Chained 01

He wondered if they could hear him on the lower floors of the castle, Lotor screaming, vile Drule curses being issued out past his lips. It was no meek cries of pain he emitted, but fierce bellows, his rage bubbling up from within and making itself known through the shouting of his voice. His tormentors ignored his shouts, be they curses, threats, or even bribes, Lotor trying both to intimidate these men and to make a bargain with them.

“Curse you and the bitch that spawned you from her loins!” Lotor snarled, all but spitting into the face of one his captors. The man didn’t so much as blink, just continued to drag Lotor along the corridor’s floor, the Drule refusing to make it easy for them by walking. He dragged his feet, pulling against the men’s hold, trying to break free. He hadn’t yet thought of what he would do once he secured his freedom, but he was a survivor, and adaptable.

For now his main goal was to get free, and then? Then he would work on a plan of escape, using all his skills as a fierce warrior of Doom to get out of this madhouse, and find a way to return to his home planet of Doom. It was a task that would prove difficult, Lotor not only bearing chains around his wrists, but shackles on his ankles, a thick cord linking them together. It effectively hobbled him, and Lotor was surprised they hadn’t attached an iron ball to his shackles to further weigh him down.

He couldn’t kick, and he couldn’t throw a punch, not so long as these damn chains were on him. His captors were taking no chances, each of the four men that dragged him through the halls, large and muscular. They looked human though, and no matter how many muscles a human had, one could not compare to the strength of a Drule male. Especially when said Drule was as infuriated as Lotor currently was! He could have easily wiped the floors with these four muscle bound idiots, if and only if his arms and legs hadn’t been so securely chained.

He didn’t stop trying though, fighting his captors every step of the way. This must have been an isolated part of the castle, for they had long since left behind any stray servants to stop and gape at the new arrival. Now it was just Lotor and these men, the Drule leery of what would happen once they got him to their destination. If they got him there, Lotor suddenly head butting a blond oaf directly in the face.

He heard the satisfying crunch of bone being broken, the blonde crying out in alarm. Lotor could see blood trickling down his face, the blonde letting go of Lotor to lift a hand to his broken nose. Green eyes glared at him, an instant before his other arm was rising, the blonde with the broken nose intending to back hand Lotor. Immediately the red head grabbed his wrist, preventing him from striking Lotor in the face.

“Remember the mistress’ orders! This one is not to be harmed!” A pause then, the red head smirking. “At least, not until she has had her fill of him.”

Lotor had to stifle a shudder at that, an image of the woman that had bought him coming to mind. She had been a heavy set woman who was not without curves of her own, her bosom made larger by the extra pound she carried. Her chestnut curls were neatly arranged, not a stray strand escaping the pins that kept her hair off her face. Her brown eyes had been sharp, a keen intellect looking out at him.

She had been dressed in a navy blue business suit, neatly pressed jacket and skirt, hem line just a tad higher than was proper for one of her older age. But on her it didn’t look ridiculous, and it was because the woman had carried herself with confidence, an unspoken authority to her figure. Lotor had noticed her the instant she had walked into the room, and had labeled her a special brand of trouble. He just hadn’t realized she’d be just the latest in a string of indignities he had suffered since waking up on the auction block with the hangover to end all hangovers.

The woman had inspected several of the men and women that had been for sale that morning, her gloved hands gripping chins as she turned heads to the left and to the right, inspecting profiles with a disconcerting eye. This was no casual buyer, but a woman who knew what she was looking for. It had been with a developing dread that Lotor watched her move down the line of slaves, the Drule knowing with a certainty that scared him that she would like what she saw when viewing him.

Her brown eyes had practically lit up at the sight of Lotor, a brief moment of real emotion on her face. That slip had been what had cost her a cheaper price, the slave master adding several thousand coins to Lotor’s buying price. The Drule had hoped the woman would not be able to afford it, but she had merely laughed at the hard bargain, and paid up front and in full.

Not before inspecting Lotor like he was mere cattle, the Drule snarling and snapping his teeth at her reaching hand. She had merely tsked and done something unexpected, her hand suddenly like a vise around his privates. Lotor could only grit his teeth and endure her rough manhandling of his considerable assets, the Drule settling down with a glare.

He didn’t even want to think on what happened next, the indignity of the woman massaging his cock to it’s full length and thickness, a memory that left a bitter taste in his mouth. She had nodded in approval of his size, and the next thing he knew he had been sold, the woman leaving him aroused and unfulfilled.

He wasn’t the only slave she had bought, but he was the most expensive, and treated as such. He had been given his own cage, riding in the back of a private transport with the rest of the newly purchased slaves. Upon arrival at the castle, he had been immediately taken into custody by these four men, Lotor not knowing what their orders were. But he was certain it could not bode well for him, Lotor well aware that one did not drop that much coin on a mere house slave.

He shuddered and screamed again, raving against the predicament he currently found himself in. He would not become that brown haired woman’s pleasure slave, he would not submit to her touch yet again. The three remaining men struggled, their job made more difficult with the removal of the blonde. But somehow they managed to get Lotor further down the hall, ignoring his screams.

“I am the Crown Prince of Doom!” Lotor snarled, jerking back on his arms as hard as he can. “Release me or suffer the consequences!” The men did not respond, no one did when Lotor told them who he was. “You will bring war down on your planet if you do not let go of me at once! When my father hears about this indignity, you can bet you and your miserable planet will suffer a fate a million times worse than what you intend to do to me!”

He could shout until he was out of breath, and still these men would not be goaded into talking to him. No one seemed to believe him when he told them who he really was, not the woman, not the slave master, and not these muscle bound idiots. The other slaves had laughed to hear his story, shaking their head and assuming he was addled brain. No one dared believe the crown prince of Doom could have ended up in this predicament. No one cared to help him either, Lotor seeing an open door at the end of this latest hallway.

He couldn’t make out the details from here, the room too dark. One of the men grunted, a wordless sound as though he was relieved to see the room. Lotor realized immediately this was their destination, and he began fighting even harder than he thought possible. It availed him nothing, the men all but lifting Lotor up off the floor to carry him into the room.

Someone hit a switch, and Lotor was left blinking rapidly at the sudden change in light. The room was stark, nearly empty save for the metal cross that was propped up a few inches from the wall. It was tilted so that it formed an x pattern, and several leather restraints and open manacles were welded into the metal. A drain was built into the floor, and Lotor knew from experience it was so it would be easier to wash down blood and other bodily fluids.

A few feet to the side of the cross was a rack of instruments, a bull whip with studded tips laying coiled on top the surface. There were other things, weapons and the like, canes and daggers, along with choke collars and wax candles. Lotor let out a low voiced growl, realizing they meant to beat him into submission. “You won’t get away with this!” He snarled, trying to lunge backwards. “I won’t break! I’ll NEVER break!”

“Shut up!” The redhead snapped, apparently having enough of Lotor’s tongue. “Save your tongue. The mistress will have better use for it than listening to your senseless prattle!”

‘It’s not senseless!” Lotor retorted, an instant before they slammed him against the cross. It clanged loudly, Lotor struggling in place as the redhead went to release the chains on his wrists.

~Now’s my chance!~ Lotor thought, already swinging his numb arm forward. His fist swiped at air, the brunette side stepping it, even as his twin in looks grabbed hold of Lotor’s arm. He was quickly subdued, these men professionals in restraining angry men. And still it took a man on each arm to hold him down, the third working to snap the manacles around his wrists. Lotor immediately set to testing their strength, bucking his body against the cross as he tried to snap free of the manacles.

The cold iron dug into his bare skin, letting Lotor know if he kept it up he’d rub his wrists raw. The men stood back, watching him, waiting for him to get tired. It took a good five minutes before Lotor gave up, falling back in place, breathing heavily. It was then that one of them moved, working to secure the leather restraints across his upper arms, another going around his waist, and two more across his thighs.

Only then did they move to unchain his ankles, quickly moving to pull off Lotor’s boots. He was left barefoot and dangling, suspended several inches off the floor. Lotor glared at them, more furious than he thought possible, and this time he did spit, his aim true. The redhead calmly wiped the spit off his face, but other than that he had no outward reaction.

One of the twins moved towards the rack, and Lotor prepared himself both mentally and physically for what would happen. “Go ahead.” He sneered, his voice nearly animalistic in it’s growl. “Do your worse.” He was prepared to not scream, knowing it would take a lot more than whips and beating to break him. He was after all a Drule, and a soldier in the Doom Empire’s army. The days spent at Doom’s military academy was surely a lot worse than anything these humans could come up with.

The brown haired man retrieved something from the rack of instruments, and then moved toward Lotor. The Drule tracked his movements right up to the point the man stepped behind him. He wasn’t prepared for the blindfold that went over his eyes, black silk that stole away his sight. Lotor seethed at this, wanting to see what they would do to him, wanting to be able to prepare himself for the blows before they landed.

“I still think we should beat him.” One of the men said, and Lotor hid a frown.

“You know what the mistress said. No marks on this one. She doesn’t want his pretty face ruined, and she doesn’t want to run the risk of broken bones and bruises spoiling her enjoyment of her latest purchase.”

“We could drug him at least.” Suggested another, only to be laughed at.

“Where’s the fun in that? She wants him to be conscious for this. Wants him to be aware of every little thing she does to him.” A hand was suddenly in his hair, yanking on his braid. “If you don’t want to be beaten later, I’d make damn sure to please the mistress.”

“Never.” Lotor said, a stubborn look on his face even as his hair was jerked even harder.

“Suit yourself.” A laugh then, his hair released just as suddenly as it had been grabbed. “Personally I’m looking forward to patching up your ruined body.” All three were now laughing, the footsteps walking away from Lotor.

“Where are you going?!” He demanded, struggling on the cross. “Come back here!” The laughter continued, right up until the door was slammed shut, Lotor left in darkness and silence, with nothing to do but contemplate his fate. And what a fate it was, Lotor continuing to growl as he seethed, his anger palpable. He refused to believe this was it for him, that he would either be beaten or used by that woman.

~I’ll find a way to get away.~ Lotor thought, fingers curled into fists as he fought against the manacles. ~One way or another. And I’ll make her pay…I’ll make them all pay for laying their hands on me.~

Better than that, he intended to exact vengeance before the woman could molest him a second time, Lotor confidant that she’d have to let him down if she wanted to make use of him. It was then that he would spring his attack, the woman learning that Drules did not make good or docile slaves. A faint whisper of a smile was on his face, Lotor knowing his fangs were flashing as he thought of what he would do when he got his hands on the brown haired woman. He’d make her scream, but not in pleasure, using her as the bargaining chip to his freedom.

And once back on Doom, he would begin his quest for answers, Lotor determined to find out what had happened between drinking with a few friends and waking up on the auction block. He’d fit into his schedule a visit to the slave master, Lotor determined to kill the man personally for daring to sell him. He had to keep from going into graphic detail on the punishments he would exact, Lotor not wanting to lose any of his rage at the situation he found himself in.

He continued to test the restraints, working himself into a miserable state, his wrists crying out in pain. And still he hung there, hours going by, until he thought the true torture was to drive him mad with boredom. A boredom that ended the instant the heavy door to the room opened, Lotor tensing at it’s creaking groan. He heard a sharp breath, someone gasping, but other than that nothing was said to him.

The door fell close, slamming with an awful thud, though Lotor did not cringe to hear it. He strained his ears to hear sound, catching the faintest pad of slippers on the floor. It seemed the woman had done away with her sensible heels, Lotor missing the click clack of her shoes hitting the floor.

His jaw set, lips pursed in a thin line, Lotor deciding to reward silence with silence. He refused to be the first to speak, deciding he was through with voicing threats and demands, ready to let his actions speak louder than words. The woman must have been studying him, Lotor well aware that all he wore now was a pair of cotton pants. It was more than he had worn on the auction block, the slaves being naked for the inspection of potential masters.

He heard something dragged across the floor, Lotor cocking his head, trying to identify it. It stopped just before him, and then a pause, wood groaning in protest at added weight. He caught the whiff of flowers, fresh jasmine with the hint of something else, and the scent confused him. The woman at the auction block had smelled like cinnamon and vanilla, Lotor wondering if she had doused herself in perfume.

He felt the slightest touch on the sides of his face, fingers reaching for the blindfold. A hesitant tremble in those fingers, and then the blindfold was lifted up off his face. Lotor blinked, eyes adjusting from darkness to light, and this time he gasped. For it wasn’t the brown haired woman, but a mere slip of a girl, with long blond hair that cascaded down her back in wavy rivulets.

She was standing on a wooden footstool, and even with it’s height she had had to go on tip toe to reach his face. She was holding the blindfold and staring at him, her cheeks turning a soft rosy color as she blushed. Her eyes were a sparkling blue, lids lowered as she glanced meekly away.

“Who are you?” Lotor said, breaking the silence at last. She was simply too surprising to not address, Lotor wondering why she was here and not the brown haired woman.

“My…my name is not important.” She said, and slowly lowered her hands, blindfold caught between her finger. “I am merely here to do my duty.”

“Duty?” Lotor frowned, and then his eyes widened in realization. Her meek manner, her lack of self importance, her talk of duty, all added up to signs that she was a slave. “Please…I was bought on accident. If you free me, I’ll help you escape the castle.”

He saw her eyes widened, the girl looking around frantically, as though she feared someone would burst into the room. “You mustn’t talk about escape! They do terrible things to those who stir up trouble!”

Such was the way of slavers everywhere, Lotor knowing back on Doom they took a hard stance on slaves who would even think of escaping. “Don’t worry. I will protect you.” Lotor said, trying to soothe the girl. “I’m not afraid of them. Not of that bitch and her lackeys.”

“Oh you should be!’ The girl immediately replied. “They’ll torture you for speaking like this….and me for listening!” She hopped off the stool, and began dragging it away from him, the girl tossing the blindfold onto the rack. Lotor watched her, and saw her approach a bucket, water sloshing inside.

“Why are you here then?” Lotor asked, seeing her struggle to carry the heavy bucket. “What’s that for?”

Another blush was granted him, the girl staring at her burden. “I’m to prepare you for the mistress.”

“Prepare?” Lotor asked sharply, and she nodded.

“Yes…I must…I must shave you…” She could barely look at him, coming to a stop before him. “Everywhere….”

“Everywhere?” Lotor asked, wondering how she’d manage to do that when she couldn’t even look at his body. Another nod from her, Lotor sighing. “Please….miss…there’s really no need. Just untie me, and we can walk out of here.”

“You think it’s that simple?” She was agitated now, lifting her head so he saw how blue her eyes were. “They stop at nothing to make sure a slave doesn’t leave here alive….you’re mad if you think we can fight our way out of here!”

“They’ve never had a Drule as a prisoner before.” He refused to refer to himself as a slave, Lotor considering himself an expensive captive.

“How can you be so sure about that?” The girl demanded.

“Because….if they had had a Drule here before, they wouldn’t have left me unguarded.” Lotor smirked, proud of his race. “We’re tough, and strong, and excellent fighters. They’d be a fool to leave me alone with their mistress…” He wasn’t sure how much the girl knew, but figured a slave as beautiful as she couldn’t be an innocent. “She’ll have to let me off this cross if she wants to make use of my body. And that is when I will make my move….”

“You shouldn’t be telling me this..” The girl said nervously. “I could betray you…”

“But you won’t.” Lotor said confidently. “Because you want to escape as much as I do. And you must know I am your only chance for that.”

“No…no, I don’t know!” She suddenly reached for him, fingers fumbling with the string ties of his pants. He didn’t gasp, though he did demand what she was doing. “I told you. I have to prepare you for the mistress.”

“You could use that razor as a weapon.” Lotor pointed out. “If you’re too timid to make use of it, I could.” He was already imaging the throats he would slit, even as the girl got the cotton pants shoved down to his thighs, their descent downwards impeded by the leather restraints. He wore nothing beneath them, the girl pausing just to stare at his manhood.

She stared for a good minute, not saying anything, but he noticed she started to shake. “What’s wrong?” Lotor asked, then couldn’t resist teasing her. “Never seen a cock before?”

“No…” She said, surprising him. “No, you’re not my first…but…I’ve never seen a blue one before…or one that looks so large in size!”

He couldn’t resist boasting, Lotor all but grinning. “It gets bigger.” Two saucer sized eyes stared at him, the girl continuing to tremble. “Look…if you’re going to do this, at least tell me your name…”

She hesitated so long, he thought she wasn’t going to reply, but at last she rewarded him with her name. “Allura. My name is Allura.”

“And my name is Lotor.” He said, and tried to look as regal as he could. “I am the crown prince of Doom.” She just stared at him in disbelief, Lotor sighing. “I have a vast fortune….I could set you up for life if you just set me free!”

“If you really are the prince of Doom, then how did you end up here?” Allura asked, making him sigh.

‘I don’t know!” He was frustrated, banging his head against the metal of the cross. “I’m not sure how I ended up on that auction block in the first place.”

“We are wasting too much time.” She reached into her flimsy dress’ pocket, pulling out a small can. Upon her opening it, he realized it was shaving cream, the girl smearing a generous glob onto the hair around his privates.

“Allura..” He began, watching as she brought the razor to his pubic hair.

“I will be punished if they come back and find I have not prepared you.” Studiously she set to her task, neatly shaving him of his pubic hair. She then took a cloth, and began washing the remains of the cream off of him, Allura fastidious in getting him clean.

“There…” Lotor said tiredly, gazing down at Allura. “You’ve done your job. Now you can go…Turn your back on what may have been your only chance to get free.” She was still staring at him, head lowered so that she gazed at his privates. “Allura?”

“I…that is…” She was blushing again, even as she brought her fingers forward to caress down the length of his shaft. “Shaving is not the only way I must prepare you…”

His eyes widened, Lotor gaping at her. “You don’t mean…” She nodded, fingers still doing that careful handling of his cock. It sent tingles down his length, the soft pads of her fingers rubbing pleasure into his cock. Slowly, inevitably, his cock began to react to her stroking, started to rise up as the blood flowed to it. “You don’t have to this…” His breath was coming faster now, Lotor trying to fight arousal.

“It is a pillow girl’s duty.” She said, and suddenly gripped him firmly.

“Pillow girl?” Lotor questioned, hardly able to think with the way she was squeezing her fingers around his dick.

“The mistress doesn’t always like the work needed to arouse her male slaves…” Allura was explaining as she began fisting his cock, doing slow teases of her hand up and down his length. “And…and sometimes…the slaves cannot get excited in her presence. So she has us pillow girls prepare them.”

“Clever woman, your mistress is.” Lotor hissed through his teeth, fighting to not close his eyes at the way Allura was stroking him. He was rapidly approaching his full length, Lotor wanting to start thrusting into her hands. “I know I would not be able to get aroused for a bitch like her!” Again those wide eyes, Allura shocked and appalled by what he had said.

“You mustn’t let her hear you say that!” Allura exclaimed, even as she dropped to her knees before him. She griped the base of his cock now, holding him steady as she stared at the head. “Do you get much bigger?”

“Much!” groaned Lotor, eyes nearly rolling back in his head to feel her warm breath caressing against the head of his cock. Allura came closer, and then she kissed the tip of his cock, tongue playing in the slit. She licked at it, laving attention as she encouraged cream to ooze out of the head. He couldn’t control his body’s reactions to her, Allura continuing to tease him with her tongue.

She abandoned the head to suddenly lick down one prominent vein, Lotor feeling as though he throbbed against her tongue. He felt himself tensing up, Lotor’s hands forming fists as he fought the restraints, wanting to reach down and touch Allura’s hair. Her tongue licked the underside of his cock, and then the girl was licking back up to the head.

“Allura…” Lotor gasped out her name, trying to think clearly. “Stop…don’t do this….”

“I must.” She whispered sadly, an instant before she enveloped the head of his cock into her sweet mouth. Warmth immediately surrounded him, Lotor groaning as his toes curled, the girl sucking fiercely.

“It’s too much!” Lotor groaned, wondering if this was the true torture they intended for him. “Allura, please…untie me…I will take you with me. I promise…Just…just…” She hummed around the tip of his cock, the vibrations sending shivers through him. He found himself arching his back on the cross, Lotor attempting to thrust more of his length inside her mouth, even as he pleaded his case to her.

“Do you like jewels?” He demanded, voice harsher than he wanted it to be. “I can cover you in them. I can get you the finest gowsn, introduce you to all the right people, set you up in a home with money and property. And all you have to do is untie me!”

She said nothing, just allowing him to slip more of his cock into her mouth. “Please…” he groaned, nearly losing it when she began bobbing her head up and down his length. “Do you have family? I can find them for you, return you to them…just…”

“My parents are dead…” She had popped his dick out of her mouth, Lotor actually moaning in disappointment. He was so hard, his blood seeming to burn him with it’s heat, his cock throbbing and twitching before her face. “I have no brothers or sisters. You see…I’m all alone…”

“Then I’ll take care of you..” Lotor said quickly. “I’ll protect you…” He saw her nibble on her bottom lip, Allura looking like she was considering it, even as her thumb rubbed friction over the head of his cock. “I swear it on my honor as prince of Doom!”

“All…all right…” She left go of him, Lotor nearly weeping at the loss of her soft hand on his hard flesh. Allure retrieved the stool, bringing it before him. She leaned into him as she began working his restraints free, her hair brushing his thighs and cock as she bent over to get the belt buckles open. His legs free, she then stood on the stool, Allura unstrapping the leather that held his waist to the cross.

“Hurry…hurry!” Lotor urged her, feeling a bead of sweat drip down the side of his face. She said nothing to that, merely working on getting his arms free, Lotor then dropping down to the floor. “Thank you…” It felt good to be free, even though his cock was raging out of control with need. A need that intensified when Allura glanced at it, the girl pointing out the obvious.

‘You can’t fight in the state you are in.”

“I know…” Lotor sighed, and presented her with his back. “Let me just take care of it, and then we can go…” To his surprise she suddenly pressed up against his rear, her breasts nudging him in the back. “Allura?!”

“Please….let me help…” She said, tugging his pants down the rest of the way. “It’s my fault you are like this…”

“There’s no need…” He started to protest, though he was barely thinking straight. Especially when she reached around him to place her hand on his cock, fist squeezing gently. Just enough pressure to make him see red, Lotor going wild with pleasure.

“If you won’t accept my help…” She kept on squeezing him, Lotor unable to bring himself to chase her hand away. “Then at least accept my body as payment for the things you offer me…”

“Payment…” Lotor whispered, and in his feverish state it almost made sense. She let go of him, and he almost screamed, Lotor wanting, needing her hand back on him. He turned just in time to hear the rustle of clothes, seeing Allura standing in the center of her discarded dress. She shyly covered her breasts with one arm, her other hand covering her sex.

She was lovely in her shyness, blushing once more as she meekly looked down. “I know it isn’t a lot, and this body has been used before but…”

“It’s more than enough!” He quickly assured her, reaching for her. Somehow he managed to back her into the wall, Lotor towering over her as he gazed down at her. His cock throbbed, practically hurting with need, Lotor chasing her hands away from her body. “This may be rougher than you’re used to.” He said in warning, knowing in his current state he was in no condition to perform much foreplay.

“It’s my fault.” She simply repeated, trembling as she gazed up into his eyes. Her meek show of submission called to his dominant side, Lotor bending to nip at her throat, hearing her gasp. His hands began roving her body, doing a quick fondle of her breasts, her nipples quickly stiffening.

“You’re wet.” He said, pleased when his fingers stroked her cleft, finding her sex already damp with dew. “Did you get excited preparing me?” That blush of hers bloomed, Allura closing her eyes in embarrassment.

“Please don’t tease me!” She protested, even as a moan escaped her, Allura wiggling on his fingers.

“Put your arms around me.” Lotor ordered, bending so she could reach his shoulders. She had to stand on tip toe, Lotor still stroking between her legs, but once her arms locked into place, he lifted her up by the waist, Allura’s back sliding against the wall. She immediately lifted her legs to wrap them around him, Lotor grinding the head of his cock against her.

“I’ll try to go easy on you…” Lotor said, still trying to maintain some semblance of care to her comfort.

“Just go as hard as you need.” Allura told him, crying out as his cock began to penetrate inside her. She was no virgin, but was still a tight fit, her human passage trying desperately to stretch for his thick Drule cock. He heard himself growl, Lotor bracing Allura against the wall as he thrust more of his cock into her. “Yes!” She cried out, clinging to him.

“You like that?” Lotor demanded gruffly, then rolled his hips. “Then how about this?”

“Even better!” He nearly did a double take at the throaty purr Allura let out, the girl sounding far too seductive for the meekness she had previously shown. But he couldn’t pull back to analyze, his hips already moving, pounding fiercely into her slender frame. She moaned and she shrieked, Lotor wincing to hear her so vocal in her pleasure.

“Quiet!” He hissed out a warning, fearing at any moment someone would come to investigate. “They’ll hear you.”

“No one is out in the hall!” She retorted, Allura pushing back against his thrusts, doing little wiggles that had him seeing stars. “It’s just you and me, Lotor! Now harder, please!”

“Harder?” Lotor was amazed, thinking the girl did not know what she asked. Allura dug her nails into his shoulders, and hissed against his chest.

“Yes, harder!”

“So be it!” He was through holding back, Lotor gritting his teeth to keep him his own bliss filled howls as he slammed into the girl’s body. Her breasts bounced from the force, an enticing rhythm that had Lotor dipping his head to properly suckle at one nipple. He felt Allura tighten up when he did that, Lotor sucking harder, greedy for the constriction of her body.

“The other one!” She cried out, suddenly grabbing his braid, jerking him away from her left breast. “Do the other one!”

“Bossy little thing.” Lotor chuckled, an instant before he was sucking on Allura’s right nipple.

“You have no idea!” She laughed as well, the sound so gleeful as though she was privy to a joke he did not share in. He continued to fuck her, working both their bodies hard, Allura’s voice practically singing with bliss. When she came it was almost violent, the girl raking her nails down his back so hard she bled him. Her body gripped him hard, convulsing around his cock, urging his own climax to come forth.

Lotor didn’t even think of the consequences that could come from spilling his seed so freely, too consumed in the moment to think of anything but giving in. He kissed her when he came, using Allura’s mouth to muffle his own pleasured howl, Lotor still paranoid that someone would hear.

For the longest time they stayed wrapped around each other, Lotor leaning into Allura and the wall. Together they panted, breaths harsh, expressions satisfied. He had barely started to soften in side her, when she suddenly laughed, a rich throaty sound as Allura wiggled against him. Lotor almost laughed too, saying her name in a chiding manner as he pulled out of her.

He set her down on the floor, and turned to look for his pants, hardly paying attention to what Allura was doing behind him. He heard the rustle of clothing, assuming she was getting dressed, Lotor bending to pick up the discarded pants off the floor. And was rewarded with a sharp pinprick in his ass, Lotor whirling with a glare. A glare that died down in drowsy surprise, Lotor spying Allura standing there with a needle and a grin.

“Well…you’ve certainly proved a worthy investment…” She said, her voice no longer soft and meek. “I think you’re going to be my new favorite. Just as soon as we get you house broken.”

“Allura, what have you done!?” He barely managed to get those words out, his eyes already falling close as he fell to the floor. Not even the jarring impact roused him, Lotor blacking out in an instant, hearing Allura’s victorious peals of laughter.

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  1. Lotor just got owned. In a way that will leave him thinking about things. Things I’m betting he’s never thought about before. For once its him who’s the pleasure slave. And its Allura getting all the power. heheh

    1. *giggling evilly* yes! Totally owned, and will continue to get owned in the next chapters, while seething about it all! Heh…this fic was supposed to be a one shot, gift fic for a friend, and then naturally it spiraled out of control, demanding to become a full length multi chapter story. I just wish I could figure out things besides sex for the first half of the chapters to write about.

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