Attraction 15

Allura woke to a buzzing in her brain, her head pounding with the force of a sledgehammer. The dim lighting of the room did nothing to help matters, Allura swearing it was too bright for her eyes regardless of the true intensity of the lights. She wasn’t sure why she was so sick, Allura squinting, trying to decide if the room was really spinning or if that was her own imagination that caused that effect.

The spinning effect was too much for her, Allura quickly closing her eyes with a whimper. At that sound, something tightened across her waist, Allura freezing in reaction. It didn’t stop new sensations from rising to her awareness, Allura realizing she was laying on her side, her back warm, huddled against something solid. She almost whimpered again, Allura pleading silently to not let that object be what she thought it was.

Or rather who, Allura risking open her eyes to glance down her body. A blue arm was wrapped across her waist, holding her securely in place. The lack of sleeve let her know the man wasn’t wearing a shirt, and she could only pray that the rest of him was in fact dressed.

Thankfully, Allura noted she had something on, the black and red tunic that was one of many identical uniforms her Drule captor had. She didn’t remember putting it on though, and she struggled to search her memories of what had happened the night before. It made her head hurt harder, but bit by bit, glimmers of moments came to her, and the sheer embarrassment of her actions had Allura moaning loudly.

“Shhhh….” Came Lotor’s whisper behind her, his hand reaching to touch her braided hair.

She moaned again, the sound just as distressed as the first one, Allura hardly wanting to take comfort from the Drule. Especially with the memories she could recall, the girl remembering being in his arms, of reaching up and touching his ears. Of doing more than just that, of actually putting her mouth on one and sucking obscenely. Her face grew heated, that wasn’t all she remembered, flashes of Allura straddling the Drule prince, touching him in places she had no business touching.

And then came the moment she remembered taking her clothes off before him, of laying in his bed touching herself. Of calling to him with a voice so different from her normal tones, wanting him to join her. “Oh God!” Allura cried out, her mind desperately trying to recall if he had.

“Allura, it’s okay…” Lotor began, his voice deceptively calm.

“Oh God!” She repeated, wondering how it could be anything but! She began struggling, trying to pull away from his body. He quickly adjusted his grip, holding onto her with both arms now. Another memory came to her, of his strong hands on her shoulders, holding her back. Her eyes widened as she realized he had even gone so far as to shove her away, the Drule having wanted to keep her from doing anything foolish.

He hadn’t succeeded, Allura remembering just about everything she had said and done in the moment. Mortification bloomed within her, and for a second Allura thought she would be ill, recalling the blatant strip tease she had done for the prince. Never had she been naked before a man, she had never even gone swimming in something as indecent as a bikini. And now Lotor had seen everything, no spot left unmarked by his stare.

“No….” She moaned, wondering what had kept him from pouncing on her. Allura felt it would have served her right if he had taken her, used her to soothe the needs and desires of his body. And all because she had been so drunkenly stupid to tease him!

“It’s all right Allura….” Lotor was saying, his arms both pinning her and hugging her to him. “Nothing happened last night!”

“How can you say that?!” She demanded, trying to twist free. “After all….Lotor, I sucked your ears!” She turned red at what she had said, but also at the memory, Allura recalling just how much Lotor had enjoyed that action of hers.

Lotor was quiet behind her, but she felt him shaking, Allura frowning. Was he remembering that moment? She shifted in his hold, his arms loosening as he shook. One look at his face gave her the answer to her unspoken question, Allura gaping to see him trying to hold in his laughter, and failing.

“Lotor it’s not funny!” She cried plaintively.

He tried to sober, but a few, stray chuckles escaped him anyway. “Forgive me Allura…but I think we should be thankful ear sucking is as far you went last night.”

She was hardly appeased by his words, Allura turning redder as she imagined just what else she could have tried to suck. What’s worse, she could easily imagine herself doing something worse, Allura remembering how she had tried to pull off his clothes. And all because she wanted to know if he was blue all over!

“Why did you stop me?” Her voice whispered softly, Allura staring into his eyes. “I would have been yours for the taking….”

“It would have been wrong.” His gaze turned serious, Lotor not looking away as he answered.

“Wrong?” She asked sharply, wanting, needing him to clarify why he felt that way.

“You weren’t yourself Allura.” Lotor explained with a sigh. “You had been drinking heavily…”

“That juice was really delicious…” She murmured an interruption, recalling how she hadn’t been able to get enough. “I wish I had known it had liquor in it.”

“If I had known you were going to drink so much of it, and on an empty stomach, I would have never left the bottle there!” Lotor exclaimed.

“What do you care if I drink myself silly?” Allura wanted to know. “If anything, my attitude towards you was a lot nicer than what you’ve been getting….”

Lotor fixed her with a look, expression hard. “It wasn’t easy, dealing with you in that state. With seeing you like that. You affected me….and you knew that you did…”

Her blush had been fading, now heat flared in her cheeks once more, Allura looking away. Another memory came to her, of straddling Lotor, resting her weight right on his crotch. He had clearly been aroused, straining into the leather of his pants. She could remember doing more than just sitting, she had wiggled in place a top his erection, finding cruel delight in teasing him so.

But it hadn’t just been teasing, not by the end of it. She had wanted more, would have given herself to him eagerly. Then and there Allura made a vow to never drink again, and certainly not of strange berry juices aboard a Drule warship.

“I…” A shaky breath, Allura having to exhale before she could get the apology out. “I’m sorry…” Lotor looked surprised to hear that, his mouth opened and closed, words stuck in his throat. “It was wrong of me to do that…to tease you…”

A slow nod of his head, Lotor speaking. “I could have handled the teasing…if I had known the outcome could have been different.” He sighed then, his hand raising up high enough to play with her braid. “You were hitting all my triggers, you know that Allura?”


“Any more and I don’t know how I would have been able to resist you…” He continued. “It pained me to have to render you unconscious, but it was the only thing I could think of to stop this from going any further…!”

He had been respectful of her, perhaps more than she deserved, Allura staring at him for a long moment. Enough time for Lotor to shift, growing uneasy with her serious gaze. “Thank you.” She said at last, Allura risking touching high on his arm. “I don’t imagine last night was any easier for you than it is now for me to reflect on my actions.”

“It wasn’t.” Lotor agreed. “You have no idea how strong the urge is to be with you. It’s enough to make me go out of my mind and that’s before you started acting that way! You were being everything a man could want in a mate, nice and inviting, seductive and teasing…”

“A lot different from how I normally am towards you…” A flushed Allura said.

“I got a taste of how things could be between us…” continued Lotor. “And I hope that someday you won’t need wines to make you relax in that manner!”

“I’m not normally like that…really…” a blushing Allura insisted. “It was just the wine making me wild….I mean I wouldn’t have wanted you…” She quickly gasped, hands flying up to her mouth. “I didn’t mean it like that!”

“You speak without thinking on the effect it will have on me!” Lotor grumbled, letting go of her. He slowly sat up, and she did too, feeling the room spin around dizzily. “But you’re wrong about one thing…”

“OH?” She was absentminded, Allura trying to settle the unease of her stomach.

“The wine couldn’t have made you want me…it just amplified feelings you already have.” She frowned at that, ready to shake her head no. His serious look would have been ruined by a smile, Lotor continuing. “There’s a part of you that reacts to me Allura. It’s buried deep in your subconscious, where you’re not willing to examine it. But it manifests itself in dreams, and even when your inhibitions have been lowered by drink.”

“No….” She denied with a shake of her head. “It’s just some Drule trick making me this way…”

“It wasn’t a trick that made you kiss me.” Lotor retorted. “I don’t know enough about humans, certainly not to know about how the mating bond works with one as a Drule’s mate. But I’m coming to believe that on some level, deep though it is, a part of you is recognizing me. Is recognizing our bond. It gives me renewed hope where I was starting to have none.”

“Renewed hope…” She echoed thoughtfully. “Does that mean you were ready to give up on me?”

“Never that.” Lotor quickly answered. “I could never do that, could never even think of considering such a thing! But…”

“But what?” She prodded, not liking that he had fallen silent.

“It hurts.” He said it simply, his lids lowering to veil his eyes. She frowned, not sure she wanted to understand.

“What hurts? Your ego?” She asked, and he flashed her a wounded look.

“My heart…” He took her hand, and pressed it over his chest, right onto where his heart lay beneath his skin. Allura kept her hand still, staring at Lotor’s face, searching his expression for truth. What’s worse she found it, Lotor letting raw honestly blossom on his face. “You can’t imagine what your rejections are doing to me…how they hurt me.”

“I don’t mean too…not really..” Allura said softly. “I’m only trying to protect myself…”

“Ah, but from you I have no protection…” Lotor said sadly. “I can’t close myself to you, can’t guard against your words and reactions. They sting, and they burn hotter than the most potent of poisons.” He was still holding her hand trapped against him as he talked. “Allura, you’re breaking my heart and you don’t even realize what it is you’re doing!”

She lowered her eyes, shaken by his words. “I…I’m sorry.” The words didn’t sound good enough, feeling as though they weren’t capable of being the soothing balm he needed for his pain. What’s more, she now knew she would hurt him again, and all because Allura knew she couldn’t give herself to him. Couldn’t be what he wanted,
what he needed.

He let go of her hand, Allura slow to withdraw it from his skin. She noticed he didn’t accept her apology, and risking a glance at his face showed him staring at her, gaze almost painful to look at.

She did the only thing she could do to protected herself from the look in his eyes, she turned away, hearing him sigh. “We’re just hurting each other…” She said it softly, not really intending for him to hear.

He heard all the same, Lotor saying, “That we are.”

“So where do we go from here?” She wanted to know. She could almost imagine him shrugging his shoulders, the prince’s frustration and hurt rolled up into one.

“For now?” Lotor asked, and she nodded. “Right now we need to eat something. Perhaps then things will feel better once our stomachs are full.” But he sounded doubtful of that, as though Lotor was beginning to realize nothing could make things better between them.

The bed creaked and shook as he inched towards the edge, and Allura had the sudden need to stop him from going. Or to at least keep things from ending on such a depressed note. “Lotor…I mean it when I say thank you.” She turned to glance over her shoulder at him, the prince looking towards her. “You went against your desires for us to respect my feelings on the matter. I can’t begin to say how much that means to me that you cared enough to stop me…”

“Of course I care!” He replied, heat lacing his words. “I care more than you are willing to face…” A pause, Lotor running both hands through his hair. “And there’s no need to thank my for doing what is right for my mate…”

“But still I want too.” Allura insisted. “That you did it without wanting thanks…it just raised up my opinion of you.” He seemed embarrassed by that, Lotor giving her a nod. “Now….how about some breakfast?”

“Breakfast sounds good.” He said, watching as she crawled unsteadily towards the bed’s edge. He was there to catch her when she tried to stand, Allura finding the room gave a lurch that nearly had her falling to the floor. “Are you sure you’re up to eating?” Lotor asked worriedly.

“I’ll be fine….just a little dizzy…” She confessed. She tried to move again, and the room spun about, Allura sheepishly admitting the following. “Okay, a LOT dizzy!” Lotor responded by scooping her up in his arms, the room spinning fast at the motion he caused in her. “I could use something for a headache too.” Allura added, as Lotor began carrying her towards the bedroom’s exit.

“I’ll put a call in to the ship’s doctor.” Lotor said, adjusting his grip on her long enough to open the door. “With a ship full of soldiers, he’s bound to have a few remedies for hangovers available.”

“Thank you. I’m relieved to hear it.” Allura told him, watching as Lotor carried her into the outer chamber. They only got a few steps into the room, the prince heading for the table when the door to the cabin was forcefully swung open. She couldn’t stop from gasping, especially when she felt Lotor tense up, soldiers bursting into the room. They were armed, rifles casually held in their hands, though they weren’t pointed at Allura and the prince.

But the message was clear, a threat in the air, as Lotor quickly lowered Allura to the floor. She didn’t have time to think past the fear, not noticing that her headache seemed to dull it’s level of pain. Lotor was already dragging her behind him, the prince placing himself in direct line of danger. She touched his back, needing that comfort as she trembled behind him.

Before Lotor could do more than growl, a new man entered the room. It was that Drule she had seen before, the ugly one that wanted to torture her cousin and her friends. She didn’t know his name, nor did Allura like the look of smug satisfaction on his face.

“Morduck!” Lotor snarled out the Drule’s name, his hands clenching into fists. She realized Lotor must feel helpless in the face of those weapons, after all he did not have his sword on him, having come straight from bed. But what could a sword hope to do against laser fire, Allura wondered. “What is the meaning of this?!”

“Prince Lotor.” Morduck’s tone was mocking instead of respectful, as was the slight bow he gave the prince. “I am here by stripping you of your command.”

“What?” A hissed out breath from Lotor, and then he was all growls and snarls. “On whose authority?!”

A smile from Morduck, the Drule enjoying this moment. “On your father’s.”

For one instant Lotor went still, hands uncurling from their fists. “You bastard!” he spat, taking an aggressive step forward.

“Uh uh uh!” tsked Morduck, a gesture from him having the soldiers turn their rifles on Lotor. “Do control your temper your highness. These weapons are set to stun, but they still pack quite a punch.”

“Lotor…” Allura whispered, hoping her voice would calm the Drule enough to keep him from getting shot. “Don’t…”

“Listen to your mate.” Morduck advised, crossing his arms over his chest. “At the very least she’ll keep you from getting shot.”

“When did you call my father?” Lotor demanded, his tone such that Allura was glad she couldn’t see his face. “For that matter, WHY did you call him? I had this mission under control, everything would precede smoothly if you just let me…”

“But that’s just it, you did not have things under control!” Anger was in Morduck’s voice now, the man hissing. “This mission is just a step away from going to hell in a basket, and all because you are distracted!”

“I was managing!” Lotor sounded defensive, even in his anger.

“You should have done more than just manage! We needed you at your full capacity, with your attention one hundred percent on this invasion! Sire, you should have stepped down immediately when you realized you had found your mate. Instead you forced me to act. And not just me!” A nasty smile was on Morduck’s face now. “The other saw how distracted you were at the strategy meeting yesterday. We all talked about it…and agreed. You needed to be removed from this mission.”

“You went behind my back, not just to my father, but to the others below me in command?” Lotor growled, his hands flexing into fists once more.

“I did what was necessary, what is for the good of the mission, and the Empire itself!” Morduck held his head high, a proud gleam in his cold eyes. “That girl’s got you twisted in knots if you can’t see it.”

“Leave Allura out of this!” Lotor snapped back.

“I would like nothing more.” Retorted Morduck. He hadn’t even looked towards Allura one time, his attention all for Lotor.

“Give me back my command!” Lotor’s words had Morduck snorting in amusement. “Damn it, I outrank you. I am your prince!”

“On this ship, I am in command. You are hereby relegated to that of civilian status, and as such your orders no longer overrule mine.” A smirk then. “You have your father to thank for that.”

“Oh trust me, my father and I will have words.” Lotor hissed. “And when this is over with General, I will have your head!”

“That’s Commander now.” Morduck corrected him, though he appeared shaken by the prince’s threats. He reached up to dust at the collar of his uniform, expression mild.

“I won’t forget this.” Lotor vowed. “No one betrays me and lives to boast about it.”

“I’m sure in time you will see the wisdom in your father and mine’s actions.” Morduck turned to leave, the soldiers tensing up, weapons aimed at the prince.

“This is not over with!” Lotor shouted, and Morduck paused.

“Ah but it is.” He cast a glance at Lotor, smirking. “Do take this time to appreciate what I have given you. You’ll be able to be free to bond with your mate, no more interruptions or dividing of your attention. Things will be as it should be between you two.”

“Damn it Morduck…” Lotor snarled. “Don’t think you’ll get me to forget so easily!” Morduck merely laughed and walked out the room, the soldiers following one by one. Few if any actually met Lotor’s gaze, but the ones that did looked apologetic, surely sympathizing with their prince.

The door slammed shut, and with it came the sounds of it being locked. The message was clear, they would not be leaving the cabin anytime soon. Lotor charged the door, and violently slammed his fist into the metal, wringing out a sharp curse as he jerked back from it. Allura flinched, not at the curse, but the apparent pain he had caused himself.

She cautiously approached him, making sure her bare feet made some sort of noise so that he wouldn’t think she was sneaking up on him. “Lotor…” He turned when she touched his arm, the prince’s expression stormy. “I’m so sorry…” She knew it was because of her that they had done this to him, and she actually felt bad about it. But more than that, she worried about Arus, and what it would mean to have that nasty man in command of the invasion.

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  1. oh my, you’ve more than doubled the length of the story – but what a place to leave it! I was thinking a few earlier places would have been natural stopping points (end of Ch. 12, and esp. end of Ch. 14). But this just leaves me salivating for more! I don’t want to be greedy, since you’ve provided us with such a meaty update. But I can’t wait to read what happens next…

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