Attraction 14

The strategy meeting had gone on for a good portion of two hours, Morduck and the other high ranking officers intent to monopolize their prince’s time. For once Lotor did not mind, the Drule needing this distraction from Allura. Not that he could stop thinking about her, Lotor knowing he had only been half paying attention to the words spoken around him. His lack of attention had rankled the men, Morduck especially. The General had kept on sighing and complaining, though at least he had stopped urging Lotor to step down from the mission.

The mission itself was moving into a back up plan, the Drules realizing if they couldn’t capture the towns, they’d not have enough hostages to demand the castle’s surrender. As it was, with just a handful of women in the holding cells, they knew that the ruler of Arus would not give up the planet for their freedom. They had needed more, and it was looking like they weren’t going to get it.

The back up plan would involve the armada that was currently hiding on Arus’ moons. Those ships would be called into action, full out war taking place on Arus. It was regrettable that the invasion would not be as peaceful as the Drule had initially hoped for. Lotor knew his father would be displeased by the thought of the Arusians fighting back, the King not wanting to lose potential slaves to war causalities. Nor would he like the thought of the land being scarred by fire, Zarkon having much hopes in using Arus as a food growing source to feed the ever growing Drule Empire.

Morduck was well aware of Zarkon’s desires, and the General had continued to make scornful faces, displeased that Lotor would not allow him to torture the women. Lotor had a feeling at this point Morduck wanted to hurt those prisoners more out of spite, his anger over the situation Lotor had caused making the General need an outlet to vent his frustration.

Lotor could understand that, even as he forbid Morduck doing as he pleased. Lotor could only wish that HE had some kind of outlet for relief, the prince not looking forward to returning to the cabin, and enduring another scene with Allura.

But eventually the meeting was called to a close, and though Lotor took another walk around the ship, he eventually had to face facts. He had to return to Allura, even if more heartache awaited him. He tried to steel himself for just that, Lotor letting out a deep exhale as he paused outside the cabin’s door. He wondered if Allura had used any of their time apart to think about their situation, and Lotor didn’t dare hope that she had had a change of heart.

Holding back a pained grimace, Lotor unlocked the door, and ducked inside the outer chamber of the cabin. Even as he pulled the doors closed behind him, his eyes were already sweeping over the room, taking in the sight of the untouched tray of pastries. She hadn’t seen fit to eat, and Lotor’s eyebrows raised in surprise as he spied Allura laying slumped over, her head resting on the table.

A glass was clutched in her hands, half full with a purplish pink berry wine. Some of it was splattered on the table, as though she had jostled the glass when she had fallen asleep. Concerned, Lotor went to check on her, and even before he lifted her head, he could smell the alcohol on her breath. His eyebrows raised, Lotor wondering just how much she had drank, the prince staring down at her sleeping face.

She looked so peaceful in the moment, the prince smiling wistfully. If only she could be this calm all the time, Lotor far more used to seeing his mate agitated and in distress. “What am I going to do with you…” He murmured softly, fingers playing against the thick braid of her hair. He’d rather she wear it loose, he’d be able to sink his fingers in all the better then.

She seemed to sigh in response to his soft spoken question, eyes showing rapid motion behind her closed eyelids. She was finally getting the sleep she needed, and he began to pull her out of the chair, cringing at every jostle came closer to waking her up.

The chair was no place for her to sleep, Lotor hoisting her into his arms, then cuddling her close to his chest. Her sweet scent was tainted by the alcohol, Lotor shaking his head ruefully as he began to walk towards the bed chamber. Allura’s arms went from dangling, the girl suddenly hugging him to her, Lotor holding back a gasp. Such a small thing, but it affected him, the prince wishing his mate would hold him when she was awake and sober.

He sighed as he used his hip to bump open the bedroom’s door, Lotor creeping forward so that his feet wouldn’t make too much sound. She shifted in his arms, and a glance down showed her eyes had opened, Allura staring dazed up at him. It left Lotor wondering if his mate was even aware of what was happening, the prince smiling rueful at her.

To his astonishment, she smiled back, a dazzling flash of true excitement. Allura actually looked happy to see him, and he wondered why. “Lotor…” She sighed out his name, at least confirming she was aware enough to know who he was. She gestured for him to put his face closer to hers, a bemused Lotor doing just that. And got the surprise of his life when she reached up with both hands, fingering his ears.

He had to fight to keep back a pleasured gasp, Lotor staring at her shocked. He was even more stunned when she whispered fiercely to him, eyes dreamy as she played with his ears. “I like your ears.” She followed those words up with a giggle, fingers brushing against the tips. “They’re so pointy and long!”

“And sensitive!” Lotor quickly added, trying not to show how affected he was becoming by her actions.

“Sensitive…” she repeated, then looked at him knowingly. “You’re shaking Lotor…..does it really feel that good?” He could only stare back at her, amazed that she had the perception to notice his trembling.

“It feels…” His fingers tightened on her back, Lotor gasping. “Wonderful.” She began to squirm about in his arms, and for the life of him he couldn’t figure out what she was doing. “Hold still Allura…” He said, barely remembering to resume his walk to the bed. “Let me just get you in bed…”

“Not sleepy!” She announced, and continuing trying to shift about, her hands slipping into his hair, the girl tugging on him. His grip slipped, Allura sliding into a different position before he grabbed her again, his mate putting her mouth near his ear. She actually breathed on him, warm breath ghosting along his ears. Lotor almost broke out into a sweat at that point, stumbling as he struggled with getting her back into a better carrying position.

“Hmm…sensitive…” Was it his imagination, or did she sounds mischievous in the moment.

“Yes, very…” Lotor agreed, Allura wrapping her arms around his shoulders, pressing tight against him. He was actually carrying her in a standing position, her legs dangling as she wiggled against him. He was very conscious of her breasts pressing into him, but lost all focus when she suddenly licked his left ear. “Allura!”

“Lotor!” She mimicked his tone precisely, then ruined the shocked effect with a giggle. “Your ears taste good.” She followed that up with another lick, and he shuddered, breath huffing out of him.

“It’s not nice to tease a man…” He managed to mutter, and then lost his footing when she tried to suck on the pointy tip of his ear. He wanted to blame the fall on his tripping over some stray piece of furniture, but knew everything was bolted down, the path to the bed clear. He had simply lost control of his legs when his mate pursed her lips around his ear’s tip, Lotor falling to the floor.

Of course he made sure to roll in such a way that his back took the brunt of the damage, Allura protected from harm in his arms. She seemed to barely notice they were on the floor, the girl too intent on his ear. For one brief moment he just lay there, too stunned by her actions to do anything but enjoy. Even as her lips suction sent desire shivering down his whole body, the feeling centering heat in his groin.

When he had to fight back his moan, Lotor realized he had to stop her, the prince beginning to urge Allura back from him. She didn’t go willingly, murmuring stuff about his taste, and how she wanted to eat him up, starting with his cute ears! He had to be more forceful than he liked, hands on her shoulders, pushing his mate back. She looked at him with a frown, brow furrowed, a question in her eyes.

He could only stare back, trying to remember why this was wrong, even as his body said it was so right. She was pushing against his hold, and then she shifted to straddle his hips, and Lotor moaned this time. She was sitting on a delicate part of his anatomy, her weight feeling delicious. She seemed to realize what effect she was having on him, Allura flashing him a wicked grin.

The Gods help him, but that grin made him nervous, even as his interest flickered into overdrive. Allura was no longer fighting his hand’s shove, instead she placed her hands on his chest then began smoothing them down towards his abdomen. He couldn’t help it, he arched his back, wanting to feel her hands press in harder.

“You’re so hard…” She commented, and for a startled second he thought she meant a certain part of his body. But she didn’t seem to notice what she was sitting on, though the Gods themselves wouldn’t be able to explain why. Not with his prick straining against his leathers, pants tenting against her. “There’s not a soft spot on you, is there Lotor?”

He stammered out some noises, his tongue not wanting to work as his mate continued to rub up and down his front. He could remember wanting her to touch him, pretty much begging her to show him even the slightest bit of affection. She had been shy and timid then, touch hesitant on his body. Here she was bold, determined, hands moving in ways that felt amazing.

He couldn’t helped it, Lotor began to purr, the sound rumbling out of his throat. Allura squealed in delight, and pushed against his relaxing hands. “You’re like a big kitty cat…you just melt at a good rubbing.”

“I do just the opposite of melting…” He managed to mutter, Allura shifting her weight more firmly on his cock. He was intimately aware of her every move, and the position they found themselves in was rapidly making all the blood leave his brain.

Struggling with himself, he pushed her back more firmly, Allura getting a pouty look on her face. She didn’t like that he was trying to restrain her, the girl complaining loudly that he was ruining her fun. Lotor knew he could be content to let her run wild, if not for the awareness of the wine on her breath. Once again he wondered how much she had drank, and with so little in her stomach too!

“You’re completely snookered.” He said out loud, and her look turned to confusion, the girl not understanding him. “Drunk Allura. You’re drunk!” She erupted into a fit of giggles, the sound holding a musical note to it.

“Uh uh!” She shook her head, leaning back on her knees. “All I had was that delicious, delicious berry juice.”

“It’s not juice Allura! It’s wine…and obviously too potent for a human.” Added Lotor, watching as Allura picked up his right hand, turning it over to study his palm. A look of concentration edged her features, Allura grazing her fingertips over his skin. He was watching her when she looked up, a coy smile curling the corners of her mouth.

“I liked when you sucked on my fingers…” Came her surprising confession, Allura hovering her mouth over the tip of his one finger. Her lips twitched, smile increasing in brilliance. “It was hot.”

“Hot?” He repeated, bemused. She hadn’t touched her mouth to his finger, just teasing him with the promise of it’s warmth.

“Hot.” Confirmed Allura, and wiggled in place a top him. He stifled a moan, head rocking back though he did not close his eyes, unable to stop staring at his mate. His wonderfully, seductive mate whose smile promised mischief and delight if he would just let her run wild. He struggled to remember why that wouldn’t be a good idea, his brain hissing furiously that she was drunk.

Instead of taking his finger into her mouth, she moved his hand, pressing it against her cheek. She sighed then, eyes fluttering close, that wicked smile still on her face. Lotor didn’t dare moved his fingers, though he was desperate to stroke her soft skin.

Her other hand began moving, drawing absentminded circles over his tunic. He shivered in delight, and she felt it, Allura snapping her eyes open to smirk down at him. He wondered what trouble that smirk promised him, her hand going lower. Lotor gasped in surprise when she grabbed hold of his belt buckle, fingers far too nimble for one who had drank as much as she had.

With a popping of a click, the belt came undone, tunic loosening around him. She smiled victoriously, and tried jerking up his tunic, Lotor grabbing both her wrists to stop her. Allura let out a frustrated whine, struggling against his hold, her actions such he thought he would hurt her in his efforts to restrain her.

“What are you doing Allura?” Lotor demanded, and in a child like voice she whined.

“Wanna see!”

“Want to see what?” He asked, and stared at him.

“Want to know if you’re blue all over.” Was that his heart hammering in his ears? His grip slipped, and she succeeded in yanking his tunic up high on his chest, Allura gazing down at his bared skin. It wasn’t the first time she had seen him without a shirt on, but this time she looked at him not with fear but with admiration. He reacted to that look. Lotor feeling pride that his mate liked what she saw.

The pride quickly turned to flustered emotion when she made a grab for the waist of his pants, Allura lifting her hips as she attempted to jerk the leather down. “Allura!” He cried out his mate’s name, and grabbed at her hands, a comical fight breaking out over keeping his pants in place. Such was his flustered state, that he floundered, part of him tempted to give in and let his mate see him in all his naked glory.

Allura was making sound, little aggravated hisses as she tried to get his pants down further. If they kept it up, the fabric would end up ripping, the choice to disrobe taken out of his hands.

With one hand on his waistband, he used his other to shove her off him, Allura toppling backwards with a cry. He froze at that sound, staring upwards, thinking he had done something unforgivable. He had pushed his mate away, something he thought he would never, ever do. “Allura….”

“You’re no fun.” Came her petulant voice, followed with a thud. He sat up on his elbows, and spied her a few inches away, one of her white boots kicked off onto the floor. She was already in the process of pulling the other one off, the girl wiggling her toes at him.

“I’m plenty fun.” She made a rude noise to that, and got up on her knees. “I am!” Lotor insisted. She cast a look over her shoulder, as though daring him to prove it. When he made no move towards her, she sighed, and unbuckled her belt. Before he could even think to stop her, she had her shirt off, the girl climbing awkwardly to her feet.

Lotor also rose, eyes huge as he stared at her clad in her bra. She didn’t try to hide from him, and his breath caught in his throat. His mate gave new meaning to the word breathtaking, Lotor mumbling like a fool. “You are beautiful…”

She smiled at him, and was reaching for the waist of her pants, Allura starting to jerk them down. “What are you doing?” Lotor asked, unable to turn away.

“Getting ready for bed.” She announced, and kicked off her pants the rest of the way.

“Good.” Lotor said, though he was unable to relax. “Some rest will help you sleep off the wine.”

“Who said anything about sleep?” His mate batted her eyes flirtatiously at him, hands reaching behind her back. He realized her intent, and he froze for a half a second, enough time for her to unhook her bra. He was turning, presenting her with his back before she got her breasts uncovered, Lotor swallowing nervously.

“Look at me Lotor…” She ordered, and he heard a soft rustle of fabric.

“I shouldn’t.” Lotor said, though he was fighting with himself, sweat beading on his brow. He wanted nothing more than to stop and stare, to savor the moment as he looked over every nook and cranny of her body. But he knew it wasn’t right, not when her mind was clouded with drink, making her do things that weren’t like her.

“I know you want me…” Allura continued, and he could hear her padding about on bare feet. But she wasn’t coming towards him, which made him tighten his resolve to behave and be a gentleman.

“Yes…yes I do…” Lotor agreed, and heard her cry out an order.

“Then look at me!”

“I’ll lose control if I do…” Lotor said, voice tight with fear. He heard the soft groan of the bed, Allura having climbed onto it. He never thought he’d be praying for an overly amorous woman, let alone his mate, to go to sleep. But he did now, hoping she’d pass out before she did any more unknowing damage to him.

“I’m so hot…” Allura moaned, and he twitched in place.

“It’s surely because of what you drank.” He said stoically.

“Lotor I ache…” He told himself not to get interested in what she was saying, and to above all not turn to the bed. “I…I need you. I need you to stop the ache…” Funny that, for it was the same thing he wanted to say to her, Lotor knowing he ached for Allura with every part of his being. But he didn’t feel victorious now, finding her words were hollow, and calculated to draw him into her trap.

She moaned again, and he heard movement from the bed, Lotor fighting not to turn. “Hmmm….” She purred seductively, tempting him with her sultry tones. “Feels good when I touch myself…” He almost let out a moan of his own, Lotor clenching fists at his sides. “It’d be better if you were here…”

She was an absolute temptress when she was drunk, of that he had no doubt, Lotor listening to her pretty gasps and sexual moans. Each sound of hers, and the imagination of what she was doing, had shivers going down his body. His cock continued to cry out for her, and he was nearly lost when she let out a surprised sound.

“I’m so wet…”

He turned to look at her, and was hit in the face with flimsy fabric. He blinked, snatching at it, realizing it was her panties. That knowledge faded to the back of his mind, Lotor’s eyes locking onto his naked mate on the center of his bed. She was perfect and gorgeous, and pure temptation in the moment. Everything he could ever want in a mate. And she was looking at him so needfully, her arm stretched out towards him.

He was a fool to think he could resist this, Lotor walking to her. His own arm extended forward, their fingers touching before he grabbed hold of her hand. With a strong pull he dragged her to the foot of the bed, Lotor bending to kiss her, nothing held back. His mind’s voice screamed in his head, shouting at how right it felt to be kissing his mate.

She wasn’t docile against him, Allura running her hands up under his tunic, to touch his chest directly. Her tongue pushed inside his mouth, his mate fighting for control of the kiss. He wouldn’t give it to her, exerting his dominance in this regard, twining tongues around each other as they both moaned.

Kissing her was one of the sweetest things ever, but Lotor had to remind himself of his purpose. His hand strayed behind the nape of her neck, Lotor sweating bullets as he concentrated on seeking out a nerve. His fingers found it, and hesitated, Lotor promising himself just one more minute of this bliss. A minute turned into another, and another, Allura kissing along his jaw line now.

With a gasped out curse, he pinched her, arms ready to catch her as she slumped downwards. A betrayed look was on her face, but it was nowhere near the look she would wear if she woke tomorrow and found out he had taken her while she was in this drunken state.

It didn’t stop him from moaning mournfully, missing what had almost been. He smoothed back her bangs from her face, and shifted her enough to stare down the line of her body. His cock gave a lurch, it’s reminder telling him he was a fool. Lotor agreed, even as he lay her down, the prince pulling off his tunic to put on Allura. Once he had her dressed, he shifted her to the center of the bed, Lotor petting her hair one last time. “This is for the best.” He whispered, wishing he could sound more convincing of it to himself.

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