A place to find old news…

Updates:  9/09/13 Ah not much of an update I’m afraid. I’ve mainly done some spring cleaning on some of the galleries, removing certain pics and adding more. Not a lot more, but theres a new one in the Lotor Allura gallery, and one in the Misc gallery. But the good news is comic gallery 03 has been updated with FIVE pages of the Lotor Allura comic remake! WHoo hoo!

I haven’t abandoned Voltron, but I have been very, very distracted by Once Upon A Time. To the point I am thinking of starting up a third site, dedicate to my fics for that series. We shall see. Also still having health problems, which has seriously affected my speed and concentration when it comes to writing. I hope to get back to my Voltron fics eventually, but bear with me as I explore this fascination with Captain Hook.


3/13/2013 Ah…it’s been an insanely long time since the last update. Mainly I’ve been very lazy about updating the site. Forgive me! But it’s also been very slow writing wise for Voltron. The last two months I’ve been focused on a couple who has nothing to do with the Voltron Universe. But! I haven’t abandoned Lotor and Allura! To prove it, here’s chapters 5-19 of Diplomatic Relations! Also, another new fic, which is so far untitled. Chapters 1-4 of Untitled Bad Boy Fic is up!

Art wise there’s quite a bit, including some pics by my good friend M.E. faces! In total there’s four pics in the Lotor Allura gallery,  six in the Ryder Alexandria gallery, two in the Romelle Sabbath gallery, and six in the Misc gallery. Plus there’s a new gallery up, comic gallery three, which has four pages of a Lotor Allura comic. Enjoy!

9/22/12 At long last an update. Haven’t written much these last few months, hence why such a long wait between site updates. However I finally feel I have enough new content to merit an update, so let’s get this show on the road!

First up, two new fics. The dark untitled toasting universe with chapters 1-3, and a fic I just started this week, Diplomatic Relations. I wrote four chapters in four days and am having a blast with pirate Lotor. Yes you read right, Lotor’s a pirate captain in this one in addition to being prince of Doom. You’ll just have to read to find out the details.

For older fics, For Better Or For Worse is updated with chapters 29 and 30. Dual Nature has chapters 2-6 now availible, while Cost of Regret has four new chapters. Untitled Bridal Candidate 4 and 5 are now up, and Megs bad girls fic gets a side story interlude that takes place sometime during the third bad girls installment. The Bad girls stuff can be located under gift fic.

And we can’t forget fan art. The Lotor Allura gallery has twelve new pics! WHile the misc gallery has a snazzy looking pirate Lotor! And my good friend M.E. Faces has done up a work of Ryder and Alexandria. The black and white AND Color versions of said pic can be found in their gallery. Take care, and hope you all find something to enjoy in this update. 🙂

5/7/12 Updates Time! Got several chapters for various stories up, including quite the tale by my good friend Megs. You can find the entire Bad Girls Saga she has written in the guest fics section. It’s not Lotor Allura centric perse, though there is some L & A in it. But then, there’s a bit of every pairing when you involve Merla, Lance, and Keith into the mix!

As for my fics, Cost of Regret is updated with chapters 12-17. Duty’s End is updated with chapters 35 and 36. There’s a new fic in the works, Dual Nature which is about Sabbath and Romelle. The very short chapter one is now up (It’s more a prologe than anything.), and a fic I can’t beleive I forgot to put up. The untitled Bridal Candidate fic, with the three chapters that have been written so far.

Art wise, there’s five new pics. 1 in the Lotor Allura gallery, one in the Sabbath Romelle gallery, 1 in the Ryder Alexandria gallery, and two yummy Lotor pin ups in the Misc gallery. Enjoy!

3/16/12 Updates time! Three fics have gotten new chapters to them. Duty’s End is updates with chapters 31-34. For Better or For Worse now has chapters 24-28 up. And Finally The Cost of Regret is updated with chapters 8-11.

Fanart wise, there is one new pic in the Lotor Allura gallery, and five new pics in the Misc one. Enjoy and have a good Saint Patrick’s Day!

2/5/12 This is just a small art update. I’m having another sleepless night, and so decided to spend my insomnia redoing the galleries. No longer are the pics all on one page. There are individual galleries devoted to each couple, and even seprate comics pages. There is however, several new pics in the Lotor Allura gallery, along with the start of a Ryder Alexandria comic in the second comic gallery. I have a Lotor Allura one to start on too…XD Enjoy!

1/18/12 Ah, the first update of the New Year! Unfortunately, it’s a very small update. Even worse, updates may continue to be slow and small, as I’ve been having various health problems since Novemeber, including a bad tooth that took almost four weeks before I got to an oral surgeon to remove it (Regular dentists didn’t want to touch it cause of the curve it’s root had.). As you can surely imagine, these things, especially the tooth, made it difficult to concentrate. I’m hopefully on the mend, been trying this month to write more…but still not up to my normal productivity rate. =/

But enough about me! Until what is updated! Two fics get the update treatment. Duty’s End, with chapters 25-30, and For Better or For Worse with chapters 18-23. I hope you all enjoy and are having a good new year!

11/27/11 Ah…I hadn’t realize I had gone so long without updating. Sorry for that. ^^”

Anyway, time for the usual updates. Lusting Effects 2: A Pregnant Pause gets updated with chapters 26-29, bringing this part to an end. Don’t worry, a third lusting is planned, and I might do some kind of interlude fic in between 2 and 3. But for now I am taking a break from the Lusting Universe.

New fic time! The Cost of Regret, though I consider it more a drabble series. Chapters 1-7 are up, very smutty, and a not so nice Lotor. Dark fic warning just in case.

Also updated, Duty’s End, chapters 6-24. The Love Hate Game is updated with chapters 9-14, For Better Or For Worse gets updated with chapters 7-17. And Pride and Resentments gets a one chapter update, chapter 17.

Fanart wise, three new pics. Two are of Ryder and his priestess love interest from Duty’s End. And one is a very naughty one of Lotor and Allura.

Hope all of you are having a lovely holiday weekend! Until next time!
8/16/11 Update time! First up, Lusting Effects 2: A Pregnant Pause has chapters 16-25 added to the site. Just a few more chapters till this particular tale wraps up!

Then there’s the first six chapters of a brand new Lotor Allura story, For Better Or For Worse. And chapters 3-5 of Duty’s End. The Enemy of My Enemy gets an update with chapters 26-28. And the Merla Lotor story, The Love Hate Game is updated with chapters 4-8.

Imagery wise, there is three new Lotor Allura pics. Along with three more pages of the Romelle Sabbath comic…which is technically finished, but some suggestions were made that there should be a cuddle page aftermath. Which I’m considering.

6/21/2011 Long time no update. But that’s because I spent about a month and a half writing nothing but Valkyrie Profile fanfic. Can’t really update this site, without new content, right?

But I have that now! So for your reading pleasure! The Songbird’s Lament has been updated, with chapters 36-43. The Enemy of My Enemy has chapters 21-25 up. While Lusting Effects 2: A Pregnant Pause has chapters 5-15 up.

Also, there’s the first two chapters of the fic I mentioned that had no name. It’s now been titled! Duty’s End is what it’s called. Course I have another untitled one that I won’t put up until I get a title for that one too. ^^”

And in the fanart section, there’s five new pics, including your first look at the Drule Ryder! And for the not work safe at all Romelle Sabbath comic, three new pages are up! Enjoy!
4/04/11 Another really small update. Still haven’t gotten a title for the new fic…so won’t post it just yet. But I do have some new reading material for you.

First up, I finally got inspired for Lusting Effects sequel. A Pregnant Pause is actually the second in a planned trilogy. Chapter one was written about two years ago, but 2-4 are new. I’m doing a same time release with fanfic net, so ya’ll will just have to be patient for new chapters!

The Songbird’s Lament is updated with chapters 29-35. And a fluffy one shot, that without a better name for it, I’m calling Winter Fluff Fic. That’s under the one shots section.

Also, in the About section is now an interview with yours truly. Mainly about writing since the meme was oriented towards fanfic.

And a lot of art. Three pics, and four comics pages. I debated on not posting the continuation of the Romelle Sabbath comic, since we’ve gotten into very not safe for work territory. View with caution! XD
2/23/11 Ah, it’s a small update this time around, but better than nothing eh? I’ve been working on a new fic but no title for it yet. So I can’t post it just yet.

However! The Enemy of My Enemy gets updated with chapters 15-20. And the story of Romelle, The Songbird’s Lament gets updated with chapters 17-28. I hope you all enjoy!

1/15/11 The first update of the new year. Ah it’s been a while, but that’s cause I took off December from Voltron. I didn’t mean to, but I ended up spending the whole month working on my Valkyrie Profile stories instead. I’ve since been back to Voltron, but it’s all been The Songbird’s Lament that has my attention now.

However! I do have some Lotor Allura goodies as well. First up, the final chapters of Divine Misunderstandings is up. Chapters 35-39! I hope you enjoy the conclusion of that story.

And The Enemy of My Enemy also gets updated with chapters 10-14. And of course The Songbird’s Lament, Romelle’s story, gets a massive update. Chapters 5-16 is up.

And finally,  An update to the Imagery section. Four new pages of the Romelle Sabbath comic! And a seperate comic page featuring them also. We get into not safe for work territory with the newest pages…^^::

11/21/10 Lot of fic chapters uploaded this time around. First and foremost is Animal Attraction 63-81. And that brings us to the end of this particular tale!

Next month will probably see the end of Divine Misunderstandings. Until then enjoy chapters 28-34.

The Enemy of My Enemy gets updated with a few chapters. 6-9 to be exact. Remember that new fic I mention that didn’t have a title? Well it finally has a title, so it can be posted. It’s called Pride and Resentments and the first SIXTEEN chapters are up!

Speaking of new fics, I have one about Romelle called The Songbird’s Lament. As the summary says, it’s the tale of Princess Romelle as told through the eyes of the soldier who loved her. The solider being Sabbath. This isn’t a particularly happy fic, but there’s hope for the ending. The first four chapters are up.

Speaking of Sabbath and Romelle, there’s an untitled one shot about them in the one shot section. It has a twist that ties it into Animal Attraction! And then Sabbath and Romelle star in the fan art page’s updates. One pic of them, and the start of a comic. The first three pages of said comic are now up!
11/01/10 Not a true update. I just wanted to tell everyone about the new page in the About Section. A doll’s life, which features the custom made Lotor and Allura dolls I commissioned back in June. Hope you’ll like seeing them even if my photos didn’t come out so good…-_-

10/11/10 Updates time! Lot of different fics for you to choose from, including a few new offerings. Okay, first up is Animal Attraction, chapters 51-62. Hopefully for next month the last chapters will be posted!

BUT! In Animal Attraction news, a very special side story, the AA Interlude featuring Romelle and Sabbath! It details just what exactly went down when they were trapped together. And it’s up in it’s entirety!

Chained Desires got two more chapters, 8-9 to be exact, and Divine Misunderstandings has been updated as well with chapters 22-27.

There’s a one shot starring Merla and Ryder which is a gift fic for my friend Megs who wanted to see them get it on. Ryder is the Drule that is in Animal Attraction and Divine Misunderstandings.

And then a brand new fic, called The Enemy of My Enemy. And no it’s not the new one I mentioned last month. That one still doesn’t have a title…But this one got named by Botias! And it’s about the Drules and humans of the Denubian Galaxy facing a common threat, the very scary Keraclon! Enjoy!

9/06/10 A small quicke update. One new pic up in Imagery, a gift art I received by Chanee Dawn!

And then writing wise, it’s all for Nichole’s corner. I’ve been bad about remembering to update, and she’s written a few things recently. And not all of them are about Zarkon, shocker of shockers! She is still the master of Voltron horror, so a word of warning for them as you read.

The new ones by Nichole are, Nightmare, Rescue, and Progression parts 1 and 2. ENjoy!

8/29/10 Updates this time around include Animal Attraction 41-50, Married Circumstances 4, Divine Misunderstandings 16-21, plus a an untitled imprisonment one shot.

There’s also a Lotor Merla fic (Yes you read right) called The Love Hate Game up. That has three chapters so far. I also started a new fic but it’s not up yet since I can’t think of a title for it. Maybe by next month I’ll be able to post it…^^;;

And art wise, five new pics, mainly of Romelle and Sabbath. Enjoy!

7/25/10 Let’s get this update started! I’ve mostly been working on Animal Attraction, so this update reflects that with chapters 21-40 posted.

There’s a new one shot called Lesson, and a new fic called The Devil’s Desire. First seven chapters are up for that. Warnings in place, cause it’s about what if Lotor hadn’t met Allura until she was about to marry his father. So there is some Zarkon Allura one sided attraction but it is going to be about Lotor and Allura falling in love. Eventually.

And six new pics up in Imagery, including two relating to Romelle and a certan new character in Animal Attraction. 🙂

I’ve thought of two new story ideas to start…..one I hope would be a short story, since most of my ideas tend to get so long and involved. X_X I haven’t started them yet, added them to the pile of ideas I already have. Since I’m nearing the end of writing Animal Attraction, I’ve been thinking on what story to work on next. It’s easier to start a new story cause I don’t have to reread a whole bunch of chapters before I write. ^^;; Anyway, enjoy the updates!
6/20/10 First I want to say thank you for the birthday wishes I received last month. Thanks! *group hug*

I’ve been taking like a two week break from writing, so I’m afraid I don’t have much to offer this time around. Just the final chapters of Porcelain Dreams, 72-82. I’m considering doing a sequel to PD, but first I want to do the sequel to The Price of Freedom, and finish Animal Attraction, so we shall see! Enjoy!

5/23/10 It’s my birthday today! And as such I felt like doing a small update. First up we have a new gift fic, written by Harmony Winters as a birthday gift to me! 😀 It’s called Sun is always Gold. Please check it out!

Then there’s an update to Nichole’s corner, with Slave and Hope. The fic Hope is especially not for the faint of heart.

And finally from me, more Porcelain Dreams. Chapters 65-71! I intend to make the next update the final one, where there’s like eleven chapters left to upload. Look forward to it please!

Also, I uploaded five more chapters of Animal Attraction, brining us up to chapter twenty. Watch Lotor become a one man rambo against his own people! XD And in one shots, there is a short drabble called weakness. Pure ear fluff. ;-p

5/10/10 I’ve been writing ALOT since the last update. So much in fact, I don’t have all of it up. Partly cause the amount overwhelms me to update, but also because I’m thinking of doing a slow release with Animal Attraction to coincide with fanfic net’s updates. We shall see.

Anyway! This time around you’ve got EIGHT different fics to choose from. (Or you can read them all! I wouldn’t complained!) Let’s see, Animal Attraction 8-15, Chained Desires 5-7, Competition one shot, Damages 3, Encounter one shot, Porcelain Dreams 53-64, Time’s Tangent 5-7, and Treasure Collection one shot. Enjoy!

4/17/10 I finally got around the image uploader problem by switching broswers. \o/ You can find seven new pics in the Imagery section!

As for fics, more Porcelain Dreams is up. Chapters 47 – 52 to be precise. Along with an update to Animal Attraction. Yes, after a whole year, I finally found the inspiration/desire to work on this fic again. Enough for two new chapters! Six and Seven.

And finally something different. Damages. This is a Keith Allura thing, but with a twist. It’s about domestic violence and abuse, with Keith being the one who abuses Allura. It’s told in first person perspective, as Allura struggles to come to grips with what Keith has done to her, and gaining the courage to stop him. Not suggested for the faint hearted.

4/4/10 Small update this time around. Just chapters 42-46 of Porcelain Dreams. I was really hoping to get the imagery section updated, but word press is still freezing up when I try to work the image uploaded. >_<

Also, I created two face book pages for the site at the suggestion of my friend Elle. Become a fan of Doomed Romance here:


And join the group here:


3/24/10 Lot of fic this time around! Chapters 31-41 of Porcelain Dreams is now up. As is chapters 4-6 of The Snow Trade. There’s also a new fic called Time’s Tangent, and that has four chapters up.

I have some pics as well, but the server logs me out whenever I try to upload pictures. Hopefully the problem will be fixed for the next update. *frustrated*

3/01/10 A small update this time around. Three more chapters of Porcelain Dream is up. I’ve also created a section for the Broken Universe, and moved Shattered and Broken out of the one shot area.

This universe is just a series of drabbles I wrote when depressed. Not really happy stuff…If you read the first two, you know Allura lost her marbles after Lotor forced himself on her. The two new pieces are more of the same. I debated a long time about putting them up, but finally decided what the hey! ^^;;

2/21/10 This is mainly a Porcelain Dreams update. Chapters 12-27. Chapter 20 ends the first arc, the Zarkon, Adalien and the children arc. 21 and up is now the seperation.

There’s also chapter four of Chained Desires, along with one more pic in the imagery section. For some reason the uploader was giving me a really hard time too…*face palm.*

1/27/10 A small update. First up is chapter 16 of Masquerade. And in the one shots under Untitled Temple fic is a very weird, plot what plot thing. I think it’s the weirdest PWP I tried to write…wasn’t sure I should post it.

And chapter 4-11 of Porcelain Dreams. I’ve decided with this fic, to try something different with updates. I’m gonna hold off posting all the chapters (I’ve got up to 45 written.) and instead release them after they’ve been uploaded on fanfic net. Yes this is partly a shameless attempt to get more reviews over there…I know if I post all the chapters at once, everyone will come here to read and not review. =/

1/02/10 Happy New Year! *throws confetti* AH, I’ve been really energized this week. Since Monday I’ve written TWELVE chapters of various fics. *pleased smile.*

The majority of the chapters have been Masquerade. After the disastrous attempts at eight, I found my flow. Still haven’t caught the original vibe of the fic, but that’s okay. As such chapters 9-15 are now available for your viewing pleasure.

I also had this sudden urge to write a lemon. It’s PWP but it’s finished. I sorta feel the set up could be used to write a longer fic that leads up to the sex. So maybe in the future I will do that. It’s called Wedding Night Lemon. (Real creative title, I know!)

And finally, I am pleased to announce a new fic. It’s title is tentative, Porcelain Dreams…Lotor and Allura as chidlren…who will eventually grow up. It’s also kind of a Lotor’s mom and Zarkon fic…The first three chapters have been written!

12/24/09 This is probably the last update of 2009. I’m slowly getting back into writing again! \o/ As such I have four chapters of Divine Misunderstandings for you. 12-15 to be exact. Along with a return to an oldie that hasn’t been updated in nearly a year…Masquerade Chapter Eight.

I found it really hard to get it written, and am not satisfied with this chapter eight at all. Trying to write it reminded me why I have not worked on this particular fic for so long. I also feel like I couldn’t capture the vibe of the first seven chapters. =/

And also, two new pics up in the imagery section.  Hope you’re all enjoying the holidays!

12/7/09 Been a while since the last update. Sadly I only have one chapter for you to read. The continuation of Snow Trade.

Ah…haven’t been able to get into a writing mood. Partly because I spent the last three weekends struggling with my computer. X_X

I did finally get the image uploader to work, so there is four new pics up in the Imagery section!

10/28/09 I’ve been taking a break a break from writing. Just haven’t been in the mood, plus I have other things to do. I think I need to remind certain people I am not a machine, so stop begging for more fic if only a few weeks go between updates….^^;;

Before my break I did get some writing done. Three more chapters of Divine Misunderstandings is up (9-11) and a new one called Chain Desires which is a gift fic for a friend. That’s got three chapters as well.

I’ve also been thinking about Harem Slave. I know I said I wasn’t going to do alernate endings, but I might consider it after all. But no promises as it’s time I could use to work on other fics. So we’ll see.

I also have pics to upload but wordpress is acting funny. I could barely get in to update with written stuff. The loader for the pics is not working at all!

10/9/09  The conclusion of Harem Slave is now up, along with disclaimers against reading the final two chapters. That’s 122-131 for those keeping track.

And on a happier note, I finally started Divine Misunderstandings and that’s up with the first eight chapters. Plus five fanarts in the Imagery section.

9/24/09 Here, have some more Harem Slave. Chapters 116-121 to be exact. And remember….it’s just a story. Please don’t kill the author! *hides*

9/18/09 Harem Slave 103-115 is up, a whopping 13 new chapters! Getting ever closer to the end of this particular tale!

And a non-con story called Let Sleeping Villains Lie is over in the one shot corner.

9/5/09 Small update with four new chapters of Harem Slave. For some reason anything after 99 is not appearing in the right order. Chapters 100 and up are listed after chapter 10…*face palm.* I’m trying to see if there is a way around it…

8/18/09 Not much going on. I sorta took a break from writing this past month. I do have a new fic though, an episode rewrite mini series based on The Shell Game episode.

And I finally have an awards page! Thanks to all who voted for me in the 2008 Voltron Fandom awards! 😀

7/19/09 It’s more Harem Slave this time around! Been trying to get it finished but it’s a long story…maybe even longer than I expected. You get chapters 90-98 with this update. Enjoy!

7/12/09 Ten new chapters of The Harem Slave are up. That’s chapters 79-89 for those keeping track. Enjoy!

6/29/09 WordPress is back to normal!! So I got to update with the eight chapters of a new fic called The Skin Trade. Also one new fanart is up in the Imagery section. Enjoy!

6/23/09 The one shot Fetish has been moved to start the Married Circumstances Series. It’s a series of one shots connected in that they take place in a universe where Lotor and Allura are happily married. It’s mainly just kinky sex. XD

6/11/09 A new one shot called Fetish is up. Along with several chapters of Harem Slave. CHapters 66 to 73 to be exact. Plus some more pics in the Imagery section.

Harem Slave is updated with chapters 74 – 78. I had more updates to do, but word press is giving me a difficult time. It took over an hour just to do part of my planned update. Hopefully the six new chapters for the new fic will come later in the week when word press is actually working or I have more time to fool around with it’s nonsense.

5/29/09 Just a quickie update.  I did some changes to Harem Slave 64 near the end. And Harem Slave 65 is up, along with three new pictures in the Imagery section.

5/27/09 Still trying to bounce back from the computer problems that caused me to lose my notes and works in progress. It’ s a small update, but I guess it’s better than nothing right?

Harem Slave Chapters 62, 63, and 64 are up. There are also three new pics in the Imagery section. Two are not work safe….^^;;

4/26/09 Something terrible happened. My computer “broke” and I had to do a sytem restore. I lost all my files, including a few works in progress (Only a chapter here and there) AND my notes on fics. This happened last Wednesday. I’ve been very depressed and trying to recover my writing files. I got some back, but most is lost. -_-

Because of this I didn’t do much writing…haven’t felt like writing either. So…this update is small. Stuff I wrote before the crash. Wedding Blues gets chapter 15, 16, and 17. Incident Reports gets the long awaited chaper 8.

I’ll bounce back though…I am currently doing the painstaking process of resaving all my writing off of my websites. Just wish I had posted the wips somewhere that I could recover them too.

The Voltron fandom awards have finished the fanfic stage (I won two awards!) and are now doing voting for fandom awards. Pop on by if you’re interested. Also a reminder about the forum I made. Love to see you there!



Small update as I announce the brand new forum I created for Lotor and Allura fans. Click on this link to get to it:

http://doomedromance.freeforums.org/ 4/16/09 

4/09/09 I haven’t had a very productive week writing wise. So there’s only two new chapters for you to read, and that’s Animal Attraction Three and Four. I think I’m a little sexed out and that’s why I haven’t worked on Double Take Three. ^^”

Also, two new images up in Imagery. Bedroom Break in I like to think is a what if take on the episode where he gets into Allura’s bedroom. What if he got close enough to grab her. Either that or it’s a scene from Shattered. 0_0

And finally, the Voltron Fandom Awards are doing their 4th annual presentation. You have to be a member to join, but they are currently doing voting for fanfics and fanfic authors until the 20th of April. Pop on by and join if you’re interested

You must be a member to vote, and this is the link to vote:


3/31/09 Let’s see…*pulls out a list.* First up a few more chapters of The Harem Slave. 58 to 61 to be precise. Have a few new goodies, the first of which is Double Take. This one is pure plot what plot fan service, Lotor and his clone working together to please Allura. There should be one more part to this, since the clone needs to get his turn. XD

Then there’s the Snow Trade. (working title) It’s sorta a request/challenge from my friend Devana, but I had wanted to for a while corrupt this particular episode. It’s only two parts. I do see the potential to turn it into a longer fic, but right now I have no plans for it.

And then there’s the start of a new one called Animal Attraction, based on the idea that Drules all have destined mates they fall head over heels for at first sight and smell. Can you guess who Lotor’s is?

And finally, two more pics up in the Imagery section.

3/19/09 The final chaper to A Wish Best Served Cold is now up. Yes! Another fic finished! *does a small victory dance.*

And after months of inactivity, I finally got my inspiration back for The Harem Slave. Chapters 52 to 57 are brand spanking new.

Plus one more new image in the Imagery section.

3/16/09 Chapters 23 to 26 of A Wish Best Served Cold have been added. Nobody panic too badly when they read 26. There’s still some story left there after all! XD

I most likely would have finished the fic sooner but….there was a small crisis with my cat that kept me from writing. =/ She’s fine though knock on wood.

And three images added to the Imagery section.

3/09/09 Just a very short update as Botias pointed out I never posted Broken on the site. It’s an unofficial sequel to Sattered.

3/07/09 A Wish Best Served Cold is updated with chapters 16 to 22. At the rate I’m going, this may be my fatest fic to finish that isn’t a one shot! \o/

3/5/09 Quickie update just to announce I made myself a link banner. It’s down at the bottom of this post. I’m also hoping to get a site banner made for here…Real update will probably be Saturday.

3/2/09 Proud to say I finished the Price of Freedom. The final three chapters are now up. And yes, there will be a sequel. 😀 Just…give me a while. Need to get a break from that particular universe.

Also, three more chapters up for A WIsh Best Served Cold. We actually get some plot advancement amidst all the sex! XD I’m also thinking of starting a Merla Lotor Allura fic…the ideas are just bouncing around in my brain! 0_0 I have a Haggar Zarkon fic I wrote for Nichole, but I don’t know if I should put it up. It’s when they’re both young…

2/24/09 Finally decided to make a small updates notice. New fics up, Masquerade and A Wish Best Served Cold, along with two new chapters of The Price of Freedom. Gift fic section has received a fic from Botias (Allura’s Wake) and Nichole’s section has a small snippet fic. Plus there’s new pics in the Imagery section..

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