Attraction 22

It was good to be back home, to be among friends and family, to be able to shower without fear, and most of all to change out of her dirty and wrinkled dress suit. She hadn’t even tried to salvage the outfit, tossing it into the garbage the instant she had removed it. She only wished her hair was as easy to attend to, the blonde strands having grown tangled even though she had worn a braid to prevent just that.

Still she made an attempt at straightening it, working the brush and comb furiously though her waist length mane. It wasn’t until she got the worst of it untangled, that Allura allowed herself to sleep, the girl snuggling under the blankets. She was so grateful to be in her own bed, to be surrounded by her things, and most of all, to be wearing something that didn’t belong to Lotor!

And yet, she didn’t fall asleep, Allura tossing and turning in bed, a frown on her face. For some reason everything felt wrong about this situation, and she couldn’t put her finger on why. At least, not until she rolled over, and came across a body, warm and hard, and decidedly male. She was gasping his name before she opened her eyes, growing warm at the sound of his throaty chuckle in response.

“Lotor!” She squeaked out again, but made no attempt to roll away from him. “What are you doing here? How did you get in?” The bedroom doors was locked, she was sure of it. And yet here he was, undeniably in the flesh.

“Now Allura…” Lotor purred, hand reaching to cup the side of her face. “You should know by now a locked door isn’t enough to keep me away from my mate.”

She didn’t want to accept that answer, Allura starting to tremble at the sensations his stroking fingers caused in her. “The window then?” She stared into his eyes, but they betrayed nothing of how he had done it. It made her want to frown, Allura knowing there was only so many ways he could have broken into her room.

“I missed you Allura.” Lotor said, and gathered her up close to his body. Her eyes widened as she realized he wore very little under the sheets, her trembling increasing in strength.

“It’s only been a few hours…” She replied, trying to ignore the feel of him against the thin silk of her nightgown. “You couldn’t possibly have missed me yet.”

“Ah but I do…” His look was serious, his arms inescapable. “I feel every minute of our separation. It is a dull throbbing pain that cannot be alleviated by anything save but the sight of you.”

“Fine, you’ve seen me.” Allura retorted, trying to sound mad. “Now go back to your room.”

He shook his head, smile still playing on his lips. “One look cannot possibly satisfy me.” His fingers stroked down to her mouth, lightly running across her lips, Lotor staring at them. “One look, one touch, it can never be enough….”

“Lotor…” It was difficult to talk with his thumb rubbing across her bottom lip.

“Allura.” He was almost mocking, saying her name with the same intensity she had said his. “Don’t you get tired of this?”


“This cat and mouse game between us.” He explained. “This playing at being indifferent to me.”

“I’m not playing…” She whispered, and he smiled.

“Ah but that is a lie. And no matter how beautiful the voice that does it is, a lie still hurts everyone around it.” He was actually chiding her, and she felt a twist of emotion, reacting to those words.

“I hurt you when I say things like that?” She asked, watching as he nodded. She flushed, unhappy with the idea, and risked touching his arm. “I’m sorry.” Allura said, truly meaning it. “I don’t mean to…”

“You mean to push me away…” Lotor pointed out, capturing her hand with his. He pressed it over his chest, Allura conscious of his bare flesh, and of the warmth he let off. “You cannot succeed…but you can bring me pain.” A glance upwards showed his earnest expression, his eyes fixated on her face. “Allura, stop fighting me. Stop fighting the attraction between us…”

“I…I don’t know how…” Allura admitted, for once not denying that an attraction did exist.

“It’s easy.” Lotor smiled at her, shifting them both so that their faces were even. “And all you have to do is let go….to give in to the feelings you are experiencing…”

“The feelings…” She nervously licked her lips, not failing to see how his eyes darkened in response to that action.

“What do you want to do right now Allura?” His voice was a husky question, Lotor laying on his side, and making no move towards her. “What do you want me to do?”

“What I want?” She said it slowly, as though she did not understand. A slight nod from him, and then she sighed, leaning towards his face. “This…” It was a sweet kiss, gentle though it held the promise of so much more. Lotor’s lips fluttered against hers, she could feel the struggle in him not to lose control and devour her from the mouth down. Such a show of control moved her to do what he tried to deny them, Allura pressing her lips harder against his.

Someone gasped, and then their mouths opened, fitting together in desperate need. Allura’s hands were free to roam, and she ran them over his back, feeling his flawless skin and tangling fingers into his long hair. She pulled on that hair, holding him trapped against her, Allura making low whining sounds as she ate at his mouth. His arms came around her, Lotor rolling them around on the bed, the blankets tangling around them.

Allura moaned wordlessly into the kiss, and hooked her right leg over his hip, doing a desperate grind that had Lotor responding with crazed sounds of his own. The blanket was a barrier between them, and she wanted it gone, Allura pulling back enough to whisper against his mouth. “The blanket…get rid of it now…” And then she resumed kissing him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth to take possession of him.

Lotor loosened his hold on her long enough for his hands to grip the blanket, and with a mighty jerk, the heavy fabric was ripping free in pieces. Together they kicked off the remnants that were tangled around their legs, Lotor’s hand landing on her hip, fingers bunching up the material of her nightgown. It was long, dangling several inches past her knee, but Lotor hauled the gown up, revealing her legs.

She sighed and cooed as his strong hands rubbed up and down her bared thighs. He massaged desperate need into her, Allura growing hotter yet, and finding moisture beginning to pool between her legs. She wasn’t the only one to notice, Lotor’s nostrils were flaring, his eyes taking on a crazed look to them. She should have been mortified that he could smell her arousal, instead it only turned her on, Allura goading him higher by parting her legs.

She heard the sound of fabric tearing, Lotor’s nails ripping open the crotch of her panties. She wiggled against his fingers, wanting him to sink them into her creamy depths. She cried out in disappointment when he did not do as she desired, Lotor teasing her with careful strokes that never came close to the penetration she craved.

“More!” Allura cried, and resumed kissing him, feverish in the moment. She heard him say something, but it was muffled by her lips. Her hips wiggled and writhed on the bed, and once again Lotor tired to say something to her, his voice a loud shout of sound that had her startled.

“Lotor?” She pulled back uncertainly, watching him as he opened his mouth to tell her something. More than one voice came out, angry and unintelligible, and it was then that she realized she was dreaming. The realization had her rocketing upwards, Allura sitting straight up in bed with a gasp. Her blankets were kicked off on the floor, and the bed sheets held tears in them, great rips from her nails scratching across the mattress.

She was shaking, a fine sheen of sweat on her skin, body hot and tingling with need. There was no Lotor in her bed, and she didn’t know if she should be grateful or not, Allura letting out a soft groan of frustration. She wondered what time it was, even as Allura wondered if she dare go back to sleep and risk having another one of those all too real dreams about Lotor.

She hugged her arms around her, and felt her nipples beading into the thin silk of her nightgown. Her entire body seem intent on making her ready for Lotor, and she didn’t like that one bit. Allura growled softly under her breath, muttering something about taking a cold shower to cool down when she heard it. Shouts that seemed to echo the end of her dream, more than one angry voice snarling words that were muffled through the walls of her bedroom.

The voices were familiar, almost before she realized what she had done, she was at the door of her bedroom. She unlocked and yanked open the door, shouts escaping her as the voices were magnified. “Lotor!” Allura paused in the doorway, gasping at the scene in the hall. He was there, still clad in his commander’s uniform, though it appeared ripped in several places. She wondered at the cause of it, even as she noticed the man he was currently slamming into the wall across from her door.

The young man had a mullet’s length of coarse, black hair. It stood out in startling contrast against the predominately white spandex of his uniform. Slashes of red broke up that expanse of white, the color far more vibrant a shade than the blood that trickled out the corner of his mouth. His hands were locked on the Drule’s forearms, the man struggling to get free. He was no match for the brute strength of the Drule, Lotor slamming him several more times against the wall.

Each slam rocked the man’s head back, with enough force to make a cracking sound. Allura cringed at this, and was shouting again. “Lotor! Stop!” She was already running towards the pair, arms outstretched in a silent plea.

Lotor froze at the sound of her voice, keeping the man pinned against the wall. “Allura?”

“Lotor, what are you doing?” She demanded, watching as he turned to glance over his shoulder at her. She gasped to see he too had blood on his lip, and for a second she almost forgot her upset over his violence. “What happened?” She asked, and Lotor shoved the man harder against the wall.

“This..” A hesitation, Allura wondering what word Lotor had wanted to use. “This HUMAN attacked me.”

“He attacked you?” Allura asked, and glanced at the struggling man. “Keith, is that true?”

“He was lurking outside your room Allura!” The young man wheezed out a breathless retort. “He looked like he was plotting something!”

“So you just attack him?” Allura cried in disbelief.

“I only meant to strong arm him down to the dungeons…” Keith sounded defensive. “Then this DRULE went berserk on me.”

“Trust me human.” Lotor sneered, his words coming out in a slow hiss. ‘If this Drule had really gone as berserk as you accuse me of, you wouldn’t even be alive right now.”

“So you admit you’re dangerous.” Keith shot back, and Lotor growled.

“That’s enough!” Allura snapped. “Lotor, put Keith down.” He hesitated, and she touched his arm just above where Keith’s hand lay. “Please!”

“Fine.” Lotor sounded sullen in the moment, abruptly releasing Keith so that the man hit the floor hard. But the spandex clad youth didn’t stay down for long, hopping
up to his feet, his fists held up before him. “You still want a go at it?” Lotor demanded, and Keith glared at him.

“You took me by surprise Drule. You won’t get a second chance to do it!”

“Funny that…” Lotor smirked. “If anything, you were the one who snuck up on me. And that didn’t go very well for you, did it?” Keith’s eyes darkened in anger, he looked very much like he wanted to take another swing at the prince.

“Keith, stand down.” Allura quickly ordered. He was still tense, but he lowered his fists. “Lotor, why were you outside my room?” He just looked at her, as if daring her to guess at his reasons. She started to blush, and had a horrible thought, wondering if he had known what she had been dreaming about.

“Why does this Drule have free access to this floor?” Keith demanded, a scowl on his face. He had noticed her blush, and wasn’t happy about it one bit.

“Why do you?” demanded Lotor, glaring back at Keith.

“I have more reason to be here than you!” Keith retorted. “One I live here. Two, I am in charge of this planet’s defense. Three, Allura is my friend.”

“I think Allura needs to develop better taste in friends.” Grumbled Lotor. “Allura? Do you want to tell him, or should I?”

“Tell him?” She purposefully looked blank, fearing what Lotor meant. He gave her a look, eyes showing he knew she was playing dumb.

“Tell me what?” Keith wanted to know, and Lotor’s lips started to curve upwards.

“Allura is my ma…”

“Lotor is a guest of mine.” She all but shouted over his words, desperate to keep him from spouting any of that mate nonsense. “He helped save me and the other missing women from the Drule.” She kept quiet that they wouldn’t have been captured in the first place if not for Lotor. “He’s a hero.” Allura added when Keith did not look impressed.

“A hero eh?” Keith gave Lotor the once over, his expression remaining angry. “That remains to be seen.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Just one good deed doesn’t erase a multitude of sins the Drule have committed.” Answered Keith, and Lotor grew even angrier.

“I went against my own people! I’ve done things that would have me branded a traitor! I will not have you looking down on me!”

“That’s just it. If you can turn against your own kind, you can easily turn against us.” Keith retorted. “Honestly Princess. I wouldn’t put much faith in this Drule. Especially one as underhanded as he is!”

“Underhanded?!” Lotor growled, and Allura quickly touched his arm to prevent him from stepping towards Keith.

“Keith, you are being disrespectful to a guest of mine.” Allura admonished.

“Sorry princess, but it’ll take a lot more than one rescue for him to earn my respect!” retorted an unapologetic Keith.

“If you can’t be civil, then leave.” Allura said. “I’m sure Coran can find something else for you to do.” Keith looked shocked at what she had said, the man sputtering a protest.

“Allura no!”

“That’s princess Allura to you!” Lotor interjected with a growl. “And when she gives you an order, it is to be obeyed immediately.” The two men locked eyes, she could feel the weight of the challenge they were giving each other.

“Lotor….why were you outside my door?” Allura asked, trying to diffuse the situation.

“I wanted…needed to see you.” He said.

“You’ve seen her, now go!” Keith said rudely.

“I need to talk to you.” Continued Lotor, seeming to ignore Keith now. “We have things we must settle on..”

“Things, what things?” Keith wanted to know.

“Private things.” Lotor answered, his gaze now all for Allura. She stared back at him, and knew that part of it would have to do with the Drule mating business. It was something she wasn’t ready to share with the rest of castle, Allura slowly nodding.

“All right.” She said, and Keith snapped out a surprise retort.

“What do you mean all right?!”

“Keith, report to Coran. I need a few moments to discuss things with Prince Lotor.” She said, already gesturing for Lotor to follow her into the bedroom. Keith also tried to come along, Lotor’s arm suddenly barring the way.

“I’m not leaving you alone with him!” Keith was glaring at Lotor again. “He’s dangerous!”

Allura didn’t deny that, well aware of what Lotor was capable of. But she also knew that danger would never be turned on her. “He won’t hurt me.”

“How can you be sure?” Keith wanted to know.

“I’ve spent the last four days with him. I think I’m good enough to judge a person’s character in that amount of time.” Allura replied.

“But princess….”

“But nothing Keith. Respect my wishes.” He was still sputtering out protests when she closed the door in his face.

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