Chained 05

His head was buzzing and his thoughts were sluggish, a sure sign that they had used more chemicals on him. Lotor wondered how long he had been out this time, the prince letting out a sound that was more whimper than growl. He hated that weak sound, his fingers clenching into fists as he grew angry with himself. He didn’t want to be mad, least not at himself, not when he knew what was happening wasn’t his fault.

He didn’t have a name for the people who had done this to him, Lotor unsure of how he got into this horrid predicament in the first place. But he did have one person he could focus his rage on, the one who kept on engineering his torments at her hand. Allura. She had a face that could have been sweet, if not for the wicked gleam in her eyes. She enjoyed what she did to him a little much, the woman more devil than angel, and once again he found himself vowing he would have his revenge against her.

Thoughts of revenge almost calmed him, Lotor opening his eyes and struggling to sit upright. He blinked in surprise, looking around the room that he found himself in, noting it was a bed chamber, and smaller than he was used to. in fact the bed he lay on was one of the only bits of furniture in the room, save for a few empty shelves hanging on the wall.

Across from him, was a door, although curtain might be a more apt description of the room’s sole exit. Thick beads hung downwards, and with a brush of his hand, they clicked and clattered against one another, signaling his attempt to leave. He frowned at that, noting his comings and goings would not go unannounced, and then was stepping through the exit.

He paused outside the room’s threshold, needing a moment to take in the sight of the harem. His room turned out to be one of over a dozen, each one circling around the main floor, beaded doorways offering the barest hint of privacy to the men inside. The main floor was large, it rivaled the space that made up the courtroom of his father’s back on Doom.

There was a pool off to the right hand corner, large enough for several men to be swimming laps in. Lotor noted they were naked as they swam, bodies well toned and muscled, hinting at the rigorous regime of fitness they had to maintain to keep their figures in such fine shape.

Swimming wasn’t the only way they had to keep in shape, there was a space in the center of the floor where several men stood, watching as two others fought against one another. The combatants wore nothing but loin cloths, and their muscles rippled with sweat, their hair tied back from their faces. Lotor was quick to notice that although they fought against one another, amidst the laughter and cheers, each man was careful to avoid landing a punch to the other’s face.

There was cushions all over the floor, men leaning back relaxed in them. Some held plates of food, the aroma enough to make Lotor’s mouth water as he remembered it had been days since he had had a good meal. But he didn’t make a move towards one of the buffet tables, instead standing there, glaring hostility at all who would look his way.

There was more than a few curious looks aimed towards him, some of the men nudging their companions, whispering things as they boldly maintained eye contact with the prince. Lotor let them look, well aware of his own strength and muscles, and fine physique. He was confidant his looks were without equal, even among these men that were so handsome.

His study of the room had his attention drawn to a short staircase, white marble steps leading up to large, double doors. That clearly had to be the harem’s sole exit, and Lotor walked determinedly towards it. He felt the eyes of the men upon him, and some even called out to him, voices laughing as they spoke languages he was not familiar with. He would have ignored them even if he did understand, Lotor stalking up the sitars, and reaching for the door’s handle.

Locked! He gave a growl, his frustration showing even as he told himself he shouldn’t be surprised. And still he rattled the door, trying to use brute force to break it open. He was tensing up, muscles straining as he set about to somehow pull the door open when footsteps approached him.

“Ho! Friend! If you want something, you must ask the guards.” A redhead whose skin had tiny diamonds glued to it’s surface, spoke.

“I’m not your friend!” Lotor growled at him, and continued to test the door’s limits. “And I don’t ask ANYONE for what I want.” The redhead was left blinking in surprise, a frown on his lips.

“But…that is the way of things here. We asked and the guards consider our requests…” The redhead didn’t know enough to leave an angry Drule alone, Lotor all but snarling at his words. “Come…things will look better once you’ve had something to eat…”

“Damn it, I don’t want….” He trailed off in mid shout, hearing his stomach hungrily demand food. The red head allowed a glimmer of smile at that sound, and Lotor moodily turned back to the door, wondering if he was making any inroads to it’s destruction.

“Give it up Zane…” Another voice called out laughing. “The Drule aren’t known for being friendly.”


“He’s right.” Lotor growled. “I don’t want or NEED friends.”

“You’re wrong.” Zane said with a shake of his red hair. “Everyone needs someone….” Out the corner of his eye he saw the man reaching out to touch him, and Lotor lashed out with his fists.

“Not me!” He announced, hearing the satisfying sound of bone crunching under his fist. Zane fell back from him, blood spurting from his nose, the man making a shocked sound. Silence descended on the harem, the men all stopping what they were doing to stare at Lotor and the man he had attacked. Within minutes there was voices talking, not all of them understandable save for the undercurrent of anger lacing the words.

“He hit Zane!”

“Zane was just trying to be friendly!”

“That Drule needs to be taught a lesson on how we do things here!”

“And you think you can be my instructors?” Lotor taunted, and made an obscene gesture with his fingers. Grumbles rose up in response, several of the harem running towards him. Lotor smirked, wicked delight on his fact as he forward flipped off the steps, landing before the first of his opponents. The man was already lifting his leg to kick at Lotor, the prince grabbing his foot and flipping the man into the air.

Others rushed him, and Lotor gave into the love of the battle, his rage over his imprisonment and treatment these past few days manifesting in the way his attacks flew. Somewhere in the background, a gong was ringing, Lotor slow to realize one of the harem had rang an alarm. He barely paused when the entrance to the harem opened, Lotor too busy beating a man’s face against a marble pillar.

The pillar had splatters of blood on it, and the man’s face was no longer pretty. Lotor felt a sick kind of satisfaction to know he had ruined one of Allura’s slaves, the prince whirling fast to catch his knee in the stomach of one of the guards. He laughed when he felt them hitting him back, Lotor shrugging off the blows, giving in to a beserker’s fury.

He grabbed someone by the shoulders, and threw them, the guard airborne and flying towards several of the harem. Those men who hadn’t tried to engage in battle with Lotor, quickly scrambled off their cushions, just avoiding being hit by the thrown guard. The man hit the cushion with a loud oof, an explosion of feathers following the collapse of the pillow.

The guards and the harem were trying to work to subdue him, both sets of men surrounding him and attacking Lotor all at once. He let the blows hit him, and then was bellowing, a fierce scream of rage as he threw out his arms, bodies flying back from him. Those that weren’t knocked away got a head butt to the face, or a kick to the balls, Lotor fighting dirty and vicious.

His nails, which to his regret had been trimmed down to be harmless, tried to claw down a man’s back. It didn’t even leave welts, and Lotor grew even more enraged to see that. He grabbed a guard by the back of the head, and slammed him face first into a harem slave, knocking their skulls together. Those two were dizzy from the assault, and wandered away, collapsing on pillows and the floor.

Lotor was aware of shouting all this time, and more people running into the room, guards called from other parts of the castle. It didn’t matter, none of them would survive this encounter, he’d make sure of it. He’d kill everyone, and prevent them from sticking him with any more needles full of drugs.

He could hear a man calling for back up, the whole harem was in chaos, a full fledge riot broken out and all because of one man. Lotor threw a man into the pool, the swimmers jerking out of the way. The man bobbed face down in the water, and Lotor did not care if he was dead.

Something broke over his back, Lotor crying out in pain. Infuriated he turned, and saw the broken halves of a bench, two guards looking amazed that he hadn’t fallen to his knees from their attack with it. Lotor cracked his knuckles together, and smiled menacingly at them, the sight surely giving them time to reconsider what would happen next.

But it seemed their devotion to Allura outweighed their fear of a Drule, the men running forward with heavy rods held in their hands. Lotor knew he couldn’t let them hit him with those, especially when they began to spark with electricity. The prince cursed and grabbed one of the harem slaves, thrusting the man forward so that it was his body that took the stunning charge.

He then flung the unconscious slave at the two men, knocking them down. One of the rods went flying from their hands, and Lotor lunged forward to neatly catch it by the handle. His grin became even more wicked, Lotor twirling the rod around as though it was his sword. The guards watched him warily, seeming unsure of what to do to get close to him now that he had a weapon. He thought them fools, knowing his whole body was a weapon, and a deadly one at that.

“ENOUGH!” A commanding female’s voice cried out, the sound followed by the crack of a whip. The whip’s tail lashed into his unprotected back, Lotor letting out a cry of pain, but holding onto the rod. More guards rushed down the steps towards him, Lotor spinning around to see who had hit him. And was slashed again by the whip, this time across the front of his chest.

Blood seeped out the wound, but he was too busy gaping, glaring at the woman who had dared whip him. It was HER! The woman from the slave auction, her look absolutely infuriated as she gazed back at him. Thoughts of when she had gripped his privates filled his head, Lotor realizing the time for revenge was now. He’d take this rod, and shove it somewhere unspeakable, make her write and suffer the same humiliation he had.

She seemed to read his intent on his face, the woman’s eyes narrowing. “Drop it!” She was already lashing out with her whip, it’s coils wrapping around the wrist of the hand that held the rod. He struggled, and tried to jerk her off balance, and that was when one of the guards behind him made their move. He screamed as one too many volts of electricity coursed through him, the rod dropping from his hand.

Lotor fell to his knees, but retained consciousness, glaring hatefully up at the woman. “You will pay.”

“It is not I who will rue this day!” The woman gave a haughty toss of her chestnut curls, flicking her wrist so that the whip uncoiled free of him. She was looking around the room, assessing the damage, and her face grew even more angry. “This is not how we do things here!” She marched down the steps, past bowing slaves and sheepish looking guards. “We do not cause riots. We do not harm each other. We are civilized in our dealings!”

“Civilized?” Lotor held back his laughter, fearing it would come out more a wheeze of pain. “Since when is it civilized to kidnap and torture a prince?!”

“You have not yet begun to experience true torture slave.” But her voice promised him he would. It was quiet in the harem save for this woman’s voice, but even that faded when footsteps padded past the entrance of the room. He looked past the woman, and saw Allura, clad in little more than a robe, looking over the damage he had done.

“You bitch.” He spat in greeting to her, and she raised an eyebrow in his direction. “It’s about time you showed yourself to me!”

“SILENCE!” The older woman cried out, and was suddenly in front of him. Her arm flew, the woman backhanding him across the face. “You will show proper respect to Queen Allura.”

“QUEEN?” Lotor repeated with shock, then shook his head. He felt dazed from the blow, the effects of the electricity making him weak. “She’s no Queen of mine!”

“It’s fine Nanny.” Allura said when the older woman moved to strike him again. “He will learn in time that I am his everything.”

“Never.” Lotor swore, noting the way the one called Nanny bristled with rage.

“But Lotor, I am! I am your life, your lover, your friend, your Goddess.” Allura purred, walking down the steps. She paused at the foot of them, noticing Zane who was moaning pitifully. “Oh Zane…” She tsked, hands reaching for the man who held himself still for her touch. She looked him over, smoothing back his hair, and studying his face with an intent look. “He’s broken your nose, that brute.”

“I was just trying to be his friend…” Zane murmured, Lotor scoffing at the way he tried to earn more of Allura’s pity.

“And this is how he rewards you? My poor, compassionate Zane.” She pressed a kiss to his forehead, then stood up straight. “Take Zane to the infirmary to get his nose packed up and splint.”

“Yes, your highness.” Said a bedraggled guard, moving to help the injured slave stand up. Allura didn’t watch them leave, instead striding forward to stand next to Nanny before Lotor.

“What am I going to do with you?” It was a rhetorical question, but Lotor answered all the same.

“You are going to release me and pray.”

“Pray?” Both her eyebrows lifted, Allura amused. “Why pray?”

“Pray that my revenged is just limited to you and your men, and not to every person on this planet.” Lotor explained. Her laughter made him frown, Allura not taking the threat seriously. “Damn it, I am the prince of Doom! I will bring the weight of the Empire down here to crush you!”

“I think the electricity has fried his brain.” Nanny said in a staged whisper to Allura.

“No doubt in some part it has.” Agreed Allura. “oh well, it matters not so long as other parts of him can still function.” She reached out to touch Lotor’s face, the prince snapping at her hand with his teeth. “Get him cleaned.” Her eyes had hardened in response to his actions, Allura stepping back a step. “And then bring him to me.”

“Mistress!” A harem slave was calling out, the other mumbling protests as well. “Surely you don’t mean to reward him for his bad behavior!”

“He broke Zane’s nose!” Another reminder her.

“A guard is dead.” Said a third, pointing at the body that floated in the pool.

“He doesn’t deserve to be favored by you!” Came another protest, and then Allura was holding up her hand for silence. She got it immediately, the room becoming so quiet they could have heard an insect’s wings buzz.

“It’s the red chamber that awaits him.” Allura told them, a smile lifting up the corners of her mouth. “He’ll find little pleasure there tonight.”

“Ah, that’s a good decision.” Nanny was nodding her head in approval, a smirk on her face. “And just who will accompany you there?”

“I will make my choices soon enough.” Allura told her, then gestured to her guards. “Get him out of my sight!”

Lotor began struggling as the guards attempted to haul him up, a rod being slammed into his side, hitting him with another zap of electricity. He grit his teeth, refusing to give out any more cries of pain, even as his body sagged in place. His unresisting arms were hooked over the guard’s shoulders, his feet being dragged across the floor. He barely mustered the strength to turn and look in the little Queen’s direction, seeing Allura approaching the center of the harem floor.

Slaves were all around her, on their knees and staring worshipfully at her. They seemed to sigh and shake at her touch, and one openly wept over her hand, head bowed in submission. It disgusted Lotor to see men acting that way, and he vowed to himself that no matter what waited him in the red chamber, he would not allow himself to be broken to that point.

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