Diplomat 02

Allura had found it chaotic moving about the corridors, the people present panicking in their attempts to flee and find a safe place. It hadn’t mattered to them if that safe place was on the ship, or somewhere beyond it, many grabbing as much as they could carry before making a mad dash for the emergency escape pods. It hadn’t seem to matter to them that there was an intense laser fight going on outside the ship, that the escape pods would put them directly in the line of fire. Nor had they cared that Drule pirates were notorious for shooting down those who tried to escape, or that they never left behind any witnesses to their raids.

A part of Allura could understand the panic. They were all faced with unappealing choices, to flee and die, or to remain and be enslaved. Some weren’t even guaranteed that, the old and disabled sure to be killed on the spot, rather than burden the Drules with unwanted mouths to feed.

But more than panic, Allura felt a certain despair that numbed her insides. It kept her from going hysterical like some of the other women present, kept her from fainting like the overly bejeweled Duchess of planet Minshire had. She hadn’t even been able to cry, nor had she returned to her cabin, wandering listlessly back and forth.

Alexandria, the priestess, was with her, ever concerned over the state Allura was in. She had pointed out that Allura had entered into an extreme state of shock, a statement Allura could acknowledge as true. But she seemed unable to snap out of it, the despair making her depressed, and making her feel guilt. Extreme amounts of it, Allura feeling she was to blame for what was happening now.

It was a guilt she couldn’t share with the priestess, not even to ask for an absolution from her sins. Alexandria seemed trustworthy enough, but Allura remained steadfast in her decision to hide who she really was, and what world she came from. Thankfully the priestess did not press her for such details, more concerned about Allura’s state than anything else.

The concern didn’t make Allura feel any better, the princess feeling worse to receive it. But then, didn’t everything that had happened and continued to happen, have that effect on Allura? She’d actually cringe when the screams began in earnest, the already chaotic situation erupting into pure pandemonium as the last defenses were broken through, the emergency doors being forced open.

The pirates flowed into the corridor, having at last made it to the passenger deck of the ship. Beyond them, past the forced open doors, bodies could be seen slumped over in puddles of blood. It was the yacht’s crew, those men having giving their lives to try and protect the passengers from a menace that seemed unstoppable.

For one all too long moment, Allura could only stand with her mouth open, gaping at the sight of the pirates. She was barely aware of the tugging on her arm, Alexandria urging her to move. They were bumped into several times, people running, not looking where they were going in their attempts to flee. Only the priestess hold on Allura’s arm, kept the princess from falling to the ground.

The pirates swarmed forward, swords in one hand, laser pistols in the other. But they hadn’t begun shooting, the Drules seeming to feed off the panic and terror the mere sight of them caused in the passengers. While the passengers were terrified, the Drules were excited, laughing and joking to each other in their own language, perhaps giving out commands or suggestions before they began breaking from the pack to chase down individuals.

The Drule pirates were organized, no one crossing each other’s paths, or targeting the same victims. Even as the screams intensified, people running, some locking themselves inside their cabins, the Drules never lost sight of their focus. They went after the people who remained loose first, the ones who hid having accomplished nothing save to trap themselves in one place. A few brave souls, actually tried to fight, holding inadequate weapons in their hands such as a broom or a pool stick.

Still some distance down the corridor, Alexandria and Allura pressed against a wall as others ran past them. A woman was carrying her small daughter in her arms, the child’s face tear shrieked and red colored. A man half carried, half dragged his heavy set wife, the woman swooning against him and barely able to keep her eyes open.

The Drules stayed focus on the ones who were running, chasing them down, cornering them. The passengers were being quickly subdued, their hands and feet bound with steel fiber restraints. The Drules were being careful to keep from killing any of the passengers, not even the ones who fought back. It was a small relief to Allura, for she had spied Jacquelyn out on the floor, flinging things at the Drules, before going wild with her fists and her legs, and even using her teeth to bite down on the Drule who tried to restrain her.

The bite seemed to infuriate that particular Drule, Allura crying out when he backhanded Jacquelyn across the face. Jacquelyn went out like a light, landing on the floor in a crumpled down position. The sight of her spunky attendant looking so small and broken, it finally broke Allura out of the shock that had filled her, galvanizing her into action.

“What are you doing?!” Came Alexandria’s alarmed cry. Allura ignored her, having grabbed onto a jagged shard of porcelain, the vase it belonged to having shattered on the floor when the yacht turned over onto it’s side. The sharp edges of the shard cut into Allura’s hands, but she ignored the pain and the trickles of blood as she ran towards the Drule standing over Jacquelyn’s prone form. She was almost to him, when she heard the priestess scream, fear and revulsion in her voice. It was a sound that compelled Allura to turn, the princess spying the priestess struggling with a Drule. The Drule leered at Alexandria, his one hand holding both her wrists captive, while another roamed over her body with blatant perversion.

With a challenging cry of her own, Allura charged the Drule who had hold of Alexandria. He was so consumed in his molestations of the priestess, he didn’t even look up until Allura was slamming the shard into his back. It wasn’t a killing wound, the man more annoyed than anything. He let go of Alexandria, drawing his sword as he turned to look at Allura. His eyes were enraged, a murderous light to them as he stared down at the princess of Arus.

Swallowing back her fear, Allura backed up a step. The Drule, who would have been handsome if not for the large scars that covered one half his face, advanced forward, actually daring to swing his sword at Allura. She screamed, the priestess screamed, Allura dodging back but not fast enough to keep her shirt from being torn open. Her breasts threatened to fall out, Allura quickly pressing an arm over them.

The pirate’s rage did not lessen, his lips curling in a snarl as he shouted in the Drule language at her. He kept on trying to gut her with his sword, Allura always managing to stay just out of reach somehow.

“Leave her alone!” Alexandria cried, and began pounding her fists against the murderous Drule’s back. She even went so far as to grab at the shard still embedded in his skin, wrenching on it, twisting it deeper into him. He roared, and lashed out with his arm, knocking the priestess into a wall. Allura heard her cry out weakly, followed by the sound of a body slumping to the floor. But she couldn’t check on her, not while she had a pissed off Drule to deal with.

“This is all just one big misunderstanding…..” Allura began, holding her hands up before her. “If we could just talk about it….”

The Drule snapped something at her in his language, Allura jumping to avoid his sword, only to have her body hit the corridor’s wall. The Drule didn’t so much as gloat, advancing on her with the intent to kill. Allura shook in place, unable to believe this is how it would end for her. She stared at her would be killer, and saw no mercy in his expression. The certainty that she was about to die, made Allura close her eyes, the princess whispering a prayer for forgiveness.

The final blow never came, Allura hearing a new voice shouting in Drule. Cautiously, she opened her eyes, seeing another Drule restraining her attacker. This Drule was handsome, with powder blue skin that was flawless from what she could see of it. His black leathers allowed much to be seen, an open vest that was sleeveless revealing much of his chest. His hair was cut short, raven black with vivid blue highlights frosting whole clumps.

The scarred Drule was nothing like this other pirate. Dressed in shades of brown, with purple color skin, and dishwater gray hair. He vibrated with intense, angry energy, arguing heatedly with the second Drule. The handsome Drule had no problem holding him back, the two snapping at each other in their language. After an eternity, the second pirate would fling the scarred Drule away from Allura, and quick as can be, drew his pistol, and shot a blast into the other’s back.

From the way his clothing and flesh didn’t burn away, Allura knew the shot had not been a killing one. He had only been stunned, perhaps to force him to sleep off his rage. The handsome Drule then turned to Allura, his gold eyes assessing.

“Why?” Allura finally managed to whisper, her voice hoarse from all the screaming she had done.

“Captain’s rule. We don’t kill women.” He told her.

“Oh.” Allura was sure she was entering back into shock, unable to say anything more than a single word. The Drule started to reach for her, and then Allura gasped. “Alexandria!!”

“Hey!” The Drule cried out, more amused than anything when Allura ducked under his arm, and ran towards the priestess. The black haired woman was crumpled on the floor, Allura dropping down to cradle the woman against her. She looked up at the shadow that fell over her, the handsome pirate looking down at them both.

Allura didn’t miss the way heat flared in the pirate’s eyes, the princess’s arms turning protective around Alexandria. “Leave us alone.” She said firmly out loud. He didn’t reply, at least not to Allura, shouting things in Drule. The other pirates reacted, Allura realizing this dark hair man was some kind of authority the other Drules listened too.

Another Drule approached, his hair a dirty white that was almost a light gray. He wasn’t exactly handsome, but neither was he ugly. The dark haired pirate slapped a hand on his back, gesturing at Allura and Alexandria. Allura thought she caught the name Cossack, and then the handsome pirate was pulling Alexandria out of Allura’s arms.

“Hey!” She protested, when the other pirate slapped cuffs on Allura’s wrists,

“Sorry.” He was hardly apologetic. ” But we can’t have you running around wild at the moment.” He jerked her off the floor, Allura still struggling. Around them, many of the other passengers were similarly restrained, most of the screaming having died down to quiet sobbings. The pirates were now free to work on getting the cabin doors’ open, and all too soon the people that had hid were also made the Drules’ prisoners.

Allura found herself and the other women put in one of the larger room’s. There was a lot of crying and quiet attempts to soothe each other. Even whispered conversations as women wondered what would happen next, and if there was a chance for a rescue. No one spoke of escaping at this point, not with several of the pirates standing watch over them.

Alexandria would eventually awaken, moaning at the pain in her head. She would be startled to see her hands in restraints, Allura quickly explaining to her what had happened.

“Thank you for rescuing me.” The priestess said, still wincing from the pain of her head.

“For all the good my attempts did.” grumbled Allura. “I nearly got us both killed….” She turned grudging then. “If not for that one pirate…”

“Then there is some good in the Drule after all.”

“How can you say that?!” Allura demanded, aghast.

“He kept the other man from killing us.” Alexandria pointed out.

“He didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart!” protested Allura. “If anything, he acted cause he didn’t want to lose out on the money they could make off of selling us!” She grumbled then. “They’re all the same…greedy, power hungry monsters.”

“They can’t all be bad….” Alexandria said. “Our holy teachings tell us that in every race, there is both good and evil that exist.”

“The Drule might be the exception to that rule.” Allura snapped. “And I don’t just mean these pirates! Their entire empire is foul….they not only condone these pirates’ actions, they fund them!”

Whatever retort Alexandria might have voiced, was lost to the worried murmur of the group. The pirates were back, many pushing and shoving at each other, to get into the room. The women, already tense with fear, backed further into the room, trying to hug and comfort each other as best they could with their hands in restrainst.

Several Drules walked into the crowd of women, grabbing at them, taking hold of their chin to force the women to look them in the eyes. Allura didn’t know what was going on for real, save to think the Drule were trying to assess the women’s worth.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Allura muttered. Alexandria could only nod, flinching when one of the pirates grabbed her around the waist, pulling her close. Watching, Allura saw the Drule caress fingers over Alexandria’s face, murmuring something in a pleased voice. His silver colored eyes dropped down to her ample bosom, and a grin lit up his features.

“Don’t…” Alexandria said, her voice tight with displeasure. “I am a holy woman….you mustn’t treat me this way!”

The Drule ignored her, moving to nuzzled her neck as his hands cupped her breasts. He didn’t get further than that, for suddenly he was pulled away, roughly flung out of the crowd of women. Allura stared in surprise at the dark haired Drule, recognizing him as the pirate from earlier. He had Alexandria in his arms, and Allura sword their was a fine tremor going through him before he reluctantly let go of the priestess.

“All right you mangy lot!” The pirate shouted, as the other Drules guiltily stepped away from the women, and in one case was dragged away. “You know the rules. Hands off until the captain gets here!”

“Captain?” Allura spoke loudly. “And then what happens when your captain gets here?!”

The handsome pirate turned to her, his face deadly serious. “Captain gets first pick of the loot.”

“Loot?” Allura didn’t get his meaning at first, and then her face turned red with her anger. “We are not loot!” She hissed at him. “We are living, feeling people, and we deserve better treatment than this!”

“Unless the captain says otherwise, you’re all loot.” The pirate told her. “To be used and sold as he sees fit.”

“Hmph!” Allura turned away from him but was not quiet as she addressed Alexandria. “Still think the Drules aren’t all evil?”

“I have faith that no one people is completely bad.” Alexandria insisted. But she wasn’t looking at Allura, but staring at the dark haired pirate. Allura didn’t have to turn his way to know the man was also staring back at Alexandria. But while the priestess eyes were wide with innocent fascination, the pirate’s gaze had never been anything but heated and dark. It was a look Allura didn’t like, and as disturbed as she was by it, the princess could only be relieved the pirate hadn’t looked at her in that manner.

But she wouldn’t escape such a look for long, the pirates quieting down. She could hear footsteps approaching the room, the dark haired pirate shifting out of the group of women to hurry to the door. The pirates there moved out of the way, a new Drule entering the room.

Dressed in black leather that molded to his body, this Drule was also quite handsome. With long, flowing white hair, and light blue skin, he rivaled if not surpassed the dark haired pirate in looks. His body from what she could see, was chiseled perfection, the man moving with a dancer’s grace. He had his sword sheathed on his hip, and he was in the process of drawing off his gloves.

“Ryder.” said the man who Allura suspected was the captain of the pirates, addressing the dark haired Drule. “I see we have a good haul.”

“Indeed captain.” Ryder grinned. “Lot of able bodied slaves, loads of beautiful women, not to mention all the jewels and other valuables found in the cabins. It’ll take days to divvy it up all properly.”

“We wouldn’t have it any other way!” laughed the Drule who might or might not be named Cossack.

“Indeed.” Agreed the white haired captain. “Well let’s get on with it.”

Right.” Ryder gestured, and began barking out commands, the pirates hurrying towards the frightened women. It took several minutes, but soon the women were all lined up., the pirate captain stopping before the first woman. He’d take the time to touch her face, to feel the softness of her skin, the plumpness of her lips. He’d stare and study at her face, touch her hair, even feel up her curves. By the time he was done with the first inspection, the woman was red faced and crying.

This is how it would be, the pirate captain walking down the line, inspecting the women who caught his eyes in that manner. Ryder and the other pirate followed him, murmuring things in Drule, perhaps making suggestions or pointing out observations. Allura found herself growing tenser by the minute, her eyes stormy with her glare.

Alexandria was in front of her in the line up, the priestess gasping scandalized when the captain began touching her. Allura couldn’t fail to notice the way the pirate Ryder tensed up at that, a sullen look in his eyes as the captain inspected the priestess. Ryder would visibly relax when the captain stepped away from the woman, and then the pirate would be in front of Allura.

Her eyes widened as they looked at each other, Allura taken aback by how close he was. He looked at her with mild interest, touching and inspecting her in the same fashion he had done to the other women. She didn’t cry at the indignity of this, though she did blush in embarrassment. Especially when he hands caressed over the exposed skin of her breasts, the captain leaning in close enough for them to kiss. He murmured something to her, Allura remembering to glare. That bit of defiant spirit seemed to delight him, the captain nodding.

“Take this one to my private cabin on the main ship.” He said out loud. He handed her off to the pirate she thought was named Cossack, and the other Drules cheered. Within seconds of the captain leaving the room, a new kind of pandemonium erupted as the Drules rushed towards the women. They pushed and shoved at each other, jostling, downright fighting for the most beautiful women. Even Cossack took the time to grab a woman, before ushering them both out the room. Allura glanced over her shoulder, in time to see Ryder dragging Alexandria against him, while other Drules threw their chosen prey over their shoulders. There was even a few Drules who couldn’t wait, already tearing open the women’s clothes, and opening their pants for a quick fuck. Allura shuddered at the sight of the rapes, but she had always known it was a very real possibility with the Drules. Just as Allura was certain she would do whatever it took to ensure she stayed alive and healthy long enough to escape. Even if it meant submitting to a pirate’s most perverted whims.

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