Chained 03

She could see her new slave was exhausted, his eyes drooping close as he lay flat on the floor beneath her. She felt a twinge of annoyance shoot through her, Allura having expected more from the man. He was a Drule after all, and they were rumored to be tireless, near insatiable when it came to bedroom sport. All her knowledge of Drules came second hand, Allura never having had one in her bed before this day.

So far she was of mixed feelings, finding that her new pet was easily tired out. He’d have to be trained up, Allura expecting top performance from her pleasure slaves even when they were pumped full of her special blend of drugs and sedatives. She supposed Lotor was to be commended for lasting as long as he had, Allura noting that even with the drugs he wasn’t as sluggish and slow as a human man would have been.

His breathing evened out, Lotor asleep. She tsked, still straddling him, his softened member inside her. It had been a very full feeling when he was at his hardest, Allura amazed at just how thick he was. Even in his unerect state his size was large, and to a less experienced girl, he would have been intimidating. Allura smirked, and slowly eased herself off his cock, her body feeling the delicious burn of having been loved so thoroughly.

They were both sticky, sweaty messes, Allura amazed at how much come Lotor had produced. That was one thing the rumors hadn’t mentioned, a Drule’s ability to flood a woman’s womb with vast amounts of seed. She wondered if that was the secret to their potency, Allura knowing partners of Drules were at a higher risk for becoming pregnant. It was little fear to her, Allura knowing how to take care of unwanted accidents.

Not that she enjoyed aborting babies, the female on a strict system of birth control pills, Allura wanting to maximize her chances of avoiding pregnancy. It was one area of her life that she regretted being born a female, Allura hating to have to worry about accidental pregnancies. She still wouldn’t give up her gender for any other reason, Allura reveling in being a woman, sexual and free, and knowing just what she wanted.

And right now she wanted this man before her, Allura taking the time to study him at her leisure. His skin was an azure shade of blue, smooth and unbroken by scars. It made her want to laugh to think he had claimed to be a warrior, Allura unused to seeing such sheer perfection in men who fought with a sword. She couldn’t deny he was muscular, Allura wondering if he had to work out to get that way.

Perhaps it was simply the way his body was built, Allura liking that in addition to his many muscles he had not an ounce of fat on him. No his stomach was lean, no hint of round gut to him. Her eyes drifted lower, Allura admiring his fine cock, noting it was blue like the rest of him. The head was a darker shade of blue, and right now it glistened with come, Allura fighting the impulse to lean down and lick his release off of him.

She wondered just how big he truly was, Allura remembering what a struggle it had been to take in his length. He had bumped against her womb when buried to the hilt, the pained pleasure not wholly unpleasant. She’d have to get a ruler out to take his true measure, Allura wondering if any of her other slaves could dare compete with this Drule.

She lifted her gaze to his face now, Allura noting how peaceful he looked when asleep. His lashes were white like his eyebrows, delicate and fine, and oh so noticeable resting on his cheeks. He had an aristocratic nose, neither big nor small, it’s perfection adding to the beauty of his face. His lips were full, Allura wondering what his kiss would be like. It was something they had yet to do, and Allura found she was looking forward to it, curiosity brimming in her. Would he fight her mouth’s touch? Or would he yield, taking her tongue as readily as he took her body?

She held back her laughter, continuing to study him, noticing his delicate ears. They were longer than a humans, surely bearing extra nerves and sensitivity. The ends tapered to a point, Allura wondering what would happen if she sucked on it. It was yet another thing to try in the near future, Allura reaching out with her hand to stroke back the hair that had escaped his braid.

And was stopped, Lotor’s fingers suddenly tight around her wrist. She didn’t betray how startled she was, Allura having assumed he was sleeping. Even more troubling was his hold on her, his grip a little stronger than it should be. She didn’t try to fight him, not wanting a bruise to mar her lily white skin. Instead she spoke to him, voice calm and commanding.

“Let go of me.” His eyes snapped open, Allura staring into his golden gaze. The black slits of his eyes were larger now, surely hinting that the drug was weakening in his system. She tried again, her free hand resting on his shoulder, nails poised to dig in. “Let me go.”

“Funny.” His voice was without humor, Lotor staring levelly at her. “Shouldn’t that be my line?”

She didn’t crack a smile at his question, frost cooling her voice as she spoke to him. “I’ve given you a direct order. Since you’re new here, I will overlook your hesitation in obeying me.”

“How very kind of you.” Dry sarcasm was his tone, Lotor continuing to hold onto her wrist. If he was frustrated by her lack of struggle, it did not show, Lotor eyeing her now. “I suppose you thought me tamed, now that you fucked me.”

“If you mean to shock me with your language…” Allura began, a smirk forming on her lips. “Don’t. I’ve heard far worse, and been called many things, most of which failed to phase me.”

“I take it you’re a hard woman to insult then.” Lotor noted, and she nodded.

“I’d have to be, considering my hobbies.”

“Strange hobbies for a woman to have. Raping prisoners.” She let out a laugh at that, Lotor looking startled to hear it.

“You’re not my prisoner Lotor.” She leaned in close enough to kiss him, letting her words whisper over his lips. “You’re my slave.” He suddenly growled, and pushed at her, Allura continuing to giggle. “There’s a difference, learn it.”

“I am not a slave, least of all yours!” He retorted, Allura’s mirth continuing even as he succeeded in knocking her off him. She hid a frown, noting that the drugs were indeed wearing off if he could manhandle her in this manner. She refused to be scared, thinking the danger of personal risk exciting.

“I have papers that prove otherwise.”

“All forged, no doubt.” Lotor shot back, and Allura smirked.

“All binding. Face it Lotor, you’re nothing more than property. You live and die on my whims.” He frowned at her, Allura reaching once more to touch his loose strands of hair. “Come now…” She patted his cheek in a condescending manner, Allura clicking her tongue. “I am not a bad mistress. And there are fates far worse than bedding me.”

“I’ve no doubt there are.” He muttered, more to himself than her. She smiled at that, and that expression of hers made him frown. “it doesn’t mean I accept this fate, accept you.”

“Of course not.” Her easy agreement surprised Lotor, Allura’s smile widening. “You will fight, and deny your position. But Lotor? In the end there can be only one outcome.”

“And that is?” He prodded her, and she reached down to fondle his balls.

“Giving in…to me.” A fierce growl was her answer, Lotor suddenly seizing hold of her arms, fingers digging into her flesh. She held back her surprised cry, finding he had flipped her onto her back, the Drule pinning her with his body. He was dangerous and angry, liable to do absolutely anything to her. And that made it thrilling, Allura holding back her gasps, though she couldn’t keep the excitement off her face.

Not completely, Allura’s voice a throat purr as she spoke. “You will submit to me Lotor, and in your submission you will find freedom the likes of which you’ve never dreamed of!”

“Funny….I think you are the one who will submit to me.” He growled to her, his lips frowning at her lack of fear.

“Why do you think that?” Allura asked, and arched her back, rubbing up against his body. She saw the flicker of interest darken his eyes, Allura letting out another laugh. “Because you reversed our positions? Truly you must understand that is an illusion easily shattered. You may be on top Lotor, but I am the one in control!”

“Never!” he growled, and she realized she was jarring him, leaving him to flounder for words to say back to her.

“Never is a long time.” She pointed out, not liking when he slammed her back down against the carpet. She didn’t try to fight him, holding herself still as she gazed up into his troubled eyes. “Far too long to spend fighting when we could be fucking.” Another smile, Allura continuing. “It’s not so bad is it? Being with me?”

“You took my choices away!” Lotor snapped, and that made her laugh.

“Is that what you’re bothered about?” She tsked, and would have reached up to caress his cheek if not for him holding her arms down. “That is rich. A Drule being concerned about choice.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He growled out his question.

“Your people have a history of keeping slaves. One could argue your whole Empire was built on taking choice away from others.” She saw an odd look in his eyes, guilt not quite manifesting at her words. “Have you ever kept a slave Lotor?”

“That has nothing to do with us.” He said, sounding defensive.

She was delighted, gasping in approval. “Oh you have! And I bet you weren’t able to keep your hands to yourself. What with you being a lusty, virile specimen of Drule manliness.” He said nothing in response, Allure becoming merciless in her taunts. “Did the slave cry Lotor? Did she shed tears as you shoved your cock into her? Did you tell her she had to submit, that she had to accept her fate? Did you threaten her? Did you revel in her torment, knowing you were slowly breaking her?”

“Shut up!”

“I clearly have hit a nerve.” Allura settled back, a pleased smile on her face. “I bet you’re one of the types that think slavery is fine so long as it is not you who is enslaved. Well, Lotor, I’m here to give you new perspective. You will learn the joy of being a slave, the freedom there is in submitting all your desires and needs to a master.”

“No one, least of all you will be my master!” He snarled at her, and she arched again, rubbing herself against his groin.

“This part of you begs to differ.” She was inwardly amazed at his recovery time, Allura finding Lotor’s cock was reacting to her rubbing. “It’s all too willing to be enslaved by me…”

“You’re nothing special!” Lotor retorted, pushing her down once more. “And I won’t be controlled by my desires!”

“I think you will.” Allura insisted. She laughed then, seeing him frown. “This has all happened before. I’ve had this conversation countless times with slaves. In the end they all break, they all come to love me and the things I do to them.”

“Then they were weak.” Lotor growled, seeming to jump out of his skin when she spread her legs around him, lifting them up to wrap around him. He was tense, fighting her as she began to pull him down on top of her, bumping their crotches together.

“You think it weakness to submit?” Allura asked, wiggling against him now. “Or is it because I am a woman that you find problems with?”

“Man or woman, either way I would not want a master.”

“You have one just the same.” She said, noticing the way he let out hissing gasps at her furious wiggling.

“NO!” Lotor snapped, then forced himself to be calm. She could see the struggle on his face, Lotor having to work to present a mask of indifference to her. “You are going to be my ticket to escaping.”

She laughed at that, Lotor growling at her to be quiet. She ignored his demand, Allura smirking up at him. “I won’t let you go. You are mine. To keep. To hold. To break if need be.”

“No…” soft growls from him, Lotor starting to move with her. “Not yours. Never yours!”

“Deny it all you like, it doesn’t change anything!” Her own breath coming faster as she felt his cock rubbing against her sex. “You’re powerless here.”

“I’ll show you who holds the real power here!” Lotor snapped, and was suddenly slipping inside her. Her breath caught in her throat, Allura instantly clamping down on his cock. His own breath hissed out, Lotor pleased by the squeezing she was doing. His hands continued to pin her shoulders to the floor, Allura wiggling and writhing beneath him.

“Oooh yes! Show me Lotor, show me!” A mocking taunt from her, Allura goading Lotor into being rougher. He began pumping his hips, Allura pushing back into his thrusts, moaning and squealing out her pleasure. He stared down at her, a kind of helpless frustration in his eyes at her refusal to act in an expected manner. And yet for all his annoyance, it didn’t stop the lust from coloring his eyes, the gold dark with it as he began pounding into her body.

Her own legs were locked around him, Allura trying to keep Lotor as close to her as possible. It left him little room to pull out, leaving her always full of him as he did frantic, short thrusts. She wiggled and whined, grinding in place against him. His fingers relaxed their hold on her arms little by little, until Lotor was at last grabbing hold of her breasts. She made another ecstatic cry at that, crooning out encouragement for him to manipulate her flesh.

Allura reached forward to grab at Lotor’s shoulders, clinging to him desperately, her mouth pressing to the front of his throat. He was salty to the taste, and warm, Allura enjoying his all too masculine scent. His hands continued to play with her breasts, Lotor squeezing just this short of painful. She could hear him muttering, half the words in a language she did not understand. But she got his meaning, knowing he was quickly losing himself to the pleasures of her body.

She could feel him twitching inside her, throbbing length rubbing her raw. His cock caressed spots in her that had never been touched before, not in this manner, Allura tossing back her head to let him know how pleased she was. She continued to do teasing squeezes with her own muscles, hearing Lotor hissing back curses. She could tell he wasn’t going to last much longer this way, and she became more desperate to get her own pleasure from him.

Her hand reached down to her clit, Allura rubbing that nub of flesh furiously. The tingles from her insistent touch heightened the experience, Allura gasping and moaning. When she pinched her clit hard, she came, orgasm ripping free in a scream she muffled by biting down on his shoulder. Lotor’s own released followed hers, the Drule not even trying to fight the call of her body.

As he spurted out seed, he continued to thrust, mindless in the moment. Allura felt herself soaring, her orgasm giving her wings as she rolled in the bliss coursing through her.

“Fuck.” Lotor said, and his arms collapsed, letting him fall down on top of her. She bore his weight without complaint, doing a little wiggle that made him hiss at her. “Stay still!” He actually came again, just a little bit of seed erupting from that rolling motion she had done. His eyes rolled back in their sockets, Lotor doing a delicious shiver that shook his body.

Breathing heavily, Allura lifted her right hand from his back, seeing the blood that stained her white tipped nails. She laughed then, Lotor looking confused. “I made a mess of your back.”

“I hadn’t felt it.”

“Good sex will do that.” Allura pointed out, then was reaching with both hands to his braid. He didn’t try to stop her, just watching her as she began unbinding his hair. “I’ve wanted to see your hair loose for a while.” Came her comment, Allura running her fingers though his white hair. It held a slight wave to it, no doubt from being bound so long in a braid. It fell down past his shoulder blades, Allura spreading it out like a cape.

“You’re so pretty.” She said, and instantly his eyes became angry. She hid a smile, knowing she had annoyed him, Lotor abruptly rolling off her.

“Men are handsome not pretty.”

“Some men are both.” Allura told him, seeing him shake his head.

“Not me.”

Allura shrugged, not seeing the point to arguing over this. Instead she sat up, wincing at the ache between her legs. He’d no doubt have bruised her, each of the three times they had sex proving to be wild and violent couplings. Though she had climaxed each time, Allura still felt hungry for more, watching Lotor pad around the room, looking like a fierce lion.

“We have got to work on your stamina.” That complaint got him to whirl around, face twisting in anger.

“Excuse me?!” Lotor demanded, stepping towards her. She made no move to get up, calmly sitting on the floor. “There is nothing wrong with my stamina!”

“I beg to differ.” Allura told him, bringing a hand to brush back her unruly hair. “I expect much from my partners.”

“Oh so I am a partner now?” Lotor interjected.

“You can’t keep coming every time I climax.” Allura continued, not so much as blinking at his interruption.

“And why the hell not?” Curiosity drove him to ask, Lotor glaring at her.

“Because one time is not enough for me.” She smiled then, liking the way his jaw dropped open. “I expect my men to last long enough to give my multiple orgasms.” A smirk then, Allura teasing. “That means not one, not two, not even three.”

“You’re insane!”

“No, just nearly insatiable!” She smirked at him, tone lofty. “I’ll let you off this time, but next time I expect better results.”

“There won’t be a next time.” Lotor insisted. “I’m getting out of here.”

“Oh?” She arched a brow, polite interest on her face. ‘And just how do you expect to do that?” She held up a hand for silence. “No, no. Let me guess. You think to fight your way out of here?”

“I won’t have to, with you as my hostage.” Lotor grinned, watching her as she slowly pulled herself up off the floor.

“Oh is that what you think I am?”

“I don’t think, I know.” He was confidant, Allura hiding a smirk. “Now…where are my clothes?”

“I’m afraid if you want to leave, you’ll have to do it naked.” That didn’t even give him pause, Lotor merely nodding. “A man who is comfortable in his nudity. I approve.”

“I don’t do it for your approval.” He was advancing on her, Allura letting herself slip into a relaxed pose though inwardly she was coiled with tension.

“Lotor, you’ll learn soon enough that everything you do is for my approval!”

“I won’t be around long enough for that lesson to stick!” His hands reached for her, and she suddenly let out a shrill scream, Allura jabbing forward with her right fist. She hit him in his stomach, nearly bruising her knuckles in the process. She didn’t show her hurt, Allura turning to kick out with her leg, sweeping Lotor’s feet out from under him.

“Lesson number two…” Allura began, knowing she had only managed to take him down because of surprise and the drugs in his system, weak though they may be now. “I know how to defend myself.” He was staring up at her, that bemused expression on his face again. She nearly laughed again, so amused was she.

“And how many lessons are there?” Lotor asked at last.

“As many as it takes you to learn your place, slave.” With that she was turning, stalking towards the door. It was unlocked, Allura jerking it open. She was unashamed of her half naked state, Allura calmly instructing her guards. “Do it.” They nodded and hurried into the room, Lotor scrambling to stand up. “Lotor, please don’t fight. It only makes them angry.” A smile then, Allura standing back as she watched the guards lunged towards the Drule.

Predictably he didn’t go down without a fight, Lotor snarling and struggling, kicking out his legs, and throwing punches. Olaf got a vicious jab to his jaw, Allura wincing, hoping it didn’t hurt half as much as it looked.

“You won’t get away with this!” Lotor was screaming, and she sighed.

“There’s nothing to get away with. You’re a slave Lotor. You have no rights.” She nodded at Olaf, the man pulling out a small hand held phaser from the pocket of his pants. Lotor never saw it coming, the electric charge being jabbed into his side, the currents playing over his body, dropping him to his knees. Her men continued to hold his arms, cautious in case it was an act. But there was an air of defeat around Lotor, the Drule slumping as he lost the battle to remain conscious.

“Take him to be prepped.” Allura ordered, already walking out of the room. She heard the men murmur out their agreement, working to lift Lotor off the floor. He made a sound, a soft moan but other than that was silent. She didn’t cast a backwards glance at him, Allura more concerned with returning to her bed chamber and getting cleaned.

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  1. …..I kind of want to destroy everything this Allura cares about…not to mention smack her smug face around…

    Which is unusual because usually the character I want strangle is Merla….

  2. LOL, I like some aspects of this evil Allura’s personality, such as that she isn’t afraid, she is comfortable with herself, and she has a harem of hot hunks like Lotor. One of the things I like about Lotor is…sigh…his long, flowing, ice-blonde hair. It drives me crazy. Hellboy 2’s Prince Nuada has ice-blonde hair. The Forbidden Game’s Julian also has ice-blonde hair. SIGHHHHHHHH…

  3. I like some aspects of this evil Allura’s personality, such as that she isn’t afraid, she is comfortable with herself, and she has a harem of hot hunks like Lotor. One of the things I like about Lotor is…sigh…his long, flowing, ice-blonde hair. It drives me crazy. Hellboy 2’s Prince Nuada has ice-blonde hair. The Forbidden Game’s Julian also has ice-blonde hair.

  4. Gosh, I like this new environment where she is the master and he is the slave…I would love to have a slave like Lotor..mmmmm the things I would do…

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