Divine 36

Fidgeting with the ribbons on the front of her bodice, Allura tried not to pace the length of the receiving room. But her body bristled with nervous energy, feelings of anxiety rolling through her stomach over what she planned to do. She knew if she couldn’t get these overwhelming feelings under control, she’d most likely become to frighten to act, and that was something she could not allow.

Her fingers pulled too hard on the one ribbon, it’s pink loops beginning to unfurl. She hastily set about to retying it, wanting to look picture perfect for her guest. A blush bloomed in her cheeks as she thought of the man she was waiting for, Allura making a nervous giggle of sound as she glanced at the door. It was closed, and she was positioned in such a way that Lotor would not see her at first upon his entrance into this room.

She needed that element of surprise, Allura not sure he would agree to meet with her, especially alone and unchaperoned. This meeting Allura planned went against her people’s sense of propriety, but she didn’t care. She wanted, NEEDED the chance to see and talk with Lotor, and away from prying eyes. Allura didn’t care about the damage she might do to her reputation, or the scandal her actions had the potential to cause. She just wanted to be with Lotor.

Allura hadn’t had a chance to talk with him since that day in the courtyard, the King continuing to meet with her father, and avoiding her. She had only seen brief glimpses of him passing through the castle, on his way to her father’s study, or returning to the courtyard where one of his ships’ waited. And then even that had been taken away from her, Lotor and her father leaving to go to the meeting with King Lezard and Queen Lenneth.

It chafed that Allura hadn’t been allowed to attend such an important event. Even her teacher Sashell was annoyed, saying the political aspects of the meeting would have made for a fine education for the princess. Allura could have learned much from how her father and Lotor dealt with Ranseyan’s royals, and the princess might have even been able to forge a deeper acquaintance with Queen Lenneth. A friendship that could prove beneficial for her future rule.

Instead she had been left behind, to endlessly toil with her studies, and attempt to over see some of her father’s duties. Sashell and her Nanny had seemed as depressed as Allura over that turn of events, the women having hoped to travel to the meeting for the experience of saying they had been at such a historic event. It wasn’t often that any of the rulers of the three kingdoms met, save to wage war, and it was even more astonishing that they were meeting to consider giving land to the Drules.

She knew from her father’s return, that the meeting had gone well, the Drule poised to not only get land, but perhaps get enough territory to form a kingdom of their own. It was an exciting prospect, the world expanding to welcome the newcomers into the fold. Allura had pressed her father for many of the details, but he had been harried and distracted, often tending to paperwork, some of which involved the treaties he was making with the Drules and Ranseya.

Lotor had not been back to the castle since before leaving for the meeting, and that worried Allura as much as it depressed her. Allura felt desperate to see him, missing his smile, a rare gained expression she had come to adore. She loved the way his voice sounded, the way a low spoken word from him could send shivers down her body. And more than that, she absolutely loved the dark looks that sometimes came to his eyes when he gazed in her direction.

It had been too long since he had directed such a look at her, and Allura was practically obsessed with causing a reaction in Lotor. Now that he was free of Merla’s hold on him, she was even more determined to win him for her own, Allura feeling like there was few obstacles left between them. Unfortunately they were rather large ones, taking the forms of her father and Lotor. She didn’t know who was more stubborn, Alfor or the Drule, Lotor having some strict code of honor that kept him from her.

But she knew he liked her, might even want her. It showed in his reactions to her, and the way he had reacted whenever Merla and Carp threatened her. He cared, perhaps more than he wanted her to know, and if it was not love, she knew she could turn it into that emotion. And so she had spent her free time searching her books, rereading the scenes of love, and coming up with ideas of her own. Her books weren’t explicit, the most the couples ever did was embrace and kiss, but it gave her inklings of an idea.

As did some of the girls in the castle, Allura sneaking up on them, catching tail ends of their conversations. What little she heard left her as scandalized as intrigued, Allura realizing her body could be a tool that could prove powerful if wielded right. She was determined to do just that, if only her nerves weren’t flitting about her stomach, trying to get her to change her mind!

The anxiety increased when the room’s door handle began to unlock, Allura stepping back into the shadowy corner. Her heart leapt to her throat when she heard Lotor’s voice, the Drule thanking the servant for showing him into the receiving room. She held her breath as she studied Lotor, noting how handsome he looked in a neatly pressed silk shirt. It was a bold flash of crimson, standing in stark contrast against his pale blue skin. His slacks were a dark black, leather so fine it didn’t creak with his movements.

His hair was unbound, loosely settled over his shoulders, side strands swept back over his pointed ears. He didn’t even glance towards her corner, walking over to the couch and the table besides it. He was pouring himself a drink, when she stepped forward, heart beating nervously. “Good day to you, your highness…” She didn’t stutter, Allura cursing that bit of formality she had interjected into the conversation.

If Lotor was startled by her appearance, he didn’t betray it, looking up from his glass to gaze at her with an unreadable expression. She smiled, trying to hide how sick with nerves she felt.

“Allura…” She felt better that he wasn’t formal with her name, Lotor allowing a small nod of his head in greeting. “Hello…It’s been a while.”

“Yes, it has.” She agreed, stepping not towards him but the windows. They were on the second floor, and she had a clear view down into the inner courtyard. It was mainly empty, save for a few soldiers, both human and Drules conversing with each other. The ship of Lotor’s took up much of the space in the courtyard, the tips of it’s metal wings just barely avoiding scraping the stone side walls of the castle.

She had specifically chosen the receiving room on the second floor for the privacy it would give them, Allura playing with the ties of the curtains. Lotor made no move towards her, though she sensed his eyes were on her, watching her carefully.

“I’ve wanted to see you.” Allura announced, pulling the curtains free of it’s tie. With the ribbon gone, the heavy fabric fell to block out the sight of the courtyard, leaving them in a dimly lit room. “To talk with you.” Continued Allura, moving to do the same to the second window’s curtains. “I’ve missed you Lotor…missed…”

“Allura, don’t.” Lotor interrupted her, but she continued as though he hadn’t spoken.

“Missed seeing you. You can’t imagine how hard it’s been, this separation on me. Please…” she finished with the curtain, and turned to face him, expression earnest and pleading. “Tell me you missed me? Even half as much as I missed you….”

“Allura, I think you should leave…” Lotor said, setting down his glass. His expression was stern, as though he wasn’t affected by her words. “Your father will not appreciate your intrusion into our business.”

“My father will not know.” Allura retorted with a confidence that had Lotor’s eyes narrowing at her. But she didn’t care to elaborate what she meant by that, Allura walking over to a side shelf, where unlit candles lay. She struck a match, the flame burning hot and bright, and set to lighting the candles.

“Allura, what do you mean by that?” demanded Lotor, turning to track her as she moved about the room, replenishing old matches with new ones as she continued to light the multitude of candles. It brightened the room, a soft glow of dozen of candles, giving it a romantic feel.

It wasn’t until the last candle was lit, that Allura turned to face him, shaking the match to extinguish it. She wanted to smile, and yet felt ill, finding she was trembling violently in anticipation of what she was about to do.

“Allura…” Lotor tried again, taking a step towards her. He was stopped by her hands raising to the ribbons on her bodice, Allura beginning to nervously play with them.

“My father isn’t even here in the castle.” She said, eyes lowered so that she peered through her lashes at him. “He’s gone to the capital, to Pelphine temple to discuss something with High Priest Fordham.”

“What?” Lotor looked confused, frowning. “But I received word that he wanted to meet with me..”

“That was all my doing.” She let her cheeks flush, but Allura was unrepentant about what she had done. “It was on my orders that the messenger came to get you.”

“Allura why?” A soft growl was in his voice, the King displeased with her. “What game do you play at? Why bring me here…?”

“I told you!” A quick upwards dart of her head, Allura almost fierce as she gazed at him. “I missed you!” He opened his mouth to responded, but she continued forward, refusing to let him speak. “And you wouldn’t have come for that reason alone!”

“So you trick me?!”

“Yes!” She exclaimed, and saw he was exasperated with her. “You’re avoiding me, you have been since the night of Merla’s death. Why? Why do you stay away?!”

“It’s for the best…” Lotor began, and Allura shook her head.

“The Drules have all but been guaranteed a home here on Arus! My father told me that much! Lotor…there’s no reason to fear now, you won’t be asked to leave….we won’t have to separate…”


“Is it someone else?!” She demanded, earning a shocked look before he could school his expression to be blank. “Is there someone among the Drule you want to be with? Someone you like more than me?!”

“No…there’s no one for me…”

“You’re wrong!” Allura exclaimed. “There’s me! And I won’t allow you to continue to run, to continue to find excuses why we can’t be together! Lotor I like you…” She shook her head then, a frustrated laugh bubbling out of her. “It’s more than like, I think I love you. I know you don’t believe me, that you think it’s just a girl’s crush, but it’s real! And I think you like me too, more than you want to admit!”

“This is not a conversation I want to be having with you right now.” Lotor grumbled, and started walking forward She almost realized too late he was moving not towards her, but the door behind her, when she moved.

“If you don’t want to talk, or listen to what I have to say, then feel with your heart!” She was frantically tugging at the ribbons on her bodice, the action causing Lotor to freeze, a strangled sounding gasp escaping him. The sound satisfied her, Allura getting the five ribbons open, her bodice sliding apart to reveal the skimpy top of her slip. It was cut lower than the usual kinds of slips she wore under her dresses, her cleavage offered up to him, her breasts straining against the scratchy lace.

She had been nervous about disrobing before him, but now she saw the effect just revealing a part of her undergarments had on him, Allura growing bold enough to wiggle her hips so that her dress slid down the rest of her body. It slumped in a pile of crushed velvet at her feet, Allura stepping out of the circle of skirts. Her slip had been hemmed up to be hiked up high on her thighs, Allura unable to keep from blushing bright pink as she exposed herself.

Her name came out a distorted sound from his lips, Lotor unable to keep from letting his gaze travel down her body. She felt a tightening in her stomach at his appraisal, a tingling in her nipples that combined with the scratchiness of the lace, had them growing stiff, jutting out against the thinness of the slip. As nervous and embarrassed she was, Allura also felt excited to have Lotor looking at her, and as his gaze returned towards her face, she began to step towards him.

“Allura…” Lotor seemed frozen to the spot, eyes wider than she could ever recall seeing, but with keen appreciation in those beautiful golden orbs. He swallowed as she walked with a purposeful sway of her hips, Allura growing bolder as she moved. “Put your clothes back on.”

She ignored that request, actually reaching for the thin straps of her slip. “You want me.” Allura insisted, and Lotor shook his head, inciting her rage. “I know you do!” She was all set to wrench down the slip, and reveal herself completely to him when he moved, seizing hold of her wrists.

“Of course I do!” Lotor hissed harshly, grappling with her. She was still determinedly trying to jerk down the straps of her slip, and if Lotor wasn’t careful, they would break during the struggle. “What man in his right mind wouldn’t?!”

That wasn’t a satisfactory answer, Allura didn’t want to know that other men would want her. She only wanted Lotor to desire her, to make him lose that careful control and admit to having strong feelings for her. The feelings he had revealed when he reacted to Merla and Carp’s mistreatment of Allura.

“It’s more than just want! You just don’t want to admit it!” Allura accused him. “I remember how you responded to my kiss that night in the temple. You don’t kiss a woman like that without real feeling for her!”

“You have much to learn about the ways of men.” Lotor shot back in a retort, and she colored this time in anger. She had never considered the thought that men might be able to lay with a woman they did not care about, her limited experience telling her a man and a woman came together for love, and love alone. She blinked back angry tears, and shot up on tip toe, no longer fighting him for the straps of her slip.

Instead she plastered herself against him, a sloppy kiss landing on the underside of his chin. She felt his Adam’s apple bob, Lotor swallowing quickly before groaning out her name in warning. She didn’t stop, kissing up onto his mouth, lips pressing urgently against his even as she pushed against his hands’ grip.

At first he refused to open his mouth to her, Allura whining, agonized over his constant rejection. But she didn’t give up, continue to nip and press at his lips, mouth slanting over his, tongue doing a gentle probe forward. It was blessed heaven when he gave a groan, his own mouth opening, tongue sweeping forward to not only meet hers, but to dominate the kiss.

His hands’ hold transferred from her wrists to the bare flesh of her upper arms, Lotor hauling Allura more firmly against him. She made low keening sounds, wiggling against him, a leg hooking behind his as though she would attempt to climb up his body. It was like the kiss she had wished to give when they had been captives of Merla, back when Allura had threatened she would have kissed Lotor into submission if not for her injured and torn lip.

It was better than she had imagined, Lotor doing a thorough tasting of the inside of her mouth with his tongue. He ate up her desperate moans, his grip so harsh on her arms she was sure she would bruise. But she didn’t protest, didn’t try to get away, Allura brushing her tongue against his, trying to learn the feel of him, and the proper way of kisses.

It didn’t compare to her books at all, they hadn’t begun to describe the feelings and sensations she would experience from a well practiced partner. Lotor as a man who knew just how to please her, Allura feeling as though she was turning to jelly, and breathing in harsh pants when the kiss ended. Lotor’s lips looked slightly swollen from their kiss, Allura licking her own and staring at the sensual line of his mouth.

She had barely gotten enough breath back, and already Allura moved to kiss Lotor again. She almost succeeded too, and then he was cursing, pushing her away from him. “We can’t do this.” Lotor said, and she frowned.

“Why not?!”

“It’s wrong!” Lotor said, and brought a hand up to brush back his hair that had fallen in an unruly mess over his eyes. “You’re innocent…and think of your reputation….A reputation I continue to damage the longer I spent time here with you.”

“No one knows that I am here!” Allura insisted. “They won’t find out….just…”

“Just what?!” He demanded harshly, and she blanched. “What did you hope to accomplish in presenting yourself like this to me?!”

“I…” Her shoulders sagged, Allura upset by his tone. “I just wanted you to admit…”

“What good does it do to admit to feelings we can’t act upon?!” Lotor demanded, and a tiny fragment of hope bloomed inside her heart.

“So you admit you do have feelings?!”

Lotor blinked, then all but growled at her, angry in the moment. “Yes, damn, you yes! For all the good they’ll do me!”

She ignored his upset, feeling triumphant in the moment. “We’ll find a way….we’ll be together. We just need to talk to father…”

“Allura…” He growled, but all the anger seemed to flee him, Lotor looking defeated. “Your father does not want us to be involved..”

“You can’t know that…” She protested, but he cut her off with a humorless snort.

“But I do.”

Allura blinked slowly, then took another step back towards him. Lotor held up his hands to ward her off, and she caught at them, lacing their fingers together. “Tell me what you know…”

“It was during the meeting with Ranseya’s rulers.” Lotor began, his tone despairing. “That king of theirs, Lezard suggest a way to form a tighter bond between the Drules and the humans. A bond through marriage.”

“Marriage…” breathed Allura, and instantly felt jealous, wondering who they would have offered up to Lotor to marry.

“Lezard thought it appropriate if a marriage was set between you and I…your…father was not pleased at all.” Continued Lotor, wearing a look that warred between disapointment and anger. “They argued…and the marriage was brought up several more times during the following meetings. Even I pressed my suit to your father, but he would not have any of it.”

“No.” breathed out Allura, shaking her head. “He couldn’t’ have…”

“He did.” Lotor insisted.

She pulled back from him, not really seeing him as she gazed at him. She remembered her father’s disapproval of her pursuit of Lotor, and how she had accused him of bearing prejudices against the Drule King for not being human. She wondered now if her father was letting that prejudice blossom enough to prevent his daughter from getting her heart’s desire.

Lotor moved to collect her dress from off the floor, and it wasn’t until he began to put it on her, that she blinked back into awareness of him. “Lotor…”

“There’s nothing left for us.” Lotor told her, focusing on doing up the ribbons on the front of her bodice. She noticed his fingers were nimble, sure and steady and having no difficulty in securing the gown closed. “It was never meant to be…..”

“You’re wrong!” Allura said, her blue eyes blazing with her determination. “I’ll prove it to you…and to my father?!”

“You’ll what?!” Lotor exclaimed, startled eyes glancing up from her dress’ ribbons. Allura smiled, and it was a grim, determined expression as she leaned in to brush a quick kiss against his lips.

“My father just isn’t properly informed about our situation.” She said, and Lotor stared at her, shocked. “I want you…I love you Lotor. And I get what I want.” She reached up to caress his cheek, almost giggling at the look he wore on his face. He surely thought her mad, but she was determined, Allura certain she could make her father understand just how badly she loved Lotor and needed to be with him.

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