Divine 39

The passage of time seemed to move at a snail’s crawl, the first winter’s snow coming earlier than expected, putting a hold on the construction of the first of what would eventually be six Drule cities. They had barely gotten a chance to get the sewer system completed, the underground tunnels and ditches connected before they had had to stop for the winter. A few of the buildings in the first Drule settlement were completed, and yet they were unlivable for as long as the Drules went without a way to erect a proper power source to heat those homes.

It left them forced to live on their ships, a situation that left the Drules disgruntled and impatient. Especially when another six months would go by, before construction could resume on the cities. During that time, the remaining ships, carrying close to fifty-thousand Drules arrived on Arus. Lotor shared in their disappointment that the advance party hadn’t had enough time to have the cities be ready to welcome the new Drules arrival.

Even without the cities to live in, there was much for his people to rejoice in. They had already been half in love with the idea of Arus, and now that they could experience it’s clean air, fresh water, and the beauty of it’s wilderness, the Drules were absolutely smitten with the planet. It was the same for the humans of Arus, the Drules enjoying meeting a new culture, and interested in their daily lives and goings about.

They took to heart quite seriously learning about the humans, how they accomplished their tasks without the aid of electronics and devices that could damage the planet. The Drules seemed always underfoot in the human cities, wanting to see and experience everything of the human’s life styles. The humans tolerated this for the most part, although they were no longer as quick with their affections towards the Drules. Not after all that had happened between the Arusians and the Drule advance party.

It had been a harsh awakening for the humans of King Alfor’s kingdom, especially those in the capital city, where much of the Drule interaction had occurred. There was much hurt and anger on the human’s side, people bearing feelings of disappointment, and feeling stupid for being so gullible to the Drules’ deceptions. Some of the humans were confused, remembering the miracles the Drules had performed at Pelphine temple, the healings they had done. Those healings, which continued even now, helped to ease away some of the resentment the humans were feeling.

To the humans, it was strange to think the Drules weren’t Gods or demons, especially with all the things they could do. It was the hope of Alfor and Allura, that once Lotor’s people began teaching the humans the Drule’s knowledge, that the alien technology would no longer seem so magical and mysterious.

Already, schools were being set up, all in order to promote the exchanging of knowledge. They started with the children, integrating the Drules and humans together, so that they could learn together. Language was key, the children learning to communicate with one another, to talk, to read, and most important of all, to make friends. It wasn’t just the children who needed to learn that, Lotor and many of the adult Drules attending lessons with human teachers. They needed to be proficient not just in speaking Arusian, but in reading it.

For far too long, Lotor had been relying on messengers to verbally relay his messages to the ruling classes of Arus. That would not do for certain conversations, there were times when negotiations needed to be kept secret, and thus Lotor began the laborious task of learning to read and write Arusian. He often practiced by writing to Allura, notes that bore nothing complex to their contents, but the girl adored them all the same. She called them his love letters to her, and he was astounded when he learned she had been saving them in a chest, and rereading them nightly.

It was a move typical of the princess, the girl enjoying anything that smacked of romance. She’d come visit him when he was in Altea, and even twice came to the Drule settlement, to inspect their progress. She was always a breath of fresh air to him, stealing away some of the stress cause by the challenges presented before him. In fact, she helped make things better, doing much in the way to help the people of her kingdom come to not only accept the Drules, but to be comfortable with them.

A part of it had to do with their engagement to each other. The people couldn’t very well be too cold and judgmental when their beloved ruler was allowing his only daughter to marry the ruler of the newcomers. Alfor’s approval of the union bore much weight, as did his talks to large gatherings about accepting the Drules in their lives.

But it was really Allura who made much of the difference, the princess making quite the show of how much she was in favor of this marriage. Why her eyes sparkled whenever she looked at her husband to be, and a dazzling smile was never far from her face. She threw herself into planning their wedding with huge, heaping amounts of enthusiasm, infecting all who were near her with her joy.

The planned wedding would garner much income for the people living in Alfor’s Kingdom. There wasn’t just the wedding to plan, but the parties and celebrations that preceded it, the engagement stretching on for many months as one custom after another was performed. Clothing was commissioned to be made, along with decorations, and the farmers and cattle ranchers made a steep killing in the money they earned for their goods.

Not that Allura spent all her time and energy focused on the wedding preparations. She often took time out of planning the wedding to meet those who came to Altea, or to play diplomat between the Drules and humans and whatever problem may have arose between them. She had been a staunch worth supporter of the Drules from the start, and now she became even more vocal with her support, holding meetings and events where the humans could mingle with the newcomers.

The meetings, like the lessons, weren’t popular at first, not with the humans at least. In those early days, the humans found it harrowing to be around the Drules, especially those who were more reptilian like in feature. No one ever outright attacked a Drule, but friendliness was in short supply from the humans. But Allura persisted, and the first to open up to the Drules were the shop keepers, finding their gold as good as the humans.

The schools Allura helped Lotor to set up, went a great way to integrating the Drules into the human’s lives. The Drules got to play teachers, and there was many humans eager to apprentice themselves, wanting to learn the Drules’ secrets. The human females were especially interested in the clothing of the Drules, wanting to learn how they made such fabrics and colors, and the way to make such seamless stitching. It wouldn’t take much for a fashion revolution to begin, the women very interested in the Drule female’s clothing, especially the pants.

There were other classes offered, though some that involved electronics, the assembly and use of it, didn’t prove to be popular. It seemed too complicated for many of the humans to grasp, especially the older ones who were stuck in their ways. But there was hope for the human children, the young Arusians finding they enjoyed playing simple video games on computers.

There was many humans who came to learn the medical knowledge of the Drules, though in the end it was decided only those with advance medical training should learn. They didn’t want to run the risk of the humans misdiagnosing themselves, and killing themselves with the wrong cure. Herbs and potions were taught, and they were even working on showing the human doctors how to use some of the devices and machines the Drules used on their patients.

Sometimes cultural festivals were held, the humans and Drules learning more about each other. Slowly, the old customs of the Drules were coming back, his people taking the time to reintroduce old styles and events not just to the humans, but among themselves. The Drules that had survived the devastation of Doom, were a mix and varied lot, forming many small sects with their own culture and beliefs. But they didn’t try to alienate themselves into smaller groups, the Drules just appreciating their differences, wary of the infighting that had led to the wars that helped destroy Doom.

It became an everyday sight to see the mixture of the three races walking about the more populated cities of Alfor’s kingdoms. The humans and Drules worked together, learnt, and shopped side by side. The Drules were even venturing into Ranseya’s borders, the people there welcoming for the most part. After all, they had had little bad experience with the Drules, and had none of the grudges those of Altea had held.

It was tough time, dealing with the fear and the bad memories of the people who had been held hostage in Pelphine Temple. Lotor could only thank fate that no human had died that night, though many bore scars, both physical and emotional. A few of the women who had been raped, were now pregnant with the unwanted babies of their Drule rapists. Those children would be brought to be raised among the Drules, and they answered the question of whether a Drule and a human could conceive together.

Lotor wished there had been some other way to find out that humans and Drules were compatible in that manner. It was just one dark blight in an area of many, and some of those victimized by the Drule were actually considering leaving their homes, to go live somewhere that wasn’t infested with the Drule presence. That somewhere was most likely the kingdom of Altrexia, the only territory on Arus to not welcome the Drules.

Altrexia had closed itself off, not wanting the Drules involved in their affairs, not even the benefits such a presence would give them. The Altrexians seemed to fear the knowledge of the Drule, many content to hide from the influx of new ideas and technology. But not all the people of Altrexia were happy about this, a few escaping from that kingdom to seek refuge elsewhere. The Queen and her military quickly came down hard on those that remained behind, rendering it practically impossible for an Altrexian to leave their kingdom, even just to visit another.

The Queen was beginning to make daily demands to Alfor and the Ranseyan’s, carefully worded threats about what she would do if the nonsense with the Drules did not stop. But the months passed, the winter snow melting with spring’s thaw, and still she did not act. It was begginning to look as though she was all bluster and no bite, merely speaking to hear herself talk. She continued to make war with Ranseya, and although King Lezard grumbled about how Drule weaponry could put an end to Queen Alicia’s nonsense, he made do without.

Alfor and the Ranseya’s were joined together in welcoming the Drules, each giving up a sizable piece of territory for them to form the fourth kingdom. If the time came where Altrexia really did attack Alfor’s land, the Drules would be called in to help defend the kingdom. The Ranseya border disputes that Alfor had had to deal with on a semi consistent basis, became a thing of the past, now that the Drules’ Kingdom Santasha lay between them.

Eventually summer arrived, and it was then that the wedding ceremony was set to be held. The dinners and festivals to celebrate the impending nuptials increased in number, a whirlwind of activity that left Lotor reeling, as he met many important humans, and forged further alliances for the Drules. Lezard and his queen, Lenneth were unable to attend the wedding or any of the dinners, but they sent representatives in their stead, people who would help Lotor with future Drule-Ranseyan endeavors.

It was the height of the mid summer season, the first and second Drule cities well on the way to being completed, when Lotor and Allura married. The day was beautiful, although the sky had been strewn with clouds, high priest Fordham fearing it would rain. Fortunately the rain held off, not just on that day, but on the days to follow, and it was there at Pelphine Temple that they were wed.

It wasn’t that surprising a choice for his bride to have made, after all, all the important events in Princess Allura’s life had happened at Pelphine Temple, many of them overseen by Fordham. The hand fasting ceremony was held on the steps leading up to the entrance of Pelphine temple, the train of Allura’s gown draping down several stone blocks. Lotor and Allura were on the second to topmost step, with Fordham on the highest. Behind them was Alfor, along with several other key figures, and the streets around the temple were crowded with humans and Drules.

Even the tops of nearby buildings held a mixed crowed, the people eager to get a view of the proceedings. The temple’s front was decorated for the ceremony, a banner strewn over the doors, and balloons tied to the columns holding up the roof. Fordham would talk on at length about the things that made a marriage successful, and as he talked, people would approach the about to be married pair.

Led by King Alfor, each person would tie a silk scarf into knots around Lotor and Allura’s joined hands. Each scarf was a different color, meant to represent the wishes and hopes of the people for the couple. When at last Fordham was done with his speeches, the cord wound around their hands was cut, signifying the start of their married lives. The apprentice boys of the temple then released gray colored doves into the sky.

Those birds soared into freedom, a cheer erupting from the crowd as the people applauded the married couple. When night fell, a few fireworks would be launched, but before that a feast would be held. Wine and food was made available to the people, banquet tables spread out through the city of Altea. The people would party in celebration of the wedding for hours, but the married couple, along with Allura’s father, and their guests, would not partake of that festival.

Instead they would retire to one of the larger buildings in Altea, holding a quieter version of the partying outside. This party would go on for hours, a test of the newly wedded couple’s patience and endurance. Drink after drink was thrust in Lotor’s hands, endless attempts to get him too drunk to be able to do anything with his bride. Lotor found it a strange tradition of the humans, and he chose to only sip at a few cups, rather than down all of the intoxicating liquid. After all he wanted nothing to impair him on this night, the night when he would finally get to make love to Allura.

Allura herself, was also being given plenty to drink, women encouraging her to get some liquid courage. Whenever Lotor looked her way, she seemed to sense it, turning the cutest shade of pink before turning away. Lotor enjoyed looking at her, finding she looked especially beautiful in her elaborate gown of pearl white. Her hair had been worn loose save for a few thin braids that been woven into her hair with ribbons.

As the night grew later, Lotor found himself staring more and more at his new bride. Perhaps some of the drink he had sipped was affecting him, for he no longer was content to listen to the people around him. Their talk seemed so stifling and boring, their jokes hardly worth laughing at. His eyes seemed to bore into Allura’s, the girl blushing like mad, and seeming immune to the giggles of the females around her.

The women were well aware of Lotor’s keen interest in being alone with his new wife, but the men seemed oblivious, keeping him separate from her. It became less and less important to him to play the diplomat, Lotor wanting to jerk away from the group, and corner Allura. He knew a room had been arranged for them inside the building, property of one the nobles whose name he should have been able to remember.

Allura wasn’t making any move towards him, and save for a few dances, they had yet to spend much time together now that they were wed. Lotor thought it ridiculous and so different from a Drule wedding, where the wedded pair was expected to be all over each other with public displays of affection. He didn’t want to embarrass Allura or her father, and yet he knew he could not take much more of this, Lotor jerking at the stiff collar of his tunic.

It was finally the Drule Lord Phor, along with Kratos and Albatos, who came to his rescue. The trio managed to maneuver things so that they were the ones who surrounded their King, and as a group, they elbowed their way past the startled humans so that Lotor could reach Allura unimpeded. The giggling women continued their merriment, nudging each other as their eyes twinkled with their humor.

Allura quickly lowered her gaze, her cheeks somehow managed to redden even further. Her hands were in front of her, clasped together so tight the knuckles bled of their color. There was a murmur of men’s voices, but Lotor tuned them out, the Drule Lords parting, so that he ended up in front of his bride. Looking at her now, he felt tongue tied, the slightest bit of nerves running through him, fears whispering in his ear.

What if he wasn’t an adequate lover for Allura? What if he hurt her somehow? He knew Drules and humans could fit together, but Allura seemed so much smaller than him! Not many human females were sleeping with Drule males now that the truth of their nondivinity had come out, maybe the human females found it too painful to want to sleep with a Drule.

There was also the matter of the fact Lotor had gone years without sex, the King fearing he might become too wild around Allura. His hands began to sweat nervously, and he was glad for the gloves he wore, that kept that fact hidden from Allura. He reached to take her hand, a gentle tug getting her to stop her hand clasping. She did a quick, shy look up at him, and then her lashes lowered.

Lotor wasn’t sure of the human etiquette. Did he have to ask permission to leave with his own wife? He suddenly wished he had paid more attention to human customs about a wedding, the King lifting Allura’s hand so that he could brush a kiss over her knuckles. He never took his eyes off her face, feeling tongue tied like a young man with his first woman.

The giggling group of women were clustered in close around Allura, and now the Drule lords moved to take their hands, asking them to dance. Lotor did not release his hold on Allura’s hands, a question in his eyes as he looked at her. “Allura? Would you like to retire for the night?”

A quick nod of his bride’s head, her lashes still lowered as she blushed at him. He tucked her arm around his, and turned to meet the crowd of males who had ceased their prattle to watch them. Alfor met his eyes, and gave a slow nod, raising a glass in toast to the wedded pair. Cheers went up, the toast being repeated, Allura seeming to step even closer against his side, all but clinging to him for support.

As the cheering continued, Lotor began to lead Allura from the party room, a servant waiting for them outside, to lead them to the bed chamber. The bedroom itself was tasteful in it’s simple decorations, a multitude of lit candles strategically placed throughout the room. The candles reminded Lotor of Allura’s months earlier seduction attempt, the Drule King remembering how she had looked standing in her short slip before him.

The door had barely finished locking, and already Lotor wanted to see Allura naked, the memory of her disrobing heating something up in his blood. But he didn’t want to scare her with hasty actions, Lotor taking her over to the bed. She tentatively perched on the edge, and peered up at him through her lashes, cheeks still blushing red. He held onto her hands, thumb caressing over the back of it as he tried to think of what to say to her.

“Are you tired?” He hoped she wasn’t, because he wouldn’t be able to stop himself to let her sleep tonight. He almost let out a relieved breath at her head shake, Allura too quiet to voice an answer. “Perhaps you’re thirsty then?” He reluctantly let go of her hands, Lotor turning towards the small table that had a pitcher of water, and a platter of fruits on it.

“I feel a little…hot..” She said in response to his question. He was already pouring her a glass of water, bringing it to her, and watching her throat work to swallow it all down. She ended up fidgeting her fingers on the glass, that action relaying how nervous she felt. Lotor began to strip off his gloves, taking the time to wipe his hands on a cloth before he even considered touching Allura with them.

He heard a rustle of her clothing at that action, Allura suddenly trying to undo the bodice of her gown. Lotor immediately came forward, catching her wrists and pulling her hands towards him. “Allow your husband to have the honor of disrobing you.” It came out a husky murmur, Lotor grateful he couldn’t blush. Allura blushed for him, her hands relaxing as she nodded.

But he made no move towards her dress, instead bending over her to gently kiss her temple. He felt the tremble in her, Lotor assuming it was her nerves that caused her to shake like that. And yet for all her anxiety, she made a bold move, moving to brush her lips over his throat in response to the kiss he laid on her temple. It was a soft, gentle sensation, lips doing a tiny flutter on his throat’s skin.

And then her hands came up, having gotten free of his when he laid them on her shoulders. Those hands of Allura’s cupped each side of Lotor’s face, the princess tugging him down towards her mouth. He went completely still at her kiss, trying to control the impulse to pounce on her. It was difficult with her tongue probing at his sealed lips, Allura determined to get a taste of Lotor.

He couldn’t know that Allura found his holding back an arousing thing, the girl growing bolder as she nibbled shyly on his bottom lip. She alternate with pressing against his mouth, tasting him, then dragging her lips like a feather over his cheek, and the side of his nose. Her one hand moved to touch the back of his head, and she found the ribbon that had been holding back his long hair.

That ribbon unraveled at insistent touch, Allura sighing happily as she ran fingers through his hair. She liked it down, liked it loose and free, even enjoyed when it was wild and disheveled. Her first sight of Lotor had been with his hair flowing down his back, and thus she would always be partial to having it unbound.

A shy smile came out on her lips, Allura having pulled back to gaze up at him. He gave a small smile of his own, but still seemed to tremble, the look in his eyes hungry for her. Suddenly the light touching, and brief tasting of his lips didn’t seem enough for her, Allura feeling a tightness in her chest. That feeling made her conflicted, Allura both not wanting to hurry a single second of her time with Lotor, and yet wanting to grab hold of him, and rush to experience everything she could.

Lotor seemed to sense her conflict, his large hand finding it’s way down the back of her hair. “Patience Allura…” He told her. “We have all the time in the world. I’m not going anywhere, not this time…”

The gold band of wedding ring seemed to glint on his finger, Allura being comforted by the sight of it. It assured her of his words, Allura knowing he would never again have to leave her side now that they were married.

She smiled up at him, and guided his face back down towards her. She loved his kisses, and hadn’t had anywhere near the amount she could be satisfied with. These last few months planning their wedding, they had almost never been alone, chaperones always around. Allura had had to content herself with the memories of the kisses she had stolen from him, thus rendering her greedy now that she had him before her.

She thought she’d have no problem kissing Lotor forever. When she pressed her mouth against him a third time, something else took over. Lotor. Apparently he had enough of letting her tease him with her kisses. Allura’s kisses had been somewhat innocent, but when Lotor’s lips moved over hers, the kiss was hot. His mouth parted, and it compelled Allura to do the same, a breathy gasp escaping her. She was unprepared for the fierce feeling of want that over took her, Allura trying to flatten herself against him.

Allura needed to feel the hard lines of his body press against the softness of hers, wanted to feel his hands touching her, and not just in the way they had comforted her onboard the Ravager. She wanted to be touched and caressed, loved, and Allura made needy sounds against his lips. She wasn’t sure what he thought that sound meant, Allura letting out a disappointed moan when Lotor pulled back.

“I want more!” Allura told him, already tugging on his arms, trying to get him to bend over her once more. “I never tire of your kisses Lotor.” She wasn’t thinking it might be awkward and uncomfortable for him to stay bent over her, Allura greedy for his mouth. Lotor gave in to her urgings to give her one more quick kiss, and then was moving her backwards on the bed, causing her to scoot up on the mattress so she ended up on her back by the pillows. He was over her, somehow resting on his arms so that the full weight of him didn’t suffocate her.

It made Allura realize how serious things were, how intimate they were about to get, and the thought that kisses alone wouldn’t satisfy her husband had her stomach clench in anxiety. She was still an untried maiden, and for all her books and thoughts of romance, she didn’t know much beyond hugs and kisses. Her teacher had tried to tell her something of what was expected of her this night, but Sashell had turned red faced and stuttering, leaving Allura more confused than anything.

It must have shown on her face, the anxiety, for Lotor fought back the hunger in his gaze to look concerned. “We’ll take it slow.” But slow didn’t look like what he wanted at all, Lotor lowering himself just enough to kiss her once more. As he kissed her, his hands began to do a gentle roaming of her body, Allura gasping anew. This went beyond her earlier yearning to feel him touch her, her husband’s hand stroking the fire in her, making the want come back with startling force.

His hands did strong, bold caresses, at first limiting them to the sides of her waist. It felt so good to be touched by him, she wanted to know what it would have felt like to feel that caress on her bare skin. But he wouldn’t stop kissing her long enough for Allura to voice that question, and she found she could hardly complain.

She nearly jumped when his hands left her waist to cup her breasts, the thin fabric of her dress seeming to melt away under the heat of his hands. In actuality he had eased the gown downwards, sliding just enough so that the tips of her breasts were revealed. His hands rubbed circles over them, fingers pausing to squeeze and mold the tender flesh.

At one point he grew distracted with the want to stare at her chest, Lotor watching the play of his fingers on her breasts. It was then that Allura let out a moan, the girl half giggling. “I must have had too much to drink…” She whispered breathily. “My head is spinning.”

Lotor nuzzled his lips against the side of her throat, voice husky with laughter as he answered her. “I think it’s not the drink that is making you feel that way.” He continued to kiss at the soft crook of her shoulder, his hands leaving her breasts alone to pull off her dress the rest of the way. Her undergarments soon followed, Allura feeling shy, and hoping she pleased him.

She fidgeted as Lotor stared down at her, looking his fill at her body. She didn’t dare voice her questions, trying her best not to cower and cover her most private spots with her hands.

“You take my breath away.” Lotor announced, and pressed a startling kiss between her breasts. He shifted off her, doing something with his hands. She was slow to realize Lotor was opening his pants, the tunic’s shirt rolling off his body, to reveal the long line of blue skin and muscles. Lotor was wrong, he was the breath taking one, Allura staring with a stunned look at him.

Especially at his cock, Allura finding him long and powerful looking. But especially intimidating, her hands started to shake. She knew enough about sex to know that part of him was meant to go inside her, and she wondered how in the world they’d fit together.

“Can…can I touch you?” Allura asked, and for a second Lotor looked surprised. He chuckled, then nodded, catching her by the wrist, bringing her hand to his chest. She almost pouted then, that wasn’t the spot she wanted to touch, although she did do passing caresses down his chest, and onto his lean stomach. His eyes seemed to darken further the lower she went, until he released her hand so she could have free reign.

Allura curled her hand around him, wondering, wanting to feel. He was steel, and like all of him, pure heat. He seemed to throb in her hand, moving to the beat of his heart, as his eyes closed. A shudder ran through Lotor’s body, leaving Allura to realize he was reacting to her touch, sharing pleasure in it. It embolden her, Allura squeezing him, but gently, hearing the breathless sigh he made.

The more she squeezed, the more he seemed to grow, Allura watching in amazement as a little bit of fluid came out the tip of him. Her thumb ran over it, testing the feel of it, gathering up the moisture. Lotor seemed to really like her playing with the tip of him, he moaned her name, a hand touched her cheek. That touch got her to look away from his body, Allura peering up at him with her hand still squeezing.

“Come here.” He caught her by the waist with both hands, trying to pull her onto his lap.

“Lotor!” She exclaimed in shock, not sure what he was trying to do. When Carp had tried to rape her, he had forced her onto her back, and tried to get her legs apart. She had assumed sex would mimic that violent act, and didn’t know what to make of being seated on top of Lotor’s lap, his cock brushing against the lower half of her body.

“Your innocence is going to drive me mad.” Lotor told her, and kissed her once more. It was a brief, but hungry kiss, Lotor commanding her. “Put your arms around my shoulders. This will hurt, so feel free to hurt me back.”

“Oh I couldn’t!” Allura protested, finding he was rubbing between her legs with his fingers. Moisture pooled in her, Lotor’s fingers coming away wet. She was scandalized when he brought those juice covered fingers to his mouth, Lotor tasting them with a moan. She didn’t know what to make of him tasting her like that, Sashell had never mentioned anything about THAT in her flustered attempt at sexual instruction.

When he began to lower her on his erection, Allura buried her face against his neck as he locked arms around her waist and back, his body shifting. The broad head of his shaft entered her sex, past the slick folds of flesh, moving slowly in. Allura couldn’t help trembling in fear, knowing one thing Sashell had been adamant about was pain being present for a couple’s first joining.

Allura didn’t know if human men were as big as Lotor was, but she felt the pain when he pulled her hips down the rest of the way. She may have been wet and slick, but her body was also tight and unbroken, the sharp pain inevitable as he took her as gently as he could managed. Somewhere through it all, Lotor let out a deep groan of pleasure, her own cry of pain interrupting it. Tears came to her eyes, and she clung to him tighter, not wanting him to see even as Lotor tried to pry her loose.

“Don’t stop….please…” Allura managed to murmur. Lotor made a surprise sound, and for the life of her, she couldn’t manage to vocalize why she felt that way. But she didn’t want him to stop, for as much as she hurt, to be touched and held this way, to have part of his body insider hers, it was an experience like no other. It made her greedy for it, as though she feared she’d never experience this kind of joining again.

“All right…” Lotor soothed her, his one hand flattened and sliding down her back. It ended up resting on the curve of her bottom, Lotor applying slight pressure to hold her in place. Allura’s body quivered, her insides not sure how to move or adjust to his slow thrust. Lotor’s own breath became somewhat erratic, she could tell he was fighting for control so badly.

A control she didn’t help with, Allura rubbing her cheek against the part of his silken hair that was plastered against the side of his neck. The scent of him was in her nose, Lotor always smelled so clean like soap. It was then that Lotor touched the back of her head, Allura realizing he had stopped again.

“I’m hurting you.”

“N…no…” she denied, and a harsh command came out of him.

“Don’t lie to me. Not about this.” He was used to being obeyed, even in this matter, Lotor staring at her with that dark, hungry gaze of his. A gaze lined with compassion, Lotor whispering. “I’ll make it better.” He straightened, and held her away from him, the gaze of his eyes going down to her bare breasts. The tips were too tight, and she ached there as well.

“Don’t move Allura.” Another command from Lotor, the King licking his lips as he stared at her breasts. “Not even if you want to. You must hold very, very still.”

She didn’t think she’d want to, not with the pain of him inside her. And yet she gasped when he bent over her chest, his hands holding onto her waist so she would not sway or fall. Nor did his grip allow her to move her hips, Allura holding still as his face nuzzled against her breasts. It was Lotor’s grip that arched Allura’s back, the Drule putting his mouth over her right nipple at the exact same moment.

And with that touch, sensation exploded with her, Allura bucking instantly against him. That just made it more intense, the girl hardly prepared for the pleasure that coursed through her. It went beyond her breast, pleasure chasing away some of the pain, and filling her body with intensity. She was amazed that something such as his mouth on her skin, the firm sucking of his lips, could draw things tight in her body. But more than that, it was making her want to move, to the point it was unbearable.

A low desperate whine escaped Allura, the princess remembering his order to not move. How could she obey him, when he was doing such a thing to her body, bringing her pleasure when there had been pain? It was dissolving it, turning her center into a burning wetness, the liquid spilling down her toes. Especially with his sucking, his tongue flicking against her nipple, suckling, drawing her deep, then easing up to lick. When he gently bit her there, she cried out, and started to shift, Lotor pulling back quickly.

“Do not move!” It was a reminder she needed, Allura stilling, even as she wanted to disobey. She hummed low in her throat, responding with an enthusiastic cry, as he switched to her left nipple. Again the ardent assault upon her aching flesh, Allura quivering against him. She almost started crying when he began to move inside her, so stark was her relief.

But it wasn’t enough, his movement a slow rise and fall, building her up, but never enough. Her hands were on his broad shoulders, nails scoring cuts into his skin as she cried out, Lotor continuing to suckle at her breast. She was so wet now, his passage inside her was easy, even as he stretched her opening to accommodate his girth. She moaned again and again, babbling nonsense to him, truly feeling as if she was losing all sense of direction as he held her up right.

Her body was turning to jelly, bones losing their solid shape, a climax upon her. She didn’t know what an orgasm was, and the intense pleasure frightened her to the point of tears, Lotor hurriedly licking them away, and murmuring soothing words to her. She clung to him, Allura listening to the deep bass of his voice, and the way it seemed to resonate through her entire body.

He followed soon after her, liquid heat erupting out of him, filling her up to the point it overflowed. She thought she was losing conscious, one too many shocks from it all, and found herself on her back, her husband having shifted them to lie on the bed. She was dazzled and disoriented, and aware she was wearing a silly grin, Allura trying to snuggle up against his side, though the soreness between her legs made her wince.

Lotor’s arm wound around her, his lips brushing her forehead as he murmured apologies. But there was nothing for him to be sorry for, even as she sniffled away the last of her tears. Excitement was flowing through her, Allura realizing such moments would be theirs to experience again and again, a lifetime of them. She was already curious to learn more about sex, to discover all the sensations that were possible for them.

She’d be sore in the morning, and the days to follow, Allura’s enthusiasm and passion rivaling a Drule’s when it came to her husband. They’d face that and more, dealing with the adversities that came with starting a new Kingdom, and mingling races together. In two years time they’d be blessed with the first of three children, and other Drule human unions would happen. Slowly but surely, the healing of the rift between Drules and humans would complete, and not even Altrexia’s animosity could put a damper on things. The Drules of Doom had at last found their new home, and with it the acceptance of the Arusians, so long as they vowed to never again play at being Gods.


The End….

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