Attraction 68

If asked a few days earlier what it was like to spend so much uninterrupted time with a Drule, Romelle would have insisted it was stifling. Suffocating even. She was surprised and pleased to find herself proven wrong, Romelle coming to enjoy this time with Sabbath. He almost never left her side, always staying within touching distance, as though the Drule could not help reaching over to try for touches of her hair, or stroke fingers on her arms. She was quick to note he behaved himself, keeping the touches to appropriate places, though Romelle was beginning to wish he would try for something more scandalous.

She was even beginning to touch him back, sneaking the occasional touch which she tried to play off as natural, an act she wasn’t aware of doing. But she was filled with the awareness of him, relishing the touch of her fingers on his muscled arms, and wanting to touch underneath that vest of his. She still remembered how he had looked fresh out of the shower, body wet and covered only in those low slung jeans.

The thought alone was enough to make her lick her lips, though she tried to be discrete about it. She was well aware of how Sabbath reacted to that action, his eyes seeming to darken, his interest notching up with his breathing. Romelle liked that she could affect him with such a simple thing, enjoying the power her sexuality was giving her over him.

It was only fair, she reasoned to herself, thinking how affected she was growing by him. Just thinking of that moment in his shower, when he had stared at her, hands purposeful and sure, his strong body taut and working towards satisfaction made her grow heated, Romelle shifting on the bed. She knew his nose was sensitive, and she tried to keep from letting any hint of arousal take root within her.

The sexual attraction was there, it was no use denying it any longer. She wanted him, and she found herself wishing she could get up the nerve to take what she wanted. But Romelle also appreciated the time they spent doing nothing but talking, the princess finding it a pleasure just to listen to his voice. She enjoyed his stories, marveling at his life experiences which made him seem so otherworldly. He wasn’t that much older than she, but Sabbath had seen and done much as a soldier, traveling to new worlds, meeting new races.

She even tried to ignore the fact that he had a role in enslaving those other people, Romelle knowing he had only been following his superior’s commands. Sabbath wasn’t much for slavery, not liking the way his mother had been treated. But he had this quaint and outdated notion that slavery was a necessary evil for the Drule Empire, and she worked to change his mind on that notion.

She had no doubts it was a similar conversation her cousin Allura would have with Lotor, and she wondered if they were making any inroads on that. But she didn’t waste all that much time thinking about her cousin, too focused on Sabbath and the thing that was happening between them. She dared not say it was love on her part, too frightened of what would happen when they were found.

Romelle was trying to harbor no illusions, knowing that when they were forced to return to the castle, it would be a harsh reality that came crashing down on them. Sabbath had kidnapped her, and that alone was a crime her people would not so easily forgive. Especially not her father and brothers, Romelle almost frightened to think of their reactions.

But more than the fearful thoughts she had when she worried over Sabbath paying for this crime, was how it pained her to think of separating from him. She didn’t want that, finding she liked and enjoyed his company. And if she examined it carefully, she’d find the burgeoning start of love blossoming in her heart. She certainly felt the proof of Sabbath’s love for her, and Romelle knew she was starting to make the fall towards him.

“Romelle?” She blinked, realizing he had been calling her name for several moments now. “Where did you go?”

She gave a shake of her head, blond hair settling around her face from the motions. “Nowhere…”

He gave her a look, Sabbath curious as to her distraction. “You were lost in thought….”

“Just thinking.” She said, and still he prodded her.


She didn’t want to admit the meanderings of her mind, especially not that last bit about her starting to fall in love with him. “Do you think someone will find us soon?”
Sabbath gave her question the consideration it deserved, looking as thoughtful as he was serious. “I’ve no doubt about that. If it was just the humans we had to worry about, I know we could hide out indefinitely.”

“But it’s not just my people looking, is it?” Romelle asked, knowing her cousin would have insisted Lotor get the other Drules involved.

“Most likely no.” Sabbath sighed then, and she touched his arm, thrilling at the contact, and the static electricity the touch triggered. “Even though they won’t see this as a crime, Prince Lotor will want to maintain good relationships between the two races. We Drules are expert trackers, and though I did my best to cover our tracks, it won’t be enough.”

“And yet we don’t flee?” She inquired, and he shook his head no.

“It might buy us a few more days, but there are other factors to consider. Besides…” He caught at one long curl, twisting it around his finger. “I much rather spend this time getting to know you, then constantly being on the move.”

She couldn’t help it, she blushed with her pleasure at his words. “I must admit I am enjoying our time together too.” Romelle finally said, earning the smile she had come to treasure from him.

“So you’re no longer mad with me?” He wanted to know, and she pretended to think.

“I was very angry. Sometimes I still am. But for different reasons now.” Romelle explained. “You’ve jeopardized your future…..our future together with your actions. I’m not sure how we can fix what you have done.”

“And yet I’d do it again, if only to have these moments with you.” Sabbath told her, and she tried not to frown. The problem was she feared these moments were all they’d have left, and it left her profoundly upset. He noticed, pulling her onto his lap, hugging her in a manner meant to offer comfort. “It will be all right…”

“I don’t know how you can say that!” She exclaimed, hardly put at ease even with his soothing motions.

“I can’t help but feel hope, especially when you speak of the future as OURS.”

She flushed, ducking her face to hide against his chest, realizing what she had said. When had Romelle begun to think of her and Sabbath as together? She wasn’t sure, just knowing it, like the feelings harbored in her heart, had developed during their time spent in this house.

She heard the deep, rumbling laugh of his, Sabbath amused by her sudden shyness. Romelle wanted her temper to flare, all in an effort to shield herself from what was happening. It would make it hurt less when they were forced to part.

“I don’t see how you can be so happy.” Romelle complained, but her words were without bite.

“I’m happy because I am with you.” Sabbath answered, which only made her face grow even more heated. She felt him nuzzled his face against the top of her head, Romelle clinging to his vest, wondering how he could take such joy just out of talking to her.

“We haven’t done anything.” She muttered, and heard him make a questioning sound. “We haven’t even kissed…not really…” She still wasn’t sure if that intimate way of talking counted as a kiss, and Romelle found herself longing for a real one from him.

“I don’t need to kiss you to be happy.” Sabbath said, continuing to rub his face in her hair. She just knew he was smelling her, but the thought no longer upset her like it had once upon a time.

“You can be satisfied with just talking?”

“You sound amazed.” He pointed out, more laughter escaping him. “Or are you hoping for more?” She glanced up at him then, forcing her expression to be annoyed at his overly confidant question. Once she would have been haughty, Romelle answering him with a glib not at all. Now she just looked at him, and his expression turned serious, Sabbath leaning in to whisper against her lips.

“You’re hard to read. I’m never quite sure how you’ll react.” He was studying her expression, even as he quivered his lips teasingly over hers.

“Why don’t you kiss me and see?” She goaded him then, his smile widening to flash his fangs at her.

“Are you sure?” He was teasing, his words holding a challenge. “It might leads to things…things you’re not ready for.”

“You’re being over confidant again!” She made a show of fuming, Romelle jerking back out of his arms. She felt annoyed that he didn’t try harder to keep her trapped in his embrace, Romelle shifting away from him on the bed.

“Maybe.” He agreed with a nod, and Romelle knew she would never admit to finding she now liked how overconfident he could be in regard to her. “But then I remember how you reacted when I kissed you.”

“That….that was different!” She exclaimed, turning red.

“Different how?” Sabbath questioned, eyes intent on her. She fidgeted, not sure how to answer, turning his question back on him.

“Why did you kiss me then?”

“I wanted to.” He said, and Romelle frowned.

“You couldn’t have wanted to!” She protested, shaking her head no. “Not then. Not when I was being so horrible to you!”

“You did rouse my temper…almost as much as you aroused other parts of me.” Sabbath agreed.

“Then why?” she put her curiosity into her eyes, willing him to answer. She was astonished to see Sabbath turn embarrassed, the Drule hesitating to answer. “Please…” She placed a hand on his knee, leaning into him urgently. “Tell me.”

“I was angry….I wanted you to accept me, to love me. I still do.” Sabbath said, not looking away from her. She kept her hand on his knee in a show of support, waiting for him to continue. “I remember thinking I needed to tame you, to make you stop saying such things, and acting that way. It was impulsive, the kiss brought on by the heat of the moment. I had no idea you’d react that way, I didn’t dare hope for such a positive reaction!”

Romelle blushed then, recalling how wild and starved for his lips she had become. One kiss, probably meant to shut her up, and she had come undone, clutching at him, kissing him back, letting him manhandle her up against the wall. The kiss had been better than her fantasies, better than the books she had read, and all because it was real, and needy and passionate, this handsome and virile Drule male wanting her.

She wasn’t sure what he took her silence for, Sabbath reaching to tuck a wayward strand of hair behind her ear. She blinked rapidly, it was better than looking away, even as she blushed. “Why did you make love to me?” He asked, and she almost gasp, dismayed at his question. But more than she was embarrassed, turning redder as he stared, wanting to understand.

“I…I don’t know…” Romelle began, but knew he knew that was a lie. She lowered her eyes, his hand now touching her cheek, raising her face upwards so that she couldn’t hide her gaze from him. “You were…you were so commanding and powerful in the moment, so aggressive and wild. It…” She wondered if it was possible to die from a blush, Romelle so hot under her skin as she talked. “It turned me on when you got aggressive.”

He didn’t look shocked, nor did he look like he was judging her. In fact Sabbath looked intrigued, stroking her cheek as he considered her words. “So it’s just like in your books?”

She blinked again, taken aback by his question. “My books?” Sabbath nodded, and she frowned. “What do you know about my books?!”

“I’ve seen them.”

“You’ve seen them!?” She gasped, and gasped again when he nodded.

“Prince Lotor and your cousin thought it best I read a few of them.”

“You actually read them?” She felt mortified at the thought, wondering what he thought of her and the scenes he might have read. “Which…” She had to clear her throat, her voice catching nervously in it. “Which ones have you read?” She hoped and prayed he had not read one of the more extreme novels of her collection, even as she knew many of them did not deviate from her favorite theme.

“One called my savage surrender.” She almost moaned then, finding it was worse than she could ever stand. “And I am in the middle of the barbarian’s claim.” He was looking at her, and she couldn’t read his expression, her own upset clouding her judgment. “They’re very….”

“Don’t say it!” Romelle cried out, and Sabbath looked confused. “They don’t mean anything…” She added, clasping her hands together to nervously pull and fidget with her fingers. “They’re just fantasies.”

“They’re popular with human girls.” Sabbath answered, sounding as if he was quoting something someone had said to him. “You need not be ashamed for reading them.”

But she was, not liking that someone, anyone could read and interpret what those books said about her.

“They filled a need for you.” Sabbath continued, and she let out a strangled laugh. He put his hands on her shoulders, and still she did not look at him. “You have desires and needs, like any normal woman. They’re just specialized.”

“Specialized…” Romelle repeated, noting he didn’t seem judgmental.

“It’s not that shocking.” He added, and she raised a brow at that. “You wanted to be noticed, to be cherished and adored. To be desired that strongly, not for your position, but for you.”

“I didn’t realize you were an analyst.” She murmured, then added. “All the men around me seem so….so meek and submissive. I know they would never dare treat me in such an assertive manner, would not even steal a touch let alone a kiss. It’s….it’s boring and depressing, knowing that I can’t stir the passions of a man, to stoke his fire to want me and not my title. At least…” Romelle hurriedly amended. “That’s what it felt like until you arrived in my life.”

She reached up to touch his hands that rested on her shoulder, Romelle staring into Sabbath’s eyes. “I could feel your passion when you kiss me, the undiluted intensity of your feelings. It was shocking but arousing, and made me feel powerful even as you took control of my body.” She couldn’t stop blushing, wondering if her cheeks would be colored a permanent red.

“It was a powerful experience for me too.” Sabbath told her, and she didn’t doubt it. “It was the culmination of all my hopes and dreams, having you in my hands, willing and desiring me back. I thought we were finally passed all the doubts and uncertainties…”

“I was wrong.” Romelle hung her head, sighing. “You weren’t the one who ruined everything, I was.”


To her horror, her eyes filled with tears, plummeting down her cheeks and onto her lap. Sabbath immediately set to wiping them away, but more continued, faster and faster, and she fought the urge not to sniffle. “I shouldn’t have fought you, I shouldn’t have said what I said that morning. I shouldn’t have tried to run away…”

“But you were scared…” Sabbath interrupted gently. “You were experiencing things, feelings you had never had before save in your books.”

“Still…” A shake of her head, Romelle almost sobbing. “If I had given you the chance you asked for, the chance to spend time with me, you would have never kidnapped me. Whatever happens to you now, is my fault!” She suddenly threw herself against him, Sabbath caught off guard enough to fall back against the pillows with Romelle in his arms. He seemed at a loss towards what to say, but his hands knew what to do, stroking her hair over and over, and rubbing her back soothingly.

It wasn’t enough, she cried harder, and it seemed the time for talking was at an end. She was just barely aware of him murmuring softly in her ear, Sabbath whispering her name, and saying things in Drule. It would take some time, and many tears, but in the end Romelle would exhaust herself, having cried herself to sleep in her Drule’s arms.

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