Attraction 48

She couldn’t deny it, Allura found it more than a little strange and disconcerting to be onboard one of the Drule warships. Especially one that looked so similar to the vessel she had been held captive on, the seemingly endless gray corridors bearing the same architecture and design, right down to the red emblems and black markings on the wall.

In fact the only difference she could see was that there was a decided lack of Drule soldiers around. Many of them were off inside the castle of lions, helping out with the clean up and repair, or located in deeper bowels of the ship, guarding over the imprisoned Drules. The Drules she did see, all looked at her with strange expressions, Allura could almost swear it was reverent awe but she didn’t know why she would earn such a look.

Ryder kept up a steady conversation, his voice distracting her from some of her worries about Lotor. He told her that for the time being the Drules imprisoned would stay as hostages, ones that would be ransomed off to the highest bidders in order to drum up money for the war effort against King Zarkon. Allura supposed it was better than outright killing them, though she thought it strange to make one’s own people into possible slaves.

But a large quantity of the captured Drules remained openly hostile, belligerent and angry about the turn the invasion had taken. Arus simply did not have the holding space to keep them prisoner indefinitly, and without trust, Lotor and his allies wouldn’t be able to have these men fight for them. It was a lot different with the captured ships, the vessels would be repaired, and used as the starting ground for Lotor’s military assault against Doom.

It made her dizzy to think they would be going into another war so soon, and Allura remembered how she had promised to lend ships and men to Lotor’s cause. She had yet to broach the subject with many people, and knew that to some it would be an unpopular choice. But one that was necessary, in order to defeat the enemy that continued to threaten Arus and her people’s freedom.

Of course, Lotor had to recover if they were going to do anything about King Zarkon. If Lotor died from his infection, there would be plenty of displaced Drules on Arus, with no leader to rally under. They’d be homeless and outcasts from the Doom world, and would suffer as Arus fought against Doom’s continued invasions.

All these worries fled from her mind when Ryder opened the door to Lotor’s room. It was a private cabin, large and similar to the one she had shared with Lotor onboard the other ship. But she barely noticed the details, walking in a daze to the bedroom. She could see the door was open, and hear the whirling clicks, and beeps of the machinery around him. Her gaze did not stray, Allura staring at Lotor who lay almost unmoving in the bed.

She could swear his coloring had changed, the blue seeming darker from the sheen of sweat that coated his skin. He lay shirtless, bare chest gleaming with perspiration, the blankets carefully folded at the foot of the bed, so that she could see all he wore was thin, draw string pants. A Drule who she took to be the ship’s doctor sat near to Lotor, a hand lifted to press a cooling cloth to Lotor’s brow.

The doctor noticed her, and a question was in his eyes, Ryder drawing to a stop by the bed. “This is the prince’s mate.” The doctor’s eyes seemed to light up in understanding, the man gesturing for Allura to approach. She did so nervously, almost frightened to make a sound lest it disturbed Lotor.

“His fever is almost too high…” The doctor was saying, the Drule pressing the wet cloth into her hands. It felt ice cold to her fingers, Allura numbly gripping it. “I fear if it spikes three more degrees…he won’t be coming back from this…”

“No…” Allura whispered, horrified realization making it’s way through her. The doctor was saying Lotor could die, and that was something she found simply unacceptable. “He can’t die! He just can’t!” She turned wet eyes to the doctor, imploring him with her words. “Can’t you do something?!”

“We’ve done everything possible to help him….it’s out of my hands now.”

Somehow Allura found herself perched on the bed next to Lotor, her shaking hand reaching out to brush the wet cloth over his face. She thought she saw his nostrils flare, Allura wondering if he was scenting her nearness. “What can I do to help him?” Allura asked, and nearly hissed when her fingers felt the heat of his skin. She didn’t know how anyone could be that hot and not be burnt alive.

“Just stay with him…” advised the doctor. “It would give him comfort to know his mate is near….”

“Comfort?” She didn’t ask this out loud, fearing they thought to soothe Lotor in his final moments with her presence. Her eyes began welling up with more tears, Allura trying not to break down and cry.

“Talk to him.” Suggested Ryder, and numbly she nodded. She began to speak, even before the two Drules vacated the room, Ryder closing the door behind them.

“Lotor…it’s not fair…” Allura said with a sniffle, continuing to brush the cloth over him. Occasionally she would dip it in a small bucket on the bedside table, the water kept cold by the ice cubes floating in the liquid. She focused mainly on his face, but occasionally brushed the cloth over his neck and chest. “You should be up and about, celebrating the victory. It’s yours you know….you won it for Arus….”

She stared at his face as she talked, wondering if she imagined the flickering beneath his eyelids. Was he dreaming? “Morduck is dead….the enemy Drules are all captured, and General Pardust is commanding the armada to land on Arus. They’re all waiting for you….to know your next command….to get ready for you take the throne of Doom from your father…”

An uneasy glance at the monitor showed his heart continued it’s slow, steady pace, the wires extending to embed themselves into his arm. His right hand was freshly bandaged, the gauze hid the scar of surgery from her. “It’s not just the Drule loyalists who celebrate. Arus itself lauds your victory, Captain Darius wants to be the first in line to shake your hand for all you’ve done…”

“Your assistance was invaluable to us, the knowledge you gave the Arusians fighting against the Drule armada helped them to maintain their positions, and last until Pardust could join in on the attack. You’re a war hero…in more ways than one!” Allura added, and with her left hand reached to brush back his hair over his ears. He seemed to twitch at that, but then lay still once more.

“Lotor….” She sighed out his name, trying to think of what else to say. “Everyone is worried for you….what will happen to your allies if you don’t pull through? What will happen to Arus….to me?!” Allura bent over him, the first of her tears plopped down on his face. “Your father won’t stop at just one defeat…everyone knows that. He’ll continue to attack Arus unless he loses his power…My people and yours will suffer under Zarkon’s rule…”

She noticed he began to move, to writhe about in agitation the more she spoke about his father. She didn’t know if that was good or bad, and so Allura persisted in this line of thought. “He doesn’t yet know he’s been handed a loss…but when Morduck doesn’t call in a status report, he’ll grow suspicious….we’re existing on borrowed time…”

Lotor let out a groan, and continued his agitated movements. He almost writhed off the bed, Allura dropping the cloth to grab at him in an attempt to hold him still. “It’s okay….it’s okay….” She soothed, realizing it was the wrong thing to talk about. “We still have time…” He was moaning again, it sounded like he was speaking in Drule and Allura didn’t have the faintest notion what he was saying. She desperately cast about for something else to discuss, and said the first thing that came to her mind.

“Nanny’s been cooking practically nonstop to feed everyone…..her apple tarts are a big hit, even with the Drules.” She forced a giggle out of her, though it felt hollow to her. “She’s been very grudging about feeding them, but even she has to admit they played a big part in our victory.”

He didn’t settle down, continuing to move against her, muttering things under his breath. She could barely maintain her grip on his arms, and the more pressing concern was that he would rip out the wires or iv. “Romelle and Sabbath have been found. I don’t know what if anything happened between those two. I’d like to think my cousin finally saw the wisdom of getting to know him better…after all, it wasn’t like she had a choice in the matter, being trapped with him for days on end!”

“Lotor…” She cautiously let go of him, to look for the cloth, frightened to think what would happen if she didn’t keep cooling him off with the damp fabric. “There’s so much I want to tell you, important things….things that should be said for the first time when both of us are awake and aware…” She suddenly gasped, Lotor’s hand having snagged the back of her hair, the prince holding her still as he tried to lift himself up from the bed.

“LOTOR! What are you doing?!” She cried out in alarm, hands shoving him back down. He grew even more agitated that she stopped him from whatever he was trying to do, and she practically laid down on top of him in an attempt to pin him down. His other hand joined the first in her hair, spilling it all around her as he took in deep lungful of air. Whatever he smelled, it got him to open his eyes, the lids snapping open to show the feverish gleam of gold.

She gazed up hopefully at him, but he seemed to look beyond her, his Drule becoming more hurried as he spoke. “I don’t understand…” Allura cried, aware he was petting her like she was a cat. He was hardly calm, though he no longer writhed in place. She wondered where his fever was at, and tried to sit up. Those hands in her hair turned restraining, pushing her back down so that she stayed on top of him.

For the longest time they just stayed like that, Lotor talking to a vision she couldn’t see, his fingers gliding through her hair. That gentle touch was misleading, any time she tried to move away he would instantly harden, holding her prisoner. Allura eventually sighed and just relaxed, listening to the sound of Lotor’s voice and knowing that in a way, he was drawing comfort from her presence.

She was almost lulled to sleep, then his voice turned panicked. His hands no longer moved, they poised tense in her hair. She lifted her head cautiously, and saw a look of absolute worry on his face. He began to yell, and this time amidst the foreign words, she heard her name.

“I’m here!” Allura cried out, but Lotor continued to shout, tone almost begging at times. “Shhh…I’m here….” She soothed, reaching to caress a hand on his cheek. Suddenly his eyes gained focus, he looked at her and not whatever vision tormented her. She was thrilled, that pleasure lasted long enough for him to adjust his hold on her, Lotor suddenly shifting in the big bed, and slamming Allura against the pillows.

“Lotor!” She yelped, and stared up at him shocked. He looked down at her, and his expression was almost feral. He looked very much like a predator finding the prey he had hunted beneath him. She noted he was careful to hover his body over hers, wires growing taut as they stretched to their limit at his movements. For the longest moment in all of eternity he just stared at her, and she at him. Allura didn’t dare move, not sure what was going on, but knowing he still looked feverish and delirious.

“Allura….” He sighed out her name, and then raised his left hand to her cheek. It was still so damn hot, and for a second she closed her eyes, trying not to cry at the heat he emanated. “Allura…” repeated Lotor, and she opened her eyes as he extended his thumb towards her mouth. That finger of his caressed over her bottom lip, and then nudged the tip inside. She tasted the salt of his skin, and inadvertently licked at his thumb. He seemed to smile at that, and then withdrew his thumb, doing another lingering caress of her lips.

“Lotor… you see me? Do you know who I am?” She asked hopefully.

“Allura…” He whispered, and suddenly collapsed enough to bury his face against her neck. She gasped in surprise, Allura finding Lotor was licking and nibbling on the skin there, lips even going so far as to find her pulse point, and fasten in place there. She wondered if he was aware of how fast her heart had started beating, Allura noticing Lotor was fitting himself against her body, her legs spread around his.

She wasn’t sure what to do, if she should stop him, and if he was healthy enough for this kind of activity. His skin felt incredibly hot against whatever of her flesh was exposed, and so far he hadn’t done much except to kiss about the side of her neck. His hands were behaving themselves, but she wondered how long that would last, Allura listening to Lotor purr like a great big feline.

She risked a touch of his back, feeling his hair splayed and sticking to his damp skin. His purr increased in volume, a great rumbling sound that shivered it’s way down her spine. He kissed his way to the front of her throat, and Allura found her lolling her head back to offer it up to his lips. Lotor hands moved, his body shifting so that he could haul up her shirt.

His hands touched her breasts, and what wasn’t covered by her bra, felt the heat of his skin. Goose bumps seemed to break out across her skin, and she shivered as though cold. But it was impossible to feel a chill with Lotor’s fever stricken hands touching her. He was taking such care, handling her like she was delicate porcelain, rubbing his hands over the front of her breasts over and over, until they peaked, pushing against the cotton fabric of her bra.

She made a small sound of pleasure, and wondered if he even heard her. Her body had grown accustomed to his touches, conditioned to the point she welcomed all bits of affection from him. She didn’t try to fight, and Allura didn’t try to get away, petting her hands down his back in encouragement.

Lotor continued to rub his hands in place over her bra covered nipples, to the point it maddened her, Allura wondering what he was waiting for. He stared at her face as he touched her, watching her carefully for her reaction. She risked a smile at him, and nodded her head. It seemed to please him, he was speaking in Drule again, babbling out words around her name.

Suddenly he was bending to nuzzle his face against the crook of her shoulder, and she felt the tremble that shook through his powerful body. Allura continued to pet him, and she began whispering things to him. “It’s okay…I’m real, and I’m not going anywhere. Not now, not ever…” She realized she meant it too, she’d never part from his side if she could help it.

“This time has been spent realizing a lot of things…” Allura continued, feeling Lotor’s lips moving, as he murmured things to her. “My attraction to you…my not caring what others will think….but more than that, my love for you.” She suddenly grasped his cheeks, drawing his head up so she could look into his feverish eyes. “Yes, Lotor. I love you. I think I’ve loved you for a long time now….I was just letting my silly fears keep me from realizing that….”

“L…love?” It was the first word besides her name that she could understand, Lotor sounding so hopeful in the moment. “You love me?”

“I do.” She raised her head up enough to kiss him, lips savoring the feel of his. His own lips moved, Lotor kissing her back, uncertainty turning to surety, the kiss almost savage in it’s need. It was all molding lips, and dueling tongues, muscles doing velvety caresses against one another. She eased back her fingers, stroking through his hair, and down onto his back where she greedily ran her palms down his skin.

Lotor’s trembles increased, and he made a needy sound, kissing her harder, tongue dipping into her mouth. Allura made a low keening sound, and clutched at him with her arms, trying to keep him trapped against her. It was Lotor who pulled back, gasping, breath coming out in harsh, needy pants. For once Allura had succeeded in stealing his breath away, a fact she accounted to his illness.

He stared at her for a long minute, breath coming out hard, to the point she feared he was having difficulty breathing. She wondered if he saw the concern in her eyes, Allura loosening her hold on him. “Lotor?”

He didn’t respond, instead doing a slow downward slide of her body. It put his head about even with her breasts, and he used his teeth to snag hold of the bra, and pull it down. Her breasts popped free with a slight bounce, her nipples a rosy pink that competed with the blush on her face. “I don’t think this is a good idea!” She squeaked out in protest. “I mean, you’re sick…you’re fever is spiking….you could die at any minute…”

She was completely ignored, Lotor nuzzling his face between her breasts, lips planting kisses across her skin. She was sure more goose bumps broke out across her flesh, and that was before her right nipple was completely captured by his mouth. At the first touch of moist mouth directly on her skin, she arched against him, leveraging off the bed as much as she could despite his pinning weight.

It felt like her entire body melted and twisted at the contact of his mouth, and she was sure she was flying when his good hand landed on her opposite breast. It was a heavy touch, one that weighted her down from floating completely away, Allura feeling Lotor flex and mold his fingers to her flesh. His fingernails were long, almost like claws with their sharp pointed tips.

Tips he gently scrapped over her flesh, sending pinpricks of sensation through her that wasn’t unpleasant. Especially when he ran the tips over her nipple, the feeling at odds with the suction he was doing on her right breast. She was squirming beneath him from both actions, and his nails continued to tease her, scraping over and over her nipple to the point Allura thought she reached hypersensitivity.

She wasn’t the only one reacting, Lotor was growing increasingly aroused, growling as he sucked greedily on her nipple. She could feel the bulge in his pants, the thin fabric doing nothing to hide the erection he was sporting. It seemed his fever wasn’t stopping him from being able to perform, and she gasped out his name as he did a slow lick against her nipple.

His hands were on the move, Lotor hooking fingers into the waist band of her pants. He was impatient as he shoved them and her panties downwards, leaving Allura exposed to his gaze. He murmured more things in Drule, looking at her with such worship in his eyes. But when he went to touch her, he suddenly hesitated, fingers hovering over the blond curls surrounding her nether lips.

Once again Allura found herself reaching to catch Lotor’s face, the princess drawing his gaze towards hers. She smiled encouragingly at him, and spoke the words she knew he was longing to hear. “It’s okay…I want you to. I love you, and want to be with you always…” He blinked rapidly at her, and she pressed her mouth against his, never taking her eyes off him. “I’m committed to you and this relationship….I want to be with you always…”

“Allura….you mean it?” He whispered, and she nodded. “I must be dreaming.”

“No dream.” She let go of his face, and took his hand, Allura guiding it to cup the center of her body. His eyes seemed to widen, and then he hissed, his middle finger moving to rub across her moist flesh. It was the first time he had ever touched her in so direct a manner in that spot, and she gasped in shock. But it was a pleased kind of shock, Allura staring dazed at Lotor.

He smiled at her, and continued to stroke his fingers along her flesh, carefully touching each damp fold. She grew wetter yet, and Lotor began to mutter things in Drule again. “No!” Allura cried, and touched his lips with her fingers. “Say it so I can understand…”

He nodded, and began whispering to her. “You’re so beautiful… and wet…but you could be wetter yet….” She didn’t understand how, Allura thinking she was positively soaked from all he had done. He spread her lips with two of his fingers, and for once wasn’t looking at her face, which made her blush. Especially with the intense way he looked at her, and the words he spoke. “You need a good tonguing.”

“WHAT?!” She couldn’t help but shriek, especially when he put his mouth to her sex with a hissed out yes. Her gasps turned into shocked squeals, Allura unsure where to touch as Lotor fastened his mouth to her sex. She had had many fantastic scenarios run through her head when she had had those sexually charged dreams, but even with the knowledge the dreams had given her, they hadn’t prepared her for the reality of Lotor’s mouth down there.

She hadn’t realized a man’s tongue could move so quickly, or that when it did, it would make her go boneless, Allura falling back against the sheets. Her feet hiked up his back, soles pressing into his skin in response to his licking, her fingers fisting the bed sheets. Her nails weren’t as sharp as his, they didn’t’ come close to tearing open the fabric.

“Lotor!” His name was a drawn out whine from her, and she gasped and cried out when his lips pursed around her clit. When he began to labor fierce suction on it, her hips lifted off the bed, Allura trying to press herself against his face. His hands grabbed hold of her, forcing her back down, and he followed, never ceasing that delicious suction. She was rapidly burning, and sure his fever had transferred to her, Allura on the cusp of pleasure, and delirious from it.

When she came, she was panting, staring dizzily at Lotor. She lay there, hands still forming fists on the bed, her legs still squeezing around him. He had to ask her to relax enough for him to shift about, Lotor pulling on the draw string to get his pants open. She barely noticed what he was doing, until she felt that hot piece of hard flesh rubbing against her slick sex, Lotor making sure to rub her moisture all over his dick. She felt him thrust in such a way that his cock rubbed across her overly sensitized clit, and Allura cried out again, nails digging into the mattress.

“I’ll go slow…” Lotor told her, and she just whined in response. Especially when he continued to hesitate, the prince wearing a frown that looked out of place on his desire ridden face.

“What’s wrong?” Allura managed to ask.

“Don’t want to hurt you…” He admitted, looking frustrated.

“You won’t…” She assured him. “I trust you.” She reached for his arms, tugging him closer, feeling the delicious slide of his cock over her clit, which made her want to scream in pleasure. She settled for muffling that scream with a kiss, tongue penetrating into his mouth. And still he hesitated, to the point Allura began a full out assault on him, wiggling against him, and bringing her hands to rub and molest his ears. She turned his face to the side, listening to him growl out her name in warning tone.


“Don’t what?” She breathed into his ear, then licked it. Her fingers played with the tip of the opposite ear, and she thought his cock was twitching in response to what she was doing.

“That! Don’t do that!” Lotor cried out, and she actually smirked. She made a sound, beginning to suck on his ear’s tip, and that was when Lotor lost the last of his control. He suddenly thrust into her, and she lost some of her smugness, a tortured sound leaving her as her hymen was torn. Lotor seemed to freeze in horror, and she reacted to that, wrapping her arms around him to keep him from pulling away from her.

“I’m okay! I’m okay!” She repeated like a mantra, even though there was a slight burning pain within her. She could feel her body stretching to accommodate the few inches he had shoved inside her, leaving her to feel full in a way she had never felt before. Lotor trembled with the effort to control himself, forcing himself not to move, even as she continued to assure him she was fine.

It was bracing pain, one that cooled some of her ardor. But she wanted this, wanted him, so she continued to hold him to her, finding it ironic that Lotor seemed unable to escape her arms. “It’s fine love…” She said after a few more moments. “You can move now…”

“I can move?” He sounded like an uncertain little boy, still trembling with restraint.

“Yes!” Allura gave him a quick kiss on the lips, then trailed her mouth down to lock on the front of his throat. That positioning hid her wince from him when he did a slow thrust forward, allowing the rest of him to slide into her. She almost panicked at how big he was, wondering if her body would run out of room before he seated himself completely. But somehow there was just enough room, Allura taking him to the hilt of his body.

Lotor’s trembling increased, and then he began to pump his hips, dick sliding in and out of her slowly. She bit back a whine, the sound neither pleasure nor regret, Allura wondering for an instance why she had thought this had been a good idea. And then Lotor reached down between them with that sharp tipped nail of his, and ran it across her clit. Her body tightened around his, sparks of pleasure being fanned to a full blown flame.

It confused her how she could hurt and feel pleasure at the same time, and with her gasp, she looked up into Lotor’s concerned eyes. They still looked a little glazed over, and his skin still felt too hot, but she felt reassured that he was so aware of her and what they were doing. “Do you want to stop?”

“NO!” Allura insisted, and Lotor seemed to sigh in relief.

“I don’t think I could.” He was honest in his admittance, moving his hips once more. Whenever he slid almost completely out of her body, instead of relief, she felt a sense of regret, Allura wanting him back inside her. He never kept her empty for long, Lotor’s hips on a constant move, dick thrusting into her again and again. The force of his thrusts had her body jiggling, breasts bouncing hard against her chest.

She began to ease her hands down his back, onto she could grab onto his buttocks, fingers digging into his skin as she tried to pull him closer. He flashed her a wicked smile, and began to move just a little faster. It made her breath catch, then come out in a soft coo, Allura leaning back against the pillows as she gazed up at Lotor.

“I love you…” He told her, and began repeating the phrase over and over, dipping his head to kiss at her lips and then down her throat. Her heart was racing, and the pain had all but faded from her awareness. Her thighs clenched around his hips, and things in her tightened in possessive hold around him. Lotor continued to go slow, an act that belied the savage need she could feel in him. It showed in the energy vibrating through him, and she had to smile at the way he held himself back for her sake.

“It’s okay…” Allura said, squeezing her hands on his ass. “You can go faster…I want you to….” She kissed him to stifle any protests that would force herself to repeat those words, and Lotor seemed to lose what little control he had left. His hips surged forward, his cock speeding faster in and out of her. Each slide produced delicious friction, and she moaned into his mouth.

His answering moan alerted her to a change in him, Lotor’s hips almost pounding into her now. She felt him shudder, and then howl, his mouth lifting off hers, as he screamed out her name. She wasn’t prepared for the hot rush of ejaculate inside her, Lotor shaking as he stared down at her, his cock pumping out jets of come. Allura did the only thing she could think of, she ran her fingers through his hair, and held still for his orgasm.

It seemed to go on and on, leaving Lotor panting and exhausted. In truth she felt just as tired, and with it came concern, Allura remembering Lotor was sick. She smoothed back his hair, watching his shoulder slump. He almost crushed her with his collapsing weight, Allura managing to wiggle free, and turn to look at him. He was resting with his head on the pillows, but his eyes were watching her.

“Lotor? Are you okay?” She asked, and dipped her fingers into the ice cold bucket of water. She brushed her wet fingers against his skin, trying to cool him down, and wasn’t sure if she should laugh or not at his answer.

“Never been better.” He said, even though his skin still felt too hot to her. His eyes were already drooping shut, but his arm reached to wrap around her waist, hauling her up against his body. She had the worrisome thought that someone might come in and see them in disarray, but Lotor’s strong arm wouldn’t allow her to leave the bed. Allura ended up sighing, and snuggling against him, watching his face as he drifted off to sleep with just the sounds of the machines beeping in the room.

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