Attraction 49

He didn’t know for how long he had spent drifting in and out of half conscious states, spying people around him, the concerned faces of doctors and servants. Sometimes he would wake long enough to moan, feeling cold, wet cloth being rubbed all over him. It never seemed to cool him down, he was always burning, even when they moved him from bed to bathtub, leaving him to soak in frigid water that led his body to grow numb.

Other times when he opened his eyes he would see things, and sometimes those things were horrible. He saw his father, the man’s figure tall and imposing, full of strength and vitality when Lotor felt at his weakest. The Drule King seemed to point and laugh maliciously at Lotor, hissing poison filled words that taunted to him of his failures.

It was enough to get Lotor to forget what had led him to this point of sickness, the prince fearing his father had won, that Arus had fallen, and with it, Allura killed. He’d become agitated, and scream, arguing, trying to rip the wires free of his arm as he tried to lunge out of bed to attack the vision of his father. People would hold him down, and he could not tell if they were friend or foe. For all Lotor knew, they were trying to keep him alive long enough for his father to take sadistic pleasure in torturing him.

Other times the visions were calming, leaving him feeling serene. He’d see Allura smiling at him, his mate curled up next to him in bed. She’d speak to him, and fuss over him, fingers brushing his hair back over his sensitive ears. Sometimes that imagined touch was enough to get him aroused, and he’d move about in the bed, until he could pin her.

It was when he was kissing soft pillows, that he would roar out his frustration, realizing he was having another hallucination. And yet visions of his mate always got to him in that way, Lotor reacting, trying to chase after her, catch her and make her real. Which is why when she appeared before him, her hands feeling solid on his skin, and her pleasing scent in his nose, he reacted at once, flipping her onto her back, and pinning her down.

He was confused when she didn’t vanish, Lotor hesitating an instant before kissing her. She responded in an instant, lips parting in invitation to his tongue. He felt the tremble of her arms movement, and grabbed at her wrists, jerking her hands up over her head and pinning them there. He didn’t want to be shoved away, didn’t want the vision to escape him, and leave him alone or worse, be faced with the vision of his father.

His mate didn’t struggle, merely kissing him back with what sounded like a throaty giggle. Her one leg lifted, hooking her foot over his back so that her toes rubbed the top of his ass. It was then that he realized she was too real, too full of life and motion to be a mere vision of a sick mind. His hands let go of her wrists, and he pulled back, though she followed him, eager for more kisses.

Lotor blinked in confusion at her, Allura throwing her arms around him as she pressed against him. She was trying to kiss him when he spoke, Lotor stuttering out her name. “A…Allura?! You’re here? You’re real?!”

“Of course I’m real.” Laughter was in her blue eyes, his mate looking amused at him. “Lotor, are you still feverish?” She released her hold on him long enough to press the back of her hand to his brow, testing his temperature. “Perhaps I ought to call for the doctor…though you don’t feel as warm as you did yesterday…”

“Yesterday?” He was foggy on the details, blinking rapidly as he stared at her.

“Yes. You’ve been very sick.” Allura told him, and her smile faded. “It was very touch and go for a while. We feared you might not pull through. I….I was so worried for you…”

“I’m sorry,” Lotor said, feeling bad for having made her worry.

“I know you didn’t mean to…” Allura continued, and dropped her gaze down to his hand. “But you have to be more careful when you fight….you have to think about how it will affect ME if you get hurt or worse!”

“Worse?” he followed her gaze, and saw his hand heavily bandaged. Allura’s fingers fiddled with the gauze, and then she was unwinding it, to reveal a nasty looking wound that was sewn together with thick stitches. She carefully avoided touching the stitching, but was clearly prodding at his palm.

“Good…” She sighed in relief. “The swelling has gone down.” At his confused look, she hastened to explain. “This wound of yours got infected. To the point it made you very sick….” She reached for a fresh set of gauze and adhesive, and began wrapping up his hand again. “The infection played havoc on your body, gave you the worse fever I have ever born witness too!”

“I remember feeling like I was on fire…” He said in response to her words. He suddenly understood the need for all that ice water, Lotor wondering just how bad off he had been. “And seeing things…both good and bad…” He shuddered as he remembered Zarkon and his taunts, and the fear he had had over something happening to Allura. “It was terrible…”

“It was terrible just to watch you.” Allura told him, finishing with his bandage. “I thought I would lose you…” She once again hugged him, her right hand cradling the back of his head as she clung to him. “I never want to go through that again.”

Lotor breathed in the scent of her hair, his own arms going around her. “You won’t.” He promised. “I’ll never leave you in such a situation again.”

“You better not!” Allura said ferociously. “I don’t ever want to sit next to my mate’s sick bed, praying that it won’t become his death bed again!”

“Your mate?” Lotor repeated, and pulled back to study her expression.

“What?” Her lips quirked in a smile, Allura curious. “What’s with that look on your face?!”

“It’s just….I think this is the first time you’ve called me your mate….” He tried not to get his hopes up, but he couldn’t help but ask. “What does this mean?”

“Mean?” She arched an eyebrow at him, making him spell it out for her.

“Yes….are you ready to accept me as your mate?”

“Well, I should certainly hope I am!” Allura exclaimed, a twinkle in her eyes. “After all..I did accept you into my body…” His expression turned shock, his jaw dropping. Allura saw the look on Lotor’s face, and frowned.

“That was real?!” He breathed out, and her eyes narrowed. “It wasn’t a dream?!” She formed a fist, then seemed to think better of it, grabbing a pillow from behind her. He was still staring at her shocked, when she whacked him with the pillow. He hardly reacted to that, remembering to close his mouth, only to open it again. “You mean….you and I…we…we had sex?!”

“We made love!” She corrected, though Allura seemed put out by his words. He suddenly knocked the pillow out of her hands, and pulled her close to sniff at her skin. She wiggled and squirmed in his embrace, and it was absolutely delightful to hold such a lively woman though it made it difficult for him to concentrate on the task at hand.

“Allura, hold still!” he commanded, and buried his nose in the crook of her shoulder. He could smell the scent of fresh flowers, but mixed in with that scent was another. He realized it was his own personal scent, that of lazon and spice, though it wasn’t strong enough to override Allura’s flowers. He wondered why he hadn’t noticed it sooner, the smell strong on her, hinting at just how much time they had spent rubbing against one another.

It shocked him, but more than that, it aroused him to think his woman was now smelling like his mate should. And with that arousal came the memories, Lotor experiencing flashbacks of the many times he had taken his mate, and loved her thoroughly. What he had thought was just visions of a sick mind, now had him doubting what was real and what wasn’t, Lotor realizing they had to have made love many times indeed for Allura to bear his scent so heavily.

If he could have, Lotor would have turned red with a blush, so flustered was he over his fractured memories of their love makings, and his admittance of such. And then came worry, Lotor pulling back to stare at her aghast. “I acted like a beast!”

Her own eyes widened, Allura looking shocked. “Wh…what?!”

“I was all over you!” He continued, remembering how he had pinned her down, and kissed her without her expressed approval. His memory was acting selective, just showing him all the parts he found cringe worthy.

“Well, yes…” Her agreement didn’t help his worry, not even when Allura added the following. “But I LIKED it.” He almost didn’t register those words, running his left hand though his hair in an agitated manner. Allura’s expression softened, and she reached to take hold of his face, forcing him to look at her. “Lotor, you didn’t do anything wrong. I had accept you in that moment. I wanted you, just as badly as you wanted me. Although I would have had us wait until you were completely better….”

“You wanted me?” He repeated, and she nodded. “Even knowing that once we mated, you would have no chance to turn away from me?”

“I couldn’t turn you away even if we hadn’t mated.” Allura said, and smiled at his confusion. “I realized something when waiting for news about you, even before you got sick. I knew if you had died fighting Morduck, I would have been devastated….I wouldn’t have been able to face a life without you. I wouldn’t want to!”


“Let me finish….let me say the words you thought you only heard in a fever induced hallucination. I love you Lotor. I’ve loved you for some time now.” She kissed him tenderly on the lips, letting adoration fill her eyes. “And I want to make a future with you….whatever that may entail….”

“Then marry me!” He said in all seriousness. “I want to make our mating as official among your people as it is among mine!”

“Of course.” She answered him immediately. “I want you recognized as my husband.”

“Then help me to make the preparations that need to be done.” Lotor said, not sure how the humans went about finalizing their unions. With Drules all it took was the mates to be found, the act of loving one another enough proof to his people that they belonged together.

“We’ll need a priest and some rings…and some witnesses…it shouldn’t take that long to arrange…” Allura said, then frowned. “Although we might get some opposition from Nanny and Coran but…well….under the circumstances they won’t be able to complain too much.”

“The circumstances?” He was confused.

“Our time together hasn’t exactly been chaste.” Allura explained patiently. “It will be embarrassing, but if need be I’m prepared to detail to them just exactly what we did, and why you HAVE to marry me.” His mate actually smirked then. “They’ll insist you make an honest woman out of me!”

“I think you’re already pretty honest.” Lotor said, not familiar with the saying. It earned him his mate’s laughter, the girl giggling over his misunderstanding. He was still confused when she threw her arms around him, and crawled onto his lap. As she hugged him, he suddenly didn’t mind not understanding, too busy bringing his head down towards hers for a kiss.

“You must be starving!” Allura said, when they pulled apart. “The doctors been feeding you nutrients through the iv, but I bet it doesn’t compare to real food.”

“I am hungry.” Lotor allowed, and then smirked, his hold turning possessive. “But not for food.”

“Not for food?” She repeated, then widened her eyes in understanding. “OH!”

“Oh indeed.” Lotor teased, and kissed her hard and possessive. The kiss wasn’t the only erotic thing about the situation, just holding Allura in that just short of constricting hold pleased him. He was quickly going into a happy place, secure in the knowledge that not only did he have his mate in his arms, she had admitted to loving him, and wanting to be with him.

He found himself rubbing her back with his uninjured hand, casting small semi circles on her skin. The smallest of shudders worked their way through him, Lotor feeling his pulse elevate a notch, and his cock start to harden. Allura made a sound, surely feeling the throbbing evidence of his arousal poking into her from her seat on his lap. Not even the flimsy pants he wore could hide his erection, and he wondered what Allura wore underneath that oversized shirt of hers.

He found himself breathing more heavily, chest rising and falling with each deep breath. He was practically inhaling both their scents, and the arousal that colored them. Allura’s blue eyes turned darker with desire, her lips looking pouty and swollen from the kisses he had given her. His bandaged hand joined the other on her back, and traced downwards, until he was reaching under her shirt. He discovered she wore no panties, and his grin grew larger as he cupped his hands on her bare bottom.

“My panties were ruined…” Allura said, a blush on her cheeks. “Someone ripped them with their nails…”

“Such a shame, but I don’t mind…” Lotor told her, tilting her up a little with his hands.

“I don’t really mind either…” Allura admitted, running her nails down both his arms. “They just get in the way…”

“My my…” Lotor grinned even wider. “My mate is such a naughty vixen for thinking such a thing!”

She flushed even redder, and shook her head no. “It was you who made me this way!”

Pity he couldn’t remember all the thing he had done during his period of illness. But Lotor would make up for it, starting now. “I want….NEED to see you.” He lowered her back on his lap, letting her rest her weight firmly on him. His fingers dipped into the v line neckline of the shirt, Lotor tugging it far enough away from her body, that he could glimpse Allura’s breasts.

She nodded, and raised her arms, allowing him to jerk the shirt over her head, revealing her body to him. His breath caught in his throat, to see her completely nude was an awe inspiring moment, Lotor’s voice bursting with praise. “Gods you’re beautiful! From head to toe, all over!”

Allura blushed, and shook her head no. “I’m not…”

“Yes…yes you are.” Lotor said, feeling happy that this beautiful and delicate woman was his and his alone. He adored everything about her, from her blue eyes and full pouty lips, to the long, tousled blond locks, and the large breasts that seemed almost bigger than his hands could hold. She had full hips, and a flat tummy, and the sun kissed color of her hair extended to the curls that covered her sex. Her legs were long, and her toes were cute, and put together, she was one very pleasing package. One that affected him every time he looked at her, and that was before she was undressed.

He warred with himself, torn between being helpless and wanting to toss her down, and ravish her, mark her savagely as his. Something must have shown in his eyes, because she reacted, Allura’s pink tongue licking across her lips in a sensual glide. But more than that, a sniffing of his nose had him scenting her arousal, and a passing glance of his hands over her breasts had her nipples growing hard instantaneously.

His mouth watered for her nipples. Lotor wanting to suck on his mate’s peaks with wild abandon. Yet that wasn’t the only place he wanted to put his mouth, Lotor feeling like a smorgasbord had been offered up to him on a silver platter. Allura was desert, appetizer, and main course, all rolled up into one, and he didn’t know where to begin. “I want to kiss you…”

“Okay.” Allura sounded eager, and he smiled.

“I want to kiss you here…” he rubbed a thumb over a stiff nipple, and she seemed to shiver, closing her eyes in delight. They opened almost immediately when his fingers brushed between her legs. “And here….” He was already pushing her back against the mattress, body missing the feel of her in his lap, but looking forward to what he was about to do. But then she stopped him, her hand suddenly on the bulge in his pants.

“I want to kiss you there.” The princess said, and Lotor stared, thanking his lucky stars for such a generous mate as his Allura was. “Who gets to go first?” That made Lotor smile, the prince noting his mate still retained much of her innocence.

“Both of us will go first.” Lotor announced, and saw the look of confusion in her eyes.

“Really? How?” She asked, and was too taken aback by the frantic way he tore off his pants. He felt his mate’s eyes on his cock, and felt it lengthen in response to her attention. He stood for one moment, letting her stare her fill, and then got back on the bed. Lotor scooped Allura up into his arms, then lay down so that he was under her. She immediately tried to kiss him, and he chuckled, and indulged her for a few seconds.

When they pulled apart, he began to explain, ordering her to straddle him, but to face the other direction. She did as he directed, uncertainty fading as she caught on to what they were about to do. He took hold of his mate’s hips, and positioned her over his face, pulling her downwards at the exact moment she gripped his cock in her small hands. It wasn’t the only sensation he felt, her breasts were pressing into him, nipples like tiny pebbles, and her hair spread across his lap. Her warm breath fanned across the moisture beaded head of his cock, causing him to twitch and throb out a reaction.

And then his mate licked at the head of his cock, tongue lapping and teasing at the moisture that pearled on the tip. For one brief moment he was distracted by the play of her tongue on his dick, Lotor purring out encouragement. The sounds he made emboldened his mate, Allura licking harder, kissing the underside of his cock, and working to plant a line of moisture downwards with her lips.

The scent of Allura’s own arousal was beckoning him forward, Lotor extending his tongue to lick at her folds. She gasped and moaned, the throaty sound unlike anything he had ever heard his mate make before. Lotor wanted to hear Allura make that sound again, so he licked her in the same exact spot, waiting for the moan. She did not disappoint him, and then he began to kiss and suck at the flesh of her sex, loving her thoroughly with his mouth.

Allura kept right on moaning, wriggling in place on top of him, that he had to dig his fingers into her hips to hold her in place. He was doing his own writhing, Allura blowing on the head of his cock. He almost went into spasms when she opened her mouth, and took just the tip inside her. Her lips closed around him, and it was all Lotor could do not to thrust wildly into her. He was certain that any wild movement from him would scare his mate into never doing this again, so he tried to control himself. It was sheer torture that was only amped up when she slid two more inches into her mouth.

“Allura!” he cried out, then resumed his assault with his tongue. He felt as well as heard her moan, her head beginning to bob up and down as much cock as she dared take. What wasn’t in her mouth was covered by her hand, Allura’s fingers squeezing him to give him stimulation over every inch. Her hair moved, rubbing sensation across his thighs as she continued to swallow him down.

His tongue had faltered in the initial shock of what his mate was doing, and then he resumed his ministrations. His tongued probed at the entrance of her body, wiggling in as deep as it could reach, and lapping up the juices that were pouring out of her. They were both moaning, two voices in unison, wordless sounds of pleasure as they feasted on one another.

He only let her get in a few more sucks of his cock, and then he was stopping her. Allura was confused, looking at him with a lack of understanding. “I don’t want to finish that way.” He explained, and eased her off his body. He was shaking with need, and could barely hold it together long enough to get them in position. He was almost frantic as he rubbed against her soaked sex, wanting to wet himself thoroughly to avoid causing any needless pain to her.

Allura seemed just as frantic as he was, wiggling against him, her voice pleading out in sultry whines. He could barely concentrate on what he was doing, his hands holding Allura’s legs apart as an artful slide of his hips had him pushing into her. His mate was still so new, still so tight, that he had difficulty entering. Allura was simply too inexperienced to know she should have relaxed, the girl tensing up as though bracing for pain. He could tell by her face there was none, just pleasure, Allura’s head tossing back as she cried out his name.

“Lotor!” It took one more thrust to get his full erection inside her, and he bent over her body, kissing at her exposed throat. His lips fastened on the front of it, the mark he would leave would be just one more in a ring of similar bruises. As he licked and sucked at her skin, he found Allura’s arms on his hips, the girl tugging frantically at him. He refused to be moved, Lotor just basking in her heat and wetness, staying still for a moment that seemed frozen in time.

His mate stayed hugged tight against him, and she began to work against him, tightening both her legs and sex around him in an attempt to goad him on. It was glorious, and Lotor growled in pleasure. She seemed to twitch at that growl, still pulling at him frantic, wanting him to move. Instead he growled out a fierce word, hands pulling at hers, and pinning her wrists to the bed.

“Mine.” Lotor announced, and his mate cried out, ecstatic agreement in her voice.

“Yes, yours!”

It was more than just her words that had his body ringing with her approval, it was her body’s never yielding grip, clinging to him more possessively than he had even known possible. He repeated the word, knowing she was his, had been his since the first thrust. His forever, to treasure and keep, and that no one and nothing could take that knowledge from him.

“Mine!” Lotor growled, and started to thrust. He was rapidly sinking into that place in his mind where it was all possessive instinct, Lotor holding Allura down as he began to thrust harder and harder. He maintained eye contact with her as he thrust, the Drule not happy until his mate began to pant and cry out with each forward push of his hips.

“Lotor! That feels so good…Oh Gods! Keep going!” Her words only goaded him on, driving him to go as deep as possible, burrowing hard into her. She continued to squeeze all around him, and her wild, excited cries increased in tempo, soon losing all meaning as words gave in to just sounds of pleasure. He knew she was building up to an explosive orgasm, and it made him work her even harder, breasts bouncing with every thrust.

His mate’s head was turning from side to side, Allura panting and making fitful sounds. She was squealing, almost in tears, muttering something about it being too much pleasure. And then it happened, her climax washed over them both, Lotor bowing his head to nip at one stiff nipple. His lips drew on that stiff peak, sucking ferociously, and feeling the answering squeezes of his mate’s climax.

It spurned him on to his own orgasm, and with a howl Lotor let go of her wrists to grab high up on her leg. With a loud pop of wet sound, her nipple sprang free of his lips, Lotor roaring with the force of his climax. He was pouring himself into his mate with complete abandon, body still pumping, Lotor yanking her right thigh up to wrap her close around him. His climax spilled out of him, and went on for what seemed like forever. He couldn’t stop it, not could he let go of Allura, Lotor reduced to less than an animal. He was all cock, all pleasure, all spilled seed and biological imperative.

It was like nothing he had ever experienced before, none of his orgasms with the women before Allura could compare. He was shaken and seeing stars, and still had the presence of mind to go back on his knees, hauling Allura upright in his lap. She immediately latched arms around him, and he felt her nails scoring down his back, marking him and leaving him slightly bloody. He didn’t mind, in fact he was proud, ecstatic that she was so pleasured that she would leave a sign of her favor for all to see on his skin.

Her body spasmed again, Allura going into another climax, one that was milking him for whatever remaining seed he had left. It was almost too much, Lotor biting down on Allura’s left shoulder, his arms wound tight around her body. Even once their bodies calmed down, they sat like that, just holding one another as they tried to get their breaths back.

Neither one tried to speak, Lotor knew he couldn’t even think beyond the moment, listening to their panting breaths. It was his stomach that broke the silence, a loud, hungry grumble emanating from it. He grew flustered to hear it, which lasted only long enough for Allura’s giggles.

“Come…” She said, and with his reluctant assistance, climbed off his lap. “Let’s get cleaned up, and then get you something to eat.” She actually seemed to smirk, a twinkle in her eyes. “After all, one appetite has been satisfied, why not the other?!”

He just nodded, not sure his legs had the strength to support his standing in the moment. Allura seemed no better, pausing to lay on the bed for another five minutes. Another half n hour would go by before either was dressed, and ready to face the doctors and the servants who would bring in a meal.

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