Attraction 29

It was becoming difficult to tell her dreams from her reality, Allura’s eyes fluttering open as she let out a soft sigh. Hands were upon her body, they felt as real and insistent as the hands in her dreams, stroking and caressing her all over. She sighed again, feeling herself arch her back, her eyes starting to slip close once more. Allura just wanted to lay back and enjoy the sensations, the feelings new and exciting and like nothing she had ever felt before.

The hands belonged to Lotor, and it felt right to have him touching her, Allura feeling his one hand slide under her arching back, and rub a path down her spine. It wasn’t just her breasts he paid attention to, the Drule intent on all areas of her body, showering them with the same loving focus as her naughty bits. It made her feel worshipped, adored, Allura letting out a breathless sound of appreciation.

The hand on her back slid around to her front, rubbing circles on her belly as she laid back flat on the bed. She felt something tickle her, Allura slowly realizing it was the softness of Lotor’s hair, the strands brushing against her exposed collarbone. It was the tickling that helped wake her more fully, Allura opening her eyes halfway as she giggle and squirmed.

She caught a sight of gold eyes, and then Lotor was dipping his head forward to nuzzle his lips against the side of her neck. She thought she heard him murmur something, it didn’t sound like he was speaking basic, and she remembered how he had lulled her to sleep with words spoken in his own language.

“I like your voice..” She murmured softly, Allura wiggling as he continue to rub chin and cheek all over her right side. His skin was smooth, no hint of stubble to be found, and Allura realized she had not once seen him shave. It left her wondering if Drules could grow beards, the girl trying to think if any of the soldiers on board the war ship had worn facial hair. “It’s so…pretty.”

“Pretty?” He nuzzled lower, past her collarbone but above her breasts. Lotor sounded amused at her compliment, Allura reaching out to touch the back of his head. Her fingers stroked against his scalp, white hair flowing between them like water.

“Yes, pretty.” Allura told him, smiling as she played with his hair. “It’s got the right amount of growl to it, it makes me shiver in a good way.”

“Oh really now?” Lotor asked, and he did a small growl, Allura swearing something in her gave a stomach turning lurch to hear it. “What else do you like?” He had that sexy way of turning everything he said into shiver inducing words, Allura trying not to moan as his hand petting down lower on her body.

“I…” She hesitated, not sure how wise it was to tell him this. “I like when you touch me. It feels nice.”

“Nice? He was rubbing his face between her breasts now, teeth catching at the ribbon of her nightgown. “Just nice?”

“More than nice!” She allowed, and then was gasping, his hand trying to go down low to cup her sex through her nightgown. Allura immediately tried to shy away, thinking he was pushing too fast and too far for her liking. “Lotor no…”

“I only want to touch you…” he said, his hand freezing in place at her panicked movements. “Just like I touched you elsewhere…”

“It’s different there…” She told him, no longer relaxed, her nervousness making her wide awake where she had been lethargic. “It’s..scary.” Lotor seemed to heave a heavy sigh, disappointment coming off him in waves. But he respected her wishes, Lotor’s hand dropping to rest on her covered thigh.

“Scary?” he asked, and she nodded blushing.

“I’m just not ready for that step….” He had lifted his head, staring at her, his eyes showing his frustration as he tried to understand. “Perhaps this was a mistake…” Allura began, and saw him reel back from her words. “I’ve given you ideas…”

“None that I didn’t already have…” Lotor quickly assured her. She frowned at him, and he reached up to cup both sides of her face. “Allura love, this past night was sheer magic. More wonderful than I dared dream of for us. Don’t mar it with regrets now…”

“I’m not regretting it…” She blurted out before she could stop herself, blushing harder as he smiled. “I’m just…” A shrug then, Allura unsure.

“You’re not ready to any further. I understand.” She couldn’t stop her eyes from lowering, Allura doing a passing glance over the front of his body. And gasped, spying the erection tenting his tunic. He was nonplused about it, accepting it as part of the price he had to pay for touching her in this manner.

“I’m not being fair to you..” Allura murmured, no longer knowing where to look at him. Nowhere seemed safe, not his body with his massive arousal showing, and certainly not his face with his understanding gaze and knowing smile.

“Allura, love, you are being more than fair.” Lotor insisted. “You’re giving me a chance…that’s all I want. A chance to prove how good I can be to you. ” His fingers smoothed back her hair, tucking the strands behind her ears as he leaned in to press a kiss to her forehead. “I know you don’t believe in love at first sight. I’m grateful you are willing to try things with me to develop a loving feeling towards me.”

“Still…you must think me a shameless hussy!” Her blushed out exclamation had him looking confused, Allura ducking her head shyly. “Letting you kiss me. Letting you touch me like this.”

She caught a glimpse of his grin out the corner of her eye, Lotor shaking his head no. “There is nothing wrong in what we’re doing.” He insisted. “We are mated halves. We’re supposed to be close. Supposed to shower one another with affection.”

“You know I don’t believe….not entirely..” Allura interrupted him. “So what does that make me, letting you spend the night, allowing your touches, giving myself permission to enjoy them?”

His hands were suddenly stroking her body, one hand on her knee and crawling higher, the other resting on her left breast. “I think it’s better when you don’t over think things.” Lotor said, concentrating on overriding her senses with pleasure.

“Lotor!” She clamped her hands over her mouth, trying not to cry any louder, frightened that someone would hear. It would be her worst nightmare if Nanny chose to burst in the room, and she began trying to squirm away from Lotor’s hands. He followed her determinedly, rolling right on top of her so that she lay pinned beneath him. His eyes gleamed with a serious light, and he stepped up his petting to make her worries melt away.

“Lotor!” She hissed this time, bringing her hands to his chest. He seemed to press against her palms, and for a dizzying instant Allura was tempted to start caressing him in return. She blinked and shook her head, and then began to insistently push him away from her. “You must stop!”

She was almost disappointed when he obeyed, Allura laying panting beneath him. He stayed hovering above her, her arms stretched out as she kept him shoved away from her. She was aware of the difference in their strength, and knew he stopped only because he respected her. “You should go.” Allura said, having noticed her room was filling with sunlight. “The sun is already up. Soon the rest of the castle will be too…”

“The sun has just barely risen.” Argued Lotor. “It’ll be hours before any one but the guards get up.”

“Nanny likes to get up at the crack of dawn.” Allura told him. “She’ll be making her rounds soon, and you can bet your room will be one she checks first.”

“That woman is a nuisance!” Lotor muttered, and rolled off her.

“She’s just trying to protect me.” Allura said, Lotor sitting with his back to her. She saw him lift up his hand, running it through his hair in an attempt to ruffle it into some semblance of order.

“Then we share that in common.” Lotor told her, sounding far too grumpy for her liking. “Although I wish she would realize I am not the enemy here.”

“It will take time.” Allura pointed out. “Time for old prejudices and fears to die out.” She reached out to touch his back, feeling Lotor start with shock, not all of it from the electricity her hand brought with it. He hadn’t expected her to touch him, and now he turned to look at her with wary eyes. “I think if you can get those Drules to defect to Arus’ side, it would go a long way in helping people like Nanny get over their…animosity.”

“It’s hatred plain and simple.” Lotor told her, but she was shaking her head no.

“I don’t believe that. It’s fear, making them frightened and acting out towards you. But to hate…you need something more..”

“You’ve never hated anyone have you?” Lotor asked, and she went still, face ashamed.

“For a long time I hated the people who were driving the cruiser that killed my parents.” She whispered out that confession. He softened in sympathy, and the next thing she knew he was pulling her into a hug, whispering softly in her ear.

“I’m sorry that happened to you.” He wasn’t judging her for that hate, just offering her comfort for the shame she felt.

“I am too…” She murmured, wondering if he could even hear her. Allura wondered what her parents would have thought of Lotor, if they would have been any more accepting of the Drule than Nanny was.

Allura let Lotor hold her for several more seconds, and then she was attempting to pull back with a sigh. “You really need to go now.”

“Yes, I understand.” But she could feel the reluctance in which he pulled back, Lotor letting his touch linger on her arms before he rose off the bed. She followed him, hands smoothing down her wrinkled night gown, and together they stood before her window.

“I wish you didn’t have to leave this way.” Allura frowned as she gazed out the window, not liking how high the potential fall was.

“It’ll cause less scandal this way.” Lotor said, and his hands touched her shoulders. A gentle tug from him, and she went up on tip toe, receiving a kiss from him that stole some of her breath away. She couldn’t keep from grinning foolishly, Allura not realizing what was happening until Lotor was already out the window, and standing on the narrow ledge.

“Be safe!” Allura whispered, her heart beating far too fast in her chest. She wanted to reach out and grab him, drag him back to safety. But the seconds ticked by, Lotor slowly traversing the ledge, and moving out of her reach. She was left with nothing to do but watch him navigate the perilous climb back to his room, and it wasn’t until she saw him disappear inside his own window that she relaxed.

But not enough to go back to sleep, Allura turning to stare at her bed. She felt warm just looking at it, seeing the imprint of her and Lotor’s bodies. Memories of his touches and kisses came unbidden to her, Allura flushing and slapping at her cheeks, trying to calm down. She couldn’t manage such a feat, and in the end Allura chose to shower and start her day early, rather than lounge around focusing on stolen moments with Lotor.

Once dressed, with her hair properly brushed and arranged, she stepped out of her room, nearly bumping into Nanny. The older woman took a step back, and gave her the once over, eyes looking suspicious. “You’re up early today princess.” She said, and Allura nodded.

“That’s because I have things to do!” She was cheerful and determined, already trying to step past the woman. Nanny frowned, and grabbed at her arm, the combination of suspicion and her heavy accent mangling her words.

“Things, what things?”

“There’s an important meeting today.” Allura told her. “I have to get ready for that.”

“Coran and the boys can handle that.” Nanny retorted.

“Still, I’d like to be present. If only to let our soldiers know they have my support in these trying times.” Allura jerked her arm free of Nanny’s hand. “I have other things to do, things that may make a difference in the upcoming battle. On that note, do you know if Coran is up yet?”

“Coran?” Nanny stared at her a long while before answering. “Yes. He should be in his office still. I just finished serving him coffee as he went over the documents he was going to give that Drule of yours.” She sniffed, haughty in her mannerisms. “I cannot believe he is willing to entrust your safety to a Drule! To the very one who kidnapped you in the first place!”

“That’s in the past.” Allura pointed out. “He’s working to make amends for that.”

“Hmph.” Nanny looked close to scowling, crossing her arms over her chest. “He can stop hanging around you then if he’s really sorry.”

“That’s not going to happen!” snapped Allura, almost glaring at Nanny. “He’s my friend, and I enjoy his company.” Nanny’s mouth had fallen open in shock, the woman sputtering angrily. “I’m sorry you don’t like him, but you’re just going to have to accept his position in my life.”

With that she was flouncing off, making a mad dash for the stairs before Nanny could recover her wits about her. She got as far as the first two steps, and then the woman seemed to be bellowing after her. “His position in your life? Princess! What is that supposed to mean?!”

She didn’t answer, and she didn’t stop to wait for Nanny to catch up to her, Allura running down the stair case. Her speed earned strange looks from the people in the halls, but Allura didn’t stop to explain. She jogged all the way to Coran’s office, stopping only long enough to knock her fist against his door.

“Yes, what is it?” her advisor called out, and she opened the door. “Princess Allura! Is it that late already?” His eyes were already glancing at the chrono meter on his desk, Allura giggling at him.

“No, your eyes do not deceive you. I’m just up early for once.”

“Ah…I see. Is the impending war troubling you so much that you cannot sleep?” He asked, rising to stand before his desk.

“Something like that.” She agreed, and gestured to the seats before his desk. “May I sit?”

“Of course!” Coran seemed to flinch at his lack of manners, hurriedly offering her a selection of the pastries on the tray Nanny had surely brought him. She selected a powdered donut, tasting it’s raspberry glaze when she bit into it’s side. Coran sipped at his coffee, watching her as he waited patiently for Allura to address what was on her mind.

“Last night…there was a Drule communication to the castle.”

“A Drule communication?” His eyebrows raised, Coran frowning. “I heard of no such thing!”

“It wasn’t through the normal channels.” Allura hurried to explain, not wanting him to think someone had slacked off on their job. “It was broadcast on a Drule communication device, a communicator I took with me when escaping the Drule warship.” She paused, waiting to see if the man had questions, but he merely nodded for her to go on. “When I realized just who was speaking on the device, I went and brought it to Lotor’s attention. He then engaged in a very interesting conversation with these men.”

“What did they want?” Coran wanted to know. “Arus surrender?”

“No.” She shook her head. “It seems not all the Drule are happy with the things their King is doing. They want to defect to the prince’s side, to do what is needed to support their chosen candidate for the Drule throne.”

Coran was not a stupid man, he instantly put the possibilities of what such a defection could bring Arus. “How many Drule are willing to give the prince their support?”

“Nearly a thousand.” Allura told him, and Coran let out a sharp breath.

“It’s a considerable amount. Enough to help turn the tide of battle if we were to utilize them.”

“Indeed.” Allura nodded. She took another bite of her donut, pausing to swallow it before speaking. “Lotor has agreed to meet their representatives at neutral ground. I’ve offered to send an assortment of our best soldiers with him, to ensure this is no betrayal.”

“Yes, of course.” Coran nodded. “I will have Captain Darius lead the men who go with the prince to this meeting.” A small, humorless smile. “After all, we would not want our own soldiers to get trigger happy and accidentally shoot our allies.” She felt a chill go through her, Allura not having thought of that possibility. “Please princess, it was not my intent to make you worry so.”

“I know.” She bowed her head, though inwardly she couldn’t stop from worrying over the things that could go wrong. More than ever she wanted to go with Lotor, to watch over him, and somehow protect his back. But she knew that Lotor would never allow her to go, and neither would Coran, both men being in agreement that she should not endanger herself in this manner.

It was as sweet as it was frustrating, Allura sighing as she set down the donut. “Have the soldiers prepared to move out immediately. Lotor will want to scout out the area of the meeting place in advance.”

“Yes, princess.” Coran was already moving to press a button on his intercom system, speaking into the device that was welded to his desk. She listened to him briefly, hearing him call for Captain Darius to be sent to his office upon his immediate arrival for his shift. The woman over the intercom acknowledge Coran’s desire, and soon the advisor was speaking about the other important meeting that was to take place in the castle later today.

Allura could only sit and nod, finding herself too distracted to think about anything but Lotor and his safety. She felt she would be visiting the castle chapel after breakfast, and all to offer up a prayer that nothing would go wrong at the meeting with the Drules.

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