Attraction 61

The rest of the wedding reception was uneventful, the people attending the party taking care not to cause any scenes. Even as the wine flowed, and people’s inhibitions were set free, they still held back from outlandish behavior. At least while Lotor and Allura were present, the royal pair deciding to leave not long after Sabbath had dragged Romelle off.

Allura felt a twinge of regret that they hadn’t remained to see to the pair’s return, the princess eager to find out from her cousin just what she and Sabbath had talked about. She wasn’t even sure if Romelle would share the details, and Lotor seemed hesitant to pry into Sabbath’s affairs. She also noted her husband seemed sure that the two would work things out somehow, even if it took them hours to talk things through.

Allura didn’t have the confidence Lotor had, worrying over Romelle’s reaction to Sabbath’s manhandling of her and mistreatment of Sven. The poor pilot of blue lion had quite the bruise on his swollen left cheek, Sven angry and boiling for a chance to return the blow. The Voltron Force themselves were very upset over the Drule soldiers who had kept them away from Sabbath and Romelle, they didn’t understand why Allura would allow such a situation to occur. Nor were they impressed to learn Romelle was Sabbath’s mate, the boys not holding much stock in the Drule’s beliefs.

Allura had been glad to escape the tense atmosphere that surrounded the Voltron force, the boys seeming unable to enjoy the party in the face of what had happened. She had to leave explicit instructions with her guards, Captain Darius agreeing to keep the Voltron force from attacking Sabbath when he returned. IF he returned to the party, and Allura had doubts about that.

She’d rely on the other girls to tell her what happened in her absence, Allura leaving with Lotor to go to one of the Drule warships It had been decided that their first night as a wedded couple would be spent aboard one of the ship’s cabins. After all, the castle in it’s current state of repairs still did not have the room to give a couple, especially newly weds, the privacy they needed to be alone together.

She made Lotor pick her up when they reached the cabin, Allura explaining to Lotor it was another custom of the humans. “It’s tradition to carry the bride over the threshold.” She explained, going eagerly into Lotor’s arms. He had no trouble lifting her, even in her heavy gown, a servant unlocking the cabin’s door for them.

Allura was gazing into Lotor’s eyes, too enamored of him to at first appreciate their surroundings. It wasn’t until he walked through the outer chamber, and entered the bedroom, hanging cloth brushing against her, that she turned her head. She gasped at what she saw, seeing the cabin’s bedroom had been transformed, hanging gauzy cloth everywhere.

It was like stepping into a dream, the cloth see through, lending a hazy glimmer to their surroundings. The room was dimly lit, and what seemed like a hundred candles were spread out on every available surface. The candles were encased in glass, their flames dancing but unable to set the cloth on fire. Flowers were everywhere, and there was multitude of petals on the bed, their soft pink and red hues standing out against the white sheets.

“Oh Lotor…” She turned to look at him again, eyes shining. “This is wonderful.” He smiled, and carried her through the curtains, laying her down on the bed. It was then she realized the bed’s cotton had been replaced with genuine silk, the sheets lightly sprayed with perfume that overpowered the flowers’ scents. “When did you have time to do all this?”

“I wanted tonight to be special.” Lotor told her, already unbuttoning his jacket. She immediately knelt on the bed’s edge, reaching up to help him remove it. The white shirt beneath it was revealed, Allura running her hands across the front, watching Lotor close his eyes at her touch. “It was just a simple matter to find what would appeal to you, and have the servants prepare the room.”

“It works.” She told him, Allura already working to open his shirt. She pulled the ends out of his pants, unable to resist sliding a hand underneath the fabric to touch him directly. A shiver went through Lotor, the Drule starved for her touch, and reacting to every graze of her fingertips on him. “There’s not many women alive that could resist a set up like this…”

“I’m not interested in what other women want.” Lotor told her, and reached for her hair. She felt him pulling out the pins and barrettes that kept her hair up in it’s do, Lotor smiling as it cascaded down her back in golden waves. “Just what you want.”

“Well, what I want is my husband.” Allura grinned at him, tugging at his arms so he bent down enough for her to kiss him. “With or without the flowers, the candles, and the silk. We could be in a dirty hovel for all I care, and it wouldn’t matter so long as you were there with me.”

“I’m just grateful I can give you these things.” Lotor was serious as he told her that, but his eyes were darkening bit by bit as he watched her pull off his shirt, leaving him clad only in pants and shoes. “I want to spoil you always Allura.”

“We can spoil each other.” She decided, staying pressed against him for another kiss. His hand left her hair to grip her shoulders, Allura kissing him sweetly. Lotor made an agreeing sound, having no complaints at the thought of gaining such treatment from her hands.

The kiss progressed from her mouth to the side of her face, Lotor planting his lips across her skin in a determined line towards her ears. She giggled at the sensations, and tugged at his body, trying to get him to collapse onto the bed with her. He didn’t fall easily, too busy mouthing at a spot just behind her ear. “Lotor!” She laughed out loud, and drew harder on his body.

She felt the hesitation in him, her husband content to stay busy with what he was doing to her ear. But he gave in to her hands’ urgings, coming to fall onto the bed, pinning her in place with his weight. Allura wiggled, trying to crawl out from under him, even as he claimed her mouth, kissing her eagerly. She moaned a protest, pushing at his chest. “Lotor….Lotor…!”

He almost growled out his question, still enamored with kissing her. “What is it?”

“I want to touch you…” Allura told him, and was trying to roll him onto his back. “Let me….Indulge me with this whim of mine.” He seemed to sigh, kissing her as though he wasn’t going to comply with her wish. But then she felt him rolling them both, so that she ended up on top of him mid kiss. She smiled then, kissing him back even harder.

He let out a blissful sigh as she licked at the corner of his mouth, Allura grazing her lips across his cheek. She whispered seduction in his ear, letting her tongue come out to play at the inside of it. It made Lotor shudder, his hands clutching at her still dressed body.

Mischief in her smile, Allura pulled back, seeing Lotor blink desire ridden eyes at her. She let herself sit up, gazing down at him, looking not just at his face, but his body, and what was revealed to her, Hard lines that defined his muscles, his skin a powdery blue that was fast becoming her favorite color in all of existence. His hair was still tied back with the ribbon, and she reached for it now, setting his glorious mane of snow white free.

Running her fingers through his hair, Lotor closed his eyes, a deep rumble of contentment escaping him. She petted him over and over, delighting in his sounds, even as she studied him. His mouth was more sensual looking than anyone had a right to have, and Allura knew she could spend just hours kissing it. A shudder ran through her as she recalled the other pleasures his mouth could give her, and she touched fingertips to his lips, feeling them pucker as Lotor kissed them.

“You are so beautiful.” She said out loud, and Lotor’s eyes opened. “So handsome…it’s almost painful to look at you at times.”


“But it’s a pain I find worth enduring.” She quickly reassured him with a smile. Now she rubbed her fingers down from his mouth, and over his chin, touching his throat. She carefully stroked the skin there, feeling the bob of his adam’s apple as he swallowed.

“Allura…I want you…” He told her what she already knew, Lotor reaching to take hold of her arms. She refused to be moved, continuing to caress the front of his throat over and over.

“I know you do.” Allura said, and slowly bent over him, her hair falling like a curtain around them. “But I don’t think you realize just how much I want you in return.” She kissed him briefly, Lotor’s lips trying for more. But she didn’t want to be distracted from her intentions, Allura placing her mouth on his throat, sucking at the skin there. She knew the Drule’s skin could bruise, she had seen it turned a dark purple color from earlier kiss marks she had given him. Now she worked to further her claim on him, licking and nibbling over to his pulse point, which seemed to quicken against her lips.

It wasn’t enough to just mark him there, Allura sucking sweetly on the skin over his pulse. Lotor’s hands rubbed up and down her back, the man making encouraging sounds. She kissed her way down to his collar bone, and began licking across the skin there, tracing the ridges with her tongue. Her hands were not idle during this, Allura first rubbing them up and down the length of his arms, feeling the muscles and the power contained within his skin.

At some point she transferred her touch to his chest, easing her hands down perfectly formed muscles, to let her fingers trace the lines of his abdomen. Lotor hissed,
his voice pleased. “Oh yes.”

“You like that, do you?” She asked, half teasing. “My poor prince…going without his mate’s touch for so long…”

“Too long!” he agreed, his voice ending on a shocked exclamation as her kisses went lower. She actually brushed her mouth across one dark nipple, feeling him shiver then. Was he even half as sensitive here as she was on her own body? Allura decided to find out, letting her tongue dart out to do a teasing flick across one taut nipple. He made a sound, some half choked noise and his arms tightened around her, Lotor hugging her close. She didn’t complain about the embrace, for now content to work in one spot, though she knew he’d have to let her go so she could move lower.

“I’m going to make up for each second you had to wait for me.” Allura told him, serious in the moment. She kissed and bit at his nipple, listening to him gasp and moan.

“You don’t have to do that!” He protested, a tremor in his voice.

“I know, but I WANT to.” Was Allura’s answer, doing teasing circles on his skin. “You were right Lotor…”

“Right about what?” he barely seemed able to concentrate on her words, Allura licking up the salty taste of his skin.

“About feeling foolish.” She sighed then, rolling her eyes upwards to stare at his face. “About all the time I wasted keeping us apart.” She was referring to his pursuit of her, that odd time of courtship when he had stood in her bedroom and chastised her for making them wait. He had said that one day when she came to accept him in her life, as her love, she would feel bad for all the time she had wasted on fighting him. And she did, Allura wiggling in his arms, strongly hinting to him that she needed to be free to move.

Reluctantly, Lotor loosened his hold on her, Allura kissing down onto his stomach. She didn’t just kiss there, she actually bit down on the skin, Lotor crying out in surprise. She was a little savage then, looking up at the semi circle imprint of her teeth on his belly. Lotor gazed down at her, eyes so dark and desire ridden it made her whimper in anticipation.

Cautiously, she brought her tongue to the bite mark, trying to lick away the hurt. He hadn’t seemed to mind the bite at all, judging from the arousal tenting against her breasts and the cry he had let out. She shifted lower on him, noting some of the flower petals had gotten stuck to his pant’s legs. She didn’t try to brush them away, instead bringing her hands to his belt, jerking it open in forceful movements.

Lotor sat up to watch her, poised on his elbows. It was strange to think he was almost naked, when she was still dressed. Strange but exciting, Allura feeling empowered in the moment. The belt undone, she eased down the zipper, and reached inside, his eager cock seeming to spring into her hand’s grasp. She stared at Lotor as she touched him, the prince letting out a purposeful moan, never breaking eye contact with her.

“I want you naked.” She told him, giving him a squeeze with her hands. “I want no inch of you barred to me by clothing.”

Lotor had no problem with that, kicking off his shoes, and lifting his hips to help her ease down his pants. She shucked them onto the floor, and settled between his spread legs, gazing up the line of his body. Lotor had heat in the looks he gave her, a look she only ever saw on his face when they were alone. It was almost enough to make her blush, but she was riding the power, enjoying the control she was exerting over her husband.

Settling more comfortable between his legs, Allura nuzzled her face on the inside of one thigh. She giggled and murmured, “I love you.” as she kissed and mouthed at the skin there. Another bite, more gentle than the one on his stomach, Allura determined to leave marks all over her husband’s skin. His cock twitched at that, seeming to beg her for more attention. She ignored it, still gracing kisses on his thigh, hands massaging his strong, upper legs as Lotor moved sinuously on the bed.

“Please…” he was muttering, the word being repeated several more times. “Please…Allura, please….don’t…”

“Don’t what?” She asked innocent enough, brushing a hand over his balls.

“Don’t tease me!” He exclaimed. “Let me inside you. Where I don’t care, but give me something, anything!”

Allura chuckled under her breath, noting for all his strength, he seemed unable to use it against her to take what he wanted. She teased him further, this time playing with his balls, feeling how heavy with seed they felt. He seemed to writhe in time to the rolling of her fingers, and then she was kissing the tip of him. The head of his cock was already leaking steadily, all her petting and attention having driven him to this point. He tasted sweet to her, with only the bare minimum of salt mixed in.

She licked harder for that taste, and Lotor’s whole body seemed to shake. She gave a warning grip on his balls, squeezing them hard enough to make him cry out. Allura knew her grin had to be absolutely wicked as she began kissing up and down his shaft, pausing on the underside to suck at one spot in particular. Lotor let out a word, it sounded like a Drule curse, the prince collapsing on the bed.

She traced prominent veins with her tongue, then licked back at the slit. It oozed with liquid, and she couldn’t get enough of it’s taste. The harder she licked, the more came out, Allura turning greedy. She began to take the tip into her mouth, determined to suck out all Lotor had to offer her, and heard the warbled cry of her name on his lips.

“Allura!” He stuttered then, seeming torn between allowing her to continue and stopping her. She went with her first instinct to continue, sucking in another three inches, tongue brushing against the underside so no part of him felt neglected.

Lotor began a movement that could best be described as undulating. He was trying to keep from thrusting more of himself in her mouth, and he actually broke out into a cold sweat, his hands gripping the bed sheets. He was saying things, seeming to have forgotten the human language completely, Allura making a vow to study Drule so she could understand him in the future.

She tightened her lips around him, and continued to draw on his dick, using as intense a sucking force as she could manage. At some point Lotor’s hands ended up in her hair, she couldn’t tell if he was trying to push her away, or hold her in place. She continued her torment of him, and it took only two minutes more for his body to override his control, Lotor coming with a shout.

There was too much, Allura couldn’t drink it all down, come spilling across his legs and onto her dress. When he finished, she gave a few more teasing sucks, hearing Lotor gasp out a protest. She giggled, and finally released him, bringing the back of her hand to wipe at her stained mouth.

Lotor lay still only for a few seconds, she barely had time to wipe her mouth clean, and he was lunging towards her. That he could move so fast on the heels of his climax took her by surprise, Allura finding Lotor was kissing her, tongue shoved into her mouth. But more than that, he was pulling at her clothes, trying to find the release for her tight skirt. She heard him muttering, Lotor complaining about how complicated her dress was.

Before she could help him find the hidden buttons, he was tearing at her skirt. She found herself on her back, the upper part of her dress still intact, as her bare legs were placed on top of Lotor’s shoulders. She gazed up at him, startled by how fast it had all happened, and more than a little taken aback by the feral look in his eyes. His wicked grin did not reassure her, Allura realizing he wanted to pay her back for her earlier teasing of him.

“Lotor…don’t…” She started to say, and earned a smirk in reply.

“Fair is fair, Allura.” He told her, already diving down between her legs. His teeth caught at her panties, pulling them away from her already wet center. Like a wolf with a piece of meat, he gave a vicious jerk of his head, tearing her panties free of her body. She heard him inhale, Lotor scenting her arousal, and now she blushed. “You’re wet Allura…” He sounded satisfied, smug even. “Is that all from going down on me?”

She didn’t know how to answer, finally murmuring a sheepish yes. She didn’t have to see Lotor’s smile to know her answer had pleased him, Lotor hissing. “You can be wetter still…”

She cried out when he nuzzled his face against her, lips puckered and giving her the sweetest kiss yet. Just that touch of his lips, and she was shaking, anticipation making her tighten further. Allura felt Lotor’s tongue, licking at her, tracing carefully over each and every fold of her sex. He seemed to be trying to lick up all the dew her body was producing, and it was an impossible feat. The more he licked, the more juice came out of her, dampening her flesh and the skin around his mouth.

Her legs were hanging limp on his shoulders, Lotor using his fingers to keep her spread open wide for his inspection. Every few seconds, she’d feel his tongue probe at the entrance to her body, a teasing push she tried to clamp down on. But he’d only wiggle the tip in briefly, then pull out, making her cry out in frustration. He did a similar tactic to her clit, doing the slightest of touches that left her tingling, only to find him retreating to lick and suck elsewhere.

It became Allura’s turn to beg, the girl trying to wiggle as best she could considering the position he had her in. “Lotor don’t! Stop teasing me!”

He seemed to ignore her, continue to torment her in that pleasurable way. She felt so close to the precipice of her release, it almost made her cry for real, frustrated tears forming in her eyes. When at last he began to suck on her clit, stars exploded between her eyes, Allura screaming out her pleasure even as the tears ran down her cheeks.

She wasn’t sure how long she cried, only that Lotor gathered her up in his arms, pulling her so that she ended up seated on his lap. He cradled her close, rocking her as he whispered soothingly in her ears. Her sniffles died down, Allura clinging to him as Lotor rubbed his chin against the top of her head.

“I’m sorry…” He was saying, tone apologetic. “I didn’t mean to make you cry…”

“I’m not upset…” Allura quickly assured him. “I just…just was overcome by it all. I love you so much….”

“Even when I am driving you crazy?” Lotor asked, a hint of real mischief in his voice.

“Even then.” She agreed with a smile. She glanced up at him now, and he nuzzled her cheek, Allura mimicking the motions. She felt both tired and wired up, finding she was desiring more of his attention, more of his affection. And from the feel of things, Lotor was the same way, Allura aware his dick wasn’t as flaccid as it should be, considering the draining she had given him.

She couldn’t help it, she laughed, earning a quizzical look from Lotor. “I can tell.” She said, shifting so that her hand could touch his dick. “It’s going to be a long night.” At that, he laughed as well, pinning her back down on the bed so he could have at her with his kisses. She grinned at the affection, all thoughts of the outside world temporarily receded so that she was aware only of her husband and his intentions for her.

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