Attraction 66

The bed was still unmade, the sheets holding Romelle’s warmth. Sabbath lay there, his fingers idly running up and down the warm spot, a half smile on his lips. He could smell the faint perfume of her body, it lingered in the air, teasing him. He liked the reminders of her, almost as much as he liked the actual reality of having his mate near.

Currently she was separated by a door from him, the bathroom’s shower running at full blast. He took it as a good sign that his mate trusted him enough to shower, Romelle not even offering up feeble protests against such an act. Nor did he make her aware of how the door wouldn’t have kept him out if he had become determined to see her, Sabbath behaving.

But it was difficult, Sabbath holding back a moan as he imagined Romelle standing there naked, the spray of water casting wet rivulets down her body. Sensitive thing that she was, he knew her nipples would stiffen from the water, and he found himself thirsting for just one drop off her body. He closed his eyes, imagining what he would give for the chance to lick her dry, Sabbath making fists on the bed sheets.

He didn’t try to control his arousal, letting it take root deep inside him. His jeans grew uncomfortable, Sabbath shifting, trying to alleviate the pressure in his groin. The arousal made him feel wild, and he knew his eyes reflected that wildness, Sabbath snapping them open as the door unlocked.

She came out clad in her purple dress from the wedding, the fabric turning wet and clingy against her body. She hadn’t trusted him enough to come out in just a towel, and though she had tried her best to dry off, some wetness remained. Sabbath stared at her, trying to ignore the way the fabric stretched tight across her breasts, and heard her gasp at the look on his face.

Clearing his throat so he would not growl, he spoke to her. “I will make us breakfast shortly.”

“Okay.” She nodded at him, her eyes growing huge when he stood.

“But first I need to shower.” He said, and began unbuttoning his vest. He caught sight of her blush, and then Romelle was turning her back to him, making him chuckle softly. She didn’t comment on his amusement, but her words were sharp as she talked.

“You’re going to trust me enough to leave me alone while you shower?”

He hesitated, knowing he had the chains ready. He just lacked the will to use them on her now. “I have a proposal for you.”

“A proposal?” She started to turn around then thought better of it, but Romelle’s voice didn’t lose it’s suspicious quality.

“Yes. You’ll come with me as I shower.” Sabbath said it as though she didn’t have a choice, and she snorted.

“Some proposal! What’s my other option?” He didn’t answer, not right away, and she turned to look at him. Or more precise, the chains laying on the night stand, her jaw dropping. “You wouldn’t!”

“I don’t want to.” He admitted. “But I don’t know if we are at the point of trust where you won’t leave me the instant my back is turned.” He finished unbuttoning his vest, tossing it onto the bed.

“I don’t think there’s enough trust for me to be present while you shower either!” She exclaimed, and he couldn’t resist teasing her.

“Because you think you will be unable to resist my charm?”

“What? NO!” Her jaw had dropped at that, her face turning redder.

“Then come with me to the bathroom.” Sabbath said, walking towards her. For two steps she backed up, staring at him uncertainly. “Romelle I give you my word. I will do nothing to you that you don’t ask for.”

He saw her begin to chew on her lip, the uncertain look remaining. He drew closer to her, hand held out to her which she gazed at. At last she sighed, muttering under her breath. “I can’t believe I’m about to trust a Drule.”

He smiled as she took hold of his hand, Romelle allowing him to lead her back into the bathroom. He locked the door behind them, a tactic meant to buy him time should she choose to flee.

The room itself was still steamy from Romelle’s shower, the air hot and muggy. He let go of her hand, and she walked over to sit on a stool, though first she tried to drag it as far away from the shower as possible. The room itself was so small that nowhere she could turn would keep her from catching sight of him showering, and just that thought had Sabbath’s arousal increase a notch.

With steady hands that belied the need inside him, he got his jeans open, yanking them downwards so he could step out of them. Romelle was studiously looking anywhere but at him, though he heard the gasp when he strode past her seat, completely shameless in his nudity. His back to her, he smirked, knowing she had seen him, Sabbath stepping into the shower.

When he turned to close the stall door, he spied Romelle staring at him, her eyes huge. Her gaze seemed riveted on his body, and his cock grew in response to her heated look. She might be trying to pretend she was indifferent to his nakedness, but her face betrayed her. She liked what she saw, and that made him swell with pride.

The warm spray of water hit him, Sabbath luxuriating under the feel of it for a few seconds. He made sure to keep at an angle where Romelle would see the most of his body, Sabbath slowly lathering up his skin with soap. He washed everywhere, and it was when his soaped up hands touched the base of his cock, that Romelle squeaked out a strangled sound.

He met her gaze, expression serious as he stared at her, hands working to clean himself. She looked close to breaking into a sweat, her hands clasped together on her lap as she stayed rooted in her seat. He couldn’t imagine what she was thinking in the moment, but he thought it wasn’t revulsion. This body of his was anything but ugly, toned and fit from his soldier’s training.

And it burned for her, yearning for any scrap of affection she would give it. He’d settle for her looking, though what he really wanted was her hands on him, stroking his cock with her gentle touch, a touch so different from the feel of his own hands. He barely even realized what he was doing, she was glancing downwards, another gasp escaping her.

His hands had ceased to clean himself, now gripping firmly. He stared at her, in her damp dress, and inhaled the scent of her which made him moan. That low noise of pleasure got Romelle to glance up at his face again, Sabbath licking his lips as he stared at her. He purposefully moved his hips, thrusting forward into his fist, and another moan escaped him.


She blushed, but seemed unable to look away, sitting rigid on the stool. “This is what you do to me.” Sabbath told her, still fisting his cock, hand moving with strong, confidant movements. “Just the thought of you is enough to drive me insane…your nearness is a test that would tempt a holy man himself….I doubt few could resist you…few would want to even try!”

“St…stop that!” She stammered, glancing downwards. He didn’t heed her, one hand resting on the glass of the stall’s door, supporting his forward lean into it, as he continued to pump his hips into his fist.

“I hold myself back only because you ask me too..” Sabbath continued, his voice continuing to do low growls and moans. The water continued to pelt him, washing away all remains of the soap.

“This doesn’t seem like you’re holding back at all!” Romelle exclaimed plaintively. Sabbath wondered if she even knew how difficult it was for him to keep himself from her, his fist a poor substitute for the glory of his mate’s body.

“I still think about those nights we spent trapped in that room.” His tone was dreamy now, but he didn’t lose his focus, continuing to stare at her. When she licked her
lips nervously, he nearly came, the sight almost proving his undoing. “You were wonderful…so passionate…so fierce…I knew you’d be that way…knew you’d love just as furiously as you angered.”

He was close, it wouldn’t take much to set him off, and the glass under his fingers was starting to crack from how heavily he leaned on it. For one wild moment he thought the glass was the only thing keeping him from her, keeping him sane and in control. And then she was standing, cheeks blushing, and Sabbath began to pray with all his heart that she would come and open the glass door.

“Romelle…” Her name was a beseeching moan, Sabbath trying to compel her to join him in the shower. His eyes stared into her, boring a path to her very soul, and she seemed unable to look away. “Love…please. Come here…”

“I…” Again that maddening lick of her lips, Romelle wildly shaking her head no. He groaned, and with one last jerk of his hips, his seed spurted onto the glass door. It felt good to have a release, though the climax paled in comparison to the times he had been intimate with his mate.

He was still riding the high of his orgasm, when Romelle turned, running towards the bathroom door. His movements were sluggish, body wanted to rest, Sabbath forcing the shower stall’s door open. Romelle already had the door unlocked, and was running into the bedroom, casting a spooked look over her shoulder. He didn’t pause for his clothing, just charged after her, catching her as she tried to leave the bedroom.

“Let go!” She ordered, shaking in his arms as he held her from behind.

“No.” He refused, pressing more firmly against her, not caring that he was wet, and ruining the back of her dress.

“You said you wouldn’t do anything to me unless I asked for it!” Romelle pointed out.

“I meant it too.” Sabbath answered, still holding her trapped. “I kept my word…I didn’t touch you in the shower…”

“But you did things!” Romelle protested, and he didn’t have to see her face to know his mate was blushing.

“A man can only take so much.” Sabbath replied with a tsking sound of his teeth. “Perhaps it was wrong of me…”


“I just…” he sighed then, burying his face in her hair. “You looking at me….it made me react. It made me want things. I thought it a harmless enough thing to do. I’m sorry if I frightened you…”

“I wasn’t scared!” She answered, voice a little too high, betraying that she was. “You just took me by surprise.”

“I’ll warn you next time.” Sabbath said, and she huffed out an angry breath.

“There won’t be a next time! Honestly!” She grumbled, and tried to wiggle free of his hold, Sabbath holding his breath so as not to startle Romelle with his sounds. “You’re getting my dress all wet!”

“Forgive me.” Sabbath said, and at last let go of her. She avoided looking at his body, giving him an annoyed look before stomping back to the bed. Sabbath decided to trust her enough to return to the shower, quickly turning off the water, and retrieving his jeans from the floor. He was buttoning the fly when he reentered the bedroom, Romelle sitting on the bed, holding his vest.

Her blush had calmed down, her coloring almost back to normal. She didn’t glance at him when she spoke, voice oddly small. “Did looking at me really excite you so much?”

“Oh yes.” He answered immediately, walking towards the bed. She didn’t hand him his vest, just clutching the leather to her.

“Because I’m your mate?”

“There is that. But Romelle, you are a beautiful and desirous woman. A man would be a fool not to be drawn to you.” Sabbath told her.

“Funny…never had this problem with any other man.” Romelle murmured, and now she looked at him. He was aware he hadn’t dried off, drops of water trailing down his bare chest. She did that licking motion of her lips, and Sabbath had to fight to keep from making fists out of his hands in reaction to it.

“Then they were fools.” Sabbath grumbled, and she almost smiled in response.

“I know I’m not ugly.” Romelle began, and he cautiously lowered himself to sit next to her on the bed. “People tell me I am pretty. But…it’s never been the kind of pretty to stir the passions of men. At least…..not that I know of.” She sighed then. “It’s one of the downsides of being a princess. Not many men would act the way you do around me?”

“Act how?”

“That they want me. No…wait…” She shook her head then, a troubled frown on her face. “They’ve wanted me, but not for me. They wanted me because it would make them a prince, and if something were to happen to my brothers, then the throne would come into their grasp. They’ve wanted the power of my title, the money and the lands….but never me…”

“I’m sorry they’ve treated you that way.”

“No, you’re not.” Romelle stunned him with her words. “Because it means you have no competition for my heart.”

“It’s true I wouldn’t like competition…” Sabbath retorted. “But Romelle, I would deal with it if it meant you hadn’t been so hurt by the men around you.”

She was quiet a second, still hugging his vest to her. Romelle gave him a sidelong look, Sabbath bracing himself for whatever she might say next. “How would you deal with them? Would you punch them like you hit Sven?”

He didn’t grow embarrassed completely, though he felt sheepish as he remembered how viciously he had struck the pilot. “Drules are notorious for their jealousy….especially the males. It’s hard to think straight when I see another man talking to you, touching you or being touched by you. I can admit that I perhaps overreacted…”

“Only perhaps?”

“But I would do it again if it meant keeping these….humans away from you!” Sabbath finished with a sigh. “It must truly make you think me barbaric.”

“I’ve never had anyone fight over me like that.” Romelle said instead of answering. “Never had anyone care enough to.” He wondered if it was his imagination, or if that was a real smile that was hinting on her face.

“You have me now.” Sabbath told her, and now she really did smile. He couldn’t’ resist, he smiled back, Romelle handing him his vest. He was slow to put it on, just watching her as he did up the buttons on the front.

“You’ll really love me no matter what?” Romelle asked, needing reassurance.

“No matter what.” He agreed.

“Even if I was a hideous person?”

“Even if. But Romelle! You’re anything but! You just guard your heart a little too carefully.” Sabbath told her, then stood. “Come…let’s see about breakfast.” He offered his arm to her, and to his pleasure she took it, laying her hand on his muscles.

They strolled out of the bedroom, and down the hall, talking as they moved. “Do you ever think of the time we spent trapped together?” He was both curious and hopeful, leading her into the house’s kitchen. Romelle blushed and looked away, and that would have been enough answer for Sabbath.

“Yes.” She said at last, surprising him with her willingness to answer. “Perhaps more than I should have.” She fell quiet, and took a seat, watching as Sabbath began preparing a meal out of the provisions in the refrigerator. “I was…needlessly cruel to you.” Romelle said at last, Sabbath cutting into a thick hunk of bacon. “I didn’t have to break your heart so hard in my attempt to flee you.”

“I won’t deny your words hurt me.” Sabbath said, glancing her way. “It felt worse than being stabbed with a sword. You crushed my hope that day, and not just my hope but my dreams for our future!”

“And yet you never gave up on me.” She pointed out, and he nodded.

“When you love as completely as I do….you can’t just turn your back on love.” She fell quiet again, thinking her mysterious thoughts as Sabbath continued to slice up the bacon.

“Do you…do think your mother would have liked me?” He almost slipped with the knife, surprised at her question.

“I think she would have adored you.” He told her at last, and she smiled. “What will your family think of me?” He regretted asking that, watching as her smile quickly faded.

“I don’t know. You did kidnap me after all. That’s bound to take away points in their eyes.” Romelle sighed then, playing with the hem of her skirt. “Sabbath….you’ve…we made a mess of things.”


“You shouldn’t have taken me from the castle. I know now I should have at least given you a chance to get to know you…it wouldn’t have driven you to do this. But the past can’t be change, you’ve committed a crime among my people…even if you’re forgiven…”

“You’re the only one I want forgiveness from.” Sabbath interrupted her.

“But my forgiveness alone might not be enough to keep you from paying for this!” Romelle exclaimed, letting go of her skirt to gesture wildly.

“I am deeply touched by your concern.” Sabbath smiled, and she frowned.

“Somehow you fail to see how serious this is!”

“Perhaps.” He agreed. “But then, to my people, what I’ve done isn’t a crime.”

“Cultural differences again.” Romelle sighed. “It sure complicates things.”

“That it does.” Sabbath agreed.

“Perhaps we can make an insanity plea for you.” Romelle was murmuring to herself, and he had to smile at how concerned she was acting. “I’m sure Allura and Lotor would speak on your behalf too. That has to count for something…”

He put the bacon in the pan, listening to it sizzle. Romelle was still muttering things to herself, showing her increasing worry for him. The more she fret, the more his good mood increased, the Drule thinking things couldn’t be that bad as long his mate was concerned for his well being. He smiled as he cooked the bacon, thinking that this morning in the shower hadn’t been as big a misstep as he had feared. His progress was growing, Romelle coming to like and worry about him with every passing hour. He felt confidant it would all work itself out, which was an improvement from his mood of just two days ago.

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