Diplomat 03

Chests were packed tightly in the room, many of their lids open, their topmost contents on display. The gleam of coins could be seen, the gold and silver reflecting the overhead lights. Jewels twinkled, a glittering assortment of colors and types. There was even a few heavy statues, and vases with pretty patterns inked into their skin. In one corner there was an assortment of clothing, the finest silks and satins, with a variety of lace frippery sewn into their fabric.

The clothing alone was worth a small fortune, several hundred thousand credits to be had from the sale of them. The jewels would bring in even more money, and the coin chests were estimated to hold two million a piece.

Such was the wealth in this room, that a man could live several lifetimes, and never hope to spend it all. Not that Lotor wouldn’t make the attempt, the Drule having expensive tastes, and even more expensive ambitions. Those ambitions went farther than being a pirate, Lotor dreaming of the day he would become King of an Empire. Maybe even two Empires if he played his cards right.

Doom and Demos were both equally appealing, though neither was yet in his reach. It didn’t matter. Lotor would continue his illegal, black market activities, building up the fortune needed to fund armies, pay for the soldiers needed to fight his wars, and the weapons and ships that they would use.

Not all of the wealth inside this room was his. Roughly a third of the treasure would go to his men, to those loyal bunch who were ready to follow their captain to the very brink of danger provided the spoils of such actions were lucrative. They usually were, Lotor able to pick prime targets with an uncanny precision. This room was proof of that, holding the load of several raids, including the pirates’ most recent. Yet another haul that had proved better than expected, the yacht having looked far too run down for the amount of treasure it had carried.

It was ridiculous, the lack of proper defense the yacht had had. Not that Lotor minded, enjoying the ease in which his men had disabled the ship of all it’s protection. Of course it had been made all the easier by the fact they had had a new weapon to test out. A weapon the Drule had secretly been developing for quite some time, one that had made quick work of the ship’s shielding, and was rumored to have the power to take down even a planet’s protective barrier.

Lotor knew his father would be pleased with the results of the weapon’s test, though Zarkon wouldn’t like it that his son had ventured so far into enemy territory to use it. It didn’t matter, the man thought his son reckless and a thrill seeker. He’d often tell Lotor that his bold nature would one day be the undoing of him, gruff with disapproval and yet unable to do anything to truly stop him.

Not that Zarkon truly made the attempt. Not when he had only an inkling of how deep his son’s ambitions ran, and the danger they posed to the King of the Drule. But he couldn’t prove anything, Lotor too careful on that front. Playing the somewhat dutiful son that balked at the crown’s responsibilities. The image Lotor projected to Zarkon and the other nobles, was that of a spoiled, self indulgent, adrenaline junkie. Hardly suited at this point and time to take the throne.

Lotor grinned to himself, knowing there would be a lot of shocked politicians the day he finally made his move. He would prove just how big a mover and a shaker he really was, the whole of the galaxy quaking in response to the day Lotor became the King of an Empire or two.

“You seem pleased.”

Lotor blinked, and turned to look at the pirate who was his friend and second hand man, Ryder wearing his own infectious grin.

“And why wouldn’t I be?” Lotor asked, as one more chest was brought into the room by one of his other pirates. “Look at it, Ryder.” A sweep of his arm took in the whole of the room. “Rich beyond our wildest dreams.”

“And about to be richer.” Ryder said. “There were a few notable names found on that ship. We’ll make a fortune ransoming them off to their families.”

“This just gets better and better.” Lotor smirked. And those they couldn’t ransom, they would sell off into slavery, Lotor recalling there had been quite a number of beautiful women captured among the people on the yacht. A few weeks with his pirates, and the majority of the women would be broken, trained to be the perfect toys for some rich man’s pleasure.

“We’ve certainly been lucky with these last raids.” Ryder shook his head then. “I don’t know how you do it….how you always know the perfect mark.”

“Lady luck has blessed me.” Lotor told him.

“Figures.” Chuckled Ryder. “You always did know how to charm a lady. Even a Goddess would lay down for that honeyed tongue of yours.”

“Maybe. Though I prefer to keep away from that which is holy.” Lotor didn’t fail to notice the way Ryder sobered, the amused look leaving the dark haired Drule’s eyes. Lotor didn’t have to think hard to wonder at the reason, recalling there had been several priestesses aboard the yacht, including the woman the other pirates had whispered Ryder had taken for himself.

Not many of his Drules would consider defiling a holy woman, too many of the pirates mired deep in their religious faiths. And though Lotor himself wasn’t particular religious, even he had second thoughts when it came to deciding just what to do about the handful of priestesses they had captured in the raid.

It was also surprising to hear Ryder having expressed interest in one. Beautiful though she may be, she was still a woman of faith, and was bound to reject Ryder’s amorous intentions. Lotor tsked inwardly, giving Ryder a look. “Did you really claim a priestess for your bed mate?” He asked out loud.

A Drule couldn’t blush like a human and yet Ryder look almost embarrassed. “So what if I did?” And that was confirmation enough.

“Just doesn’t seem like you.” Lotor commented. “You like challenge not a downright impossibility.”

Ryder frowned. “Are you saying you think I can’t seduce her to my bed?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Lotor gave him a pitying look. “You’ve never been one for outright force, and frankly I can’t see how you would get her otherwise.” He chuckled then, holding up his hands in a warding off gesture. “Don’t look at me that way, friend. You know how these holy women value their virtue. They are married to their beliefs, and won’t give it up for anyone, let alone a nefarious pirate.”

Ryder was still glaring at him, though the expression was more sullen than angry. “She is beautiful…”

“That beauty will be cold comfort when you sleep alone for the next three weeks.”

“Three weeks?” Ryder was all too eager for the chance to change the subject. “Am I right in assuming those three weeks entail a journey to a certain black market outpost?”

“Right you are.” Confirmed Lotor. “It’s time we set about to liquidating this treasure. If our ships become any heavier with such loads, we won’t be able to fly nearly as fast, if at all.”

“I’ll report to our navigator, and have him set a course for the outpost then.” Ryder said.

“Do that.” Lotor followed the dark haired Drule out of the treasure room. He’d pause long enough to lock the door with one of the only keys capable of opening it. He trusted his men, but only to a point, never knowing when one might take it to steal more than the promised share.

“When Cossack has a moment, get him to start work on identifying the individuals we can ransom. I want to know just how much those people are worth, and if we can force their families to pay such a price.”

“Right.” Ryder said, and started up the only staircase in this part of the ship. Lotor was close behind him, though they went their separate ways once they reached the main deck of the ship. The halls were not empty here, the pirates that were still on duty sticking to their designated routines. That included the ones responsible for keeping the ships flying, the look outs, the computer experts, the technicians and electricians. They weren’t down to a bare bones crew, Lotor adamant that a full contingent of Drules be on duty at all times. His men understood that, though many were eager to end their shifts, and enjoy themselves with the newest of the women that had been captured. There was almost enough women to go around, though those lower in the chain of command would be forced to make do with the less than desirables.

It wasn’t just the women that would be used. A few of his pirates’ inclinations went towards their own sex, and when it came to the cliental the Drules sometimes catered to, not even men were safe from ending up a rich man’s toy.

Not that Lotor could truly understand the appeal. He had and always would prefer the company of women, taking comfort from their soft and curvaceous bodies. But he tried not to judge, well aware that a few of his pirates even found Lotor himself an attractive, desirable being.

Lotor himself, was aware of his own desirability, having had many a woman swoon at the sight of him. Even those that were at first reluctant, could admit to an attraction. Lotor enjoyed such attention, loving the fact that women found him handsome and downright irresistible. He almost didn’t mind the fact that the women he went after, offered him little to no challenge, most days Lotor content with the results those that were easy to seduce yielded.

It was a good life that Lotor had. A life he expected to continue in much the same manner. Never did he suspect that soulful blue eyes would hold the power to uproot it all, Lotor assuming this new woman would act like all the rest, and eventually fall into line and become an obedient, docile creature.

He was already anticipating just how tonight would go down, right to the moment he opened the door to the captain’s private cabin. Unlocking the door with as much sound as he could make, Lotor was prepared for an attack. Expecting the woman to either slam down one of his many bottles of expensive rum and brandy on top his head, or to find her flinging the bottle and anything else she could lift, at him as he entered the room.

It was almost a ritual, the hysterical captive, always ready to try and hurt him in a foolish attempt to escape. The women he picked, never thought things through past what they would do if they managed to knock their tormentor out, never considering there were many other lusty Drule pirates wandering the halls. Many who would be quick to teach an unchaperoned miss the error of her ways.

Entering the room carefully, Lotor was most surprised when nothing smashed into him or the wall. Nor was the woman hiding, or locked in his bathroom, instead sitting calmly in his favorite over stuffed arm chair. She stared at him, her hands clasped together and primly positioned on her lap. Lotor let the door close behind him, a bit bemused that all the woman was doing was glaring. There wasn’t even a hint of tears in her eyes, the woman seeming completely in control of herself.

He didn’t think that control would last. She was bound to let her emotions get the worse of her as she began to realize the severity of her reality. Why he thought all it would take was a few predatory looks, and the unfastening of the buttons on his jacket, and the woman would give in to hysteria’s first push.

Walking towards her, his nimble fingers began to undo the first two buttons of his jacket. He stared at her as he did this, his own look dark, menacing. He noticed her pitiful attempts to repair her torn blouse, the woman somehow having found a few safety pins among his things. Lotor also noticed how the sky blue and gray clothing did her beauty little justice, the woman looking completely out of place in the servant’s outfit.

~She’d look a dozen times better out of them than in.~ That thought truly brought the heat to that look of his, Lotor smirking at the woman. She didn’t even shift in discomfort, just maintaining her glare. Lotor stopped unbuttoning his jacket halfway down, reaching the chair, and bending so that his hands were on both arm rests, caging the woman in.

“Well pet, have you been enjoying the accommodations?”

Slowly, she tilted her head back, Lotor close enough to her to steal a kiss. Somehow he restrained himself from taking it, actually wanting to hear what this woman might say. Wondering if she had the strength to maintain her unaffected facade, and speak at the same time.

“It would be fine….” She began, her voice strong in tone. “If not for the fact this room is nothing more than a prison.”

“A prison?” Lotor was amused. “Dear girl, this room is far from that. What prison do you know that has such comforts, such wealth on display?” There was treasure even here, a few open chest with some of the more ostentatious baubles spelling out of them. “Why do you know how many would kill for a chance to drink my wine, to use my shower, to lay in my bed?”

Her eyes briefly left his face, a nervous flicker to them as she glance at the aforementioned bed. It was enormous for the size of the room, taking up a significant portion of the floor. Silk sheets were spread across the mattress, and atop them lay a velvet coverlet. The bed’s frame was bolted to the floor, and a dozen pillows lay plumped at the head of it. It was a bed more than adequate for his needs, able to hold Lotor and several women at once. Though right now all he wanted was one, this intriguing blonde beauty who had yet to react in the predictable fashions.

“All gained through criminal activities, no doubt.” Tone dismissive, she turned back to him. The bed had unnerved her, but her indifferent mask was already back in place.

“Does it really matter how the things were acquired?” Lotor asked. “It won’t change that they are here, and that they will be used, the bed included.”

“I suppose a criminal would never understand the true value in working hard for things.”

“Oh?” He arched an eyebrow at her. “And you do?” He quickly caught her right hand, drawing it away from her lap. Running his fingers over her skin, seeking out the calluses that would accompany the hard work servants were known to do. He wasn’t that surprised to find her hands smooth and soft, as though this woman had never known a day of true labor.

“So tell me pet, what is it you do?”

“Do?” Her brow furrowed together. “Isn’t it obvious.” With her left hand she gestured at her clothing. “I am a servant. I cook, I clean, I do whatever my mistress asks of me.”

“She must not ask of you very much.” A quizzical look from the woman, Lotor smiling down at her. “Not only are your hands too soft, you have no dirt under your perfectly manicured nails.” Now she did flush, embarrassed at being caught in the lie.

“Hmm? Not going to argue with me on this?” Lotor hadn’t let go of the woman’s hands, his fingers stroking down to the pulse point in her wrist. Her heart beat a little faster than normal for a human, betraying that the girl was indeed nervous.

“I see no point in having to explain myself to a criminal.”

“No point indeed….but I can’t help wondering about you.” Lotor said, his voice going lower in tone.

“Please don’t concern yourself with me.”

“How can I not?” Lotor asked. “You are a fascinating enigma.” Now he pressed in close to her face so that they were cheek to cheek, Lotor reveling in that seemingly innocent touch. The fresh clean scent of her, the shampoo she used to clean her hair, enveloped him. “You don’t smell like cleaning chemicals.”

She reacted, trying to draw back startled. He pressed forward, pinning her against the chair’s back, and continuing to nuzzle against her cheek. “In fact, the perfume you wear smells like something expensive.”

“And you would be an expert on women’s perfume?” Startled though she was, the woman was also sarcastic.

“I’ve given enough bottles as gifts to recognize a brand I favor.” Lotor told her. “And this is not something just anyone can afford. So tell me miss…just exactly what are you?”

“I’m just a servant.”

“Liar.” Lotor mocked.

“Then why would I be in such an outfit?”

“Why indeed…” He murmured, his fingers going into her hair. She stiffened in reaction, but he paid no mind, too busy unraveling her bun so that her waist length hair fell down in a cascade of gold. Lotor couldn’t wait to see her laid out on his bed, naked and framed by that glorious mane of hair.

But he didn’t let such thoughts distract him, Lotor pulling back to look at the woman. “I of course have my theories.”


“You want to hide who you really are.” Lotor gave her a questioning look, acting like he couldn’t possibly figure out why she would do such a thing. ” But what purpose would that serve?”

“What purpose indeed…” She murmured softly.

“Unless….you thought to avoid burdening your rich family with a ransom demand?”

She didn’t quite manage an unconcerned laugh. “My family is hardly rich.”

“Rich enough I’d say.” He was pointed, touching her too soft hands once more. Now she really did shift uneasily, Lotor grinning. “You’ve been spoiled, a pampered princess who has had her every whim taken care of.”

“No, you’re wrong.” She stammered, a visible bundle of nerves.

“I can see the truth of it. You’re a LADY.” He said it as though lady was a dirty word, Lotor downright mocking. “You have the grace and poise of one, you even speak with a learned precision the servant class does not.” She had gone pale, though her face still maintained a natural expression.

“So tell me, pet…” He was leaning in close once more, his fingers catching at the woman’s hair to keep her from avoiding the brush of his lips on hers. “What IS your name?”

“My name?” She stammered in such a way Lotor wondered if he had succeeded in pushing her to the verge of hysterics. “Why should my name be important?”

“Because….” He grinned slow and predatory at her. “I’ll be wanting to know what to call out during our love making.”

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