AA Interlude 02

Settling into a new position, one that proved less comfortable than his previous one, Sabbath sighed. It had been hours since he and Romelle had first become trapped inside this room. Hours since they had gone searching for Nanny and the other maids, and even more time had passed since the commotion outside the room’s door. Sabbath didn’t know what to make of the fact that the noise had stopped, and that no one, neither friend nor foe had come to open the door.

It didn’t mean Sabbath relaxed, he kept on constant alert, blaster in hand as he sat against the wall. His position allowed him to see both the door and the bed, and in truth his eyes kept drifting to the feminine figure that lay in the center of the bed’s mattress. Romelle had been asleep for the better part of an hour, the girl having seemed to exhaust herself from her earlier hysterical fit.

He didn’t begrudge her the sleep, if she needed it, then she would have it. However, Sabbath longed with every fiber of his being to put down the blaster, and join his mate in the bed. They didn’t even have to do anything, he would be content to just hold her. But he had little hopes that she would agree to that, even at her most incoherent, she hadn’t held still for his touch.

He sighed, and continued to stare at her, wishing things could be different. He wasn’t yet seeing their predicament as the God send it really was, too aware of Romelle and her quick to grow hostile nature. She was constantly agitated, and violatile, her temper set off by the things he said to her. Sabbath wasn’t turned off by her angry moods, if anything he thought about how if she was half as passionate as she could be hostile, than loving her would be a soul shaking experience.

He wondered if he’d ever get to experience her love, her joy, her happiness. The way things currently were between them, he feared the answer was no, and that thought was enough to make him feel like crying. But Drule warriors did not give into tears, not matter what kind of pain they were in. Not even when their heart was trying to break apart over a mate’s rejection.

Movement from the bed, Romelle stirring in her sleep. She had been tossing and turning for a while now, and he wondered what dreams troubled her. He had a feeling she wouldn’t tell him if he asked, and he had doubts over the wiseness of letting her know he was aware she had been dreaming.

“Ngh…” A sound from Romelle, the first she had made since falling asleep. It wasn’t exactly a distressed sound, Sabbath staring at her wide eyed. She made another, similar sound, than followed it up with a moan. That moan sent shivers down his spine, Sabbath wondering if he was imagining the sexual quality to her voice.

“Ngh….ahhh!” Her back arched, Romelle’s body reacting to the man above her. Her hands gripped the sheets of the bed, fingers clenched so tightly her knuckles turned white. She wasn’t sure what was going on, or how it had happened, but Sabbath was with her. He stayed hovering above her, hands everywhere as they cast worshipful caresses all along her curves.

It wasn’t enough, she wanted more, Romelle whimpering out a plea. “Please……more..” Another throaty moan, Romelle letting go of the bed sheet to hold out an imploring hand to him. She had no idea she was being watched, or how much she was making the real Sabbath sweat. She was caught up in her dreams, and in them she didn’t fight him, didn’t think it was wrong or nasty to be with a Drule.

“Yes…” She sighed out sweetly, the dream Sabbath bending his head to kiss at her breasts. “There….like that…”

Sabbath stared at her, and even in the dim lighting of the room, he could see how her nipples strained against the fabric of her dress. He would have written it off as her feeling the chill that existed inside this room, but there was another sign of her arousal. His nostrils flared, Sabbath scenting the musky perfume that signaled his mate was excited. He found himself licking his lips, his own excitement growing as he reholstered the blaster on his hip and began to crawl closer to the bed.

Sabbath was kissing her all over, Romelle writhing in place, moaning at the way his tongue laved attention on her. She smiled and moaned, and found herself parting her legs, inviting him to settle his body between them. She gasped when she found the evidence of his arousal, that heavy bulged that pressed against her groin. She found herself wiggling, trying to grind herself in place on it, and whimpering needfully.

Sabbath could have torn open his hand on one of the exposed nails that protruded out of the gathered debris, and he wouldn’t have cared. All that mattered was reaching Romelle, and tending to her needs. He wasn’t sure what that tending entailed, not with her so against being with him, but damn if he wouldn’t at least sit besides her and stroke her hair. Though in truth, every fiber of his being cried out for the stroking of a much different body part.

“Hmmm…” Another sigh was let out of Romelle, the girl’s smile as beautiful as it was genuine. It enchanted him, Sababth wishing she would smile at him in that manner when awake.

Sabbath was moving with her, both their hips in perfect harmony as they worked in unison to reach completion. She stretched out beneath him, rubbing herself against his chest so that her nipples abraded against his. His hips increased their speed, leaving her short of breath, and moaning encouragement. Faster, and faster Sabbath went, Romelle crying out, and then gasping.

With a start she shot up like a light, sitting straight up in the bed. Her heart pounded wildly, and there was an ache in her body that centered on her breasts and in between her legs. Romelle realized she had been dreaming, and she started to let out a curse, angry to have even her sleep disturbed by Sabbath. She didn’t understand it, didn’t know why she had begun to dream nightly of the Drule. And in such a vivid manner.

Why he almost seemed real, and she thought she could still hear his breathing. It was then that she realized it wasn’t only breathing she heard, but a muffled moan, Romelle turning to find Sabbath perched on the edge of the bed, close enough to touch. He was staring at her with the most terrifying of expressions, looking half starved and wild for her.

“Sabbath!” She exclaimed, and felt around for the bed sheet. She suddenly wanted to clutch it to her, as though the flimsy sheet could be a sufficient shield against the Drule’s obvious lust. “What…what are you…”

“You were dreaming.” His voice sounded different from what she was used too, no longer so sad and forlorn. His gold eyes glittered in the darkness, gaze locked onto hers and she felt powerless to turn away. Dully, she nodded her head in agreement, aware of how she must be blushing. “Of sex…Of sex with me….”

“I…” She shook her head, and he didn’t so much as frown. Instead he spoke, sounding almost dreamy in the moment.

“I heard you call out my name.”

Romelle was horribly humiliated, heat flooding her face. “You’re mistaken. It wasn’t a good dream…it….it was a nightmare!”

“A nightmare made you aroused?” he asked, and she grew even more upset.

“I’m not aroused!”

“I can smell that you’re lying…” Sabbath told her, and she glared this time.

“Oh yes, because you’re more animal than person. Hmph! Just like a blood hound, you Drule are!”

Sabbath didn’t take insult at her words, still gazing at her with that piercing stare. He watched Romelle shift uncomfortably on the bed, the girl not even aware enough to close her legs yet. Her dirty skirt had ridden up on her thighs, and he could see her white panties, and the dampness on the fabric. He tried not to stare at her down there, though he itched to press his nose into her panties, and lick between her legs.

Some of Romelle’s anger fled her at the look on Sabbath’s face. It reminded her of a hungry animal being presented with a feast of their choice. It made her nervous, and she tried not to shake, inching away from him and off the bed.

“Where are you going?” he asked, stepping in front of her. She tried to step around him, and he blocked her, Romelle gasping at the touch as their chests bumped into one another. Sabbath did a long, drawn out hiss, his face twisting into something she hoped was not pleasure.

“To…to the bathroom!” She stammered nervously. “I need to…never mind, I just need to use it!” She didn’t know how to get past him without touching him, but Romelle didn’t want to put so much as one finger on him. “Now let me pass!”

Sabbath stared at her a moment longer, than nodded. Romelle nearly wilted in relief when he moved aside, the princess all but running to the bathroom. She slammed the door behind her, making sure to lock it. She then walked over to the sink, which was stained with grime but otherwise useable. She gripped the sink’s sides, and stared into the mirror, seeing her startled reflection that couldn’t hide how aroused she still looked.

“Damn it.” Romelle muttered, and began splashing cold water on her face. “Damn HIM!” The water felt good on her skin, but wasn’t having the desired effect, keeping her hot and bothered. She pushed away from the sink, and began to pace the small confines of the bathroom, muttering things under her breath. She had no idea Sabbath was lurking just outside the door, his every sense attuned to her and her plight.

She put down the lid of the toilet, and sat down, blowing out an angry breath. She wasn’t unfamiliar with the needs of her body, having gleaned much practical information from her romance novels. She knew the quickest way for her to calm down was to attend to her body’s needs, and that meant finishing what the dreams had started. She wasn’t exactly thrilled with what she was about to do, but she began nerving herself to touch herself.

Her hands pulled up her skirt, and she eased fingers into her panties. Just as Sabbath had claimed to know, she was badly aroused, panties and sex drenched. She let out a little hiss as she began stroking along the slit of her body, her other hand being pressed to her mouth to muffle her sounds. She was being clumsy, Romelle not as confidant with her touch as she normally was, the girl in a hurry to get her climax and calm down.

And still muffled squeaks and squeals escaped her, Romelle cringing every time she voiced her pleasure. She had a right to worry, Sabbath was pacing before the bathroom door, and his ears picked up on her sounds. He didn’t even have time to frown, he just reacted, kicking the door in with brutal force that shattered the lock. Romelle’s shocked gasp greeted his ear, her skirt dropping down to obscure the hand that was lodge between her legs.

Sabbath stalked over to her, and snagged hold of her wrist, finding her actions offensive to him. Why should she be doing this to herself, when she had her mate ready and willing to tend to her? It made no sense, and left him agitated as he brought her hand away from her sex. Her fingers glistened with her arousal, the moisture beckoning him close for a taste. But before he could touch his tongue to one damp finger, Romelle let out a such a gasp, her horror apparent.

“What do you think you are doing?!” Romelle demanded, and hated how breathless she sounded in the moment. It lent an aroused quality to her voice, and she didn’t need Sabbath to get any more ideas about her than what he already had.

“What do you think YOU are doing?!” Her question was echoed back to her, Sabbath still standing there poised to lick her finger. She was aware of how incriminating this all looked, and her blush bloomed on her face, Romelle unsure of how to explain.

“I…I….I don’t have to explain myself to you!” Romelle said at last, hating how defensive she sounded. She tried to jerk her arm back, but he tightened his grip on her wrist, not content to let her hand get away from him. “And you shouldn’t have kicked in the door…what if…what if I had been using the facilities?!”

“But you weren’t.” Sabbath pointed out, and she jerked harder on her arm.

“I may not have been….but it was still a private moment…one you weren’t invited to!”

“Are you purposefully trying to tease me Romelle?!” Sabbath demanded, and his gold eyes seemed to blaze with torment. “Your every waking moment you seek to deny me, and yet when you sleep….you dream of me…”

“I told you, that was a nightmare!” She said, and moved to stand up. He didn’t let go of her wrist, leaving her to stare frustrated at him.

“A nightmare that’s made you aroused?!” He asked in disbelief. “A nightmare that drove you to touch yourself?!” Romelle had no way to explain it, and she started to
look away from him. “Please…” Sabbath’s voice had softened. “If your need is so great, let me help you.” She raised eyebrows at that, but didn’t turn back to him. “There would be no shame in asking your mate to make love to you….and I would be glad to do it.”

“I bet you would…” She grumbled, and felt him jerk on her wrist so that she had to turn and look at him.

“It would be my greatest wish fulfilled to see to you as a mate should see to his woman.” Sabbath told her, more serious than seductive in the moment. She glared disbelieving at him, and Sabbath felt frustration that he couldn’t convince her of the sincerity of his words.

“I’m fine.” Romelle insisted. “Seeing you break down the door has chased any…rampant desire within me.”

“I….I frightened you.” He said abashed.

“What did you expect?!” She demanded. “How could you possible think anyone would react positively to you going all macho and using your brute force to break down the door?!” He saw suspicion flood through her eyes then. “And why couldn’t you break down the door that leads to the hallway?!”

“I suspect there is a large amount of rubble on the other side.” She gave Sabbath a disbelieving snort, and jerked on her hand. This time he let her go, and to his regret, Romelle began washing off her hands in the sink. He would have preferred she let him lick them clean, the Drule not wanting even one drop of her body’s juices to go to waste.

“You have an excuse for everything.” Romelle said, when she was done scrubbing her hands clean. He just widened his eyes, shocked at what she was saying. “I bet you WANT us to be trapped together!”

“Not if it means you’re in danger!” Sabbath protested.

“The only danger I am in right now is from you!” Romelle retorted.

“I would never harm you, I give you my word!” Sabbath told her. Romelle shook her head, and it was clear by her expression she didn’t put much value on a Drule’s promise. “Romelle, listen to me, the danger is real. We are trapped, we have no food, we have only one blaster between us. The third floor is badly damaged, the results of it’s collapse littered all around us. The castle could be breached at any time…I would not, could not trap you here just in some deranged attempt to get you to be with me.”

She just stared at him, eyes looking so uncertain in the moment. More than anything, it made him want to hug her, to wrap her up in a protective embrace, and whisper away all her fears. “Romelle, I will swear that this is true on whatever you want me to make a vow upon.”

“Do Drules believe in Gods?” She suddenly asked, and he couldn’t help but react in surprise.

“Of course. We may not seem like it, but we are a highly religious race.” He risked a half smile at her. “Although many of our Gods are of the dark brethren, who embody war and violence.”

“But there are some that are nice?” She questioned, and he nodded.

“We can’t have the bad without the good.” He explained. “As many of our Gods are of a darker nature, we too have those of light. Especially those Goddesses that are devoted to love, the union of mates, and the family unit.” He gave her his own curious look. “Why do you ask?”

“Is there any God or Goddess I can trust you to make a vow upon, one that would behoove you to uphold your promise?”

“I would vow upon Cemesta, the Goddess that looks over lovers.” Sabbath said, and pressed a hand to his chest. “I vow to you and to the Goddess, that what I speak to you is nothing but the truth. Just as I vow that I will protect you, no matter who comes through that door.”

Romelle stared at him trying to judge how sincere and truthful he was being. He looked as serious as he had ever been, and she let out a breath. “All right….I’ll give you the benefit of doubt….For now.” She added, trying to stave off the smile he wanted to give her. “Now….if you’ll move out of the way….I think I would like to go back to sleep….”

“All right.” Sabbath said, turning to walk out of the bathroom. She followed him, trying to keep her body from accidentally brushing his as she walked past him. She returned to the bed, and gathered a sheet, wrapping it around her for comfort. Sabbath took up position on the floor, blaster across his lap, as he watched the doorway. But Romelle felt certain that every time she glanced away, he looked at her. And yet she could never catch his eyes on her when she turned back.

She lay down, and stared up at the damaged ceiling, seeing exposed wires hanging downwards. They weren’t low enough to reach, and she was relieved they gave off no sparks. But still she couldn’t just slip back into sleep, Romelle sighing and turning from side to side. “Sabbath?”

“Yes, Romelle?”

“Do you think Allura and the others are safe?” He was silent long enough for Romelle to grow concerned, turning over to look at him.

“I do not know about the others in the castle, but I do know this. My prince will protect her. He will make sure she is safe, even at the cost to his own life.” She shivered at that, and Sabbath somehow noticed, even from across the room. “Mated Drules are the absolute in loyalty. The male will do anything to insure the female’s survival…”

“Why do you sound so sad at that?” She questioned softly.

“It’s…well…when one half of a mated pair dies, it isn’t long before the other half follows.” Romelle widened her eyes at that, shocked. “They die of heart break you see.” He explained. “The survivor simply does not want to live without the other one.”

“So they just will themselves to die?” Romelle demanded, and grew even more shocked when Sabbath nodded after a moment’s consideration.

“Yes. That’s a good way to explain what happens during the grieving process.”

“That’s horrible!” She gasped, and shuddered. “And what happens if there are any children involved?!”

“They are left to family to be taken care of. Although sometimes the grieving process is slow enough that the one left behind clings to life long enough to raise the children.”

“Why can’t they just find someone else to love? To take away the pain of losing their first love?” Romelle wanted to know.

“It doesn’t work like that Romelle. A Drule can have many partners, but when a mated pair finds each other, they cease to be aware of any others on an intimate level. They would neither desire, nor want to desire any others. It is love, as true a love as ever there was.” A sad sort of smile crossed his face. “A love that many envy, and spend their adult lives yearning for.”

“And you think I’m that to you?”

“I don’t think, I know.” Sabbath told her. “I’ve known since I first saw you, since I first smelled you. You were meant to be mine.” She grew quiet at that, so long he thought she had fallen asleep. And then she broke the silence.

“I don’t believe…”

“I know.” He said in answer to her sad whisper. He wished he knew how he could prove it to her, remembering the things his prince had told him. Lotor had explained that the humans did not believe in things such as love at first sight, they demanded something more concrete than what their eyes and nose told them. They could spend their whole loves looking for love, and never find it, having to settle for someone less than their true love.

He didn’t want Romelle to settle for someone else, he wanted her to want him. To see him as her mate, her love, her everything. He thought it would be tragic that she might toss away their love before it could take root in her heart, that she might trample on his heart in an attempt to get away. He wouldn’t survive if she left him, and yet he didn’t dare tell her that, not wanting to add any more pressure than what she already felt from him.

“Why….why are Drules finding mates among humans?” She asked, her voice holding a yawn.

Sabbath shrugged, seeking out the sapphire of her eyes. She was turned towards him, eyes half closed as she struggled to stay awake. “Not sure…Prince Lotor has a theory…”

“A theory…?”

“Yes. He thinks it’s our human blood that allows our mates to be something other than Drule. It’s ironic, for his father thought to breed out all genetic need for one’s mate, by going against the norm, and breeding with a woman that wasn’t his.”

“Is that what happened with you?” Romelle asked.

“There’s many males in the Drule Empire who on occasion take to dabbling with lovers before they find their mates. It is when they breed with women who are not Drules, that half breeds such as myself and the prince are conceived. I doubt my father thought beyond the night’s pleasure, he certainly didn’t have as lofty a goal as King Zarkon did with Prince Lotor’s conception.”

“Hmmm…” Except for that noise Romelle was silent, and he saw her eyes had finally closed. Her chest was soon rising and falling evenly with her sleep, and he felt torn between relief and a yearning to keep talking to her. The conversation had been civil, almost pleasant, and that in and of itself was a rare miracle. Even if the ending result of their conversation had stirred up unwanted memories, Sabbath glad she hadn’t asked for the details behind his parentage.

He wondered how she’d feel to know he didn’t even know who his father had been, his mother a slave, which afforded him little to no status among the Doom Drules. He was all too aware of the gap in status between him and Romelle, even though she had not thrown her royal title in his face. He wondered if his mate even thought that far about him, or if she was so certain there would never be anything between them, that she needn’t worry about the lack of status in his life.

Such thoughts left him even more troubled, Sabbath letting out a depressed sounding sigh. He was once again filled with the hopelessness of the situation between him and Romelle, and now he didn’t even have Prince Lotor and Princess Allura’s repeated encouragement to help him perk up. His thoughts turned darker, Sabbath wondering if he was destined to die for his love.

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