AA Interlude 03

There was an ache in her body, as familiar as it was unwanted, Romelle frowning as she stared up at the damaged ceiling. She didn’t risk a glance around the room, too frightened of what she might see, and all too aware of Sabbath’s approaching nearness.

She held back a frustrated sigh, keeping her tense body absolutely still. She was too stiff to feign being asleep, and yet she prayed with every fiber of her being that Sabbath would leave her alone.

“Romelle….” The saying of her name was thick with his emotion, desire choking every syllable. She cursed inwardly, wondering why he didn’t have the sense to leave her alone, to pretend she hadn’t just been moaning.

“It was the dreams again.” She said out loud, finally acknowledging him, though she did not turn to look at him. But she sensed his movement, felt the bed dip with his weight as he climbed up on it.

“They come more often.” He noted, his voice sounding more sensual than it had a right to sound.

“They leave me with no peace.” Romelle grumbled, trying to ignore the fact that every word he spoke sounded like a seductive invitation. Now she turned to look at him, forcing her gaze to be accusing. “YOU leave me with no peace.”

“Me?” He questioned, but not even surprise could do away with the sinful quality of Sabbath’s voice.

“Yes. You’ve done something…..made me feel this way. You’ve cast a spell on my dreams, forced me to think about you.” Romelle heard a rumbling sound come out of him, the girl incensed to realize it was his version of a low chuckle. “It’s not funny! You used Drule magic on me!”

Sabbath tried to sober his mirth, gazing at his pretty mate, who lay distressed mere inches from him. Though she tried to hold herself still, he could tell she was trembling, body betraying her with it’s fiercesome need. He could smell the scents of her, the perfume she had once worn faded to be replaced by her natural scent. That scent was mingling with the musk of her arousal, and just scenting it sent a blazing awareness through his body.

“I have no magic.” Sabbath told her out loud, trying to remain focused on something other than the fact that her body was calling to him. It was a seductive siren’s call, almost impossible to resist, though he made the effort. “Not many Drule do…”

“Then why?” Romelle demanded. “Why do I continue to dream of you?!”

“I cannot be entirely sure.” Sabbath admitted. “But Prince Lotor told me your cousin dreamt of him. Perhaps this is one way humans recognize their mates.” He could see she didn’t like what he had said, the girl shaking her head no, sapphire eyes seeming to blaze with anger.

“This is not my body recognizing anything about you!” She snapped, her fist thumping on the bed. “This is Drule trickery, pure and simple.” He didn’t try to argue with her, seeing she was determined to believe her own accusations.

Minutes passed in silence, Sabbath just staring at her. Romelle hated how he could just sit there for an endless amount of time, doing nothing but look at her with such an intent expression on his face. His eyes said they missed nothing when it came to her, and once she would have been thrilled to be the focus of a man. Now Romelle was just aware that she had no privacy, and that her traitorous body continued to burn, remembering her dreams.

She was exhausted, her mind tired, Romelle having not gained much sleep these past few hours. She had tried several times to rest, and each time, within an hour the dreams would come. Each time they would hit her more forcefully, her arousal raising in intensity, leaving her sexually frustrated and angry. She didn’t think she could take much more of this, and that left her worried, Romelle knowing it was only the second day of their imprisonment.

Her body ached to be touched, Romelle wanting to raise a hand to her breast. Her nipples felt harder than they had ever been, and seemed to be begging for someone to pinch them. But there was no chance of even an accidental touch with Sabbath watching, alert to her movements. She sighed, the sound coming out a pitiful whine. She supposed she ought to be embarrassed over that sound, but she had more pressing concerns.

Sabbath watched as Romelle shifted onto her side, placing her back to him. Her long, blonde hair lay draped across it, and he found his fingers reaching for those silken locks. Her scent was affecting him, he didn’t try to stop himself from touching her. At his fingers’ first stroke through her hair, she stiffened even more, Romelle’s voice coming out, colored with suspicion.

“What are you doing?”

He blinked but did not stop his handling of her hair, wondering if he was smiling as he pet her. “Your hair is soft…”

“My hair is a mess.” Romelle protested. “I have not had a comb to run through it, and it’s in tangles.”

“It’s still soft.” Insisted Sabbath, noting he had yet to come across the tangles she spoke of. “Perhaps the softest thing I have ever had the privilege to touch.” She was without comment, but Romelle didn’t try to stop his petting. Each pass of his hand down her hair, sent shivers racing down her spine, Romelle thinking she had never been as aware of a touch as she was of Sabbath’s.

She lay there on her side, and though the stroking should have relaxed her, it did not. Not when she was so aroused, tingling with the need for pleasure, and wanting his fingers to touch somewhere other than her hair. Romelle grit her teeth, and curled her fingers into fists, trying to dig her nails into her palms so that pain would chase away this damning arousal.

It didn’t work, her need too great, Romelle letting out another, sad breath. Sabbath’s fingers were working their magic through her hair, and she found herself unconsciously shifting closer to him. She rolled to face him, her hair sliding free of his fingers, and already she missed his touch. “Sabbath?”

“Yes, Romelle?”

“Do you dream of me?” He was surprised by her question, and without thinking it through answered.

“Yes, all the time. I spend every moment, waking or otherwise thinking about you.”

“Now that sounds like the admittance of a man who is obsessed.” Noted Romelle, and Sabbath frowned.

“It is not obsession to be taken with one’s mate.”

“Hmmm.” She sounded as if she didn’t believe him. “Sabbath? Do thoughts of me ever…arouse you?”

“Yes, of course.” He promptly answered, and was not expecting the next question.

“And do you do anything about that arousal?”

He wasn’t flustered, though he was surprised, giving her a slow nod. “Yes, sometimes.”

She was distracted by that word, sometimes, wondering what he meant by that. But she didn’t deter from her intentions in opening up this dialogue, Romelle staring at him. “Then you must understand.” She said, boldly looking into his eyes. “The need that I’m feeling.” Another nod of his head, his expression far too serious in the moment. “That need that demands things….”

Romelle brought up her hands, and cupped her breasts, and instantly Sabbath was staring at her actions. He made a dry sound in his throat, eyes riveting in place to the spot he longed with all his heart to touch. “I ache…” Romelle continued, and her fingers flexed, the girl giving herself a tiny squeeze. He found himself making a protesting sound, Sabbath not liking that she was the one to touch herself.

“I need to do something about this need.” Romelle moistened her lips with her tongue, holding in a relieved sigh as her hands caressed her own breasts. “You understand right…?”

His arm was lifting, hand moving to cover one of hers, his long fingers landing splayed on her breast. She gasped, both at the contact and the audacity of his touch, Romelle shying away from him. “What are you doing?!” She asked alarmed, as he moved to crowd in close to her.

“Helping you.” Came his answer, and she frowned, realizing he had misunderstood her intentions.

“I did not ask you to touch me!” Romelle exclaimed, and inched further away from him. He looked at her confused, and she almost sighed then. “I want you to leave me alone for a few minutes.”


“So I can tend to this need of my body!” She came off exasperated, and grew even more so at his refusal. “What do you mean no?!”

“Now is not the time for you to be alone.” Sabbath said, and once again reached for her. She sat up, avoiding his hand though he continued to make attempts to touch her. “You need your man to take care of you, to tend to your body.”

“I can do that on my own!” Romelle protested, indignant. “I don’t need anyone’s help! Least of all yours!”

“You have it all the same.” Sabbath retorted, obstinate in the moment.

Her temper flared, Romelle jerking off the bed. “You admitted that you get aroused, and you take the steps needed to abate that feeling!”

His reply made her scream, Sabbath saying, “That is different.”


He paused, not sure how to put in words how abhorrent the thought was to him of his mate having to use her own hands in her quest to find release. She should never have to be so desperate as to reduce herself to that act, especially not when he was with her, eager in his desire to please her.

He took too long in answering, Romelle whirling, stalking away from the bed. Sabbath moved to follow her, watching as she entered the bathroom. He stepped into it’s doorway before she could try to close the broken door, Sabbath watching as she cupped her hands under the sink’s faucet. She followed up that action by splashing cold water on her face, then looked up and glared at him.

The cold water had done nothing to lessen the fire burning within her, which only increased Romelle’s anger. “Why did you say you only sometimes tend to your arousal?” The words came out harsher than they should have for such a question, but she didn’t apologize.

His answer surprised her, Sabbath saying. “I don’t like to….to partake alone.” His eyes darkened, his stare ripe with meaning. “It is much more enjoyable to find release with another.” Let me show you, his eyes seemed to scream, and if Romelle hadn’t been so angry in the moment, she would have surely blushed.

In order to retain her anger, and keep distracted from her neediness, Romelle snapped out a nasty retort. “And I’m sure you’ve been with plenty of others! How many women have there been Sabbath?!”

He looked guilty then, voice rumbling out his answer. “More than I care to admit.”

“And how many have you used this same trick on!?” She demanded, hands on her hips. “How many have you lied and told them you were their mate?!”

Now he looked affronted. “None. I’ve never once approached another woman and told her she was my mate. I do not lie about such a thing, it is unthinkable and deplorable to even consider doing such a thing.” He sounded like he was chastising her in the moment, and Romelle was in no mood to hear it.

“Get out of my way.” She said, pushing at him. He didn’t move easily, leaving her to squeeze past him and the door frame. She began picking her way back to the bed, but stopped short of climbing onto it. She didn’t want to sleep, not if more dreams would come to torment her.

“Romelle…” Sabbath said from behind her, and she gasped when she turned, the Drule closer than she had realized.

“What?!” She demanded, voice higher than she’d like.

“You suffer needlessly.” Romelle wanted to scream at that, partly agreeing with him. It was his fault she was going through this, both because he refused to give her the privacy she needed, and for appearing in her dreams. “Let me help you…”

She couldn’t, wouldn’t allow it, shaking her head no. “And let you ruin me?! I think not!” Sabbath frowned at that, not understanding what she meant by that. Romelle saw his confusion, but took no pity on him. “I will not be another notch on your bed post!”

“You are angry that I have not kept myself chaste for you.” Sabbath noted, hearing the scoffing sound she made. “But I can assure you there are benefits to having a man with experience.”

“Hmph!” She did an unlady like snort, giving a haughty toss of her hair.

He tried again, hoping a change in tactics would calm her fury. “Those women meant nothing to me….they were merely…” He trailed off, realizing to call them practice would be unkind.

“Merely what?” Romelle demanded, than shook her head. “Never mind, I don’t want to know. It matters not to me!”

“I think it does matter…or else you wouldn’t get so upset.” Sabbath said, earning a protesting shout from Romelle.

“I am not upset!” He didn’t try to argue with her, just fixed her with a knowing look. She glared even harder at him, burning with both anger and arousal. “I’m not!’ She repeated, hands on her hips.

“It bothers you when you hear about other women near me.” He cocked his head to the side, studying her angry face. “Not just hearing about them…you were bothered in the dining hall, when those other women wanted me to sing to them.”

“I was not.” She insisted, and now he shook his head.

“I remember the look on your face, the attempt at bored indifference. You struggled for control, you didn’t want me to share my talent with those others.”

“You’re remembering it all wrong!” Romelle snapped, and he challenged her, arching one eyebrow.

“Am I?”


“Oh Romelle…” He tsked then. “Who are you trying to fool? Yourself or me?” She gasped again, the sound so indignant he smiled to hear it. “There is a saying…about the lady who protests too much. Do you know what that means?”

She was sullen as she answered, lower lip jutting out in a kissable pout. “I’m familiar with that saying, but it does not apply to me. I protest because it’s the only way to get it through your thick skull that I do not want you!” He gave her a disbelieving look, and that was enough to keep Romelle talking. “You’re arrogant to think otherwise, but I suppose it is to be expected of a Drule. Your people have ego in spades, just look at your prince!”

Sabbath didn’t try to insult her race as she had done to his, the Drule instead asking her a question. “Why do you refuse to give me a chance?”

“You’re a Drule!”

“That is not an answer.” Sabbath protested.

“It is to me!” She insisted.

“I’ve never done anything to you.” He pointed out. “I’ve been respectful and kind…”

“Yes, for a Drule savage I suppose you have been.” She agreed, but before his hopes could be raised, Romelle continued. “Breaking into my bedroom, stalking me all over the castle, embarrassing me in front of my friends.”

“Why do you do that?!” He demanded, flustered and choosing to ignore the last of what she had said. “You’re always quick to insult my people,”

“It’s not insults if it’s true!” Romelle said, her eyes blazing. Sabbath frowned at her, seeing she truly believed in what she had said. He still wasn’t completely sure what had gone aboard the warship when she was a prisoner, but he had some inklings from her hysteria of the day before.

“Romelle….I know they did not treat you well aboard the ship, but you cannot judge all Drule based on the action of a few, lust minded men…”

“Lust minded doesn’t begin to describe their depravity!” She retorted. “I could throw in a few choice words of their being evil and obscene….”

“But not all the Drule are like that!” Sabbath protested. “You;’ve just been exposed to one bad element….one side of a group that is large, and contains many various facets to their personalities.”

“Unlike my cousin, I am not so easily swayed into believing Drule lies!” Romelle’s nose was up in the air, her every mannerism haughty. “Do you think I have not forgotten your people came to invade our planet? You would have enslaved the people of Arus, captured the kingdoms and their various nobility and execute the leaders of this planet. I’ve no doubt what those Drules wanted to do to me and my friends, they would have repeated to countless women on this planet!”

He wasn’t sure what to say, a part of him knowing that many of the soldiers from Doom would have run wild on the planet once it was conquered. He felt ashamed of his race, and Romelle saw that shame in his eyes, the girl turning smug.

“You know that I am right!” The conversation might have ended there if Romelle had not sought to goad him further. “It was only some trick of fate that your prince became besotted with my cousin, saving Arus from you barbarians!” That much Sabbath knew was true, Lotor having risked everything to keep Allura’s home world safe. “If it wasn’t for Lotor’s lust, Allura and I would be dead, or worse, bodies used to comfort your soldiers!”

“That wouldn’t have happened….not to you…” Sabbath began, but she interrupted him.

“Why?! Because you would have protected me?!”

“YES!” He cried, shaking with his agitation. “I would have known you for what you are to me, and taken the measures to prevent any harm befalling you.”

“That didn’t work for Lotor and Allura, why do you think it would be any different for us?!” Romelle demanded.

“Because I would have killed any who so much as looked at you funny!” Sabbath roared, and she squeaked, taking a nervous step back from him.

“So you’re a blood thirsty killer as well!”

She only served to frustrate him, Sabbath shaking his head, multiple braids flying about his face. “No…I do not kill for sport! Only to serve my empire!”

“An empire you turned traitor too!” Romelle hissed. “Lotor had an excuse, he wanted in my cousin’s bed. But you and the other Drule that side with him, what benefit can it serve to betray your king?! Or are all Drules just deceitful liars, ready to back stab and betray at the first available opportunity?!”

“You’re twisting everything around, and speaking on things you don’t have the slightest understanding of!” Sabbath yelled, his voice raised high enough that she cringed back with each word.

“I understand perfectly!”

“You do not!” Sabbath insisted. “Your perception of we Drule are completely warped…it goes beyond cultural differences, to purposefully misunderstanding everything about us!”

“Tell that to the galaxy your empire has terrorized!” Romelle shot back.

“That was the will of our King…the empire will be different under Lotor and Allura’s rule!”

“I highly doubt that! Lotor will revert to his true nature once he’s tired of pandering to my cousin!” She glared at Sabbath, shaking a finger in his direction. “And so will you! I will not be fooled by your deceitful ways….I know there is a wolf laying in wait….cruel and quick to bite all who come near!”

“It is you who is the animal!” Sabbath growled. “Cornered and wild, lashing out at everyone, even those who would show you kindness! You seek to drive me off with your malice…!”

“Clearly I must try harder since you do not get the message.” Her blue eyes blazed an instant, and then she was turning away from him. “This discussion is over!” She snapped when he snatched hold of her left arm. Sabbath didn’t let go of her, and he saw the irritation flash on her face, Romelle turning to kick out his legs. It was laughable attempt, Sabbath not only avoiding the lifted leg, he caught hold of it.

“Let me go!” She wiggled, and tried to get free, Sabbath’s hand sliding back from her knee to go high up on her thigh. She gasped, and looked enraged, and words passed through her lips that no civilized princess should have known. They had no place in her life, Sabbath letting out a low growl, stepping into her so that his body pressed against hers.

She continued to curse him, hands coming up to push at his shoulders. He didn’t move away, instead he pressed them forward, until Romelle’s back touched a wall. His eyes were fierce, staring into hers and for an instant she quelled, losing her voice. She couldn’t know what he was thinking in the moment, Sabbath’s patience at an end, the Drule thinking it was time he tamed his human hell cat.

“You…dirty, arrogant, insufferable bastard!”

“Watch your mouth!” He warned her, and then kissed her, all hard intent, and heated pressure to the unyielding of his mate’s mouth. He was still holding onto her thigh, and she kicked out with that leg, but was in no position to land a hit on him.

“MMPGH!” The muffled squeal escaped Romelle’s lips, the sound outraged as she tried to back away from his lips. Sabbath raised his free hand to the back of her head, gripping her hair there, and holding her secure. Her hands continued to push at his shoulders, and she did an awkward wiggle, standing on only one leg. That wiggle had her brushing against his body, Sabbath reacting to that soft, insistent grind.

She continued to struggle, but he felt the weakening in her jaw, the tension fleeing her as her lips softened. Victory soared through him, Sabbath pressing the advantage to kiss her even harder. He felt the slightest resistance, and then her lips parted, allowing his tongue to slip past them. For all her spewed hate and animosity, Romelle did not try to bite him, clumsily coiling her tongue with his.

He heard her moan, the sound another small triumph, his mate’s resistance melting away bit by bit. He almost lost his anger, Sabbath slowly breaking the kiss, Romelle’s lips already swollen from the force of his kiss. She needed a moment to recover, chest rising and falling with her deep breaths. Her eyes looked drugged, a glazed sheen to the blue as she stared at him, lacking the usual force of her hostile glare.

“So now what?!” Romelle demanded when she had recovered her voice. “You just take what you want?!”

He growled then. “I have never, ever taken a woman by force!” And then he kissed her again to shut her up, hearing her sputtered protests that had no credence to them for she was thrusting her tongue into his mouth. He was surprised by her eagerness, Romelle all but ravishing his lips. She wasn’t an experienced kisser, but she used all that was at her disposal, a full arsenal of tongue, teeth and lips.

He felt something scratch his scalp, Sabbath realizing Romelle had grabbed hold of his hair. The thin, tightly wound braids were fisted, Romelle pulling on his hair to keep his head still. Not that he was trying to escape her, Sabbath letting out a guttural groan, delighted by her attention.

He shifted against her, bringing his hand down to feel along her body’s curves. She made a sound, pleased, Romelle arching into palm. He could feel her nipple through the fabric of her dress, that bit of flesh stiff and crinkled. His mouth watered for a taste of one, and he fought her then, trying to break free of her kiss.

“You filthy Drule!” She didn’t sound as though she was mad, Romelle making that exclamation when he dropped his head to suck at one tender peak of her breast. He took in all of it, cloth and all, moistening both the nipple and fabric as he began doing powerful draws with his mouth. The suction had her writhing, Romelle making sounds, wordless pleasure that notched up higher in volume. “Oh…..OH! Ooooooooo!”

Her hands were still in his hair, she was clutching his braids so hard Sabbath thought she might accidentally tear them out. And yet he didn’t stop to warn her to be careful, his mouth greedy, and working over her flesh.

Romelle wiggled and moaned, dizzy with desire, hardly daring to believe this was really happening. Was it a dream? And if it was, why it was a million times more vivid than anything she had yet experienced. Sabbath’s mouth working on her breast was peerless, her fingers caress couldn’t match up to the reality of a man sucking so hungrily on her nipple.

She wondered what it would feel like to be touched without the dress in the way, but Sabbath seemed too consumed with what he was doing to let her find out. She wiggled against him again, and then gasped, his hands on the inside of her thighs, prying them apart. He tugged on her panties, and then with a muffled growl of impatience, tore them off her body. She didn’t see where the flimsy fabric landed, and truthfully her panties were the least of her concerns.

Sabbath’s fingers were between her legs, stroking along the slit of her body. She wiggled and moaned out an ecstatic yes, noting how different his calloused fingertips felt to her own. He touched her carefully but surely, tracing and caressing every inch of her sex. His thick fingers slid easily along her cleft, the moisture that had collected there easing his way. And then he pushed a finger inside her, the sensation so alien and odd, touching her where she had never dared probe. Her body immediately tightened in response, and Sabbath lifted his head, eyes heavy lidded but unable to hide his keen interest.

She couldn’t possibly know how carefully he had pushed his finger inside her, the Drule feeling resistance and the swift clasp of her muscles. He wiggled that finger just a bit, trying to loosen her up for what was to come. Another finger was added, and he found beads of sweat pearling on the sides of his brow. Damn it but she was tight, her body’s inexperience would make this hurt, and his gut cramped at the thought of being the cause of her pain.

He listened to Romelle whine as he wiggled his fingers inside her, her glazed over eyes seeming to look right through him. He pinched her clit, trying to regain her attention, and she blinked, seeming to see him. “Do you want me?” He asked, and she hesitated. He circled his thumb over her throbbing flesh, repeating the question. “Do you want me?”

“Yes!” She cried out, and her confirmation seemed to echo in his ears. He withdrew his fingers, and began fumbling with his pants, leaning in to kiss at her throat in an effort to keep her from changing her mind due to impatience. Sabbath moaned when he got his pants open, his cock springing up out of the opening. He was eager for her, cock already rubbing against her sex, Romelle gasping, trying to say something.

“Do…Don’t stop! I need you!” His body did a full shudder at those words, Romelle saying exactly what he needed to hear.

His hands began to haul her hips towards his lower half, and she spied the length of him taking aim.

Several things began to happen, Romelle feeling the smooth pressure of his dick, the large head starting to spread her open. Her muscles strained with discomfort, and her ears were filled with the ragged breathing of them both. Sabbath stared into her eyes, moving so slow she thought she’d scream. And then she did scream, and for all different reasons, feeling pain flooding her at his slow thrust.

For a second she couldn’t breath, she was hyperventilating, nothing, not even her books, had prepared her in quite this way for the pain of a lost virginity. Sabbath had the sense of mind to go still, not even half in her yet. His eyes were full of concern, and he spoke her name, almost frantic to check that she was all right.


The saying of her name brought her back to her senses, she blinked back tears, Romelle glaring at Sabbath. “You beast!” She shrieked, and smacked him with the open palm of her hand, the sound of it connecting with his cheek seeming to ring through the room.

For a second he did nothing, holding himself absolutely still, not even daring to breath. Romelle continued to glare, and he could see she was holding back tears, the sight of which made him feel even more terrible. He couldn’t read her expression beyond the anger, was she regretting what she had let him do? And yet her sex squeezed tight all around him, seeming to throb, making it even more difficult to keep from moving.

“I’m sorry.” He said at last, and her face turned red.

“You better be!”

He still gripped her hips, but now he began to ease her back, intending to withdraw from her body. This wasn’t meant to be, he was too big for her, their joining an anatomical impossibility.

As his cock slid from her body, Romelle felt something beyond the burn of her lost virginity. It surprised her, and she hissed, the sound not without pleasure. Sabbath’s eyes widened, and he froze again, the head of his cock still in her. Her blush bloomed on her cheeks, Romelle looking everywhere but at Sabbath. He stared at her a moment longer, and then was doing a tentative push back inside her.

Sabbath had been prepared to stop his attempts to make love to his mate, going against every instinct and urge inside him. But at the sound of her hiss, the pleasure that was contained within it, Sabbath began to feel hope again. And so he did an experimental thrust, going as slow as he could manage, and watching Romelle’s face carefully.

She winced, but no tears fell, nor did she get as angry as her initial reaction to his penetration of her. Instead she inhaled sharply, breasts raising with her breath. He began to draw back his hips, and felt an answering squeeze, Romelle’s body taking possessive hold of his cock. His mind went blank, Sabbath losing control, jutting forward with more force than he had previously showed.

Romelle’s breasts bounced, and she gasped, feeling the breath taken from her at Sabbath’s hard thrust. He did another one of those powerful thrusts, and her back actually slid up the wall from the force of it. She still hurt, but underlying the pain was a friction, something that strongly hinted there was much pleasure to be found if she could just get over the pain.

She wasn’t sure she wanted to, Romelle knowing a part of her wanted a reason to hate this act, and hate the man that was doing it to her. She had to fight to keep the ice around her heart from melting, Romelle determined that the heat of their coupling would not be enough to soften her to the Drule, this one or any other. And yet she couldn’t help noticing how he looked, how wild and feral, with an aura of sexy danger all around him.

Sabbath’s eyes blazed, more golden than the sun, the black slits thinned out to the point he looked blind. His hair was tousled, braids everywhere, one straying to cling to his sweat stained brow. She reached up before she realized it, Romelle easing back the braid to it’s proper place on his scalp. She didn’t move her hand, petting him over and over, making notes on what a fine specimen of manliness he was proving to be.

She took his full length inside of her, and that had her crying out, surprise and pain warring with embers of pleasure. Sabbath was fanning them, and soon those embers would turn into a full blaze, the princess letting out a strangled moan. Her Drule reacted with tenderness, leaning in to her face, to plant tender kisses all over her skin. They were sweet, and they fell everywhere, from the side of her face, to the tip of her nose, and of course on her lips. Such a different sensation from the pulsing presence between her legs.

His mouth meeting hers, brought passion flaring with the flicker of his tongue. Romelle remembered she liked kisses, and that she liked to control them when she could. His tongue penetrated her mouth, and this time she began to suck on the tip of it, hearing his surprised sound. She liked that she could take him by surprise, Romelle sucking harder, then feeling him shifting against her. He slid more fully inside her, and she felt the embers burst into flames, Romelle letting out a surprised murmur.

Emboldened by that, Sabbath responded with a smooth thrust of his hips. She braced for pain, and instead got hot, streaking pleasure. Her body was opening as if it had waited for his possession for an eternity.

“You savage!” She cried out, clinging to him not only with her arms, but now her legs, hooking them around his waist. Her nails dug into his back, if not for his shirt she would have surely bled him. “You….ah…monstrous Drule barbarian!” He took no offense to her words, merely rumbling out laughter, that sent shudders coursing through her. Especially when Sabbath ducked to bury his face against her shoulder in an attempt to muffle his laughter.

She listened to the rasp of his breath, felt it warm her skin, competing with the heat of his embrace which she felt thorough her clothing. This close she could smell his scent, the sweat of a healthy male and the soap he had used. Romelle closed her eyes, and the sensations intensified, her other senses kicking into high gear to let her feel everything about Sabbath.

He seemed to be trembling, which surprised her, Romelle tightening her arms around him. She told herself she wasn’t trying to offer him comfort, but could not come up with any other reason for the hug. She trembled too, feeling a crescendo being built up inside her. It’s progress was slow, almost lazy, never going over the edge. But it was powerful, and built up with every second, her voice screaming his name.


His body had become a necessity to her, as loathe as Romelle was to admit it. His presence inside her made her feel complete, his absence from her made her feel empty and alone. She squeezed muscles she had never used, trying desperately to keep him inside her, and heard him mutter something in Drule. He kissed her again, his hips speeding up even more, and then she broke, climax tearing a muffled scream from her.

Sabbath cried out as well, feeling Romelle’s sex clamp down on his. Her muscles were working to milk him, and he didn’t try to fight them long. Hot seed flowed out of him, splashing inside her as he groaned. He dueled his tongue with hers, seeing her eyes snap open, the sapphire blue bemused. A low, continuos sound of keening emerged from her, her body still convulsing from it’s climax. Those convulsions sent shivers down Sabbath’s spine, the Drule reveling in their shared pleasure.

He nuzzled her throat lovingly, lip fastening on one spot to worry and mark the skin. She made a protesting half moan, but stayed clutching him. Romelle was in no hurry to pull apart from Sabbath, and that realization made him supremely happy. Perhaps even more so than what they had just did. He smiled as he worked to darken her throat’s skin, Sabbath thanking his lucky stars that his mate had come around at long last.

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