Chained 09

It wasn’t all fun and games on Arus, much to Queen Allura’s regret. She couldn’t spend every waking hour toying with her new slave, on seeking nonstop sexual bliss. She had a planet to rule, kingdoms to oversee, peace to maintain. There was numerous supplicants awaiting her attention, petitions to consider and reject, border skirmishes to put an end too.

She found her days full of these concerns, Allura spending much of the next two days in her throne room. There was the emissary of Molteria, a minor Queen who begged Allura to get involved in her battle with her niece. The two women were both of royal blood, and each believed they had the right to Molteria’s kingdom. A war was brewing, one that could devastate that part of Arus if Allura didn’t put a stop to it and fast.

Allura was currently leaning towards favoring Molteria, although she had her people working to dig up every bit of information about that line’s right of succession. No fact, no matter how minor would go ignored, Allura wanting to make the right decision and avoid a blood bath that would spill out from the house of nobles into the lives of innocent citizens.

It wasn’t the only war brewing on Arus’ surface, other neighboring kingdoms turning greedy eyes toward each other’s lands. It infuriated Allura, that they would even consider warring so close to the time when Pollux’s trajectory drew the planet close to Arus. It was a well known fact that year after year at this time, Pollux would launch an attack, all of Arus needing to unite to chase off their would be invaders.

The ruling class was growing too complacent with Voltron’s impact on the Pollux-Arus battles, holding onto the thought that the lions would always stave off their enemies attack with little to no problems. Allura had given the visiting emissaries an earfull, the men and women practically cowering in fear at her angry words, as she admonished their employers’ for their sheer and utter stupidity.

It left Allura wondering if the whole planet would fall apart without her to hold it together, the Queen huffing out an angry breath as she stalked through her castle. Several advisors and accountants walked behind her, struggling to keep up with her brisk pace. She didn’t slow, not even to acknowledge what they were saying, Allura giving the impression of tuning out their voices.

They’d be surprised to know she was listening carefully, Allura picking out key information amidst the loud talking the men and women were doing. Her mind was working on what to do with the numbers the accountants rattled off, Allura knowing that much of the castle’s treasury would have to be diverted towards the war effort. Especially now that she had decided to mount an attack against Pollux, bringing the fight to that planet’s soil.

It wasn’t a popular decision, many of her advisors trying to talk her out of it. Coran and his ilk were all too willing to wait for Pollux to come to them, thinking it was far easier to work on defending Arus, rather than go on the offensive. Allura could reluctantly admit to herself she understood why he felt that way, the girl knowing that for the last twenty something years, Arus had become an expert at defensive tactics. Never had Arus tried to attack another world, although some of the kingdoms were an old hand at fighting against their neighbors.

They would need that expertise now, and thus Allura had insisted on inviting to her castle, the best military minds on all of Arus. These men and women, who even now were on their way to the castle, were tactical geniuses when it came to offensive maneuvers. She felt confidant in their ability to plan out attacks that would not only defeat Pollux, but leave that world devastated. Maybe then some of the anger she held in her heart over her family’s assassination would be eased.

And even if it wasn’t, she’d at least be able to rest easier knowing they would not have to worry about the annual attack from Pollux’s world. She almost smiled then, but the look was hard, and hardly satisfied. She wanted the nuisance that was Pollux and it’s murderous royal family out of her hair, Allura quickening her pace as the courtyard doors came into view.

There was no protesting grumbles behind her, the men and women out of shape, and all but jogging to keep up with her. The guards were already bowing, pulling open the courtyard doors for her. Her only acknowledgment was a smile, Allura breezing past them to step into the sunlit yard.

It was a huge expanse of space, currently crowded with tents and people hawking their wares. The court yard was an enclosed space, the four walls of the castle surrounding this area, giving them the illusion of privacy. Banners hung from the highest turrets, her planet’s colors and her family’s crest decorating the silk fabric. Hastily erected tents were scattered about the ground, people standing inside, keeping careful watch over the items laid out on tables.

Her entourage didn’t cease their prattle, though they did lower their voices somewhat. They were paranoid of castle secrets being overheard, one could not know for certain if a Pollux spy had not ingratiated his or herself into this gathering.

Allura stepped towards the first tent, spying the luminescent glow of something extraordinary. The vendor was already hurrying to sweep open the tent flap, ushering her in with a bow. He barely had a chance to issue out a greeting, Allura’s eyes locked on the glowing object.

“Is that…” She heard Coran trail off, as though he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Lazon.” Allura said it out loud, managing to keep the surprise off her face. The lazon in question was set in a dagger, it’s hilt ornately decorated with a garish amount of silver and jewels. The jewels paled in comparison to the violet hue of the lazon blade, and Allura’s fingers itched to touch the glow. She controlled that impulse, knowing how foolish it would be to touch the lazon. It would immediately burn her fair skin, singeing like the hottest flame at the slightest of touch.

“But where did this come from?” She turned her attention away from the blade, looking at the man who smiled a sheepish look at her. “And is there more?”

“Oh yes, your highness!” He was quick to reassure her. “I’ve a whole shipment of lazon, ready and waiting to be melted down into weapons and fuel.” She didn’t miss the hungry gleam in his eyes, the man greedy. “All for the right price of course.”

“Of course.” Allura agreed, more amused than annoyed. Coran however, bristled with anger, glaring at the man.

“We are nearing a time of war!” The advisor snapped. “Now is not the time to be money hungry.”

“Ah but I am a humble man, trying to earn an honest dollar.” The vendor retorted.

“Honest?” Coran made a scoffing sound. “When the lazon you offer to sell us is no doubt stolen?”

“It wasn’t stolen!” protested the vendor, looking panicked at Allura. “It was salvaged off a wrecked war ship…not a single Drule around to lay claim to it’s treasures.”

“How very fortunate for us.” Allura had returned her attention to the lazon dagger, noting this was only the second time she had had the fortune to see the glowing substance up close. The Drules of the Doom Empire jealously guarded the export of lazon, and there was few if any kingdoms not part of that empire that could afford even a handful of the substance.

It was a shame, for lazon made the best weapons, and when melted down, the longest burning fuel. For the Drules of Doom, lazon powered many of their ships, and even their weapons were charged by the glowing substance. It was said the Drules’ fortune lay hand in hand with the lazon deposits of their world, and the day they ran out of the substance, would be the start of Doom’s decline.

That a sizable amount could end up unaccounted for was nearly unheard of, Allura wondering what God favored Arus to give them such a gift. She didn’t smile though, not wanting to tip her hand to the vendor who would surely drive a steep price for the lazon he had procured. Of course Allura could find a reason to take it off his hands,
free of charge, but she liked to encourage her planet’s economy.

“How much?” Allura asked, still staring at the dagger.

“Well, it depends on how much you want…” The vendor said, and she fought to keep the greed out of her eyes.

“All of it.”

The castle accountants gasped, knowing what a price such a large amount of lazon would fetch. “All of it?” One spoke up, a nervous edge to his voice. “But my Queen…”

“We’d be invincible with it!” She exclaimed, some of her passion leaking into her voice. “Pollux won’t stand a chance…” She fought the urge to laugh, turning to face the vendor. “I want you to get to work, half of it melted down for fuel and charges. The other half crafted into weapons.”

“Yes, your highness.” She gave a dismissive wave, not finished with her orders.

“Do away with these useless adornments.” She nodded at the dagger, a disdainful sneer on her face. “We’re going to war, and jewels have no place on the battle ground.”


“Do it.” She snapped, knowing the vendor had hoped to drive up the lazon’s price with jeweled settings for the weapons he would make out of the glowing substance. “These baubles only taint the beauty of the lazon.” She reached for the blade’s handle now, listening to how the lazon hummed as she made sharp slashes through the air.

“I have a request of my own.” Allura announced, staring at the dagger in her hand.


“A whip….shaped from lazon.” She remembered seeing such a thing once on the media screen, the Drule who had wielded it, had flayed the skin off his opponent with a few simple flicks of his wrists. Allura had lusted hard then, wanting such a whip for her own collection, even if she should never use it. Lazon was as powerful as it was beautiful, and the whip had been deadly. It would not be a whip she could use to punish an errant slave with, it would be a whip she would carry with her into the heart of battle.

“Such a thing will be expensive…” She turned then, the dagger nearly slashing open the vendor’s shirt. He let out a shriek, and stepped back, hands going up to ward her off. “Only because of the intricacies of molding the lazon into a whip’s form. Your highness, I am not trying to needlessly overcharge you!”

She believed him only because she had the tip of the dagger pressing into his vitals, the lazon already burning away the fabric of the vendor’s clothing. “When can you have it ready for me?”

“If I have my people work non stop…in three days time…”

“Excellent.” Smiling, she stepped away from him, but kept on holding the dagger. “I’ll be keeping this piece as part of our deal. Antoine will work out the price and payment with you.”

The named accountant stepped towards the vendor, data pad in hand. His blue eyes were worriedly checking over the treasury’s assets, surely wondering how much would have to be diverted from other areas of the kingdoms in order to pay for the lazon. To his right was his assistant, some female whose name Allura couldn’t be bothered to remember.

She gave one last look around the tent’s wares, noting the plainer weapons that had been made without the touch of lazon. They paled in comparison to the lazon dagger, and would have hardly been worth her attention if not for her current plans for Pollux. They still weren’t, Allura knowing there were other vendors, more capable in developing deadlier weapons for half the cost this greedy seller would want for his wares.

Aside from the lazon, she would not find what she wanted here, Allura already striding past the open tent flap to step back into the sun lit court yard. The vendors did not call out to her, though they were desperate for her time and consideration. She would see as many as it would take in order to arm her military with the best of
weapons and armors.

Indeed she was already walking towards the second tent, the vendor, a woman this time, moving to hold open the tent flap for her Queen. Displayed inside was prominently different types of armor, ranging from heavy weight suits that served no purpose save to be decorative, to lightweight fastenings that would allow the wearer to effectively move about.

The woman immediately began extolling the benefits of her armor, Allura drifting over to one mannequin, and touching a finger to the fiber thin metal. It was just a little bit thicker than a shirt, and if made right, would effectively block repeated blasts of laser fire to it’s wearer. The metal would also stand up to more solid forms of attack, swords would not crack nor dent it. In fact, the only thing that could easily slice open this type of armor would be a weapon made of lazon. Allura almost smiled, thinking of the lazon she had just purchased, confidant that Pollux would have nothing to rival that substance.

“I’m placing an order…” Allura said out loud, turning away from the protective chest plate on the mannequin. The woman nodded, a data pad appearing in her hands as she prepared to write down the numbers Allura rattle off. The Queen would leave an accountant with the vendor to negotiate the final price, Allura confidant that a satisfactory sum would be settled on.

The third tent was another arms dealer, Allura carefully examining the weapons inside. She made experimentally slashes with a sword, liking the way it cut into the practice dummy, and fired off a few charges from a blaster. The laser shots came out fast, barreling into the dummy’s chest, blackening it’s front. She liked that the weapons she tried didn’t stop up, a hesitation of one’s weapon could cause a solider to lose his or her life on the battlefield.

Another accountant was left behind, this man working out the dealings with the weapons seller. She would have the items needed to outfit her warriors with the proper artillery for ground combat. Things not offered in these tents would be weapons and technology for the battle ships, cannons and side mounted laser beams, photons and pulse beams already installed onto Arus’ ships.

And of course there was the lions, who even now were going through maintenance, the repair crews making sure the robots were in tip top condition. Her crew that flew the lions were doing daily practices, soaring over the forests that surrounded the castle, working out tactics and maneuvers in preparation for the battle that they would lead.

It wasn’t just the pilots of the lions who were practicing, many of the soldiers were working out drills, fighting each other, or holding test battles in older models of war ships that would have been abandoned due to their ancient and wrecked states. The pre battle practice fights would only increase in intensity once the tacticians arrived at the castle, and formulated concrete plans for her warriors to follow.

The least Allura could do as Queen was see to her warriors’ needs, buying them the tools and clothing needed for them to succeed in battle. She would visit the other tents, placing orders for more weapons, food rations, and even the fabrics needed to make the uniforms her soldiers would wear. It was the last tent that held a pleasant diversion from the seriousness of her thoughts and purchases, Allura smiling at the familiar face that stood guard over the vendor’s wares.

“Cassandra!” A warm expression was on the woman’s face, surely her smile mimicked the Queen’s, the two approaching near enough to touch hands. Allura felt almost giddy then, laughter wanting to bubble up out of her instead of the chiding tone she used. “What are you doing here? This was meant to be limited only to vendors who had involvement with the war effort.”

She didn’t need to glance around to know Cassandra’s wares had nothing to do with supplying her soldiers with weapons and armor, the silk fabrics far too thin and easily ripped apart. These were gentler garments, clothing meant to be worn to please the eye, wisps of fabric that did more to accentuate one’s form than cover it. There was a plethora of jewels laying about, hanging on long strands of string, or even woven into the clothing.

“Now, now, your highness. You know I couldn’t have stayed away. Especially not when Nanny tells me you have gotten a new slave in your care.”

Allura’s smile widened into a grin before she could stop it, thoughts of Lotor reminding her how pleased she was with his performance when it came to sex. He was indeed living up to at least some of the rumors about the Drule’s lusty reputations, though he was still some ways away from being the perfect toy. He wasn’t broken, not by a long shot, which made him as dangerous as he was exciting, Allura wondering what he would try and do next.

So far nothing, at least judging by what had happened after he had been freed from the red room. She was almost disappointed, as much as she was relieved that he hadn’t incited another violent riot inside her harem’s walls. Allura had been expecting him to wake angry and pissed about his treatment, but Lotor had surprised her, calmly moving about the harem, tending to his wounds, and going so far as to converse with some of the slaves there.

He was far from making friends with any of the men there, but at least he hadn’t tried to beat anyone to death this time. But Allura wasn’t fooled into thinking Lotor had accepted his fate, he was surely biding his time, plotting something. What that something could be she could guess, Allura sure he would try to escape the harem. He would fail, and be punished, until the lesson was learned that there was no escape. Not from the harem, and not from her, Lotor learning to love and adore Allura just as much as the rest of her devoted slaves did.

“I hear he’s beautiful.” Continued Cassandra, leading the Queen over to an open chest. Folded silks and latex were inside it, the woman sifting through them, picking out swatches of color. “That his skin is the loveliest shade of blue.” She held up colors that would compliment Lotor’s Drule complexion, Allura nodding in approval.

“He’s azure colored Cassandra, as though sapphires had been ground up and painted into his skin. And his eyes! The most riveting of gold jewels. He’s the most exotic looking slave I’ve ever had the fortune to own, not to mention one of the most handsome.” She couldn’t help the gloating that traced her smile’s edge, Allura thinking Lotor was the crowning glory of her harem.

“We must outfit him so he shines even more beautifully.” Cassandra decided, and couldn’t help but tease. “I’m sure my wares cannot compare to the slave’s naked appeal, but he has to wear something some of the time!” A conspirator’s wink then. “Especially if you want to show him off in public.”

“That might be a long time coming.” Allura did not sigh, but her smile did lose some of it’s glamour, thinking of Lotor and his continued defiance. “He still in the midst of…training.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem.” Cassandra produced a leash and jeweled collar from another chest, pushing them into the Queen’s hands. “You’ve never had a problem brining a slave to heel before. You just need the right tools.”

Allura stared down at the collar in her hands, fingers stroking the pretty colored stones embedded into the leather. It would look very pretty on Lotor’s neck, especially with his white hair tied back to show off the jewels. She could already picture herself leading him on the collar’s leash, pulling him along behind her through the castle, or making him crawl like an animal.

A shiver went through her as she imagined the angry light that would be in Lotor’s eyes over receiving such treatment. That anger excited her, made her know she was tempting fate, living dangerously in playing with such a wild, untamed creature. Her panties got just a little wet, Allura licking her lips, and nodding her head.

“You’ll give them to me.” Allura decided, drifting over to another chest. It contained all manners of toys and devices, things made to play with one’s slave, or install further discipline in them.

“That and more.” Cassandra agreed, not so crass as to whip out a data pad from her skirt’s pockets. She was eager for the sale, but not so eager that she would rush the Queen with her decisions. Allura appreciated that, and began picking out the fabrics that would make out Lotor’s new wardrobe. It wasn’t much in the term of amounts used, but between the fabrics and the jewels, it would be expensive, these outfits for him.

She left the last of her accountants with Cassandra, Coran following Allura back inside the castle, radiating stern disapproval. He wasn’t pleased with anything she had done today, Coran wanting them to either make peace with Pollux, or work on shoring up the planet’s defense for the attack that was surely impending. She ignored the looks he was giving her, striding through the castle towards her throne room.

Her first impulse was to go to the harems, it had after all been two days since she had last taken her pleasure. Her harem would be surprised, even after the multiple climaxes the men had given her, for she had always been voracious when it came to her pleasure. But she had found herself staying away for a specific reason, and that reason was a slave named Lotor. He called to her, on a level that went beyond the pleasure of owning a new slave. It almost left her disturbed how appealing he was to her, Allura lusting for more and more of his time.

It was exactly why she had stayed away from the harem, Allura wanting the lessons learned in the red room to stay strong in Lotor’s mind. He needed to go through the pains of abstinence, to know what it was like to go without climax. If she had come to the harem, she wouldn’t have been able to stay away from him, Allura would have called him to her side, and taken him, the lesson be damned.

She kept insisting to herself it was only the excitement of someone new that had her so affected, the joys that came with breaking that which others thought was unbreakable. Allura firmly repeated in her mind that it was that, and nothing more, the Queen not wanting the added problem of coming to care deeply for a slave.

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is a delicious fanfic! I love how you’ve kept Lotor’s character strong and unrelenting – after all, he’d been taught from birth to always be the master, unlike a regular person. And to see Allura like this is awesome – and I can see her caring character coming through – but it’s great to also see a different take on her character.

    Looking forward to seeing more chapters, if you’re able! ^^

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