Find 01

“What is the last thing I remember?” Expressive blue eyes blinked in confusion. “Honestly, sometimes you worry too much…” The young woman let out a giggle. “It was a laser set to stun–not trauma to the head that I suffered.”

“Humor me.” It was a man who spoke, a man with short, sand colored hair, and a neatly trimmed mustache. Whenever he spoke, it moved, bouncing up and down like a hairy caterpillar, and that made her smile.

“All right Coran…because it’s you…” She ran a hand through unruly blond hair–hair that had lost it’s once magnificent sheen, hair that had gone many days without a comb being run through it. She frowned at the tangles, wondering why no one had thought to see to her personal grooming while she had been unconscious.

“Allura.” Coran’s voice–a sharp reminder that there were other things to focus in on.

“It…begin like any other day…the sunrise was a spectacular hue, various shades of orange, gold and red mingled together. There was even a faint purple creeping in over the horizon…it seemed…fitting that that day should be heralded in with such magnificent glory…I…I took it as a sign you see…” Allura said. “A sign that the rumors were true…that my father was coming back…”

“Your father?”

“Yes…my father–the King.” A dreamy smile was on the young woman’s face. “I had heard talk amongst the people…whispers among the servants…the air was crackling with electricity…he was coming back…!”

“But I thought your father was dead.”

“He is–he was…” She frowned, troubled by this. “I…I’m not sure which…he…he was a ghost…” She hugged her arms close to her chest, rubbing her palms across her bare arms as though she felt a chill. “Yes…a ghost…a ghost that was coming back to life…”

“But that makes no sense.” Coran pointed out. “How can something dead return to life?”

“I…he was a magnificent King…the greatest of all Arus’ rulers…he could do anything…”

“Even the impossible?” interrupted Coran.

“Yes…he built Voltron, didn’t he?!” Allura retorted, rubbing her arms even harder.

“Ah yes…the robot the size of a building, that was sometimes five smaller robots? This ever changing robot that was the protector of the entire galaxy…the bringer of peace…?” The mustache jerked slightly, giving her the feeling he was sorely tempted to start laughing at her.

“He did build Voltron!” She insisted, eyes flashing with anger. “He could do anything.” She turned her back on Coran, no longer wishing to look at this nonbeliever. “Anything…” She whispered under her breath.

“Let’s say he could come back…why now? Why not sooner?”

“I guess he needed time to build up his strength…” Allura frowned. Why were there no windows in this room? “Anyway…it was to happen at the Valley of Zohar.”

“You knew this because?”

“Because my people came to tell me.” Allura replied. “The Valley of Zohar–where my father lost his life…”

“In a battle with a demoniac lizard King?”

“Zarkon…” Hissed Allura, fingernails digging deep into her skin. “He killed him you know. Struck him down when his back was turned.” Brittle, half chewed nails broke through delicate skin, bringing up blood to the surface. Coran calmly set his note pad down, and approached her–she who seemed oblivious to the pain. “Cowardly craven dog!”

“Uh mmm…” Nonsensical words emerged from Coran’s lips as he caught hold of Allura’s wrists, pulling them away from her arms.

“He always was, you know!” Allura told him, as he lightly ran his fingers over the cuts on her arms–the newest in a collection of bumps and bruises, and by far the least troublesome. “Bastard!” shouted Allura, staring at something beyond Coran, beyond the room. “Monster…” She said softly, a sob emerging from her lips as Coran set her arms down by her sides. “Murderer…” She confided to Coran as he led her back towards the bed. “Did I ever tell you he killed my father?”

Coran nodded gravely, but did not speak, instead sitting back down on a stool, note pad already spread open across his knees.

“My father was coming back–IS coming back…” She corrected herself. “Only…he didn’t…” She frowned. “It was supposed to happen at the Rainbow Caves…”
“Rainbow Caves?” Coran arched an eyebrow. “I thought the rumors said the Valley of Zohar.” He was gratified to see his charge look confused, as she mulled over this discrepancy in her story.

“Zohar…The entrance to the Rainbow Caves is found in the Valley of Zohar.” She grinned, pleased with the explanation. “You know, for my Royal Advisor, you sure aren’t very familiar with Arusian land marks.” She fixed him with a stare that was almost regal. “We will have to do something about that, if you are to continue in this exalted position.”

“I’ll get on that right away.” He assured her, his pen marking something down on his pad.

“Yes you will.” She nodded. “The Rainbow Caves…there was proof there!” Her eyes lit up with excitement. “They found his shield…a solid gold shield, long since thought lost…we feared the monster had stolen it…but it had returned from whichever realm my father found himself trapped in…surely he would return for it!”
“Surely…” Coran murmured, his pen moving as he sought to put down every word she spoke onto paper. “And it didn’t bother you, that he would return for an earthly possession, but not for his own daughter?”

“I…” Her head tossed from side to side, refusing to process such a concept. “I told my friends what was going on…”

“But they weren’t your friends.” interrupted Coran. “More like bodyguards.”

“Yes they protected me.” acknowledged Allura. “But they did it out of love, not for money.”

“And what did they think of these rumors?” He asked.

“They didn’t believe at first…naturally Keith was suspicious.” Once more she was struck with a case of giggles. “Keith doesn’t trust in anything–not even his own shadow!” More laughter, and she broke into repetitive sing song chants of knowing a black haired, brown eyed youth who suffered from extreme paranoia. Coran put up with this, a slightly impatient look in his eyes as he waited for the girl to calm down. At last she did, rolling onto her stomach, fingers tracing patterns on the bed sheets. “Lance had something to say about it too…till Pidge insulted him…no…rather…he teased him about his lack of belief…Hunk and Pidge were quick to show support.” A smile on her face, eyelids fluttering rapidly, as she lay her head down on the pillow. “Those two…Such dear sweet men…always on my side, and ready with a kind word.”

A deep sigh, and she pushed herself up, sitting up on her knees. “Keith finally admitted he was happy for me…albeit reluctantly…he didn’t want me to go…I knew he’d try to stop me…he always wants to keep me locked up in a box…He and Nanny both…keep me pure and pristine…” She frowned. “I couldn’t possibly get into trouble visiting my father–I wouldn’t! So…early that day, I snuck out…even skipping breakfast, so sure was I in my father’s return…I ran all the way to the Valley…it didn’t take very long…” She started chewing on her lower lip, deep in thought. “Odd that I didn’t tire…it was in such a remote place…”

Scricth scratch, scritch scratch went Coran’s pen, he highlighting her latest words, hoping he had at last found the piece he needed to complete the complicated puzzle that was this young woman before him. All the while, Allura continued to babble on about the distance from the castle to the valley. “I guess…I guess it must have seemed a long walk when traveled on short child legs…” She shrugged. “It doesn’t matter…I was in the Valley! And there was the caves! I didn’t hesitate to enter them, my heart beating so loud I could hear it–I was going be with my father again!” She swung herself off the bed, excitement preventing her from staying in one spot for very long.

Coran watched her pace up and down the length of the small room. “But it didn’t go the way you planned, did it?”

She seemed not to have heard him. “His shield WAS there! I saw it…touched it…” She pantomimed touching the air. “Suddenly my friends were there…the room shook…Keith pushed me out of the way…the shield was broken–was not real…but fake gold…I fell…”

“You fell? Is that how you got your latest bruises?” asked Coran.

“What? No!” She pulled at her hair, growing increasingly agitated. “There wasn’t that far to fall…Keith cushioned me…the bruises came later…they had too…I think…I think I cracked my ribs when I squeezed through the opening.”

“Opening? What opening Allura?”

“I…someone blocked off the cave’s mouth…my friends were only strong enough to make an opening big enough for me…barely…” She rubbed her ribs, wincing in pain. “I ran some more…suddenly there was ships everywhere–we were under attack!”

“Again?” Coran said, with a slight roll of his eyes.

“Evil never gives up!” Allura said, making her hands into fists. “But justice will always prevail!”


“It will! I tried to make it to my Lion…”

“I thought your Lion was under water…” interjected Coran. “Accessible only through a tunnel in the castle.”

“It is…I was going to…to hold my breath and swim to it…but…”


“Stop interrupting me!” flared Allura, an angry expression on her face. “I was almost to my lion, but THEY got to me first…cutting off my advance, and blocking any retreat…a…a woman was there…beautiful…with shocking pink hair…I hate pink…you’re always making me wear that color!” She took a menacingly step towards Coran, a fist raised towards him.

“You’re not wearing pink now Allura.” soothed Coran, gesturing at the thin, white shift she wore. “You never have to even see that color again, if you so choose.”

“Damn straight I don’t!” snapped Allura. “I am your future Queen after all!” She crossed her arms over her chest, and smirked. “A Queen…beautiful and elegant…like HER…even in her cruelty, there was something to be admired about this woman…her movements were graceful, her composure perfect…she said we could have been friends…” She smiled happily. “I’d like that…I don’t have many friends…” She sniffled, sad again. “But then the moment was lost…more people came…blue like her, only ugly…they surrounded us…took me onto a ship…so many of them…They hurt me…see?” She offered her bruised arms up for proof. “They held on too rough…there was something in the room…a box…they put me in it, and then there was pain…”

She fell silent for many long minutes. “What happened next?” finally urged Coran.

“Nothing…wait…the laser…that…and…”


“Someone called out my name…” She frowned. “Someone who meant something to me…was it the Queen? Or did my friends arrive…they must have…I’m saved aren’t I?”

“…Yes Allura…you are safe here.” Coran snapped the note pad shut. “Thank you my child…that will be all for today.”

“So I can go?” She eagerly moved towards the door.

“Not quite…” He maneuvered his body between her and the room’s only escape. “You still need your rest.”

“But I’m not tired!” She stamped her foot against the floor, lower lip jutting out in a pout. “I wanna go back to my room!”

“Allura, you ARE in your room.”

She blinked. “I am?” She turned, and took in her stark white surroundings. “Oh yes…I am…” She returned to the bed, gripping hold of the white sheets. “This is the quilt my mother knit me.” She pulled it up, rubbing it against her face. “She started on it before I was born…she made it lavender since she didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl she was expecting…I’m very glad it’s not pink!”

“I am too…” Coran knocked on the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow Allura.” Locks opened, gears whirred, as someone worked to move the heavy, steel, three inch thick door.

“Bye bye Coran.” Allura said, humming under her breath as she fondled her blanket.

“She still calling you Coran, huh Doc?” asked the orderly, as he began sliding the bolts back into place.

“I don’t comment on cases. You KNOW that Rafeal.” The Doctor said, staring coldly at the orderly.

“Sorry about that Doc…” Rafeal said, abashed. “Won’t happen again.”


From the files of Doctor Conrad Burgenski.

Case Number: 0789AHK–70

Patient Name: Jane Doe

Age: Unknown–appears to be in her late teens/early twenties.

Patient continues to suffer under the delusions that she is some sort of fairy tale princess. She has built up a tightly woven fantasy world–a world that is based on several archetypes. Greco Roman structures, amidst Medieval Period notions, with the barest of futuristic science fiction elements added. Has made herself the center of this universe, believes she is some sort of savior to the people–perhaps in order to compensate for her inability to cope with her own life.

Clearly has abandonment issues, as many of these tales she spins features a dead father coming back to somehow offer aid to her. Has recently begun self mutilating her body in order to support tales of being hurt in battle. Has difficulty explaining away the plot holes that continue to pop up in her tales. These may be the key to easing her out of the fantasy…

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