01 Shattered

The glass had shattered far too easily, it’s shards making a crinkling sound that was whisper soft compared to Allura’s scream. He liked hearing that sound come from her lips, it was music to his ears, making him laugh.

Lotor could see his laughter had an effect on her, the girl shuddered, her body shaking. That just made him laugh harder, Lotor pleased to know she wasn’t as unaffected by him as she liked to pretend. Indeed she was staring at him, blue eyes horrified and oh so wide, pouty lips parted to issue out another scream.

He was on the ground before he realized he had moved, making the leap from jet to castle balcony in one swift move. Glass crunched under foot, he’d remember the sounds for the rest of his life, and he hoped she would too. He was moving so fast, faster than Lotor thought capable, his hand reaching for her mouth, covering it completely.

Her scream was muffled, and she took a step back, Allura’s skirts rustling. It was one of the rare times he had seen her in a dress, finding it enhanced her beauty. He couldn’t help himself, Lotor glanced downwards, taking in the sight of her bare shoulders, and the dip in her bodice that revealed a hint of cleavage to the eyes. He arched a brow, never having thought his princess was a practiced temptress.

Pain in his hand, causing him to cry out, pulling back from her mouth. A flash of red on his skin, standing out against the blue. Bitten but not deterred, he advanced on her retreating figure. She had nowhere to go, she backed up into the door, finding it locked. Some strange stroke of fortune on his part, Lotor’s lips curling upwards into a smirk.

She paled at the sight of it, and even with the color gone from her face she was beautiful. Another step forward, he was speaking to her now, his words a cruel taunt as he asked her not to leave. They both knew she wasn’t going anywhere, and neither was he.

Another step and he was before her, slamming his hands onto either side of her shoulders. She was short compared to him, her head about even with his chest, Lotor bending down to reach her lips. A harsh capture of her mouth, lips unyielding as they prodded hers, determined to get her to submit to him. She’d bruise before she’d give in, lips becoming kiss swollen from the force he used.

Her hands on his chest, colorless nails curled into claws, sinking into his tunic. It gave way, shredding beneath them, her nails seeking out his flesh. It didn’t deter him, Lotor continued to kiss her, and now he adding tongue to the mix, probing it into her mouth. Lusty, greedy kisses, searing a claim into her, Allura protesting squeals like music to his ears.

She got a knee up between them, leg mashing into his groin, causing him to hunch over. Kiss broken, she shoved him away from her, darting around him. He let her, eyes almost crossed as Lotor focused on the pain, mind hazy with anger. Somewhere in the back of his mind he was amused, Lotor liking the fight in her, even as he laughed at her attempts to escape him.

He spun on his heels, Lotor lunging after her. Allura didn’t get very far before his arms wrapped around her from behind. She screamed again, finding her skirts dragged her down, Lotor pushing her to the floor. He rolled on top of her, grabbing at her hands before she could strike him. She strained against his hold, Allura’s eyes frantic, Lotor grinning in triumph.

A shift in his grip, one lone hand free to fumble with his belt. He wound that bit of leather over and around her delicate wrists, securing them tightly. Allura seemed to panic, hands trying to pull apart, body wiggling furiously underneath him. He watched her, Lotor waiting for her to tire herself out, Allura soon laying still on the floor, chest heaving as she panted.

Once again he kissed her, Allura offering little resistance for the moment. His hands were free to roam her body, fingers hooking into her bodice, tearing it downwards. Her breasts bounced free of the material, Lotor sparing a glance downwards as his hands took greedy handfuls of her chest. She shrieked, Allura trying to avoid his hands, Lotor manipulating her flesh, expert teasing meant to beguile and seduce.

Shrieks turned into moans, and he kissed his way down her throat. His hands went lower, fumbling with her skirt, Lotor cursing the cumbersome gown she wore. He pushed the crinoline up towards her waist, hands smoothing along her thighs, forcing her legs to spread. He was a flurry of contradictions as he reached for her panties. Wanting to go slow, wanting to savor her, and at the same time wanting to take her hard and fast, knowing that at any minute someone could come and break down the door.

Such thoughts only goad him on, Lotor feeling a perverse thrill at being caught between Allura’s legs. With a lusty growl, her panties were torn free, her body jerking from the force he exerted. He kissed her again before she could scream, eating up her cries as his hand slid along her womanhood. He was touching, exploring her, even as one hand fumbled to get his pants open.

His erection sprang free, hard, tip glistening with his excitement. He was all fingers as he probed her, dipping a thick digit into her entrance. She gasped against his lips, Lotor adding a second finger to her. Wiggling them, moving them in and out of her, encouraging her to grow slick with moisture. He cock twitched, finding her beginning to wiggle her hips, a keen whining from her as need over took her.

Allura’s breasts were before his face, Lotor licking and kissing at her nipples, lips tearing out more startled sounds from her. She tried to push his face away from her bosom, bound hands pressed to his forehead. He pushed against them, loving her chest completely, even as his fingers pulled out of her.

Hands on Allura’s hips, grasping her closer, settling in between her spread thighs, feeling his cock graze against her womanhood. A thrust of his hips, and he’s in her, hearing her cry, tears appearing in her eyes. She’s no longer pure, no longer untouched, he’s stolen that away from her more surely than any victory her lion’s ever taken from him.

She’s gasping and moaning, tiny whimpers escaping her as he moves. He can barely contain himself, she’s clenching so deliciously tight all around him. A thrust than another, Lotor pushing in as deep as he can go. He’s growling out her name, over and over, the act of loving her is simply making him all the more possessive.

Grunting, groaning, losing himself to feel of her, using his hands to pull on her body, feeling her shiver. It’s simply too much for him, he’s done in with a shout, seed spurting deep inside her.

A slow withdraw, Lotor savoring the feel of her body. She’s staring up at the ceiling, eyes unfocused though the tears drip down her cheeks. The sound of a zipper being done up, Lotor standing, his breathing slightly heavy. He’s done what he came to do, she’s his now in a way no one can deny. And yet the way Allura is staring, reminding him all too much of a broken doll, has left a bitter taste in his mouth.

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  1. Wow. That was quite good. I liked the ending the best. Lotor was to busy enjoying himself to realize the scars he was leaving on her. I like the whole Lotor/Allura rape thing, but this adds a realistic twist to it. Good, very good.

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