Diplomat 17

Lotor was a mix of turbulent emotions, his blood stirred with the powerful feelings of excitement, arousal, and the self satisfaction that came from winning a victory over his opponent. That the victory was minor at best, did not matter to him, Lotor riding the high of finally knowing the woman’s name, of finally being once step closer to solving the mystery of her origins.

“Alicia.” He tested out the name out loud, his voice a soft purr, then wanted to laugh. Such a simple thing, and yet a name that held power within it’s frame, Lotor wondering just where the name would lead him, and to who.

It didn’t matter that offhand, Lotor could not think of any ruling class that had a lady Alicia in their family. The Denubian Galaxy was vast, one of the largest in the universe, with hundreds of planets spread across it’s length. There was no possibly way for Lotor to know, to even hope of knowing, every single worlds’ princesses, queens and empresses. Especially if Alicia was from a world that wasn’t known for making waves, a world that might be relatively isolated in comparison to it’s more powerful neighbors.

He looked forward to finding out more, to finding out just which world she came from, and just how rich and titled his pretty pet truly was. More than that, he looked forward to acquiring the ransom he would net in exchange for Alicia being returned to her family. To that money filling his coffers, to the things he would buy with it all. Alicia’s ransom, just one of many, would go a long way to making a dent in the money Lotor needed. The money he needed to successfully conquer an Empire. And when one fell, the other would follow, the assets gained being used to launch an all out assault on the survivors.

He hadn’t yet decided which Empire he would target first. Which Empire looked the easiest of the two to tackle. It wasn’t a decision Lotor would make today, the Drule too smug, too excited, his blood stirred with arousal and violent need. He needed to be out celebrating his little victory, Lotor hot and bothered by more than just the fact he had finally learned her name.

It was her own fault, his pretty little pet inadvertently goading him with her words, with the image that had sprang to mind when she had attempted to negotiate with him. Lotor had never been expecting the woman to offer herself up in place of her three coconspirators, and yet that was exactly what she had done, wanting to be the one strung up and tortured in their stead.

The woman, Alicia, hadn’t known the true danger, thinking to endure the whip and anything else Lotor could throw at her. She had been expecting pain, to be hurt and bled, never realizing that the whip could do much more than that. That Lotor could do so much more, his own skill and expertise such, that he could easily change the lashing of a whip from pain to pleasure and back again. His pet, Alicia, was truly an innocent, naive of such things. But there had been no mistaking the heat in Lotor’s eyes, the way he lit up with predatory excitement at her offer. Even an innocent like Alicia, had recognized the look for what it was, her own skin paling, the woman downright frightened. She surely thought Lotor depraved, probably imagining he got off on hurting women. She might even have become disappointed, to learn the look had nothing to do with the depravities she imagined, Lotor simply enjoying too much the arts of bondage and whip play.

If there was time before he had to exchange her for the ransom, perhaps Lotor WOULD introduce her to a less wholesome expression of sexual desire. There was something to be said about restraints, about tying a woman to his bed, rendering her helpless, her sight stolen by a blindfold. Forcing her to rely on senses other than her sight, making her feel a dozen times more intently the things he did to pleasure her and himself.

Already battling the excitement boiling in his blood, Lotor found his pants growing just a bit more snug. simply from imagining Alicia bound to his bed, her thighs spread, her body on display for his ardent inspection. He could lose himself in fantasies alone, and that was a troubling realization. Lotor was one who preferred to actually do, rather than just think about it, whether it be pleasuring a woman, or taking over a planet. A man of action, the fact that he could be happy, that he could actually waste his valuable time just thinking about what he wanted to do with the woman, troubled him. Because it meant the infatuation he grudgingly admitted to having over Alicia, was spiraling out of control, seeping into his thoughts more than Lotor wanted.

He wasn’t sure what to do about it though. How to rid himself of this need, how to stop the thoughts and fantasies from coming to him unbidden. Fucking her wasn’t doing the trick. After seven or so times, she should have been out of his system. He wasn’t one to grow obsessed with a woman, easily prone to tiring of them once he had bedded them. Bored easily, Lotor kept the women in his bed on rotation, switching partners out as often as it suited him.

Lotor knew and accepted that it would be better for them all, once the woman Alicia was gone from his life. She was a distraction he did not want, a distraction his plans couldn’t really afford. And even knowing that, Lotor’s first instinct told him to go to her. To toss her down on the first convenient surface, and rut hard inside her. It took an inordinate amount of self control, not to give in, to remain seated in his office.

And still his desires raged out of control, the leather fabric of his trousers straining, pulling tight over his half formed erection. It nearly took all of his reserves of self control, Lotor refusing to waste a climax on his own hand. Refusing to leave, to get up and go to the woman in an uncharacteristic show of supreme need.

Lotor knew he needed to distract himself, needed to stop thinking about her, and the erotic visions that tormented his mind. Of the flashes that showed her trussed up with silk ribbons, his pet unable to move save for how he positioned her. Abruptly, Lotor shook his head no, frowning though no one was around to see it. He knew he had to do something to take his mind off of Alicia, and yet he didn’t trust himself to handle any of the documents that were laid out before him on the table.

There was many, small, separate piles, his life divided into threes. There was his responsibilities as the crown prince of the Doom Empire, limited though those were. His father simply didn’t trust him, Zarkon not wanting to allow Lotor the chance to do good, to do better than the King had ever done. Most of the work Zarkon foisted off on his son, were dealings with planets out on the very fringe of the Doom Empire, those worlds supposedly so isolated and abandoned, that whispers of Lotor’s accomplishments would never make it to the heart of Zarkon’s kingdom.

Lotor snorted, thinking Zarkon both smart and a fool. He was right not to trust his own son, but ever so stupid to think the worlds under Lotor’s care, did not thrive and ally with him. Many of the soldiers who would fight in Lotor’s army, they came from those distant worlds, so called undesirables eager to prove themselves, to make a name for themselves, to even gain the right to live in the heart of the Doom Empire.

A few good deeds, some smooth talking, and enough money, had done wonders for Lotor’s own ambitions. Those ambitions had a pile of their own, papers detailing the expenses spent, and the money still needed before Lotor’s army was ready to take on Doom and Demos. There was listings of every man and woman ready to fight, the amount of weapons and armor needed to outfit each soldier, along with how much it would cost.

He didn’t just have his expenses in the pile, but whole plans written out. Battle schemes, and tactics ready to be tried against his enemies. Lotor had made a habit of studying both Doom and Demos’ past battles, learning the preferred tactics employed by the commanders of those armies. Lotor had his own plans to break through their defense, to pulverize their own people, to take by brute force the empires he so desired.

He had files on the key members of the war that would happen. People who could be bribed, and people who needed to be taken care of before the fighting actually broke out. Spies were already planted in both Empires, sending him steady reports of their findings.

The pile dedicated to his ambitions, was his favorite. But there was a third, the one devoted to his life as a pirate. It was lucrative, this business of piracy, Lotor and his crew having made several lifetimes of fortunes in the course of three years. Of course his father and the rest of the Doom Empire had no idea just how fortunate the pirates had been, how rich they had gotten under Lotor’s leadership. Lotor intended to keep it that way, falsifying documents, letting his father and those that would tax him, think the pirates were just barely getting by. His father would turn red if he had any inkling of the fortunes Lotor had amassed in so short a time.

The money and lifestyle of a pirate suited Lotor best, out of all his current hats. He’d trade it all in an instant to be supreme ruler of the Denubian Galaxy, merging both the Doom Empire and Demos into one unstoppable force. That time drew ever closer to happening, especially now with the Doom scientists’ ultimate weapon in Lotor’s hands. And yet he couldn’t entirely feel elated, not when a blue eyed, blonde beauty continued to infest his every thought, leaving him feverish and tight skinned, Lotor drumming fingers on the surface of his desk.

There were reports laid across the desk, new estimates from his accountants, the Drules having begun their estimates of the worth of the items taken in the latest raid. They were definitely going to be rich, richer yet than they already were, even with that bitch who dared called herself the black market Queen, undercharging them the true value of their stock. But their options were limited so long as they wanted to keep under Zarkon’s notice. It was just a damn pity that Merla held such a stranglehold on the black market.

Letting out a exasperated sigh, the drumming of his fingers intensifying, Lotor found some of his tension, easing back in response to the annoyance he felt at the thought of dealing once again with Merla. At least the ransoms would be all theirs, Merla unable to touch the profit the pirates made in trading back people to their families.

Still it would be good to lighten the ship of it’s most recent hauls. Especially to rid himself of the woman who was fast becoming an obsession, Lotor swearing to himself that upon reaching the outpost, he would secloister himself with at least five women. All in an effort to forget Alicia, to forget the inexplicable, uncontrollable desire he felt for her.

But he wasn’t at the outpost yet, and Alicia had yet to be ransomed. Lotor was stuck with her, knowing he wouldn’t be able to help himself, would be unable to stay away long, or hand her over to another of his men in exchange for a different woman. He simply lusted too strongly for her, as evidenced by the fact not even thoughts of Merla could calm his erection down.

Another exasperated sigh, Lotor almost ready to accept the facts and go to her. Lotor knew he’d never get any work done otherwise, and he and his pirates deserved better than for their captain to be so distracted by a mere woman. A luscious, temptingly sweet morsel of a mere woman.

Lotor was about to rise from his seat, when a familiar knock sounded on his office’s door. Lotor knew then that Ryder was finally awake, and answering his summons.

“Enter.” Lotor called out, trying to push away thoughts of Alicia. It was difficult, especially when she was the topic he wanted to discuss with Ryder. But Lotor would try to keep from thinking about sex with her, and about the fun they could have exploring blindfolds and restraints. He’d attempt his best to be businesslike, to think only the things that had to do with discovering more about the woman in order to hurry her along her way to being ransomed off to her family.

The door opened, admitting Ryder to the room. The dark haired Drule didn’t look happy, a tension to his body as he kicked the door close behind him. Lotor stared at him, but it didn’t take much study to guess as to the reason behind Ryder’s own troubles. Where Lotor had an excess of sex, albeit with the same woman, Ryder had had none. Lotor almost felt pity for the dark haired Drule, inwardly tsking at Ryder’s foolishness in picking a holy woman for a bed mate.

Lotor kept from commenting on Ryder’s unhappy face, sure his own expression was equally tense, though for different reasons.

“Ryder, so good of you to make the time.”

“This better be damn urgent, Lotor.” Ryder grumbled. “I was in the middle of something.”

But it couldn’t have been what Ryder really wanted to be in the middle of. If the dark haired Drule had been anywhere close to seducing the priestess, he would have been a whole lot angrier. Especially if Lotor’s summon had pulled him off of her, before they had time to actually consummate their odd relationship.

“I’m sure you were.” Lotor said out loud. “But you have duties, obligations to your captain and your crew that come before any woman.”

“You don’t have to remind me of that.” snapped Ryder sullenly. “It was not I who spent the past night drinking and fucking.”

Which was all the more reason for Ryder’s frustration, Lotor thought to himself.

“Yes I heard.” He said out loud. “You needn’t have bothered. You know as well as I do, the crew works well enough together that they could handle any crisis that came up while you and I and Cossack were otherwise engaged.”

“Maybe. maybe not.” Was Ryder’s grudging answer. “I won’t feel better until we’re out of Jacquol’s territory.”

“If the King and any of his allies were foolish enough to target us, they’d soon regret it.” Lotor told him.

“You’re putting too much stock on your father’s weapon.”

“MY weapon now.” Lotor corrected immediately.

“It’s still too new, too untried. It could fail at any moment.”

“We don’t know that for sure.” Lotor retorted. “It’s held up this long….”

“With that much energy inside it, it’s bound to be unstable. Trikelite is far too powerful, a dozen times more risky than lazon when it comes to using it as energy for a weapon of that size and power.”

“It’ll hold.” Lotor said confidently enough. “My father’s scientists have spent a near decade working to perfect it’s containment.”


“I did not call you here to discuss the pros and cons of using Doom’s secret weapon.” Lotor interrupted. “And I almost hope Jacquol would send some ships after us. It would give us a chance to use the weapon on something other than a flimsy pleasure yacht.”

“That weapon is going to bring us nothing but trouble.” Ryder almost grumbled it under his breath.

“Somehow I think you have bigger troubles to worry about.” Was Lotor’s own answer.

Ryder seemed to straighten completely, his eyes flashing with upset. “What’s THAT supposed to mean?”

Lotor merely smiled, trying to placate him. “Nothing, really.” He insisted. “But I do have a job for you, a very special task.”

“And that is?”

“I need you to track down some information. To confirm the identity of a recent capture of ours.”

“Sounds like simple procedure.” Ryder pointed out. “Fact checking, and information procurement is a routine duty of mine, especially when it comes to preparing our ransom demands.”

“This won’t be as easy as the others you’ve dealt with in the past.” Lotor answered. “We’ve only got a name to go on.”

“It’ll take me a few hours more, but I still don’t see the problem.”

“Even when all you have to go on, is a first name?” Lotor heard Ryder suck in a shocked breath, the pirate prince smiling mildly. “My little mouse was most reluctant to give me even that.”

“Then persuade her some more, or give up on the idea of ransoming this mouse.” Ryder snapped, then shook his head. “Lotor, this is insane. It’s an unreasonable request, for you to expect me to find out who this person is, based on their first name alone. Do you have any idea how big this galaxy is? How many worlds and people on them there are?! It would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, all but impossible.”

“It will be difficult, I’ll give you that.” Lotor agreed. “But if anyone can do it, it will be you.” Ryder frowned, but Lotor didn’t let him get a word in edgewise, leaning back in his seat. “And I know exactly where you can start looking for clues.”


“This mouse and her companions, have to be registered in the yacht’s passenger logs. If you can dig out that information….”

“Sure it’s a start….but what if they gave false names?” Ryder shook his head. “It’d be easier to wait for the woman to give you more information, then attempt such an insane quest.”

“She’s stubborn.” Lotor told him. “Bold and brave, almost foolishly so, she would prefer to be tortured than give up her secrets so easily. She inspires loyalty in her companions, the other three just as foolish when it comes to guarding the woman’s secrets.

“How admirable.” Ryder said dryly. “Of course you realize what this means.”

Lotor nodded. “Something is going on. Something big if they all rather be tortured or turned into slaves.”

“Their capture could prove very beneficial for us, beyond the expected ransoms to be had.” Ryder mused thoughtfully. “So what is the mouse’s name?”

“Alicia, or so she claims.”

“Alicia.” Ryder echoed, his brow furrowed as though he was already trying to place the name on someone important. “I’ll get started on accessing the yacht’s records. Might not find out much, but I’ll be able to trace the place they boarded the ship from. There’s bound to be some kind of trail to follow, something that tells us where they originally came from.”

“In the meantime, I’ll work things from my end, to see what I can find out.” Lotor said. “You never know what betraying things might be said in the heat of the moment.”

“Yeah, you do that.” Ryder said. “But you have to understand. This isn’t going to be a quick success. It’ll take time to get anywhere. I mean, even if I was to have the Denubian’s data base bring up every single Alicia out there, it will take time for my programs to match up her face to the name.”

“Just do what you can. And talk to Cossack.” Lotor added. “He should still have the remains of the uniform Alicia had been wearing.” He snorted then, dim amusement in that sound. “She and her friends actually thought to disguise themselves as maids.”

“I might be able to script a program to research the different types of uniforms, to see just who they were pretending to work for.” But Ryder sounded doubtful. “It would take time though, almost as much time as pulling out every registered Alicia out of the Denubian’s data base.”

“Do it.” Lotor commanded.

“All right…but I have to ask you one thing.” Ryder said. “Why go to all this trouble? Why not let the weeks pass by and work on breaking down this Alicia’s resistance that way? You’d probably get the answers a lot quicker, than the methods I am being forced to employ in this special case.”

Lotor did not blink, did not so much as fidget, staring calmly at Ryder. He was glad the desk was in front of him, hiding the erection tenting his pants from Ryder’s sight.

“You know I cannot tolerate when secrets are kept from me.” He said out loud.

“Strange…” Ryder muttered. “I get the feeling it’s more than that.”

“Ryder.” Lotor growled out his name.

“Fine, I won’t push…for now. But you’ve given me a lot of time consuming work.” He complained.

This time Lotor did smirk, though he managed to keep the laughter out of his voice. “It’ll give you something to do, rather than focus on the fact you have no woman to warm your bed.”

“I HAVE a woman.” Ryder growled, more annoyed than he had previously been since entering Lotor’s office.

“A virtuous holy woman at that.” Lotor retorted, still smirking. “We both know she’s not going to do anything with you. At least, not willingly. Or has your stance on force changed since last we spoke?”

Ryder practically glared daggers at Lotor in response, the prince actually laughing this time. “Oh do calm down, friend. I’m simply amazed you chose such trouble for your bed. Three weeks is quite a long time to go without a woman’s comfort, especially when you have such a tempting morsel near you on a day to day basis.”

Ryder actually grit his teeth together. “I’ll manage.”

“For your sanity’s sake, I hope you will.” Lotor retorted. “But don’t let your holy woman drive you to distraction too badly. Not until after you find out what I need, about Alicia.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Ryder waved him off. “I’m on it.”

And that seemed to be that, Ryder’s mood such that the dark haired Drule was in no way interested in prolonging a conversation with his friend and captain. Lotor watched Ryder leave, inwardly tsking to himself. Wondering what would happened between the Drule and the priestess, wondering how long it would take before the rest of the crew decided to take bets on the outcome, not to mention tease and torment Ryder something awful about his current situation.

But even wondering about his friend, wasn’t enough to distract Lotor from thoughts about Alicia. Especially now that Ryder was gone, Lotor left alone to wallow in fantasies. But fantasies were never enough, the pirate prince rising. He knew he shouldn’t go to her, that he was like an addict seeking the next fix from her body. But at the same time he reasoned he had held off long enough. That he had done well in avoiding Alicia this long. Lotor might even be lying to himself, telling himself that this time it would be different. That this time when he embraced her, he would finally sate himself of this need he had for her, and be able to move on to the next sexual conquest. Even to himself, that lie wasn’t convincing enough, Lotor trying not to run the distance to his private cabin.

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