Chained 07

She had lost count of how many climaxes she had had, Allura riding on a crest of pleasure that sent bliss coursing through her again and again. Her entire body was on fire, nerves tingling in a way that only her orgasms could calm, and even then only briefly. She wasn’t sure what was causing so intense an arousal, normally Allura was satisfied by time the last of her slaves pleasured her.

This time she had had five men, one right after the other, sinking their hard flesh into her moistened depths. She’d barely finish one climax, body shivering and shuddering from the feel of it, and already a new man would be thrusting into her. And all the while she had clung to her newest slave, fingers sinking into his skin, drawing blood as well as support from his massive frame.

Allura had gazed up into Lotor’s eyes the entire time the slaves had at her body, his sexual frustration and torment and added spice to the proceedings. He had wanted her, still did, the Drule desperate and fighting against his restraints. She’d have to send a nurse to tend his injuries later, the restraints biting into his wrists and ankles with such force the skin had been rubbed raw and was bleeding.

But for now she let him suffer, Allura well aware that his raw skin was nothing compared to his sexual torment. His eyes were nearly glazed over with lust, and he kept up a constant litany of growls, the sounds as threatening as they were animalistic. His growls excited her, kept a constant stream of cream wetting between her legs. She knew he was quickly going mindless with lust, and she couldn’t help the shiver she felt as the thought of setting him free to quench his desire on her body.

He would be magnificent, she knew, Lotor desperate and pounding, riding her harshly as he strove for release. Just the thought of how he would take her had her moaning, the man behind her mistaking himself as the cause for her excitement.

Allura licked her lips, Lotor’s eyes drawn to that action. Gods help her but she really wanted to chance it, to taste a Drule’s unbridled passion. But the risk was far too great that he would hurt her when he was done, and not just her, but the slaves around her. She let her gaze harden, remembering the guard he had killed, and all because Lotor’s had raged into a near uncontrollable tantrum.

He had to be punished for that, and she feared he wasn’t learning the lesson, not yet at least. Not with the defiant way he continued to look at her, lips curled up in a sneer. Allura looked forward to breaking him of that defiance, even as she felt her muscles clench, another orgasm upon her. She cried out loudly, letting all know how pleased she was, even as the man behind her continued to thrust.

“Enough!” Allura announced, clinging to Lotor’s arms to hide the shakiness of her legs. “Finish now Salamir.”

So soon my Queen?” Salamir was surprised, his cock’s stroke losing it’s confidence. She supposed she couldn’t blame him, after all he had only made her climax one time, when the other men had brought her to release multiple times.

“Spill your seed now, or don’t spill it at all!” Allura snapped back, and his fingers tightened on her hips. A protesting moan came from him, Salamir’s thrust becoming almost frantic as he worked to bring himself his release. She knew as well as he, that he would not get a chance to take his pleasure again, not until the next time she chose him to grace her bed.

Allura demanded strict loyalty from her slaves, women barred from the men. But it wasn’t just women who were forbidden to them. They could not take comfort in each other’s arms, nor could they use their own hands to masturbate their relief. They had to take their orgasms when Allura allowed it, or suffer without them.

“My patience is at an end…” Allura said, squeezing tighter around Salamir’s prick. His thrusting was losing it’s concentrated rhythm, the man desperate to come. She could hear him speaking, Salimer begging for her to hold on for just one more second. Already her other slaves move towards them, hands reaching for Salimir, jerking him out of her.

Salimir let out a moan, a desperate wail of grief that had Lotor losing some of his lust to stare at her surprised. She looked back at him, eyes challenging him to say something. Salimir continued to sob, and she didn’t need to turn to see his stiff cock was an angry red, and throbbing painfully.

“Leave us.” Allura ordered, and above Salimir’s cries, came the answering murmur of her slaves. They bowed behind her, respectful even as they felt sorry for the condition she had left their friend in. The shuffling of feet was heard, the men stepping out into the hall.

It wasn’t until the guard closed the door shut behind them, that Lotor spoke. “You’re a cruel bitch.”

“Hmmm? Is that sympathy I see on your face?” She straightened before him, thighs sticky with the come of the other slaves. “You should worry about yourself.”

“It seems that slave and I share the same fate.” She didn’t glance down at his erection, not needing the reminder of how hard it was from the show and the aphrodisiacs she had slathered on his skin. “Or do you intend to relieve my suffering now?”

The Gods help her but she was very much tempted to do that, Allura realizing what she had wanted the entire time the other men had fucked her had been this mouth watering Drule before her. But to admit that even to herself was giving Lotor power he neither needed nor deserved.

“There will be no relief for you tonight.” Allura told him. “You killed one of my men, you broke Zane’s nose, and you left many of my harem bruised and bloody.”

“It’s your fault that happened.” Lotor retorted. “For trying to make me your slave. For thinking you can control me!”

“I don’t think, I KNOW I can.” Her hand dropped down to his dick, fingers wrapping around the throbbing thickness of him. Lotor’s breath hitched up a note, hissing out through clenched teeth. He immediately began thrusting into her fist, and she laughed wickedly as she let go of him.

He jerked on his restraints, Lotor letting out a stream of curses that would have turned a more innocent maid’s ears red. “Language Lotor.” She tasked. “That is not the way to ask a Queen to relieve you of your pain.”

“I won’t ask you for anything!” He snapped at her, furious.

“So far all you do is make demands and toss orders. But Lotor? I am the one in control here. The only one who has the right to make demands of anyone in this room.”

“You’ll have no rights when I get through with you!” swore Lotor. “I will make you less than a slave when I am done with you! You think you know torture?! You will learn at my feet just have merciless a Drule can be when I get you back to castle Doom!”

She was hardly unnerved by his words, laughing delightedly. “Are you still sticking to that story?! Face it Lotor, you are no prince. And Doom will hardly be concerned with the loss of one Drule, especially one that was bought in secret on the black market.”

His face tightened with his rage, his hands clenching into fists. “They will be concerned with THIS Drule. I am the crown prince Lotor, and for every suffering and indignity you visit upon me, I will return it to you twice fold!”

“You’re all bluster and bluff.” Allura retorted. “And hardly in a position for it. Lotor..” Her words softened, Allura going up on tip toe to touch his face. He jerked back from her caress, and glared at her all the more. “You should really come to accept your lot in life. It won’t be hard life as my slave. Your needs taken care of, and all you have to do in return is love me.”

“Just like you took care of that last man’s need?” Lotor demand snidely. “He was crying like a girl, broken by his desperate need to come. And you denied him that simple thing.”

“Salimir is well aware that the Queen’s pleasure comes first.” Allura replied. “It is not my fault he took so long that he missed his opportunity to spill his seed inside me.”

“That will never be me!” Lotor swore, still glaring. “I will never be so desperate to come that I cry when you deny me it.”

“Oh?” Another touch of her hand to his dick, this time Allura digging her finger into the slit of his cock’s hand. It was leaking steadily, and he hissed at the stimulation she offered. “I think you’re quite close to breaking down.”

“Then you don’t know how to read people!” Lotor snapped angrily.

“You think you can endure…but you’re wrong.” Allura’s fingers circled the tip, teasing caresses that had Lotor’s breath coming out in short pants. “You will remain here in the red chamber until the aphrodisiac has finished soaking in your skin. Until it’s done running it’s course through your system. And for every hour it takes, your poor prick will go unattended.”

“Bitch…” Lotor growled, but it was more sexy than angry, and all because her fingers continued to play with him.

“I don’t think you’re showing me the proper respect.” Allura abruptly took her hand away from him, and turned her back on Lotor. “We’ll have to work on your manners.”

“My manners are fine!” She snorted at that, amused. She was less happy when he spat out a curse, Lotor calling Allura a bitch once more.

“It’s fortunate for you I have use for that tongue.” Allura told him, and walked behind the rack. His head turned, he tried to track her movements but she remained just
out of sight. She wondered how much of the room he had seen before being locked into the rack, Allura studying the implements and tools that were displayed on the wall.

Several different types of whips lay coiled on hooks, all made of tight leather that would crack open skin at the flick of a wrist. One was a cat o nine tails, it’s leather end, splitting into several strips, each one designed to lash into a man’s skin, spreading the damage in multiple directions. There was even a whip with diamonds on the tip, the studs meant to rend and ravish skin more brutally than any of the others.

It wasn’t just whips she had to choose from, there was floggers in all manner of sizes, from one as long as her arm, to one so tiny it was meant to lash a man’s balls. Paddles lay on a table, large ass spanking ones that varied from smooth surfaces to studded backs, one even bearing her initial to brand it into the slave’s hide.

There was even claws to place over her nails, in case she wanted to get up close and personal with scratches. She considered them for a moment, but ultimately chose on a simple, leather bound whip. She wanted to teach Lotor a lesson in pain, but didn’t want to make him a bloody ruin.

There was other items she ignored, Allura not ready to resort to canes and more torturous forms of punishment. She walked around to the front of the rack, Lotor still struggling and swearing. He went still at the sight of her with the whip, voice dying down on a curse. She smiled sweetly at him, running her fingers over the whip’s coils as she considered him.

She wasn’t sure if she was disappointed or not when Lotor did not beg for mercy, the Drule only glaring at her with open hostility. “Anything to say to me?” Allura asked, and Lotor glowered at her.


“There’s that word again.” She sighed, acting regretful as she raised her arm, the oily black length of the leather dangling before her face. In the next instant she lashed out with her arm, the whip making a resounding crack of sound as it snapped against his skin. He hissed but otherwise endured it, Allura seeing the long line of blood just above his right nipple.

“You must call me Queen.” Allura continued, cracking the whip again. This time the bloody line was on his stomach, Lotor seeming to writhe back against the rack. “Or even mistress. But never, ever call me bitch!” She saw the defiant look in his eyes, and she responded before he could get out the word, Allura allowing the lash to cut into his arm’s bicep.

“Lotor…it hurts me when I have to hurt you.” Another slash of the whip, Allura directing it’s cutting force against the center of his chest. “Do you think I enjoy it? Do you think I want to be making you bleed?!” She carved out an A into his flesh, branding him with her initial. “Think back to what we shared a day ago. The pleasure we found in each other’s arms!” This time she directed her whip on his thigh, coming perilously close to his erect cock. “It can be like that always!”

“BITCH!” howled Lotor, and the whole rack seemed to be shaking from the force of his struggles. “You think I will believe your lies?! That I will be content with being your slave?! I am a prince of Doom! We are slaves to no one!”

“You’re my slave!” She had to shout over his voice to be heard, Lotor ranting and raving, screaming about the indignities he would visit upon her. “To do with as I please. To break if I want, to make absolutely miserable. And Lotor? Trust me when I say I am an old hand at misery!” A flick of her wrist had the whip coiling around the based of his cock, Allura pulling tight on the leather. It cut off his circulation, leaving him further trapped in that rigid state.

Lotor inhaled, shocked at what she had done, and Allura smirked at him. “Not so brave now, are you?” She walk closer to him, making sure to put a sultry swing in her hips as she moved. She didn’t touch Lotor though, instead reaching for the rack, shifting it so that it turned, leaving Lotor flat on his back. With a devilish grin she climbed up on top o him, positioning herself over his rigid cock.

He was still bleeding in several places, and she ran her fingers over the blood, smearing it on his skin. He seemed to shiver, holding back a hiss when she touched his wounds. Her grin widened, Allura purring. “Do you like pain Lotor?”

“I like causing others pain.” Lotor admitted to her.

“Hmmm I bet you do.” She rubbed herself against his erection, letting his cock brush over the folds of her sex. Lotor tried to thrust his hips upwards, and she gave a jerk on the whip to control him. “Did you often whip the slaves that YOU owned?” He clenched his jaw, but his silence answered her question. “You were downright brutal to your slaves, weren’t you?” She laughed then, rich throaty amusement. “Perhaps this is karma, granting them justice for what you did to them!”

“What goes around, comes around.” Lotor retorted. “And I have no doubt that you will gets yours in the end.”

“The only end I’m interested in is taking this big, juicy Drule cock inside me!” Allura let the head of his cock rubbed over her engorged clit, the Queen fighting back a moan.

“Haven’t you had enough for tonight?” Lotor wondered, but couldn’t hide the flicker of interest her words had brought him. It was worse that she knew he was right, she should have had enough, should have been satiated after five men and over a dozen orgasms.

“One more couldn’t hurt…” She said, trying to justify it to them both. It was better than telling him the truth, that admitting he excited her in a way she hadn’t been for a long time.

“I thought…I was to receive no pleasure tonight?” Lotor asked, and she grinned, flashing all her teeth at him.

“You won’t…” She was already sinking down on his length, groaning at the way his thickness burned and stretched her out. “I can…guarantee it!” She pulled on the whip, jerking hard to show how fast it stayed coiled around him. It made an effective cock ring, and Lotor growled in anger.

With one hand holding onto the whip’s handle, she placed the other one his stomach. She nearly slipped on the blood, Allura trying to steady herself as she prepared to bounce on Lotor’s cock. She smiled down at him, and did a hard bounce, breasts slapping against her chest from the force of her motions.

“I think I’ll never get tired of seeing you beneath me…” She moaned out a confession. “Of feeling the power I control over you!”

“You don’t control me!” Lotor said through gritted teeth. He was sweating, and she could see how he fought not to thrust into her. She wanted him to lose that control, to feel him arching upwards, his thrusts working with her bounces to further her pleasure.

“Maybe not yet, but even you can’t deny it’s power I have over you!”

“Only for the moment!” Lotor retorted.

“It’s lasting longer than a moment!” Allura purred, and to be cruel, she purposefully kept squeezing him, making herself tighter to further frustrate him.

He growled and moaned, and she felt him jerk his hips forward, the Drule losing the battle not to thrust into her. “Good Gods woman, let me come!”

“I’m sorry Lotor! But the punishment remains!” She was riding him so hard she thought she’d break his dick, bouncing and letting out enthusiastic cries. He almost seemed to wince from how hard she bounced herself downwards, his cock bumping at the end of her with enough force it was almost painful. “I love how you fill me!” She confessed to him, voice singing of ecstasy as she bounced. “You’re so thick, you nearly split me apart!”

“I forgot how tight humans could be…” Lotor murmured, seeming almost delirious in the moment. He moaned then, and his thrusting became even more frantic, his fingers making fists, and a glance behind her showed his toes had curled. He was trying everything he could to beat the whip’s hold on him, the Drule wanting to come, and to come badly.

His struggle turned her on, and with a loud cry, it was Allura who came. Her muscles cruelly twisted and squeeze around his throbbing length, trying to milk him of climax she was denying him. Curses filled the air, the Drule trying to break free, trying to reach her to grab and hold her down. The rack gave an ominous creak, but ultimately held, Lotor collapsing back against the frame.

Allura slowly got off him, using her grip on the rack to keep her standing up right. She was shaky after her last climax, and her whip remained coiled around his dick. She didn’t dare remove it, Allura knowing that right now he would achieve the climax she strove to deny him.

“Well, Lotor…” She said brightly, patting his arm. “As much as I would like to dally with you longer, I have a kingdom to run. And so I must take my leave of you.”

He blinked, surprised. “You’re just going to leave me like this?!”

Allura nodded, already bending to pick her robe up off the floor. “Don’t sound so panicked Lotor…”

“I’m not!” he denied.

“The guards will be along soon enough to undo the whip’s coils.”

“And then I can come?” Lotor asked.

“Oh no.” Allura smiled at him, pulling on the robe. “You will just have to hang here and wait for your erection to go away on it’s own.”

His face hardened, Lotor snarling. “Bitch!”

She slapped him before she could stop himself, angry he was still calling her that. “I see you need more discipline. Perhaps in the long hours to come, you will take this time to reflect on your behavior, and the proper way to address your Queen.”

“You’re not my Queen!” Lotor roared. “You will never be anything of importance to me!”

“Yes, yes. I’ve heard it all before.” Allura waved it off. “Similar words spoken a hundred times, and do you know what happened to those men who said that to me? In the end they all broke. You will be no different.” With a carefree laugh she walked out of the room, pausing only long enough to instruct the guards to come and loosen the whip’s coils when fifteen minutes had passed.

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