Attraction 27

Allura let out a deep sigh, wishing she could expel all her worries as easily as she did her breath. It would certainly make life a lot simpler for her, and maybe then she’d be able to get the sleep that so eluded her. She didn’t know why sleep was so long off on coming to her. She had certainly spent enough hours awake, time enough that she should have been exhausted!

But instead she felt energized, a creeping coil of excitement infusing her body. She wondered where it came from, even as Allura had the sneaking suspicion she already knew. In fact her hand rose to her mouth, Allura fingering her lips, imagining she could still feel the warmth of Lotor’s kiss. The fact that the memory had her smiling like an idiot upset her, Allura frowning in the darkness of her bedroom.

He was getting to her. Little by little, sending creeping tendrils of affection to blossom in her heart for him. She couldn’t help but wonder when it had started, if it was during those first moments of admiration abroad the Drule ship when he helped rescue her cousin and friends, if that had been the start of her descent. A descent into madness if what her Nanny said was true.

Nanny probably wouldn’t be the only one to think that. Allura knew that everyone around her was leery of the Drule, and she supposed she couldn’t blame them for that. Lotor’s people did have a terrible reputation, one built on violence and conquest. And they were on Arus’ property right now, planning to invade. But, and this was the important part, Lotor was trying to help them to fight against such a fiercesome foe. He was doing everything he could to ensure them victory, even at a cost to himself and
his standing among his people.

Such a sacrifice couldn’t help affect Allura’s thoughts about Lotor. She was grateful to him, in more ways that one. Funny that she could go from frightened to grateful, but the change had come when the playing field was evened out between them. She was no longer his prisoner, anymore than he was hers, Lotor an honored guest in her home. There was no reason to hate him anymore, and she found she seemed to like him when she talked to him now.

Of course the like was beginning to border strongly on something more. What that was she wasn’t sure, but Allura could admit she was intrigue by the handsome Drule. He was attractive, with more than just looks, Allura liking the things that he did for her. And though his words often left her fighting embarrassment, Allura found it was not that hard to endure such sweet sayings. Especially when coming from Lotor!

If she wasn’t careful, she could very easily lose her heart to him. And she wondered if that would really be all that bad. Especially with a man who claimed to already love her, a Drule who had her best interests at heart. She was a little wary of a love so strong, and sometimes Lotor would frighten her in new ways, all based on the depths of feeling he professed to have for her.

And still Allura couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to be loved so thoroughly. To be consumed with thought and need, desire and a deep sense of belonging to another. She was tempted to find out, and she even thought she might look forward to revisiting those erotic dreams of hers.

But to do that she would first have to sleep. Allura wondered if she should ring down for Nanny, and beg a sleep aid off the woman. If she didn’t calm down soon, and get enough rest, she would be of no use for tomorrow’s meeting. She also thought the sooner she went to bed, the sooner her chances were of her seeing Lotor in the flesh. But even that did not calm her down, her heart beating faster as she conjured up an image of his face.

“Stop it Allura!” She muttered grumpily to herself. “Stop thinking about him. At least….for a little while…” Allura rolled onto her side, spying the white lily Lotor had
wound in her hair. She had taken the care to place it on her night stand, a memento of their moment in the garden. She reached out to it now, and gently stroked it’s petals.

A sound was heard, Allura thinking it was someone outside her room. She listened intently, trying to hear if it was Nanny’s shoes, the woman patrolling the hall outside. But silence followed the sound, long enough that Allura thought she had imagined it. She was ready to settle back down against the pillows, when the noise picked up once more.

A distinct tapping sound that was no footsteps. In fact it wasn’t coming from her hall, but more towards her window, the noise soft but persistent. She wondered what it could be, and even thought to ring the alarm for fear of a burglar breaking into her room. Instead she stayed her hand, and crawled out from under her bed sheets. She didn’t turn on the lights, save for the lamp by her bed, giving the room a soft glow that would not be noticeable from the floors below.

The tapping continued, the moments of hesitations between the sounds growing shorter. She hurried towards her window, bare feet sinking into the soft carpet, not betraying her approach. This close, she could just make out a shadow through the heavy curtains, Allura stifling a gasp to see it was large enough to be a man. She gripped the curtain, and yanked it back, prepared to startle a man to his death, and nearly screamed when she saw who it was.

Lotor! Grinning at her, standing on a ledge that was all too narrow for his feet. The wind was whipping at his hair, and he clung to the frame with just one hand, the other curled into a fist which he knocked gently against the glass. His mouth moved, but he was speaking too softly for her to hear. It didn’t matter, Allura moved into action, jerking open the window, and grabbing at his arm.

He all but fell into the room at her pull, Allura releasing him to give a nervous look out her window. This side of the castle was higher than most, the cliff side offering a deep drop down to the lake she so loved to look at. She felt ill at the thought of Lotor traversing such a danger, and as quickly as she closed shut the window, she was whirling to hiss at him.

“Just what were you thinking?!” Such was her fright that her voice barely held any anger to it, Allura glaring at Lotor. He was standing calmly before her, his hands having smoothed his wild hair, and adjusted his ripped clothing. “Lotor…that drop is high enough to kill you even if you are fortunate enough to land in the lake!”

“I had to see you.” Lotor told her, ignoring what she said about the drop. “I couldn’t wait until morning.”

“You really should have…” But her voice lacked the proper admonishment. She realized with a start she was glad for his visit, Allura not wanting to have had to wait until morning to see him either.

“Is that what you would have wanted me to have done?” Lotor asked, his eyes serious and focused on hers. “Because if it is, I will leave..”

“So soon?” Allura winced as she said that, hating how protesting she had sounded in the moment. “You’re here now….stay.” A relieved smile was her reward, Lotor stepping closer to her. Allura wasn’t sure she was ready for him to touch her though, the girl backing up a step towards the window.

“I’ve been thinking about us.” Lotor announced, respecting her by not crowding any closer. “About that moment in your garden. About what we talked about.”

“About when we kissed?” Allura asked, fighting not to touch her mouth with her fingers. He nodded.

“That too. Especially that.” Lotor said. His eyes had dropped their gaze to her lips, Lotor looking hungry for another kiss. Unconsciously, she licked her lips, and Lotor seemed to shake at the sight of that movement. She was amazed to think her kisses had power, enough power to make this big powerhouse of a man tremble like a kitten.

“Gods Allura, how can I hope to stay away after a kiss like that!” He reached out with his hand, but it fell short of touching her. “It was everything I had dreamt of and more…”

“It was just a few kisses…” She blushed, not wanting to easily admit to being just affected by it as he had. “And you’ve kissed me before…”

“But never of your own desire!” Lotor pointed out. “Always I was the one to take, to steal, to beguile. Never did you give me your lips freely. But it’s more than just your lips you’ve given me. Allura, you’ve given me my hope back!”

“Your hope?!”

“Yes.” He inched forward, as though cautious that any sudden movement would have her running from him. “I was beginning to believe things would never change between us…that you would forever bar yourself from me. But tonight, the words that you spoke, and the kisses you gave me…I can see the future I dreamed for us, and it’s within reach!”

“The future?!” She couldn’t help but be alarmed, shaking her head no. “Lotor, do not get carried away. I said I was willing to try with you…don’t go rushing us into something neither one of us is prepared for.”

“Of course….” Some of his excitement cooled in the moment, Lotor bowing his head so that his hair fell forward. It hid his face from her, and before she could stop herself she was moving towards him. “I should let us take this one step at a time…”

“Yes…” she agreed, and both hands were lifted towards his face, Allura stroking his hair back behind his ears. She remembered too late what such an effect that action would have, Lotor stilling at the same time as she. “I…I’m sorry!” She gasped, ready to snatch her hands back from his ears. He touched her hands, exerting gentle pressure to keep them in place over his ears.

“Don’t be.” Lotor told her, voice sounding husky.

“But Lotor, they’re your EARS.” She knew she sounded scandalized, Allura blushing hotly.

“You’ve touched them before.” He pointed out, and this time she ducked her head to hide behind her hair.

“Yes, but I wasn’t myself at the time!”

It was Lotor’s turn to brush back her hair, but he didn’t let go of her hands. “Would you like to touch them now?” She peered up at him through a sheet of gold, blushing harder. “I don’t mind.” He quickly added.

“I didn’t think you would.” She retorted. “But…they’re sensitive….”

“Very.” He agreed.

“Like…naughty sensitive.” She continued, and saw him smirk.

“I’ll behave if you will.” She started to scoff at that, Lotor speaking over her sounds. “Just a touch Allura. To see if you like it.”

“I don’t think my liking it is the problem.” But she didn’t pull her hands away when he released them. Instead she moved her fingers, carefully stroking them along the inside of his ear. He actually shuddered and sighed, eyes slitting half close in the process. She continued to play with his ears, noting Lotor’s hands were smoothing back her own hair, the prince letting his fingers brush against her ears.

She didn’t have the same reaction he did, her ears simply lacked the nerves of a Drule. But she liked the gentle touch he used, and didn’t protest when he stroked his fingers down the side of her face. Those caresses on her skin brought with them sensations, just a glimmer of pleasure that let her know she liked being touched by him. More than just liked, she wanted more from him, Allura inching forward to close the distance between them.

He didn’t ask her what she was doing, Lotor just watching her with a lost look in his eyes. It was a look she was familiar with, the look that said she was everything to him, and he would die without her. Such longing, such hunger, it nearly broke her heart.

“I’ve waited for what feels like an eternity for this…” He sighed to her.

“This?” She echoed unsure. There was no space between them Allura gently pressing against Lotor’s front.

“To touch you and not have you pulling away from me.” He explained. “I was willing to give my life for a moment like this…” A sharp breath, Allura having fingered the tip of his ears, rubbing them enough to generate friction. “Ah Gods Allura! You know just how to touch me…!”

Such a throaty, lust filled moan had her blushing to the roots of her hair, Allura moving to pull her hands away from his ears. He let out a disappointed whine, but seemed to have trouble focusing on her. She touched the backs of his hands, holding them still against her cheeks.

“I want to touch you.” He spoke heatedly, and she blinked in confusion.

“Lotor, you ARE touching me.” She rubbed her cheek against his right hand to prove that point.

“Not like this…I want….need more.”

“More?” Her eyes widened, and she suddenly wondered at the wiseness of letting a Drule into her bedroom so late at night. Especially one that stared at her with a hunger that he didn’t attempt to hide or push away.

“More…” Lotor confirmed, and bent his head towards hers. His hands were guiding her up, Allura going on tip toe to meet his kiss.

“What exactly do you mean by more?” She was cautious, whispering against his mouth.

“Just…” A quick kiss against her lips, as though Lotor couldn’t bear to go that long without that touch. “A touch here….” His one hand pulled away from her face, Lotor hovering it just over the top of her breasts. He didn’t press down though, not even with the tips of his fingers, leaving her to decide how much he could have. “A touch there…” That hand moved towards her hip, fingers tracing along the air as he moved it downwards.

Allura seemed to shiver just at the imagining of his hand actually rubbing down her leg, and before she could give him an answer, he kissed her again. She moaned helplessly into to it, finding she wanted his touch, and wondering if she dared let him give it to her.

“Just touching?” She managed to whisper, her voice far more steady than the rest of her. “Like before on your ship? When you wanted to bond with me?”

“Something like that.” His eyes gleamed, he seemed to sense she was close to giving in to this request of his. She felt she shouldn’t. Lotor wasn’t like other men, she knew his Drule blood made him say and do things that no human would dare. He didn’t act like them, had none of their reactions, and had his own way of going about getting the things that he wanted.

And what he wanted was her. He made no attempt to hide or lie about it. And right now he wanted nothing more than to touch her. She could have sent him back out the window, forced him back to his lonely room. Instead she was kissing him, considering his request with a heart beat that was rapidly increasing in tempo.

His fingers on her cheek were sending curious tingles of warmth through her, Lotor letting out a desperate, needy sound as they kissed. “All right…” She replied in response to that sound. “But just touching!” She needed that boundary, needed to set up limits to keep this going further than she was ready to commit to.

His fingers curled around her right wrist, he was tugging her deeper into the bedroom. But his progress was slow, Lotor kept turning to look in her direction, to the point he stumbled in the dim light. Only his hold on her hand kept him from falling harder, Lotor righting himself with an embarrassed chuckle. She didn’t laugh back, turning shy when she realized he was bringing her to her bed.

“Sit..” Lotor urged her, and she went dutifully down. But the bed had her rethinking her agreement, Allura turning nervous.

“Lotor, you need to..”

“Shh…” His fingers covered her lips, keeping her from speaking any further. “I need whatever you’ll give me right here, and right now.” His eyes stared so intently into hers, his thumb brushing her bottom lip in a firm press. “I just need to touch you.”

She nodded, Allura not trusting herself to speak. He smiled at her, and his fingers moved back across her face, to her ears and then sank into her hair. He whispered something, Allura realizing he was comparing the softness of her hair to silk. He bent over her, lifting up a section of her hair to his face, Lotor inhaling deeply.

“You smell like flowers…” he whispered. “As though that garden of yours has left a permanent mark on your skin and your hair. But it’s more than just flowers, you smell of sunshine….of innocence and warmth….things I never realized I wanted.”

Allura shivered with excitement at his words, at the guttural way he spoke, voice holding a latent growl deep within it. Lotor was breathing hard and deep, taking in great lungfuls of her scent. Even when he let go of her hair, he brought his face to the side of her neck, burying his nose against her skin. She began to tremble, feeling warmth, feeling tingles as his chin rubbed over her neck. She almost wanted to giggle, but didn’t dare, a laugh would jar them out of the intimacy of the moment.

“So soft and so warm…are you burning up for me?” Lotor asked, lips seeming to kiss the slope of her neck with each word. His hands were on her shoulders, and as though realizing where her attention lie, he began to move them, smoothing up and down the length of her arms. His fingers then circled a wrist, Lotor lifting her arm, bringing her hand back to his face.

For one instant his eyes closed, Lotor rubbing his cheek into her palm. His expression shifted to sheer bliss when she began stroking him back. “Like it when you touch me.” Lotor growled out a confession. “Like it even better if you need me.”

“Need you?”

“For anything.” Lotor clarified. “For any and everything. For more than just to win this war.” His arms went around her, Lotor touching foreheads with her. He stared so intently into her eyes, Allura growing flustered by it and his words. His hands weren’t idle, they were smoothing down her back, rubbing along the silk of her nightgown, even as Lotor made frustrated sounds. He didn’t have to speak the words for Allura to know he wanted more, wanted to touch her without any barriers in the way.

He seemed to moan in despair, Lotor dropping his head to the crook of her shoulder. There he let his cheek and forehead touch her, Lotor moving along her neck, her shoulders, bending her to allow his cheek to caress her upper chest. Till finally he went low enough to rub against the mound of one of her breasts. Allura shivered and shook, feeling him rubbing enough to cause a reaction in both her nipples.

They tingled, nearly aching with pain as they stiffened near instantaneously. He almost had her lying back on the mattress, Lotor’s hands on her hips now, holding her in place as he continued to brush against her. She heard a noise, and realized it was her, Allura whimpering softly. But not in fear, the girl aroused and intrigued, and more importantly impressed by his show of restraint.

“I dream of touching you…” A delirious murmur from him, Lotor’s strong hands moving down her legs now. Such was his care that he kept the nightgown from bunching, the prince allowing her that barrier of fabric to remain. “Of doing more than just touching. The dreams feel so real…please don’t let this be a dream now!”

“It’s not…” She managed to whisper, wondering if his hearing could pick up the frantic thumping of her heart. She reached to touch his hair, stroking her fingers through that shoulder length glory. “It’s real…I’m real….” She assured him with a murmur, and suddenly he was picking her up, just long enough to scoot her up higher on the bed. The mattress seemed to groan as he lay down besides her, his hands moving all over her, seeming to touch everywhere at once.

Such actions set Allura off writhing, the girl squirming besides him, and trying to keep quiet. They did not need anyone, least of all Nanny, coming to investigate any stray sounds. “You’re so pretty and perfect Allura…” Lotor whispered near her ear, the girl keeping to her fitful undulations. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you…” A kiss was pressed into her shoulder, and it wasn’t enough. She wanted to tear her nightgown off, to feel his lips directly on her skin. To feel his hands warming her, and not stroking the cold silk that clung to her body.

She was used to the dreams, used to them making her achy and needy. This felt a million times more intense, and she knew then that nothing could have ever prepared her for the reality of Lotor’s touch. “Lotor…Please…” She started to say, and his hands became more frenzied.

“Shh….” He was whispering against her ear. “Don’t send me away.” He had mistaken what she had been about to say, Lotor turning almost desperate in the moment. “Let me stay with you…Here, in this bed.”

“Here…?” She was alarmed, knowing he couldn’t, shouldn’t stay. No reason would be a good enough excuse to appease Nanny. Even now she knew she should send him away, force him back to his room. But it felt so damn good being touched by him, she was rapidly forgetting why others would find it wrong.

“Just let me spend the night holding you…” continued Lotor, hands never stopping. She never got to give him her answer, for suddenly a crackle of sound was heard, the hiss of a communicator being turned on. If that hadn’t been enough to freeze them in place, the voices that followed would have. Lotor growled, and it was no longer the soft seductive tones of a lover, but the angry, hostile sounds of a Drule on the warpath. If that wasn’t enough to chill the blood in her veins, the guttural sound of several voices speaking in Drule managed it, Allura staring wide eyed in surprise at Lotor.

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