Chained 02

He let out a sound, Lotor not quite sighing as he slowly drifted in and out of sleep. His mind was hazy, a kind of slow drag to his thoughts as he snuggled closer to his pillow. Not that he was doing much thinking, Lotor riding a pleasant buzz as he lay there, his sleep free of dreams and nightmares. That alone should have alerted him to the fact that something was wrong, Lotor unused to a dreamless sleep, his mind always active one way or another.

Not this time. No, here there was nothing, Lotor simply concentrating on feeling good, not even daring to wonder what was the cause of his joy. He actually smiled, nose all but buried in his pillow, body limp and relaxed. For some reason the bed felt too good, mattress softer than anything he could remember laying on in a long time. He felt the first frown form on his face, wondering why he was marveling at a common day luxury, Lotor knowing he spent his nights on nothing but the finest pillows and mattresses.

A glimmer of something in his mind, Lotor trying to grasp hold of it, but the thought eluded him, Lotor’s frown fading. It must not be important if he couldn’t remember, the Drule shrugging off his concerns even when he became aware of the fact that he wasn’t alone in the bed. The person, a woman by her soft hands, was beside him, Lotor unable to muster up the interest to turn and look at her. He assumed she was one of his many slaves, some girl bought for pleasure.

A pleasure she was quick to perform, lifting up his braided hair to press kisses into the back of his neck. He smiled then, liking how soft her plump lips were, her scent of fresh flowers tickling his nose. Her scent and her kisses were the perfect tease, Lotor finding she had kissed down onto his back, her hands landing on his shoulders, fingers squeezing and kneading away what little tension existed in him.

He mumbled something, some half whispered Drule endearment, Lotor purring like a cat in response to her ministrations. She suddenly used her tongue, licking a wet path down between his shoulder blades, her hands continuing to work at his shoulders. She laughed in response to his contentment, a rich throaty sound that sent shivers down his spine, her voice holding promise of delights yet to come.

“Hmmm….” Lotor breathed out a sound, adjusting his face to the side so that he did not suffocate on his pillow. The girls’ hands left his shoulders, sliding down his back, caresses that felt worshipful in their exploration of his body. He felt her kissing down his spine, her lace covered breasts pressing into his skin. The lace was the perfect itch, a scratch of fabric that teased him further.

All this attention was starting to take effect, Lotor feeling his cock start to harden. He’d need a little more stimulation to get a full erection, but what the girl was doing felt nice enough, Lotor grinning. He nearly shot up in surprise when she kissed down onto the curve of his ass, her hands cupping and squeezing his cheeks. He hadn’t realized he was naked, hadn’t felt the chill of the room until her warm hands began molding his flesh as though he was clay that she wanted to shape into a sculpture.

The surprise he felt was just the jolt he needed, Lotor snapping open his eyes and spying an unfamiliar room. His lips formed a frown, Lotor trying to figure out where he was, the Drule wondering if he was in one of the castle’s guest rooms. The hands lingered on his ass, and then he felt an impertinent pat on his bottom, the hands moving to touch the back of his thighs.

Careful caresses of his flesh, hands rubbing up and down the length of his legs, stopping just short of his knees. He heard a whisper, the female giving him a gentle command. “Just lie back and relax…Rest….you’re in good hands…”

He did just the opposite, suddenly struggling, drawing his legs out of her grasp. She made no move to catch him, merely shifting to the side of him as he rolled onto his back. The room didn’t look any more familiar from this angle, Lotor sinking into the soft mattress as he tried to focus his eyes on the female watching him. His eyelids kept drooping, Lotor wanting to go back to sleep. But the apparent wrongness of the situation was making itself known, Lotor trying to glare at the female.

She still had her hair loose, the blonde mane wild and untamed. It was currently swept back from her shoulders, allowing him an unobstructed view of her breasts. Her bosom was on display, the lace half bra designed to frame not cover her breasts. An under wire in the bra pushed her chest up even higher, and every breath she took seemed to make them jiggle, breasts dangerously close to spilling out completely.

A white lace corset was beneath the bra, with bold accents of red forming intricate designs on the lace. The front facing straps of the corset were also white, with red tipped vinyl that snapped into place along her mid section. The tiniest pair of panties he had ever had the privilege of seeing completed the look, cut high on the sides, with strings tied together to hold it in place.

It just barely covered her slit, and he saw enough to know this female was as hairless down there as he now was. The memory of being shaved came to him, fragmented though it was, rousing his anger as Lotor let out a snarl. “You!”

She was unbothered by his voiced animosity, watching as Lotor floundered, trying to sit up. For some reason his body did not want to obey him, his movements sluggish at best, and all too weak. “What have you done to me?!” Lotor demanded, recalling now that she had injected something into his body.

“Just gave you something to relax.” She answered, fixing him with a self satisfied smirk. “I couldn’t have you running about causing trouble.”

“Girl, you have not yet begun to understand the true meaning of the word.” Lotor growled, noticing how slurred his words were. “I will bring down the entire Doom Empire on your head if you do not release me at once!” She laughed then, an airy, unconcerned quality to her voice. He grew angrier to hear it, Lotor wanting to grab and shake some sense into her. “I am crown prince Lotor, son of King Zarkon, ruler of the Doom Empire. And you, whoever you are, have made a big mistake!”

“Ah yes…” She smiled. “They did tell me you were a bit addled brain, insisting you are someone of importance.”

“I am!” He interjected through gritted teeth.

“If you really are the crown prince, then how did you end up on the auction block?” Her question left him dumbfounded, Lotor trying to think.

“I don’t know.” He admitted at last, not liking how sad he sounded in the moment. “I…I was out drinking….I passed out, and then…the next thing I know, I am being sold.”

“I’ll have to deduct points for lack of imagination. Surely you can think up a better story than simply passing out from too much drink!” Her blue eyes twinkled the girl amused.

“It’s the truth!” Lotor growled, annoyed when she laughed at him.

“Oh well…” A graceful shrug of her shoulders that did interesting things to her chest, the female leaning back. “You weren’t bought to entertain me with fanciful stories. Not when there are other ways you can serve.”

“A prince of Doom serves no one save himself!” Lotor snapped back in retort. She suddenly leaned forward, reaching out with white tipped nails to grasp his chin.

“Prince or pauper, you are a slave now. My exclusive property for the time being.” He jerked his head out of her grip, and she settled for grabbing his braid, pulling on it cruelly. “I suggest you come to start accepting your fate Lotor. Else things won’t be pleasant for you.”

“You think I’d gladly play slave to someone, let alone some…some slip of a girl?!” Lotor demanded, seeing her eyes narrow.

“Yes.” She hissed, winding his braid around her hand. “Lotor, in my harem…”


She tried again, Lotor gaping at her. “In my harem, you will learn that this girl as you so fondly call me, holds all the power. Over life and death, and pleasure and pain. If you want to spend your days in misery so be it, but I will get my money’s worth from you one way or another!” Her eyes grew gentle, and for an instant she looked like the meek slave girl she had pretended to be. “Now…let me look at you…I didn’t nearly get enough chance to examine you as closely as I would have liked before.”

“No!” Lotor snarled, and found the strength to shove her away from him, the Drule half rolling off the bed. He ended up on his knees, Lotor’s hands grasping at the cabinet by the bed, trying to pull himself up. A sharp pointed heel was pressed into his back, the girl shoving hard with her foot so Lotor went sprawling face first in the thick shag carpeting.

“Lesson number one…” Her voice was fierce, her anger apparent as she walked around Lotor’s body. He saw red shoes in front of his face, the heels adding a good six inches to the girl’s height. “You never, ever tell me no!”

He put his hands palm down on the carpet, pushing himself up to his knees. “I’m afraid I was never a good student.” He wasn’t apologetic, smirking at her. “You’ll find me slow to take to your lessons!”

“So be it!” She lifted her foot, and he went to grab at her ankle, the girl planting it against his chest. She shoved him onto his back, then quickly took to straddling his hips, her panty covered sex pressing against his cock. It was still half erect, Lotor realizing whatever she had given him had to be responsible for him remaining this way without constant stimulation.

“It’s been a long time since I had a challenge.”

“This is one challenge you won’t enjoy!” Lotor retorted, hissing as she began grinding back and forth across his cock. The lace of her panties teased him, tickling across his very sensitive skin. “I’ll make you rue the day you ever sought to control me!”

“I don’t want to just control you!” She shot back, red painted lips spreading into a smirk. “I want to conquer you!”

“You’d sooner drown a fish than conquer a Drule warrior!” Lotor told her, half boasting, half challenging. “You play with fire, a raging inferno that will destroy not only you, but everything and everyone you hold dear!”

“Petty threats.” She tsked. “But that’s all they are.” Her hands reached for his sides, rubbing up his waist. Lotor noted how soft her skin was, and then he was cursing, his pretty tormentor chiding him. “Watch your language when in the presence of a lady!”

“I should have known…” He muttered, for one brief instant feeling like a fool. “I should have realized sooner. You’re no slave…your hands are too soft, too free of the callouses one earns from hard work.” She touched his hand then, feeling the rough skin on his fingers. An arch of her brow, Lotor hastening to answer. “I earned those handling my sword.”

“Of course.” She sounded amused, dropping his hand. “Well, Lotor…whoever you were in your previous life, you certainly were fortunate to avoid any imperfections.” An almost pointed look now, the girl noting the following. “I’ve never known a warrior to not bear some kind of mark or scar from battles fought.”

“Then you’ve never met the best.” He retorted, surprised when she grinned.

“And you Lotor, are you the best?”

“Indeed I am.” Her hands were now on the front of his chest, hands rubbing circles over his nipples. He frowned and tried to inch back, never being one for the teasing of his own nipples. She merely stayed pressed to his chest, and now she began twiddling her thumb and forefinger over his nipples, rubbing them to stiffness.

“My so sensitive here.” She teased, and Lotor shook his head no in denial. “I can feel your cock twitching in delight.”

“It has nothing to do with my nipples. OW!” He glared at her, the girl having given him a vicious pinch.

“Don’t try and lie to me.” She said, then leaned forward to lick away the sting of the pinch.

“Just who are you?” Lotor asked instead, watching in disbelief, her pink tongue licking at his dark blue nipple.

“I told you.” She pulled back to look at him, smiling once more. “My name is Allura.”

“Is that really who you are?”

“Yes.” Allura nodded. “There’s no harm in sharing names…and I like it when my pets call mine out. It sends shivers down my spine to hear it uttered in the throes of ecstasy.” She kissed his nipple, then began licking upwards, heading for his throat. He rumbled out a warning growl, Allura taking no heed of it. He moved to grab her arms again, trying to shove her away and found himself weaker than before.

“What did you give me?”

“It’s my own special concoction.” Allura answered, in between nibbles of his throat. “It works as a sedative, disorientating the user, all but rendering them weak as a kitten. You won’t be able to fight me…and soon you won’t even think to do that.”

“It also acts as a stimulant.” Lotor said, and she lifted a brow.

“What makes you say that?”

“The fact that I am turned on while in this state!” He retorted, annoyed at Allura’s laughter.

“Oh Lotor. Could you be in denial of your attraction to me?” She resumed grinding on his erection, panty slipping to the side so that he felt her moist sex rubbing directly on his flesh. Along with dampness he felt the heat of her body, his cock wanting to seek out the source and tunnel inside her. Such an idea left him shaking his head, eyes closed as he tried to block both it and what she was doing to him.

“No matter.” Allura said, suddenly lifting her hips so that the weight of her body left his cock. “In time you won’t deny me. No matter how much you resist, it’s inevitable that you give in to me.”

He opened his eyes, then groaned, seeing her untying her panties. That flimsy bit of fabric fluttered to the floor, Lotor staring at her revealed sex. Before he hadn’t had a chance to properly stop and stare, too consumed with need, frantically fumbling to line up in place with her. Now he looked his fill, mouth going dry with appreciation. He almost didn’t feel annoyed when she teased him, Allura asking if he liked what he saw.

“You know I do.” Came his honest answer, and saw her smile widened. He had pleased her, Allura surely expecting him to lie and insult her.

“Such honesty deserves a reward.” She stood now, legs spread as she walked along the length of his body. He was left with an upwards view of her most sacred spot, Lotor’s head between her spread feet. “I’m going to let you have a taste of me…”

“How about letting me go instead?” Lotor asked, watching as she began to squat downwards.

“Sorry, I am not that generous.” She lowered herself completely, knees spread on either side of his head, her sex resting just over his mouth. He could smell her arousal, the musky scent overwhelming him, and before Lotor could stop himself he licked his lips. He then frowned, not wanting to capitulate even in this slight manner. “Well?” A demand from Allura, he could hear the impatience in her voice. “Start licking!”

“No.” He said, breaking one of her lessons. He heard her hiss, the sound displeased, and then she was giving him an ultimatum.

“I’m going to sit on your face.” She told him. “If you don’t start licking me, you’ll suffocate. Do you want that?” He didn’t, Lotor wondering how far she would go to prove a point. She tsked at his silence, Allura covering that final inch to press her slickened sex against his mouth. He heard her words, muffled though they were, Allura’s fingers touching his scalp.

“You’ve got five minutes to bring me to climax.” She told him. “If you don’t then…”

He couldn’t even ask what the threat would be, Lotor guessing she’d most likely let him suffocate. He set his lips in an angry line, refusing to be forced into this, even as her scent continued to arouse him. Time seemed to slow, Lotor waiting, aware of her juices dripping down onto his face. It seemed the anticipation of his tongue was enough to get her excited, Allura doing a slight wiggle on top of him.

He opened his mouth, telling himself it was to protest and not to taste her juices. But at the first drop of her moisture on his tongue he moaned, Lotor feeling his cock twitch. He had always like pleasuring women, be it with his fingers, his cock, or his mouth. He especially enjoyed the taste of a clean woman, Lotor loving lapping up their arousal and brigning them to climax again and again.

Allura tasted especially sweet, and he found himself considering giving in. Lotor tried to tell himself it was the drugs that was making him weak, that and the fact she was slowing suffocating him. He told himself he had to remain conscious, that he had to endure in order to find a way to escape. He thought that they didn’t know a Drule’s metabolism, Lotor counting on the drugs working through his system faster than it would a human’s.

~If I just pretend to give in..~ He thought, lifting his tongue towards her slit. ~I can lower her guard, trick her when the opportunity presents itself.~

Lotor heard Allura cry out, her voice ecstatic at the first touch of his tongue. He didn’t want to find out how serious she was about letting him suffocate, Lotor skipping teasing her to go right to her pleasure point. Her little clit seemed to throb against his tongue, Lotor licking it furiously, feeling more wetness trickle on out of her. He kissed at her clit, sucking that tiny morsel of flesh for all he was worth, feeling Allura start to shiver and shake on top of him.

Her fingers clenched at his hair, and she was calling out in a feverish voice. She actually began riding his face, making low keening sounds, not quite begging for the climax that was building up inside her.

~That’s it.~ Lotor thought triumphantly, practically rolling her clit with his tongue. ~Come for me.~ He moaned into her sex, trying to will her with his mind to reach her climax. He was rapidly growing dizzy, face hot, and uncomfortable. He knew she had reached the moment of peaking when she let out a wild scream, fingers almost ripping the hair out of his scalp.

She didn’t get off him right away, Allura just kneeling there panting, trying to recover. Just when Lotor thought he’d pass out, she lifted off him, the Drule taking grateful gasps of fresh air. She took a shaky step back from him, and somehow landed on his lap, laughing and purring, her eyes sparkling. She wore a satisfied smile, looking like the cat who had caught the canary.

“That was very good.” Allura praised him. “A little rushed, but then you had to work in the time constraints I gave you. Next time I’ll have you take your time to fully explore my taste.”

~There won’t be a next time.~ Lotor thought, still panting for air. His cock was throbbing, a constant reminder that he was in need of some relief to. It didn’t help that her bare bottom was placed against it, Allura doing a little wiggle that had him hissing. “Don’t do that!”

“But Lotor, this part of you likes when I do that!” Her hand grabbed at his cock, Allura giving him a meaningful squeeze.

“You’ve had your fun…” Lotor began, but she interrupted him.

“Oh Lotor, I’ve hardly begun to have my fill of the fun you can offer me.” She was stroking him now, her hand doing fast, jerky movements that had Lotor writhing beneath her. He was aware of moaning, something like a please escaping him. Her smile widened, Allura purring and then she was lifting her hips, her hands holding his cock steady.

“What are you doing?!” He asked, his alarm just as apparent as his arousal.

She didn’t answer save for the sly smile, hand holding his cock steady as she lowered herself on to it. His head rocked back in shock, Lotor feeling the warm folds of her body nestle around him, wetness dripping down his shaft. She was going slow, taking care not to hurt herself in this position, sinking down further on him. Every instinct in him cried out to thrust, Lotor arching his back as he rocked his hips.

“Oooooh.” Allura cooed, hands resting on his stomach now. “That’s deep…” He was in her deeper than before, the angle allowing for more room. Allura wiggled in place on top of him, Lotor cursing and reaching for her hips. She batted his hands away, the girl doing an experimental bounce.

“Gods!” Lotor swore, nearly exploding into orgasm from that short bounce alone.

“You like?” She asked, playing the innocent even as she did another bounce. Her hands were braced on his stomach, helping to keep her balance as she began riding him. Hard didn’t begin to describe her motions, Allura violent as she rode him. She seemed desperate to reach her climax, as though Lotor hadn’t just brought her to orgasm with his tongue.

Again he tried to grab her hips, wanting to control the movements, wanting to gentle the sex. She slapped at his hands and growled out a command, “Just lay still and take it!”

Stunned he lay back as she bade, Lotor content to let her do all the work. Maybe then she’d tire herself out, Lotor hoping he would be recovered by the time his climax was achieved. Till then he would enjoy the show, Lotor watching as she lifted one hand off him to fondle her own breast. Her fingers flexed and kneaded, Allura pinching at her nipples, voice a constant soundtrack to the actions she was doing.

“Yes, oh yes!” She was crying, and Lotor was too, moaning out his pleasure. Each downward bounce of her body set his cock off twitching, Lotor starting to steadily leak inside her. Her hand scratched at his stomach, thin red welts appearing beneath her nails. The pain helped center him, make him just a little more alert. An alertness that was lost in the next instant, Lotor feeling Allura’s body clamp down on him, her climax tearing his out of him with a roaring scream.

His come poured into her, so much that it trickled down her thighs. She purred out her approval, body still squeezing him in an attempt to milk out more of his seed. Lotor laid his head back against the plush carpeting, staring not at Allura but up at the ceiling, trying to regain his bearings. Allura was no better, just sitting on him, breathing heavily.

He felt just a little stronger, but along with the strength came the tiredness, the sex having weakened Lotor in a different way. He wondered if it would hurt to close his eyes, Lotor thinking to rest with Allura. If only for a little while.

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