Attraction 11

Morning found Lotor stretched out on the couch, his body just as sore as he had predicted it would be. And yet he didn’t immediately spring up from the couch, Lotor choosing to just lay there, lost in thought. Naturally his thoughts immediately gravitated towards his mate, Lotor wondering if she had slept any better than he. He had heard her tossing, shifting about in bed as though she couldn’t get comfortable. The sounds had continued even as he had given in to the urge to sleep.

He was surprised he had fallen asleep as easily as he had, but then he had been exhausted from the spending of his seed. Even if it hadn’t been in the way he would have preferred, Lotor sighing as he remember fisting his cock almost furiously in the bathroom. Allura had played a key role in his fantasy, Lotor recalling the taste on her fingers, and the way she had moaned his name.

It still rankled that he had been forced into the indignity of masturbating, but it had been the only way for him to calm down. His prick didn’t seem satisfied in the slightest, he could feel the familiar ache throbbing along it’s shaft, reminding him that it wouldn’t take much for it to rise. He knew then to be careful with where his thoughts took him, Lotor not wanting to grow any more aroused unless his mate was willing to give herself to him.

He sighed then, but still could not stop thinking about her, Lotor trying to puzzle out the reason for her erotic dreams. Was it their connection, the bond all mates had that had allowed her subconscious to recognize him. To do more than recognize him, to acknowledge she had need of him, her body striving to ready her to take him inside?

Lotor reached for a pillow, pressing it over his face to muffle his antagonized moan. He’d feel only a little better if he knew Allura had spent a near sleepless night, frightened by her body’s urges, and the graphic dream she had experienced. Not that he wanted her to be frightened, never that! He wanted her to be accepting, to be loved and loving in return.

He sighed, shifting onto his side on the couch, pillow falling on the floor. This position allowed him to gaze at the bed, to see her huddled under the blanket. He wanted to go to her, though he feared what his urges would lead him to do. He might kiss her or worse, any progress they had made dash by impulses Lotor swore he could control.

There was movement on the bed, Allura kicking off the blanket. He caught a flash of her legs in the process, and then she was crawling to the side of the bed. She didn’t look his way, the girl more focused on retrieving her clothes from the night stand. He held his breath, hoping she would think him asleep and change her clothes right then and there.

His luck wasn’t that good, she gathered the clothing to her, and walked towards the bathroom. Lotor sighed, and it was then that he forced himself off the couch. He could delay starting the day no more, the prince striding to the outer room. It still retained the flowers and candles that had been spread around, though the flowers were wilting, and the candles had melted down to tiny stubs.

He walked over to the cabin’s intercom system, and called down for someone to come clean up the remnants of last night’s meal. He also ordered up some breakfast, wanting to make sure he kept his mate well fed. At least that would be one area she wouldn’t be able to find him lacking in!

He returned to the bedroom, and prowled around, Lotor going so far as to inch towards the bed. He touched the blanket that had covered her, and even went and laid down in the center of the bed. He could still feel the warmth of her body’s imprint in the mattress, and the pillows held the scent of her hair. He almost purred, liking feeling these things, though he was far from content.

By the time Allura finished her shower, he was back on the couch, a clean uniform folded up besides him. He smiled at her, and she almost returned the expression. That was before she remembered herself, her soft, shy look hardening in an instant.

“Good morning Allura.” He said, and she nodded back to him.


“Did you sleep well?” He knew she had not, even now she looked tired, though it didn’t detract from her beauty.

“I managed a few hours.” Was her cool answer.

“I’m glad.” Lotor said, and then was rising, uniform in hand. “I’ve taken the liberty of ordering us breakfast. It should be arriving soon.” He had to approach her to get to the bathroom, she had frozen in place near the door. Now as he came near, she seemed to panic, making a frantic dart towards the bed. He wilted at that, Lotor turning to frown in her direction.

His disapproving look seemed to chastise her, Allura blushed and looked downwards. “Sorry.” She whispered, and he just sighed, moving to enter the bathroom.

Inside, he set his uniform down on a shelf, noting how hot with steam the room was. He shivered at the thought of Allura being in this room, naked for however long it took her to shower. It was a thought that made him grow hard, Lotor having seen little of his mate’s body.

Ignoring his erection, he spied the tunic she had been wearing, Lotor walking over to pick it up. The next thing he knew he was crushing the material to his face, inhaling the scent of Allura on his clothing. It certainly didn’t help his arousal, Lotor growling fiercely as he rubbed his face against the tunic’s fabric.

He ended up having to take a shower so cold, he swore icicles would form in his hair. It barely cooled the fire burning within him, his body trying to maintain the erection even with him pelting the ice water directly on his cock. And all because he refused to give in to the impulse to masturbate again.

“I am not an animal.” He said through gritted teeth, enduring the coldness. “I can control myself.”

By the time he finished with his shower, he was calmer, able to dress and rejoin Allura in the bedroom. He acted as though he hadn’t just gone through an internal struggle, running his fingers through his damp hair. She was sitting on the bed, and she had braided her hair, the style looking as lovely as any other she had worn.

Sounds from the outer chamber of the cabin were heard, Lotor realizing their breakfast had arrived. “Come Allura…” He said, gesturing for her to approach him. “Breakfast is here.”

She got up faster than he expected, Allura hurrying past him. He had to fight not to reach out and grab her, wanting more than just the tunic to hold. When he realized he was walking briskly after her, arms extending in her direction, Lotor curled his fists. He would not grab her, would not frighten her if he could help it. Instead he walked at a more sedate pace, concentrating on his breathing as he followed her into the outer chamber.

The soldiers were just about to leave, the men offering bows to Lotor. He gave a dismissive nod, and hurried to pull out a chair for Allura. She sat down with the same amount of hesitation that she had showed at dinner last night. Lotor’s hands ended up on her shoulders, the prince unable to resist stealing a touch for himself. It was even worse that he bent down to rub his nose in her hair, Lotor letting out a dreamy sigh.

“Lotor…” Her voice was a mixture of fright and warning, Lotor snapping open his eyes at the sound of it.

“Ah…” He cleared his throat, stepping away from her. “Breakfast is served.” He said, uncovering the tray to reveal the meats that made up a Drule’s breakfast. He was aware that humans might not like something so heavy so early in the morning, so had had his soldiers gather up plenty of fruits and nuts for Allura. He wasn’t that surprised when she shunned the meat, reaching instead for a ripe, red apple.

He began to eat, but kept glancing at her, wondering what to say to her. His mind kept thinking back on the night before, about dreams and the sexual tension that had brewed between them. The heat they had both exhibited had been enough to drown in, and frankly Lotor was surprised they hadn’t made love. He knew Allura’s stubborn refusal to believe she was his mate, is what had kept them apart. Even as her mind and body worked to try and seduce her into accepting inescapable destiny.

He was positive she hadn’t dreamt any more that night, he would have heard her if she had. He was disappointed, wanting her to keep dreaming about him. Dreaming until all her thoughts became consumed with him, including when she was wide awake. Maybe then they would be on more even playing ground, since it seemed all he could do was think about her, desires and impulse warping together until he was desperate with need.

And not just for sex! He wanted that bonds of theirs to deepen, for them to become each other’s worlds. To be able to share hopes and dreams with her, to be able to talk with her with the ease the other mated pairs shared. He wanted to begin preparing for their life together, and knew that right now all of that was one sided on his part. She just wanted to escape him, to continue to fight what was happening between them.

As much as he adored his mate, he was frustrated that her human blood kept her from seeing him for what he really was to her. And yet Lotor wouldn’t have traded her for the galaxy, knowing he loved everything about her, even her determination to fight their connection. It was a connection he had to work harder to establish, Lotor wondering how he could break down her defenses and get her to accept him sooner.

Again he found himself wondering about gifts, trying to think on the kind of things Allura would like. She wasn’t exactly forthcoming with information about herself, he barely knew a thing about her life on Arus! Not even her age, or what village she came from. But he did know she had a cousin, and that had him smiling, Lotor realizing he had the perfect gift to give her this morning.

“Allura…” He set down his fork and knife, watching her lips nibble on a berry. He’d rather his mate nibble on him, but he quickly chased that thought away. “How would you like to visit your cousin?”

Her eyes widened, the blue sparking with emotion as she let the half eaten berry fall from her fingers. “Romelle? I can see Romelle?” He nodded, satisfied with her reaction.

“Yes. I’ll take you to her. You can see her and your friends.”

“I’d like that…” She said, reaching for a napkin. “Can we go right now?”

“Have you eaten enough?” Lotor asked her, watching Allura use the napkin to clean herself up.

“More than enough!” She assured him, her excitement at the thought of seeing the other women apparent. “Oh please! Let us leave right now!”

“All right Allura.” Lotor couldn’t hold back his amusement, laughing as he stood. He stepped around the table, the girl already rising on her own. “Here…take my hand.” He said, and this time Allura did not protest, taking hold of his much larger hand.

It was like this that they walked out of the cabin, Lotor unable to keep the proud smile of his face. He was walking with his mate, hand in hand, and she wasn’t fighting him! What’s more, the other Drule were stopping, turning to look at him as he sauntered past. Was that jealousy on some of their faces? He hoped so, Lotor knowing that many of the Drule were envious of those that managed to find their mates.

It was after all a life long dream of most Drules. The dream to be mated and happy. He might not have the happiness down pact, but at least he was living proof that one could find one’s mate even in the most unexpected of places.

Soon they reached the stairs that led down to the dungeons, and Lotor was relieved to hear it was quiet in the holding cell area. He didn’t know what would have happened if there had been more soldiers harassing the women, certainly Allura would have gotten upset over it. But now it was almost too quiet, Lotor leading Allura down the stairs.

He paused at the threshold of the staircase, and it was Allura who broke the silence. “Romelle!” She cried out, tugging her hand free of Lotor’s grip. He let her escape him, watching as she ran towards the second nearest holding cell.

“A…Allura?” Romelle sounded disbelieving, rising from the cot she had been resting on. The other women in the cell let out glad cries, all rising from the floor to hurry to the bars. Allura pressed against them, touching hands with her cousin, and the other women were reaching out between the bars, petting Allura’s arms and her back. Lotor had to fight back an annoying bit of jealousy, the prince not liking how his mate freely allowed those touches.

“Are you all right?” Both cousins seemed to ask that in one breath, and then they were half laughing, half crying.

“Oh, I’ve been so worried about you.” Romelle said, and the other women made agreeing sounds. “We all have!”

“I’m fine!” Allura assured them, stilling clinging to her cousins’ hands.

“That brutish Drule hasn’t been mean to you?” Romelle asked, and Lotor made a noise to remind them that the Drule was standing right there. Romelle shot him a poisonous look, continuing to fuss over Allura.

“He..” Allura hesitated, giving a glance towards Lotor. She seemed to grow flustered, and shook her head. “He’s a little overbearing…”

“Overbearing?” Lotor interrupted with his shocked exclamation.

“And he does and says things he shouldn’t. But really….he hasn’t hurt me.” Allura finished.

“Yet you mean.” One of the women muttered, going pale face as Lotor glared at her.

“What about you?” Allura asked, pulling back enough to give the women in the cell the once over. “How have you been treated? No one’s hurt you have they?”

“Surprisingly no….” Romelle admitted. “We’ve had some perverted guards come along and harass us verbally, but other than that we’ve been left alone. They’ve even remembered to feed us.” She shot a suspicious look at Lotor. “I don’t know why you captured us if you’re not going to do anything to us!”

“Oh, are we not living up to your impression of us Drules?” Lotor taunted. “Don’t worry, I’m sure we can do something to make your stay more memorable.”

“Lotor no!” Allura quickly protested, turning a distressed face towards him. He held back a sigh, noting Romelle was exchanging looks with the other women in the holding cell.

“You should really let us go.” Romelle said. “It’s not serving any purpose to keep us here.”

“If I let you go now, you’ll alert your people to the fact we are on this planet.” Lotor replied. “That cannot be allowed to happen until after the take over is complete.”

“Take over?” The women were alarmed, making upset sounds.

“Damn…I was hoping this was just an advanced scouting party…” muttered Romelle under her breath.

“You thought wrong.” Lotor smirked at her, even as he heard multiple footsteps on the stair case behind him. “This is just the beginning of Arus’ problems. A whole armada of ships are waiting to descend on your planet.”

“You leave Arus alone!” Romelle snapped, and Allura was nodding in agreement.

“You really can’t stop us.” Lotor answered, just as General Morduck and some soldiers entered the ship’s dungeon. The soldiers were carrying equipment, torture devices that had the women in the cell making upset sounds. They couldn’t know what all those devices were, but they knew trouble when they saw it.

“What are you going to do?” Allura whispered, staring at a needle covered machine.

Her question was almost lost to Morduck’s loud voice, the man speaking in basic for the benefit of the women present. “Ah Prince Lotor. So good of you to come.” He sounded surprised though, as surprised as Lotor was to see him. “I was beginning to fear you would forget about the plans for these women.”

“Plans?” Allura murmured, even as Lotor made a confused face. Morduck saw his expression, and sighed.

“You do remember the plan don’t you?” A questioning sound, Morduck continuing. “You said the women would have a day’s reprieve before we could start interrogations.”

“Ah…that…” He looked to his mate, Lotor flashing her a guilty look. He had forgotten all about that, too consumed with Allura and the problems of their union.

“Yes…that, sire.” Morduck grumbled. “It’s a new day, and we cannot delay any longer. We need to find out what if anything these women know about their villages’ defense.”

“We will tell you nothing!” shouted Romelle, clenching her fists around the bars of the cell. Allura reached back to touch her cousin’s arm, shaking her head no at her.

“You will tell us EVERYTHING!” insisted Morduck, and gestured for the soldiers to come closer with the torture devices. “You can do this the easy way, or the painful way….”

Some of the women in the cell began to cry, frightened by the General’s threats. “Stay calm…” Romelle advised. “They won’t get us to betray Arus so easily!”

“Lotor…” Allura’s voice, the girl stepping towards him. “Please don’t let them do this.”

“Sire…you’re not going to let a woman dictate to you what to do.” Morduck looked questioningly at the prince.

Lotor held back a sigh. “Need I remind you Allura is not just some woman. She’s my mate.”

“Ah yes, that.” Morduck looked disgusted. “Sire…if you cannot make sound decisions because of your….condition, you should really leave the operation to me.”

Lotor did not appreciate Morduck talking to him like that, especially in front of his mate. “I am of sound mind and body.” Lotor retorted. “And so long as we are on Arus. I am in charge.”

“Then act like it!” The general snapped out an exclamation. Lotor frowned at him.

“I am. You will talk to these women.” Lotor said, and Morduck started to smile, gesturing for the soldiers to open the cell door. “But you will not use any of those devices to get answers. I want no harm bestowed upon these women. I mean it!” Lotor added. “You will find out the information through peaceful means, or not at all.”

“Not at all!” Morduck gasped.

Lotor nodded grimly. “We are not such brutes that we need harm women to get what we want. Besides.” A smirk then. “I’m sure we can take over Arus even without their help.”

“But to do so any other way would extend the amount of time and resources the Doom Empire was willing to waste on this planet!” pointed out Morduck. “Sire, I must ask you again! Step down from your position. You are not thinking with a clear head.”

“I’m fine.” Lotor insisted, and took Allura’s hand. She seemed to step closer to him, almost pressing against his side. She began to whisper, as soft as she dared, surely not wanting the General to over here.

“Please don’t let him hurt my cousin and friends.”

Lotor merely squeezed her hand in reassurance, keeping a steely eyed stare aimed at Morduck. “Are my orders clear?”

“Perfectly.” Morduck said through gritted teeth.

Lotor smiled, though it was without humor. “Good…I want a report of any findings on my desk by noon.” He was already moving, leading Allura past Morduck and the soldiers. She paused long enough to send a worried glance her cousin’s way, before allowing Lotor to guide her towards the stairs.

He could hear the General sighing, the man barking out orders to the soldiers to put away the torturous interrogation devices. Romelle was already showing defiance, mocking the General, taunting him that she and the other women would not tell him what the Drule wanted to know. Lotor had a moment of doubt, ready to turn back and order them to do whatever it took to get that information.

But then Allura was speaking, squeezing his hand as she gazed up at him in gratitude. “Thank you!” One look into her blue eyes, and he was undone, Lotor allowing a stiff smile to cross his lips. He had already had his suspicions, but he knew then and there for sure, he would do anything and everything to keep his mate happy.

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