caress each of her folds with a tenderness that did not match the expression on his face.

“N…no…..stop…” She moaned, grabbing at his hand, trying to yank it away from her. But it was half felt gesture, Allura’s heart not in the action, trembling as she made herself spread her legs wider.

“Is that what you really want Allura?” Lotor demanded, his finger moving so that it reached near the top half of her slit. “For me to stop?”

She said nothing in response, trying to hold still as his finger brushed against a spot that felt especially good. It made her cry out, her back arching up off the bed, her hands tugging fitfully on his arm. Lotor smirked, and snatched at her hands, holding them captive in a one fist grip, the other hand busy between her legs.

“I’ve just found your clit Allura.” Lotor announced, giving name to that bit of flesh he played with. “I think if I play with this here, you won’t mind very much what else I do to you.”

“That’s not true…” Allura began, but she whined all the same, feeling her hips doing a little wiggle against his finger. Lotor’s teeth flashed, his thumb caressing over her clit, rubbing fierce friction into her that had her moaning, growing wet with need.

“It seems your body still works just fine.” Lotor said, finger flicking her clit back and forth now. The tingling sensations built up in her, Allura’s voice a constant moan as she trembled, her hands jerking fitfully at his grip on her wrists. She nearly shrieked when he gave a sudden pinch, fingers working in quick succession, gentle but insistent sensations that practically had her gushing with moisture.

“Lo….Lotor…!” She panted out his name, gazing at him with a vision that was blurred. “Please….”

“Please? Please what Allura?” He demanded, his teeth flashing in a smirk.

“Help me…” She said, feeling the quiver in her thighs as the pressure built inside her, climbing higher and higher towards the peak of ultimate sexual pleasure. She almost broke down and cried when he suddenly abandoned her clit, finger moving downwards once more. “You’re cruel.” A frustrated Allura said, too upset to even pout at him. “I need your help and you abandon me.”

“Funny choice of words.” Lotor said, his finger’s caress hardly enough to sustain the intense feelings she had experienced when he touched her clit. “Especially when one considers you abandoned me when you turned your back on me to go be with the captain.”

She groaned this time, hardly in the mood for Lotor to begin an angry tirade against her. Was this his plan, to drive her nuts with need, and leave her unfulfilled once more? “I didn’t mean to abandon you…” She began, feeling him slicking his fingers with her arousal. “I just…”

“Just what?” Lotor demanded harshly.

“I was confused!” She cried out, seeing him narrow his eyes at her. “It’s the truth!”

“And what could you have been confused about Allura?” Lotor demanded, Allura feeling his finger probing at the entrance to her body. Just the tip went inside, Allura hissing, expecting pain to flare up. But there was none, Allura feeling him give a tiny wiggle as he stared at her. “I’m waiting Allura.”

“My feelings!” She gasped out at last, then added. “I was so in love….I still am….and the emotions were too much for me.”

“Feelings?!” Lotor growled, shoving his finger the rest of the way inside her. “I was in love too you know…complete and total devotion to you alone.” His finger was moving inside her, rubbing up against her insides, testing every nook and cranny he could reach for her reactions. She felt no pain, moaning and shaking, her head tossing fitfully from side to side.

“But you already knew that. Didn’t you Allura?” He demanded, Allura gasping when she found him adding a second finger inside her. He wiggled them, scissoring them apart to open her further to his exploration, Lotor all but hissing at her. “You used that knowledge to exploit me, to weaken Doom to Arus.”

“No! No! That’s not true!” She protested, his fingers doing a pleasurable slide in and out of her body.

“You think I’d believe anything you’d say at this point in the game?” Lotor said, his fingers thrusting faster and faster. Their movement restored that pleasurable feeling, Allura bucking her hips, pushing at his hand in an attempt to ride his fingers. A wild squeal was on her lips, her eyes half closed as she perspired.

“Lotor please!” Allura begged him, voice breaking with need. “Let me…let me climax!”

“We’re not here for your pleasure Allura!” The fingers were suddenly gone from her, leaving her empty and in mourning. “You exist to serve me, and any enjoyment you may get is just a happy coincidence.” Lotor was growling, pulling open his belt, his hands unfastening the buttons on his trousers. She scrambled up at the sight of his cock, feeling apprehension that showed on her face.

Lotor noticed this, and laughed, easing his cock out of his pants, his fingers curled around his shaft. A few quick jerks of his hand, and he was more than ready for her, his cock as impressive as it was menacing.

She was shaking, and not entirely with need, Lotor’s hands on her legs, hauling her close to him with her thighs spread as wide as they could go. He settled into place between her legs, his cock rubbing against her wet sex, Lotor rubbing some of her arousal onto it’s head.

“Lotor…” She said, hands pushing at his chest, trying to ward him off. “I don’t think this is a good idea. I’m not…not ready for you yet!”

His eyes were dark with lust, Lotor not hesitating as he growled out a response. “Ready or not, here I come.” She felt the first push of the crown of his cock as it entered her, her body giving way to that hard piece of flesh. Allura cried out, tensing up tight around him.

“Not so tight…” Lotor moaned, his hands landing on her waist, holding her steady. “Relax Allura….relax so I can get inside you.” He was still pushing, fighting against her body, Allura letting out a defeated moan as she relaxed her muscles just enough for Lotor to thrust the rest of the way inside her.

“Oh!” She said, staring at him in shock. It didn’t hurt like last time, in fact it felt pleasant, reminding her of his fingers, only thicker and reaching deeper. Lotor smirked at her, an instant before he began moving, a slow gentle thrusting that had her breasts bouncing against the lace of her bra. She stared at Lotor, watching his face, seeing him as the magnificent being he was, his hair wild as he moved.

The friction was built up between her legs, a pleasurable burn she savored, Allura hissing through her teeth as she shook her hips, moving against his thrusts. “Mo…more!” She begged him, hearing him laugh, a genuine sound of amusement escaping him.

“More? And here you were just seconds ago desperate for me to stop!” He continued that slow pace, driving her mad with his gentleness. She wanted more, needed to feel him speed up and pound away at her body.

“Lotor please…” Allura moaned, hands gripping the bed sheets. He ignored her, the look on his face showing he was enjoying her torment as much as he took pleasure from her body. “Touch me…” She demanded, realizing her breasts ached with need. She wanted to feel him massage them, to press kisses into her flesh as his hands wandered her body. Anywhere would do, Allura wanting to burn at Lotor’s touch.

He merely dug his fingers deeper into her hips, hard enough she was sure to bear bruises from his possession of her. Allura tried to speed up her own hips, frantic and trying to tempt him into working her body harder. Instead Lotor held her down, keeping her from grinding in place, Allura letting out a protesting wail.


She lifted her legs, wrapping them around him so that her ankles crossed over each other. Her chain rattled, and she heard Lotor let out a cry, surprise at the heart of it. “Allura, what are you doing?!”

She just gave him a coy smile, Allura drawing him closer with her legs, feet pushing on him so that he plunged deeper inside her. Her grip on his body left him little room to pull back, especially when she threw her arms around his neck, pulling him down on top of her so that his body covered hers.

Still pumping his hips, Lotor made a desperate attempt to untangle from her limbs, Allura clinging to him with a fierce desperation. Her breasts rubbed against his chest, her nipples pearling from the feel, Allura moaning. “Yes, yes….ooooh….I’m almost there…”

His thrusts were faltering, Lotor hitting her harder in an attempt to get away from her embrace, Allura attempting to capture his lips with hers. Before she could steal that kiss from him, her climax hit her, tearing through her body like an unstoppable force of nature. She screamed out Lotor’s name, raking her nails down his back, hearing the fabric of his shirt tear.

Her mind spun dizzily about, Allura letting out vocal cries, writhing in place beneath him. He still continued those hesitant thrusts, and each slide of his cock sent tiny aftershocks rippling through her.

When her vision cleared, her breath returned to her, Allura gazed into Lotor’s face, and for once made no attempt at hiding the depth of her love for him. She let it flare to life in her eyes, shining forth with an intensity that spoke volumes of her feelings. She may not have said it in words, but her heart whispered it, and Lotor was helpless in the face of it’s strength.

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