Diplomat 06

He didn’t immediately draw up out of the chair. Even with dinner waiting, and the delights that waited after it’s eating, Lotor held himself still. Letting himself mourn the absence of the woman from his lap, missing the warmth of her body against his, and that of the pleasant feel of her bottom squirming in place over the erection that had tented most insistently against his trouser’s front.

~Gods!~ He thought to himself, bringing a hand to rub over his face as if that action could somehow grant him a composure he did not feel. But she had set him off balance, fascinating him with her bold manner and way of speaking. Entertaining him, both by being interesting and amusing, at some point she had become dangerous. He could pin point that moment to the exact instant she had kissed him back, her anger taking control and surprising them both with the intensity of her passions. Already more fascinated than he should be, if Lotor wasn’t careful, the woman would completely enthrall him within a few days’ time.

It was that thought, that very real worry, that allowed him to stop from committing any further acts of debauchery in this instance. It made him almost grateful for the meal’s interruption, for the chance it gave them both to calm down, and settle their thoughts and their bodies.

It was difficult, exceedingly so. With the scent of her still lingering in the air, her climax’s juices still staining the fingers of one glove, and Lotor’s own erection throbbing near violent in his pants, it was all he could do to keep from charging her, ripping off the gown, and throwing her legs up on his shoulders.

He wanted to be inside her, needing badly. And there in lie the danger, to take her when he himself was so out of control could prove disastrous. Lotor didn’t want anything to get confused for him, well aware he would ransom or sell her into slavery once the outpost was reached. He certainly didn’t want to become besotted of the woman, of any woman, and not just because there was a profit to be made. His life at the moment simply couldn’t fit in a real relationship, a girlfriend a complication he didn’t want or need. He had pirates to lead, empires to topple, thrones to take. Only once his own legacy was secure, could Lotor truly afford to commit himself to a woman.

So why even think about this now? He managed a frown, hoping sex after he had a chance to calm down from his surprise, would cure him of any unwanted feelings that were verging on forming attachments to his captive. Already those feelings had a strong pull on him, keeping Lotor from handing the woman over to one of his other pirates in exchange for another who wouldn’t hold such a dangerous fascination.

Lotor knew if he was smart, he’d do that right now. Send the woman into the arms of whatever pirate had come to deliver the meal. And yet one look at her, and he rebelled against the very idea, Lotor cursing under his breath as he rose up out of the chair. She glanced at him, face still flushed with her own arousal, her eyes unhappy with what had just happened. Lotor supposed his own face matched that unhappiness, the pirate stalking past her without so much as a word when what he really wanted to do was grab and kiss her, throw her down to the floor and take what his body so badly wanted.

Gritting his teeth, Lotor headed towards the cabin’s door. He stripped off his gloves as he went, tossing them and his jacket onto a chair. The pirate with the meal had yet to knock again, waiting patiently for his captain to answer, even if it should take another hour or two. And all because his pirates knew better than to interrupt Lotor when he was with a woman, especially on something as unurgent as a meal.

Yanking the door open, he spied young Smythe standing at attention, a covered platter held in his hands. Smythe who claimed to be eighteen but might have been as young as sixteen, bowed his head to Lotor in greeting. Lotor barely acknowledged him, snatching the platter from the young Drule. He got one last look at Smythe, whose silver eyes peered curiously past Lotor, as if trying to get a view of the woman the captain had claimed for himself.

Feeling possessive, maybe even downright jealous at the thought of another man seeing the woman when she was still in the flush of arousal, Lotor kicked the door shut behind him. If not for the platter he held, he might have done something insane, and all because of the maddening appeal the woman held for him.

Trying not to let any of his turmoil or thoughts show, he smiled at her then. It wasn’t as playful a look as he had previously gave her, Lotor both moody and aroused.

“I hope you’re ready to eat up.” He said out loud. “My crew can boast of having one of the better if not the best cooks in all the galaxy.”

“Oh?” She didn’t look at all interested in the platter, still red faced and flustered. Lotor had no doubt her body had warmed, the reactions he had teased out of her, making the woman downright feverish with need. “And is this cook also a pirate on the side?”

“Every member of my crew is, to some extent. Some just excel better at other things.” The table wasn’t anywhere near the woman, and yet Lotor found himself walking closer to her. His nostrils flared, trying to scent her and the arousal she was feeling. That female musk was like a shot of aphrodisiac in his veins, Lotor gripping the platter harder rather than throw it aside and jump the woman.

“And what do YOU excel at?” She demanded, turning in place to watch him.

He laughed, eyes twinkling with amusement as Lotor cast a look over his shoulder at her. “You’ve already sampled just a taste of ONE of the things I am good at.”

Interesting enough her face turned redder, an angry mottled shade that did nothing to lessen her beauty. “You think too highly of yourself and your skill!”

“Are you saying it wasn’t any good?” Lotor asked, setting down the platter. The woman gave an affirmative nod, Lotor tsking at her. “Even with my glove’s fingers still wet with your climax?”

Her eyes flashed, her anger keenly expressed in her gaze. “That means nothing.”

“Oh nothing?” Lotor held off from uncovering the platter, his eyes riveted on her. “Then come closer and show me how little it truly means.”

“You forget Captain.” Her glare was pure ice, her voice holding steel to it. “We are not in love, we don’t even like each other.”

“I like you just fine.” He interrupted.

“Pity for you then, for I do not feel the same way.” She sniffed. “And without some real feeling to the act, it is ultimately meaningless.”

“Do you honestly believe you need love to enjoy sex?” He asked, curious. “Can you not just fuck for pleasure’s sake?” A sly smile then. “To let yourself go, to enjoy the moment, like you did on my lap?”

“What happened on the chair was a mistake.” She told him, her tone and manner firm. “It will not be repeated.”

“And why won’t it?”

“You….it…your actions. They caught my off guard. Now that I know what to expect….”

“You’ll what?” Lotor demanded. “Keep yourself from feeling, from responding to me?” He let out a cruel laugh at the determined yes she gave him. “Ah pet. How amusing a misconception you have about your body’s passions.”

“You know nothing of my body’s passions!” She snapped, and her wondered what angered her more. That he had laughed at her, or that she knew he was right.

“I know enough.” He told her. “And I’ll find out more. I won’t rest until I know your every weakness, every sweet spot on your body. Before our time is through, I’ll know exactly how to touch, how to kiss to make you quiver and spread your legs with need.”

“Oh? Do you plan to wait for the hells to freeze over?” She asked in a sickly sweet tone. “Because that is how long it will take before I give you the kind of response you’re hoping for!”

“Then at least one of the hells is in for an early frost.” He teased. “After all, it was not I who squirmed to the stroke of a Drule’s fingers.”

“I was trying to avoid your touch!” She protested.

“You did not try hard enough then.” Lotor’s voice turned coaxing. “Come now. There is no need to be ashamed or to lie to yourself. It was good, you enjoyed it, and might even be looking forward to what else I will do.”

“The only thing I am looking forward to is for this whole ordeal to be over with!” She stalked forward, approaching the small table he had set the platter down on top of. But when she reached to uncover the platter, his own hand stopped her.

“If you are that eager, who am I to deny you?” Another one of his more predatory grins, Lotor all but looming over the woman. “Let us forgo the meal completely, and sate our other hungers on each other.”

“I insist you feed me first.” Magnificent woman that she was, the beauty refused to show how intimidated she felt by his nearness. “Or…” A sarcastic lilt to her voice. “Do you take pleasure in the act of using a woman whose hunger has forced her to collapse in a dead faint?”

“I prefer my partners to be energetic.”

“Then I shall do nothing more than lay still beneath you in that bed.” She retorted, then looked shocked at his reply.

“And what if I want you on top?” The hand not covering hers, reached to played with a stray curl that caressed the side of her face. “What if I want to watch, while you dance and writhe on my cock, your body bending over me so that your breasts dangle in reach of my mouth.” He licked his lips then, Lotor watching the shudder go through her. But was it revulsion, or keen interest that caused that reaction? He didn’t know, leaning into her, to whisper seductively in her ear.

“I’ve been wanting to taste your breasts for some time. To feel those sensitive tips on my tongue, to find out if they are pink like your most fetching blush, or darker like raspberries and just as sweet to eat.”

“I am hungry.” She said pointedly, looking down at their hands on top of the platter. “And I will be a bitter morsel if I am not fed soon.”

“I doubt much of anything could turn you sour.” Gods help him, but he really wasn’t going to be able to wait. She was maddening, her reactions just making Lotor want her more. “There’s not a rotten spot on your body…” His tongue flicked out, tasting her ear. She managed to hold still at that sudden touch, but her breath inhaled sharply, the only reaction she gave to him.

“Are you aware of just how many erogenous zones there are on a woman’s body?”

“It’s not information I’ve had need of.” She said in that stiff, unyielding manner of hers.

“Which is a downright shame. Every woman should know about her body, about what will and will not please her.” He traced the curve of her ear with tiny kisses. “But worry not pet. It will be my utmost pleasure to help you discover them.”

“Isn’t this night to be about you and YOUR pleasure, captain?”

“Believe me when I say it will be to my pleasure to awaken you fully to the pleasures of the flesh.” He stroked her hair, and kissed down onto the side of her neck. “Of course, not every woman is the same. There is some spots that are practically universal in the pleasure they can provide when stimulated. But others?”

“Dinner.” She said urgently, trying to move her hand but it lay trapped beneath his.

“The throat is a good spot.” He lifted up her hair, exposing the back of her neck. “As is here.” Again she shivered as Lotor brushed his lips across the nape of her neck. “And here…” He kissed the back of one sun kissed shoulder, letting her hair drop down once more.

“Many women enjoy having their hair stroked.” He ran fingers through her hair, his tone becoming pure mischief as he spoke. “While others, yourself included, enjoy stroking of a different sort.”

“I didn’t….”

“Do not persist in maintaining that lie unless you want an immediate repeat performance of such an act.” Lotor lightly threatened. Her mouth snapped close, lips pressed tightly together. His smile was sly, Lotor muffling his impulse to laugh. “Ah pet, you really do try to deny yourself, don’t you?”

“I am not attempting to deny myself of any thing. I am simply famished, and if listening to your little lesson is what I must endure before I can eat, than so be it.”

She was probably determined to natters on incessantly about her hunger, right up to the point pleasure took over and became her most immediate need. “That won’t do.” He murmured out loud. “I want you to be focused on me.”

“I am focused.” She retorted. “Just not to the extent you would prefer.”

“Then I suppose I have little choice.” He sighed as though dealt a great burden. “Very well pet. You may have your meal.” He lifted his hand off of hers, though Lotor remained standing close to her. She hesitated just a second, glancing suspiciously at him before she uncovered the platter.

There was an assortment of foods crowded together, including every known aphrodisiac that had been available from the cook’s kitchen. Innocent that she was, Lotor didn’t think the woman had any real clue what some of her choices would do, the pirate hiding a smile as he watched her pile on her plate more food than she could possibly hope to eat in one sitting.

He stopped her when she attempted to take a fork, Lotor not about to allow her any thing which could prove dangerous. Gentle creature that she was, Lotor had no doubt her mind was inventive enough to think up a way to do real harm with that fork. And if she was not, he would in no way illuminate her on the stabbings she could do, or the gouging out of eyes that could be attempted with a fork.

Once her plate was more than adequately fully, she all but pushed him aside, to drop down into one of the table’s three seats. Lotor immediately took the seat next to her, though he had no interest in the meal. He was more consumed with watching her, fascinated with the way she made eating with her hands an art form.

She tried to ignore him, to pretend she didn’t notice how intently he studied her. But it was clear by the way she was nibbling, that she was aware. Aware and not liking it, her eyes flashing with annoyance.

“Must you do that?” She demanded at last.

“If it bothers you, then by all means. Put aside your meal, and come join me on the bed.”

She popped a piece of fruit in her mouth, the reddish orange colored morsel named appropriately enough for the passion it was said to inspire. “You are not going to rush me in this.”

“That was not my intention.” He watched as she started in on the salad, pleased that she bit into large mouthfuls of argula and carrots, and leaves covered in ginger garlic dressing. His satisfaction showed, the suspicious look back in her eyes.

“What?” She glanced down at the salad, as though trying to figure out what could be wrong with it.

“I am just pleased you are not only enjoying your meal, but proving to be a healthy eater.”

“You’ve done something to it, haven’t you?” She said flatly, pushing aside the salad. He made with the wide eyed innocent routine. “It’s drugged isn’t it?”

“Only with nature’s own aphrodisiac.”

She was suddenly reexamining the food, a long, potent silence between them. He tried to be helpful, pointing out another stimulating delicacy. “Try the oysters perhaps?”

If he had been expecting the meal to be at an end, she soon proved him wrong. With a defiant look in her eye, she reached for the strawberries, making sure to dip a generous amount of chocolate onto it’s red skin.

“I suppose everything here is designed to stimulant one’s sexual appetite.” She was far too calm, biting into the strawberry. Lotor almost moaned, watching the way her tongue flicked out to lick up the drop of chocolate on her bottom lip.

“Just about.” He managed to say, though Lotor’s voice sounded rough even to his own ears.

“Then there’s no point in starving myself.” She picked another fat berry, making sure to coat it well in the chocolate. She eyed him as she bit into it, the woman sighing. “Though I don’t know why you bother. We both know what is going to happen, and it isn’t like I’ve tried to deny you on that front.”

“But you would deny yourself if you could, and ME.” Lotor said, and leaned towards her. There was chocolate on her lip again, Lotor making a sound that stopped her from licking it up. His hand lifted, thumb brushing at the chocolate, before pushing it into her mouth. She looked surprised, not knowing what to do.

“Suck on it like a good girl.” He said, his eyes growing heavy lidded when she got over her initial hesitation. There was the first, almost delicate sucks, her tongue actually flickering against his thumb to lick up that bit of chocolate. Lotor practically purred then, murmuring to her. “That’s it…just like that….” Then she bit him, the woman not at all gentle, her teeth attempting to pierce his flesh.

Startled, the bite stinging, Lotor still managed not to jerk back though he withdrew his finger quick enough. He glanced down at his thumb, almost expecting to see blood, then laughed. “Rebellious sweet, you should know. Biting itself can be considered foreplay to a Drule.”

“Don’t stick strange things in my mouth unless you want me to bite them in half!” Was her defiant retort.

“I’d risk it again in a heartbeat, to experience seven minutes of heaven inside that sweet mouth of yours.”

Sweet innocent that she was, the woman hadn’t a clue to what he really meant. Lotor would enjoy educating her on that front, on that and all aspects of the kind of sex he enjoyed. And it was time for her next real lesson, Lotor rising from the table.

Thinking himself calm enough now to survive the experience of sex without succumbing to the woman’s enchanting allure, Lotor took hold of her hand. There was a reluctance to her body, the woman rising slowly from her seat.

“Now, now pet. You needn’t look as though you are going to the executioner’s block.”

That earned him a fierce look from her, the look infinitely better than the keen reluctance she had showed just seconds earlier.

“I think I would prefer the axe man’s blade at this point.”

“Contrary to popular belief, sex is not a fate worse than death.” Lotor chided. Her look was one of haughty disbelief, her head raising stubbornly.

“I will be the judge of that.”

“Then I will do my best not to disappoint.” And Lotor would precede to do just that, taking the woman on the bed, on the floor, against the wall, even in his favorite chair. The couplings would last the remainder of the night, and continue even into the day, leaving the woman exhausted and Lotor well pleasured.

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