Attraction 56

The storage rooms were located on the basement floor, many of the rooms cluttered with items, and not just with things that were normally left inside these rooms. Belongings had been taken down from the damaged rooms of the second floor, clothed piked up in neat stacks, or hanging over racks. Boxes that were packed tightly with goods crowded the floor, stacked up on top of each other in high towers that reached up to Allura’s chest.

The rooms that weren’t piled with belongings, were crowded in a different way, spare cots crammed into the space. The cots were for the people who made the castle their home, Allura and her many servants eager for when the upper levels would be repaired and they could return to their own bedrooms.

It wasn’t to a room with cots in it that Allura took Lotor to. Instead she brought him to one of the rooms brimming with objects and boxes, Allura gesturing at the clutter. “The books should be somewhere in here.” She said out loud. “Most of my and Romelle’s belongings were brought to this room.”

She watched Lotor’s face, seeing her Drule look a little overwhelmed at the amount of items that lay scattered through out the room. He looked as though he hadn’t the faintest notion of where to look first, and Allura hid a smile. ‘Why don’t you start opening the boxes over by that wall?” She suggested, her hand gesturing at the spot she directed him to.

He nodded, looking very put out by all this, though Lotor did not voice a complaint. Allura moved over to another section of boxes, passing by many of her cousin’s dresses in the process. The first box she opened seemed to contain knick knacks, various odds and ends that she couldn’t imagine had any value. Allura shouldn’t have been so surprised, the girl not assuming she’d be lucky enough to find some of Romelle’s books on the first try.

She shifted the box, it’s contents light enough that it was easy for her to move. The next box contained smaller boxes, ornately carved wooden ones that glinted with gold filigree. Some of these smaller containers were jewelry boxes, and others were used to hold her cousin’s make up. Allura set that box aside, and found one of the boxes with her belongings, the princess quickly ignoring the familiar contents, and moving on to the next box in the pile.

“Any luck?” Allura called out to Lotor, as she opened the next box. A negative grunt from him, Lotor handling the boxes with impatience.

“I never realized one woman could have so many belongings.” He grumbled out loud, and she had to smile.

“Not all of these things are my cousin’s. Some of them are mine.” She reminded him. At those words, he seemed to deepen the care he showed the boxes, setting them down more carefully on the floor.

The next box she tried was in the pile next to the one she had just finished going through, Allura finding packed away her winter clothes. That led to a trend, boxes filled with clothing that was out of season for this time on Arus. She even found a box with items that had belonged to her parents, an odd sort of mish mash of belongings that made Allura a little melancholy to see them.

Distracted, she picked up her father’s pipe, feeling the lacquered surface of the smooth wood. In it, she could feel the grooves where his fingers had held the pipe time and time again, Allura setting her fingertips into the markings. She was glad to see these items were not damaged, the few remaining possessions that had belong to her parents, among the most dear and precious to her.

“I think I found them.” Lotor’s voice called her back from her somber mood, Allura setting the pipe back into the box.

“Did you now?” She asked, and closed up the box.

“Well….they’re books…” He admitted, his hands rifling through the box. She saw him pick up one book in particular, staring at it’s cover. “And they’re unlike any I’ve ever seen…”

“Let me see…” Allura said, already weaving around the boxes to join Lotor on the other side of the room. Once closer she could see the cover of the book he held, showing a buxom blonde clad in a pink dress was being embraced by a dark haired, swarthy looking man. The woman was clutching at the extremely low cut bodice of her dress, her gaze defiant as she stared into the smoldering eyes of the man who held her.

Lotor had already opened the book, and was flipping through the pages, keen interest in his eyes. Occasionally he would pause to read a paragraph here and there, and his expression took on a myriad of emotions.

Having recognized the book for what it was based on the cover, Allura glanced down at the box. The books were piled on top of each other, and all the covers that could be seen had similar embraces between extremely attractive people. “This is it all right! We’ve found her treasure trove!”

Lotor was still reading through the book, and now he looked intent on whatever scene was on the page. Allura glanced at him, and began to fear he would become a hopeless junkie of this literary porn of her cousin’s. “Lotor?”

“He grabbed her heaving bosom…” Lotor read out loud, eyes glued to the page. “And with an effortless jerk of his wrists, tore the material free of her body. Her breasts jiggled, doing a forceful bounce that he caught. His hands turned greedy, fingers squeezing, fondling the plump flesh, tearing a startled moan out of Gwenevere. She couldn’t believe the sound that had escaped her, Gwenevere hating this man, and hating that he dared to take advantage of her in this way.”

He raised his eyes from the book, and snorted, amused. “And this is what your cousin likes to read?”

“Er yes…” Allura said, feeling a little flustered from Lotor’s reading. He had enunciated every word careful, his words a whispered seduction as he described to her what
was happening to Gwenevere.

“And she has a whole collection of these books?” He turned the page, scanning it, and suddenly smirked. “Roberto was a man who did not take no for answer. When he set out to obtain what he wanted he got it, and Gwenevere would be no different. Pinning her to the table, he thrust his tongue into her mouth, stifling Gwenevere’s protests. Her muffled sounds turned into a scream of surprise when his fingers reached between her hot center, sinking them into the core, and coming away wet.”

Another pause, Lotor scanning the page for more key paragraphs to read. “He took his throbbing, turgid member in hand, and brought it to the flower that lay between her legs. He rubbed the swollen head of his weeping cock against her, her petal’s dew dripping onto him.” At that point Lotor burst out laughing, vividly amused by what he had read.

More than a little red faced, Allura snatched the book out of his hand, not even glancing at the cover. “We’ll just have to find one that is a little less…” She faltered, not sure how to describe what he had just read. “We’ll just find a book that is better than that one. Besides…it doesn’t even look that used. I don’t think she particular favored this book.”

“How can you tell?” Lotor was still chuckling slightly, and he reached for another book, the woman on the cover a fiery red head dressed in dazzling green. The man who was tearing at her clothing was tall, dark and handsome, and looked like a wild savage dressed only in a loin cloth and colorful body markings.

“Because.” Allura tapped her fingers on the new book’s spine. “See this? The spine is practically broken, the book well worn from use. No doubt my cousin has had many repeated readings of this particular book. Even the pages are curling at the corners!”

“Hmmm…” Lotor went to open the book, and found several pages had been marked, their corners folded to act as make shift markers. Lotor began to read some of the pages that had been marked in this manner. “The sound of her slap echoed across the room, Alessandro’s face turned from the force of it. For one brief moment Madeline felt triumphant, thinking she had turned the savage’s intentions away from her. All hope quickly faded when he turned back to her, eyes as angry as they were lustful, Alessandro letting out a growl that spoke volumes of his intentions.”

Lotor fell silent, scanning the page further down. “It goes on to talk about him ripping her off her clothes, and getting rather….forceful with her.”

“More forceful than Roberto with Gwenvere?” Allura blurted out her question, and Lotor’s look made her blush. “I’m sure it’s just a fluke.” She quickly grabbed at another book, this dogged ear copy showing what looked to be a handsome pirate with his arm around a brunette’s waist. He was swinging them from a rope, her blue skirts being mouthed at by some kind of vicious sea creature.

Like with Madeline and Alessandro’s book, this too had passages marked, and Allura began to read, although silently. Her blush increased, her eyes widened as she realized it was another forceful scene. The pirate was demanding the girl give in to him, or he would kill the surviving members of the ship he had captured. The captive beauty was feisty, but all her determination fled at his dreadful ultimatum.

“With a glare that said she would make him pay…” Allura jumped, having not realized that Lotor had come up behind her. The Drule was reading over her shoulder, and she didn’t dare look at him in the moment. “Katherine began to disrobe. Her lush body turned the faintest of pinks, a full body blush spreading from her cheeks downwards. The pirate smiled, and it was a look that promised delights that were as wicked as his intentions. She felt her womb clench in anticipation, Katherine wondering what was wrong with her.”

Quickly, Allura shut the book, blushing furiously. “The language in these things are certainly…colorful.” Lotor said, staying pressed behind her. She reached for a fourth book, and instead of a couple, the cover only featured an extremely handsome man. His black hair was wet, tousled by the wind. The look in his eyes was wild, he seemed to glare at all who looked at the cover. He was shirtless, and wearing form fitting pants that clung to the impressive sized bulge between his legs. Knee high boots completed the look, and an ax was strapped to his back.

“My highland barbarian…” Allura read off the cover. She didn’t even want to take a peek inside the pages, too frightened of what she would find. Lotor took the decision off her hands, the Drule taking the book and opening it to a random page.

“You know…” he said, and she was relieved he hadn’t read out loud this time. “I am beginning to notice a pattern with these…”

“Unfortunately so am I.” muttered a mortified Allura.

“Your cousin seems to enjoy reading about aggressive men.” Lotor continued, and flipped to another part of the books. “Ones who take what they want….and oh my…this so called highland barbarian has just kidnapped the heroine of the story.” His chuckles reverberated in her ear. “I wonder what he will do with her when he gets her back to his camp?”

“You don’t need to read any further to guess that.” Allura retorted, and pulled away from Lotor. She focused on rooting through the box, pulling out book after book, noticing that the more popular ones all seemed to feature savage hunks that wore very little clothing. The titles she saw spoke of barbarians and brutes, or spoke of love that was wild or untamed, and body possessions that were world shaking.

“So which one do we give to Sabbath?” Lotor asked, and Allura turned to him horrified.

“We can’t give him any of these!” She exclaimed, and Lotor looked confused.

“Why not?” he asked, and she shook her head.

“He’ll get the wrong idea about my cousin!”

“Or maybe he’ll get the right idea.” Lotor retorted. “Allura, your cousin Romelle…clearly has desires and needs of her own….Needs that are being reflected with her choice in books. Perhaps….Sabbath needs to step up his game….I have noticed that he is rather….submissive around Romelle. He doesn’t push her nearly as much as he should, especially if he wants to gain any ground in forming a relationship with her…”

“And you think reading one or two of these books will suddenly give him what? Courage to take what he wants?” Allura couldn’t quite keep the skepticism out of her voice when she spoke.

“It just might…” Lotor insisted. “If he knew what she wanted, what she needed…he would surely take the steps necessary to become her ideal man.”

“I guess…though I feel he shouldn’t have to change…even for love.” Allura said grumpily.

“Is it that bad a thing to do?” Lotor wondered, looking at her. “I mean, I had to go through some changes as well.” She flushed, realizing he was right, Lotor having to change his plans for Arus and her, and turn his back on his father.

“Yeah but….you didn’t change your personality for me!” She protested, and Lotor stepped towards her.

“And Sabbath will still remain Sabbath at heart. He will just make some small adjustments to gain your cousin’s interest.” He wrapped his arms around Allura, and nuzzled his lips against the side of her neck.

“I think he already has my cousin’s interest.” Allura said, trying to ignore the feel of Lotor’s soft lips mouthing at her pulse point. “It’s turning that interest into something more permanent that is the problem for them!”

“They’ll work it out.” Lotor sounded more confidant than he had previously been when discussing Romelle and Sabbath’s situation. “With our help, and Sabbath’s determination. Romelle won’t know what hit her when he sweeps her off her feet.”

“I guess…” Allura sighed, wondering just what sort of situations they could set up between the pair.

“You’ll see Allura…” Lotor had pulled back enough to look her in the face, the Drule smiling. His bandaged hand moved to smooth back hair from her face, Lotor gazing into her eyes. “Everything will work out, and there will be happy endings for all involved.”

“I wish I could believe in that…” She whispered, and Lotor hugged her. His hands rubbed up and down her back, the soothing touch starting to become something more than comfort. She didn’t want to become distracted, Allura turning her face to the side to gaze at the books with their almost embarrassing covers. A thought wormed it’s way to the forefront of her mind, Allura suddenly gasping. “Lotor!”

He took her gasp as encouragement, his hands going lower to cup and squeeze her bottom. Ordinarily she wouldn’t mind that touch, but now she was pushing at his chest, Allura trying to gain some distance between them.

“Lotor…Lotor stop!” She hissed through her teeth, trying not to moan as he began to nibble and suck on her pulse point. It felt too good, she could easily forget what she wanted to say to him. “This is important!”

“So is this.” She thought she heard Lotor mumble, and then she succeeded in pushing him away. The distance was only slight, and Lotor looked pouty, staring at her. “These books are all in the human language. Can Sabbath even read them?!”

Now Lotor’s pouty looked faded, the look in his eyes saying he hadn’t considered that thought. “I do not know…” he admitted with a grimace. “He’s just a low ranking soldier….his parentage made him no better than an orphan…” Lotor sighed then. “I took for granted the education that was given to me, that was my right as the crown prince. Sabbath may not know how to read more than few symbols in the human language.”

“So what do we do?” Allura asked, and she risked teasing him. “Will you be reading him these books?” She squealed as Lotor pinched her bottom, the man tsking.

“No. But I can and will see about ordering a translated copy of these books. If they’re popular enough, they should exist in other languages.”

“Yeah…I don’t read these books myself, but I do know enough about them to recognize a few names as popular authors.” She confirmed for him.

“Ah, there. Problem solved.” Lotor said, and pressed into her once more. He moved in to kiss her, but at the last second stopped, a twinkle in his eyes. “So you don’t read these type of books?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Not ever?” Lotor prodded her, and she shook her head no. “Not even one time?”

“Well…” A hesitation from Allura, and then she was reluctantly admitting it to him. “Maybe one time. But that one time was enough for me!”

“And how did reading such words make you feel?” Lotor asked her, a teasing grin on his face. “Did they excite you?” A quick kiss against her lips, Lotor continuing. “Did you get aroused….did you picture the goings on in your mind…?”

Allura knew she was blushing, her face heated. “No…no I didn’t…”

“Are you sure? You never perhaps imagined yourself in the place of the ladies in the books?

She made a scoffing sound then. “I didn’t need to do any such thing! Lotor, I told you…the ones I looked at…were silly, almost entirely focused on sex, and had unbelievable situations. Besides..” She hauled him in for a kiss by his shirt’s collar, smiling against his lips. “I much rather live out real moments, than ones manufactured to give reader’s a cheap thrill.”

“I too would rather make my own memories, than rely on a book for such things.” Lotor told her, and they kissed again. This time the kiss was more heated, their tongues colliding in a sensual caress, Allura running her hands along Lotor’s muscled arms. His grip on her bottom kept her pressed against him, Lotor beginning to massage her rear with confidant flexing of his fingers.

“I missed this…” Allura sighed when they broke apart to breathe properly. “I missed being with you.” His look was one of pure delight, Lotor pleased by her words. It made her feel less silly to be hungering for him after nearly twelve hours, Allura gaining confidence from his smile.

“The hours seemed to stretch on forever…” Lotor agreed. “Even when I was at my most busiest, I thought of you, and how much I wanted to be with you.”

She was flattered by his words, Allura smiling back. “Well, I am here now…” Her words strongly hinted at invitation, one Lotor was quick to seize by kissing her. Her lips weren’t the only thing he was determined to take, Allura finding his hands transferred their grip to her waist, Lotor lifting her up onto a box piled on top of three more. For a second the tower turned unsteady, but then it settled into place, Allura lifting her legs and hooking them around Lotor.

He fit against her body, and she could feel the tell tale signs of his arousal, the tent in his pants pressed against her center. She moaned at the thought that it would take just a slight adjusting of their clothing for him to be inside her. The thought combined with his kisses was enough to get her slightly wet, and Allura knew it wouldn’t be long before she was completely drenched.

Especially since Lotor was beginning to run his hands all over her body, Allura mimicking his actions almost frantically. He kissed her again, Allura running her hands through his hair. “I want to savor you…” Lotor whispered against her mouth, and licked at her bottom lip. “I want to relish the taste of you, the touch, the feel….” Another kiss, and then he was moving downwards, going past her chin and onto her throat.

She sighed as he mouthed at the skin there, Allura reaching towards the tips of his ears. A low purr rumbled out of Lotor when she began to rub the tip between thumbs and forefingers, Allura generating a pleasing friction on that sensitive point. Moist imprints of his lips were left on her throat, Lotor tugging down her shirt so that the sleeves slid down her arms.

She continued to play with his ears, and now she began to grind against his erection, hearing him gasp as he bit gently at her shoulder, The scrape of his fangs was a delicious burn, Allura moaning as Lotor kissed away the sting. He lingered over the crook of her shoulder, licking and sucking at the skin there. Though she knew she should stop him from leaving a mark, Allura couldn’t find the heart to tell him no.

Lotor continued to purr, trying to ease down her shirt enough to reveal her breasts. She gasped, and began pulling him upwards before more than a nipple could be exposed, Allura kissing at his lips. “Lotor, it’s not fair…” She whispered, and he looked surprise.

“What’s not fair?” He asked, and she almost whined.

“That you’re spoiling me.” Allura clarified, and pushed him down enough that her lips were by his right ear. “I want to take care of my Drule too.” And then she licked at his ear, feeling Lotor twitch, the reaction more pleasured than surprised. His arms went around her, Lotor hugging her as she began to ply affection on his ear, her tongue licking and swirling about, before she took in the tip.

Lotor made a mewling sound, so uncharacteristically unlike him when she began to suck on the tip. She bet his eyes were rolling back in pleasure, and she could feel the tremble shaking his body. It thrilled her that she could have such an effect on him, Allura wiggling more furiously against his erection. She wanted the barriers of clothing gone, wanting to feel him sink inside her while she sucked on his ear, Lotor trembling in that delicious manner.

She was lost to the taste of him, barely able to stop what she was doing to whisper urgent words. “Now. Lotor now!” He didn’t need her to further clarify, he was already reaching for the waistband of her pants. He was all set to jerk them down over her hips, when the door to the room opened. Allura had her eyes closed, but she froze at the sound of the door sliding open, the princess wishing she had thought to lock it.

Her eyes snapped open at the familiar scream, Allura hearing the sound of a heavy thud hitting the floor. It was a pile of bedding that Nanny had dropped, the heavy blankets and sheets laying in a heap at her feet. Allura chose to focus on them rather than the horrified look on the woman’s face, Nanny’s mouth open, strangled sounds coming from her.

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