Attraction 40

Nighttime found Allura dressed for bed, but pacing, the girl’s thoughts and emotions unsettled. She wanted to see Lotor, and yet she wasn’t sure he would come, not with the war currently raging. She knew he was on standby, and could be called down to the command center at any moment. That alone should have kept him away, the chance for being caught too risky to take.

There was also Sabbath, the Drule in bad shape. He had drunk himself into a near incoherent state, babbling in a mixture of basic and his native tongue. She couldn’t understand half of what he had said, but Allura knew enough to know he was in pain. Her cousin’s rejection was making the Drule suffer greatly, and just looking at Sabbath arose such a strong feeling of sympathy, that Allura wanted to cry with him.

She figured Lotor would be too busy tending to Sabbath, trying to keep him calm. She knew that was the right thing to do, and yet Allura was feeling selfish, wanting Lotor to come to her. Which is why when she heard the noise outside her open window, she flew in a hurry towards it, not quite managing to keep her excitement from showing.

She stood to the side of the window, watching as Lotor slipped inside, and then Allura was touching him, just rubbing her hands up and down his arms. He blinked in surprise, then smiled as she pressed against him. “I didn’t think you would come…” She let out a breath, tying not to laugh. “I should have known nothing and no one would keep you away.”

“I will always endeavor to be by your side, no matter what the circumstances around us.” Lotor replied, and she smiled.

“But what about Sabbath?” She couldn’t keep the guilt out of her eyes, worried about the Drule. “Is he all right?”

“He’s fine.” Lotor assured her. “The wine has taken it’s toll, leaving him passed out in his bed.” He snorted then. “I won’t envy the hangover he will have in the morning.”

“Maybe that will keep him from drinking his sorrows away.” Allura said, and Lotor shrugged.

“Perhaps. But I suspect as long as things with your cousin do not improve….”

“It was terrible to watch.” Allura confessed. “To see his pain, so open and raw.” She hesitated, looking up at Lotor in concern. “Did I hurt you that badly?” She saw him hesitate over his answer, and that was enough for her. “I did, didn’t I?” She sighed, and reached up to touch his cheek, regret in her eyes. “I didn’t mean too…not really. I just didn’t understand…”

“And now you do?” He asked, pressing into her palm.

“I think I do…certainly watching Sabbath with my cousin, has helped me to come a little closer to understanding you.” She confessed. “I still can’t say I wouldn’t do things differently…I mean you did kidnap me at first. I was very upset and scared of your intentions towards me…” She left off that sometimes she still got a little frightened, at least of the intensity of Lotor’s emotions towards her.

“I don’t know what I would have done differently myself.” Lotor admitted. “I think I understand humans better now, and yet….those first days with you, it was hard to think of anything else but being with you. Of making things right between us.” She was stroking his cheek now, Lotor eyes intent on hers. “It’s gotten easier to concentrate, to think beyond the bonding. I believe partly because you have opened up to me, and allow moments such as this to occur.”

“But…” He continued after a pause. “I also think it’s because I am doing things for you. It’s a combination of both those things that allow me to function in a way Sabbath cannot. I shudder to think how big a wreck I would be if you were still rejecting me.”

“Then let’s not worry about that. We’re here now, and no one is rejecting the other.” Allura smiled, and went up on tip toe, brushing a kiss over his lips. His hands went to touch her, landing on her shoulders as he moved to deepen the kiss. She welcomed it eagerly, feeling his tongue lick across the seam of her mouth, seeking permission to penetrate inside.

With a muffled moan, she gave it to him, her own tongue meeting his eagerly to duel against each other. Allura was still so new to kissing, but had been a fast learner, finding out she very much enjoyed the play of tongues against one another. It felt like brushing against wet velvet, but unlike the fabric his tongue had muscles to it, lending a bit of force and tease to the kiss.

Her hands had gone from his face and arm, to touching his chest, fingers curling into the fabric of his shirt. His own hands slid down her back, caressing and rubbing downwards, before palming her bottom. She kind of jumped at the grope, surprised but finding she liked the feel of his hand’s possessive hold on her bottom. With that hold, he was pushing her more insistently against him, and Allura had the strangest urge to try and climb up his body.

The kiss continued, growing more heated in response to Lotor’s touches. She actually whined when it came time to part, Allura grazing her lips at the corner of his mouth, and kissing along to the side of his cheek. She could swear he was shuddering in delight at that, and she smiled, pleased. “Will kisses between us always be like this?” She asked out loud.

Lotor looked surprised at the question, but quickly recovered. “Of course! Allura, I would never tire of kissing you. Of touching you. Of caressing my hands all over your sweet body. And I know…” his eyes seemed to darken, Allura shivering to see the look he gave her. “If we make love, it would be the greatest of pleasure we could ever experience together. One I would never grow tired of, never stop yearning to repeat again.”

“Oh.” Came her faint, inadequate reply, Allura sure she was blushing. She had a feeling she would feel the same way, judging by the way his touches and kisses made her feel. She knew when he spent the nights caressing her body, it left her half crazed, Allura almost ready to go the final step with him. She thought her heart was almost there, almost ready and yet she wanted to be more than almost sure. She wanted to be positive, Lotor’s words of warning whispering through her mind, telling her there would be no going back once they made love.

If Lotor felt bothered by her short reply, he didn’t show it, the prince leaning in to nuzzle his lips against her ear. He didn’t speak, merely mouthed at the lobe, teeth gently tugging on her ear. She shivered all the same, Allura reaching up with her hands to bury her fingers in his hair. “I feel weak when you touch me.” Came her confession, Lotor rumbling out approval in her ear. “Like I could fall at any moment.”

“I would catch you.” Was his answer. “I will always be here to catch you.” As if to illustrate his point, his arms wound around her, Lotor lifting her up off the floor. She nearly squealed in surprise, clutching more firmly at him for support. His light chuckle was in his ear, Lotor carrying her over to the bed, where he laid her down. He quickly joined her on top of it, Lotor staring down at her with dark urgency.

Such a look would have frightened Allura once upon a time, but now she simply accepted it, inviting him to touch her with a smile. His hands began to roam over her body, Allura sighing in contentment, even as her nipples began to stiffen with that familiar ache. She shouldn’t have been surprised that he noticed, Lotor bending over her so that his face hovered over her chest. She couldn’t feel his breath, the cloth was too effective a barrier but she caught whiff of his intention.

He nuzzled his face briefly between her breasts, a purr rumbling out of him. She had a moment to think he really did sound like a contented cat, and then his mouth was around one covered nipple. Allura cried out, the sensation sending sharp pleasure spiking through her at the point of contact. She wondered how much more intense it would feel without the silk covering her, Lotor suckling at her breast so that the fabric grew damp from his attention.

An arm slid beneath her back, fingers splayed so that he supported her as she arched up against him. She half moaned, half squealed, Allura reaching to clutch at his hair, fisting the white strands as Lotor continuing to suck sweetly at her breast. It didn’t compare to her dreams, and she could feel tendrils of pleasure reaching lower on her body, a direct reaction to his sucking. It left the area between her legs aching, Allura feeling the familiar dampness start to pool.

This was going further than she had expected, and yet she couldn’t find the words to stop him. Especially when his other hand touched her breast, rubbing across her neglected nipple. Duel stimulation of different kinds, one nipple wet and warm from his mouth, the other peaking harder at his touch. And when he began to pinch and pluck at it, she twisted, turning her face to her pillow in an effort to muffle the squeal that wanted to come out.

She continued to hold onto his hair, her fingers so tight in their hold it had to be hurting him. And yet he didn’t pull away, and she didn’t try to stop him, Allura panting softly. And found her legs spreading slightly, enough to accommodate the knee between her thighs. His bent leg was right up against the center of her body, night gown inched up high and tight on her. She trembled, and found herself doing a slight wiggle on his knee, and it was the closest to being touched there that she had allowed him thus far.

Lotor muttered something around the nipple in his mouth, it sounded like some Drule prayer to her. She liked the sound of his voice when he spoke in his native tongue, Allura just wished she could understand the things he would say. Especially when he was speaking with seduction on the mind, Allura sure he would be eloquent and quite creative with his words.

His voice was a pleasure to listen too, Allura hearing Lotor moaning in between Drule phrases. A sudden impulse took over her, Allura trying to pull Lotor’s head from her breast to make him look at her. “Lotor…ngh…no…that..that is…” He wasn’t coming up easily, reminding her of his strength as he kept on mouthing at her nipple. She moaned, partly in frustration, and blurted out what was on her mind.

“How come you never sang to me?”

She felt his teeth graze across her nipple, and then Lotor was lifting his head. His eyes seemed to smolder, gleaming in the dim light of her room. He didn’t say anything, just looked at her, and she flushed, finding herself more embarrassed by the question than anything he had done to her body.

“It’s just…Sabbath sang to my cousin…and he had such a nice voice…and I’d be a much more receptive audience than Romelle was.” Allura felt like she was stumbling over the words, trying not to fidget against him. Especially when her movements had her rubbing herself on his knee, the sensations feeling far more good than they had a right to.

“I don’t sing.” Lotor answered, and she felt disappointed by the rebuff.

“Not even for me?” Allura asked, and saw the prince hesitate.

“I suppose…if you really insisted on it…” Lotor’s voice dripped with his reluctance. “But you won’t like it.”

“Why not?” She turned teasing, bringing a hand to his face. “Is your voice that terrible?” He stilled, and she gasped, realizing that was the case after all. “Oh Lotor, I am sorry! I didn’t mean…I was just teasing. After all, you sound so sexy, especially when you speak Drule. I thought you had to have a wonderful singing voice as well…”

“We can’t all be perfect.” He answered, a bit testily in the moment.

“I wouldn’t expect you to be.” Allura quickly assured him, rubbing her fingers across his cheek and over towards his ear. He shivered when she did a glancing touch across his ear, and he looked very much like he wanted to resume what he had been doing before she had asked her questions. “But still…I must admit…to feeling slightly….envious when Sabbath sang to my cousin. He was so focused on her, and pouring his heart out to her…”

“For all the good it did him.” Lotor muttered, and she nodded.

“Maybe if he had spoken in basic…” Allura suggested. “If he could have translated the words for Romelle’s behalf…I mean anyone could see the intent behind his song, but perhaps if she understood the actual words…”

“I doubt it would have moved her heart.” Lotor said, and she frowned. “I think it would have scared her off sooner.” Lotor explained, and she looked questioningly at him. “Drule love songs are….intense to say the least. Even the most innocent of songs, are surely more…graphic in their love proclamations than what you Arusians are used too.”

“Just what was Sabbath saying to my cousin then?!” Allura wondered out loud.

“Do you really want to know?” She nodded, and Lotor paused to think. “It was a mixture of songs. He couldn’t seem to settle on just one…I don’t know if that was on purpose, or just a result of how much he had to drink. Whatever the case….he was speaking on how deeply he loved her. On how he worshipped the ground she walks upon, how he would be her slave if she would just smile back at him.”

“Romelle would like that thought.” Allura said, thinking how her cousin would enjoy ordering Sabbath around. “And she always did want to be worshipped.”

“He adores her….” continued Lotor, and now his hands moved over her body, the prince seeming unable to not touch her. “He longs for the kindest word form her, the sweetest expressions…it’s the key to his happiness you see, to make her happy and leave her never wanting for anything. It wasn’t just his longing he sung about, he also compared her skin to the moon’s glow, and how her beauty was unrivaled in his eyes.” He smiled then, losing some of his serious look. “To a Drule, no one can compare to one’s mate, they are simply without equal.”

“So even if I was ugly, yuo’d love me?” Allura asked, and Lotor bent to kiss her.

“You wouldn’t be ugly to me Allura. I’d be attracted to you, even if you looked like one of the medusas of Yaven Six.”

“I’d turn you to stone if I was a medusa!” Allura pointed out, and he laughed.

“You turn a part of me to stone already.” He said, and she blushed. Especially when he took her hand, and placed it on his erection, the material of his pants stretched tight and thin across it.

“Does it hurt to be like that?” she asked, actually letting her fingers brush over the bulge. He seemed to hiss in response, stiffening with unspoken tension.

“It is not exactly unpleasant….although to go without release, now that is what truly hurts…” Lotor explained to her, and she frowned.

“And I’ve been working you up to this state often…”

“It’s a small price I pay to be with you in any capacity.” He resumed touching her, but she tried to shrug off his hands. “It’s all right Allura. I can withstand this a little while longer…”

She bit her lip, the words you shouldn’t have to on the tip of her tongue. But she didn’t’ say anything, instead rubbing her fingers over his trapped cock. Lotor hissed again, his eyes seeming to darken with pleasure at her touch. “Is….is there a way I can give you some relief without….without I mean…” She was blushing and stumbling over the words, Allura not sure what she was asking exactly.

“There are ways to go about this…” Lotor admitted. “Ways without breaching a commitment…..”

“Then can we try…?” Allura asked, feeling how hot her face was.

“We most certainly can…” He was warm as he spoke, shifting about on top of her. She found him hauling her nightgown up, so that her legs and panties were uncovered. He pressed down on top of her, and his hands smoothed down her thighs. “Spread your legs just a little more for me….that’s it…” He purred, fitting himself against her body.

“Lotor?” She was unsure of his intentions, and feeling as though she should take back what she had offered. But she didn’t dare disappoint him, Allura staring uncertainly into his eyes as a smiling Lotor rubbing his trapped cock against her panties. She gasped at the feel of his hardness, and Lotor seemed to moan in pure bliss as he began to grind against her.

His hands touched her legs, urging her to wrap them around him. She did so, and his hands gliding behind her, cupping the curve of her bottom. He helped to lift her, pressing her more firmly against his grinding body. “AH!” The first of whimpered out pleasure escaped her, Allura feeling something incredibly good as his cock ground against her sex.

She clutched at his shoulders, and tightened her leg’s grip around him, moving with his help against his cock. It felt far too intimate, Allura aware they were mimicking the actual act of sex in this hold and position. Only their clothes prevented them from going all the way, Allura wiggling her hips in such a way that Lotor’s breath stole out of him in hisses.

“Does this feel good?” She anxiously asked him, and Lotor quickly nodded.

“It does.” He bent his head to kiss at the front of her throat, his lower half moving determinedly against hers. She felt his cock rubbing across her sex, hitting a spot that felt wonderful, and left her tingling, aching for more. She became desperate to feel more, Allura whining and wiggling, putting her all into grinding against his cock. Allura swore she could feel him throbbing, his hard flesh seeming to pulsate with life and heat that could not be extinguished even through the fabric of his pants.

It left her dizzy, and aching, Allura growing wild and muttering things to him. He seemed to echo her wildness, Lotor murmuring against her throat in Drule. Her arms slid around him, Allura hugging him close so that her breasts squished against his chest. Her whole body seemed to be rubbing his, and felt a lump in his shirt’s pocket that was a curiosity she couldn’t focus on at the moment.

Not with her breathing coming in short gasps, Allura whimpering, wondering how much more intense the sensations would be if there was no barriers between them and she just let go completely. No more holding back, no more worries about commitment, just Lotor sinking into her with that hard flesh of his. The thought of him inside her made her moan, so loud Lotor was forced to cover her mouth with his.

His tongue entered her the way she longed for, Allura quickly brushing against that velvet muscle with her own. She whimpered and whine, and rubbed herself furiously on him, feeling herself building up to something grand. She had to speak, pulling back from the kiss to hiss. “Lotor! I…I need…”

“Shh…” he soothed her, almost grunting as he worked their bodies to grind to completion. “Just a little more Allura…”

“More…that’s what I need…” She was half delirious, not aware of what she was saying. Somehow Lotor retained enough sense to not give her what she asked for, the prince holding back from going that final step. It made her furious, Allura almost growling as she wished to do away with her panties and welcome Lotor into her body. And then it happened, an explosion of pleasure deep inside her. It made her frantic to hold onto that feeling, Allura grinding so fast and furious that she was weeping when the feeling stopped.

And Lotor still moved, grinding sensation into her that had her aching with shivers of half remembered pleasure. He buried his face into her hair, voice muffled into it as he let out a mighty sound that was more howl than moan. The fabric over his erection grew wet and sticky, and she realized with dull shock he had reached his release. His cock was slow to soften, Lotor seeming to grind against her gently now, letting his body go back to it’s normal state, free of desire.

He lifted his head, and his eyes looked satisfied, Lotor nuzzling a kiss against her cheek. She petted his hair, content in the moment, even as his weight began to feel uncomfortable. Lotor noticed, and rolled them over so that she was tucked against his side, head resting on his chest. He made no comment about the fact that his pants were wet and surely uncomfortable, merely snuggling with her.

Allura’s own panties could use a changing, but she was in no hurry to get up either. Instead she snuggled more firmly against him, and planted a kiss on his chest. His chuckles followed her into dreams, Allura giving in quickly to sleep now that they were both satisfied

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  1. This chapter sent such shivers up my spine!!! I love how you can even make the stories without sex take my breath away 😀

  2. wow, 20 new chapters uploaded since last I checked – what a delight!

    I feel for poor Sabbath, having to try and convince Romelle that she’s his mate. He’s got more of an uphill battle than Lotor did, since Romelle is on her home territory and thus less vulnerable. I must say I was a bit skeptical when we first found out that Sabbath’s mate is Romelle. It was made somewhat more credible when you explained that Sabbath was half human, thus justifying the human mate. But it still seems a bit farfetched to think that among all the humans in the universe, these two half-human Drules would fall for cousins in the same family…Nonetheless, it does create some interesting drama for the plot.

    Poor Lotor; he can’t sing!!

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