Attraction 67

He could tell the gathered soldiers before him had come with little to report, the men and women shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot. Their body language read tense, and many sought to avoid eye contact with their prince, leaving their commanding officer to do all of the reporting. Lotor tried not to frown, watching as a blank faced Drule began to list off the areas they had checked so far.

“We’re spreading out farther and farther from the castle…” He was explaining to the prince, gesturing at the map in his hand. Colorful pins were pushed into the towns that had been checked, along with the caves of the forest, and the nearest space port in the kingdom. Much land had been covered, and Lotor wondered how far Sabbath could have gotten, the investigation having uncovered that the Drule had stolen a land bound cruiser.

That cruiser had yet to be found, for all Lotor knew Sabbath could have crossed the kingdom’s borders with Romelle. He had traveled at night, when most of Arus’ populace was in bed, and so there wasn’t many leads to go on, if any at all. Lotor frowned, knowing Sabbath had covered his tracks well, using his soldier’s training to disappear. If it was up to the humans they probably would never find the missing pair, but Lotor knew that the Drule soldiers would track him down. It would just take time.

Time that was making the humans nervous, more than forty-eight hours passing by since Sabbath and Romelle had gone missing. That time had been rough, the tension in the atmosphere palpable, especially where Allura’s advisor and nanny were concerned. That woman was inconsolable, fearing for the princess’ treatment at the hands of her abductor. Nothing and no one could calm her down, she seemed determined to think the worst of the Drule.

Lotor supposed he couldn’t blame her, Sabbath had taken an extreme measure in abducting Romelle. And the Drules were starting to feel the repercussions, the humans looking at them slant eyed and suspicious. They didn’t outright act hostile, but they seemed to be forgetting the good Lotor and his allies had done for the planet. If Romelle wasn’t returned soon, who knows how far the relationship between human and Drule would deteriorate to.

“Continue to search.” Lotor growled, knowing that even as they spoke, there was Drules and humans out there, searching. Even the Voltron Force was part of the search party, the pilot of blue lion seeming to make it his personal mission to find and rescue Romelle. Lotor had a feeling it had more to do with paying back Sabbath for the blow he had landed on Sven than anything else. “I want round the clock reports, any findings, no matter how small and seemingly inconsequential brought to my attention.”

“Yes, sire.” The soldier said, then bowed. His subordinates copied the gesture, all submitting to the prince before turning to hurry off. Lotor didn’t stick around to watch them leave, walking back into the cabin of his ship.

Allura was waiting for him, and even with the worried look on her face, her radiant beauty hadn’t dimmed a notch. He actually smiled at her, and she did her best to return the expression. But her blue eyes were troubled, Allura rising from her chair, hands clasped together as though in prayer. She opened her mouth to speak, and something must have shown on his face, for she was sighing.

“Nothing yet….”

“I’m afraid not.” Lotor was apologetic, walking closer to her. He brushed a kiss over her lips, wanting to linger there and turn it into something more. The desire was there, on both their parts, though Allura had seemed too worried to properly enjoy what was supposed to be their honey moon period. It annoyed Lotor, the prince not liking that his friend had ruined what was supposed to be a joyous time for him and his mate. “But they’re expanding the area of search…it shouldn’t be long before they find them.”

She didn’t look convinced, Allura stepping forward to wrap arms around Lotor. He was surprised but pleased, returning the embrace, fingers playing with the hair that trailed down her back. “Allura?”

“It’s all gone so horribly wrong.” She whispered, face hidden against his chest. She wasn’t ready to relax against him, out right clinging to him with her need. “Why did he have to do this? Why did Romelle drive him to this point of desperation?”

“Love makes people do strange things.” Lotor answered, and she sighed. “I’m positive he’s not hurting her.”

“He may not be hurting Romelle, but what about himself?” Allura demanded, adjusting against him so that she peered up at him. “He’s committed a crime…he’s got the castle in a panic, Nanny is as livid as she is worried. It’s all I can do to keep her from contacting Romelle’s father, and I just know he will want Sabbath to pay for taking his daughter!”

Lotor was struggling to deal with the concept that what Sabbath had done was a crime to the humans, the prince knowing to the Drule there was nothing wrong with going off with your mate. They were coming up against cultural differences once more, and Lotor understood that Sabbath had really made a mess of things. “I’m sure as ruler of this planet you can issue a pardon for him.” Lotor said soothingly, and Allura nodded.

“I can….but Lotor! Even if I do, they will never let Sabbath near Romelle again! And that will kill him!”

“Maybe…maybe things will work out.” Lotor lacked conviction then, thinking of how stubborn Allura’s cousin was. “Perhaps he is making progress with Romelle, and she will not want to be separated from him.”

“That would be wonderful…” Allura sighed, wistful. “It would solve a lot of problems if she decided she wanted to be with him. But do you really think he can succeed in such a short amount of time?”

“I suppose anything is possible…” Lotor replied, trying not to let his doubt show. He must have succeeded, for his mate seemed to grow reassured, relaxing against him. “Who knows…by this time next week, we might be planning their wedding.”

“Won’t Nanny have a fit if that happens!” Allura let out a little giggle, and Lotor smiled to hear it.

“I’m sure she’ll throw a fit as big as the one she had when she found out about us.”

“She can throw all the tantrums she wants…” Allura sniffed, haughty in the moment. “It won’t stop love from it’s course.” That haughtiness evaporated into a smile, Allura going up on tip toe to kiss Lotor. She transferred her arms grip from his waist to go around his neck, pressing herself more firmly against him. “I’ve let Nanny tell me what to do for most of my life…maybe more than I should have. But there was no way I was going to let her ruin what we have between us.”

He turned mischievous, doing a roll of his hips so that he ground his groin against hers. “And what is that we have between us?”

“OH! You!” She looked shocked for a second, than did her own purposeful grind against him, Lotor biting back a hiss of pleasure. Emboldened by her actions, he seized her by the hair, holding her in place for a hard claiming of her mouth. He was testing the waters between them, trying to see how far she would let him go before she remembered the seriousness of the situation.

“Hmmm…” She made an approving sound, Allura not fighting his hold and giving her lips up eagerly to him. It only brought out the aggressor in him, Lotor knowing they had gone too long since their last love making session.

He pressed harder against her lips, Allura parting them at the slightest insistence from her husband. And then he was sinking his tongue into velvety wetness, stroking all over, caressing the now familiar contours of her mouth. She wasn’t patient, brushing her tongue against his exploring one, teasing the underside in an attempt to coax him to dance with her. Tongues coiled and dueled, Allura submitting to Lotor, letting him guide and control the kiss.

He decided when it would end, jerking almost cruelly on her hair, listening to her whine in dismay. Her lips were still puckered, Allura wanting more of his mouth, and Lotor narrowed his eyes at her. He looked down past her face, appraising her body in it’s simple, summery dress of pale yellow. The material wasn’t as tightly bound across her breasts as he would have liked, Lotor hooking his fingers into the top of the bodice.

Allura seemed to sense what he was going to do, she gasped almost before his arm moved, claws shredding downwards, tearing her out of her dress. “Lotor!”

“Is there a problem mate?” He let his voice be a sexy growl, claws making quick work of the tattered remains that still clung to her body. His nails cut in the fabric of her bra, the flimsy material being shredded in a blink of the eye. She stared at him, slightly slack jawed and wide eyed. Her breasts heaved, nipples seeming to stiffen just because he was staring at her, which made he smile one of his most devastatingly handsome smiles.

Blinking rapidly, Allura shook her head, her arms lifting to cover her chest. “Don’t!” he snapped out, and her arms froze mid rise. “Let me look at you.” She blushed then, and stammered out a response.

“You’ve already seen me…”

“But I like LOOKING at you Allura.” Lotor told her, and let his appreciation show in his eyes. “I could look at you again and again and will never grow tired of the effect you have on me.”

She didn’t seem to know what to say to that, standing there clad in only her panties, and blushing. He had noticed she often seemed tongue tied when he complimented her, it made him wonder if she did not realize what a beauty she was. He almost frowned then, wanting her to realize how sexy he found her, how pretty and perfect he thought she was.

Without a word, he snagged her by the wrist, and began leading her into the bedroom of the cabin. Allura’s heels clicked on the floor, the girl hurrying to keep up with his fast pace. She assumed they were going to the bed, and stopped up short when he led her to the corner mirror.

“Allura look.” He ordered, and dragged her before him. She didn’t obey, looking everywhere but at her reflection. “I want you to look at yourself and see how perfect you are.”

“I am not perfect.” Allura protested, and he shook his head, a finger raised to tilt her face up so she would be forced to look in the mirror.

“To me you are.” He told her, and adjust his hand so he could trace her pouty lips. “From the top of your hair, down to your toes, each and every inch perfect and cherished.” Her blush bloomed even redder, and then he was pressing against her back, bringing his hands down to cup her breasts. She quickly glanced down to watch his hands rather than his reflection, which made Lotor growl into her ear. “Keep your eyes on your reflection.”

“B…but Lotor…I don’t want to watch myself…” She protested, making him growl again.

“You will watch because I tell you to.” He pinched her nipples in warning, Allura gasping, her head jerking upwards to meet his gaze in the mirror. He didn’t smirk, all serious intent as he touched her. “I want you to see…”

“See what?!” She interrupted, and he pinched her again.

“Everything.” He finished, lips beginning to nibble on the curve of her ear. ‘I want you to bear witness to every sigh, every look, every moment of bliss that crosses your face. I want you to see the expressions you show me, the looks no one else is allowed to see but me.”

“But…but….I can’t do that!” Allura protested, forcing him to pinch her a third time. “Lotor!”

“Allura!” he mimicked her precise tone, pausing from his tease of her ear. “Do this for me.”

“But I don’t…don’t like to look at myself in that way…” She muttered, and he had an inkling that this was another oddity of her human heritage.

“There is no shame in looking.” He told her, and began trailing kisses down the side of her face. “And it would please me.” He bumped his front against her rear, letting her feel just how much the thought alone was making him. She blushed even harder, and slowly nodded her head, eyes staring straight ahead. “Remember….I’ll be watching you…” he said, staring at their reflection as he purposefully move his hands.

His fingers kneaded her skin, his massage working her breasts over as he kissed his way down onto her neck. His hands were artful, expert touches making her moan, her head starting to tilt back. “Eyes forward.” He warned, ready to pinch her if she strayed from the reflection for even a second longer. She seemed to pout, but kept her gaze fixed on the mirror, watching him lavish attention on her neck as his hands began to squeeze.

He watched her expression too, his mouth hovering over her pulse point, finding it was beating faster than usual since they had gotten married. He couldn’t tell if it was from excitement, or anxiety, maybe it was a combination of both. Her pulse seemed like a frantic thing, Lotor fastening his lips on that point, and sucking hard enough to bruise. His hands continued their ministrations, though Lotor began to trail one hand up towards her neck, grazing fingertips across the similar bruises he had left with his ardent kissing.

“Beautiful.” He whispered when she was caught in a moan, mouth forming a perfect o as she let out her sounds. He touched the pattern of kiss marks across her neck, thinking they made almost as fine a necklace as the jewels she sometimes wore.

Another suck of her pulse point, and then he was kissing down to her shoulder, feeling her shivers. She was still watching their reflection, and his hand plucked and pulled at her right nipple. His left hand rested across her collar bone, fingers splayed and providing a nice contrast of blue against her peach colored skin.

Finishing with her shoulder, he swept all her hair forward, allowing it to trail downwards to cover her breasts. She seemed to relax that she was partially covered, but then stiffened in surprise when he began kissing his way down her back. “Lotor…what…?”

“Relax…” He purred, being sure to plant a kiss between her shoulder blades. His hands were touching her sides, doing a slow, downwards slide as he went on his knees, kissing his way past her spine. She shivered and broke out into goose bumps, but stayed rooted to the spot, watching the mirror. His hands touched her panties, and she started to shy away, not wanting to see.

“Hold still!” he commanded, and wrenched down that garment, urging her to lift her legs one at a time so he could toss the panties on the floor. That left her just in heels, Lotor forcing Allura to spread her legs just enough so he could fit his fingers between them. He stayed on his knees, and began kissing her bottom, lovingly sucking on spots of her cheeks, and hearing her pant and moan.

His fingers played with her sex, spreading and touching, caressing the folds which were fast becoming wet. She jumped when he bit down on her bottom, Lotor leaving teeth marks on the right rump. His fingers found her clit, and he began to dance them across it, rubbing one moment, and doing circling teases another. Allura’s hips began to move, the girl undulating as best she could with Lotor pressed against her.

“You see Allura?” He asked, gazing up at her reflection from around her body. “Do you see that wild look in your eyes? The passion on your face? The way you pant and moan, and sing out for me?”

She looked, and looked, making him wait for her answer to the point he thought she’d do nothing but moan in denial. “I see.”

“Can you still look at yourself and not think yourself beautiful after seeing such a sight?!” He demanded. and she hesitated.

“I…I don’t know…” It came out a garbled moan at the end, Allura close to her climax. He abruptly stopped his fingers’ caress, growling in a way that let her think he was infuriated by her answer. “Lotor I…”

“Face forward, hands on the glass.” Lotor ordered, already jerking open his belt, and pulling down his zipper. He saw her reaction on the mirror, Allura shocked at the sound of his zipper going down. She started to turn to look at him, and he barked at her. “Do not make me repeat myself!”

Shocked though she was, there was an underlying current of excitement in her eyes, Allura taking up the position he asked. She even leaned into the mirror without his asking, Lotor landing his hands on her hips, and rubbing his erect, condom covered cock against her rear. She started to wiggle back against him, the little minx making him growl, the sound pleasured this time.

He adjusted his position, letting his cock rub between her legs, the moisture her body had produced dripping steadily on him. For one-second he lingered between her thighs, enjoying the friction as he rubbed. Then Allura was whining, voice begging him to hurry. “Don’t tease me my love!”

He could almost never deny a direct request from his mate, though he tried to hide that information from her. She already had him wrapped around her little finger as it was, Lotor rubbing several more times, before making her spread her legs apart. He hauled on her hips, making her go up awkwardly on tip toe, and then he was pushing inside her.

He saw her reflection’s lips part, a low, drawn out moan escaping her. Her eyes went half closed, adding a sinfully seductive quality to her expression. He purred in approval, liking the feel of her around him, and the look she was wearing. “Watch Allura, watch and learn the look of you! The looks I make you wear when I am deep inside of you!”

“Lotor!” She gasped out his name, Lotor beginning a steady thrusting into her sex, her breasts bouncing from the force he was using. Her hands were pressed against the glass, and it wasn’t long before more of her body was pushed against the mirror, her face a mere inch away from the reflection. It almost looked like she was kissing her reflection, and the thought of two Alluras drove Lotor to an almost mindless pleasure.

He grunted and growled, working her body hard, Allura writhing, squeezing and teasing, giving as good as she got. He bent over her, kissing at the nape of her neck, the next second biting there as he thrust. She seemed to still, then gave an honest to goodness wail, body clamping down on his cock with a vicious squeeze. And still Lotor continued to pump into her, not content for this joining to be over with.

“Lotor…Lotor!” Allura was crying out in between harsh pants, wiggling and whining as he thrust. He was fighting the urge to come, ignoring her body’s attempts at milking him. Each thrust of his hard flesh made Allura shiver and shake, his mate experiencing after shocks from her orgasm. He wasn’t surprised when she came a second time, his mate not having time to relax. And still he kept at it, almost merciless now, and listening to her pleas.

“Lotor, I can’t…a third time….no!”

“You can and you will!” Lotor bellowed, and reached to the front of her with his hand. She gasped and shrieked, his fingers playing and pinching her clit, and it was music to his ears. That stiff little bit of flesh seemed to throb, Allura leaning so heavily into the mirror it would have fallen over if it hadn’t been mounted on the wall.

The third time she came, he gave in to her body’s urgings, come blasting free and flooding into the condom. There was so much it began to spill out of it, dribbling down to the floor. And still he didn’t pull out of her, kissing and licking the beads of sweat off her shoulder.

“You’re mean!” She exclaimed, but she hardly looked like she meant it.

“Mean for taking care of my mate’s needs?” He demanded with a quirk of his eyebrows.

“You could at least let me rest in between climaxes!”

“I’ll think about it.” Lotor said, but knew his mind was made up. He’d give her as many as he pleased, her need for rest be damned.

“What are you thinking?” Allura asked, suspicion in her tone. She had noticed the wicked look in his reflection’s eyes, and to distract her from her question, he began running his hands all over her body. She giggled and squeaked out protests, Lotor slow to pull out of her. He caught her when she started to sag to the floor, Lotor lifting and carrying his mate to the bed.

He was in the process of covering her with a sheet, when a great pounding sounded on the outer chamber’s door. A voice could be heard, shouting excitedly in Drule. Allura sat up, sheet clutched to her as she looked at Lotor. “What is it?”

“They’ve been found.” Lotor told her, and she gasped, expression weird. It was as though she was both ecstatic and fearful of what this meant, and Lotor ran his fingers though her hair one last time. “Stay here…” She nodded, watching as he set himself to rights, making sure his pants were zipped up before he stepped out of the bedroom.

He closed the door behind him, not wanting the soldiers to catch sight of his mate in her undressed state. They nearly fell into the room when he jerked open the door, hasty bows being given once they righted themselves. “Report!”

“We’ve found them!” exclaimed the female soldier, eyes alight with excitement. “He took her to the ghost town, the village that was destroyed during the invasion attempt.”

“Clever man.” Lotor murmured, thinking that the perfect spot to hide. “And the cruiser?”

“Abandoned just beyond a night’s walk from that town.” Explained the Drule female. “The vehicle was badly damaged during the abandonment. But we believe Sabbath and the girl were not harmed.”

“Get a confirmation on that.” Lotor ordered, the soldier nodding. “And do not tell the humans what we’ve learned.”


“I want to go there and confront him myself.” Lotor explained. “Have our people take up position around the village, but do not approach his hideout, and absolutely do not give away your presence there. If he senses anything is amiss, who knows what he will do.”

“Right sire.” She bowed, and stepped back into the hall, her comrades following. As he closed the door, he could hear them relaying his orders over their communicators, and the answering replies. Bringing a hand to smooth back his hair, Lotor began walking towards the bedroom, ready to tell Allura what he planned to do personally.

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