Diplomat 18

His first thought, impossible as it seemed, was to think that a tornado had swept through his cabin. He wouldn’t immediately notice that the many chests of treasure were still intact, that not so much as a single coin was spilled onto the floor. Lotor would be too busy gaping, seeing the clothes that made up his very expensive wardrobe, flung every which way about the cabin.

The floor littered with pants, shirts, jackets, the dresser drawers were overturned so that their contents spilled out onto the floor. There was even a shirt hanging on by only it’s sleeve, to the ceiling view screen. It didn’t registered immediately, that Lotor was looking at his entire wardrobe tossed carelessly about the room. Not until his eyes drifted over to the open doors of his closet, the space there empty, save for a few garments that hung untouched by their hangers.

Those garments were all dresses and gowns, the outfits ones Lotor very much liked seeing his woman of the moment in and out of. The fact that these outfits hadn’t been touched, mocked him with the knowledge that his guest had been very particular about targeting Lotor’s clothes alone, the woman tearing through his garments with a vindictive purpose. To Lotor, this spoke of more than a simple tantrum, this screamed of a woman lashing out in the only way she had thought left to her.

He could almost admire her effort, Lotor wondering when exactly she had taken it upon herself to do this. Before or after she had been down to the hold, and witnessed the scene there with her friends. If it had been done after his attempts at interrogation, then Lotor really was impressed. It would mean she hadn’t been cowed by his tactics, that though his brief use of a whip had frightened her, it hadn’t come close to breaking her spirit, or stopping her from misbehaving. Lotor was very close to being in awe of her, until he took a closer look at the clothing that lay crumpled nearest to him.

It was one of his more expensive jackets, gold adornments barely hanging on by a thread. She hadn’t been able to do anything about the trimming along the lapels, but the buttons had all been ripped free. She hadn’t had the strength to tear the fabric, but on his more flimsy shirts, he could see where her nails had dug in and torn open whole sections.

His shock was quickly giving way, bypassing annoyance and going straight to anger. He wandered around his cabin, picking up random pieces of clothing, and finding that each and every one had some sort of damage done to them. This went beyond tantrum, beyond a lashing out, Lotor deeming it downright malicious, vindictive. He was left looking at the ruins of a wardrobe that had cost him hundreds of thousands, if not millions of credits, and even the leather he so favored hadn’t been so lucky as to avoid some bit of damage.

Further inspection would show how inventive the woman had gotten. How his cunning pet, had discovered his belt collection, and use the sharp prongs of a belt buckle, to help her work over the leather. His anger and annoyance mounted, Lotor not at all amused by how clever she had proven in this instance. Not when he was out a small fortune, and worse yet left with nothing intact save for the very clothes he was wearing right now. Lotor, a man who prided himself on dressing expensively, on looking his most devastatingly sexy, would be forced to BORROW clothing from some of his crew. It was downright unacceptable, and the anger he felt combined dangerously with the amount of oversexed hormones pumping through him at the moment.

It left him close to exploding, Lotor violently flinging the jacket away from him. The woman, Alicia, was nowhere in sight, but Lotor didn’t believe for one second she was hiding from him. If she had had any regrets over what she had done, any second thoughts, why he would have found her cowering on her knees, greeting him with earnest pleas for forgiveness the second he opened the door. That had not been the case, the woman surely wanting the damage clothing to be the first thing the pirate saw. And just as surely, it had had the effect she had wanted, Lotor practically seeing red, seething with rage.

He’d kick in the bathroom door, and only after the fact, realize she hadn’t even locked it. Was she that overly confidant, to think he wouldn’t hurt her, that he wouldn’t punish her for her misbehavior? Or did she simply not care? Lotor practically snarled, thinking to himself he’d make her care.

The bathroom was filled with steam, the glass mirror and shower stall door fogging with it. He couldn’t see her body, could just make out the blurry outline on the glass. But he could see her bare feet, showing just where the glass door ended. He could also see her face, the woman having startled enough at the violent way he had kicked in the door. But it wasn’t enough of a shock, the woman regaining her composure. Working her hands over the shampoo in her hair, closing her eyes to rinse it all out.

Eyes narrowing, Lotor spoke, his tone absolutely furious with her. “Get out.”

Alicia didn’t respond, simply tilting her head back, so as to get more water on her face. Lotor let out a low growl, watching the shampoo wash out of her hair, and then repeated himself.

“Get out of the shower.”

A slow blink of her eyes, the woman turning to look at him. It was a cool, assessing look, the kind of indifference shown that only fueled the pirate’s anger.

“I’m not yet finished with my shower.” She dared to speak, no cower to her tone, no fearful squeaking in her voice. “You can come back in thirty minutes time, if you really wish to speak with me.”

Did she suggest the wait in the hopes that his anger would cool down, or did she do it simply to annoy him further? Lotor would never know for certain, advancing forward a step, his hands clenching and unclenching in a show of his agitation.

She looked at him, playing completely innocent, and then turned her back on him. It was completely unwise on her part, Lotor suddenly stalking across the floor. Alicia kept running her hands through her now clean hair, not turning until Lotor had all but shattered open the glass of the shower stall’s door.

“Captain!” She gasped out, turning to stare at him. The slightest bit of panic in her eyes, betraying the anxiety she tried to hide.

Lotor tried, he honestly did, to not look at her body. To stay focused on her face alone. But wander his eyes did, first a brief glance that took in her soaked being, the water having washed away all the soap and shampoo, leaving only clean rivulets that ran down her body. Over her breasts, onto her already peaked nipples. To cascading down her front, to soak the curls that guarded her womanly spot.

Once Lotor had that first look, it was hard not to keep going back for more. To let the sight of her fill him with need, bolster the arousal he had been battling for some time. He dug his sharp tipped nails into the palms of his hand, standing just outside the shower, trying to hold on to his anger alone.

“Do you have…any idea….how angry I am with you right now?” Lotor demanded, each word gritted out through clenched teeth. She was still staring at him, but slowly nodded her head. He didn’t fail to notice that through lowered lashed, she peeked at his groin, the sight of the bulge there seeming to steal color from her face.

“I have a fair idea….” She all but murmured it, Lotor’s ears straining to hear over the shower’s roar.

“Then don’t antagonize me any further, and get out of the shower!”

“I don’t believe that is a good idea.” Came her refusal, Alicia shrinking back against the stall’s wall when Lotor took one step inside it.

“Not a good idea? NOT A GOOD IDEA?!” He roared, one hand a closed fist, his palm bleeding lightly from his nails. The other hand waved in the air, the woman flinching as though preparing herself to be struck. “Where was this sense of yours, when you had at my clothing? Where was your sense of good and bad, then?!”

“I…” A stubborn lift of her chin, the woman’s eyes all but blazing at him. “It’s no less than you deserved, you heartless fiend! Torturing innocent women…..”

“Torture?!” He managed a snort. “You’ve no idea what real torture is!”

“You nearly whipped one of my friends, and you made the other two cry. Why I thought all three would scream themselves hoarse, before you were done!” She snapped back.

“All of that could have been avoided if you had just told me what I wanted to know!” Lotor roared back at Alicia.

“I don’t owe you any answers!” She retorted. “In fact, I don’t owe you anything! You’ve taken me prisoner, taken my friends and all the innocent people on that yacht, as your prisoner. You intend to sell us, to make us slaves. You’re lucky ripping up your clothes is all I did to you!”

“I don’t care what you think you don’t owe me or why!” Lotor sneered, the shower soaking him and his clothing thoroughly as he advanced on her. “You should consider yourself fortunate Alicia, if all I do to you, is leave you with a sore bottom.” He roughly grabbed hold of her, Alicia snarling, her eyes flashing as she struggled against him. It made little difference, Lotor pulling her up against his front, smashing their bodies together as he all but growled in her face. “That’s several hundred thousand credits worth of clothing you damaged. And you will pay me back every single credit, even if you have to spend the entirety of this trip on your back!”

She screamed then, Alicia trying to get an hand up to claw at Lotor’s face. Lotor growled at her, a loud wordless roar that drowned out her screams. Not bothering to shut off the shower, he threw her struggling form over his shoulder, and stalked out of the stall. She continued to scream, to fight, pulling on his hair. Lotor growled again, slapping a hand viscously against her bare bottom.

It didn’t have the desire effect, the woman hardly calming. She continued to shout, to snarl and rage, beating fists against his back. Lotor barely had any self control left, when he reached his bed in the main part of his cabin. By the time he threw her down a top the mattress, Alicia landing on top of a few pieces of the clothing she had damaged, Lotor was already shucking off his wet jacket.

Alicia wasn’t idle as he began stripping, pulling herself up against the bed’s headboard, then flinging the pillows there at him. Lotor merely held up an arm, letting the pillows bounce off of it, before jerking open his belt. His pants followed, his erection springing from the confines of his leather trousers. This time, a pillow was aimed at his groin, the woman scrabbling, looking for more to throw Lotor’s way. He knocked that aside too, and naked, climbed onto the bed with her.

Expecting to have to grab and hold her down, Lotor wasn’t expecting Alicia to lunge at him. He just barely caught her in time, avoiding her nails, avoiding the elbow she aimed at his stomach. He did indeed end up pinning her, both of them breathing heavily, anger even in that sound as they stared into each other’s eyes.

“Go ahead…” She goaded him, Alicia’s eyes narrowed in challenge. “Just take what you want and be done with it.”

He almost did, Lotor beyond tempted, beyond angered and tired of all the fighting and the screaming. But never, ever had he taken a woman in total anger before, never had he lost his cool around a woman the way he had had around Alicia. Always before, he had seduced, coaxing even the most resistant of women to lay peacefully in his arms. There was nothing peaceful about this moment, nothing remotely sexy, let alone seductive. Lotor knew that in this moment, if he were to take her now, it really would be rape.

Lotor considered himself many things. Most of all he considered himself a lover of woman, an experienced hand at seducing. For all the times he had gotten forceful, it had never felt like a real rape the way this moment did now. A moment charge with angry and violent sexual energy.

He wanted Alicia, but that want had distorted, twisted somehow. Become something so ugly, Lotor almost didn’t recognize it or himself. It was that lack of recognition, that fear that she was driving him to do something that wasn’t really him, that caused Lotor to pull back from the cliff he had been teetering at it’s edge.

It took only a second, but Lotor used strips of a shirt, a shirt Alicia herself had ruined, to tie her hands to the bed’s headboard. She screamed and struggled, and ultimately tired herself out, laying against it panting heavily. Her look was completely wary, Alicia eyeing Lotor and waiting for the worst to happen.

“I won’t give you the satisfaction.” He grumbled, though the look of surprise in her eyes showed she didn’t truly understand. It didn’t matter, Lotor thought she could think whatever she wanted, so long as Alicia had failed to make him into something he was not.

Grabbing his only intact clothing from the floor, Lotor carried the wet bundle into the bathroom. He’d take a long, cold shower, before dressing, needing the shower’s freezing waters to cool down at least some of his rage and arousal. It wouldn’t entirely go away, Lotor having to leave the cabin, needing time to himself, to think and calm down.

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