Attraction 28

Lotor knew this had to be a dream, knew he couldn’t be stroking Allura’s soft skin. There was no way fate would be so kind to bless him twice over in one night. Not on the heels of those kisses they had shared. He simply wasn’t that lucky to have his mate besides him, writhing from his touch.

He couldn’t stop staring at her, entranced with the way she moved. Her pert breasts were jiggling from her movements, her nipples tight and straining the fabric of her nightgown. He wanted to taste her in the worse way, to lave his tongue against those nipples, to purse his lips around them and gently suck. What’s more he was sure she would want that too, his mate’s arousal hanging heavy in the air, tempting him to do more than what he had promised.

The promise kept him behaving, even as he grew delirious, cock so hard it hurt. He wanted to tell her things, sinfully naughty words that would make her blush even harder than she already was. He loved when his mate turned pink, loved seeing how he could render her flustered in an instant. But more than that, he loved running his hands up and down her body, even as he yearned to rip off that frumpy looking nightgown of hers.

“Lotor please…” His mate was speaking, voice a low plea. He feared their moment was about to end, that she would send him away from her. It made his hands desperate, Lotor controlling their movements to be precise in their touches, trying to make her as frenzied as him. He didn’t want Allura to be able to think, to speak, Lotor caressing and stroking, feeling her legs part ever so slightly at his insistent touches.

“Shh….don’t send me away.” Lotor whispered in Allura’s ear. “Let me stay with you…here…in this bed.”

“Here?” Her eyebrows rose, though her eyes remained closed, hiding that beautiful blue color from him. He wanted so much from her, and knew he had to content himself with what he could get, Lotor whispering, meaning to seduce her into agreement.

But it came out a desperate plea. “Just let me spend the night holding you…” She seemed to sigh, chest heaving and lips parting as she prepared to give him an answer. So much hung on her response, Lotor never ceasing his hand’s movements. He’d cover her in kisses if it meant he could gain her agreement. But instead of hearing her wonderfully soft voice, an ugly hiss of sound was heard.

He froze in an instant, recognizing the sound of a communicator being turned on, and for an instant he was confused. The confusion didn’t go away at the sound of the voices, Lotor recognizing the words if not the men who were speaking it. Drules! He growled, the sound low and animalistic, feeling Allura tremble beneath his hands. She was staring up at him, and looked as shocked as he.

“Is anyone out there?” The voice said in Drule. “Please, respond if you can hear me!” Other voices were speaking in the background, the men sounding nervous.

“This is not a good idea…” One muttered.

“Quiet!” hissed a third.

“Lotor….what?” That was from Allura, the girl having not a clue what he was growling about. He went up on his knees, eyes narrowed as he looked around the room. The voices continued to speak, Lotor locking onto the sound, realizing it was coming over from her desk.

Wordlessly, he got up, and stalked across the room, hearing the voices getting louder. The ones in the background were starting to argue, the loudest voice begging for someone to speak to him. He reached the desk, and found the voices coming from underneath a hat, Lotor jerking it off to stare in surprise at the Drule communicator. The voices continued to babble, and Lotor turned to send Allura a puzzled look.

“You kept the communication device?!”

She was still on the bed, trying to recover from his touches. Her color was high, and she still seemed to breath in short pants. “I…I’m sorry. Was it wrong of me to keep it?”

Lotor shrugged. “I suppose there’s no danger in it now. It’s not as though they don’t know where we are.” She blinked in surprise. “Every communicator has a locator device in it. Makes it easier to keep track of our men.”

“Oh…” She lowered her eyes, looking ashamed that she hadn’t considered that angle. “What are they saying?”

“They seem desperate to talk to someone.” Lotor said, crossing his arms over his chest. He studied the black device, watching the buttons glow red, begging him to push them.

“Maybe you should find out why…?” Allura was inching towards the edge of the bed, crawling on her hands and knees. His eyes took in her crawl with an appreciative leer, before Lotor forced his attention back to the communicator on the desk. “They could be in trouble…” She added.

“I’m sure it would be none of my concern.” Lotor said, jaw clenching.

“But they’re your people!” She protested.

“They’re Morduck’s soldiers.” Lotor pointed out. “They’d probably kill us as soon as look at us.”

“Please….” The voice sounded tired but determined. “Answer me!”

“Give it up Sabbath.” One of the background voices. “No one is going to answer. Least of all the prince.”

“Quiet!” hissed another. “If the commander knew what we were trying to do…”

They had gotten Lotor’s attention, the prince debating on what to do. At last he gave a gruff growl, his curiosity getting the better of him. “What are you trying to do?” Lotor demanded in basic, after pushing the appropriate buttons to activate his side of the conversation.

For a second there was a silence, and then the voice, Sabbath he assumed, spoke. “Hello? Who is this?”

“Who is this?” Lotor retorted, noting Sabbath had stuck to speaking Drule. “What are your names and rank?”

“I can’t tell you that. Not yet at any rate.” Sabbath said.

“That’s fine for now.” Lotor told him. “I’m more interested in what you want with the prince.”

A moment’s hesitation, and then Drule voices in the background. Sabbath sounded nervous. “Ah…you heard that part, did you?”

“I’ve been hearing you for a while.” Lotor admitted. “Just what are you up to? Shouldn’t you be preparing for the invasion of Arus?” He gestured at Allura to keep quiet, his mate stepping next to him. He was focused on the communicator, but it didn’t mean he wasn’t aware of her nearness, her scent swirling around them both. He almost gasped when her arm brushed against his, her touch making him want to drop the communicator and take hold of something a lot more pleasant and soft.

“The invasion…can wait.” An odd pause to the words, Sabbath hesitant for some reason.

“I’m sure your commander and king would not like that!” Lotor pointed out with a mean snicker.

“They surely wouldn’t.” Agreed the Drule. “I…one moment please…” His voice lowered to a hiss, Sabbath asking questions. “Have you got a bead on the connection? On where this call is going to Ryder?”

“Don’t use my name so freely!” This was apparently the one known as Ryder. “We don’t know how secure this channel is.”

“For all our sakes it better be damn near secret from the rest of the ship.” Grumbled the third, unnamed voice.

“Hmph….got it!” Ryder sounded excited. “The comm unit’s current location is…the castle of lions, third floor.”

“Are you Prince Lotor?” Sabbath demanded.

“Perhaps. Perhaps not.” Lotor retorted. “Why are you so desperate to get in contact with him?”

“We have a message for his highness.” Sabbath explained.

“Oh?” Lotor skirted his fingers down Allura’s arms, feeling her shiver at his touch. “From Commander Morduck?” His hand sought out hers, Lotor lacing their fingers together. “Or maybe King Zarkon?”

“Neither.” The answer left Lotor all the more intrigued, the prince raising eyebrows at that.

“Neither? Then who else would want to contact the prince?” He was squeezing Allura’s hand, smiling at her as she listened worriedly to only one side of the conversation.

“People who are on his side.” Sabbath word’s earned a soft growl of surprise from Lotor.

“Oh? I wasn’t aware that any existed.”

“Oh we exist.” He could almost hear the smile in Sabbath’s voice, grim though it might be. “And there’s more out there than just us three. We’re ready and willing to do what it takes to see our prince returned to us.”

“Really now…”

“Yes. So I’ll ask again…Are you Prince Lotor?” Sabbath paused, Lotor could hear Ryder speaking, talking about how they only had minutes to spare. He could guess at what, they were disrupting the lines to be able to make this call to him.

“Yes. This is Prince Lotor.” He gave a proud toss of his head, and added the following. “You are talking to both the prince and to the princess Allura. So please…switch to Basic now if you wish to further this conversation.”

“Basic…” Sabbath hesitated. “All right….but my basic is pretty rusty in comparison to those in a commanding position.” His words were changing, going from the grunts and growls of the Drule, to the smooth sounding words of the human’s language. “It’s good to speak with you prince, and princess.”

“I’ll be the judge of that. Just what is the message you wish to give me?” Lotor demanded.

“Sire…we are on your side. We think it’s terrible what the King and the commander are doing to you.”

“It’s not right.” Ryder put in, sounding disgusted. “Messing with a man’s mate. Threatening torture and death to her.”

“It is horrible.” Lotor said, hand tightening just a little around Allura’s. “But I don’t see the point in you telling me what I already know.”

“We’re not the only ones who feel this way.” Explained Sabbath. “We have other Drules here, equally bothered by and upset by this act.”

“Somehow I get the feeling this isn’t a call to just tell me about my people’s hurt feelings.” Lotor drawled. “I believe your friend Ryder said you don’t have a lot of time. So get to the point of the matter!”

“Right, sorry.” Sabbath apologized. “It’s more than just hurt feelings. These men are clamoring to do something about it. They fear a King who could ignore the mating bond, who would try to turn his back on the biological imperative that makes us Drule. They worry what else he will do, who else will he threaten.”

“They fear he will go after other men’s mates?” Allura whispered.

“Maybe. It’s no secret King Zarkon wants to breed out the mating bond in the Drule. He would take away our very souls if he could!” The last was growled out, Sabbath and the other two men angry.

“Sire….we have nearly a thousand men, ready and willing to lend you support in whatever you do.” It was Ryder who spoke now. “All they wait for is a command from you.”

“A thousand men?” breathed out Lotor.

“Yes.” Came the confirmation.

He locked eyes with Allura, she looked as stunned as him. “A thousand Drules ready to turn traitor to the Empire? Because that’s what you would be branded if you
allied with me in this battle.”

“We are willing to shoulder the brand.” Sabbath assured them. “We want someone who respects the mating bond to be on the throne. That someone isn’t Zarkon.”

“Your words invite war to planet Doom.” Lotor pointed out. “Are you sure you want that?”

“We don’t welcome war on our home world. But it is a necessity to ensure the continued well being of our people.” Sabbath explained.

“I see.” Allura was tugging on his hand, eyes looking urgent.

“If we had a thousand Drules playing spy, acting as saboteurs…Arus would almost be guaranteed it’s victory in this coming war!”

“But we don’t know if they can be trusted.” Lotor told her, seeing her look disappointed.

“Our time grows short, and we cannot waste any more of it trying to convince you other wise.” Sabbath sighed, regret in his tone.

“If we could meet with you in person, it would make everything easier.” Ryder added, to which Lotor let out a sharp bark of laugher.

“Easier to kill me perhaps!”

“No! This is no trick, not trap.” Sabbath quickly said. “We want to align ourselves with you. What can we do to prove ourselves?”

“If we could meet on a safe ground…” interjected Allura. “With some of my soldiers present, would you come?”

A long hesitation, the seconds ticking into a full minute. “Where?”

“At the forest’s border.” Answered Allura. “Right before the woods give up to the castle’s hillside.” She was looking at Lotor as she talked, wanting his approval. He held back a sigh, nodding to her that it was fine with him.

“Meet us tomorrow at noontime.” Lotor told them. “And I warn you now, if this is some trick to assassinate me, it won’t be my body that turns cold on the forest’s floor.”

“Understood your highness.” Sabbath’s voice sounded weaker. “Until tomorrow.”

The voices died down with a hiss, the communicator crackling with static. Lotor stared at it a few seconds more, and then was replacing it on Allura’s desk. She seemed to be shaking with excitement, and it was to his regret that it wasn’t because of his touches.

“Do you think they’ll really come to meet us?” Allura asked, and he frowned.

“It will be me they meet, not you.”

“Lotor no! I will not have you going into danger alone!” She protested.

“I will not have you going into danger period.” Lotor retorted. Allura frowned for one instant, and then her eyes lit up with triumph.

“You’re supposed to be guarding me.” She reminded him. “You’re supposed to remain by my side in the case of an attack.”

“Yes, but…I’m sure we can all agree, a guard does not lead his charge into a potentially dangerous situation.” Lotor replied.

“We will have plenty of my soldiers present.” Allura pointed out. “Enough that even if it should be an ambush, we can manage.”

“We have to do more than manage!” Lotor cried out, and she raised a hand to his mouth, shushing him for his loud voice. “We have to survive such an encounter.” He whispered around her hand.

“And survive it we will. Together.” She insisted.

“No. I forbid it.” He saw her quirk an eyebrow at that, Allura looking amused.

“You forbid it? It is I who rules here, not you.” He growled softly at the reminder. “Come Lotor…don’t look so angry.” She had dropped her hand to his shoulder, fingers tugging on his hair.

“How can I look happy when my mate foolishly insists on going into danger.” He grumbled, watching as she pressed closer.

“It is my mistake to make.” Allura insisted. She was touching him, and for once he kept form melting, suspecting his mate of trickery.

“You won’t sway me from my decision Allura.” He warned. “Not even with a thousand touches.”

“No? Not even if I do this?” She went up on tip toe, mouth a hair’s breath from his. “Not even if I kissed you into submission?”

“I am not so easily managed.” Lotor retorted.

“How well I know.” She sighed, but didn’t withhold the kiss, letting him learn the taste and texture of her mouth. He growled against her lips, hands moving to clutch at her arms, holding her in place against him. It was on his whim and desire that they pulled apart for air, Lotor licking his lips, still able to taste her on them.

“My mate’s safety comes before all else.” Lotor told her, noticing how cutely she pouted. “I’ll lock you up if I have to.” His lips quirked in a smirk. “I’m sure Captain Darius would help me do that. He’s sworn to keep you safe after all.”

“You don’t play fair!” Allura snapped, and tried to pull away from him. He held on, expression deadly serious.

“I don’t play at all when it comes to ensuring your safe from harm.” Allura looked like she wanted to hold such words against him, Lotor moving to rub up against her. She gasped in surprise, eyes going wide as he smiled. She still seemed sensitive to the touch, and he wondered just how many touches it would take to turn her back into that writhing seductress.

He dropped his face to her shoulder, planting kisses along the space between it and her neck. Her nightgown left just the barest bit of skin exposed to him there, Lotor licking a path that had him moaning. Allura trembled and squirmed, muttering something he didn’t quite catch.

“I believe you were about to agree to my spending the night before we were so rudely interrupted.” Lotor whispered into her skin, lips kissing after each word. He shifted his hand, and began to caress her through her nightgown, touches landed on her breasts and her belly, and even stroking lower. She twitched and moan, sounding breathless as she spoke.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea…” He pet her more insistently, working to change her mind. “Ah Lotor!” She cried out, voice so loud they both froze, praying no one was in the hall to hear.

“You have to be more quiet.” Lotor murmured after a minute’s pause.

“Then you have to stop touching me!” Allura retorted.

“Easier said then done!” Lotor muttered.

“Besides…” Her eyelashes fluttered, her chest heaving as she breathed more deeply. “You have to go back to your room. They will be suspicious if they find you absent from it come the morning.”

“I can make it back to my room with plenty of time to spare.” Lotor flicked his tongue against her ear. “They need never know I was gone.”


“Allura please. Just let me hold you tonight. Hold you the way you wouldn’t let me onboard the ship.” He was all but down on his knees begging, his voice showing a hint of how desperate he wanted that.

“Just holding?” Her voice was wary, even as she showed signs of weakening. “You promise nothing more?”

“I promise.” He kissed her lips to seal the deal, his arms already scooping her up into the air. Allura started to squeal, then remembered the need to be quiet, locking her arms around him. He took one shaky step after another, somehow making it to the bed without falling. As gentle as can be, he lowered her to the mattress, leaving enough room for him to clamber in next to her.

Allura rolled onto her side, presenting him with her back. He cuddled close, and wrapped an arm around her, settling her body to fit comfortable against his. Just having her near was enough to have him hardening, Allura stiffening as she felt his erection resting against her rear. He wouldn’t say anything if she didn’t, Lotor nuzzling through her hair to press a kiss at the nape of her neck.

“You’ll be gone by morning?” Allura asked, needing reassurance.

“Gone by morning.” He promised, and began petting her hair with his hand. He murmured sweet nothings in her ears, Drule endearments that spoke of how deep his love was for her. She seemed to sigh, and relax further, her voice soft as she commented on how nice he sounded as he spoke. He smiled back at the compliment, fingers stroking through her hair. Lotor knew it would be hours before he’d relax enough to fall asleep besides her. Hours that would be as torturous as they were sweet. But such was the price he was willing to pay, to remain close to her.

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