Wish 18

The water fluctuated in strength, alternating from beating down on his skin to lightly grazing it’s warmth against him. Lotor frowned and fiddled with the shower’s faucet, trying to adjust it to a compromise between the two speeds. It didn’t work, the prince letting out a sigh as he began rinsing the soap off his body. The suds swirled around the drain in the floor, Lotor watching them as they struggled to keep afloat.

He found a comparison between the suds and his heart, Lotor fighting desperately to keep from being sucked under by love. He felt it was a failing effort, but still he had to try, Lotor feeling that without trust there could be no relationship between him and Allura. And yet his traitorous heart wanted to give in, wanting to believe in her and her efforts to prove her word’s worth to him.

It didn’t help things that she hadn’t abandoned him this time, the princess stubbornly sticking close to him both night and day. Ever since the incident of this morning, she had made it her duty to stay by his side, Allura not wanting to repeat the fright she had given him with her unannounced exploration of the prison. Lotor hated how upset it had made him, the fear and hopeless despair he had felt still fresh in his mind. He never, ever wanted to wake and find her gone again, Lotor remembering how he had torn through the prison, searching without hope for Allura.

He had thought it a fruitless endeavor, but she had surprised him yet again. He had nearly wilted with relief on the spot at seeing her in the broken down office, and for one brief instant he merely stood there staring. Taking in the sight of her as she reached for a book, arm straining higher than her head. He had been able to control his emotions, pushing relief down to confront her angrily, embarrassment making him nasty.

Allura hadn’t minded, in fact she had been pleased with his concern, Lotor damning them both for the smiles she gave him. Her smiles continued throughout the day, Allura not hiding it as she looked at him with her eyes sparkling with warmth. Of course he had questioned her on the reason for her happiness, but Allura merely shrugged and shook her head no, refusing to explain.

It unnerved him to the point he made excuses, Lotor retreating to the safety of the bathroom. He wanted some time to think, to mull over his confused thoughts without Allura sitting so close to him. But inwardly he felt like a coward, hiding from the girl’s open display of affection, the big bad prince of Doom done in by a tender smile.

“I should just leave her.” Lotor muttered, reaching out to turn off the shower. “Leave and go back.” But he knew he would never do that, not so long as she was content to remain by his side. He may not trust her, and he may not like that he loved her, but damn it if he didn’t want to be with her! And at the cost of his crown, Lotor wondering if his father would disown him for abandoning his duties for so long.

Sometimes Lotor wished he could freeze time, keep them trapped in one perfect moment as they lay with their arms around one another. To be open and carefree with each other, just wrapped in feelings of love and lust, for once not giving in to his doubts about Allura’s adoration of him. But he knew that was impossible, knew that reality would eventually come crashing down on them. This wasn’t a private paradise, as much as he wanted it to be, it was more a lesson in futility, sweet torture he sometimes wanted to never end.

He stepped out of the shower stall, and walked over to where he had hung his towels, snatching one to begin drying off his hair. He rubbed the soft material vigorously up and down the length of his mane, staring at his dripping reflection as he did so. He tried to see if his face looked a little thinner from his lack of appetite, Lotor turning a critical eye towards his body. Conceited though the thought was, he found he was still a perfect physical specimen, neither gaunt from eating too little, nor was he fat from too much drink.

Once he would have thought himself irresistible, Lotor wondering how anyone, even Allura could resist him. He knew now that at the very least she couldn’t resist the call of his body, the princess caving to his amorous demands. He frowned and brought the other towel to his skin, rubbing his body dry in a hurried manner. He didn’t want to dwell on sex with Allura, didn’t want to think on how perfect and natural it felt to hold her in his arms.

Instead he focused on dressing, pulling on his shirt, than zipping up his pants. He wondered if Allura would still be smiling, or if she was lost to the mysteries of her book. A part of him hoped she’d be sleeping, allowing Lotor a much needed break from stilted conversation, and awkward questions.

He wasn’t that lucky, Lotor opening the door and stepping into the warden’s office. Allura sat kneeling on his cot, looking at him expectantly. She smiled at him, bringing a hand up to brush at her hair, a gesture he was sure was nervous at the heart.

Lotor let the door fall close behind him, keeping a wary eye on Allura as he made his way over to the bar. He hadn’t touched liquor since the night of his drunken love making with the princess, but suddenly he felt the urge to drink upon him. Surely it had something to do with the winsome way she looked, perched on his temporary bed.

“Lotor…” Allura said his name, voice a sweet sigh as she spoke. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“There was really no need.” Lotor said, running fingers over a label on a green colored bottle. “You could have gone to sleep while I showered.”

“I’m not tired.” Allura replied, remaining on the cot.

“I’m not really in the mood for talking.” Lotor said, a dark blue bottle in his hand now. He uncorked it, pouring the amber contents into a glass, scenting the heady aroma it let out.

“Well, that’s good. I’m not really in the mood for talking either.” Allura told him, voice a husky whisper. He ignored that breathy way she spoke, lifting the glass up to his lips. He was unprepared for what she blurted out next, Lotor nearly spilling his drink in shock. “I was hoping you’d be in the mood to make love to me.”

He kept his back to her, but Lotor could feel her eyes on him, the girl waiting for his response. “You can’t be serious!” Lotor said, his words sure to make her frown in displeasure.

“Of course I am serious.” Allura told him, and he heard her move, lifting up off the cot to walk towards him. “It’s been ages since you last touched me. Since you last held me in your arms.”

“It wasn’t that long ago.” Lotor muttered, suddenly grateful he hadn’t drunk anything. “I would think you’d be sick of me touching you by now.”

“Quite the opposite.” Allura said, her hands touching his back. “I could never get tired of you…of touching you, of kissing you, of loving you.”

“Don’t.” Lotor snapped, turning to face her. She looked at him with wide eyes, the blue gaze of hers darkened with desire.

“Don’t?” Allura echoed, her hands reaching for his front. He grabbed at her wrists, keeping her from grazing her finger tips across his chest. She didn’t fight his hold on her, just stated at him as she talked. “Why don’t? It’s the truth…”

“You don’t know how to be truthful with me…” Lotor told her, and she shook her head.

“You’re wrong. And if you can’t believe I love you, than at least believe I desire you. Lotor….” Allura pushed against his hands, trying to press her body against his front. He tried to fend her off, but his actions were half hearted allowing her to escape his grasp bit by bit till her hands were on him. “You’ve awakened something primal in me…you’ve made me a woman…a woman who knows what she wants. And right now what I want is you.”

Her fingers were gripping his shirt, pulling on him as she rose on tip toe, Allura intent on claiming his lips with her own. All he needed to do is lean down a bit and the promised kiss would be his. Instead he remain stiff with tension, holding himself back from her as a half moan was choked out of him. It was born of torment not desire, Lotor speaking out a desperate plea to her.

“Stop this…you only bring more pain to us both with your actions.”

Some of the seductive light left her eyes, Allura fixing him with a frown as she lowered herself back to flat feet. “I think you bring more pain by refusing me. Refusing not just my body, but refusing to believe in me. Lotor I’d do anything to prove myself to you. Do what you want with me, debase me, humiliate me…just please…stop fighting and learn to trust in my love once more!”

“You speak as if it’s so easy…” Lotor said, and she let out a protest, looking wild as she shouted.

“It’s not! I know it isn’t! Especially after the hurt I inflicted on you. But please Lotor, you must try. Only then can we move on…”

“Move on to where? We have no future…” Lotor sighed, watching her take a step back, her head shaking no in protest.

“I don’t believe that. I refuse to believe it! We can work something out! I know we can!” Allura continued to shout, wringing her hands together. “Love always finds a way. Why should ours be any different?!”

He had no answer for her, Allura looking frustrated at his silence. “We’ll work something out.” She repeated, tone firm in her resolution. “We’ll have to.”

“What are you doing?” Lotor asked, alarmed when she began drawing the shirt up off her body. She did a swift movement, yanking that shirt up over her head to reveal that she wore nothing beneath it. Lotor couldn’t help himself, he found he had taken a step forward, the prince swallowing as his desire for her rose at the sight of her naked flesh.

“Allura, put your shirt back on.” Lotor ordered, trying not to stare at her.

“No.” She placed her hands on her hips, face deadly serious as she spoke. “It’ll only get in the way.”

“It won’t because this is not going to happen!” Lotor snapped, and saw Allura narrow her eyes in anger.

“Why do you get to decide when we do and do not make love?! Because you’re more honest than I am?” A derisive snort, Allura gesturing wildly. He tried to ignore how her breasts jiggled at her movements, Lotor concentrating his attention on her face. “Then be honest right now, what does your body, your heart tell you to do?!”

“Why are you so insistent on this?” Lotor asked, avoiding answering her question. He knew she had to know the sort of effect she was having on him, Lotor shifting uncomfortable as he tried to keep from getting any further aroused.

“Because!” She took a step forward, words issuing out of her at lightning fast speed. “Because it’s the only way I know how to prove myself to you! It’s the only way I can be close to you! It’s the only way you’ll let me! Please don’t deny me this much!”

“Sex won’t prove anything…” Lotor said, hearing her cry out in dismay.

“It won’t be sex. It’ll be love making. The kind caring expression of love like we shared last night. And maybe this time when you’re not drunk off your gourd, you’ll be able to see past your stubbornness and realize how much I really feel about you!”

“And how do you feel?” Lotor asked before he could stop himself. “You keep saying you love me, but can you even put the emotions behind such a feeling towards me?”

“Yes!” She brought a hand to her chest, pressing it over her heart. “Lotor it hurts. It hurts here, especially when you tell me you don’t believe me. Or when you sneer and look at me with such cold eyes. But more than that, I want to comfort you. To take away the pain and fill you with my love. I want to make you happy, to chase away the sadness from your eyes. Please…” Allura reached out and caught his hand, bringing it to cover the hand on her chest. “Let me.”

“….You make me want to believe in you so badly…” Lotor whispered, not pulling his hand away. She was hot where he touched her, skin radiating a pleasant warmth that he wanted more of.

“Then start off little…” Allura urged him, a small nervous smile on her face. “If hearts hurt too much, than let us love with just our bodies.”

“Just our bodies…” Lotor repeated, allowing Allura to drag him over to the couch. He sat when she pushed him down, Lotor staring at her as she stood before him. She continued to smile at him, looking at him through lowered eyelashes as she touched his face.

“Yes.” He leaned into her finger’s caress, watching her speak. “You know we have a saying here on Arus.”

“Oh?” Allura’s lips hovered over Lotor’s, the girl teasing him with her breath.

“Actions speak louder than words.” Allura told him, lips brushing over his with a tenderness that made him tremble with restraint. “And I know no greater actions than sharing myself with you.” With that, she deepened the kiss, hands planted firmly on each cheek as though to hold him steady. Lotor gave himself up to the kiss, closing his eyes and parting his lips, allowing Allura to thrust her tongue inside his mouth.

He wasn’t one to idly sit back, Lotor pursing his lips to playfully suck on the tip of her tongue. Allura made a sound, startled by what he was doing, but she did not pull back. Instead she dropped one hand towards his chest, smoothing it up and down in a rubbing motion. She moaned as they kissed, Lotor reveling in the sound, hearing her enjoyment at the connection of their mouths.

He was hardly ready to break the kiss, Lotor growing more urgent as her hand teased down lower on his stomach. He began thrusting his tongue against hers, working it overtime to bring them both pleasure. It was then that he felt it, Allura slipping her hand under the waistband of his pants, making him gasp as her fingers went rooting about for his cock.

It didn’t take much searching for her to find it, fingers curling around his shaft, giving him a firm squeeze. She pulled back, smiling, hand still gripping hold of him, Lotor staring back at her as he huskily whispered her name. “Allura…”

“Shhh….” She placed a finger against his lips, urging him to be quiet. “Don’t over think this. Just sit back and feel.” He wondered how he could do as she asked, even as she began easing down the zipper of his fly, her hand eager as she eased his cock out of his pants. Lotor watched as Allura dropped to her knees before him, hand still keeping it’s gentle hold on his rapidly hardening flesh.

His legs spread, allowing Allura room to settle in between his thighs, the girl still watching him as she stroked and caressed him. One hand was planted on the inside of his thigh, her hand working patterns into his skin. She looked at him as held him, eyes heavy lidded with her arousal. She didn’t remind him of the innocent princess of Arus, but of a skilled courtesan determined to seduce a king’s ransom from him. Lotor tried to will himself not to melt at her touches, knowing that as the blood rushed downwards, he was more apt to say foolish things to her.

Allura bent her head over his cock, hand holding his twitching flesh steady. He watched anxiously as her lips brushed the tip, his body reacting to the nearness of her mouth. She smiled at him, her breath blowing across his hot skin as she purred out her approval. “Yes, that’s it. Get harder for me.”

“You don’t have to do this.” Lotor said, even as he prayed that nothing he could say or do would get her to change her mind.

“I know.” Her tongue came out, such a nice shade of pink against the dark blue head of his cock. “I want to.” She licked him, Lotor managing to keep from crying out at the first touch of her tongue to his dick. Allura stared at him as she played her tongue over and across the crown of his cock, a practiced seductress in her element.

He shivered at the look Allura was giving him, Lotor’s claws digging into the cushions of the couch. He hissed when she brought her tongue to play against the slit in his dick, licking at the fluid that started to pearl on the tip. The more she licked at that moisture, the more he produced, oozing fluid for her tongue to lap up.

He started to moan, Allura’s tongue urging the cries out of him, the princess pausing to blow more air over his dick’s head. She actually giggled at his reaction to that, Lotor grateful that a Drule could not blush. “You know it’s funny.” Allura said, words pausing as she began planting kisses on the under side of his cock.

“What? What’s funny?” Lotor groaned out, hardly able to follow her train of thought.

“That first night you visited me in the cell. Do you remember what you said you wanted to do to me?” She kissed down to his balls, nibbling on the skin there, Lotor feeling dazed as he tried to speak. It came out a gurgle, words unintelligible for the moment.

“Well, Lotor? Do you?” She paused, patient as she waited for him to get a hold of his senses and answer her question.

“Yes!” Lotor said, fighting the impulse to grab at her and force her mouth on his cock. “I said I wanted to fuck you!”

Allura made a tsking sound, finger touching the tip of his dick, smearing fluid all over it. “That’s not it exactly.”

“You want an exact quote?” Lotor demanded, and nearly screamed with frustration at her nod. “Fine…I said I wanted to fuck you out of my system!”

“Yes. And I was all too willing to let you.” Her hand gripped him once more, Allura stroking him in fast jerks, making him writhe to feel her soft hand on his flesh. “I even thought to myself that maybe that is what I needed. That maybe through sex, I could get over my fascination with you.”

She locked eyes with him, Lotor’s breath stopping for one brief instant at her look. “You see, I wanted to get over you too. I thought I needed to, for the good of my people…Thank the Gods it didn’t work!” Mouth open wide, she suddenly took him in past her lips, doing a dainty suck on the tip. In that instant Lotor was grateful it hadn’t worked, knowing he would have missed out on all this if either one of them had freed themselves of their addiction to the other.

His toes curled in his boots as Allura slid another inch into her mouth, using her tongue to brush against the underside of his dick. He gasped and arched, hands reaching for her hair, fisting handfuls of it as he gave in to his urges to touch her. She didn’t protest his insistent prodding to bob her head down lower on his cock, Allura making pleased sounds that seemed to vibrate down his shaft.

He lost himself to the pleasure, enjoying the feel of her mouth gliding effortlessly up and down his length. He could feel her sucking, lips pursed tight around the flesh in her mouth. She practically inhaled him as she sucked, Lotor dribbling in her mouth as he moaned and squirmed. He fought the urge to thrust, letting Allura and his hands do the work for him.

He had no idea how long she serviced him, his balls feeling tense as her mouth worked to suck his seed free. He wanted to give in, and yet he didn’t, wanting this sensation to last for as long as possible. Allura put an end to it for him, suddenly lifting her head up off his lap. He panted, Lotor staring down at her, practically whimpering as she slowly licked her bottom lip.

“You’re in my system Lotor…” She easily pulled herself up onto his lap, rubbing her sex against his. He felt the dampness of her center, Allura having grown aroused from the mouth play she had done. “And now?”

“Now?” Lotor repeated, unable to keep the anxiety out of his voice.

“And now you’re in me.” Allura flashed him a wicked grin, her legs spread as she straddled him. She sank down onto his length with a moan, Lotor letting out a sharp cry, ready to protest that she hadn’t had enough foreplay to take him.

“I’m fine.” Allura assured him, not so much as grimacing as she lowered herself down to take more of him. “A little pain won’t stop me.” She smiled, settling into place with a wiggle that had him seeing stars, Lotor reaching to grab onto her hips. Allura placed her hands on his shoulders, practically cooing to him, as she gave an order. “Now move with me…”

“I know what to do.” He said, helping her to bounce on his lap.

“Oh do forgive me Lotor. I would never doubt your skill in the matter.” He had the feeling Allura was laughing at him, but Lotor found he couldn’t muster up the energy to be annoyed. Not when all his focus was on the warm silk of her body, her inner passage coiling in tight around him. He did a roll of his hips, thrusting upwards, watching as Allura tossed back her head. She moaned, her throat offered up to him, Lotor leaning forward to plant his mouth on her neck.

“Hmm yes!” An ecstatic cry from Allura as he licked and bit at her throat, his mouth working to leave a bruise on her pale flesh. He sucked and worried at that skin, not being satisfied until he pulled back and saw the mark of possession on her. A purr rumbled out of his throat, Lotor continuing to bounce Allura on him, bending his head forward to kiss at her breasts. That really made her go wild, she squealed as he peppered kisses into her skin.

“We’re so perfect together…” Allura moaned, and even Lotor had to agree. He licked and then captured a pebbled nipple in his mouth, sucking just hard as Allura had sucked on his cock. “Ooooh yes my love…yes!”

Lotor didn’t even mind the loving endearment, his arms wrapping around her waist, holding her in his embrace as he sucked. She continued to bounce, meeting his cock in it’s upward thrusts, her body giving occasional squeezes in her excitement. He felt the pleasure build once more inside him, Lotor gasping as he spoke. “I won’t last much longer Allura.”

“It’s all right Lotor.” She ran her fingers through his hair, smoothing down encouragement with her actions. “Come at any time you want. I don’t mind.”

He wanted to question that, but the words dried up in his mouth as he tensed up, thrusting almost frantically into her. His eyes closed, and he bent his face against her shoulder, using her body to muffle the wild howl that bubbled up out of him. Lotor shook as he came, deep trembles that left him shaken to his core. And all the while Allura continued to pet his hair, murmuring soothing nonsense in his ear.

When it was done he felt a great sense of relief, lifting his head to look her in the face. She smiled at him, expression pure happiness, and for once he accepted that look without anger or doubt. He fell back against the couch cushions, Allura still in his arms, still straddling his lap. “Thank you.” Lotor said, voice soft, his eyes full of wonder as he looked at her.

She smiled and snuggled against him, whispering back just as softly. “You’re welcome.”

He supposed he could have let it go right then and there, but he spoke all the same, hesitation in his voice. “Why are you being so good to me?” His hand touch Allura’s hair, fingers stroking through that brilliant blonde mane of hers.

“Don’t you know by now?” Allura asked, fixing her eyes on his. They were full of adoration and warmth, Lotor feeling the ice around his heart melt just a little more. “It’s because I love you.”

“Love…” He was so tempted to believe her, Allura raising up to kiss him chastely on the lips.

“You don’t have to say anything.” She told him. “Just listening is enough. And maybe in time, you’ll come to accept it. To believe it as the truth.” He truly wanted to, Lotor being kissed by Allura once more before she settled down against him on the couch. He continued to hold her, petting her to the point she fell asleep. Tired as he was, he felt energy coursing through him, his excited thoughts refusing to let him settle down as he wondered on what had just happened. Wondered and was amazed, daring himself to believe in her, Lotor trying to nerve himself to have the courage to accept Allura’s love as fact.

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