Attraction 10

Both her hands were caught in the prince’s grip, Allura staring shocked as he lifted the right one to his face. She thought he meant to kiss it, but he did something completely unexpected. He actually took her fingers into his mouth, two in all, and began to suck intently on those digits. Lotor let out a shameless moan, bold as can be as he locked eyes with her.

The heat of his look, the sheer enjoyment he was exhibiting as he was sucking on her flesh made something low in her body tighten in response. Allura wasn’t sure if that was fear or interest that caused that reaction, the girl staring back at the Drule, unable to look away. She was like a criminal caught in the spotlight, helpless to do anything but surrender to the passionate way he had at her flesh.

It shouldn’t have felt so good, his sucking on her fingers. And yet she was aroused, and not understanding why, her body feeling hot and needy. She was confused, not just about her body’s reactions to Lotor, but about so many things. Least of all the moments before she awoke, the dreams so vivid and real that she almost mistook them for reality.

Of course she was confused to find Lotor next to her in the bed, and for one brief instant she had wondered if she hadn’t been dreaming. She had been prepared to scream, to accuse him of molesting her in her sleep and then she had noticed he still wore pants. He hadn’t in her dreams, Lotor blue and bare, all muscled and lean. And clearly not all of it had been her mind’s overestimate of his body, for she had noticed the way his pants stretched tight over the crotch.

The hugeness of his genitals should have frightened her, and yet Allura was still fresh from the dream, remembering the intriguing way she had touched and caressed the hardness between his legs. It made her blush harder, Allura shaking her head, wondering why she had dreamt such a thing. Why she had dreamt any of it, her dreams perverse, as explicit as unasked for.

It left her wondering if this was some Drule trick, some ploy of Lotor’s to earn her compliance. Did not the rumors whisper of the witches and wizards the Drules employed? Surely such magic would be child’s play for one of them! And yet part of her didn’t want to believe it had been a spell, and that frightened her anew, Allura shivering as Lotor continued to tease his tongue against her fingers.

She tried not to moan, it came out a whimper, his eyes darkening even more at the sound. That look scared her, Allura shaking her head, jerking hard on her hands in attempt to get free. “Let go!” She cried out, struggling with him. “You lecherous beast, unhand me!”

To her surprise, and a smidgen of disappointment, he let go of her, Allura quickly fleeing to the end of the bed. She clutched her hands to her breasts, staring at him wide eyed, and it was not a petulant look Lotor gave her. Instead he slowly licked his lips, as if savoring one last taste of her. She shuddered again, remembering what that tongue had been capable of in her dreams.

“Stay back!” She warned him, when he made a move to crawl towards her. “I want no part of your…..your perversions!”

“Perversions?” He blinked, and some of the heat left his eyes, Lotor frowning at her.

“I don’t know what you think you are doing…” Allura began, wondering if her shaky legs would support her flight from the room. “But I’ll not sit by and let you….you molest me any further!”

“Molest?” He smiled as he shook his head, but at least he remained kneeling on the opposite side of the big bed. “Allura, you were dreaming…”

She knew that, though she wasn’t ready to admit that to him. And certainly not about the kind of dream she had been having! “And you what?” She demanded, barely able to muster up the proper anger in her voice. “Thought to take advantage of me while I slept?!”

“Take advantage of you? Oh no….never that…” Lotor answered. “Allura, I could HEAR you while you were dreaming. You kept crying out….it made me concerned.”

She grew more flustered, hands pressed against her chest as though she was praying. “I’m fine now.” She said, choosing to drop the molestation accusation if it meant he would leave her alone.

“Are you now?” He crawled just an inch closer to her, eyes intent on her face. “Then why are you so red faced?”

“Why…why did you do that thing with my fingers?” She chose to ignore his question, the offending fingers seeming to pulsate with the warmness of Lotor’s mouth.

“Wanted to taste you.” He answered blunt enough.

“T…taste me?!” She squeaked out in shock.

“What were you dreaming about Allura?” He gave her a look as though he already knew, and she blushed redder in horror.

“Nothing you need concern yourself with!”

“You were crying out my name. Gods, that voice of yours…” His desire seemed to rise in memory of the sounds she had made, Allura trembling as he crawled towards her. He moved as though he had muscles no humanoid should have, making his cat’s crawl as elegant as it was sexy, His hair fell forward, and she itched to reach out and finger that white mass. But more than that, she wished Lotor didn’t stare at her with that weighty with desire look.

“I…I was not!” Allura protested, wondering how much worse the situation would be if she fell off the bed.

“You were. Of that I’m not mistaken.” He had reached her far too fast, and he placed his hands on her knees. It was then that she realized how high the tunic that he had lent her had ridden, flashing both her thighs and her panties to him. Even worse, he seemed to inhale, Allura mortified to think what he was sniffing.

“St….stop…” She began, and he opened his eyes, the look almost wild in them.

“What were you dreaming about Allura?” He asked, his voice harsh and demanding. “What was I doing to you in your dream?”

She didn’t want to admit that he was right, that she had been dreaming about him. But she also felt it was wrong to keep insisting she had not, when he was so confidant she had. “You…” She finally admitted, Allura’s voice a soft whisper. That earned her a smile, Lotor raising himself up so that his face was even with her breasts. Not that she liked that position any better than his previous one, Lotor leaning in to nuzzle his cheek against her chest.


“What was I doing in your dream? What were we doing to each other?” His questions almost distracted her from his rubbing, her nipples tight and abraiding the fabric of the borrowed tunic. She gasped, feeling that static electricity feeling, the energy seeming to settle on her nipples. “Tell me…”

“It doesn’t matter…” Allura insisted. “It was just a dream…”

“Dreams are many things…” Lotor whispered, and now he sat up straight, leaving her to stare at his bare chest. A memory of the dream came to her, her tongue a bright spot of color on his blue skin. She had to close her eyes to calm herself, Allura listening to Lotor talk. “Wishes, desires, hopes…”

“This was none of them.” Allura replied. “And you know why? Because that will never happen. We will never be closer than we are now…”

“Never is a long time Allura. Even you cannot know what will happen in the long run…” She hated how self assured he sounded, Allura staring at him frustrated.

“Why won’t you leave me alone?” She asked plaintively, and he sobered in an instant.

“I can’t.” Lotor said, and his eyes reflected her agitation. “We were destined for each other…from the moment we were born, maybe even before that time! My whole life has been spent waiting for this moment…” He chuckled then, the sound tortured. “I was waiting and I didn’t even know it.”

“What does that mean?” She asked confused. Allura was shocked when Lotor turned ashamed, the Drule actually looking away from her.

“I…I never wanted to find my mate.” Lotor said at last. “I was…dare I say it, almost frightened of the thought. I didn’t want to become like the other mated men, I didn’t want to lose my head, my reasons for living become tied up with a woman.” He sighed then. “I was an arrogant fool, thinking I was better than those men who had found their women.”

“Oh.” She didn’t know what to say, and Lotor wasn’t looking at her. But the sexual tension still came off him in waves, enough to leave Allura staggered and fearful.

“My father is going to be so disappointed.” Lotor suddenly said, laughing a mean snicker of sound. She shivered to hear the cruelty of his laughter, and slowly realizing he was laughing at himself.

“Why would he be disappointed?” Allura asked, and now Lotor looked at her.

“I’m making a mess of things. And not just with you.” He let out a heavy huff of air, his hand raising to brush back his hair from his face. “This whole take over scheme with Arus. I haven’t been concentrating on it since discovering you….my general is right. I should take myself off the mission. Let someone who’s capable of functioning handle it.”

“You think you’re not capable of functioning?” She frowned at his nod. “I don’t think that’s true.”

“I know it is!” Lotor retorted, his voice sounding agitated. “All I can think about is you. I’m making choices, foolish ones, all based on trying to please you. On trying to deepen our bond. I’ve already set us behind a day in our schedule, and who knows what I will do tomorrow!”

For the first time since being captured by this love crazed Drule, Allura felt hope for her planet. If what he said was true, his distraction was due to her. If he were to remain in such a state, it might buy her people time to discover the Drule presence on Arus. They would be able to fight back, and hopefully rescue her and her friends.

“I should probably call Morduck right now.” Lotor was saying, and Allura made a questioning half sound. “To tell him I resign my position as commander of this army. He’ll be able to do what is right for Doom.”

“What? No! You can’t!” Allura cried out urgently, knowing Arus couldn’t afford a Drule that was devoted to it’s conquest. She had seen how single minded a Drule was to the one he thought was his mate, she couldn’t allow that same type of determination be turned towards her planet. “Lotor…I know I don’t understand much about this mating business….but I believe you are too quick to put yourself down.” She forced herself to touch his shoulder, trying to pat encouragement to him. “I believe you can do both. Be mated and function as a leader of your army.”

“You believe in me?” Lotor asked, staring shocked at her. She nodded, and for a second he smiled. “But you have been very vocal against the thought of my people conquering yours. Why the change of heart now?”

“I haven’t changed anything!” Allura retorted. “I do not want my people as slaves of Doom. But…” She hesitated, trying to think of the best way to put it. “I do not like seeing you put yourself down. You should treat yourself better.”

“Is that all?” He sounded disappointed, and she shifted on the bed.

“Besides, I have seen how you have treated me. I have hopes you would show that same kindness to the people you enslave, more so than this General you would replace yourself with.”

“Perhaps.” Lotor hesitated.

“Besides, you don’t want to disappoint your father!” She added, playing on what she perceived to be a weakness of his. “You want to prove to him that you are not brought down low by the defect of the Drule race! And the only way to do this, is to fight! Lead your armies onwards to victory!” She was laying it on thick, Allura knew that, but it was Arus’ only chance.

“I’d rather spend the time bonding with you.” Lotor admitted, and flashed her an earnest smile. She had to fight to keep her heart from softening, Allura knowing it would be doubly dangerous for her to actually develop any kind of positive feelings for this Drule.

“I’m sure you can manage both.” She went to pull her hand away, and he grabbed it. She had to fight to keep from stiffening, wondering if he intended to suck on her fingers again.

“I can think of one way it might be easier for me to concentrate on the invasion.” The smile was still playing on his lips, but now it took a mischievous slant to it.

“Oh?” She was suddenly nervous, and rightfully so when he pulled her to him. She ended up plastered against him, his other hand on her hip, Lotor’s eyes half
lidded as he stared down at her.

“If we were to make love…” He began, voice a throaty purr. “If you helped confirm with your body that you feel what I feel…it would go a great way to alleviating some of my stress.”

“I wouldn’t be a distraction for you anymore?” She wondered, staying absolutely still against him. She could feel his erection against her, the leather of his pants not a strong enough barrier. It spilled heat on her skin, and seemed to throb as though it had a heart beat of it’s own.

“Oh, you’ll always be a distraction to me, Allura.” Lotor quickly reassured her. “And one I could lose myself into again and again.”

“Then there’s no need to go this far…” Allura replied, and that got him frowning.

“You don’t want to?”

“I’m not ready.” She said instead, and he laughed at that.

“Oh Allura…my sweet, sweet mate. You’re more than ready. Your body has been giving off signals all night…it yearns for me to claim you, to cement our bond.” She knew then he was going to try to kiss her, Lotor bending slowly towards her mouth.

“What my body says and what my heart wants is two different things!” Now she began to struggle, trying to jerk away from him. He let out a ragged moan, excited by her movements, Lotor thrusting himself against her belly. “No stop!” She snapped, Allura more scared than turned on by the Drule’s actions. It was an impressive feat, his show of restraint that he went still at her command.

“I…” She licked her lips, and Lotor actually moaned at that. “I won’t have our first time together be nothing more than an outlet for you to be able to focus on war.” He looked surprised, as though Lotor hadn’t considered that angle.

“You’re right.” He said, letting her go with a sigh. Allura nearly fell over once free of his hold, the girl struggling to remain upright. “Our first time should hold more meaning than that. it should be special, savored…”

“R…..right!” Allura chirped out, relieved he had let her go. “So….it’s back to sleep then…”

“Yes…” Lotor agreed, but he was looking her over once more. She tried not to fidget from his gaze, Allura wondering what he would say and do next. “But I’ll warn you now Allura…any more dreams like the one you just had….and we won’t be waiting for the war to be over with.” She colored at that, taking his words as a serious threat.

“Don’t worry! I won’t be dreaming any more on this, or any other night!” He chuckled at her snappish statement, Lotor crawling off the bed. She immediately turned to track him, watching him hurry to the bathroom. Her heart was beating fast again, and Allura took a few calming breaths, trying to compose herself. She feared it an impossible task, Allura worrying he would make good on his promise.

It left her wondering just how she was going to go back to sleep, Allura knowing she had little chance in controlling her dreams. With a sigh and a moan, she picked up the blanket and crawled to the center of the bed. She kept picturing him in her mind, recalling the things he had done in her dream, and comparing it to the moment when she had awakened. It didn’t help matters that she heard Lotor moaning in the bathroom, the Drule no doubt taking satisfaction in whatever manner he could. It would take her hours to fall back asleep, Allura staying up long past the time Lotor finished in the bathroom.

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