Diplomat 05

Her stomach had begun to do a nervous fluttering, and the feeling had little to do with the fact that she was hungry. She had been uneasy for hours, too busy being brave, and then worrying about what was to happen to her. And now the inevitability she had worried the most about was upon her, the pirate full out kissing Allura.

It was difficult not to react, to not let out a girlish squeal of protest. But Allura refused to belittle herself in that way, too proud to do so much as gasp though the Gods know she WANTED to. Bad enough was the betraying quiver of her body, Allura starting to tremble with the first visible signs of her unease. She was sure the pirate noticed, but thankfully he didn’t stop to comment on the fact.

No, instead he was too busy kissing her, his mouth hungry and demanding. She wanted to jerk back, but aside from the fact he gripped her by the hair, Allura simply didn’t want to give him the added satisfaction of her resistance. Not when she had already decided against fighting him, against hysterics, and against being visibly afraid.

Allura was sure she knew his type, thinking the pirate the kind of man who would delight in a little struggle. He was after all a Drule, and those people were a barbarian race, the men practically vicious savages who enjoyed carrying off women against their will. The fact that Allura had seen several of the women being raped by the pirates, only added proof to the rumors she had based her every assumption on.

Allura didn’t know nearly enough about the Drules. Having had no actual experience with the race, she had only viewed them from afar. She knew of their interest in her planet, in the rare mineral that had made Arus a most coveted world. She certainly knew of their threats, and the fact that the Drule made no secret of their intent to take the mineral by force. Allura knew rough estimates of the size of their military, of the number of the soldiers willing to fight for the Drule Empire. And of course there was the rumors of their cruelty, their ruthless ambitions, their merciless dispositions.

Those rumors left her in no doubts about the man kissing her, Allura sure there was further cruelty laying in wait to be triggered. The fact that he kissed her, meant nothing to him, beyond a moment’s pleasure. He’d turn on her in an instant, just like he had no doubt had on the women that had come before her. The women he made no attempts to lie about, the pirate downright boasting about his success in making even the most reluctant of females enjoy herself.

Of course Allura didn’t truly believe his claims. She simply couldn’t fathom the pleasure that could be found from an unwanted act. And she was too uneasy, too attune to her fright and nervousness, to relax and notice if the kisses the pirate gave her were at all pleasant.

“You’re not very experienced, are you pet?”

The question brought a flush of color to her cheeks, Allura angry at her reaction, and downright defiant as she avoided giving a direct answer to him. “I’m sure that won’t be a problem for you.”

“No problem at all.” He purred like great big cat, moving to kiss her again. His kiss didn’t gentle, just as hungry, just as demanding. And though Allura had been kissed by men before, never had she felt such a raw need focused in that action. The kisses she had had before? Chaste in comparison to the lustful way he had at her. She didn’t feel that same desire, letting her lips move against his in a subdued attempt to at least mimic some of what he did. Allura told herself she did this, because it was expected, because he would demand her participation in more than just kissing. She might even delude herself into thinking if she kissed him back, he would gentle his actions, Allura having the opinion that that was infinitely better than rough.

But though she kissed him back, the pirate did not gentle or slow down the pace of his kiss. His lips were always moving, always exerting pressure, making Allura feel hurried to do the same. And then his tongue came into play, first doing teasing flicks that left her unable to properly taste him. Before Allura could decide if she preferred it that way, his tongue suddenly thrust forward, gliding past her lips to caress over her tongue.

It took all of Allura’s inner strength not to jerk back with a cry of alarm. Her heart beat raced, the pirate actually plundering her mouth with his tongue in repeated succession. Warmth heated her flesh, Allura knowing she was blushing. Not just from his tongue’s movements, but from the thought that had popped into her head. Once, she had heard someone say a man kissed like he made love, and if that was true….Allura couldn’t stop the shudder from going through her, knowing he noticed, and almost not caring. Not when his tongue was rubbing over hers, taking time to caress the sides of her mouth, to learn by touch every inch it could reach.

She was really hoping he wasn’t that thorough when it came to other expressions of desire. She simply wouldn’t be able to stand it if it was true.

His tongue did one last caress, and then he was kissing at the corners of her mouth. It gave her the chance to breathe, Allura trying not to gasp in the process. He looked at her, and his expression was smug. It triggered her anger, Allura somehow managing not to growl as she put out the first complaint she could think of.

“Finally! One would think you were trying to suffocate me before the food arrives.”

The smug look distorted, the pirate Lotor blinking at her. It actually took him a second to drawl out a response, his tone somewhat amused as he spoke. “Now that is the first time I have heard that particular complaint.”

“I am honestly shocked.” Allura told him. “One would think you are used to a multitude of complaints about your brazen behavior. ”

“Not that many, once the initial resistance crumbles.” She narrowed her eyes at him, the pirate smirking. “But I’ve hardly begun to be brazen.”

“Oh lucky me, I can hardly wait to see you at your worst.”

“Dear girl,my worst would still be an infinite times better than the best of the men you are used to.”

“The men I am used to?!” She demanded, not able to keep the insult out of her voice. “And just what do you mean by that?!”

“Calm yourself pet.” A stroke of his fingers against her cheek. “I meant not to offend. Simply I am pointing out the men of your past have been fools to have kept from experiencing you.”

“Those so called fools are gentleman. I hardly expect you to understand or respect how they behave.”

“Indeed I don’t. I could never respect a man who holds back on his desires.”

“You act as though those desires what motivates all!” Allura snapped.

“Doesn’t desire motivate everyone to some degree? Be it the desire for food, shelter, or the desire for another person. In the end are we not just moving forward from one desire to the next?”

“I think you confuse desire with need. You desire the things you steal, the women you bed. You don’t NEED to do those things, not like you need food and water to live!” Allura told him.

“Ah but what if I can’t live another minute without tasting your lips?” The pirate asked her. Again she narrowed her eyes at him, glaring.

“Then I hope you would be so kind as to expire!”

“I would be wounded if I thought you really wished that.” His fingers were back in her hair, the pirate Lotor already tugging her into place for another kiss.

“What makes you think I do not?!” challenged Allura.

He held off from kissing her, long enough to issue a bone chilling reply. “Because as badly as you do not want to be affectionate with me, I am a dozen times better a partner than any one of the number of Drules that make up my crew. They would not be half as nice as me, nor anywhere as patient.”

“So I saw.” Allura said, shuddering as she recalled the rapes she had witnessed the start of.

“Poor pet, did it upset you?”

“Yes, of course it did. What woman wouldn’t be affected by the sight of such things.” She felt his fingers relax their hold on her hair, the pirate no longer trying for another kiss.

“Is that why you’ve decided to be so docile?” He questioned, eyes intent on the study of her. Allura couldn’t stop from scoffing, keen righteousness bubbling past the upset she had been feeling.

“I am hardly docile.” She fixed him with a cold glare. “Make no mistake, captain, and think me tamed. If ever there came a time where I thought I could overpower you, or do you a great harm, I would not hesitate.”

“I’ll be sure to keep my sword, and any of the cutlery well away from you then.”

“Do not mock me!” She snapped angrily.

“I am not.” His hand cupped the side of her face, the pirate bowing his head so that his forehead touched hers. “But I won’t leave an opening for you to harm ME or yourself.”

“I can understand why you seek to preserve your own hide, but why care about mine?” Allura demanded, staring into his serious expression.

“You are proving a delight. I well expect to be entertained in and out of bed by you.”

“I don’t see how.” Truthful was her tone, Allura frowning. “It’s not as if I am trying to be pleasant.”

“And that alone is a refreshing change…” She heard him murmur.

“And it’s not as if I have any true experience to use towards pleasing you in bed.” Allura continued.

“So virgin are we?” He asked, and she couldn’t stop the flush that colored her cheeks. He laughed, delighted. “What you don’t know, you can learn. I am, after all, a most excellent teacher.”

“If your teaching is anything like your kissing, I will be left wanting indeed.”

“Is that an invitation to try harder?” His eyes gleamed with predatory intent, Lotor catching at her shoulders, and pressing her more firmly against him.

“Do not misunderstand me!” Allura protested. “I like too much breathing and think too little of your kisses.”

“Oh dear me. Then I really have done you wrong, if you’re not going breathless with anticipation. Allow me to remedy this at once.”

“Don’t bother..!” Her words were muffled, the pirate’s lips pressing against hers. No less prepared for it this time than the last, it was all Allura could do to keep from crying out. Not when it was too much, too soon. His mouth moving with the experience that surely had been earned on the lips of dozens of different women, the pirate Lotor used it all to overwhelm and kiss her senseless.

As uneasy as she was, Allura was also astonished. Shocked even, and downright appalled that even for one second, she could forget the situation, and the circumstances that had led her to being kissed by this pirate. Her heart actually pounded, though desire wasn’t spiraling through her. But something else was, and it wasn’t all disgust and revulsion, a kind of wildness that told Allura it would have been exciting to be kissed like this by a man who had courted her in the acceptable fashion.

Instead she was a captive, to be used and sold provided Allura didn’t find a way to escape at least the latter. The reality of it, made her angry, her own kiss just as hard and unforgiving as his, her mouth contesting his in how rough it could be. Leaving the kiss hard, wet and deep, their tongues combative, Allura tasting sex, desire, and the pirate’s dark delight in the response she had given him.

The blush was upon her, her cheeks surely turning as red as they could possibly be. Angry with him, and angry with herself for allowing such a heated kiss, Allura’s hands touched the pirate’s shoulders. The leather of his jacket wasn’t at all like the silk of her borrowed nightgown, heavy where hers was thin. He probably couldn’t even properly feel her touch, where as Allura keenly felt the sudden heat of his hands moving all over her.

She certainly felt it when his hand closed around one breast, Allura not quite managing to keep from jumping in place at that inappropriate touch. Certainly she was cursing the fact that the gown was such that she had to remove her shredded bra, leaving her vulnerable to his fingers’ caress over her silk covered nipples.

She meant to push him away, but that unasked for touch distracted as much as shocked her. It was nothing like when Allura had touched herself there, the woman actually feeling something that wasn’t completely unpleasant. The slightest of tingling, her nipples reacting to the pirate’s insistent rubbing. It made Allura want to bite down on something, anything to keep from squealing.

The pirate almost got that sound from her too, the kiss abruptly ended. Startled and breathless, tingling at the very tips of her breasts, Allura stared wide eyed at the pirate. He was grinning, all too smug and pleased with himself. Allura thought she was very close to hating then, but his fingers kept on touching her. It made her wish she could do something just as infuriating to him, something to set him off balance and make him feel other than that smug self satisfaction.

But her knowledge of men wasn’t as extensive as she required in this kind of situation. She didn’t know any tricks, had only managed to hold her own in the kissing due to her own anger. And fiend that he was, the pirate Lotor had to know it!

He didn’t even look properly winded from the kissing, sitting there almost picture perfect except for a few wild strands of hair that lay haphazardly in place. The makings of an idea concerning those strands had her smiling, Allura wanting to win one over on him, and thinking a bit of unasked for tenderness might be just the thing to set Lotor off balance.

Eyes that held desire for her, turned surprised when she tenderly brushed the strands to the sides of his face. He was even more so amazed, when her fingers lingered, Allura stroking his cheeks much like he had done hers.

“What’s this pet? Have I suddenly won you over?” There was suspicion in his voice, but she didn’t rise to the bait, Allura letting out a noncommittal sound as she brushed a kiss over his lips. Immediately he sought to deepen it, Allura sliding her fingers into his hair, tugging on it as she bit gently at his lip. He actually shivered in response, Allura licking over his lip, before plunging her tongue into his mouth.

It was different, the kiss, Allura used to receiving rather than giving. Certainly she had never been so bold as to thrust her tongue inside another person, let alone pulled on their hair. And yet here she was, not only kissing him, but having initiated it. He seemed just as surprised as her by the fact, Allura pressing against him, actually pushing her breasts into his eager and welcoming hands.

The fact that he began to massage and knead at her breasts, it made her own kiss falter. That second’s hesitation led to Lotor taking control, the man practically feasting at her mouth as his hands wandered and caressed over her body. She felt every touch, felt it as though those hands encased in their gloves was touching her skin directly. What began as a squirming to evade those masterful hands, soon had her body thrumming with pleasurable awareness, Allura realizing she had done nothing save to speed her way on to total ravishment.

Inwardly cursing herself for her foolishness and lapse in judgement, Allura tried to speak. “Wait.” She managed, her tone far too breathless, lending it a sultry quality Allura wasn’t at all sure she liked. “Wait.”

He stole kisses between every protest, Lotor’s own breath harsh and rasping. She pulled as hard as she dared on his hair, half expecting him to snarl in response.

“I told you to wait.”

“You don’t invite a starving man to dinner pet…” His tone was chastising, but he couldn’t pull of a reproachful look. Not with the naked desire that was plain on his face. “And then expect him to stop at the first bite.”

She colored, heat warming her face. Worse yet, she had no true retort, not willing to explain herself, or the fact that she had angrily, childishly tried to best him in an area she had no business even trying.

It had to be the wine, Allura decided. It had been wrong to drink so much on so empty a stomach. It was leaving her vulnerable, making her do stupid things in the heat of the moment. Her foolish actions invited misunderstandings, had gained her even more troubles and unwanted attention, the pirate’s hands moving in an attempt to draw up the long length of her borrowed gown’s skirt.

“Dinner.” She managed to say, tone urgent.

“Can wait.” He decided, baring her legs to his hands eager explorations. The leather of his gloves was soft, brushing over her skin and bringing goose bumps in it’s wake. She stared down at them, watching his hand’s glide higher on her leg, her breath stalling in her lungs.

His hand on her calf, the pirate Lotor began to kiss along the side of Allura’s jaw. Feather like, downright gentle, but no less insistent than the ones he had given her just seconds ago, Allura began trembling uncontrollably.

By the time he was past her knee, those kisses had moved down the side of her neck. Lotor found the pulse point there, tasted her rapidly beating heartbeat with his lips. Allura inhaled sharply, a sound building in her, wanting to come out though she fought it. and then his hand was on her thigh, fingers reaching, sliding over to the inside of it.

Immensely grateful she still had on her panties, Allura started to shift out of the straddle he had pulled her into earlier. His fingers brushed against her the edge of her panties, Allura’s first instinct to freeze in reaction rather than fight or flee.

That moment of hesitation had allowed the pirate to cup his hand against her groin, Allura fully voicing her shock with a gasp. Never had she been touched like this, never had she allowed anyone to take such liberties with her body. The thin barrier that was her panties, did nothing to lessen the feelings impacting her, Allura shocked beyond belief. He did nothing more, but the strong hand on her most feminine part made her inner confidence waver. The brave front she had been maintaining, came that much closer to falling, Allura closing her eyes in an effort to concentrate on her breathing, to remember she wasn’t to panic, wasn’t to scream, and she most certainly wasn’t to cry!

It was almost impossible, the pirate Lotor now slipping his hand into her panties. His gloved fingers touched her most secret spot, Allura giving an involuntary jerk of her body. Her eyes snapped open when his fingers began moving purposefully, Allura staring wide eyed and stricken at the fiendish pirate who was making a habit of studying her every reaction.

His hand drew up, fingers feather soft and moving over her flesh. Almost delicate were the touches, as though Lotor himself was aware she’d break if he pressed any harder. Touching her all over, his fingers feeling out every single inch of the furled flesh. By the time he began kissing her, Allura was moving, rocking in place a top his hand. It was humiliating, and yet she couldn’t help herself, unable to stop and thinking she understood better why people went so crazy for sex.

Growing hotter yet, and bothered by the sensations coursing through her, nearly all thought flew out of her mind when his fingers touched on a most pleasurable spot. She almost wasn’t aware of speaking, almost wasn’t aware of the breathy moan she let out.


But fire was building in her, the heat seeming to center on the spot between her legs. Threads of pleasure were going through her, and in that moment Allura almost didn’t want it to stop. Even as she knew she would be horribly embarrassed, might even hate herself for it once the fire cooled, and Allura returned to her senses. But her hand had locked around his wrist, as though she feared he was going to draw it away.

Moving with him, the flames caught hold of her, Allura suddenly arching, lips opening to scream. He kissed her then, eating up her sounds, his fingers never stopping their maddening rubbing. Even as she convulsed, went wild on his lap, Allura’s only anchor her hold on his wrist, he continued to tease her.

She had a feeling he’d go right on teasing her all night, never stopping if not for the sudden knocking on the cabin’s door. That snapped Allura back to reality even with Lotor’s fingers still moving over her.

“Answer it.” She said in a voice that sounded like nothing she was used to hearing.

“Are you sure, pet?” He nuzzled her hair, lips brushing against an ear that felt too sensitive. But then everything about her had become that way, reacting to him despite her desire not to. “There’s so much more interesting things to be had than dinner.”

Allura wasn’t ready for things to progress any further. Hell, she hadn’t been ready for the things he had done with his fingers, her cheeks still warm with her blush and arousal.

“You promised me a meal.”

“Did I now….I honestly can’t remember…” But he finally let her go, Allura practically flying as she scrambled off his lap and stood on shaky legs. Trying to act unaffected by what had happened, she began smoothing down the ankle length skirt of her gown. Eating was the last thing she felt like doing, Allura unsure she could stomach even one bite of food at this time. But she would try, grateful for the interruption the meal had given her, the time it bought her to somehow prepare herself for what would happen.

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