Attraction 79

She could hear her cousin calling her, Romelle’s voice full of laughter that under rode the impatience of her words. “Allura!” She cried, caught in the midst of giggling. “Do hurry!”

“I’m hurrying as fast as I can.” Allura said, slipping her feet into a new pair of shoes. They were the softest of leather, more slipper like than shoe, and dyed a subtle hue of lavender. They matched her dress, an elegant creation of silk and muslin, with a long flowing skirt that was fluffed up by the petticoats beneath it. A darker shade of purple contrasted with the lavender, the color so dark it could almost be considered blue. It brought out her eyes with a special kind of sparkle, the blue blazing like the ocean when sunlight was upon it’s surface.

“You’re not hurrying fast enough.” Romelle complained, watching as Allura paused before her mirror. It was not the first time Allura had glanced at her reflection, the girl feeling nervous, her hands anxious as they smoothed down her bodice. The dress should have been form fitting, but alas it’s measurements had been taken from the time before she had lost twenty pounds.

It left the dress to bag on her thin frame, and even though Allura’s appetite had returned to her upon word of her husband’s victory, she had yet to regain her normal weight. She was making a conscious effort to pack on the pounds though, and her doctor felt confidant that within a month’s time she would be returned to a healthy weight class.

Her new thinness wasn’t the only thing she fretted about, her hands flying to her hair, tugging wild strands back over her ears. She even checked the braid that started at her temples, and wound around to the back of her head, making sure no hair was misplaced. If she looked long enough she’d find other things to be upset about, Allura wanting to look perfect on this day.

“You look fine.” Romelle had appeared behind her, grabbing her by the arm. “More than fine..” She quickly corrected at Allura’s questioning look. “You’re lovely, anyone can see that. Now come on!”

“But Romelle…”

“But nothing!” Romelle snapped in reply to her protests, dragging Allura out of the bedroom. Allura reluctantly stepped in the direction her cousin led her, still turning her head this way and that to catch sight of her reflection in the window’s pane. She couldn’t help but fuss, feeling nervous and insecure in a way she had never felt before. Romelle noticed what she was doing, jerking harder on her arm in response. Allura nearly stumbled forward at that, and only then did Romelle gentle her grip.

“I’m sorry….But I don’t think you want to miss his arrival just because you were too paranoid over how you looked!”

“I don’t.” Allura agreed. “I’m so excited that today’s the day! Excited but nervous…”

“Nervous?” Romelle turned to glance at her. “What do you have to be nervous about Allura? It’s your husband, the man who adores and loves you!”

“He’s also a man I haven’t seen in ages.” Allura sighed, thinking of their six month separation. When Lotor had claimed the rulership of Doom, he had not been allowed to return to Arus right away. He had had to calm the fears of his people, and set up a new order. There was politics involved, a council being established, one whose members went through a strict and thorough qualifying process.

The challenges set before hopeful candidates had taken forever to complete, Allura wondering if her hair would turn gray before she got a chance to be reunited with her husband. She still talked to him daily via private communications, but it simply wasn’t the same as being in the same room with him. The distance between worlds had never been so noticeable as it had been during her separation from Lotor.

“You’re feeling shy.” Romelle was saying, and Allura hesitated before answering.

“Maybe just a little…”

“I’m sure there’s no need for that. You two will meet again, and any nervousness, any uncertainties will fade once your in each other’s arms. Trust me on that.” Romelle smiled, looking certain of what she was saying.

Allura could only make a noncommittal noise in return, following her cousin down the stair case and onto the main floor of the castle. Servants hurried about, the people displaying excited energy, anticipation on their faces as they went about the castle on their assigned tasks. The days leading up to this moment had been spent preparing for the Drules arrival, the castle being cleaned from top to bottom.

The windows literally gleamed from how much polish had been applied to them, and colorful banners hung from the castle turrets, and over the draw bridge. They were the colors Arus flew in times of victory and celebration, and words were written on them, heralding the return of Lotor, who was newly crowned King of the Drule. Arus’ flag flew on the highest point of the castle, sharing space with one of the Doom Empire to symbolize their alliance.

In the kitchens the cooks were slaving over an elaborate feast, enough food being made to feed the small army that was accompanying Lotor on his journey back to the castle. Nanny, her mood much lightened due to the victory and the pills she had been prescribed, strictly supervised the meal preparations, harassing both cooks and the girls that would be serving the meal.

Rooms had been prepared for some of the Drule high up in the chain of command, the castle ready to offer it’s best hospitality to them. Many of the soldiers would have to remain on the ships, for there wasn’t enough room in the castle to house all three thousand of them. Of course, as much as Allura wanted to be a good hostess, there was only one Drule she was truly concerned with.

Her heart gave a little patter as they passed by a window, Allura spying a distant gleam that surely had to be the ships descending down to her home world. Keith and the other members of the Voltron Force had gone out to meet the ships, providing an honorary escort for Lotor and his soldiers.

And waiting out on the castle’s lawn was a huge crowd of excited people, some of them had even traveled from across the borders of Altea, all for the chance to welcome back her husband and his men. There was even families of the human soldiers who had gone to war with the Drule, those loved ones eager to welcome back the members of their family.

Allura hurried faster to get to the front of the castle, this time she was the one dragging Romelle forward as she all but broke into a run. Somewhere along the way they picked up Sabbath, the Drule smiling as he easily kept up with Allura’s running. The closer they got to the drawbridge, the more people they encounter, Captain Darius leading his men outside. They were prepared to do crowd control, as well as welcome back the warriors, and Allura spied Gloria and the other girls standing near the front of the crowds.

The girls looked excited, she could hear them giggling and whispering, and some of them clutched letters to their chest. She gave them a bemused smile, wondering if they were planning something for the Drules they had developed written friendships with these past few months.

The crowd realized their princess was before them, and they reacted with joy, bowing and calling out to her. They heaped admiration on her, and spoke of the Drules’ victory. And then grew even more excited when a boy cried out, the child pointing at the gleams that were now visible as ships.

“They’re almost here!”

Allura nervously touched her hair once more, feeling as though butterflies flit about trapped in her stomach. Her heart beat surely quickened, she was clasping her hands together as though in prayer. Eyes locked on the ships, she watched as they came closer, barely aware that Romelle and Sabbath were behind her, and holding a hushed conversation.

The wind stirred up by the ships’ descent made her skirts flap wildly, Allura attempting to hold them down. Several women were in similar poses, crying out in dismayed voices as their appearance became disheveled. The men were laughing, and one was attempting to brush off leaves off his wife’s skirt. The ships touched down as close as it was safe to come near to the crowd, and the lions landed with them.

The engines continued to roar, and her breath came out slower, Allura almost forgetting to breathe completely as she waited for the ramps to be lowered. One ship was parked a few feet ahead of the others, and she recognized it as the flag ship from the markings on it’s side. At last the docking bay doors opened with a hiss of sound, the ramp being lowered.

Sucking in a sharp breath, she froze, scanning up the ramp into the darkness of the ship. The light was so dim, she couldn’t make out anything past the ramp, but she heard, and the sound made her excited. Footsteps, a solo pair walking determinedly down the ramp. Allura remained rooted on the spot, some instinct of hers letting her know it was Lotor who approached.

When he stepped out into the light, she was already running, not caring if her skirts dragged or got caught on twigs. Lotor spied her approach, and a grin lit up his face, the King hurrying down the ramp, his arms thrown open in invitation. Barely aware of what she had done, she found herself in his arms, Allura having jumped upwards to fling herself at him. He easily caught her, both their arms wrapping around each other, Lotor swinging about in a circle while embracing her.

“You’re here!” She was sobbing then, unable to keep the tears from wetting her cheeks. “You’re really here…finally…”

“Finally we’re together again!” His own voice sounded hoarse, choked up with deep emotion. Lotor stopped swinging her about, though he didn’t let go of her, keeping Allura up on tip toe as he pressed them together as close as possible. She gazed up at him, and saw nothing had change in the way he looked at her. Lotor still stared at Allura as though she was his whole world, his very reason for existing, and she just knew her own eyes reflected a similar look back at him.

He adjusted his hands, moving to cup her cheeks, holding her still as he leaned in to sniff at her. Nostrils flaring, he inhaled her scent, a dreamy look filling his eyes. He didn’t even seem to mind that she no longer smelled like a combination of them both, Lotor just reveling in the natural perfume of her body. He buried his nose in her hair, and then Lotor was nuzzling her, letting Allura’s hair rub over his face. It was very much like a cat scent marking it’s territory, and she felt markedly blessed to be claimed by him.

As he nuzzled her, she reached up to touch his hair, noting it looked as though it has grown several inches more in length. She stroked her fingers through the whole of it, and it was only the cheering of the crowd that stopped her from teasing her fingers against his ears.

The crowd’s cries seemed to surprise him, Lotor pulling back just enough to look up from her. He spied the grinning faces of the Arusians, the people applauding, some throwing confetti in the air. And then the applause echoed from within the ship, and the march of footsteps was heard as a large group of Drules began to descend down the ramp.

The cheering Arusians went even wilder, especially when the human soldiers appeared with the Drules. They went around Lotor and Allura, content to leave them in their own private world. Allura knew she should give a speech, but she couldn’t think beyond the fact that she was in Lotor’s arms, enjoying his warmth, and feeling the strength of his powerful body.

Romelle was quick to realize how distracted her cousin was, the princess signaling for a silence to be had. “Welcome back, heroes!” She called out, and that started off another wild round of applause. “We have many reasons to celebrate, the most important one being you came back to us healthy and whole!”

“Hear, hear!” cheered a Drule soldier, the other warriors slapping themselves on the back, in incredibly good sprits.

“There will be parades, medals and other honors awarded to you. But I’m sure you’re most eager to relax, and enjoy your time off.” Continued Romelle. “As such, our cooks have prepared a fine feast for you all! So please….” She was shouting to be heard over the soldiers’ cheering, the warriors going wild at the thought of a home cooked meal made by the talented cooks in the castle. “All of you, come inside. Feast, drink, and be merry!”

More soldiers began descending down the ramp, most of the first floor had been converted into dining rooms to house all of them. And still that wouldn’t be enough room, some of the food was being hosted out in Allura’s freshly blooming garden.

The gathered Arusians were also invited to come inside, the people were eager to hear tales of the soldiers’ many successes. And amidst the crowd heading into the castle, Allura saw several Drules approach Gloria and the girls. One of the men even held a letter in his hand, a hopeful smile that was surely heart melting to the girl who received it.

And then she lost sight of what was happening with the Drules and the girls, Lotor turning her back to face him. If she looked close enough, Allura could see herself reflected in his eyes, Lotor smiling as he fingered her hair. “Lotor…”

“To tell the truth, I don’t give a damn about that feast Romelle was talking about.” He told her, then leaned in to nuzzle her cheek lovingly. “You’re the only thing I have an appetite for.”

She surely blushed at that, Allura stammering. “We don’t have to go to the dinner. We could…we could always retire to the bedroom.”

“Yes…..yes, I like that.” purred Lotor, looking pleased. “Take me to the bedroom Allura.”

Feeling like a dullard, she said the only thing she could. “Okay.” That smile of his turned even brighter, Lotor flashing his fangs at her. But he made no move to release her, and Allura gained enough sense to point that out. “You’ll have to let go of me if we are to go anywhere…”

“Right…” She felt the reluctance in him, Lotor slowly relaxing his arms enough for her to slip free. Not that she went far, Allura coming to stand besides him, and cling possessively to his arm. She smiled again at him, even blushing as they began to walk down the ramp and head into the castle. They didn’t talk about the war that had been fought, or the decisions he had to make in regard to the people appointed as his representatives on Doom. It was after all topics they had discussed extensively in their daily communications with each other.

In fact they didn’t do much talking at all, just reveling in each other’s presence as they strode through the castle. They tried to keep at a respectable pace, but the need to be alone and behind closed doors was overwhelming, Allura running up the stair case, and being chased by Lotor. She didn’t run far, letting him catch her at the door to their bedroom.

They barely made it inside, and he was hugging her from behind, front pressed firmly into her back. She felt certain that was his erection that poked into her, and yet he did nothing to acknowledge it, just holding her and breathing in her scent.

“God I missed you!” Lotor exclaimed, holding her so tightly she thought he might never let her go. “I never want to be apart from you again! Not even for one day, let alone six months!”

She tried to turn in his embrace, but he was insistent on keeping her pinned, Lotor rubbing his face in her hair. This lasted for more than a minute, Allura growing impatient in his hold, not liking that she was prevented from seeing his face. “Lotor…let me…” She began squirming, brushing up against that that was most definitely his erection. Lotor let out a hiss of air, seeming far more sensitive than she remembered.

He was suddenly scooping her up, carrying her towards their bed. She wound her arms around him, and clung to him as he lowered her down onto the mattress. Now it was her turn to hold him, Allura not wanting to part from Lotor even for an instant. “Kiss me…” She begged, lips forming her most desirable pout.

“With pleasure though I warn you now, I might not be able to stop once started.” He warned, and she tugged him down on top of her.

“I don’t care. It’s been too long without your kisses.” She ghosted her lips over his so that the words were spoken over his mouth. She felt him shiver at that, her nearness affecting him even more. And then like she had asked, he kissed her, and it was not gentle, but a hard, passionate claiming of her mouth. She shivered and sighed, lips eagerly parting against his, and still he pressed harder, trying to eat her and her sounds down.

She was mewling before she realized it, Allura shaking and tears running down her face. He cupped her cheek, breaking the kiss to lean in and lap at one tear trail. He didn’t ask her why the tears, he knew she was that affected by their reunion. It was an emotion he shared, though he would not allow himself to cry.

Instead he began murmuring Drule endearments to her, in between licks of her tears, relaxing her from her state of emotional turmoil. She had thought she needed a good cry in his arms, but Allura realized she could gain the comfort she needed without breaking down completely. “It’s so good to have you back…” Allura whispered, locking her arms around him.

“It’s good to be back.” Lotor replied, then was kissing her forehead.

“I know we talked everyday….but it feels like an eternity passed when I wasn’t looking.” Allura confessed.

“An eternity did pass. And it was a torturous existence, being apart from you.” Lotor caressed the backs of his fingers on her damp cheek, smiling at her. She loved the tenderness she saw in his expression, it made her feel safe and loved.

“I can’t even begin to imagine how rough it must have been for you…”

“Yes you can.” Lotor interrupted her. “We may not be the same race, but I’ve no doubt you suffered just as badly as I did being apart from one another. Never try to lessen your feelings just because you are not Drule.”

“But Lotor…how can my feelings possibly compare to yours? You must feel so much more strongly because of your Drule genes!” She protested.

“I think you feel just as strongly if not more, and it’s because you love with your whole heart, Allura.” He lifted up her hand, brushing a kiss over her wedding ring. “You’re unable to give just a part of yourself…oh love, I know how painful it was, we both do…but we’re here now, and the Gods willing, nothing will ever separate us again.”

“Nothing ever will.” She agreed, allowing a smile to curl her lips. He kissed her again, and clutched at his back, trying to keep him in place even when he moved to separate from her. “More!” She was half begging, half demanding in the moment. “Kiss me again and again, and never stop! Make up for all the kisses we lost out on these past six months!”

“It’s not just kisses we missed out on.” Lotor said, hovering above her. “I miss touching you, and being touched by you.” He ran his fingers down her right arm, and just that touch had her breaking out into goose bumps under her sleeve.

“Yes.” She breathed out, Allura suddenly hot and feverish, and aching for more than just his kiss. “Touch me….touch and be touched in return…” She was already reaching for his shirt, trying to tug it up off him. She thrilled at his laughter, Lotor rumbling out amusement as she pulled the tunic top off him. It left him bare from the waist up, and it was reverent glances she gave him.

He seemed even more impressive than she remembered, his muscle definition more sharp, more noticeable. She brought her hands towards his abdomen, fingers tracing the lines there and felt him do a subtle tremble. She grew bolder with her touches, almost greedy then, rubbing her hands everywhere on his exposed skin. Lotor closed his eyes, letting out a content purr of sound.

She smiled, and tried to mimic his purr, leaning in to plant a kiss on his stomach. His eyes snapped open at that, his hands landing on her shoulders as though to push her away. “Allura don’t…”

“Why not?” She asked, letting her confusion show. “I want….need to reacquaint myself with the taste of you…want it emblazoned on my tongue…” She licked her lips then, and his eyes seemed to flash darker with arousal.

“I need to reacquaint myself with you. Need your touch, but I also need to touch you.” He told her, still trying to hold her at bay. “It goes beyond sex, it’s a basic need of comfort.”

“Of comfort…?” He nodded, and she tried not to frown. “Okay, but I get to touch you later right?”

“Of course.” Lotor said, and effortlessly pushed her body back down against the mattress. Allura gazed up at him, waiting to see what he would do next. Lotor seemed undecided, staring down at her for several long moments. And then he brought his shaking hand to her face, the tremor apparent even in his fingertips as he began tracing her lips. She couldn’t resist teasing him too, puckering her lips to kiss at his fingers, licking at one, and even trying to draw it inside her mouth.

Lotor deftly denied her that, brushing his thumb one last time over her bottom lip. He then began touching her cheeks, fingering the curls that kissed them. He smiled as he did this, gazing lovingly down at her. And then he was kissing the tip of her nose, eyes looking mischievous in the moment.


“I’ll never take for granted the fact that I can touch you…” He whispered, brushing her bangs away from her brow. “That I can hold you in my arms, that I can call you mine. It’s a right I fought for, one I defied my father for. I’d do those things again and again….” He bent over her so that his lips were near her ear now, a silky whisper that made her shiver. “I want to mark you, want to make it so that you smell like us once more.”

“Yes…” she breathed out, excited by the thought. Her sense of smell wasn’t as sharp as his, but she had missed the spice of him, the leather and lazon smell that clung to his skin and his clothing.

His hands touched her shoulders, and then he was easing down her sleeves, pulling the bodice down with them. He stared into her eyes as he began to undress her, and Allura felt her nipples start to stiffen just from being exposed by his hands.

“What do you see when you look at me?” Allura found herself asking, and Lotor didn’t miss a beat.

“Perfection itself.” He answered, then gazed down at her body. Her dress was drawn down to her hips, and he touched the flat of her stomach. His hand was warm but she shivered as though cold, Lotor rubbing circles over her skin. He wasn’t commenting on her lost weight, or the fact she had yet to regain her tan, Lotor just focusing on the touch of her.

He even went so far as to close his eyes, running his hands up her torso, and letting a sigh shudder out of him. A sigh she echoed, Allura thrilling as his hands cupped her breasts. But he didn’t linger there, his hands moving to her arms, going down on them, and grasping hold of her wrist. Without looking, he lifting up an arm, angling it so that his lips kissed the pulse point in her wrist.

Lotor did the same with the other wrist, and then he was pulling down her skirts, dragging them free of her legs, to toss them carelessly onto the floor. She didn’t mind, Allura laying there in slippers and panties, watching him as his hands worked their way down the length of her legs. Her right leg was lifted, Lotor kissing the back of her knee, a spot they had discovered was especially sensitive for Allura.

Lotor opened his eyes, and he seemed frenzied in the moment, lowering down on top of her, to run his hands all over her. They ended up everywhere, sometimes rubbing, other times caressing, and even a few times kneading. She began to writhe in time to the movements of his hands, doing a sensual dance beneath him. Allura saw his nostrils flare, and knew he had scented her keen arousal, a wicked smile curving his lips upwards.

Burying his face in the crook of her shoulder, he began to ease down her panties, Allura finding he was driving her mad with his slow movements. But when she tried to urge him to hurry, he bit her shoulder, a sharp nip that had her crying out in pleasured pain. And then her panties were gone, tossed somewhere and Lotor was sliding down her body.

Kisses were planted all over her, and they both titillated and frustrated her. She wanted to be doing this to Lotor, and felt he was being selfish in denying her. “Lotor!” She whined out a complaint, finding he was kissing over her belly button. “It’s not fair that you get to do all the touching! I have needs too!”

He lifted his head, eyes staring at her in a heavy lidded look of wanton desire. She blushed and stammered then, trying to drive her point home. “I’ve barely gotten to touch you. I want to refamiliarize myself with your body…want to relearn the touch and taste of you. I want….want to please you.”

“You do please me!” He protested, and she frowned.

“But I can do so much more!” Allura said, and was relieved when he sat up on his knees. “So let me…” She pushed up as well, reaching out with a tentative hand. When her husband made no move to push her back down, she grew bolder, landing her hands on his hips. She hauled herself closer to him, and began kissing all over his front, murmuring out her own endearments as she teased her tongue over one dark blue nipple.

Lotor’s breath caught on a hiss, his hands reaching for her. She batted them away, and continued to lavish attention on his skin, her fingers hooking into the sides of his pants. They were simply too tight to be jerked down without her undoing the zipper, though she made a valiant effort in the attempt. She kissed lower on his body, fingers fumbling with the opening of his pants.

His stiff cock sprang out immediately, the head brushing against her bare breasts. It was already oozing fluid, and his balls felt heavy with seed. “My poor husband…” Allura cooed, rubbing her breasts along the length of him. Lotor seemed to really like that, he was twitching like crazy, and once again he made the attempt to grab her.

She didn’t try to evade him this time, letting him grip her arms as she continued to press and rub her breasts against him. She stared up at his face as she did this,
Allura watching the arousal, and the struggle for control Lotor went through. She wanted to snap that control, make him wild and savage, Allura nuzzling her cheek against
his skin. Her breasts still rubbed against his cock, Allura looking over his front with pleasure in her eyes.

“You’re the beautiful one.” She told him, her hands worshipful as they slid over the front of him. She hadn’t done as thorough an inspection as she would have liked, but from what she had seen, he bore no new scars. It was just another sign of his victory, the flawless front of his body.

Lotor looked ready to protest her words, but then she shifted, Allura lowering herself downwards to do a quick flick of her tongue against the head of his cock. He gasped then, and his whole body seemed to grow tense, Allura hiding a frown. She didn’t want his tension, she wanted him relaxed, melting beneath her able touch.

With a firm grip, she took hold of the base of his cock, giving him a confidant squeeze. His eyes seemed to roll back in pleasure, his fingers tightening on her shoulders. “Allura!”

Before he could stop her, before he could even think up the words to protest, she licked him more firmly. That got a generous amount of his fluid on her tongue, Allura reveling in the taste of him. She heard herself moan in appreciation, Allura rolling her tongue deftly over his cock, encouraging more and more fluid out of the slit. Lotor seemed to be babbling, his words in Drule, as though he was unable to focus enough to speak in a language they could both understand.

She just smiled, pleased that she could render him so mindless, Allura setting forth on her self appointed task with renewed vigor. She kissed and licked up and down his length, pausing to mouth at sections for longer periods of time. The whole time he throbbed against her lips, twitching wildly and seeming to grow harder. Lotor’s breathing turned funny when her lips wrapped around the very tip of him, Allura giving a good suck on what was in her mouth.

She was moaning in pleasure, Lotor’s one hand letting go, to move down her back. She thought nothing of it, until his fingers found their way between her legs, her husband caressing her already soaking sex. She nearly choked in surprise, and then was losing herself to the sensations he stirred within her.

Still sucking on just the tip of him, she watched as Lotor brought his now damp fingers to his mouth, her husband licking hungrily at them. The eroctisim of him tasting her was not lost on Allura, the temperature of her body seemed to rocketed up a few more degrees. Another moan escaped her, the sound humming around him, making Lotor shiver and moan.

“Enough Allura, enough.” He was back to pushing her away, but it wasn’t a true rebuff. “You’ll bring me over if you keep that up.”

She didn’t want that, not really. Not until he had been inside her several times, pounding his flesh into hers, and branding her with his seed. Allura wanted to feel their naked bodies sliding against each other, to be wrapped around him, and scoring her nails down his back. She wanted it all, and she wanted it now, Allura pulling him down for a kiss that mingled their tastes together.

“Now.” She whispered urgently to his lips, finding Lotor was positioning her so that she straddle his hips. Her knees touched down on the mattress, Allura hovering over his cock. She knew she couldn’t wait any longer, and was already attempting to sink down in place on him.

He caught at her face with his hands, pulling her in for another drugging kiss. She moaned, part from his lips, but also from the fact that his cock was spreading her open. It almost hurt after going so long without him, but it was a discomfort she welcomed, Allura clinging to his shoulders as she slowly moved to seat herself more firmly on top of him.

Lotor’s arms wrapped around her, and for a brief eternity they did nothing but hold each other. She knew he was reveling in the feel of her, for she was doing the same, enjoying all points of contact. It wasn’t just about his cock inside her, it was about her thighs spread around his, her breasts pressing into his chest, their lips kissing, and the soulful gazing into each other’s eyes.

Allura felt a hint of tears brimming in her eyes, the princess overcome in this moment. But she didn’t so much as sniffle, not even when he tenderly kissed her, Allura tightening her arms around him. How long they just sat there she could not say, but soon their endurance broke, Allura giving a teasing wiggle of her hips an instant before Lotor began to make love to her.

Her whole body rubbed against his with each bounce, Allura murmuring endearments and heaping frantic kisses all over his skin. When she wasn’t kissing him, he was kissing her, lips, neck, and especially her breasts. Shivers went through her as he mouthed at the front of her throat, teeth and lips branding her with his claim. It would be the first of many marks, Lotor intent on covering her with hickeys.

Soon she got to that place where she could no longer think straight, letting out low keen whines as she bounced on his lap. She seemed to tighten up every time he drew on her breasts, nipples stiff, aching in a way that was only soothed by the moist heat of his mouth. She kept up a low chant of his name, the closer she got to her climax, the more urgently she spoke.

“Yes, there. Don’t stop, don’t stop!” Lotor murmured something back to her, but she was beyond hearing, clinging to him bodily, and crying out, her voice a garbled scream. “Lotor, oooooooooooooooooooooh!”

Stars seemed to burst behind her closed eyelids, Allura throwing her head back as her back arched. On some level she was aware of still moving, Lotor starting to bounce her more aggressively on him, the King speeding towards his own release. And then he was filling her, seed hot and thick, flooding inside her. She moaned at how decadent it felt, and then they were kissing again.

“I love you.” Lotor told her, and flashed him a mischievous look full of knowing.

“I know.” She replied, then nipped at his lips. “I love you too.” They weren’t pulling apart, content to hold each other, Lotor still buried deep inside her. They needed this intimacy, needed to revel in the feel of each other’s nearness. It was a complete and total surrender on their parts, and they stayed this way for the better part of an hour, talking but mostly kissing.

It wasn’t a surprise to her when Lotor began to harden inside her, the Drule having a fast recovery time. Except for a shifting of their bodies, so that she lay on her back, nothing changed, they began having at each other as though they hadn’t just finished making love. It would be a pattern that would be repeated, and even once the initial frenzy that being reunited had caused in them, they would continue, positions and locations changing.

They’d barely be able to keep their hands off each other long enough to shower and dress, Allura insisting they at least join in at the very end of the feasting. They’d come across Romelle and Sabbath, the pair wearing satisfied looks on their faces that hinted strongly that they too had slipped away from the celebrations for a private moment of their own.

Allura let nothing ruin this day for her, and not even the knowledge that Zarkon was still out there, alive and plotting, could dash her joy.

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