AA Interlude 04

He woke to his mate’s warmth, Romelle snuggled up against his left side, her hand resting firmly on his chest. His arms were around her, a loose but possessive hold, as though in sleep he had feared she’d disappear from his life. Sabbath knew it would take days before such a worry would completely fade, the Drule still finding it hard to believe that he had his mate, and that their bond had been cemented through the act of loving one another.

He smiled as he thought of it, hardly daring to believe that such an act could have come about from the pair’s combined anger. Sabbath hadn’t known what had come over him, perhaps he had been tired of listening to her insults and accusations. He had kissed Romelle in part to make her be silent, but couldn’t deny the thrill that went through him at his attempt at dominating her.

Not that his mate was content to let him master her, Romelle attempting to take charge, kissing him back in such a forceful manner. It had been delightful the way she had rose to the challenge his kiss had offered her, and Sabbath looked forward to seeing what else Romelle would try to do, in an attempt to maintain her dominance over him. He was content to be ruled over by her in all areas except sex, Sabbath having wants and desires that would not allow him to submit to her completely.

Nor would she give him total submission in that area, Romelle hardly a docile partner. He remembered the way she had risen up through the pain, to move with him and take her pleasure from him. And she had been pleasured, of that there could be no doubt, Sabbath looking down at her face, which seemed to shine with her satisfaction. He lifted a hand to her cheek, tracing a fingertip along her soft skin, and grinned at her sigh.

Her thick, blond hair was tangled around her face, long strands of it falling forward to obscure her neck. He began brushing it back, and as he did, he spied the mark on her throat. He had kissed her too hard there, leaving a bruise that signaled where his lips had been. Sabbath couldn’t feel bad about that, in fact he felt pleased, possessive pride feeling him to see his mate bearing his mark.

He wanted to leave other marks, there and in other spots, covering her from head to toe so that all who saw her would know she was loved. Romelle shifted against him, and just that slight slide of her body against him was enough to stir his own interest. He began to disentangle himself from her, Sabbath raising up to kneel besides her body. Except for shifting to lay flat on her back, she gave no sign of waking, Romelle content to linger in dreams. Sabbath smiled, knowing he had thoroughly worn her out, and intended to do so again and again, starting right now.

He traced a claw down the center of her breasts, mourning the fact that she still wore her dress. The encounter last night had happened too quickly, there hadn’t been time to undress, he hadn’t even gotten a chance to properly see to all areas of her body. This would change now, Sabbath moving to kneel between her legs, his claw stroking down her belly.

Once settled, he dragged her skirts up to her navel, and maneuvered the straps of her dress down her arms, so that he could expose her breasts. He sighed at the beauty of her exposed form, Sabbath drinking in his feel of her breasts. Breasts he considered perfect, with their round shape, and plumpness that was almost too much for his hands to wrap around.

Her nipples were the faintest of pinks, tiny morsels just waiting for a good suck. Sabbath remembered how she had tightened at his mouth’s use on them, and nearly groaned in pleasure. He bent over one, and did the tiniest of licks, and it seemed to him the nipple instantly stiffened in response. He licked it again, then raised up, wanting to continue his study of her.

His fingers traveled over to her narrow waist, caressing over skin and the bunched up material of her dress. The dress annoyed him, he wanted it gone completely, but he was too impatient to spend time removing it. Not when her body was calling to him, his fingers landing in the blonde curls of her sex. For a few moments he just stroked her there, careful to avoid touching any further than the cleft of her sex.

Just that slight touch, and Romelle moaned, shifting a little in her sleep. He knew if he kept on touching her she’d wake, and a wicked thought sprang to mind. Why not wake up his mate in a way she was sure to really appreciate? He smiled as he parted her silky, white thighs, Sabbath looking her over before cradling his face between them.

He meant to start out slowly, but with one sniff of her scent, he fell upon her ravenous. At the first taste of her, he groaned, likening her to the sweetest of honey. He wanted more of that taste, tongue licking greedily over her folds, working to encourage her body to produce more of it’s natural juices.

She rewarded him for his efforts, growing increasingly wet, which only drove him more wild. Sabbath found himself moving his hips, an odd thrusting motion that couldn’t relieve the pressure in his pants. His cock was rock hard, and making it’s demands known, but Sabbath refused to rush this.

He continued to lick her, moaning into her flesh, tongue laving attention at the entrance to her body. He remembered her tightness, and worried over how sore she’d be from his abuse of that hole, thinking himself the savage barbarian she had accused him of being. And all because he was contemplating taking her again, her comfort be damned!

He dipped his tongue inside her, and heard her moan, body clenching around his velvet muscle. That excited him further, and he felt her body move, Romelle becoming more aware of her surroundings. Her thighs actually tightened around his head, trapping an all too willing Sabbath who was wiggling his tongue inside her.

Romelle moaned, feeling something absolutely delightful happening between her legs. She was aware that all heat emanated from the center of her body, tendrils of flame extending in all directions, leaving her restless with need. She was disoriented and confused, wondering what the cause of that heat was, and then she opened her eyes.

For one brief moment she stared at the hanging wires of the damaged ceiling, thinking she had been dreaming. But the pleasure between her legs continued, leaving her thighs to tighten around something, and her hips to wiggle in a frantic manner. She gasped and looked downwards, seeing her dress had been arranged so that her body was exposed. Goose bumps broke out across her skin, her nipples growing stiffer, and she saw braided black hair, Sabbath’s head nestled comfortably between her thighs.

She tried to say something. It came out a garbled moan. His chuckles reverberated against her, and then she felt his tongue retreat from it’s probing position. Instead Sabbath dragged his tongue towards her clit, pressing down firmly on it. Romelle had thought she was at the pinnacle of pleasure, but when Sabbath’s tongue touched her clit, she saw stars.

“Ooooh! You’re wicked!” Her admonishment came out more like pleasing praise, Romelle recognizing how breathless she sounded in the moment. A low growl of agreement from Sabbath, his tongue licking teasingly at her flesh. She shivered and shook, and then cried out, nearly rising up off the bed when his lips fastened around her clit. “Filthy savage!” But she was grinning as she said it, feeling the moisture that was overflowing from her, and trickling down her thighs.

Sabbath listened to her words, as amused as he was turned on, enjoying drinking up the honey flowing from her body. It was like the sweetest aphrodisiac to him, and he thought he could make a daily if not hourly habit out of drinking it. He didn’t think Romelle would object either, not with the way she was grinding against his face, her body undulating in time to his tongue’s movements.

Her hand came down to touch his hair, playing with the braids there. Some of them had come undone from her repeated stroking of his hair, but Sabbath didn’t care. Not even when she pulled on them, Romelle attempting to press him harder into her. She was as greedy as he was for this, hissing out her pleasure, and rapidly losing awareness of everything except what her mate was doing to her.

“Come for me!” He growled against her, and felt the shudder go through her. “Come for your Drule.” He sucked furiously on her clit, and with a gasp and a scream, she climaxed, forcing Sabbath to grab her thighs to keep her in place on the bed. Her body was spasming, going into convulsions and still he licked her, drinking up everything she had to offer.

Romelle was aware of Sabbath’s insidious movements, tongue sending rippling after shocks through her, that left her shaken and almost weeping. He didn’t seem ready to stop, and she gasped out a please, not sure she could handle another climax so quickly on the heels of the first one.

Sabbath had thoroughly intended to introduce his mate to the concept of multiple orgasm, but at her tearful please, he stopped but not without much regret. Her legs
had relaxed, falling spread open so that he could raise his head, and look up her body at her. Her chest was heaving, the girl panting as she tried to calm down from the pleasure he had given her.

He licked his lips, tasting Romelle on them, and then planted a kiss on her belly. She made a sound, a half giggle that pleased him. Her fingers found his hair again, more braids being undone by her stroking. He purred, and this time kissed between her breasts. And then landed a kiss on her throat, before finally claiming her lips. Romelle seemed to gasp at the taste of her own essence on him, but at least she didn’t shy away.

He raised up from her, and never taking his eyes off her, began to remove his shirt. She stared, admiration in her eyes at the clean lines of his body, and the muscles that corded there. His shirt was tossed carelessly to the floor, Romelle reaching to tentatively touch his abdomen. Sabbath sighed at her touch, thrilling when she grew bolder, her hands sliding up and down the front of his body.

She didn’t seem shy at all, looking at him as her fingers hooked into the front of his pants. His pulse quickened, and before he could stop himself, his own hands dropped to help her open his trousers. His cock sprang free, and Romelle glanced down at it. He heard her gasp, Sabbath realizing she hadn’t gotten a good look at him the night before. He suddenly felt nervous, wondering what she thought, his mate remaining silent.

Romelle stared at Sabbath’s cock, amazement coursing through her as she realized this is what had been inside her the night before. It was ridiculously huge, almost shockingly so. She had been prepared for him to be big, he was after all a large man in height and width, and his body should be proportioned to match. Now he seemed overly blessed, and she realized she was glad she hadn’t noticed his size the night before, for she would have lost her nerve towards joining with him.

She reached out to circle her fingers around the base of his cock, and heard Sabbath’s in drawn breath. She glanced up, and saw the anxious way he watched her, Romelle allowing a smile to soften her expression. “You’re beautiful.” She said, the first time she had ever complimented him. That eased some of his tension, thought it racketed up once more when she squeezed his dick.

“Romelle!” She loved the way he cried out her name, and she squeezed him again, watching as his breathing went funny. Experimentally, she stroked her hand along the very long length of him, Sabbath seeming to strain not to move. She glanced back at his cock, letting her fingers explore the veins that seemed to bulge out on his skin, and felt him twitch at her handling of him.

~This was inside me.~ She thought again in amazement, thumb now caressing the tip of it, and the liquid that oozed out of him. That not so innocent touch of hers broke all of Sabbath’s control, he was suddenly pushing her down, Romelle gasping but not really as shocked as she pretended to be.

Sabbath’s mind had gone blank for one instant when Romelle was touching him. That emptiness exploded into awareness when her thumb rubbed over the slit of his cock’s head, and with a growl he pounced on her. She went down with little resistance, pushed against the bed’s pillows, her spread legs hooked over his elbows. She was still soaked from his earlier feasting on her sex, Sabbath rubbing his dick over her, letting the tip of it tease over her sensitive clit.

It was enough to get Romelle moaning, her sounds getting louder when he began to push the fat head of his dick into her. He felt the initial resistance of her body, interior muscles still snug even though she was virgin no more. He almost cursed, worrying he was going to hurt her again. His hesitation made Romelle moan impatiently, the girl lifting her hips to welcome even more of him inside her.

He bent over her, and licked at one pearled nipple, a technique meant to distract her into relaxing even more. “Ooh, don’t stop!” breathed out Romelle, touching his hair for the umpteenth time. Sabbath drew in a deep breath, deciding to oblige her. Although he moved slowly, he was relentless, pushing into her. Her one hand fell from his hair to his back, and he felt her nails score a direct hit to the skin there.

It fed his arousal, Sabbath inching further inside. The intense pressure around him nearly destroyed his control, the Drule fighting not to savagely pound into her. A glance at Romelle’s face showed her eyes glazed over, her lips parted on an unvoiced moan. She was welcoming him inside her, and that knowledge had him move just a bit faster, until he was seated completely inside her.

Sabbath was driving her insane, what with his slow movements, and constant hesitation. She wanted more, wanted to feel the constant movement of his body, feel the same friction and pressure he had generated the night before with his cock. To her frustration, he still held her legs over his arms, preventing her from hooking them around him, and pulling him towards her.

To work out some of her agitation, she scratched him again, and then hissed out words. “Where is my savage?!” She demanded, glaring. “Where is the Drule barbarian of last night?! I want THAT man in my bed!”

Her words got to him, as did the shifting of her body, Romelle making a movement as though she meant to somehow leave him. Not that she could, not when he held her prisoner so effortlessly with his actions. Sabbath let out a savage growl, warning her not to move, as he began driving his hips into her. She wanted to writhe, but was conscious of his command, fearing he would stop if she so much as breathed funny.

Still she couldn’t keep from dragging her nails down his back, leaving bloody welts in her downwards travel to his ass. It was there that she clasped his buttocks, kneading it with her fingers. That massaging touch proved his weak point, Sabbath growling long and loud, his motions becoming more hurried and wild. He bent over her, burying his face against her breasts, and not even then were his growls subdued.

His awareness shrank to the searing heat of her body, to the tension of it’s hold, and then the release which allowed him to pull back. Only to have her welcome him back inside again and again, her breath echoing around them each time he thrust. He felt it when she was edging towards her peak, Sabbath reaching between them to stroke her clit as hard as he thrust.

“Sabbath!” Romelle’s cried, her pleasured squeal racing through him. It wasn’t long before she came, tightening further, muscles trying to milk him. He tried to resist that order, thrusting as he struggled to hold back. He thought he went blind for a moment, seeing darkness and only aware that his mate was quivering under him for what felt like an eternity.

“Romelle…” He groaned then, unable to resist any longer, and with a roar his seed poured out of him. It flowed out in waves, more and more, flooding her insides. He wondered if they’d succeed in making a baby, Sabbath amazed at just how much he had to give her. He trembled over her, and kissed her, hardly chaste as his tongue slipped between her lips, and tangled around hers.

At some point during the kiss he finished, letting her legs slide off his arms to rest on the mattress once more. He shifted, remaining inside her, and maneuvered things so that she lay on top of him, still maintaining that closeness. She sighed happily, body replete with pleasure as she rested on top of him. He couldn’t help the foolish grin that crossed his face, Sabbath running his fingers though her hair, basking in the warmth of her body.

Together they lay in post coital bliss, minutes passing, the pair almost drifting back to sleep. Sabbath continued to stroke his mate’s hair, noting the scent of her was mixed with his scent, so that he could not tell them apart anymore. That got him smiling even more, and he nuzzled his chin on the top of her hair. Romelle made a murmur of sound, Sabbath hugging her.

He couldn’t believe how happy he was, nothing else seemed to matter to him, not even the fact that they were trapped in this room. What did it matter that this was the morning of the third day of their imprisonment, and they had no food? His mate was with him, accepted him, and might even be coming to love him in return. He laughed then, the sound pure in it’s happiness, and Romelle glanced up at him.

“I love you.” He told her, serious and smiling. “I’ve never been as happy as I am now. And it’s all because of you Romelle!”

Romelle froze when he said those words, her stomach cramping up with dread. He didn’t seem to notice, and he began to happily talk about their future together. He stroked her hair as he did this, and for a few seconds she just listened, stunned.

“I’ll build a house for us with my own hands.” Sabbath was saying. “It can be as big as you want, and anywhere you want it. You’ll want to live on Arus, won’t you? Of course you will, Doom is no place for a flower like you, even if it comes to be under Lotor’s rule.”

“We’ll have at least five children….the boys will be strong like me, and the girls will be as pretty as you are.” Continued Sabbath, seeming to take her silence as agreement. “Oh Romelle, our days will be filled with such joy. And love making…” He grinned. “Lots and lots of love making. We’ll be the envy of all the other mated pairs, Drules will talk for years about the bond we have, and how we overcame our rough beginnings to form a union together.”

She widened her eyes, staring at him shock. He was getting carried away, thinking they had something between them, when all they had done was have sex. Sure it had been mind blowing, body numbing good sex, but it didn’t mean she was making any kind of commitment to him!


“Yes, Romelle?” He gave her his full focus, eyes shining with adoration. It didn’t make things easier for her, the girl shifting uncomfortably on top him.

“You….you’re making a mistake.” She began, getting right into it. “Thinking we have a future together.” His smile seemed to die down, he instantly became wary.

“I know…we’re trapped in this room. But you have to have faith we won’t always be. We’ll get out somehow…and when we do, we can let the whole world know that we are mated!”

Her eyes widened in alarm, Romelle automatically hissing. “We are not telling ANYONE about this!”


“You think I WANT people to know I slept with a Drule!?” Romelle demanded, ignoring the hurt look on his face. “The damage to my reputation will be monumental, I might never be able to live down this shame.”

“Shame….You’re ashamed of me?” The hurt look continued, no traces of Sabbath’s earlier happiness remained. She didn’t reply to his question, shifting some more, trying to get off him. Sabbath tightened his arms around her, holding her in place, which made the conversation all the more awkward.

“Let me go.” Romelle demanded, and he shook his head no. “Sabbath, I do not want to talk to you like this…”

“Like what?” He asked, and there was a hint of angry growl in his voice. “Naked and with my dick still in you?!”

She blanched at the harshness of his words, but thought his anger was good for it would make it easier for her to break his heart. “Yes, exactly. It’s not proper…”

“Not proper?!” He laughed then, the sound a mean snicker. “I think we’re well past what is and isn’t proper!”

She glared at him, then slammed her fists on his chest, trying to work her way free of his embrace. “It was a mistake.” Romelle said, and Sabbath seemed to flinch at that. “We got carried away in the moment, and did something we shouldn’t have.”

“Shouldn’t have?! Woman, we are mates! That’s what we do, we make love to one another!”

“It wasn’t love…..it was just sex. It was meaningless.” Romelle retorted, trying to keep from sounding defensive.

“Not to me!” Sabbath insisted, and with a pained look stated the following. “Romelle, you mean everything to me. And last night, when you gave in to your feelings and let me bond with you…”

“I have no feelings for you!” Romelle shouted, and somehow managed to wrench herself free of him. She scrambled to get off the bed, trying to hold back a wince of pain at the soreness between her legs. “We did not bond!” She added, standing as straight as she could manage under the circumstances. “It was just sex.” She added, straightening out her dress so that she was covered once more. “I was…horny and I used you. You were a temporary cure for what ailed me.”

He was angry, but also looking like a wounded puppy dog, gold eyes pained. He didn’t try to tuck himself into his pants, just sitting up and staring at her. “How can you say that?”

“It’s easy.” She lied. “I needed an outlet for relief, and you just happened to be there….” She was struggling to remain cold and indifferent, but found it difficult with the sheer volume of pain he was emanating. “It wasn’t like I planned this!” Romelle added defensively. “I was prepared to endure, but then you kissed me….”

~That’s right.~ She thought to herself. ~Blame him for what happened.~

“And a kiss was all it took to get you to give yourself to me?” Sabbath sounded skeptical, which only made her color in embarrassment for his question made it sound as though she was easy.

“No…..maybe…” She shook her head rapidly, tangled hair flying about her face. She didn’t attempt to brush it away, all but hiding behind the strands that fell over her eyes. “It was…a weird circumstance. You did more than just kiss me you know!” She added accusingly.

“Not until you started kissing me of your own free will!” Sabbath exclaimed. She was shaking her head no, which made him shout at her. “Yes, you did! I will never forget the moment you shoved your tongue in my mouth!”

He saw her blush turn even redder, but he couldn’t even muster up satisfaction that she had no retort for him. All he could think of was this moment, and how she was ruining everything between them, and destroying his dreams for their future. That happy home he envisioned for them was being torn apart, the children he thought to have with her nothing but unfulfilled dreams.

“I got carried away.” She said at last, and narrowed her sapphire eyes at him. “And so did you. Touching me like that! Is it any wonder I couldn’t think straight, when you had your hands all over my body?!”

“You were reacting to me the way my mate should!” Sabbath retorted. “Of course you would respond to my touch. There’d be something wrong if you didn’t want me when I began to see to you the way a man should!”

“You should have stopped.” Romelle’s words had him gaping at her in disbelief. How could she think that, he was not made of stone, he had feelings and desires. There was no way he would have been able to stop when she had been so ripe and willing for him. “You should have stopped…” Romelle repeated, as though he hadn’t heard her the first time. “What’s more, you should have stopped me.”

He snorted then, but couldn’t generate true amusement at the idea. Last night had been unstoppable, not when his mate had been yearning so open and eager for him. Even at the point where he had hurt her, when the pain had unclouded her eyes enough for her to reel back to some semblance of awareness, she hadn’t stopped him. Romelle had wanted him too much, and not just then, but this morning, her hands on his cock had proved it.

Romelle stared at Sabbath, willing his face to turn ugly with anger. His animosity would be better than the lost look he was giving her, it would help her to not feel so bad about what she was saying. “It was a mistake…” She told him again. “One we will not be repeating.”

He raised his head at that, face forlorn. “But…how can you say that?!” He asked. “When we have such fire, such passion between us?”

“There’s nothing between us.” Romelle stated coldly. “It was a moment of insanity on my part, one moment I regret deeply.” She turned her back to him then, and walked carefully past the debris scattered about the room. She entered the bathroom, and didn’t try to fuss with the broken door. Instead she stepped over to the sink, Romelle running the faucet and collecting water in her hands.

As she proceeded to wash up as best as she could, she tried not to think about Sabbath, and the alien emotion that flowed through her. She thought that unnamed emotion might be regret, and she couldn’t imagine why she was feeling that way. ~He’s a Drule.~ She thought firmly. ~The enemy! There’s no room for him in your life.~

A noise at the entrance to the bathroom had her glancing that way, Romelle spying a now dressed Sabbath standing in the doorway. His expression was as serious as ever, and for a moment he just stared at her in silent regard. It made her nervous, Romelle forgetting the water as she stared back at him.

“Romelle…” He hated how anguished his voice came out in the moment, Sabbath sure his misery was apparent in every word he voiced, every gesture he did.

“There’s nothing left to say.” She said, and he shook his head.

“There’s plenty.” He insisted, and talked over her loud sigh. “I know you don’t trust the Drule, that you don’t believe in a lot of things we say and do. But…you are my mate, the other half of my soul. I need you like I need the air to breathe…”

“Sabbath, you…”

“Let me finish!” He exclaimed, holding up a hand for her silence. “I need you.” He repeated. “Perhaps more than I can ever hope to explain, let alone make you understand. Last night…it wasn’t a mistake….not to me. It was a culmination of everything I could have hoped for. I love you.”

“That doesn’t change how I feel!”

“I realize that.” He took an agitated step into the bathroom, not sure what he intended to do. “I also realize that as a human, you need more time to come to grips with your emotions and feelings. I….I scared you somehow….probably with the talk about our future….”

“I wasn’t scared!” Romelle denied, with a shake of her head. He came to stand right before her, reaching out with a hand to brush her hair back from her face. “Don’t touch me!” She gasped, and pressed back into the sink. Sabbath felt unhappy that she would deny him this small, innocent touch, and the way she tried to back away from him, as though she feared he would do more than touch her hair.

“I’m prepared to wait for you.” He said, determination driving him to continue. “But I need you to meet me half way. Visit with me, talk with me…get to know me.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?” He wanted to know.

“It would only give you false hope.” She told him. “It would be too cruel…”

He couldn’t believe she would talk to him of cruelty now! “It would be crueler to cut off all association! Romelle…please…one chance….it’s all I ask for…”

“You ask for too much…” She told him, and he had to fight to keep his frustration from showing. Didn’t she realize it was not just his heart on the line, but his sanity, his very life? He’d die without her, his body withering away from a broken and grieving heart.

“It’s just one chance….give me a month….a week…..even just one more day to win you!” Some of his desperation came out in his voice, and Romelle continued to shake her head no. “Please!” He was reaching for her arms, his intent to shake some sense into her.

“Sabbath no…” She tried to avoid his hands, her own pushing at his chest. “I don’t….I can’t….” Romelle was stammering out half formed protests, feeling his strong hands take hold of her. She feared she’d weaken from his touch, Romelle struggling to get away from him when sound intruded on their private drama. Sabbath seemed to stiffen, but he didn’t take his eyes off her.

“What’s that?” Romelle gasped, and struggled past him. “Is someone at the door?!”

“Yes…” Sabbath had followed her out into the bedroom, and he had his blaster in hand. His hearing was sharper than a human’s, Sabbath listening to the muffled sounds of men talking, and the thumps that surely signaled someone was clearing out the rubble by the door. His free hand stopped Romelle from approaching it, Sabbath cautious of just who was out there. Was it an ally or an enemy? He had no way of knowing, and that made him tense, especially with his mate to protect.

“Romelle….do exactly what I say, when I say it.” He ordered, and she hesitated.


“We don’t know who that is on the other side of the door.” Sabbath saw she understood, and that understanding frightened her. “We may have to fight our way out of this room. I want you to remain behind me where it will be safe.” She nodding, seeming to shiver as though she was cold. He knew it was fear that made her react that way, Sabbath positioning them so that they were just out of sight of the door. From the sound of things, it might be a long wait before it would open, and Sabbath was determined that one way or another, he would guarantee Romelle’s safety and survival.


This chapter leads into the rescue scene in chapter 47 of the main Animal Attraction story.

The End of the interlude


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