Attraction 09

Lotor’s words weighed heavy in the air, Allura conscious of the looks he was giving her. And of the heat that smoldered in the depths of his golden eyes. She hadn’t been kidding when she said he looked as though he wanted to devour her, the Drule licking his lips at every available opportunity. Seeing that tongue of his come out and lick sensuously across his bottom lip, it did something to her. Some strange, foreign feeling welling up within her, Allura growing just a little more flushed with each passing of his tongue.

She wondered if he knew just what an effect his actions were having on her, the girl not surprised if he would do things deliberately to make her soften towards him. Although this feeling that was filling her seemed a lot stronger than a mere softening of the heart. And that worried her anew. Almost as much as the sudden touch on her back, Allura trying not to jump as Lotor placed his hand on her, steering her towards the bedroom.

Her heart beat faster anew, Allura suddenly wondering what would happen once they were inside. Would Lotor really leave her alone long enough for her to get some sleep? Did she even want him to? That questioning thought had her frowning, Allura almost sure she did not. But it was the almost that threw her into a tizzy, the girl stepping through the bedroom door.

Lotor didn’t stop touching her even to close the door behind them, just guiding her to the bed. She found her feet walking slower, as though she was delaying reaching their destination. Why? Because she was scared of what would happen, or because she didn’t want him to stop touching her? No! Anything but that, she knew she wasn’t enjoying his touch, or that delicious current of warm energy that sparked between them.

And yet when they reached the bed, they both lingered, Lotor standing before her. She was taken aback by how tall he was, the Drule nearly dwarfing her with his size. If she didn’t crane her neck back, she was left staring at his chest, and a stray thought had her wishing he hadn’t bothered with putting on another tunic. And all because she had liked the muscled leanness of his body, Allura enjoying letting her eyes walk the lines of his abdomen.

“Allura….” His hands were on her shoulders now, drawing her out of those distressing thoughts she was having. She tilted her head back, lifting her eyes to meet his knowing gaze. Her cheeks heated even more, the girl blushing at the desire ridden look Lotor was giving her.


“Shhh…” He interrupted with a whispered hiss, his eyes drooping half closed. “This is not the time for talking.”

In that they were agreed, Allura nodding, finding her mouth going dry as he bent down towards her face. “Yes…” She started to say, feeling his fingers tighten on her shoulders, a possessive hold that would not let her back away. She found she did not want to escape him, though she made no move to encourage him closer. His lips still touched hers, even as Allura tried to murmur something about the need to go to bed.

But it wasn’t sleep that made her want to lay down, Allura moaning into the kiss. Her sound seemed to embolden the Drule, the man groaning as he ground his lips against hers, fingers pulling at her body. She went willingly forward, ending up pressed against his chest, her own arms moving to twine around his waist. She had no experience with kissing, but she mimicked his movements, trying to copy the sensual rubbing of their lips that he was doing.

She thought he smiled against her mouth, and then that tongue that had teased her earlier licked across her lips, Allura gasping in surprise. It was at that moment that he took the opportunity to plunge his tongue into her mouth, and she reeled at the delicious feel of being penetrated by him. This was a million times better than their earlier kiss, she was no longer frightened, no longer struggling. Instead she was willfully giving in to his desires, participating in a way she hadn’t before.

Her fingers clutched at his back when his tongue touches the tip of hers, Allura sighing in bliss. It should have felt strange to have another person’s tongue in her mouth, but to her it just felt perfect. She made tiny mewling sounds, wanting more of him, and getting it, her Drule eager to please.

Eager and not inconsiderate, the man pulled back before she could suffocate completely. She wouldn’t have minded, her nose full of his spicy scent, her lips plumping against his. And still Allura sucked in great big breaths, trying to recover for the next round of kissing.

He was watching her, eyes showing careful consideration as he waited for her to recover. She didn’t want to wait anymore, she was going up on tip toe, kissing sloppily at the corner of his mouth. “More.” Allura begged, and it was with a devilish twinkle in his eyes that he obliged her.

Allura went dizzy with pleasure, knees going weak, and needing his arms to keep her upright. And then suddenly she was dangling, Lotor having swept her up off her feet, cuddling her close to his chest. He broke the kiss to lick a path over to her ear, and Allura closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation of being licked there.

The bed creaked with their weight, Lotor getting a knee up on it. She held out a hand, touching the feather soft mattress with her fingers. Her body soon followed, the Drule laying her down, the prince hovering over her on his knees. She gazed up at him, and it wasn’t a fearful look she gave him, instead her hands reached for the hem of his tunic.

“Off!” She cried. “I want this off!”

A wicked smirk was flashed in response to her words, Lotor slowly hauling his tunic off his body. She shook with impatience, her hands touching the washboard stomach he revealed, and Lotor seemed to sigh in bliss. The contact of her fingers on his skin sent electricity coursing through them, sparks that only added to the fire they were feeling.

“I want to touch you.” She told him, and pushed up to a sitting position. He still straddled her on his knees, her face even with his waist. Lotor moaned when Allura began licking at his belly, the girl marveling at the taste of him. He tasted like spice and cinnamon, and it left her hungry for more.

Her hands began running up and down the sides of his body, the touches worshipful as she kissed and licked the lines of his abdomen. She found a treasure trail of white hair vanishing into his pant’s waist, and she nuzzled her cheek against it, purring at the softness. Her fingers hooked into the sides of his pants, Allura eager to jerk down his pants.

She gasped in delight at what she revealed, staring at the proud cock that was jutting straight out from his body. She didn’t know what to compare it too, having been completely innocent in this regard. Now she reached out and touched him, curling her fingers around the base of his dick. Lotor’s head fell back, and he moaned, earning a smile from Allura.

She began to coo, to moan out praises as she continued to touch him. Just her hand on his cock squeezing him, had Lotor going wild, Allura purring in satisfaction. She liked the power she had over him, liked that she could please him. And when she bent forward to take a tentative lick of the cream oozing head, Lotor growled, the sound as feral as it was passionate.

She was driving on instinct, Allura getting urges to do things she had never ever thought to do before. She licked him harder, but more than that she started to open her mouth, intent on taking him inside her. He was so thick, it made her mouth almost hurt to try and fit his cock inside it. But Allura valiantly made the effort, allowing another generous inch slide into her.

Her Drule moaned at the feeling, and she felt the exquisite tremor of his body, the man trying to control himself. But she didn’t want that, she wanted him to lose control, Allura reaching behind him to grip his ass with her hands. She took him down as deep as she could go, moistening the underside of his cock with her tongue. And then for one brief instant, listening to his breath grow ragged, she just hummed around him, holding him still.

He seemed to shudder and shake, and then his hands were in her hair, fingers tangling amidst the strands. Allura allowed him to move her, the girl beginning to bob her head up and down his length, making him gasp and cry her name again and again. She let out one satisfactory moan after another, the sound growing louder and louder.


Was it the fifth, or as it the sixth time Allura had made that delicious a sound? Lotor did not know, the Drule gritting his teeth as he lay on the couch. What was comfortable for sitting on hardly made an ideal bed, Lotor knew his back would be sore in the morning. But it wouldn’t be the only sore part of him, the prince realizing his cock was aching, reacting to all those moans his mate was letting out.

It was the strangest thing too, Lotor was positive she was asleep, his mate seeming to fall into a restless slumber almost the instant her head had touched the pillows. Such had been Allura’s exhaustion that not even her fear of him had kept sleep from her, the girl snuggled down underneath a heavy blanket. He almost envied his mate’s ease in which she went to sleep, for Lotor had been up for hours now, just laying in the same position on the couch.

He didn’t dare toss and turn, not wanting to arouse her worries, and not wanting to accidentally fall off the couch. And yet he had almost done just that, when the first moan came out of Allura’s mouth. He hadn’t known what to make of it, it certainly hadn’t sounded like a distressed cry. He had been ready to write it off as a freak occurrence when she did it again, the sound louder, and more clear in it’s meaning. It was arousal he was hearing, and his breath came out sharper with that realization.

Since that moment he had been laying there, growing harder and harder in his pants as he listened to his mate’s cries. The sounds were sensual, the girl letting out throaty purrs Lotor had not realized she was capable of voicing. She never said anything, just moaned and even whimpered at times. Those whimpers almost did him in, Lotor recognizing she was crying from need.

He tried control his breathing, laying on the couch too leery of moving. His cock continued to thicken, reacting to every noise his mate was making. Lotor was keenly aware of Allura, even from across the room, her sounds neither muffled nor quiet. Occasionally he would hear the bed creak, the girl moving fitfully in her sleep. He wanted to moan with her, but not of desire, frustration blooming in him.

“AHHHH!” Just what was she dreaming about that made her so passionate? He didn’t know, and his fingers tightened on his blanket, Lotor holding back a jealous growl. He feared she was dreaming of some other man, and he didn’t know how to handle this idea. Certainly he didn’t know how to stop her from thinking of another, though the Gods knew he wanted to!

“YES!” A little too much enthusiasm there for his liking, Lotor seeing green. He couldn’t prevent her thoughts completely, but he could at least stop her from tormenting him for even one more minute. With gritted teeth, he yanked off his blanket, rising to stand. There was an obvious bulge in his pants, the material tenting in an obscene matter. He didn’t care, not bothering to look for a tunic to drape over his body, Lotor charging shirtless to the bed.

And stopped at the sight of Allura, his mouth going dry. She had kicked off the blanket, the material twisted and half on the floor. That left her body revealed to him, Allura clad in one of his spare tunics. He had instead she change for the night, and though she had been hesitant, she eventually conceded to his urging. He had a feeling she wouldn’t have if she had known just what the sight of her in HIS clothing would have done to him, Lotor holding back a moan.

His eyes traveled greedily over her bare legs, noting they were slender and shapely, and seemed to stretch on for a quarter mile. Higher up went his glance, Lotor spying her thighs, legs clamped tight together. She seemed to wiggle in place, thighs rubbing against each other as she moaned.

The tunic stretched tight over her breasts, he could see her nipples pressing against the fabric, like two ripe berries. His mouth suddenly went from dry to wet, Lotor longing to take a taste of her. He shook his head, biting back that impulse, looking at her tousled hair which spread around her like a golden halo. But he didn’t think she was an angel in this moment, more like a temptress sent down to test his patience.

Her lips parts on another moan, Lotor remembering why he came here. She was dreaming, experiencing decadent dreams with someone who was probably not him. This could not be allowed to continue, Lotor pressing a knee into the bed. Of course she had chosen to sleep in the very center, forcing Lotor to crawl to reach her. She didn’t wake at the movements he stirred in the mattress, just cried out, voice pure bliss.


His name on her lips had him freezing, his jaw dropping as he stared at her. Her eyes remained closed, though there was movement behind the lids. A smile seemed to curve her lips, she wasn’t distressed as she moaned his name. “Lotor!” She did it again, and he was astounded, watching as she thrashed her head from side to side, seeming to pant now.

Her chest rose and fell with her faster breaths, and her left hand gripped the bed sheet, crumpling it in her fist. She shifted in place as he leaned back on his knees, just staring at her in sheer confusion. Her right hand touched her belly sliding downwards, even as his tunic rode up high on her waist. He could see her panties now, white as the driven snow, but more than that he could see the damp spot in the center of them.

A spot that Allura quickly covered with her hand, his mate allowing her legs to part just enough to press her fingers over her sex. She moaned again, and this time she was purring encouragements out to him. “Yes, Lotor, there!”

To his absolute astonishment she was rubbing herself, hips wiggling furiously as she thrashed and writhed in place. He was left at a loss, Lotor not knowing what to do. His mate was dreaming of him, and seemed in absolute need of a good loving. He wanted to give that to her, more than anything he wanted to replace her fingers with his mouth, to taste the wetness that was pooling between her legs.

He crawled closer to her, actually positioning himself over her, feeling the rightness of her beneath him. He almost laughed then, knowing nothing was right about the situation, not when he couldn’t take the measures needed to make her happy. He took in a tormented breath, and this close to her he could smell her desire, smell the all consuming need of her body.

“Oh Gods!” Lotor moaned, the sound pathetic and low. He was like a broken man, and so tempted to do something, touch her, kiss her, anything. Even that much would be a breach of trust between them.

His mate’s thrashing brushed her against his arms, Lotor keeping himself hovered over her, not lowering himself to rub against her. He didn’t know what he would do if her body brushed against his aching cock, especially when she was so hot and ready, and smelling of sin and sex.

“More…” breathed out Allura, and he swore he could hear her heart beating, the pulse as rapid as though she had been making love all night long. The thought titillated him, Lotor very much liking the idea of making love to her for all those hours.

He continued to stare down at her, helpless in the fascination she cast over him. Her fingers continued their fierce rubbing, and she began to arch up off the bed, enough that her chest brushed against his. It sent sizzling awareness though him, his cock giving a violent lurch in his pants. If he didn’t stop this now, something bad would happen, he was sure of it, even as Lotor carefully lowered his head to sniff at her hair.

She couldn’t begrudge him for the action, at least he hoped she wouldn’t, Lotor inhaling deeply of her scent. Vanilla mixed with flowers after a rainstorm, sending a primal urge through him. “Mine.” He whispered, reveling in how right the possessive word felt. She was his, she just didn’t know it yet.

“Lotor!” A high pitched whine followed his name, her actions becoming even more frantic. She had to be close to climax, her fingers driving her towards what the dreams had made her so desperate for. It wasn’t right, it should be Lotor who was giving his mate what he needed, and he suddenly rolled off her.

He took a shuddering breath, her arousal spice in the air. One more breath, and then he was kneeling to the side of her, reaching out to touch her shoulders. He tried not to grimace when she didn’t awaken immediately, Lotor forced to give his mate a vigorous shake.

“Wake up Allura.” He said, his voice holding a hoarse note. “Please…” He didn’t finish his plea, thinking she would drive him utterly mad before awakening.

“Lo…” It started out as a moan, and ended in a gasp, Allura jerking upright. Her hand fell away from her legs, she didn’t’ seem aware of what she had been doing, though he wondered how she’d explain the wetness on her fingers. “Lotor! What….Where?!” She was looking around frantically, clearly frightened to have him so close to her in the bed.

He didn’t say anything, struggling with himself as she fought her panic, Allura lifting up her hands to shove him away. They never made contact, Lotor catching her right hand, holding her wrist in his grip. Two things happened next, Allura spying the tent of his erection, and trying to shy away from him. He barely noticed, lifting her hand, bringing her cream covered fingers to his lips.

He couldn’t stop himself even if he tried, Lotor driving forward with urges that demanded he learn his mate’s taste. It wasn’t the nicest of things to do, but it was better than the alternative, Lotor greedily taking her fingers into his mouth. He let out his own moan, and made eye contact with her, watching her shocked face bloom into a fierce blush as he began sucking on her fingers.

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