Attraction 62

She awoke to sweet kisses on her skin, Lotor’s fingers tracing patterns on her arms as he worked to rouse her from her sleep. For one long moment she just lay there, sighing blissfully as she felt the rub of his lips, and the glide of his hair trailing over her. It was the hair that got to her, the tickling sensation making her giggle, her laughter waking her more fully.

Allura opened her eyes in time to see Lotor look up from her breasts, a grin on his face. “Morning.” He said, and moved to kiss her lips.

“Hmmm, morning.” She mumbled, lips catching at his. Allura wrapped her arms around him, keeping him close to her as she rubbed up against the front of him. He felt very happy to be pressed against her, and the awareness of just how happy had her wiggling in place mischievously.

“Allura!” He gasped out her name, a pleased note in his voice as he shifted. They were both naked, there was no barriers to keep him from entering her, Allura finding she was already wet, and wondering just what he had been doing to her while she had slept.

Regardless, she was more than ready for him, moaning softly as they began to make lazy love to one another. Lotor rested above her on his elbows, hips thrusting forward in a gentle rhythm. Ordinarily Allura liked him to be more aggressive with his thrusting, but after the fierce night of love making they had spent doinh, she welcome the change in attitude.

Hooking her legs around his waist, she danced beneath him, hips wiggling, muscles tightening. Lotor bent his head to kiss at her throat, and then worked his way into the crook of her shoulder. His gentle nips, and insistent licks felt wonderful in addition to the rhythm of his movements.

It didn’t take long for either one of them to go over the edge, the climax just seeming to flow seamlessly into place. Allura moaned, hearing her husband cry out, her orgasm triggering his. She had a moment to wonder why the familiar feel of his seed filling her wasn’t there, and then she realized that at some point he had put a condom on. She frowned at him, and Lotor noticed, a questioning look in his eyes.

“You planned this!” Allura exclaimed, and thumped a fist against his shoulder. But she erupted into giggles afterwards, unable to stay mad at his early morning seduction of her.

He smiled, relieved she wasn’t angry, and helped her sit up. Allura glanced around the room, realizing at some point while she had slept, Lotor had taken down the curtains, and most of the candle’s flames had died down. The flowers were still blooming, and both she and her husband had petals stuck to their bodies, and tangled in their hair.

Over in the corner of the room, a table had been set up. Allura could see a covered plate, along with an ice bucket where a bottle of champagne sat. She lifted a brow at that, glancing at Lotor. “Isn’t it a bit early in the day for us to be drinking?”

“It’s not that early.” Lotor answered, handing her a silk robe. He put on a robe that matched hers in style and color, the silk dyed a deeply purple color. She put hers on, and followed him to the table on shaky legs, Allura grateful for the chance to sit down. They had been a little too vigorous in their love making during the preceding hours, and frankly she wondered if they had not overdone it in the amount of times they had partaken of each other’s body.

Lotor popped the cork on the bottle of champagne, pouring the pinkish orange liquid into two goblets. She reached for hers, tilting the cup back to get the first taste of sweetly fermented berries. “Hmm…good…” She said, realizing how parched she was.

Grinning, Lotor lifted the lid off the dish, revealing the breakfast that had been prepared for them. Amidst the meats and fruit, the breads and jams, she noticed foods notorious for being aphrodisiacs. Allura lifted an eyebrow at that, amused to think her husband thought to boost their sex drive with such things.

Reaching for a croissant, she began to spread a grape jelly onto the bread. Lotor chose a hardier meal, piling freshly cooked sausage and fried bacon onto his plate. Allura took a bite of her croissant, welcoming the taste of the jelly with a moan of appreciation.

“I hadn’t realized how hungry I was until just this moment.” She said out loud. She also couldn’t believe she had slept through the servant’s arrival, Allura doubting Lotor would have left her long enough to go fetch this meal for them.

“Try as one might, one cannot exist on love alone.” Lotor chuckled lightly, then bit into a sausage.

“Indeed.” Agreed Allura, swallowing down another bite of her croissant. “Lotor…has there been any word? About Romelle and Sabbath I mean?”

“I didn’t ask.” Came Lotor’s answer, the Drule looking unconcerned. “Don’t worry so. I’m sure if something monumental had happened, they would have told me.”

“I guess you’re right.” Allura said, though she was still brimming with curiosity. “Still…what do you think he said to her last night?”

“Who knows.” Lotor shrugged, his reaction causing Allura to frown.

“Come now, you must have some clue! You saw how his jealousy was triggered by her talking to Sven!”

“It seemed she was doing more than just talking.” Lotor said. “She was touching him Allura, at a time when it was dangerous to do such a thing.”


“They haven’t reached an understanding.” Lotor explained. “They may have had sex with each other, but nothings been resolved. For all intents and purposes, they are not fully mated, and that makes a Drule male even more leery of seeing other men around his woman than normal.” He shook his head then, looking rueful. “Mated Drules are notorious for their jealousy towards other males…I don’t even want to imagine the kind of mind set Sabbath was in when he doesn’t have the reassurance of his mate to fall back on.”

“So Sven was lucky all he got was a bruised cheek.” Noted Allura, and Lotor nodded.

“It wouldn’t have been that unheard of for Sabbath to be even more vicious in his attack. Some presence of mind held him back, perhaps he was aware that Sven was human, and couldn’t possible understand the danger he was courting in approaching Romelle.”

“I would really like to be a fly on the wall for the conversation that those two had once Sabbath got her alone.” Allura said, and Lotor grimaced.

“Conversation might be too mild a word for what Sabbath and Romelle would do.”

“You think they’d argue?” She asked, and he nodded.

“Knowing your cousin, I am most assured they would have. But I think for once Sabbath would not back down from her sharp tongue.” He frowned, placing the sausage on his plate. “I have no real way to judge what your cousin’s reaction would be to this new side of Sabbath. I doubt very much she’s the type to sit down and cry in response.”

“No, she wouldn’t.” agreed Allura with a sigh. “She’s liable to get more vicious the more defensive she becomes.”

“I just hope she doesn’t break Sabbath’s heart again.” Lotor grumbled. Allura could understand his upset, feeling the same worry for what would happen. She reached for some strawberries, dipping them in cream before chewing them, a thoughtful look on her face.

“I should talk to my cousin.” Allura decided. “Each time we discuss Sabbath, I think I get her closer to realizing her emotions, to maybe accepting him.” But Lotor looked doubtful at that, making Allura sigh. “It shouldn’t be this hard for a couple to come together. Even WE didn’t have this much trouble!”

“Different personalties make for different difficulties.” Lotor replied. “Your cousin is much more…stubborn. She seems dead set on denying this attraction between her and Sabbath.” He paused, fingers pushing at a piece of bacon as a considering look appeared on his face. “Maybe I should be the one to talk to Romelle?”

“You?!” Allura couldn’t keep the doubt from showing on her face. “Forgive me Lotor, but I doubt she will listen to you. She still harbors a grudge against Drule in general, so I don’t think she will want relationship advice from one. Even if he married her cousin.”

Lotor sighed then. “Frankly, I am all out of opinions. If Romelle is so stubborn, and Sabbath refuses to display a more aggressive side in his courtship attempts, I don’t know what to suggest.”

“It can’t be hopeless…” Allura said plaintively, leaving the strawberries to lie uneaten on her plate. Lotor just shrugged, seeming not to have an opinion about that. She reached for her goblet, drinking some more of the champagne. She wanted to chase thoughts of Romelle and Sabbath away from their thoughts, at least for this morning.

Lotor appeared to have the same idea, he forced an overly bright smile on his face, reaching for her hand. “I’ve cleared our schedules for the next few days.” He was telling her with forced cheer. “We’re not to be disturbed for the rest of the week.”

“Rest of the week?” Allura was amazed, shaking her head. “But Lotor…what about the war?”

“We’re in a waiting period right now.” Came his answer. “Right now there is little to do, all my calls have been completed. We just have to wait for the men and supplies to start arriving, and General Pardust is handling the exchange of hostages. As for the castle of lions, it is in Coran’s capable hands. Perhaps by the time we come off the ship, it will be repaired enough for us to room on the second floor.”

“That would be wonderful.” Allura said, knowing she missed her old bedroom. But still she couldn’t quite wrap her head around spending three more days inside this cabin. Not when she was dying of curiosity about her cousin! “But Lotor…surely we could take the time to visit….see how things are going…”

“If that is what you want.” He looked as though visiting was the furthest thing from his mind, his fingers caressing the soft skin of her wrist. Allura couldn’t help but think this would be a repeat performance of when he was recovering from his infection, the pair not leaving the cabin for days. She was suddenly giggling, Lotor looking at her curiously.

“Sorry.” She whispered. “Just thinking how hands on you are.”

He grinned at that, Lotor making an agreeing sound. “Yes, I am very hands on where my mate is concerned.” He moved to stand, still holding onto her wrist so that she rose with him. They moved to come around the table, and it was there they kissed, Allura placing her free hand on his arm. She continued to giggle, finding it funny that their meal was barely touched and already they were distracted from it.

Her stomach refused to be denied it’s nourishment, rumbling loudly it’s hunger. She blushed at that, and at Lotor’s smile, Allura murmuring softly. “I guess I’m more hungry than I thought…”

“Easily solved” he said, feeding her a grape. She quickly chewed it, watching as he gathered up the syrups and creams, a mischievous look in his eyes. She knew then he was about to bring new meaning to the term breakfast in bed, Allura already untying her robe.

They didn’t get far, Allura’s robe half opened, Lotor pouring honey syrup over her breasts when a loud banging was heard from the outer chamber. Allura immediately stiffened, seeing the unhappy set of Lotor’s lips. “Who is that?!” She demanded, feeling the warm honey dripping down lower on her front.

“I don’t know.” Lotor said with a growl, turning to glare in the direction of the outer chamber. “But if they know what’s good for them, they’ll leave now before I am forced to open that door!”

She shivered at the threat in his eyes, watching as Lotor set down the bottles of syrup and jam on the mattress. He tried leaning in to lick the honey off one of her breasts, but the pounding continued, and over the banging of the metal, they could hear a woman’s angry voice.

“Is that….” Allura began, and Lotor finished her question with a growl.


“Nanny!” Allura echoed with a gasp, pushing Lotor away from her. He moved easily enough, expression twisted into a grimace as he got off the bed. Allura was already scrambling to tie the robe close over her, the silk being ruined by the honey on her skin. She didn’t care that she stained the expensive garment with the golden liquid, she was too busy chasing after her husband.

Lotor seemed to exhale when he reached the door in the outer chamber, his expression trying for some mild look of polite inquiry. Allura marveled at the way he tried to get in control of himself, her own hands wringing together in nervous movement.

At a nod from Allura, he opened the door, and Nanny came flying into the room. She was once again clad in the familiar garments of the castle’s household, and behind her at a slower pace came Coran, and two sheepish looking Drules. Allura didn’t have time to see the way Lotor glared at his men, though she did hear his voice, ringing sharply as he questioned them in Drule.

Nanny was already throwing herself into Allura’s arms, the woman red faced and angry, and more than a few tears on her face. “Allura, it is horrible!” She exclaimed, not seeming to notice the squelching sound of the honey.

“Nanny, what’s horrible?! What are you doing here?!” Allura asked, knowing it had to be something monumental to get the older woman onboard a Drule ship. But the only guess she could hazard was too horrible, Allura fearing King Zarkon himself had arrived with an armada of enemy ships.

Nanny’s only response was to start crying, clutching harder at the princess. Allura glanced over her shoulder at Coran, whose stern and serious face gazed back at her. Lotor was continuing to question the Drules, and now he looked the slightest bit alarmed, fueling Allura’s worry.

“It’s happened, hasn’t it?” She asked fearfully, and Nanny nodded. “We have to prepare the soldiers…we have to mount up an attack!”

“Yes!’ exclaimed Nanny, nodding her head vigorously. “We have to have every available men and woman out there. They need to find him, find her!”

“Huh?” Allura blinked, confused. Just what did Nanny mean by that? “Um…just who do we have to find?”

Nanny frowned at her, but it was Coran who answered. “It is Princess Romelle and the Drule Sabbath. They are missing.”

“Missing?!” gasped Allura, and a sinking feeling began to eat away in her stomach.

“Missing is too mild a word for what has happened!” Nanny interjected herself back into the conversation. “Oh princess, it’s horrible. That Drule savage kidnapped your cousin!”

“Kidnapped?!” Allura’s jaw dropped, the uneasy feeling worsening inside her. “No…no…I’m sure you’re mistaken.”

“No mistake.” Coran said, tone grave. “Neither has been seen since leaving the reception.”

“Romelle didn’t leave willingly!” Nanny exclaimed. “We all saw how that brute dragged her from the room. Oh why did you two not stop him sooner?!” Now she glared accusingly at Allura, and the girl couldn’t help but feel guilty. “It only served to give him the idea that it was okay to do whatever he wanted with the princess!”

“Er….could my cousin not have left willingly with him?” Allura asked, but knew it was a lame sounding question.

“You say neither one has been seen since yesterday?” Lotor had come into the conversation, the two Drule soldiers hurrying off on whatever task he had appointed to them.

“Yes!” confirmed both Nanny and Coran, though their voices held different inflections of emotion.

“Everyone assumed Romelle had retired to bed rather than come back to the party. It wasn’t until late last night it was discovered that she was nowhere to be found.” Explained Coran. “We’ve searched all over the castle grounds, and neither hide nor hair of Romelle or Sabbath were found.”

“I wanted to come to you right away, but Coran insisted we try to find them on our own!” Nanny exclaimed, brushing her hands across her wet eyes. “It’s a delay you cousin can’t afford, who knows what that Drule is doing to her!”

“Sabbath won’t hurt her…” Allura replied automatically, and Lotor was nodding.

“That’s what you said yesterday, but look at what has happened! He’s stolen her from our home, right under our noses!” Nanny was bitter when she said that, hurt and anger in her eyes, and aimed at everyone.

“Nanny…” Allura began, but the woman was cutting her off.

“Don’t you Nanny me! I want….need you to fix this Allura!” She glanced at Lotor now, grim faced. “Please….get Princess Romelle back for us.”

“I will do what I can.” replied Lotor, tone solemn. “For now we have to figure out where he could have gone with her.”

“We’ve already checked the ships.” Supplied Coran. “Our men spent all morning searching, hoping Sabbath would have stayed close to the castle. but alas…” He sighed, his shoulder shrugging.

“That narrows down some of his options then.” Lotor said. “And none of the smaller craft has been taken out?”

“All ships are accounted for.” Coran answered, and Lotor looked relieved.

“That means they’re still on Arus. We just have to find them.” Lotor ran a hand through his hair, lookign more than a little frazzled. “They won’t be able to go too far, they’ll stick out too much, especially him.” He sighed again. “We’ll have to tread with care, Sabbath must have grown really desperate to do this…”

“Desperate?! What does that mean, desperate?!” Nanny demanded with an anxious air to her tone.

“I’m afraid your princess has driven him to this point.”

“Nanny gasped at that, infuriated. “That is an outrageous accusation!”

“But true nonetheless.” Lotor insisted.

“How can you say that?!” Nanny demanded, and Lotor practically growled at her.

“Because Madame, your princess is Sabbath’s mate. And she refuses to so much as entertain the idea, let alone show Sabbath a scrap of affection. If Romelle had been more open to at least spending time with him, we could have avoided such a scene.”

Nanny had turned red with her anger, seeming to shake violently. Allura reached out to touch her, wanting to soothe her but Nanny stepped out of reach, not wanting the offered comfort. “If you Drules…get so…insane when rejected, why you should be put down like the rabid animals you are!”

“Nanny!” Allura exclaimed, aghast by the woman’s words.

“I’m sorry Allura, but I can’t change how I feel!” Nanny said stiffly, and turned her back to the princess.

“Coran, will you leave the search and rescue to me and my men?” Lotor was asking, having chosen to ignore Nanny’s outburst.

“Do you think that’s wise?” The advisor was asking, and Lotor nodded.

“Drules would understand how to better handle Sabbath. He’s most likely in a violatile mood, and will lash out at anyone. I fear the humans would most likely shoot him first, rather than try to calm him down….especially to get to the princess.” Allura knew unspoken were the words that someone would end up dead, and she feared that someone would be Sabbath if the humans tried to interfere with him and Romelle.

“All right.” Coran nodded. “I’ll trust you to resolve this in a timely manner.” Nanny made a sound, a strangled, displeased laugh. Coran seemed put upon at that moment, shaking his head. “I’ll do my best to keep word from spreading beyond the castle grounds about their disappearance. The last thing we need is for the princess’ father to learn about this.”

“That would be awful!” exclaimed Allura, knowing any chance Romelle and Sabbath had for a future together, would be destroyed if her cousin’s father learned about the abduction.

“Indeed it would.” Coran said, then bowed to them both. “Nanny and I shall return to the castle, and try to maintain the people’s calm.” He didn’t look as though he was looking forward to the effort of doing this, Lotor nodding his head to the frazzled advisor.

“Thank you Coran.” he said. “I appreciate you leaving this matter in my hands.”

“I’m trusting you, because of your heroics during the war and the preparations leading to the battles. You did not steer us wrong. I pray you succeed this time as well.” With that, Coran took hold of Nanny’s arm, and led the angry woman out of the room. Lotor sighed when the door was closed, and for a second did not look at Allura.

“This is bad.” He finally said, and she could only nod.

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